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Emilie Surtees – Melancholy Rain lyrics

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{Verse One}
You ask me how I feel
I tell you that I’m fine
And though my words are real
I haven’t said what’s really on
My mind

Suddenly I am at a loss
My heart has no recourse
My sensibilities lost
In the cause

And so my love for you remains
Underneath the Melancholy Rain
Where you’ll find a love
Growing inside my heart
Though we are worlds apart
What will ever stop
The Melancholy Rain
On my heart

{Verse Two}
The time when we first met
I knew I needed you
You harbored such regret
To dry your tears was all that I
Could do

{Lead-In 2}
And everytime I tried to say it
The hurt got in the way of it
And so I lose this game
That we play


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