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Empyrean War – Addictive Illusion lyrics

May 23, 2018 by Tagged with:
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Seems like you can’t recall
When things were normal, an undistorted
Perception of what things were meant to be
Am I to blind to see?

Seems that the rabbit hole is endless as you fall
Deeper and deeper down
With no way out, there is no way out

Stand with me between the fire of the living and the dead
Stand with me in all my anger at all the things I did

Jesus God please intervene.
These images and thoughts have left me unclean
Obscene so obscene
I want it back the way it ought to be

I never wanted to go this far
I never wanted to fall this far
I’m tired of bathing in my condemnation
You are the way out, you are the way out
Get out of my life, I don’t need shit

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