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Enrico Langner – See Ourselves lyrics

May 23, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

When I look into the mirror on the wall
I see someone different, someone I don’t know
I’ve had some trouble to get me to this point
But you said yes and we will have some fun tonight.
Where is my head, It’s hard to find.
It’s just you on my mind.
What was the place, the time, we were supposed to meet?
When did you want to meet?

I’ll be so confused by your eyes and your lips
Guess I won’t find the words to say
I’ll say hello and ask how have you been
Smalltalk I hate you, you hate me

When you look into the mirror on your wall
I think you don’t see yourself the way you are
Society has taught us to look like someone else
But It’s just you and me, be who you are tonight
I want to know, who you are
Your most important thing in life
I slowly realize, it’s hard for you to trust
Strange beds are not a must

And I’m so confused by your eyes and your lips
I forgot what I wanted to say
All we’ve had so far was superficial stuff
Making a sense of it is tough

One day we’ll stand infront of the mirror on our wall
I won’t need words to say I love you how you are
That very moment we’ll stare into each others eyes
Finally we did it, we had a couple tries
And I won’t wanna know, how you are
I could see that in your smile
Better tell me what scares you and keeps you up at night
What’s it for what you’d fight

Where you confused by my eyes and my lips
Did you forget what you wanted to say
Were you waiting for a conversation to be real
To talk about the things you feel

Are you confused by my eyes and my lips
Trust me I know that feeling too
I’m all messed up, but there is no need to pray
There’s just one last thing to say

Next time we look into the mirror on the wall
We should make sure to see ourselves the way we are…

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