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Escape Route Chapter 5/5 – Kilian lyrics

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Lyrics Kilian – Escape Route Chapter 5/5

Mr K now
Now is the summation of the past
You understand
Everything leading up to this moment
It’s an acknowledging narrative of a man wiser today than he was yesterday
Every bridge burnt and every bridge built
It is my becoming.(escape route)

Quite down, quite down, I got some words to say
Boys and girls hush now if I may introduce myself
They call me Mr K
I learned the greatest trap in life is not success
But self rejection keeping your dreams close
Because many will object them
Success comes with flaws, eat your problems for breakfast
Love or trust if you do run to nana
Wish I took my own advice
I’m known for rush tongue
We’re made by history, words by Luther King
Before you preached to the quite a bit of bloody sin
I was all alone, now my family is everything
Dad was a good man
I didn’t but now I know it
Long live my mama, she is the queen who passed the crown
So peace, for love, for everything but a frown
Goes around, comes around, I’m the man who looks down
Mr K
Yeah that’s me
Baby yeah, that’s me
Mr K
Yeah that’s me
Baby yeah, that’s me.

My mother is a queen whose crown has been stolen
She is the strongest and the weakest person I know
I’ve seen her laugh, cry, fallen, get back up
But above all, I’ve seen her love.

My mama said as a child when she was pregnant with me
I used to kick ever so hard, everytime I heard a beat.

I have a thing with boom or bang
I kinda haven’t looked back ever since
I haven’t looked back ever sinceee.
Kilian lyrics
Video chapter 5/5

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