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Fernando – Corina versuri

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Versuri Corina – Fernando

Ai, papi, I hate when you vanish
I’m in depression
Missing your passion.(Fernando)

How do you say it in Spanish
I want your affection
Need your attention.

You are the one that I am dreaming of.

Tu me estas matando
Ven a aquí
Yo soy enamora enamorada de ti.

Ra ta ta taaa
Ariba, abajo, ariba, abajoooo.

Remember when you said
Mami, mami, mami
Necesito que me salves con tu
Body, body, body.

Now you’re always gone to some
Party, party, party
You forgot about me
Ai papi, papi, papiii.
Versuri Corina
Video Corina

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