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Former FSB officer named options for Russia’s response to sabotage in Crimea

August 17, 2022 by Posted in: Lyrics

Alexander Mikhailov. Photo: Frame from video.

Soviet and Russian special forces officer “Alpha” of the KGB of the USSR – FSB of the Russian Federation, Major General of the FSB in the reserve Alexander Mikhailov spoke about how Russia could respond to sabotage in Crimea, as a result of which detonation of ammunition occurred on the site in the Dzhankoy district storage.

“Any objects can become the subject of encroachment: kindergartens, schools, sewerage stations, transformer substations,” Mikhailov warned in an interview with the Radiotochka NSN telegram channel.

He noted that objects of strategic importance are well guarded, but smaller objects remain vulnerable, for example, transformer substations, overpasses, gas stations.

“I am deeply convinced that it is necessary in the toughest, and maybe even cruel form , suppress decision-making centers,” he said, noting that this is the first thing that could be done.

In addition, he noted that it is necessary to “destroy the entire infrastructure of the SBU.”

Mikhailov also advised to increase counterintelligence mode. He added that Russia has now simplified the issuance of Russian citizenship in the controlled territories of Ukraine, and many refugees cross the border. He admitted that among these persons there may be those who perform special tasks of the SBU.

Also, Mikhailov proposed to re-create people's squads and youth operational detachments under the leadership of former employees of the Russian special services and law enforcement agencies, who are now in reserve .


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