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Frank Ocean – Songs For Women (Nostalgia Ultra Album)

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When I was younger I used to wonder like

[Verse 1]
If I was singing songs, just to sing the songs
Or if was singing cause that’s what the bitches wanted
I couldn’t play guitar like Van Halen
Had no secret chords like Saint David
But you still came around, ate your lunch with me
Used to park your car to try to bus with me
But I would say girl don’t be dumb, I’m riding shotgun
We could go to my house after school after school, after school
Cause my dad don’t clock off ’til late, off ’til late, off ’til late
We could kick it in the living room
Looking through my whole vinyl collection
And you could teach me how to slow dance or something
And I’mma give you chills harmonizing to Otis, Isley, Marvin

And everytime somebody asked me
If I sing songs to get at women, I say yeah
They say no fair no fair that’s cheating
I say shit, oh well, oh well
And everytime a nigga asks me
If I sing songs to get at women, I say yeah
They say no fair, no fair that’s cheating
I say boy don’t judge cause hell if you were me
You’d be singin’ to her, like lah dah dah dah

[Verse 2]
Now I’m in the lab, always working late
Always sleeping past, the breakfast she makes
She used to stop by, come and holla at me
Put her purse down and try to battle rap me
She don’t do that no more, no more, no more
Don’t even listen to the songs I record
But she be banging that Drake in my car
I’m so far gone, she stay blasting Trey and his songs
All damn day long, it’s like she never heard of me

Now everytime somebody asks me
If I sing songs to get my women
I say naw they say okay I don’t believe it
I say nope I swear I never do it
And everytime a nigga asks me
If I sing songs to get at women, I say naw
They say who do you think you’re kidding
I know you, you stole my girlfriend
Now see I just don’t play fair, but it’s fair enough
Cause yo girl broke my heart in half
Now I’m singing lah dah dah dah ‘bout heartbreak
And now I’m singing lah dah dah dah ’bout love lost

Damn [laughs]
I’m saying though, like all I write is love songs
I mean I try, I come to the studio I-, you know what I do
What do you think I do it for? Huh?
Yeah, uh-huh
But you ain’t listening, ever
But if you were, you might fuck with it [laughs]
Yeah, All these songs for women
Songs for women
Songs for you baby
For you

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