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Fwck the police x10 – Boosie Badazz lyrics

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Lyrics Boosie – Fwck the police x10

This goes to that motherf*cker who just maced my niece
Them motherf*ckers who just took a million dollars worth of jewelry from me
It’s on now, motherf*cker
It’s all on now, motherf*cker.((Fwck the police x10)

Dear police, are you afraid? (Are you afraid?)
What have you been taught at that academy to be afraid? (Scared a*s b*tch)
Why you gon’ shoot at the hand, die for the lick (tell me that)
Why you get shoot for the blacks, chasin’ they head (you call police)
What if your job got shot down for no reason? (What if that your job?)
He had no gun, hands up, shot for no reason (you dirty b*tch)
They charge him, said they gon’ convict him, I don’t believe (I don’t believe)
Protect and serve, they don’t do it, so we don’t need ’em.

pus*y b*tches, pigs in trainin’
You b*tches dangerous, look in the mirror, y’all are f*ckin’ [?]
pus*y b*tches, I hope you rot in hell
Hope you get f*cked in that cell, motherf*cker
pus*y b*tches, look how they do us niggas
They wanna act like we wrong, when we shoot them b*tches
Without that badge, you a b*tch in a hat
You pus*y a*s nigga with a gun
f*ck your pus*y a*s, f*ck your captain too
You need a headshot, b*tch, for your sons.

They the biggest gang in the world
They do the coldest things in the world
They ask me how I feel ’bout the cops gettin’ shot
Eye for eye, two for two
You don’t give a motherf*ck what they do to you
If they can line ’em all up, they’ll shoot the crew
Like the tosser cops, she a crazy b*tch
Inmates listen up, please do me a favor, rape the b*tch
I’m at the point where I hate this s**t
I’m at the point where I can’t take this s**t no more, nigga
If anybody on the news tryna take off for ’em
I ain’t watchin’ your show, you a hoe, nigga
Baton Rouge, Baltimore, ..
It’s goin’ brazy, b*tch down, get retarded
We gotta show ’em that black lives matter
It’s no love for the chief in the casket.

pus*y b*tches, you know that you wrong
You shoot for no reason, you come in our homes, they don’t wanna leave us alone
pus*y b*tches, you committin’ these murders
You scared and you nervous, your purpose is murder
You pus*y b*tches, I hate you with all of my heart
I hate how you look in ’em suits, I hate how you walk in ’em boots
I hate your whole family, b*tch, you ain’t no grown man, you a b*tch
I hope that your daughter, she suckin’, the blackest of blackest of d*cks.

b*tches got me mad and I’m turnt up
They do it in your city, f*ckin’ burn it up
Don’t stop, man, run, better get the f*ck
Like Tip say, man, it’s either them or us
Tell me this, why you shoot that man?
Wake up, it’s the Klu Klux Klan
They just took the white s**t off they head
And put another color suit on instead
They kill two of us niggas every week
Leave us dead, stinkin’ in the street
Say we was a threat to they a*s
But they lyin’ ’cause it’s on TV
And the rules that they got for the law
When them b*tches go to court, they gon’ walk
If the police every ask you a question
Don’t talk, they a interview.

pus*y b*tches, I hope that you die
I hope you get put in the alligator pit and eaten alive
pus*y b*tches, I hope you don’t sleep
I’m f*ckin’ your daughters real hard in they asshole, I’m the policeee.((Fwck the police x10)
Boosie Badazz lyrics
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