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Gryzlov: Ukraine refuses to coordinate the status of Donbass with the DPR and LPR

December 9, 2021 by Posted in: Lyrics

According to the plenipotentiary representative of Russia in the contact group on resolving the situation in the eastern part of Ukraine Boris Gryzlov, Kiev has not confirmed its readiness return to participation in the coordinating mechanism to prevent escalation, which was agreed in July 2020.

“The Ukrainian side was not ready to confirm the return to participation in the coordinating mechanism to prevent escalation and shootings, which was agreed on 22 July 2020,” – said the plenipotentiary at the end of the next meeting.

Gryzlov stressed that Kiev refuses to coordinate with the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR the specifics of the future status of Donbass.

“This is spelled out in the Minsk agreements, but the Ukrainian authorities are not for seven years they refuse to discuss with representatives of D Onetska and Lugansk, the features of the future status of Donbass and do not disclose their position on this issue. Failure to reach appropriate agreements is the main reason for the lack of progress in the settlement, “he added, quoted by TASS.


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