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Gucci Mane – Drop Top Wizop Freestyle

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Huh, Drop Top Wop (skrt)

Tell the valet to be careful, when he park my whip
Hol’ up, he don’t even look like he can park my whip
Jump out right in front of the club like I own this bitch
Who that ridin’ with cha? Oh, that’s just the dopeman bitch
Got my arm out the window showin’ off my wrist
Got the top chopped off like I ain’t got good sense
Call me Vert Gucci, it’s a lotta niggas wanna murk Gucci
No Gucci, not the old Gucci, not the fat Gucci
Please don’t bring him back, not the old Big Cat Gucci
Standing in the trap, use a eggbeater that Gucci
This ain’t hip hop this is drug dealer music
So, why gave a fuck if you don’t listen to it
See this one for my nigga just came home and did a ten piece
Now he on some M’s in the Flame every Wednesday
Zone 6, 5 plus the fucked up penitentiary
If you ain’t signed to 1017, you against me
And I ain’t got no friends, I ain’t motherfucking friendly
If you ain’t got more money than me you can’t really diss me
This the type of vibe, make a trapper buy a Bentley
Know you tryna tempt me but ain’t nobody listenin’
See, when I walk on stage they give me a quarter ticket
My watch a quarter ticket, I’m givin’ them the business
All my artists dipped, guess they thought it was over
I knew they’d all jump ship cause they was part time soldiers
Gucci Mane LaFlare and I will never roll over
You act like you’s my man but you’s a cold heart cobra
I think these fools forgot that I’m a self-made mogul
No hard top, drop top, Lambo, doors up
Soft top, Rolls-Royce, white bitch, dough up
Got grown men wanna be like Gucci when they grow up
Maybach, backseat, no shirt iced up
White Ghost, no sir not my [?]
Double R, new truck all white mink floor
Benz Jeep, all red, red rims, trap car
White Range, small change that’s my everyday car
God take my breath away if all of them ain’t payin’ for
Why the call you Drop Top? What I need a top for?
Known that you excessively that’s what she brought the mop for
Why they call you Guwop? ‘Cause a lotta guap, bra
Haters done tried everything but ain’t no way to stop us

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