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Hunker down – Corbin lyrics

September 23, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

Lyrics Corbin – Hunker down

Is it really that hard to get behind?
The thought of you being mine? I
Drive through the night to come see you
I know I’m just a memory
Something’s pulling and I know it’s real
Who knows how long we got left? I’m
I’m building us a bunker, babe
When the fire comes I’ll keep us safe
Be the last two people on Earth, oh
Now I’m prayin’ to any of the gods
I’m not sleeping ’til my breathing stops
Getting f*cked up in my car somewhere, I.(hunker down)

I’m going, going North
I’m going, going North, ohhh.

Where the 61 touches the waterline
They can look for us but they’ll never find you
We’re too deep in the green of spruce, hey
Watching movies on a 6 inch screen
No, this b***h don’t take DVDs
S**t was broke, wouldn’t eject
I got speakers if you wanna rave
Some records that I’d like to play
Make this house our heaven on Earth
You can leave the city, quit your job
You’re the only one I want
Cooped up in the middle of nowhere.

We’re going, going North (we’re going)
We’re going, going North, ohhh.
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