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Hurricane City – Union Army lyrics

May 28, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

Wear the uniform of a Union soldier
Mansions, matches
Plantations’ ashes

Y’all burn behind me
I’m the Union army

History lesson: my family died to keep it all together
Lately I’ve been thinking we could’ve left y’all in the fire and ended up sweeter and wiser

Y’all burn behind me
I’m the Union army

Or I’dve been in Tennessee, so much land here, if you wanna be,
You can choose to be a refugee – I thought that was the deal

And I know all I need
Fish and cornbread and a mountain stream
Fadin’ reveille
Goin’ down the valley for a little minute
Then it breaks into a ripple in the sun

And some howlin’ mountain night, your battle wagons rollin’ by
I’ma light ’em up
Pray for a slice of peace for my honeydoll & our bear cubs

Y’all burn behind me
I’m the Union army

1,2,3, ashes

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