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I’m Glad It’s You – Anything But Blue lyrics

May 28, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

And I, I took the same long walk home
I passed by old streets and my best memories about you and everyone else that I know and then
The sidewalk crept up to my knees
Now I’m stuck looking at a handwritten map of a place I saw in my dreams

Oh I’m still trying to find, the way to the brighter side
And when you make it would you send me a postcard or two?
I know that it’s sad to see, but it’s still hard to be. Anything but blue.

And I, I saw at the end of the street
I saw beautiful things, all my hopes and my dreams, go from good, bad, to worse in a moment it seems
Oh And you. You got hung up with me too
Now you’re carving our names in the pavement and making us permanent residents
And now you too, not you too, I can see the bitter days just creeping up on you

So tell me how you’re trying to find, the way to the brighter side
And when you make it. Would you send me a postcard or two?
For myself, and for my friends, and for my family
I’ve tried so hard to change
But it’s still hard to be anything but blue

So I’ll make it a point to try
To see the brighter side of life
As long as you promise me that, you won’t leave me today

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