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Jamon Maple – A Midsummer Night’s Dream lyrics

May 23, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

Painting scenes of new memories
Like a midsummer night’s dream
While counting stars under the sky —
We draw another dream together.

Sharing stories of our past
While gazing into each other’s eyes
Through the night —
My heart is now yours;
Come into my arms

Draw near to me,
Fall into my arms.
Tell me a story.
Whisper in my ear
So I can hear only you.
On this dream-like night,
Amidst the sounds,
I hear your voice alone


Pre-Chorus 2
Like bright stars
Your beautiful eyes shine.
When you smile and laugh
My heart become yours;
We sing and dance
Our love duet.

I will draw close to you
And take your hand.
Close your eyes —
Your lips, your heart, your everything;
I want to love you
And never wake from this dream.

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