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Jecynn – Wounded Bird lyrics

April 12, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

You could tell from the sound of her voice
That she ran all the way out of life
She’s so silent, she’s cold as a stone
With no word she leaves on her own

You could see in the dress that she wears
Dark of night, glowing all shades of gray,
She’s so sad, said the smile on her face
Then it flew, could not bare the disgrace

And she’s a wounded bird
She’s another victim of yours

You could see in the whites of his eye
Her reflection when he’s walking by
Tied her tongue with every step that he made
There’s no way she’d escape from her fate

There she stood waiting for him to strike
And her dress was undone, she resigned
Here’s a child who got branded for life
In a house that she used to call home

And she’s a wounded bird
She’s another victim of yours

Left a stain on the desk where she worked
Hint of ink witness of her despair
Wrote her own epitaph on a sheet
That was found hanging from her feet

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