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K-Major – Diamonds

December 16, 2016 by Posted in: Lyrics

feat Smeeze

Are you with it? Tell me are you with it?
Never finish, put us in the [?]
Ain’t no limit, buck you in the kitchen
Take your frame in, we need no independence
We ain’t fakin’ this, girl let’s get this poppin’
Let’s get naked, yeah we ain’t got no option
Look out my window, look don’t you feel ignited?
We’re watching planes while we try to [?]
Calm down, I didn’t got two flights
Magic shinning in the moonlight
I’ma let it down for the family
I just want them legs wrapped around me
It’s just a young nigga fucking on these diamonds
Young nigga fucking on these diamonds
Look I had the diamonds, bought her diamonds
Look I had the diamonds, bought her diamonds
She never seen a young nigga shining
Come where you at, change your climate
Young nigga fucking all these diamonds
Young nigga shining like a diamond

[Verse Smeeze:]

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