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Kash Doll – 2 On Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Kash Doll]
Wake up in the morning give me head, nigga
Treat me like a queen, breakfast in the bed, nigga
Yeah, if you scared call the rev, nigga
Thick bitch, so you better come prepared nigga
Yeah, OT shit
I be in L.A popping bottles on the beach, shit
I’m so fucking G, we should call this shit the G mix
Kash Doll, Tinashe, baby it’s the remix!

[Hook: Tinashe]
Let’s roll
I love to get 2 on
Let’s roll
I love to get 2 on
I love to let’s roll
I love to get 2 on
Let’s roll
I love to get 2 on
I love 2, let’s roll

[Verse 2: Kash Doll]
Kash Doll, with the ass out
Throw it back, make a grown nigga tap out
Fuck a baller, belly nigga, pull some racks out
If you ain’t got no cash, nigga sit your ass down
Dang, all in a bitch face
Talking bout you bout to ball like, oh bitch, k
I’m with some bad bitches
Type you never had bitches
I might let you hit it, but you couldn’t pay the tab nigga

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