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Lil B – Live From The Island Hawaii (Black Ken Mixtape)

August 23, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

Hawaii, how y’all doing tonight?
Aw no, the show’s not over!
We not done! The party’s still going on!
But first, I wanna give a thank you to all of y’all!
Where you at, where you at? Whoo!
Make some noise! Make some noise!
Like I said, I wanna give a…
Shoutout to the drummer on stage right now
Hawaii, where you at?
We not done shouting folks out! Whoo!
It’s ya boy Lil B in the house!
Shout out to my boy on the keys! Whoo!
We turned up!
Keep going, turn up!
And don’t stop! Whoo!
If you with your loved one right now
You might be with your girlfriend or your boyfriend
Your husband or your wife
Your kids and your family
Your sisters and your brothers
Your lovers
We all in this tonight!
One time to have a good time tonight!
And then I’m gone!
But like I said, Lil B forever! Whoo!

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