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Lil B – Where Did The Sun Go Lyrics

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Where did the sun go
Rare collectible mixtape from Lil B
I’m in the studio with the Based God
This is one of the most rare experiences I’ve ever had
Once again, thank you, Dior paint, for helping us get together once again, this is always, and it’s always a beautiful, spectacular thing
Where did the sun go
Where did the sun go
Based, where did the sun go, sittin’ lifeless, outside sittin’ on the streets burnin’ like a hot dog, I’m fire
My soul’s on fire, look outside I’m so tired, where did the sun go
I’m lookin’ out my window
This is rare as it can get rare collectible mixtape part two
This is not a based freestyle, this is not a secret album
This is a golden collectible
Seen Based God while I was on tour in the secret private studio session the only way I can get it
Transferrin’ through the back, transferrin’ through anything
This is secret, this is golden
This is golden
This is Lil B
Where did the sun go
I’m lookin’ out my window
Where did the sun go, my young niggas come fo’ anything
We dream for everything I want anything and everything, anything that concerns the betterment of my family, the betterment of the world, betterment of insanity
These niggas eatin’ candy I’m sitting back thinkin’ “damn, could I? Will I?
Maybe I will
Maybe we’ll fly, you know that we all die one day
I look out my window, it was cold, looked again it was hot
Looked out again the sun risen, looked out again the dropped
Please… understand
Take my hand
Where did the sun go
I’m lookin’ out my window
Thank you Based God because you one of the most rare
Shouts out to the based, everybody I know if you’re listening to this and you’re listening to this in the entirety
That’s what you get, it’s like hiding money inside a book
See, not everybody will really listen to the secret gems, the secret messages
They think I’m doing this for nothin’ why would I do this for nothin’? This is for somethin’
Oh yeah, this is for somethin’
Think about it, why would I do somethin’ for nothin’
This not a maybe, this is me
This is the truth, and this is war
This is war
As I got back from war my battle scars is scorn, I’m thinkin’
Prime dreams killin’ off the competition, king battle the throne
These wars, it has me tired I’m sittin’ alone, fire burns in my soul
I feel like I’m old
I know that I have a long time to wait and to get on the throne
Please break me, and to let me home
They know my money, they know my mind, they know my heart is all entwined
Money is behind, I’m in the line
Not even ruled by the dollar signs, the sun is outside
Please drop
The sun knows that the race is always to be won by the one, the person who will run to the top of the battlefield and never stop, the person who will run to the top of the whale and never drop a single drop of water for his family that he is copped
Every single drop is important, some people stop
A lot never learned, a lot never turn, a lot never war, a lot will see more than anything that we can ever see I promise some will live life to see things like Nostradamus, a hundred-twenty-five years with no commas
My music will survive longer than I will survive and thrive, they will teach the world that you can be anything you want to be, anything you want to see
Something mature at a very early age
I come from a state where people feel 30 at 15, feel 40 at 16, feel 50 with no dreams
This is where did the sun go
I’m lookin’ out my window
Where did the sun go
I’m lookin’ out my window
Where did the sun go
I’m lookin’ out my window
Listen to the pain behind me, listen to the trife behind me
Listen to the emotions behind me, this is something that’s real
This is real, as real as it gets
Sittin’ by myself in a place where no one can get
The Based God has helped me never forget
And I will never forget, ever forget
I will never forget when the sun has left and I will never it comes back
The people that have wronged me when I turn my back
I will never forget that
Where did the sun go
I’m lookin’ out my window
Rare golden collectibles

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