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Lionsheart – Pain In My Heart lyrics

January 24, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

Love can be easy
When you feel
You don’t have to try
And nothing seems to matter
When you look deep into
Each others eyes
You know the feeling
When you’re thinking of her
And you’re feeling alive
But that what can i tell you
Just as soon as it starts
She’ll be breaking your heart
And yu’ll be asking yourself

How can I go on when this pain in my heart?
How can I survive on my own with this pain in my heart?

Now I’ve learned my lesson
Not an easy one,that I forget
I played the fool instead of a clown
Been playing around
I know the feeling
When I’m thinking of her
And I’m feeling alive
Now you’ve heard my story
Don’t go doin’ the same
Don’t go breakin’ your heart
Or you’ll be askin’ yourself

How can i go on when there’s pain in my heart?
How can i survive on my own with this pain in my heart?
And all the tears that I’ve shared over you
I know is dream from the past
We once knew
Oh yeah…..

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