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Logic – Mind of a Maniac Lyrics

January 10, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

Imma let it drop this time

[Verse 1]
Psycho whats fearless, anti-slits that means I’m illest
No bitch on my blood so I qualify as the realest
Infinite my mental capacity, ain’t no passing me
And mastery with more verses then the first testament
Sacrifice a week, MC’s that’s how I do repent
C4, I’ll disintegrate your friend to see more
Suicide lyricist, hit you like a claymore
My sixth sense leave you burn like a pack of incense
Flow intense, filled with mad suspense
As I drench your headphones, proclaim my throne
Switch up the spell quickly invert the tone

Yo, ha, yo

[Verse 2]
My mentality in a fight for reality [?] pretend
My state of mind forces fools to bend
Can you comprehend from where I do descend
My minds made up [?], my philosophy [?] prophecy
Let me teach you this hypocrisy
I’m an assassin with the name of a Kennedy
But you truly can kill my identity
Sway with the miracle [?] lyrical melody

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