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Lupe Fiasco – Left To Right Lyrics

October 2, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

Yea yea
Left to right

Niggas gather round, we about to feast
Boy, get your hands off the table, you can have a seat
Blood won’t you talk to your homie, think he in on it?
Hold up, I got nothing to do with it, I put 10 on it
Yea, playboy got the shank, he gon poke him up, ay
Don’t be talkin’ behind my back, say that to both of us
Look, middle man chillin, say somebody gonna kill him
What? We been with you since day one, from here to the ceiling
Wait, wait, back, back, both of y’all get out your feelings
Eh, whatchu tryna say? Big man why you trippin’?
We can’t cross you, you know that’s the Lord, that’s religion
Ain’t no flaw in our mission, why you think somebody snitching?
Yeah, police probably canvassed it but that don’t mean they planned the hit
Cuzzo like who’s man is this? We running with a pacifist
I see y’all in that corner like y’all plotting on and planning shit
Thought y’all was a fan of this, I put y’all in my manuscripts

Hey look at what I gave you, enough bread to go around
I told you I can save you, my head will bear the crown
But you tried to slay me and play me like a clown
I was gonna pick you up, you wanna lay me down

Last supper, at that last supper
At that last supper
Last supper, man, that last supper
Man, that last supper

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