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Mac McAnally – Proud To Be Alive lyrics

January 11, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

He should not have been happy
His life it seems to me
But obviously crappy
And he was just too blind to see
It seemed a shame to spoil it
As sweet delusions go
His world is in the toilet
And he’s just too dumb to know

But the Truth and the Light
They illuminate the night
Where ignorance and optimism thrive
He says “I’m proud to be alive”

She laughs to keep from crying
It seems that way from here
And not for lack of trying
But she never sheds one tear
With neither rhyme nor reason
Without much style or grace
Her smile for all the seasons
Must be painted on her face

But the Truth and the Light
Show the nature of her plight
And whether it’s sincere or it’s contrived
She says, “I’m proud to be alive”

And maybe they know something that we don’t
Are they working from some angle that we won’t

I’m cynical by nature
I whine because I can
I spew the nomenclature
Of the educated man
I look into the future
I’m certain how it ends
I’d like to make some difference
Between right now and then

But the Truth and the Light
Even though I’m not that bright
Inspire me to more than just survive
Make me proud to be alive

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