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Mac Miller – Completely Transparent Lyrics

May 28, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

Uhh, yehhh
Trapped in the middle of a stampede ?
Can you catch the beggining of a riot ???

I was so polite and quiet
Been fighting my thirst of violence

So what would you do if you had one day left
Try to live your whole life before the sun take breath
God told me he wanna watch the sun play chess
In a park on a sunday

We are all products of addiction
Living inside a fictional world that we call utopia
It’s full of phobias

And i dont give a fuck if i’m the chosen one
Cause everybody tryna be in the podium
Ima go where im at
Hidden in the shadows ima train with no tracks
A game with no score
Things ain’t the same as before

They may ask you
Who’s your master
Is it your father or your pastor?
Illusions turns your bliss into disaster
When everything start moving backwards
I cast spells on the wicked
I duell with the different
And now I need no help
’cause myself has a vision
They think you sick quick to yell for prescriptions
Just keep ya numbness on the shelf in the kitchen
Listen this may be the last chance
Goddamn all the sinners ???
On a beach in blacks sand
???? bad plan
But I know the feeling like my back hand
So fuck the ??? and the ???
Me?I’m just a ghost
Completely transparent
Lately I’ve been living careless
I’m just a ghost though
Completely transparent

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