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Malcolm Lucard – I Don’t Need A Tattoo lyrics

May 23, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

I was drunk as a sailor when we first met
I don’t know, was it a dare or a bet?
All I know is when I came to
It was 10 years later and I still had you
Cuz you never got dull, you never did fade
You’re still as bright as the day you were made
Woulda thunk after all these years
Every time I get naked you’re still here?
I know, I know it’s the thing you do
But I’m telling you baby
I don’t need a tattoo… I got you

You said baby give me your naked arm
I promise you honey I won’t do you no harm
Just roll up your sleeve take a deep breath
Cuz I wanna be with you till after death
But I said no no darling you don’t understand
You’ve already left your mark on this man
Pricked my heart burnt my soul
Scribbled graffiti all over my bones
So if you don’t mind put down that fool
Cuz I don’t need a tattoo… I got you

You’re a goddess, you’re a nymph
You’re the cross I bear
A saint in a burning ring of fire
A mother, an anchor, a thorn-crowned heart
A bracelet of old barbed wire
You caress my ankle, cover my ass,
Ring my neck, lick my belly, ooh!
Kiss my cheek and bite my nipple
And that’s not all that you do, so
I don’t need a tattoo….

Yeah so maybe I’m a wuss
Maybe I don’t like pain
Maybe I’m afraid
What my momma gonna say
Maybe I’m afraid of permanence
And commitment
Sides my body already bears the scars
Of a woman whose life is breathing art
A woman who love stains my skin
Like a thousand kisses
From a thousand pins
A woman whose eyes
Burn me through
A woman whose smile
Can turn me blue so…

You’re an animated woman riding free
A snake in the talons of an eagle
A circle-A, a five pointed star
Sharp as end of a needle
A lotus, a rose, skull and bones
A dragon that the druids flew
A high heeled princess, a buxom warrior
A dancer that the ancients drew, so…

In 20 years what will I do
When I look in the mirror and I see you?
Will I be strong, will I be soft?
With the colors of the goddess start to rub off?
Will I take off my shirt and walk with pride?
Or wear long robes so I can hide?
The fact that you’ve changed me for ever, so….

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