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Marcus Orelias – Portraits lyrics

May 25, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

[Verse 1: Marcus Orelias]

Gold chains hang from necks like gold frames in galas
You hit the nail to hang, paint whatever style is
I wanna touch Gods; paint me on ceilings of Frescoes
This world will coin me for centuries
My fresh code, apply a fresh coat
Realisms too cold for the winter cold (breeze sfx)
In place next to a Goddess with a fifty by sixty
Tile marble floor that looks like chess; created by the unknown
A true Goddess in love’s apotheosis
In time people will pay to see marvels we sculpted; through imagery
It’ll stretch across oceans; I’m veristic
Giving you every inch to be realistic
Live forever like Hadrian with a new twist to exhibit
Keeping my face removed from negative spaces
As you witness changes in mental and physical states
I began to embody the ultimate expression of the human race

[Hook: Marcus Orelias as The Portrait Maker]

So you want to make Portraits?
Craft a mask of wax or mold a terra cotta chest?
So you want to make Portraits?
Grab bronze off the shelf or marble to sculpt yourself (x1)

[Verse 2: Marcus Orelias]

As influences faces growth, some will want my buzz cut
Growing bolder in my influence but I often feel stuck
Transferring true stories from crown to recording
I found relief creating, predating – first century
Maintaining beauty’s a must, holding onto these dreams
Adapting to wealth, leaving impressions you believe
Togatos, hood draped over head when birds flock for bread
Avoiding animals who want off with my head
Togatus, I’m stationed where I’ve always been
In social circles getting chiseled in, until I’m..
Standing on top of the world where you can see from a 360 view
In a place full of myth – scratched up, truth is seldom seen to you
These blue walls will crack fall and crumble on Capitoline
And I’ll be distinguished as a general, a ease!
By the general public seen, creating, Portraits

(Instrumental bridge)

(Scene: The Closing Argument)

Paul Sanders as Fronto:

The images has clearly become more important than the truth, fellow consulates. In the closing arguments lets remember all of the positive things that have been accomplished. Passed reforms, protecting the hopeless, suppressing spectacles and how impeaching Caesar would undo all of it. Times are strange for you and in your greatest doubt, you discover who you are. In your darkest moments you realize whom your friends will be and when you’re broken, where your faith is. As the great Cicero would say “a nation can survive it’s fools and even the ambitious but it cannot survive treason from within.” I say we keep Caesar the last of the good Emperors. If no one seconds this motion or has nothing else to say, Caesar will give his final speech

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