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Moving hectic – Slips & Slurs feat. Harry Shotta lyrics

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Lyrics Slips – Moving hectic

Just when you think you’ve given all you could, they want some more
Constantly combating conversations with connoisseurs
Cognac on deck, I’m on a night shift like the commodores.(moving hectic)

64 system outdated, so give this don applause.

Them man are dinosaurs, they ain’t dictating my future
I love the game, but everybody be rapping like Future
Medusa mind state, I turn you to stone when a shoot a
that’ll make you disperse the student turned into the tutor.

Long time ago, but they don’t wanna respect it
Don’t wanna acknowledge the power shift
Ego they protect it
But I will flow like electric, I’m gonna set this off
No apology, I move metric
Them mans still moving imperial
Yo, my tekkers are moving hectic.

Myyyy tekkers are moving hectic
Mmmmoving hectic.(x2)

Now everybody wanna talk about the top four
I’m not no number, but I know I be the top draw
And certain breddas just be lying to themselves
So I’m airplane mode out cotching on the top floor.

No competition, competition is none
My composition no comparison, reverse ah red rum
The understated victor, stand alone I stand on my ones
My tekkers be the hardest and my best is still yet to come
It’s mad.

Myyy tekkers are moving hectic
Mmmoving hectic. (x2)

Overrated artists living off the hype
They got no longevity in the game, they got no stripes
No longer social in person, they live in social media
So social skills are not working, because they live for likes.

It’s all a make-believe world, but they love living in a bubble
They stay scrolling and reading all the BS you type
Just for attention, a couple shares or a mention
It’s meaningless, but it’s like nobody wanna deal with real life.

I spit that real life, say what’s on my mind
I will not pander to the climate of the deaf dumb and blind
Never dumbing down my bars, only realness in the lines
You will only hear the honestly and passion in my rhymes.

I’m staying connected, cause I perfected
My art form, the show I directed
Calm and collected, rated; respected
Stayed on course and never deflected.

I flow like electric, I’m gonna set this off
No apology, I move metric
Them mans are still moving imperial
Yo, my tekkers are moving hectic.

Myyy tekkers are moving hectic
Mmmmoving hecticcc. (x2)
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