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Mulatto Beats – Ranting Stuff (feat. Trapo) (.22 Summers Album)

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[Verse: Trapo]
Black bastard, torture a mumble rapper
What you finna teach I ain’t mastered, don’t get it backwards
Gettin’ harder, it’s scripted, I see the actress
Trap been harder, these niggas is not rappin’
I been focused on banding up and ranting stuff
Making sure my shit sound like a Grammy when I say it’s done
Ford 4 Door on the way, I used to take the bus
Four more tapes on the way, a nigga warming up
Yeah, ho you gon’ like my style
Why they gon’ bite my taste
They gon’ museum my sound
I got the blackest touch in front of the whitest crowds
Can’t wait to run this shit, live in a white man’s house, right
Been focused on banding up and ranting stuff
Could care less ’bout some shitty album or the guns you tuck
Truth is if I drop a shitty album I’m gon’ make it up
I don’t really trip about the outcome ’cause this shit is fun
Picture this, little nigga, little funds
Reach out to a manager, he figure he can get ’em paid
Rappin’ ’bout the shade, niggas need a break
Niggas need a raise so he dropped it and they fuck with it
Stuck with it, stuck with it
I’m stuck with it now nigga
Smoking them pounds quicker than kicking my vowels
Can’t hang around with the foul niggas
Don’t, wanna hang around with the foul niggas
Can’t, hang around with the foul children, no

[Interlude: Trapo]
Oh well, she mad at me
A break from me, me
Nope now she mad at me
Away from me, you said
You wasn’t workin’ late
Still lying to me
All I want is you, you, you, you
Young girl, you a young girl into something
Boredom lead to something, don’t it
All the time turn you over, tossin’ turnin’, don’t it
Lead to something, don’t it
Lead to something, don’t it
All the time

Hey miss
You never been to LA, wanna play, this is no vacation
Work, so I can let you come to my place
And I’ll wait, and I’ll wait

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