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Named a new weapon that will buy the Russian army for a special operation

August 17, 2022 by Posted in: Lyrics

500 billion rubles will be allocated for the order

The Russian military department has signed several important contracts with suppliers of weapons and ammunition. In general, 500 billion rubles will be allocated for these purposes. New orders are dictated by the needs of the troops during a special military operation.

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The fact that public procurement plans have been adjusted taking into account combat use, said Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko. The army, according to him, will receive the most modern models of weapons, military and special equipment.

So, what will our army buy? Tula developer and manufacturer of multiple launch rocket systems “Grad”, “Smerch”, “Hurricane”, “Tornado” will supply the Russian army with a large batch of 300 mm rockets for Tornado-S.

Tornado-S – one of the most long-range complexes. Hits 120 kilometers. This is quite comparable to the American HIMARS systems. And in the future, the range of the “Tornado” will increase to 200 km.

Kolomna enterprise-developer of operational-tactical missile systems “Iskander-M” signed a contract for the supply of missiles to the Ministry of Defense. “Iskanders” actively used during the special operation. Range of missiles — up to 300 km. It is possible to equip with cruise missiles that can hit many hundreds of kilometers.

As the special operation showed, drones — reconnaissance and strike. And so the Ministry of Defense ordered the Orlan-10, Orlan-30, Pacer drones from the industry. (“Orion”) and “Eleron-3”. So the aviation industry has a chance to improve the situation. Then, you see, you won’t have to buy hundreds of drones abroad from Belarus or Iran.

The heaviest of the purchased vehicles is the Pacer. Its mass is a ton. Can carry up to 200 kg of guided bombs and small missiles. Not so much, but at least so.

The air defense forces also need new weapons. A batch of S-500 long-range anti-aircraft missile systems is being purchased for them. These systems are capable of hitting ballistic missiles, warheads, and even satellites in low orbits.

As it turned out, our Air Force needs new ammunition. The Ministry of Defense buys modern air-to-surface missiles and “air-radar”.

Long-range guided air missiles are also used to strike at military targets of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Air Force will replenish their supply. Long-range air-launched missiles will be supplied by the Raduga GMKB near Moscow. The Ministry of Defense will also purchase air-to-ship missiles.

A batch of guided or corrected UAB-20 bombs will also be purchased. Judging by the markings, the mass of such bombs is not large — about 20 kg. This means that they will be used by drones.

What other weapon systems do our Aerospace Forces need? Those that allow you to coordinate all the forces and means of aviation and air defense. In particular, a promising automated control system for aviation and air defense is being purchased based on a number of unified complexes of automation equipment for interspecific use “Perspektiva-ACS”. Such a system, presumably, will negate the losses from the so-called friendly fire, when their own air defense shoots down their own aircraft.

Armored vehicles are not forgotten. The army will purchase wheeled armored personnel carriers BTR-82A and special purpose vehicles “Tiger”, including “Tiger-M” with a remote-controlled combat module “Crossbow”.

T-90M tanks will also be purchased. The T-80BV tanks and the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles will be overhauled and upgraded.

Obviously, given the dangerous US experiments with biological and chemical weapons, as well as the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the nuclear power plant, the RF Ministry of Defense will also spend money on the development mobile complex for the destruction of toxic chemicals and special products in their equipment. The work will be carried out under the code “Novator-1”.

In total, 36 contracts were signed for 522 billion rubles.


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