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Nautical Operator – Nautical Operator lyrics

February 14, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

In a deep, deep dream one night
A man’s mind molds a wooden boat
He puts it in the water
And expects that it will float
The ship is only halfway complete
He lacked supplies to make all the rest
Surely he will sink fast
But I wonder,
Will he jump ship and fail the test?

An island appears,
Relieves his fears
Of never making it back out of this place
Or should he stay here and drown away,
Just to ignore the people and their race?

The island sounds like a better choice
I’ll make a life for myself out here
And if I’m lucky, they’ll never find me
And my tracks will disappear
Seems to good to be true though
So there’s gotta be a catch or a trick
Maybe I’ll figure it out
Take a different route
But for now I think I’ll stick with my pick

You always wonder what will happen to you,
Maybe you focus on irrelevant things
This island always will be waiting for you
Just thank the future for it’s kind offerings

Stuck in the background

Sail out again

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