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Nautical Operator – Psygnosis lyrics

February 14, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

Is this what other people see?
I don’t like it
Just try to be part of the sea
I can’t hide it
This all comes flowing out of me
I correct it
Find your way out of the debris

I don’t remember things being like this
It’s not the way that it used to be
The days are falling right into an abyss
While others still proceed to chase after me

You’ll find me staring at the ceiling fan
With the rain beating down on the skylights
My thoughts racing like the wind outside
Think I’ll wander off into the twilight

And did you know there’s a reason for this?
I won’t pretend I didn’t know
It’s been a long time coming to this
And I think it’s just the start of the show

About a thousand years from now
Somebody’s watch falls off into the ocean
I think the temperature is dropping in here
And it’s putting everything in slow motion

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