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NeroArgento – Kill The Lies lyrics

May 23, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

The time is now
I don’t want to be late, no more
Here comes the rain on my face
To wash away all the tears that I cry
Ready to burn and forget what is lost

I finally made my own decision
I hope to be still in time

I can’t take this anymore
We don’t need to go back
Through the time that we spent
I can’t see you insecure
I swear you that i’ll do
Only what is my best

Let’s kill the lies
(we want to kill the lies, we need to kill the lies)
Don’t say goodbye
(we want to kill the lies)

I need you now
I just want to be ready for you
Now look the pain on my face
Killin’ my skin, then killin’ my memories
Out of control, ‘cause today i’m suffering

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