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O.H – Synemotion lyrics

May 25, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

There are times in life when we feel chased,
Chased by the shadows of past consequence,
And innate ideas and beliefs,

We try hard to keep things from falling apart.
Do our best possible.
Are heedful and mindful.
Every day,
It may seem the world is against us.

We stretch ourselves,
And find powers we never realized,
We could reach and every day,
Outdo ourselves.

But there are crucial moments,
Where things start to break down,
And a torrent of doubts breaks out,
And this questioning of beliefs,
Leaves such a feeling of displeasure,
That permeates your being,
Until you want to just want to give up,
And let life take its course.

“Anything I do, won’t change things,”
You think to yourself.
And if this moment passes quickly,
It may leave you untouched.

In time though,
You find yourself trapped,
And though quite aware,
That any means of “escaping”,
Will not modify affairs,
You want to run away.

To those whose minds,
Unwillingly or willingly,
Settle in a deep despair,
And cannot cope with life’s complications,

And even to those,
Who know the same concerns
And fears will follow them,
Wherever they go:

There is one small difference,
Between people who,
Are brave enough,
To get up once more,
And break through the barriers,
And those who run away,
And remain trapped.

It is the shock,
Of unwelcome emotions,
That blows us away,
And damages us;
Leaving us permanently wounded
And guaranteeing our unfortunate lifestyles.

But those who walk through life,
With wounds that hurt,
At the slightest touch
And are not bothered,
By their ugliness,
Not bothered
By the pain remembered
And not worried of how many more scars,
Will disfigure them,
Are the ones who are released,
Freed to feel again,
And experience even more.

And with the next wave,
What was once a torrent,
Of unbearable emotion,
Becomes a colorful,
Complex and more compelling palette,
Of moods and feelings,
Gifting us the ability to create and combine,
Not only a synesthesia of the senses,
But also the feelings – Synemotion.

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