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Olle Burefors – I Dream Once Again lyrics

January 14, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

As cosmic tails lits in your room,
In patterns across the wall
Your fingertips sleeps beneath your dreams
…and shapes every hour of dark
Tired feet drags your heart into the kitchen,
That sways in the faded light
Shaping a question that bother’s a mothers mind:
“How can I shake off this love?”

“I don’t feel it…
The crowds all line up just to laugh at my mess
I’m breathing my feelings,
It’s all that I can”

“I don’t feel it…
‘Cause inside me is a winter of frostbitten death
With stars in the ceiling,
I dream once again.

I dream once again
I dream once again

“How it hails”, she said.
“Someday the pressured glass finally breaks
And I want you to love and I love that you do
But I need you to be loved, my dear, as well
…just like I love you”

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