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Olle Burefors – Stolen lyrics

January 11, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

Stuttering syllables to the screaming sense of eating someone’s heart
You’ve clung to notions that our story’s not dead
And since a year ago, I’ve been away from those who lended their faith
To be something persistent and caring

Hell, it’s a soul forming
And who you are is all I have to know

Are you coming home? I shook my head and looked straight into her eyes
I saw the rains that flows off in towards spring
Will you forgive, though? I held it in to hide my hurting reflection
I felt two arms that never meant to let go

Hell, it’s a soul forming
And who you are is all I have to know

Oh did you miss me so?
Were you aching when I was gone?
Hope you weren’t, I’m not near good enough
To be deserving of sure pure heart

“Never leave me alone,
Feel my brittle bones shift under my skin”

I missed your early life, how you developed out of all of these fears
Through captured echoes I hear your scream

I tilt the lakes to drip and rake the forest with my watery hands
Through humming winds I speak in voices so clear

I missed the hourlong talks of how mother is mad
I missed just being there when you came home

My bones still shift inside, as I exist between the trees and our earth
Can you hear the stories read out from the owls?

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