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SBU began to intimidate Ukrainians across Europe

All telephone conversations, groups on social networks were wiretapped

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has begun total surveillance of all citizens of the country. And not only. Even representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora abroad fall under the control of the SBU, primarily in the “free” diaspora. Europe. This morning, many Ukrainians received on their phones an official message from the SBU about the beginning of general surveillance. This was told by “MK” military expert Captain 1- rank in the reserve Vladimir Gundarov.


At one time, Vladimir graduated from the Lviv Military School, has many friends in Ukraine, with whom he maintains close contacts. And here what he said:

– This message was forwarded to me this morning by my friend from Germany. The message was posted on the social network, in the group of the Ukrainian diaspora. He himself is Ukrainian, and also communicates with his relatives and friends at home. According to him, all of them, including him, who lives in Germany, received a similar warning in Ukrainian on the phone. I will translate it into Russian.

It says: “In  due to the circumstances in our country, new rules for communicating on the Internet will apply from tomorrow: All calls will be recorded. All WhatsApp messages and calls are recorded. Twitter is monitored, Facebook is monitored, all social networks and forums are monitored. Inform those who do not have access to the official websites of Ukraine approved by the SBU.

All devices are connected to departmental CDMX systems. Be careful not to send unnecessary messages or information that is contrary to laws and morals. Avoid sharing confidential information with your friends and family. Tell your children and be very careful! It is very important to deliver this message today. Because from tomorrow another form of surveillance is already operating in the country. Just send the information to all your family and friends. And remember: everything you write or say can be used against you, even any joke!»

But this message is not a joke, explains Vladimir Gundarov. – In Lvov in Soviet times there was a joke about a large gray building of the KGB on Ivan Franko Street. A tourist points to him and asks: “Is this a state bank?” The guide replies: “No, it's state fear.” And now a real state insurance has come to Ukraine.

“People are afraid to communicate,” says Gundarov, “a neighbor can “snitch”, and either the esbeshniks or scumbags from the local extremist organization of nationalists and neo-fascists will come to you. My friends from Lvov tell me about this. And snitching is encouraged. People are sure that bots react to certain words and record their telephone conversations. And now this fear is spreading not only within Ukraine, but also beyond its borders, in the Ukrainian diasporas of people living in Europe.

Gundarov says that the same acquaintance of his who forwarded the SBU message to him said that he communicates in Germany with his compatriots, among whom there are many Bandera. Those organize various actions, collect humanitarian aid for their own, who remained in Ukraine, and control each other in the diaspora. In support of this, he said that he had already been asked why he had not recently been at the rally and brought humanitarian aid “for the defenders.” but also officials. Mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk Ruslan Martsinkiv wrote on his Facebook page: “The enemy attacked Ivano-Frankivsk airport. Please do not distribute photos and videos of explosions! We understand why the alarm system did not work. Ukrainians will have to suppress this fear for a long time. After the Great Patriotic War, it was obsolete for almost ten years. Now, maybe they can do it faster. We wish them success in this.


General Popov determined the appearance of the UFO that fell in Zagreb

Ukrainians lost control of an unmanned vehicle

An unidentified flying object, a UFO, fell on the territory of Croatia. According to photographs posted from the scene of the emergency in Zagreb, experts suggested that a Soviet-designed Tu-141 drone had fallen. Such devices could remain on the territory of Ukraine after the collapse of the USSR. “MK” asked the Air Force General to comment on this version.


Indeed, a whole family of jet unmanned reconnaissance aircraft Tu-141 “Swift”, Tu-142, Tu-143 was created in the USSR. Then, in the unmanned theme, our country was much ahead of even the Americans. Later, in the 1990s, we lagged far behind others. One squadron of drones was part of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, in the north of the GDR. Flying at high altitude along the border with Germany, drones collected information about NATO, looking deep into the territory of the neighboring country.

So where did this “hello from the past” come to Zagreb? The former head of the Federal Directorate of Aerospace Search and Rescue, Honored Military Pilot of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Major General Vladimir Popov believes that the unmanned aerial vehicle could well have flown from the territory of Ukraine.

– In service with the Soviet Air Force, – he said, – there were unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. One separate squadron was stationed in the Baltic States, it was then transferred to the Moscow region. The second is in the Far East. And one more – in Ukraine. After the collapse of the USSR, unmanned vehicles remained there. There were few of them, about 12-15 cars of this class.

– Quite. There is a concept of combat radius. It is calculated taking into account the need to return the device to the place of departure. The combat radius of the Tu-141 is 350-500 kilometers, depending on the external fuel tanks. And if in a straight line, then it can fly more than a thousand kilometers.

– These devices even then had their own navigation system. There was no GLONASS or GPS yet. The devices flew according to a predetermined program using a semi-automatic, inertial control system. Strictly according to the given coordinates and the specified turning points.

Perhaps somewhere there was a failure in the electronics, something could be missed in programming. The system is outdated. And the device, as in that song – “went to Odessa, but went to Kherson”, deviated from the given route. That is, he got out of obedience to the control system.

In principle, the calculation of the operators could directly control the device using the locator. But the range of radar visibility from the ground is no more than 250-300 kilometers. That is, if the drone worked at the maximum distance, then it is easy to lose control over it.

By the way, there were similar cases in Soviet aviation, including manned aviation. Once a pilot in the Northern Group of Forces, over Poland, misjudged the situation in flight, let's say, got scared, and ejected from the MiG-23. And after that, the plane flew in unmanned mode several countries and landed in Belgium when the fuel ran out.

An unknown object that fell in Zagreb was filmed on video

Watch the video on the topic


Facebook Hypocrisy: Wishing Russian Soldiers Dead is “Now Allowed”

Information weapon unsheathed

Well, the make-up of “values” in the collective West has finally flowed: Meta Platforms has officially allowed to wish death on Russian soldiers and publish calls for their liquidation on the world's largest social network Facebook, as well as on Instagram.


The company's spokesman Andy Stone announced the new policy. Citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia can post extremist appeals. Yes, even in these social networks, according to Reuters, which refers to an internal Meta mailing list, the new moderation rules allow calling for the worst against Putin and Lukashenko. The only limitation is that you can't be specific.

Spokesman (don't call him a gentleman or a person) Stone explains the permission for hate speech by the fact that netizens need “forms of political expression that would normally violate the ban calls for violence.”

That is, it is necessary to understand this in such a way that Facebook is on the side of the weak – it allows them to throw out their emotions, does it care? That's just a hypocritical lie.

Was it possible for Afghans, Iraqis or Libyans to wish death on the “American occupiers”?

Was it allowed for residents of Donbass (as well as their relatives in Ukraine and Russia) ), who lived for 8 years under shelling, buried their children, torn apart by Ukrainian shells, wish death to Ukrainian soldiers? No. A thousand times no. You can’t even use the word “crest”, and in any meaning (personally verified back in 2014). Our football player Khokhlov is still suing this social network because of his last name.

But you can wish death on Russians. And from the above facts it is clear – precisely because they are Russian. Sergey Shnurov (no matter how you treat him) very accurately sang the other day that a Russian now in the West is like a Jew in 1940 in Berlin.

Facebook has completely turned from a powerful propaganda platform of Russophobia into a weapon of information warfare.

Deleting an account on Facebook turns out to be much more difficult than registering. But I will. And I advise you.


Due to sanctions against Russia in Latvia, the construction of a border wall was “covered”

Now there are no funds to fence off from Belarus

Due to sanctions against Russia and Belarus, Latvia found itself without a fence that it intended to build on the Belarusian-Latvian border.


Photo: Global Look Press

Citrus Solutions, which won the tender for the construction of a protective structure to help Latvia get rid of the “migration threat” from Belarus, withdrew its application. She did this by evaluating all the financial risks that arose in the new conditions. Firstly, the company refers to a significant increase in prices for the metal needed for the construction of barrier structures, as well as increased fuel prices.

In addition, due to the sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus, there were problems with delivery raw materials. All this forced the company to refuse to participate in the project. Latvia will have to look for new construction companies that may be interested in this project.

Recall that the length of the Belarusian-Latvian border is 173 kilometers. And if you build a “wall” the European Union helped Latvia on the border with Russia, in this case, the Baltic country was counting on its own forces. The cost of building a “fence” with Belarus were included in the budget. But now these funds are clearly not enough even for the initial stage of work.


The expert explained China’s attitude to the situation in Ukraine

“On standby”

At the moment, Western countries are massively condemning what is happening in Ukraine and imposing sanctions on Russia for conducting a special operation. However, the Chinese side continues to maintain relative neutrality on the Ukrainian issue, and, according to experts, there are a number of reasons for this.


Leonid Kovachich, a sinologist and international journalist, told Vechernaya Moscow about China's attitude to the situation in Ukraine. According to the expert, official Beijing has not yet fully developed its position on the special operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine. The expert noted that China continues to maintain and strengthen political ties with Russia.

Kovacic noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the Beijing Olympics and met with Xi Jinping, following the meeting with whom a joint statement was made. Therefore, according to the sinologist, China cannot act from “anti-Russian positions.”

Nevertheless, according to Kovacic, China has its own interests in Ukraine. Among them, the expert singled out economic cooperation both with Ukraine itself and with the European Union as a whole. The expert believes that in the face of increased confrontation with the United States, the Chinese leadership is trying to maintain a positive image “at least in Europe”, so China will not oppose its position to Brussels.

As Kovacic noted, now “the Asian giant is in expectations” and takes a neutral stance whenever possible. The specialist stressed that China expressed solidarity with Russia's concerns about NATO's eastward expansion. At the same time, according to the sinologist, the country's authorities have stated and continue to declare that they are exclusively for a “peaceful, diplomatic solution to the problem,” and the current development of the situation is not what they would like to see.

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New rules for drafting conscripts scheduled for April 1

It will be possible not to sign for the subpoena

It will not be possible to evade conscription by refusing to sign for the subpoena. And even if the summons did not come, the conscript will be obliged to appear at the military registration and enlistment office himself. The State Duma has already adopted the corresponding bill in the second, and in the near future it may also adopt in the third, final reading. It is planned to introduce the new rules from April 1, 2022, that is, from the beginning of the spring conscription campaign.

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

What changes are we talking about?

Now young Russians receive summons to appear at the draft board either at home, or at the place of work or study, or at the military registration and enlistment office – against receipt. When the law comes into force, it will also be possible to send subpoenas by registered mail – with acknowledgment of receipt. The military registration and enlistment office will send letters to the addresses indicated on the registration card – either at the place of residence, that is, at the place of permanent registration, or at the place of stay, where the conscript is temporarily registered.

An important innovation: the summons will be considered handed over from the date of receipt of a registered letter from the military registration and enlistment office. Somehow hiding, refusing to receive a letter, will not work: the summons will be considered delivered in this case, and the refusal to receive a letter will be issued by postal employees according to special rules, which will then be approved by by-laws.

The same principle – refusal to sign the summons does not mean that it has not been served – will also apply to cases where an attempt is made to hand the summons in person. In this case, a special note will be made on the agenda.

In general, they took, did not take, received, did not receive – no difference. The subpoena is considered served.

But letters are sometimes late, and the date of appearance for the draft board, which is indicated there, may pass. How to be in such cases? The conscript should, without any additional notice, appear at the military registration and enlistment office within two weeks from the date of receipt of the late letter and report the delay. There, a new agenda may await him – under the signature …

In principle, military registration and enlistment offices may not send summonses to all those who are subject to conscription without exception: if the conscript does not wait for the summons, he will have to appear at the military registration and enlistment office within two weeks from the start of the next conscription campaign. The latter requirement does not apply to those Russians of military age who enjoy a deferral or are exempted from military service for some other reason.

It is worth recalling that if citizens subject to conscription for military service plan during the conscription campaign for more than three months to go on a business trip or move to a new place of residence, they are required to personally appear at the military registration and enlistment office and report it.

And now about the consequences.

The Code of Administrative Offenses has an article 21.5 called “Failure by citizens to fulfill military registration obligations.” For failure to appear on the agenda or calling the military registration and enlistment office within the prescribed period, or not informing the military registration and enlistment office about moving to a new place of residence, changing marital status and other important circumstances, this article promises a warning (for the first time) or a fine of 500 to 3 thousand rubles.

But there is also a much stricter article 328 of the Criminal Code called “Evasion of military and alternative civilian service” without legal grounds. She promises, at best, a fine of up to 200 thousand rubles, and at worst – imprisonment for up to 2 years. The statistics of the Judicial Department at the Supreme Court say that about 600 people have been convicted under this article in Russia over the past 5 years every year.

Under what article will those who do not comply with the new requirements be punished? Administrative or criminal? It is difficult to make accurate predictions. Lawyers remind: the Decree of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of April 3, 2008 states that “the courts must establish for what purpose a citizen does not fulfill the duties assigned to him, and whether there is intent in his actions to evade conscription for military service.”

This bill, as they say, “has a difficult fate.”

It was submitted to the State Duma in January 2018 by United Russia deputies from the Duma Defense Committee, but the number of authors very quickly grew to several dozen. The explanatory note explained: the goal is “to improve the efficiency of the legal mechanism for serving citizens with summonses to appear at events related to conscription for military service.” Now the law “On military duty and military service” prescribes that summons be handed over to conscripts by employees of the military registration and enlistment office or the leadership of organizations without fail “on receipt.” If a citizen did not sign, or moved to a new place of residence without informing the military registration and enlistment office – that's it, it is impossible to bring him to administrative or criminal liability as a draft evader, “which is what unscrupulous citizens use,” the authors explained.

“During the 2016 draft campaigns, the military commissariats were unable to notify more than 90,000 recruits (30% of the total number of citizens called up for military service) about the appearance of relevant events, more than 16,000 recruits left for another place of residence without being removed from military registration,” such statistics were given in the document.

The first reading of the initiative took place in April 2018. It was supposed to soon become law. But it was still not possible to prepare the document for the second reading, the deadlines for submitting amendments were extended several times. Yes, both representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the military prosecutor’s office have reported a decrease in the number of draft dodgers in recent years, which also indicated that young Russians and their parents have become less afraid of military service.

But in 2022, the bill got out of the Duma portfolio and decided to accept. The second reading went almost unnoticed. It is clear why: the deputies voted “yes” on February 22, 2022, on the same day when the main event that attracted all the attention of society and the media was the ratification by the Parliament of the treaties on friendship and cooperation with the DPR and LPR, which had just been recognized by Russia. The third reading, which does not involve discussion and amendments to the text, was first planned for March 10, but then postponed to March 16.

On March 16, by the way, the bill cannot be adopted in the third reading: the State Duma changed the schedule of their work, and next week will be regional.

But there is still time until April 1.


Estimated damage to the Russian “defense industry” from the departure of Western software developers

More than half of defense companies are tied to imported software

Sanctions against Russia have affected almost all sectors of the economy. But if in the same aviation their consequences are immediately visible – Boeings and Airbuses just parked, then in some areas there will be no less tangible, but a distant effect. This concerns, for example, restrictions on the supply of engineering software to Russia. MK asked an IT expert what threatens us.


The world's digital giants – Microsoft (operating systems), Oracle (database management systems), VMWare (visualization) – have suspended or stopped their work in Russia. Among the consumers of their products are many Russian companies, including defense ones. On the impact of Western sanctions in the field of industrial software and countermeasures “MK” told the head of special projects of the company «ASCON» Pavel Shcherbinin.

– No one will be able to give a general figure for the market, this is classified information. What can we say, for example, about 2021? It was fundamentally different from the previous one in that there was a real import substitution of software in companies with state participation, as well as in private companies that fell under Western sanctions.

The military-industrial complex has been steadily financed in recent years, the state defense order has not been reduced, and there is even an upward trend. Enterprises receive subsidies for the implementation of domestic software. And it does.

Since 2016, our company has been monitoring public procurement of engineering software in the open part that is published on the public procurement website. Our study for 2020, for example, showed a decrease in the share of foreign engineering software from 85% to 74% in monetary terms.

In 2021, foreign software already accounted for 68%. In quantitative terms, Russian software development companies are leading in public procurement of engineering software. That is, most enterprises bought domestic software. The downward trend continues, it is stable, but the total figure, as you can see, is still high.  

– Engineering software is an integral element of a modern manufacturing enterprise. And if earlier foreign software made it possible to design products more quickly and accompany them throughout the entire life cycle, now it is impossible to create advanced high-tech products without modern digital technologies.

For many years, enterprises have been purchasing foreign computer-aided design systems – PLM/CAD/CAM systems, CAE calculation software systems, systems for designing complex industrial facilities and infrastructure. A lot of money was invested in the purchase of licenses, implementation, training of employees.

The process of transition from one software package to another always entails both financial and labor costs. But, as we can see, the factor of import independence in critical technologies (and engineering software, in fact, is such) is gaining more and more weight.

The main challenge for the industry in the current conditions is to ensure uninterrupted production and arrange production new products. In parallel with this, the problem of import substitution will be solved. Naturally, in a shorter time.

– As you know, government decree No. 1236 of 2015 “On establishing a ban on the admission of foreign software in procurement for state and municipal needs” was issued. The Register of Russian Software was created. There are relevant directives for state-owned companies. Subsidies are given to enterprises for the purchase and implementation of engineering software. Moreover, there are subsidies for all industrial enterprises, as well as subsidies for enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

The main thing is that domestic engineering software for Russian software platforms has appeared. For example, operating systems based on Linux, unrelated to Microsoft, as well as domestic operating systems “Alt”; and Astra Linux. I think that now these developments will be in high demand.

Russian developers of engineering software will continue to ensure import independence and information security. Software complexes for managing the life cycle of products with a certificate of compliance with the requirements for the protection of information constituting a state secret have appeared. 


The Russians explained whether it is possible to post on Instagram and Facebook

The Prosecutor General's Office filed a petition with the court to recognize Meta as extremist

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation filed a petition with the court to recognize Meta Platforms Inc., the company that owns the social networks Facebook and Instagram, as an extremist organization and prohibition of its activities on the territory of the Russian Federation. We found out what this threatens ordinary users with.


The Prosecutor General's Office considered that the company's actions to lift the ban for residents of a number of countries to post information containing calls for violence against Russians violate the law. Therefore, the Prosecutor General's Office also turned to the Investigative Committee to resolve the issue of criminal prosecution under Part 2 of Article 205.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Propaganda of terrorism”) and paragraph “a” of Part 2 of Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Inciting hatred and enmity with the threat of violence”).

The response of the Investigative Committee was not long in coming: a criminal case was initiated in connection with illegal calls for murder and violence against citizens of the Russian Federation by employees of the American company Meta. These actions, according to the Investigative Committee, contain signs of crimes provided for by the Criminal Code – public calls for extremist activities and assistance to it.

Therefore, it is doubtful that the court recognizes Meta Platforms Inc. extremist and will ban its activities on the territory of Russia, is not necessary. What awaits in this case ordinary users of social networks Facebook and Instagram? Even if they do not publish anything political, but just post pictures of cats?

“In my opinion, the actions of Meta employees are really seen as actions provided for in Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – inciting ethnic hatred and so on,” explains lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky. – It can't always be some direct appeals.

In this case, this is the creation of conditions – they themselves do not place calls, but they allow it to be done. After recognizing Meta as an extremist organization, I, as a lawyer, advise no one to post their posts there, or even better, delete your accounts from there.

Other speakers do not think that people who use Facebook and Instagram in normal , “domestic” purposes of the Russians will spread anti-extremist legislation. For example, Ekaterina Mizulina, a member of the Russian Civic Chamber, said that “such intimidating messages are spread by provocateurs.”

Senator Andrey Klishas said that ordinary citizens who bypass Facebook and Instagram blocking in Russia will face any sanctions will not threaten. But the question of paying for advertising on these platforms remains open – will the purchase of it by Russians be regarded as promoting extremism?


The head of the UJR Solovyov responded to the hunt for journalists announced by neo-Nazis

“No report is worth a human life”

Ukrainian neo-Nazis announced a “total hunt” for Russian war correspondents. This was announced by the head of the National Center for Defense Control of Russia, Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev. Vladimir Solovyov, Chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia, commented on this information to MK.


According to Mizintsev, a Ukrainian neo-Nazi named Bereza announced a total hunt for Russian correspondents covering the truthful humanitarian situation in the zone of the special military operation. “The Kiev regime continues to stream endless politically motivated lies about the humanitarian situation in their own country,” Mizintsev stressed.

Chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia Vladimir Solovyov, commenting on threats against Russian journalists, gave some advice to representatives mass media working now in the zone of the special operation.

– I want to say that in the current situation it is very difficult for all Russian journalists to work, but the hardest thing, of course, is for our colleagues who fulfill their professional duty directly in the combat zone. We are following their work very closely and hope that they will all return home safe and sound soon.

We also control that the editorial offices fulfill all the obligations prescribed in the law on the press to their employees. This was discussed during a joint forum of the Popular Front and the Union of Journalists in Kaliningrad, after which Vladimir Putin signed a decree on additional measures to support our colleagues working in “hot spots”. Unfortunately, now insurance companies do not insure journalists who travel to “hot spots”, so I repeat that the entire responsibility lies with the editorial office.

– First of all, of course, take care of yourself. No report is worth a human life. Try to navigate correctly, think through all the nuances, travel logistics in advance, consult with those who have already been to the places where they are going to go. It is obligatory to wear body armor and a helmet.

I don't think it's necessary to have the inscription “Press” now, because, according to the information we have, they shoot quite often when they see these inscriptions. Alas, this also happened in other military conflicts in which I myself took part as a journalist.

– A journalist is not a combatant, he is not a military man, he does not hold weapons in his hands and cannot know military secrets. Therefore, of course, first of all, it is necessary to talk about international law and about the option of exchange. A journalist must, before leaving for a report, inform his colleagues where he is going and agree that if after a certain time he does not get in touch, they start sounding the alarm. If possible, it is necessary that the colleagues of the captured journalist contact us, and we, through international human rights journalistic organizations, try to provide possible assistance.


Putin and Lukashenko discussed “return to the USSR”

“Let's make it even better!” – the old man is sure

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko are already publicly saying that due to the sanctions of the West, Russia and Belarus will have to return to the times of the USSR. However, none of the leaders sees anything bad in such a turn of history. According to the President of the Russian Federation, the Soviet Union lived under sanctions for decades and achieved tremendous success.


“Let's do it even better!” – Lukashenka is sure. Old Man called on the allies in the EAEU and the CSTO to rally around Russia and Belarus, and then in a month, in his opinion, everyone will forget about the sanctions.

Alexander Lukashenko is not the first leader to visit the Kremlin after the start of a military special operation in Ukraine. But the first one, whose visit could be made public: the father was filmed at the airport, on the porch of the Grand Kremlin Palace, in gilded interiors. And everywhere he said the same thing: sanctions are not evil, they are good. Although from the West it is, of course, “swinishness”, but this “swinishness” has long been accustomed to. And now is the right moment to use the opportunities that are opening up.

These sentiments turned out to be in tune with the views of Vladimir Putin. The President, at a meeting with members of the government the day before, noted that the economy would certainly adapt to the new situation, and at a meeting with Lukashenka he developed his idea. “I am sure that we will go through these difficulties and acquire more competencies, more opportunities to feel independent, independent. Ultimately, (sanctions) will be beneficial, as it was in previous years,” said Putin, who received Lukashenka by the marble fireplace, which has become, in recent days, perhaps the most informed witness of how the recent history of the country and the world is being made.

Sanctions, according to Putin, will lead to an increase in the economic sovereignty of Russia and Belarus, allied with it. Even without a special operation in Ukraine, the restrictions already announced by the West would have been introduced “one way or another.” It’s just that now the cat’s tail was cut off not in parts, but all at once. “But the practice of recent years has shown that where the Westerners introduced restrictions against us, we acquired new competencies and restored the old ones at a new technological level. Of course, we have become stronger in this sense,” Putin stressed.

It is noteworthy that in order to confirm the healing effect of sanctions, both the Belarusian and Russian presidents decided to turn to the experience of the Soviet Union. “I am a Soviet person, you are from the Soviet period,” dad said, referring to VVP, “We were always under sanctions then and we lived and developed well.”

Lukashenko stressed that he came to Moscow in a normal mood, confident that “we will do better” than “even in the Soviet Union.” “The situation is not the one for us to bathe and worry about some events. Time is just needed, a lot is seen from a distance,” he said.

“Alexander Grigoryevich, you are absolutely right,” Putin supported his colleague, “the Soviet Union, indeed, lived all the time under sanctions, but it developed and achieved tremendous success.”

Alexander Lukashenko spoke in the spirit that the allies of Russia and Belarus in the post-Soviet space in the current situation should take a clearer position and support the efforts of Moscow and Minsk, at least on the economic front.

“We have always helped our allies: we helped the Kazakhs – everyone. Well, we need to get together, rally together. After all, everyone says that we need to be together. So let's collect it,” said the father, proposing to hold summits of the EAEU and the CSTO in Moscow in the near future.

According to Lukashenka, we need to sit down at the table and agree: “we sell it to you, you sell it to us, and we build a common economic policy.” If this happens, “we will forget in a month that we have sanctions,” the father is sure. Recall that the EAEU, in addition to Russia and Belarus, includes Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Armenia. In the CSTO – the same countries, plus Tajikistan. (However, this organization is a military alliance, and its role in overcoming sanctions pressure is not clear).

Vladimir Putin did not comment on Lukashenka's proposal. Of the leaders of the EAEU, only the President of Kyrgyzstan, Sadyr Zhaparov, has so far expressed unambiguous support for Russia's actions in Ukraine. Pashinyan and Tokayev held talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Tokayev then ordered to send medicines worth $2 million to Ukraine.


Zagreb drone discussed on the Web: NATO air defense failed

Russian anti-aircraft gunners shot down the same target in Crimea

The President of Croatia confirmed the Ukrainian origin of the Tu-141 Strizh unmanned reconnaissance aircraft that crashed in Zagreb. The Ukrainian military has so far kept silent on this matter. But Europeans in social networks ask a reasonable question: what did the vaunted NATO air defense do, which did not notice the flight of an incomprehensible device and allowed it to fly through all the Balkans.

Photo: Frame from video

There are several versions. One of them is that the drone flight was initially agreed by Ukraine with the NATO countries, but then something went wrong, the situation got out of control.

Denis Fedutinov, a well-known specialist in unmanned systems, on the other hand, believes that Ukraine has tried to play its own game. “I would not rule out the possibility that the drone did not accidentally fly to Zagreb. It seems that the Ukrainian side, which is interested in involving other countries in the conflict, can take certain actions for this,” Denis Fedutinov told MK.

Well, that is, arrange a provocation and attribute everything to malicious intent Russians.

Military expert Alexei Leonkov believes that the case with the “Strizh” quite indicative. “It looks like Ukraine’s aerial reconnaissance is getting worse and worse. And it’s not only about technology, but also about specialists,” Leonkov concludes in his Telegram channel. In his opinion, the device was launched from Western Ukraine. The flight task is entered into the memory on the ground manually, in binary code. Turning points of the route are set by toggle switches. One of the 40 toggle switches is set wrong – and the drone will fly “to hell in the middle of nowhere.” So, apparently, it happened.

Not a single NATO anti-aircraft missile system on the border of the alliance with Ukraine “even chirped”, the expert noted.

And here is the Russian air defense, the same target , launched from the Odessa region, not only saw, but also shot down. A photo of a Tu-141 shot down over Crimea appeared on the Web. Earlier, such a drone crashed near Kherson.

In a word, the Zagreb incident, although it looks like an accident, is very indicative. And with regard to the ability of the armed forces of Ukraine to control their weapons, and regarding the obvious weakness of the air defense of the NATO countries. They can't even close their own sky, let alone close the sky over Ukraine, which Kyiv wants.  

An unknown object that fell in Zagreb was captured on video

Watch related video


Historians: current Ukrainian events are “an old dispute between the Slavs among themselves”

“The history of the Slavic peoples is common, and it must be defended together”

On March 11, a round table was held at the headquarters of the Russian Military Historical Society dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the reunification of the Belarusian and Russian peoples.


Members of the RVIO Scientific Council, leading historians and political scientists gathered to participate in this conference. They discussed a wide range of issues related to the history of the transformation of political projects of the late 18th – mid-20th centuries on the territory inhabited by modern Slavic peoples – Polish, Belarusian, Russian, Ruthenian and Ukrainian.

– This year marks the 250th anniversary of the historical union, which marked the reunification within the framework of a single state of all three branches of the Russian people: Belarusians, Great Russians and Little Russians, – said Yury Nikiforov, Member of the RVIO Scientific Council. – By decree of the President of Belarus, 2022 has been declared the year of historical memory. Russian society cannot but support this decision. Moreover, the protection of historical truth and veneration of the memory of the Defenders of the Fatherland in our country are enshrined in the Constitution. And since we have a common history, then we need to protect it together. This year, the Russian Military Historical Society and the RVIO Scientific Council have planned a series of conferences and round tables, during which we will one way or another talk about the history of the Russian state, the history of the Slavic peoples, and touch on the topic of relations with Poland.

– The interpretation of the events of the end of the 18th century as the “partition of Poland” hardly corresponds to the real content of the processes taking place then, as well as their historical significance, Nikiforov continued. – For many years, many issues related to this topic were covered from the point of view of the Poles.

But why can't we in Russia or Belarus have our own opinion? Why was the term “partition of Poland” used? The return of one's own, by definition, cannot be a section of someone else's.

Poland was divided by Prussia and Austria – this “historical account” belongs to them. And Catherine the Great even made efforts to save Poland, to prevent Prussia and Austria from completely absorbing these lands, dividing them among themselves. As for the Western Russian lands (as we call them, “White Russia”), it was about the liberation from the Polish occupation of a part of the territory that, for all historical, cultural, religious reasons, was part of the Russian world. Catherine the Great shifted the border to the West, to where it passed in the years when the Eastern Slavs were baptized, during the time of the ancient Russian state.

More modern examples were also heard at the conference. Liberation by the Red Army of the territory of Ukraine and Belarus from the Nazi invaders; operations of units of the Red Army and the Polish Army to liberate Nazi-occupied Warsaw and other Polish cities.

Today, when our countries face new threats – neo-Nazism and the activities of banned terrorist organizations, it is the duty of the Slavic peoples to unite in the fight against these phenomena.

– Historical events that took place in the twentieth century, during the Second World War and earlier, like those dramatic events that we see today on the territory of Novorossiya and Little Russia, where the Russian army is conducting a special operation – this is all a continuation of a centuries-old history, – such an opinion was expressed by one of the scientists who spoke at the conference. – This is the very “dispute of the Slavs among themselves, a domestic old dispute” – as Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin wrote. By the way, the lines of this wonderful poem, addressed to the collective West, still have absolute accuracy.

The experts who took part in the meeting agreed that in order to correctly understand the history of all the Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe, comprehension is required today not only the last 30 years, but also deeper layers of history.


Political scientists have suggested where Zelensky might be now

“It’s unlikely that there are villas”

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky suddenly became the talk of the town, whose speeches people are waiting for and wondering: how he will appear again and what will say – this, however, is not the only intrigue. There is a more interesting question: where is it actually located now?

Photo: Frame from video

According to the director general of the Center for Political Information Aleksey Mukhin, the head of the Nezalezhnaya most likely runs between his state and Poland.

“Everything is possible in this best of all possible worlds,” the political scientist said. “But it still seems to me that he constantly migrates from one place to another. It is also possible that he has already visited other European powers, where the acute issue of Ukraine's immediate “cutting” into the European Union is being resolved. Europeans are now, of course, in a state of passion, and it is unlikely that they have a clear understanding of what needs to be done now. And where, accordingly, Zelensky should be now. And he, in turn, probably has to hold meetings and negotiations with representatives of “friendly” states.

Political scientist Anatoly Vinogradov is sure that the Ukrainian leader began to hide from the first days of the peacekeeping operation. At first, he, perhaps, could not believe in the reality of what was happening and was not ready to leave his own office, but already on March 8, observers noticed that on the edited video, where Zelensky addresses his people, his hair changes, and the picture on the wall then appears , then disappears.

– The interior of the president's office, according to some sources, was recreated in the Romanian city of Brasov, the expert says. – There was an opinion that Zelensky's bunker in Lviv was also equipped. We can assume that our Figaro managed to visit both there and there.

Politicians are united in one thing – there is no Zelensky on the territory of other states of the post-Soviet space. In Georgia, where the President's family owns five rooms of one of the hotels, in Italy, where she owns a villa on the coast of the Italian resort of Forte dei Marmi, or in London, where she has her own apartments, Mr. maybe.

— Information slipped through the Ukrainian media that at the beginning of the week a special operation of European special forces was carried out to evacuate Zelensky to the Ramstein base in Germany. – says political scientist Viktor Zaitsev. — In my opinion, it is most logical for him to really be in Germany, closer to senior mentors and consultants.


In the United States, the requirements of the Russian Federation to Ukraine were recognized as fair

“The United States and NATO are impeding peace talks with rash actions”

Despite massive Russophobia in Western countries, articles have begun to appear in the United States that indicate changes in public opinion towards Russia and situation around Ukraine. The stupid decisions of the Joe Biden administration and the just demands of Russia were written in the American magazine The National Interest on March 11.

Photo: Global Look Press

“For the past two weeks, the United States, NATO and Russia have imposed economic sanctions on each other, carried out cyber attacks and threatened nuclear war,” the article says. “All this can lead to catastrophic consequences not only for the conflicting countries, but for the whole world.”

The American magazine is forced to admit that Russia will defeat the Ukrainian army with 100% probability.

“In contrast to the portrayal of a vile and cruel Russia shown in foreign media, it still refrains from using EMP (electro-magnetic radiation), chemical, biological and tactical nuclear weapons,” the publication noted. “These powerful types of weapons would ensure the victory of Russia in a relatively short time, but in this case, Moscow will not be able to organize peace negotiations with Kiev, and the victims among the Ukrainian population will be enormous.”

According to the American magazine, although many foreign experts believe that the Russian special operation is an attempt to seize all the former Soviet countries to satisfy the ambitions of Vladimir Putin, the Russian government denies the possibility of joining Ukraine to its territory.

“Moscow's main demands are demilitarization, a promise (of Kyiv) not to join any military-political bloc, the resignation of the pro-American government, as well as the recognition of Crimea, the DPR and the LPR. The loss of 6% of the territory is an unpleasant, but not at all catastrophic loss for Ukraine, the publication believes. Even after that, it will remain the country with the largest territory in Europe, not counting Turkey. In addition, Russia has officially stated that it will not try to create a puppet government in Kyiv.”

According to the magazine, Russian demands are surprisingly very lenient towards Ukraine. But the biggest obstacle in the peace talks is the actions of the US and NATO, which continue to give Volodymyr Zelensky false hope of a feigned victory over Russia. And this despite the fact that Kyiv is facing the threat of a complete encirclement, and the chances of the Ukrainian army are close to zero.

“The supply of US and NATO weapons to Ukraine will not be able to ensure the victory of the Ukrainian army: the forces are too unequal,” said the American edition. “On the contrary, the number of deaths and destruction will only increase. Western economic sanctions also did not have the desired effect, since they did almost no harm to the Russian Armed Forces.

According to the magazine, 80 years ago, Japan attacked the American harbor of Pearl Harbor in order to crush the economy of the United States. Now history is repeating itself, but now the US is trying to bring down the Russian economy. Not surprisingly, Moscow considers economic sanctions a serious threat, and the answer to it, according to American analysts, could be electromagnetic weapons or even a real nuclear strike.

“The United States must do everything to find a compromise with Russia and avoid the outbreak of World War III, the publication firmly stated. – To do this, it is necessary to stop the introduction of new sanctions, stop the supply of weapons to the Ukrainian army, and also adopt a new Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (The INF Treaty was adopted by Mikhail Gorbachev and American President Ronald Reagan in 1987, but in 2019 the United States announced withdrawal from the treaty. – “MK”), in order to reassure Russia.

In exchange for these concessions, according to American analysts, the United States will be able to convince Russia to stop the special operation and thus prevent the conflict from spreading outside Ukraine.


With new sanctions, Biden banned the supply of dollar bills to Russia and the import of diamonds and vodka from Russia

The US President is confident that the new restrictions will increase sanctions pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin and further isolate the Russian financial system from the global economy.

On March 11, US leader Joe Biden imposed another round of sanctions on Russia.

According to the signed decree, export, re-export, sale or supply, directly or indirectly, from the United States or by a US individual/legal entity is now banned , regardless of the location of dollar banknotes, to the government of the Russian Federation or any individual/legal entity located in Russia.

The imports from Russia to the United States of seafood, spirits, especially Russian vodka, as well as diamonds and luxury goods, including cars, expensive clothes and jewelry, were also subject to restrictions.

Exports of luxury goods from the United States to Russia also came under the ban.

Biden added that the signed decree would also allow imposing restrictions on investments in any sector of the Russian economy in the future.

Also, according to the head of the White House, the G7 countries will cancel the favorable treatment in trade with Russia and deprive the Russian Federation of the opportunity to take loans from the World Bank and the IMF.

U.S. residents are also prohibited from investing in any sector of the Russian economy.

The heads of banks from the sanctions list will fall under tough sanctions, their assets will be frozen in the United States, and the heads will be banned from entering the United States.

State Duma deputies who spoke out in support of the Russian military operation in Ukraine and the recognition of the LPR and The DPR will also fall under sanctions with a ban on entry into the United States.

But the Russian oligarchs from the sanctions lists will have more active confiscation of assets in the United States.

It is noteworthy that earlier the White House announced on the refusal to purchase oil, gas and coal in Russia.

Earlier it became known that the EU also banned the sale and import of euro banknotes to Russia.

Any individuals and legal entities were banned on the territory of Russia, organizations, as well as Russian government agencies, including governments o and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Restrictions will come into force on March 12.


Greed for laughter. How Sanctions Sparked Speculation on Ad Sites

Fetish with the letter “M”

After the statements of Western companies about the suspension of work in Russia, ad sites began to sell food from McDonald's, things from Ikea and other products from outgoing brands. Judging by the prices, both jokers and very greedy people got down to business.

Due to the events in Ukraine, many Western brands hastened to announce the suspension of their activities in our country. While some people are making predictions about when companies left without a significant part of the profits may try to return to work, others are seizing the moment. Some Russians have rushed to buy disappearing goods, not only for themselves, but also for resale. This is evidenced by the wave of specific offers that began to appear on classifieds sites. At the epicenter of this consumer frenzy is McDonald's, which has repeatedly reflected in the history of turning political events.

Interestingly, our attitude towards this American fast food chain has changed from unbridled joy in the early 90s to mass protests at the end of the same decade due to the war in Yugoslavia. But this time, people decided to cash in on the fans of everything with McDonald's symbols. Ad sites began to sell almost all types of products from the chain's assortment from burgers to packages of sauce. A vivid illustration of the underside of this new business was a photo from a Reddit user who filmed a home refrigerator full of burgers. It is clear that the period of trade in them is limited, even taking into account the fact that food from McDonald's does not lose its presentation for a surprisingly long time and without special storage conditions. 

Burger for 5500 rubles. Screenshot

The same burgers and pies on ad sites offer to buy about 5 thousand rubles apiece, but there are not very many such offers. More often, inedible goods with the letter “M” are put up for sale at a high price. For example, 500 rubles are asked for one wet wipe with branding. For about the same price, you can find some glasses, paper bags, packages, but the appetites of most sellers are much higher. Other people are trying to sell the same items for tens and even hundreds of thousands of rubles. You can also find the uniforms of McDonald's employees on sale. One girl from Moscow offered such uniforms for 30 thousand rubles, although you can find cheaper ones.

Advertisements for the sale of all sorts of things with the symbols of “McDonald's”. Screenshot

Smelly humor

But while some seriously expect to cut down as much money as possible on the actions of McDonald's, others in such ads are more likely to give vent to their sense of humor and attitude to the madness that is happening. On the one hand, this is indicated by prices. For example, some person asked as much as 3 million rubles for an empty food package, while specifying its condition — boo. Another citizen expects to help out for the paper leftovers from the American-style meal “total” 25 thousand rubles, but he was able to stand out with an ironic text:

“Whole boxes with traces of food eaten will remind you of the taste of your favorite burgers in the old days. True connoisseurs will not remain indifferent when they see ketchup on the package — this pleasant product brought pleasure to its owner! And he will not leave you indifferent, fill your home with the aroma of prosperity and satiety. The set also includes bags so that you can take the set with you and show it to your friends, all the attention of others will be riveted on you! Hurry, stock is limited!"

An empty box for 3 million rubles. Screenshot

Some people, in their half-joking ads, are also reminded of the ups and downs with foreign money due to anti-Russian sanctions. Indicating the price in rubles, in the description they offer to pay for the goods in dollars or euros. No less amusing that all this madness raised the quotes of the souvenir “currency” the fast food chain itself. We are talking about coins (tokens) minted in honor of the 30th anniversary of McDonald's in Russia. They are sold for tens of thousands of rubles, and one person decided not to waste time on trifles and immediately asked for a quarter of a million.

The dialogue on the topic of such ads, which appeared in the comments on one of the sites, is very indicative: 

“Yeah, it’s just a joke. I also exhibited a free package from Auchan for 1000 rub. No one is buying these stupid listings, — wrote user Photuum.

“You have a joke, and a dozen more have a real hope for free money on some idiot,” — “Democratic Southerner” answered him.

Sales sharks

Now, ad sites are massively putting up for sale the products of many other brands that have announced that they have stopped their work in Russia. These products include clothing, furniture, appliances and more. But on all this, speculators actively tried to make money before, albeit on a smaller scale. 

After the announcement of the temporary closure of IKEA stores in Russia The Internet was flooded with advertisements for the sale of Blohey sharks. The cost of such plush predators starts from 750 rubles, which was before, but the price limit has now practically disappeared. Many would like to help out tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles for a simple toy, but there are even seven-figure sums. One resident of Moscow put up for sale an IKEA shark for 3 million rubles, another Russian would like to get all 10 million for it. And the Sochi resident went furthest selling a shark for 100 million rubles. At the same time, the most creative citizens try to justify their exorbitant prices.

Shark Blohay from Ikea for 100 million rubles. Screenshot

«I am selling a shark. The condition is perfect. Sanctioned item. The price soared after the sanctions and the withdrawal of IKEA from the Russian market. In the daytime with fire you will not find. The price is valid for a week — it will only get more expensive, — said one of the sellers. And another wrote that he wanted to get the missing amount for an apartment with the help of a shark or was ready to exchange it for a studio in the city center. It is difficult to judge how briskly the trade in such goods is going on the Internet. But, most likely, few will be able to really earn something.


The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation showed an updated map of the regions of Ukraine taken under control

Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense

The Russian Ministry of Defense has published an updated map of the regions of Ukraine that have come under the control of the RF Armed Forces and the people's republics of Donbass.

In the LPR, the local group of troops continued the offensive. She took control of the settlements of Surovtsevka, as well as Shchedrishchevo, Zhitlovka. She managed to block Rubizhne. The advance was 6 kilometers.

As noted in the Russian defense department, the DPR units, with fire support from the Russian Armed Forces, managed to take control of the settlements of Valerianovka, as well as Zelyony Gay. They blocked Novoandreevka from the south and east. And the advance in depth was 9 kilometers.

It is reported that the Russian Armed Forces have reached the settlements of Novodonetskoye, Novomayorovskoye, Pavlovka. The advance for the day was 21 kilometers.


Kosachev: Washington has started preparing coup d’état in the DNR and LNR

Source: Wikipedia. p>

Referring to the US Treasury, the senator clarified that the US will allow “certain actions” for humanitarian support to the LPR and DPR. In particular, we are talking about projects related to basic needs, education and democracy. The US government allowed non-governmental organizations to carry out transactions aimed at supporting humanitarian projects, as well as developing democracy in the LPR and DPR.

Kosachev noted that all eight years, when “Kyiv began to shoot three and a half million of its citizens ”, living in the Donbass, the United States did not see the need for humanitarian support for the region.

“Compassion for people suddenly woke up?”, he asks a question in his Telegram channel.

And he answers to him: “No, exactly the opposite – Washington has begun preparing another coup d'état, this time in the independent DPR and LPR. The United States has no other “humanitarian projects” for you.


The Federation Council believes that nationalists can begin to take revenge on the West


The head of the Federation Council Commission for the Protection of State Sovereignty Andriy Klimov believes that Ukrainian nationalists may begin to take revenge USA for permission to provide assistance to the DPR and LPR.

Earlier, the US Treasury announced that the country would allow its citizens to provide humanitarian support to the LPR and DPR, making an exception to the sanctions.

“Paradox: the United States allowed help the Americans to the LPR and DPR. But for 8 years in a row, it was the White House that tormented them with a blockade and shelling by the Kiev regime, created by the same Joe Biden,” Klimov wrote in his Telegram channel.

Klimov noted that Washington's statement about material support for the LPR and DPR “against the backdrop of the West's refusal to accept Ukraine into NATO and the EU, to put it mildly, did not please the fanatics from the Ukrainian national battalions.”

“Not I will be surprised if a large part of the nationalists rebel and begin to take revenge on the American and European “traitors of the square.” War criminals have the means to do this, because the West itself armed and trained them,” he added.


Ryabkov called convoys with weapons for Ukraine the goals of the Russian Armed Forces


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that pumping Ukraine with Western weapons would only complicate the situation in this country . According to him, this makes arms convoys legitimate targets for the Russian Armed Forces. On Channel One, he noted that Moscow had warned Washington about this.

In addition, Ryabkov notes that US statements about a third world war are just an attempt to play on nerves. He also said that the lists of retaliatory personal sanctions against the United States and the West are ready and will soon be made public.

At the same time, Ryabkov says that the Russian Federation can resume a dialogue with the United States on security if Washington is ready for this. However, Russia's proposals for security guarantees sent by the US and NATO are no longer valid.

Prior to this, US President Joe Biden said that the United States would respond to any Russian move that would threaten NATO. According to him, this will happen even though everything may end in a world war.


Russia and Ukraine: Online broadcast March 12

Negotiations, disposition, statements of politicians

The 17th day of the Russian special operation is taking place in Ukraine. The United States imposed sanctions against Gennady Zyuganov, as well as the children and wife of Dmitry Peskov. Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense for the first time published a map of the territories that came under the control of the Russian Armed Forces. An explosion occurred at the Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology. The IAEA states that it has not yet recorded the radiation consequences due to this.

Donetsk Photo: Global Look Press

12:58 Zelensky's adviser noted that for Ukraine reserved the funds of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation frozen in the west. It is allegedly about more than $300 billion

12:40 The heads of the General Staffs of Turkey and Russia held talks by phone. The parties gave assessments on current security issues.

12:38 Ryabkov also notes that US statements about a third world war are just an attempt to play on nerves. He also said that the lists of retaliatory personal sanctions against the United States and the West are ready and will soon be made public.

12:26 Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov says that Russia can resume a dialogue with the United States on security if Washington is ready for this. At the same time Russia's proposals for security guarantees sent by the US and NATO are no longer valid, as the configuration has completely changed.

12:20 The Jerusalem Post reports that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett recommended that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accept Russia's terms in order to end hostilities. To do this, it is necessary to recognize Crimea as Russian and approve a neutral status. Zelensky replied that he “heard Bennett.”

12:04 The Ministry of Defense of Belarus claims that the Ukrainian authorities have lost control over the situation in the country. This is exactly how the Assistant Minister of Defense of the Republic, Major General Leonid Kasinsky, answered Kyiv's claims about alleged Russian strikes on the territory of Belarus.

11:56 The Libyan oil minister claims that his country will be able to replace Russian oil in the EU market only in 5-7 years.

11:51 From March 20 to March 25, joint exercises with NATO will be held in Georgia. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense.

11:50 Swedish direct sales cosmetics company Oriflame is not leaving Russia. The Dagens Industri newspaper writes about this.

11:36 Kadyrov is sure that the Russian army will soon rid Ukraine of “the spawning evil spirits called neo-Nazism”.

11:35 Ramzan Kadyrov claims that Ukrainian military and national battalions, at the sight of Russian fighters, hastily leave their firing positions. They leave guns, ammunition and equipment.  

11:28 The eBay marketplace temporarily suspended all transactions with Russian addresses due to the termination of payment providers and systems delivery.

11:19 Turkey essentially refused to impose sanctions against Russia because of the situation in Ukraine. They noted that Ankara is on the side of diplomacy.

11:10 The Russian Ministry of Defense also published a video recording of the defeat of an infantry fighting vehicle of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was done with the help of the Krasnopol guided projectile.

11:06 Volunteers from Lebanon are also showing interest in participating in a special operation in Ukraine on the side of the Russian Federation. This was reported to RIA Novosti by an informed source. Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu spoke about 16,000 volunteers from the Middle East.

11:03 DPR military evacuated 135 people from the combat zone in the Mariupol and Volnovakha directions in a day. Of these, 25 children.

10:50 Applicants from the DPR and LPR who come to Russia will be able to enter Russian universities according to quotas for foreign students, after passing an interview.

10:47 The IELTS International Language Examination Center refutes the information about the cancellation of exams in Russia. They emphasized that in case of cancellation of the exam, they guarantee a full refund of its cost. 

10:45 Russian students abroad have sent more than a hundred applications for transfer to Russian universities. This was announced by the Ministry of Education and Science.

10:35 The Russian Ministry of Defense published an updated map of the regions of Ukraine that came under the control of the Russian Armed Forces, as well as the people's republics of Donbass.

10:33 Russian citizens who are stuck in Thailand due to the cancellation of return flights have problems with visas. According to RIA Novosti, dozens of people have already lost their legal residence status in Pattaya alone after the expiration of visas and 30-day stamps.

10:27 DPR units with fire support from the Russian Armed Forces took control of the settlements of Valerianovka and Zeleny Gai. They blocked Novoandreevka from the south and east. The advance in depth was 9 kilometers.

The Russian Armed Forces have already reached the settlements of Novodonetskoye, as well as Novomayorovskoye and Pavlovka. They continue the offensive on adjacent flanks with a grouping of DPR troops. During the day, the advance amounted to 21 kilometers.

In the LPR, the group of troops continued offensive operations. She took control of the settlements of Surovtsevka, Shchedrishchevo, Zhitlovka and blockaded Rubizhnoye. The advance was 6 kilometers.

10:22 New data from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. On March 12, a high-precision long-range weapon attacked Ukrainian military infrastructure facilities. It was possible to disable the military airfield in Vasilkovo, as well as the main center of radio and electronic intelligence in Brovary.

During the day, aviation and air defense of the Russian Aerospace Forces shot down five UAVs in the air. Among them are two “Bayraktar TB-2” and one “Point-U”.

A total of 3,491 Ukrainian military infrastructure facilities were put out of action during the operation. 123 unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed, as well as another 1,127 tanks and other armored combat vehicles. In addition, 115 multiple launch rocket systems, 423 field artillery guns and mortars, and another 934 units of special military vehicles were destroyed.

10:05 Golikova notes that it is necessary to work on advance in order to save the jobs of Russians.

9:45 The Russian Ministry of Defense publishes a video of the destruction of APU equipment by Ka-52 helicopters.

9:38 Roskosmos will send requests to ISS partners to remove illegal sanctions from state corporation enterprises.

9:18 The US Department of the Treasury announces that a ban on the import of alcohol and seafood from Russia into the United States will come into force on March 25.

9:10 The DPR warned that a complete demining in Donbass may take decades.

The day before, March 11, the Central Bank gave new clarifications on the currency. The commissions that banks took when issuing cash to individuals since March 9 must be returned. It is also indicated that payments in rubles from accounts in foreign currency from March 9 are made without restrictions at the bank's exchange rate.

From March 14, Instagram will be blocked in Russia. The reason is that Meta, which owns this social network, and also Facebook, announced a change in policy. In a number of countries, Meta temporarily allows its social networks not to block users' calls for violence against Russian citizens, including military personnel.

Later, Meta stated that Facebook and Instagram would not tolerate Russophobia and any discrimination against Russians. However, in the Ukrainian segment of social networks, the same permission regarding Russians will remain, as this is an opportunity for Ukrainians to “express their resistance and rage.”

The Wall Street Journal found out that Biden personally banned sending Polish MiG-29, “so as not to provoke Putin.” At the same time, the American leader noted that 12,000 American troops have already been deployed to the borders of Russia. According to him, the US will protect every inch of the NATO countries, even if it leads to a world war.

"MK" hosted online events in Ukraine on March 11


“The answer is no”: the EU refused to accelerate the admission of Ukraine

EU leaders react harshly to Russian actions: “Tectonic shift”

Photo: pixabay. com

EU leaders announced their intention to collectively rearm in the face of Russia. Their Versailles Declaration says that Russian actions in Ukraine heralded a “tectonic shift in European history.”

At a summit in the former royal palace in Versailles, 27 European heads of state and government said the conflict in Ukraine demonstrated the urgent need for the EU to take responsibility for its own security and get rid of dependence on others, writes The Guardian.

Speaking at a press conference in Versailles, French President Emmanuel Macron said that the Versailles Treaty of 1919 divided Europe, but today the leaders are uniting. He called the Russian operation in Ukraine a “tragic turning point.”

“We see that our food, our energy, our defense are all issues of sovereignty,” Macron said. “We want to be open to the world, but we want to choose our partners and not depend on anyone.”

He added: “The Versailles Declaration is linked to the fact that sovereignty in Europe, which some might consider a slogan or French fantasy, is today regarded by all as decisive.

President Macron defended the decision not to offer Ukraine accelerated EU membership, which was criticized overnight by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “The answer is no,” Macron said of Kyiv’s request, but added that the EU was mobilizing all its economic power to help the Ukrainian government and that the “European path” was open.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said that there is a “flavor of disappointment” in the decision of a number of EU member states, but the bloc will return to this issue.

The Versailles Declaration was called the “initiator” of European defense by Charles Michel, President of the European Council.

EU leaders agreed to “invest more and better in defense capabilities and innovative technologies” through a substantial increase in defense spending and through closer cooperation and coordination of their armed forces and procurement. While EU member states spend more than three times as much as the Russian defense budget, there are limited connections and multiple overlaps of opportunity.

The European Commission has been given a new role in finding weaknesses in Europe's defense and advising on investment.

Macron said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz's decision to allocate 100 billion euros for defense and Denmark's decision to put to a referendum its rejection of mechanisms EU security showed the seriousness of the moment. The EU is also doubling funding for military equipment destined for Ukraine to 1 billion euros.

“About 10 days ago, Germany decided to make a historic investment, and Denmark made a historic choice by deciding to ask people if they want to go back to the European defense and security project,” Macron said. “Everywhere you look, a historic choice is being made.”

The deadline set for freeing the EU from dependence on Russian gas, oil and coal is 2027, writes The Guardian. In 2021, the EU imported 155 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Russia, representing about 45% of its gas imports and nearly 40% of the bloc's total gas consumption.

Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, said that by mid-May the commission would present proposals on how to achieve this goal. To prepare for next winter, plans will also be made to coordinate the fragmented network of gas reserves in European countries. Von der Leyen said that in the future, underground reserves should be at least 90% full by the beginning of October each year.

Macron and Scholz are set to speak with Vladimir Putin in what the French president says will be a “demanding dialogue” with the EU threatening tougher economic sanctions if the Russian president moves against Kyiv.

Soon after the leaders left Versailles, the G7 announced a new round of measures, with von der Leyen citing non-compliance with humanitarian corridor agreements as a motivating factor.

Russia is being denied most favored nation status for its markets under with the rules of the World Trade Organization, which would mean imposing tariffs on its goods, and Moscow risks exclusion of its representatives from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, writes The Guardian.

After some resistance from Italy, the EU also decided to ban the export of any luxury goods to Russia, “as a direct blow to the Russian elite,” said von der Leyen.

Also, the EU no longer will import iron and steel products from the Russian Federation, and a ban will be placed on European investment in the Russian energy sector.


Because of Ukraine, the West remembered life-hacks in case of a nuclear war

British people advised to stock up on water, toilet paper and pencils

Due to fears of the possibility of a nuclear conflict against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis, the UK remembered the old recommendations of forty years ago on how to survive a nuclear war.

The escalation of tensions in Europe has evoked memories of decades of the Cold War, when the world teetered on the brink of nuclear conflict several times, writes the Daily Mail

In the face of the confrontation with the Soviet Union in the 1970s, the British government launched an information campaign in which ordinary Britons were given advice on what to do in the event of a nuclear attack.

The Defend and Survive series included the publication of a pamphlet in 1980 detailing the effects of fallout, providing survival plans and advice on what to do in the hours and days following the use of nuclear weapons.

The British were advised to prepare a “reserve room” in which they would need to store enough food and water for two weeks. Residents were also advised to stock up on kitchen utensils, a portable radio, toilet paper, a bucket and a first aid kit.

Shortly after the leaflet was released, expert critics said that such advice was useless. One expert called these protective measures proposed by the authorities “illusory” because in the event of a nuclear attack, people would immediately “panic”.

The recommendation was issued after relations with the Soviet Union worsened when Brezhnev sent troops to Afghanistan in 1979. The “Protect and Survive” campaign was run by the government from 1974 to 1980. In addition to leaflets, it included newspaper advertisements, radio broadcasts and informational films.

Although the campaign was intended to be used only in emergencies, it gained public attention in a series of newspaper articles.

Then in May 1980 the government decided to publish a leaflet and informational films were leaked to the BBC and to the CND anti-nuclear group. The leaflet gave advice on how to make a fallout room and suggested that the British build an indoor fallout shelter in it. People were told that they would need 16 liters of water each and were advised to store clean water in cisterns in their bathrooms.

Bedding, sleeping bags and a portable stove were also recommended, and a makeshift toilet was recommended to be made from a bucket and a chair with a seat cut out.

Regarding the construction of a fallout protection room, the British were advised: “The further you can hide in your house from the radioactive dust that is on or around it, the safer you will be. Use the basement, if available. Otherwise, use the room, hall or hallway on the first floor. However, even the safest room in your home is not safe enough. You will need to board up the windows in the room and any other openings, and make the outer walls thicker, as well as thicken the floor above you to provide the strongest protection against radiation penetration.

In case someone dies, the British were advised to put the body in another room and cover it as securely as possible, as well as attach an identity card.

The survival kit list included cookies, meat, fruit, vegetables, sugar cubes, jam, utensils, notepads, and message pencils. It was also recommended to have a radio to listen to public announcements.

If people were outside during a nuclear attack, they were advised to “lie flat in a ditch and cover exposed areas of the scalp and hands.”

However, critics quickly smashed the information collected by the government. In 1981, the Daily Mail quoted Professor Josef Rotblat, an expert on nuclear fallout, as saying: “If there is a war, there will be a full-scale nuclear war. Under these circumstances, the whole concept of training people is unrealistic. There will be no time to prepare. There will be panic. People won't stay at home long enough. They will come out. All protective factors are illusory.”

Roughly at the same time, fallout shelters and protective suits came on the market for up to £200, which is close to £1,000 in today's money. One firm called Civil Defense Supply supplied suits from the Lincolnshire village of Wellingnor, near Grantham. The British government also had a nuclear bunker built deep in the Essex countryside under an unremarkable cottage. Kelvedon Hatch could accommodate up to 200 civil servants to last 14 days in the event of a nuclear attack on the UK. If London were to be destroyed, a junior minister based in the Essex bunker would take over the survivors.


Trump found an extraordinary explanation for Russia’s actions in Ukraine

“We have people who are extremely incompetent. And you know it, and so does everyone else.”

The events in Ukraine and the confrontation between the West and Russia have become a factor in domestic political strife in the United States. Donald Trump, who earlier hinted at participation in the 2024 presidential election, did not miss the opportunity to criticize the actions of President Biden in the context of the Ukrainian crisis. According to him, the Russian actions were the result of the fact that world leaders “no longer” respect America.

Former US President Donald Trump has warned that global figures such as Chinese leader Xi Jinping are watching the Biden administration's response to Russian actions in Ukraine.

In an exclusive interview with conservative TV host Sean Hannity Lrnald, Fox News reports Trump said that if he was still in office, there would be no bloodshed in Ukraine.

“It's so sad because this would never have happened. If we had a Trump administration, there would be no chance of this happening. And I know [Putin] well, and this should not have happened at all, ”said the former US president.

Donald Trump added that America’s enemies were probably encouraged by Biden’s unsuccessful withdrawal from Afghanistan, in during which 13 American servicemen were killed, and they are ready to take billions of dollars worth of American military technology.

“I can’t believe how incompetent it was, the way they backed down or surrendered, or whatever you call it,” Trump said, criticizing President Biden’s actions. “Bad things started… I'll tell you Putin was watching and President Xi was watching and the leaders in Iran were watching and Kim Jong Un was watching, North Korea. They were all watching.”

“They don't respect our country anymore. Here's how it happened. This would never have happened,” Donald Trump told host Sean Hannity.

Trump said he had a “very strong conversation” with President Putin when he was in office and that Putin would not go to Ukraine during the Trump administration.

“And he understood, and I will not go into the details of the conversation, because no one should know this. But I'll tell you, this would never have happened if we were, if … I was president,” says Donald Trump.

Trump added that Vice President Kamala Harris put the United States in an awkward position. position during her trip to Warsaw this week, noting that she was “laughing like crazy” when discussing the conflict in Ukraine with President Andrzej Duda: “We have people who are extremely incompetent. And you know it, and so does everyone else.”


American magazine condemned the idea of ​​sending mercenaries to Ukraine

NI: “This will attract hordes of maniacs and murderers from all over the world”

A lot of foreign mercenaries from the US and NATO countries went to Ukraine. Despite the fact that in the Western media this fact was presented exclusively from the positive side, American experts thought about the correctness of this decision. The American magazine The National Interest pointed to the numerous problems associated with the use of mercenaries by Ukraine against Russia.

“When Volodymyr Zelensky put forward the idea of ​​creating a foreign legion for those who want to fight on the side of Ukraine, tens of thousands of mercenaries from 52 countries decided to join the Ukrainian army. But the main problem lies in the dubious composition of the infamous Azov battalion (a banned organization in Russia),” the publication notes.

As the magazine writes, for almost a decade this formation has been inviting foreign mercenaries into its ranks. In addition, Azov openly adheres to neo-Nazi ideology.

“In this case, the recruitment of foreigners into the ranks of the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) will not push people with a similar worldview to leave Europe and America for Ukraine, as happened earlier on the territory of the Islamic State (ISIS, a banned organization on the territory of Russia)?” American analysts fear.

They believe that one should not turn a blind eye to other difficult issues that inevitably arise as a result of the use of foreign citizens against Russian troops. As the magazine stated, it is impossible to guarantee that the mercenaries will fight for the safety of the Ukrainian people.

“During the war between the United States and ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation), part of the foreign volunteers consisted of people who fought not for the sake of eradicating terrorism, but simply because of the desire to kill without fear of legal prosecution,” the publication cited an example. “It is possible that Ukraine will attract hordes of maniacs and murderers from all over the world.”

Also, the leadership of Ukraine will not be able to fully trust the mercenaries, who, in theory, can work for Moscow. According to American analysts, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is actively trying to identify people who sympathize with Russia among Ukrainian servicemen and uncover double agents among ordinary soldiers. After the assassination of Denis Kireev on February 28, it became clear to the whole world that Ukraine cannot even trust its compatriots, let alone foreign mercenaries.

“A situation may also arise in which foreigners will not always obey the Ukrainian command, for example, refusing to carry out a difficult or dangerous order, the publication states. – In this case, can the commander order the execution of a recalcitrant foreign soldier as a necessary measure during the conduct of hostilities? with civilians of the DPR and LPR and execute surrendering soldiers of the Russian army on the spot?

“Will we dare to openly oppose the war crimes of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine, or will we prefer to shut up and not discuss this unpleasant topic once again, since they, do we think are fighting on the “right side” of history?” the publication asks.

A logical question, unexpected for those who support the Nazis, and not those who fight them.


In honor of the presidential elections of Serdar Berdimuhamedov, products were brought to the shops of Turkmenistan

Soldiers and students were trained to vote for the right candidate

Early presidential elections are taking place in Turkmenistan today. There are 9 candidates on the ballots, but everyone understands that Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on February 11 announced his resignation from the presidency with one goal – to put his son Serdar in his place. For this reason, 2,577 polling stations were opened in Turkmenistan today.

Less than a month has passed since President Berdymukhammedov declared that he “has reached the age of the Prophet Muhammad” and is ready to retire. So the election campaign in Turkmenistan turned out to be a sprint. However, during this time, the country even managed to create the appearance of alternative elections, nominating as many as eight competitors to Serdar Berdimuhamedov. The electoral programs of the “opponents” were published in the state media five days before the elections. From the same newspapers, the inhabitants of Turkmenistan for the first time learned the names of those who will create a background for the “heir to the throne.” Not a single political figure or well-known person was among them: the director of the school, the director of the research institute, the vice-rector for scientific work of the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, the head of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, a couple of deputies of the Mejlis and the deputy khyakim – such an assortment is presented in the ballots.

Although the outcome of the elections is predetermined, nevertheless, hard work has been carried out over the past month to achieve the desired result. Employees of house managements arranged door-to-door rounds, reminding residents who to vote for on March 12. The same work was carried out in schools – with graduate students. There is no need to talk about government organizations and enterprises where the instructions were communicated to each employee. Certain difficulties arose during the briefing in the army. According to opposition websites, it turned out that a large part of conscripts are simply illiterate and cannot read the required name in the ballots. Therefore, they were trained to put a tick in front of “candidate number 3”.

However, officials were not only involved in training these days. Each woman in honor of the upcoming Women's Day, and most importantly – the election, was given 3 dollars. And on March 10, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov instructed to ensure the delivery of food to all shopping centers of the country. Elections should become a holiday for the people. On this occasion, singers, musicians and bakhshis will perform at polling stations all day long, and information about the elections will be broadcast live on national television and radio.


Residents of Donbass cities are afraid to be “in the boiler”

“The sirens are constantly wailing. We don’t know why.”

Among the residents of the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, there are many former Donetsk residents who left for the territories controlled by Ukraine back in 2014. In addition, residents of large cities of the DPR and LPR have many relatives on the “other side”. When it became clear that the republics of Donbass would be recreated to the administrative borders, and this operation would not go without bloodshed, the fate of loved ones began to cause understandable fears among Donetsk and Luhansk residents who were used to shelling.

We contacted the residents of Kramatorsk, Konstantinovka and Druzhkovka to find out how they live in the current difficult conditions.

Oleksandr, a resident of Konstantinovka since 2015, reads about the fighting in the Ukrainian media. Therefore, it is hard to believe that soon his place of residence will be in the boiler.

Is that what they say? – cautiously clarifies Sasha. – Everything seems to be calm with us so far … Only the sirens are constantly turned on. Why, I don't know.

There is no military conscription in the city, the former Donetsk resident either really does not know about volunteers, or refuses to talk.

– I didn't go myself. And I won't go. I'll sit out. The main thing for us is to do without shooting.

In Druzhkovka, they are more willing to believe in the proximity of a military operation, since they are constantly in touch with friends in Donetsk. Supply cuts have already begun in the city.

– It's bad in grocery stores. Pasta, cheap cereals – it lies. And you can’t buy buckwheat, for example, – said Eugene.

There is also a problem with cashing out money. According to Yevgeny, banknotes are rarely loaded into ATMs, and it is almost impossible to withdraw money from a card.


their plans for the near future and the likelihood of being at the epicenter of hostilities speak cautiously. Despite the fact that food shortages have also begun in the city, it is difficult to believe in a humanitarian catastrophe there.

– Well, they say on TV that Ukraine does not give up. And we are not going to leave yet. And where to? Now everywhere can become hot. Let's get through it somehow. Maybe this boiler will not exist. Maybe they will agree?..


Rallies began in Europe due to rising fuel prices, in the United States there are queues at gas stations – and all this against the backdrop of a tripling of Gazprom’s revenues

Videos on the Web show queues at US gas stations.

Media reports that mass rallies have begun in a number of European countries against the backdrop of rising fuel prices. All of them were the result of the imposition of sanctions on the supply of fuel.

According to the REN TV channel, the protesters appeared in front of the building of the Albanian government.

So, people are demanding lower prices. As a result, the protest action grew into a clash with the police, who arrived to control the rally.

The situation in Italy looks no less serious, where on March 14 truckers announced a big strike. Their costs have become almost unsustainable, which is why the cargo transportation enterprises face bankruptcy. So, a full tank of an ordinary car in Italy costs 110 euros.

Videos appear on the Web showing queues at US gas stations.

In a country where the Biden administration has completely banned the import of resources from the Russian Federation, record prices for automobile fuel are recorded in the entire American history.

A record increase in fuel prices is also recorded in Europe, in the same time Russian “Gazprom” earns three times more from rising prices than in previous periods.

So, in January, the monopoly company received $ 9.463 billion. According to Ruposters, citing FCS data, this is 2.7 times higher than in January 2021.

For 1,000 cubic meters of gas in January, the Russian supplier took an average of $686, compared to $518 in December. And this despite the fact that the export volume decreased by 34.1% to 13.8 billion m³.

Compared with December indicators, the physical volume of export gas fell by 14.3%, while revenue increased by 13.5%.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that German economist Daniel Stelter spoke about the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions for Europe.

He explained that restrictive measures led to stagflation of the economy, that is, growth prices when production stagnates.

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The expert explained the “betrayal” of the Kazakh airline Air Astana, which stopped flights to Russia

According to him, London is to blame for it.

Political scientist Andrey Grozin, in an interview with the media, explained what caused the suspension of flights to Russia by the Kazakh air carrier Air Astana.

Recall that the day before, the airline announced that it was suspending its flights to Russia and would not fly over its territory.

Insurance services for commercial Russian flights are also terminated, which caused the cancellation of flights.

The company reported that the difficulties in air traffic with Russia are temporary, and work is underway to restore .

It is known that in Air Astana, founded in 2001, 51% of its shares are owned by the Kazakh side, namely the Samruk-Kazyna fund, and 49% belong to the British – BAE Systems PLC.

In conversation with “MK” Grozin explained that London should be blamed for the situation. all aircraft are leased from the UK. Carrier pilots – they are well-paid Western professionals.

He also recalled that Air Astana officially announced the reason for the disruption of flights to Russia – this is a change in the conditions for providing insurance, which UK companies should probably pay.

Let formally the controlling stake belongs to Kazakhstan, it cannot actually oppose anything to the British side.

Grozin suggested that the authorities of Kazakhstan “were simply confronted with a fact”. It is too early to judge their real attitude, the analyst believes.

Nevertheless, there are no air carriers larger than Air Astana in the country, as well as in Central Asia. It is also too early to judge the timing of her departure, Grozin believes.

“Before the coronavirus crisis, Russia accounted for approximately 50% of its flights. If we don't do it now, everything could collapse. There's just nowhere to fly”, – he predicts.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that on March 2, Boeing announced the termination of maintenance of Russian aircraft.

The next day, the Russian Ministry of Transport proposed to nationalize its property.



What kind of supersonic Kh-31PM missile did the Russian military use?

For the first time, the Russian military showed how the latest weapons are used, against which the enemy has no chance. With a precision strike, she destroyed one of the Ukrainian military facilities during a sortie of Russian Su-24s and Su-34s. AiF. en decided to figure out what weapon and found it mentioned in an article of 2014  

What video?

The video shows a bomber firing a missile. The published footage also shows that the airfield is now in ruins. In total, eight rockets are said to have been fired at him. Footage appeared on the net as huge columns of thick smoke rise over the Ukrainian military airfield Gavryshovka near Vinnitsa. The base of a separate mixed aviation brigade was located there. 

The launch of the Kh-31PM supersonic missile at the target of Ukrainian nationalists. Photo: of the Russian Ministry of Defense.


The basic version of the Kh-31 missile was put into service in the late 80s and allowed the MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters to suppress any objects on the territory of a potential enemy. In total, several modifications were created: the Kh-31A anti-ship missile, Kh-31AD with an increased launch range, and also Kh-31P — missile with  passive homing head, "read" radiation from & nbsp; enemy radars. The Kh-31PM version, used in early March by the Russian Aerospace Forces on the objects of the Ukrainian army, — the most modern modification that appeared among pilots just a few years ago.


The launch range of the new missile almost doubled compared to the Soviet modifications and was about 300 kilometers instead of 170. The Kh-31PM's target on the territory of Ukraine could be any military installations on which included a radar. In  in this sense, another nickname for the rocket —— BloodhoundThis missile is often referred to as “silent” because once it has locked onto a target, it flies towards it without paying any attention to anything. A set of electronics on board allows you to cut off all unnecessary “noise”. If the enemy is actively trying to interfere, then the missile “closes” and after gaining speed, it definitely goes to the target, and the probability of failure is practically equal to zero.

It is almost impossible to intercept this missile — There is no exact data on the speed of the X-31PM, however, the previous modification of the missile could reach a speed of 3.5M (4200 kilometers per hour), which makes it difficult to destroy it even with modern air defense systems.

Due to the versatility of such missiles, they can be used from aircraft of any type — both Su-34 front-line bombers and Su-35 fighters are suitable for this. 

Show your face

We managed to find a mention of this rocket in a 2014 article. It talked about rocket innovations, in particular, Kh-31PM. She was reported to be very well known to American sailors. In the early 90s, the US Navy bought this missile in Russia as a target missile for testing ship air defense systems. With her help, the Americans tried to learn how to shoot down Chinese anti-ship missiles 3M-54 “Mosquito” Russian production. In the West "Mosquito" called for speed exceeding 2.8 M and overwhelming power — "Sunburn" (Sunburn). Dodge his "burn" not a single warship can today. The X-31 is very similar to the Mosquito, but smaller and cheaper. It is specially designed for the destruction of sea surface targets, radar stations and anti-aircraft missile systems of the “Patriot” type. It can be used with all types of Russian fighters and bombers.

Even in 2014, it was said that the new X-31PM has an increased flight range of 260 km, a new guidance system and engine, which makes its flight is even more unpredictable and deadly for the enemy. It was reported that this missile is equipped with a broadband guidance head, which can be used against almost all air defense systems. Earlier missiles had selective heads that could only be used against one type of system.

https://tvzvezda. ru/news/201412050825-6ctb. htm

https://www. youtube. com/watch? v=6RT1tJO-m9I