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Teach the Motherland to love. How to Raise Patriots to the TikTok Generation

Today's youth are capable of frying a sausage on the Eternal Flame for fun or being photographed in a Batman outfit against the background of the tomb of the unknown soldier. Have children really ceased to experience patriotic feelings or is this nothing more than bravado? asked the experts.

Why suck it out of your finger

For patriotic education — projects, programs, military-patriotic centers, military structures for teenagers — billions are being spent now. Schools even introduced a new position — adviser to the director of education.

Activities for the education of patriotism were assigned to teachers. They need to report on this. The new state educational standard (FSES) in literature, which was approved last spring, says that it “ensures the formation of Russian civic identity, the individual's awareness of belonging to a community of citizens of the Russian Federation”, “the formation of systemic knowledge among students about the place of the Russian Federation in the world , the formation of ideas about modern Russia, aspiring to the future. The new historical and cultural standard for teaching history is also aimed at patriotism. The lessons of patriotism must be carried out in the classroom. The very same patriotic education is reduced to events about exploits in the war. But is it only military victories that a country can be proud of?

“Of course, the history and traditions — this is an undeniable part of patriotic education. But not the only one, — believes  Evgeny Bunimovich, Chairman of the Education Commission of the Moscow City Duma, Honored Teacher of Russia. — It would be nice to understand that for the guys the heroes of the Second World War — it's about like the heroes of the First World War or the war of 1812, the Battle of Kulikovo. It is very far from them. The kids are ready respect their merits, but it is hard to imagine how this applies to their lives. So what to do? Forget the exploits of grandfathers? Nothing happened! It is important in this case to personalize the story. And this is largely served, for example, by patriotic Olympiads and competitions that are held for children and youth. It seems to me that the most correct and most natural way — this is the study of the history of one's family through the memoirs of relatives, letters, photographs, — Bunimovich is sure. — And another important way — looking for role models among peers. Examples of courage and heroism must be sought, first of all, today and here. While still being the Children's Ombudsman for Moscow, I participated more than once in the award ceremony for children who accomplished a feat by rescuing people from a fire or on a river. Unfortunately, their peers know nothing about such cases. When we explain to children that during a pandemic you need to wear masks, keep your distance, wash your hands more often so as not to infect your loved ones, neighbors, people in transport, this is also patriotic education. You help the people of your country in a difficult situation.

And instead of sucking our achievements where they are doubtful, let's remember what we have. Many classes have mathematics textbooks edited by Kolmogorov. And by the way, this is one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century, whom the whole world knows today. Do students know about this? Real, genuine achievements of science — that's what you can talk to them about, what they can be proud of. But do not hush up the tragic moments of history.

Love the “sick mother”

School standards prescribe that it is necessary to form a positive image of the country in children. ” height=”120″ width=”100″ style=”display: block;” />

«We really have something to be proud of. And there is also something to be ashamed of. It's like two arms of a rocker. Both that, and another generates patriotism, — believes Evgeny Yamburg, director of Moscow School No. 109. — Patriotism — it is the division of responsibility for what is happening in the country, not only for the good. To love a mother, healthy and good — little honor. You have to love a sick mother. It is necessary to talk with the guys, without avoiding a single acute issue. This is patriotism.

Moreover, today technology makes it possible to do this so that teenagers can immerse themselves in historical events, live them together with those who participated in them, and feel like a part of their country. “Modern children best perceive information interactively, through actions, in a visual form, — Bunimovich is convinced. — Intellectual games, quests that create situations in which you yourself have to make a decision, will have a completely different effect than just talking on class hours. After all, plunging into history, you better understand the actions of those who committed them. In Moscow there is a museum of the history of the Gulag. These are both heroic and tragic pages at the same time. A young team of guys just uses the modern flow of material — reconstructions, discussions, theatrical performances, etc. It is very important when you yourself are included in the events that they want to talk about.

And you should always remember: patriotism begins with the fact that you yourself respect. And when you are humiliated from the 1st to the 6th lesson, they don’t pay attention to you, and then at the 7th lesson at the classroom hour they start talking about spiritual, moral and patriotic education, this only causes rejection.


Ministry of Defense: Ukrainian troops surrendered Tokmak and Vasylivka in Zaporozhye without a fight

Russian servicemen have established control over the cities of Tokmak and Vasilyevka in the Zaporizhia region, where Ukrainian servicemen voluntarily laid down their arms, said the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov.

forces of the Russian Federation established control over the settlements of Tokmak and Vasilievka, where Ukrainian servicemen refused resistance and voluntarily laid down their arms, — he said.

The department noted that the surrendered soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, after signing receipts refusing to participate in hostilities, will be able to return to their families.

Both cities are located at the crossroads of state highways destination country. The capture of Vasilyevka opens a direct route to Zaporozhye and the Dnieper (former Dnepropetrovsk).

Recall that today the Ministry of Defense announced that the regional center of Kherson had been taken under full control.

The Russian armed forces have been carrying out a special military operation in Ukraine with the aim of demilitarizing and denazifying the country, as well as protecting the population of the DNR and LNR. The Kremlin has repeatedly stated that Russia does not plan to occupy the territory of Ukraine.


Moscow announced the availability of psychological assistance for everyone

Anyone who is experiencing anxiety, stress or psychological problems can apply to the Moscow psychological assistance service for the population, Anastasia Rakova, deputy mayor of the capital for social development, told reporters.

« situations and stressful conditions naturally accompany many residents of megacities. Now the anxiety can be even more understandable. In case of anxiety, an acute crisis situation, family or professional problems and stressful conditions, you can consult with specialists free of charge and anonymously, — she explained.

Psychological assistance can be obtained by calling 051 or by chatting on the website of the city's psychological assistance service. You can also watch and listen to online lectures and webinars on psychology on the website.

The Deputy Mayor emphasized that psychological assistance can be obtained around the clock, anonymously and free of charge. Since the beginning of the year, experts have already conducted more than 20 thousand consultations by phone and on the Internet.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Education of Russia launched hotlines to provide psychological assistance to students, as well as children and adults, including foreign citizens .


Two DPR soldiers killed in clash with Ukrainian troops

During the clash between the DPR and the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Bessarabka region, two Donetsk servicemen were killed, according to the message of the People's Militia in the Telegram channel.

According to the department, on March 1, militants in the Gorlovka direction The 1st Battalion of the 95th Airborne Assault Brigade tried to capture the positions of the DPR.

“During the clash, two servicemen of the People's Militia were killed, a number of servicemen were captured”, – the message says.

Earlier, the DNR defense department announced the blockade of Mariupol. It is expected that the civilian population will begin to leave the city on Wednesday. 

Recall that the head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Denis Pushilin, urged citizens to stay at home and hide in shelters during shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He noted that the situation in Donbass remains difficult, but the counter-offensive operation continues.


For the second day in a row, less than 100,000 covid-patients are detected in Russia

Over the past day, 11,754 people with coronavirus infection were hospitalized in Russia, Stopcoronavirus.rf reports.

As of March 2, 97,455 new cases of infection were detected in the country. For the second day in a row, this number does not exceed 100,000 people. For comparison, on February 11, almost 204 thousand covid-sick people were detected per day.

The number of recovered per day was 183,530 people hospitalized — 11,754 dead — 784.

In total, 16,592,824 cases of COVID-19 have been detected in Russia since the start of the pandemic. Of these, 13,931,995 have recovered and 353,230 have died. Number of active patients today — 2,307,599 patients.

Earlier today, WHO reported that the number of new cases of COVID-19 infection decreased by 16% in a week, and the number of deaths — by 10%.


Group of DPR troops entered Volnovakha

A group of DPR troops is fighting on the outskirts of Mariupol and entered Volnovakha, according to the Telegram of the headquarters of the territorial defense of the DPR.

Representatives of the DPR expressed hope that civilians will begin to leave the city . 

Earlier it was reported that on the eve of the advance detachments of the People's Militia of the DPR united with Russian military units and thus blocked the exit of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the Sea of ​​Azov. Also, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the People's Militia of the DPR are organizing two humanitarian corridors for the departure of residents of Mariupol. 

Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine on February 24. President Vladimir Putin called its goal “the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.”


Liberty “Mitrofanushki”. How Peter III allowed the nobles not to serve the Motherland

Having hardly begun to reign, Peter III during his first visit to the Senate announced that he   of the father’s mercy, to father’s faithful subjects, deigned to continue serving the nobles by&nbsp ;of their own free will, as much and wherever they wish, and when there is wartime, then they must all appear on the same basis as in in Lifland with the nobility of the applicant». Already in March 1762, the autocrat signed the manifesto “On granting liberty and freedom to the entire Russian nobility.”

Lifland variant

After Livonia and Estonia became part of the Russian Empire as a result of the Northern War, representatives of the nobility of these lands very quickly began to win their place among the Russian elite. Peter I I really wanted to attract the local nobility to the service in the Russian army and institutions. If for the Russian nobles the tsarist service was considered lifelong and obligatory, then for their Baltic  colleagues” the rules were different. Service in the army or in the civil department was optional for them. Peter I promised that the Livonian and Estonian nobles who served the Swedish king would retain their ranks upon transfer to the Russian service. In addition, young nobles who had not previously served were promised, if they wished, to assign them to the guard regiments as “Great Russian gentry children.”

Meanwhile, under the rules established during the reign of Peter I, service for most nobles was considered not only obligatory, but also for life. In this service, health and life were often lost. Since the  XIV century in  Russia there has been a category of “service people”, which, in addition to representatives of the lower classes, also included the nobility. Under Empress Anna Ioannovnaa new law was adopted on the terms of service of the nobles: they were reduced to 25 years. One of the men in noble family received the right not to serve at all, but to manage the family estate instead. The most enterprising fathers of noble families enrolled their children in regiments as early as infancy. And no one was especially surprised that in the middle of the 18th century there were many 20-year-old colonels in the guard.


According to the manifesto, for the first time in Russian history, all nobles were exempted from compulsory military and civil service. And  those who served in the army could resign if they wished and freely travel abroad     However, the nobles in the lower ranks and who did not reach the chief officer from military service were not fired. Those who did not achieve high ranks could retire after serving at least 12 years.

During the war, the nobleman was obliged to return to military service even from abroad. Peter III said that under Peter the Great and his successors it was necessary to force the nobles to serve and study, which is why “innumerable benefits followed, ignorance changed into sane reason, useful knowledge and diligence for service multiplied… diligence and  ;excellent jealousy in our service, and therefore we don not find the need forcing to service, which has been required until now». If earlier to educate children was one of the duties of the head of a noble family, then after the manifesto of 1762 it became optional. The imperial “mercy”, however, led to sad consequences. Soon, cadet educational institutions for the children of the nobility were forced to refuse admission to many of them, since the offspring of the nobility were simply illiterate. The consequences of such a decision are described in Fonvizin's play “Undergrowth”.

Enough smacking

Many statesmen of that time feared that the reform of Peter III would significantly weaken the Russian Empire militarily. However, this did not happen, and there was no exodus of nobles from the army. The poor nobles continued to serve, since it was the only source of their welfare, but most — from  personal beliefs. In addition, the won war with the Ottoman Empire (1768-1774) confirmed the correctness of the decision.

The manifesto of 1762 marked the beginning of a new stage in the history of the Russian nobility. Prior to this, it, like other estates, was burdened with many responsibilities. After 1762, the nobles only had to pay taxes and supply recruits. In connection with thisProsecutor General Alexander Glebovproposed to the Senate to build a golden statue in honor of Peter III. Memoirist Andrey Bolotov wrote: “Everyone jumped up almost from joy and, thanks to the Sovereign, blessed the minute in which it was his pleasure to sign this decree…"

Nevertheless, soon the guards-nobles deprived their “liberator” of power. The adoption of the manifesto did not fully satisfy the aspirations of the entire estate. So, for example, corporal punishment was preserved for the nobles, they were canceled only by Catherine II with a letter of grant to the nobility in 1785. It was then that the nobles stopped flogged and the expression “unwhipped generation” appeared.


Qualified medical care. United Russia sent a group of doctors to the LPR

Plot RF special operation in Donbass and Ukraine

On March 1, the first group of doctors on a volunteer basis went to the Luhansk People's Republic. This was announced by the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection Dmitry Khubezov. He is on behalf of Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Andrey Turchak leads the work on the formation of detachments medics to provide planned medical care in the Donbass and himself joined the brigade. 

“The day before, I talked with the leadership of the Lugansk Republican Hospital. They spoke about the difficulties that both doctors and residents of the republic face now. First of all, competent specialists are needed to help severe patients in the countryside and in the city, », — noted Dmitry Khubezov. 

He said that a cardiologist, an anesthesiologist, a surgeon, an intensive care specialist with experience in the “red zone”, where serious patients are now, are going as volunteers. 

"Several dozen doctors, including „United Russia“ various levels have already expressed their readiness to help us. In the near future we will finish forming brigades that will go to the Donbass, », — said Dmitry Khubezov. 

The party will organize the delivery and transportation of doctors on the territory of the people's republics, and will also provide them with everything necessary for life and work.

Medical assistance to children

Pediatricians from Russian clinics are also ready to provide assistance. They will conduct the necessary examinations of children in need of treatment, the head of the United Russia commission said. for the protection of motherhood, childhood and family support, Vice Speaker of the State Duma Anna Kuznetsova.

“Such a brigade has already been formed. We remain in constant contact with the Donbass and jointly determine the need for medical care for children, care items for those who were not taken to Russia, and those who find it difficult to move for health reasons. As before, some children remain under fire, including orphans. Most of the refugees from Donbass — children. Through public receptions „United Russia“ legal and advisory support is organized in the regions, and medical assistance is provided. Fellow deputies, together with the Ministry of Education, help with the organization of training, MGER volunteers — with the organization of leisure», — noted Anna Kuznetsova.

Formerly, “United Russia” launched the formation of detachments of medical volunteers to provide planned medical care to residents of the people's republics. The party will also launch “health trains” in the Donbass, on which specialists will travel to the settlements of the LDNR: ophthalmologists, ENT specialists, pediatricians.

In addition, United Russia handed over the first batch of medicines to the Donbass and will work on the issue of uninterrupted supplies of medicines to the people's republics.


How to buy a technical rehabilitation device using an electronic certificate?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 9. More than 120,000 people were evacuated from Donbass. What can be done to help them? 02/03/2022

From October 2021, you can purchase wheelchairs, canes, hearing aids, diapers and other technical rehabilitation equipment using an electronic certificate. 

This is a new system of providing for people with disabilities who have been injured at work as a result of an accident, who have received occupational diseases, as well as veterans. You can use the e-certificate at the time of purchase. The main advantage is that you do not need to spend your own money to pay the full cost of a technical means of rehabilitation (TSR), and then draw up and wait for compensation. On the issued electronic certificate, the Social Insurance Fund records a certain amount that can be spent on the purchase of TSR. At the same time, you will have to attract your own funds only to pay the difference if the cost of the purchased TCP exceeds the amount of the electronic certificate.

An electronic certificate is an electronic entry in the register, which is registered on the bank card number of the MIR payment system ;, issued by any bank of the Russian Federation. The funds themselves are not transferred to the card, but are reserved in the Federal Treasury before the purchase is made. 

The certificate contains:

✔ Type of TCP that you can purchase using the certificate (wheelchair, hearing aid, etc.). The list of TSR available for purchase can be viewed in the catalog or on the State Services portal.

✔ The number of TSR. For example, 1 wheelchair, or 180 diapers, or 2 hearing aids, etc.

✔ The maximum price of a unit of TCP, which can be paid with a certificate (for example, a cane for 1 thousand rubles). It corresponds to the price of a similar TSR, which the Fund acquired under the last contract to provide citizens in this region. The price for the same TCP for the disabled and for those injured at work may differ, because they are purchased by the Foundation under different contracts.

✔ Validity period during which you can use the certificate to pay for TCP. For most TCP – up to 1 year, absorbent underwear and diapers – up to 90 days. In any case, this period cannot exceed the period of validity of the individual rehabilitation or habilitation program (IPRA) or the period of rehabilitation measures to provide this type of TRM.

To receive an electronic certificate, you need to submit an application to the Social Insurance Fund or the State Services portal. It is obligatory to have a valid “MIR” card. and the Individual Rehabilitation or Habilitation Program (IPRA) or the Work Accident and Occupational Disease Rehabilitation Program (OPD). For veterans – conclusion on the provision of prostheses, prosthetic and orthopedic products, issued by the medical commission of the medical organization.


Grandma is the answer. A pensioner’s equipment was arrested because of her granddaughter’s debt

A strange incident occurred in  Pervouralsk, Sverdlovsk Region.        25                    expensive property worth 300 thousand rubles .

The indignant granddaughter claims: in fact, there is no debt for utility payments, listed on the "Gosuslugakh", in fact!

This story was told by the website According to the publication, at the end of last year, a resident of Pervouralsk Yana Fedotova saw on the website of the State Service debt for utilities. According to the girl, she has no unpaid receipts. She did not pay attention to the information.

On  7 on the morning of February 25th bailiffs came to the apartment of her 82-year-old grandmother. Several people got on the CCTV camera, carrying out an obviously expensive large TV, microwave and other equipment from the entrance. Later, Yana will say that they put an expensive LED TV on asphalt, and loaded all the equipment into a car and took  a bank branch will open, — Yana says. — However, the bailiffs were not interested in a peaceful solution to the situation».

The girl claims that all the equipment belongs to her grandmother, which the woman can confirm with sales receipts. My granddaughter does not even live in this apartment.

According to Fedotova, the technique is not hers, but grandmother's. Shot from a surveillance camera


Yana rushed to the police with a statement about the alleged theft. She found a bailiff who, according to the girl, valued the confiscated equipment at 30,000 rubles and advised her to sign the inventory act. The bailiff did not invite witnesses to the seizure of expensive things and found it difficult to explain the origin of the debt for utilities.

Fedotova paid the debt of  one hundred thousand rubles, claiming that it was three times less than the value of the confiscated, and together with grandmother applied to the prosecutor's office and the police.

The portal provides a commentary from the bailiff service. “The debtor was duly notified of the initiation of enforcement proceedings, however, he avoided appearing for an appointment with the bailiff, ignored the demands for payment of the debt, and hid his actual place of residence. In addition, from  the moment the court decision was made until the date of its presentation to the bailiff service, the citizen had the opportunity to pay the debt», — reported in & nbsp; FSSP. Also, the agency reported that the bailiff is obliged to check the property status of the debtor at the address indicated in the writ of execution, and in the case of repayment of the debt, the property will return to the owner within a day.

Lawyer Nikolai Proninfrom the “Unified Center for Protection” comments: “When seizing and seizing the debtor’s property, the bailiffs of the performer must present a decision to initiate enforcement proceedings and, preferably, a writ of execution issued by the court.

Property can be seized, the value of which is commensurate with the debt. They can withdraw money in rubles and foreign currency, precious metals, jewelry, luxury goods. Household items and items, as well as household appliances (stove, washing machine, refrigerator, etc.) are not seized.

They also cannot seize expensive office equipment, which is the main income of the debtor (for example, a computer , if the debtor is a programmer, designer)». 

According to the lawyer, the value of the property seized in enforcement proceedings should not exceed the amount of the debt established by the court decision that has entered into force. The debtor before the visit of the bailiffs of the executors is notified through the mail of Russia. The seized property is personified (brand, model, serial number) and entered into the inventory act. 

When seizing and inventorying property, at least two witnesses must be invited.

In case of debt repayment according to the IP by the debtor, he can submit an appropriate application for the return of the seized property, which the bailiffs must return after the decision is made to terminate the enforcement proceedings and remove the arrest from the real property.


Resentment of a Russian nobleman or a call to revolution? Why was Lermontov arrested?

​185 years ago, on March 2, 1837, the traditions of an exciting game were laid, the name of which already in the 20th century was given by Evgeny Yevtushenko: “The Poet in  Russia is more than a poet. Emperor Nicholas I acted as the main instigator of this game, and concurrently and the person who established some unwritten rules. It was he who gave the order to arrest Mikhail Lermontovon that spring day in 1837  

Although the day was actually still winter:  according to the old style, Lermontov's arrest took place on 18 February. By that time, strange and very unpleasant events for the authorities had been developing in St. Petersburg for three weeks. The university students were worried. The emperor was reported on the disobedience of the guard students, on the excitement in the & nbsp; School of Jurisprudence and & nbsp; in the Lyceum. In society, there were rumors that  — not  an accident, but a conspiracy… In a word, the capital of the empire was excitedly buzzing and murmuring: on January the Black River Alexander Pushkin shot with Georges Dantes, Baron de Gekkeren. January 29 Pushkin died. However, rumors of his death began to spread the day before. In any case, it is on January 28 that Lermontov's poem “Death of a Poet” is officially dated, according to the protocol, which caused his arrest.

By  2 2 o'clock 45 minutes in the afternoon of 29 January, when Alexander Pushkin really breathed his last breath, these poems were already being copied, if not thousands, then hundreds of copies for sure. The most interesting thing is that neither then, nor in the coming week nobody thought arrest Lermontov and bring the “Case of unallowable poetry”. For the simple reason that there was nothing impermissible in the the first 56 lines then read the emperor himself, not finding anything seditious in them.

There really is nothing seditious and not  ;It was. At least, in those days. Now, of course, the author would instantly be charged with inciting ethnic hatred. Lermontov considered it necessary to mention that Dantes was a stranger in Russia:

Laughing, he defiantly despised
Earth's foreign language and manners;
He couldn't spare our glory;
He couldn understand this bloody moment,
What he raised his hand!..

But then the criminals still had a nationality. Moreover, the mood that Lermontov expressed was quite in the category of patriotic feelings. And Nicholas I, as you know, was a consistent patriot. It was during his reign that the famous slogan was born: “Orthodoxy. Autocracy. Nationality". The emperor then forgave Lermontov even for a weighty and sharp hairpin addressed to him personally.

She was hidden in these words: “Laughing, he boldly despised the land of a foreign language and customs.” All knowledgeable people, and Lermontov as an ensign of the Life Guards of the Hussar Regiment, and even more so, knew very well that Dantes, entering the Russian service and passing exams for the officer rank, was exempted from the exam in Russian literature . Simply because Chief of the Office of the Minister of War Vladimir Adlerberg — confidant of Nicholas I. By the way, Dantes did not really learn the Russian language. The hairpin hit the address, but the emperor chose not to notice it.

For about ten days after Pushkin's death, dynamic equilibrium was maintained. Dantes was taken into custody. Society was waiting for his punishment. In fact, according to the laws of the Russian Empire, for what he did, the death penalty was formally due. And the military court pronounced this verdict: “The commission of the military court, considering all of the above, confirmed by the defendant’s lieutenant Baron Gekkern’s own confession, finds both him and Chamberlain Pushkin guilty of waging a duel strictly prohibited by laws, sentenced the defendant lieutenant Gekkern for & nbsp; to hang such a criminal act. But with one curious postscript in the finale: “However, the commission submits such a verdict to the discretion of the higher authorities.”

The highest authorities of the guards line at first deigned to mitigate the sentence:  Gekkeren for challenge to a duel and murder on Pushkin, depriving him of his ranks and acquired by him the Russian noble dignity, write to the private with definition for service  ;appointment of the Inspection Department. And  the highest authorities, that Is Emperor Nicholas I, in general, left only a semblance of the verdict: "Be on this, but ordinary Heckeren, as a non-Russian subject, send with a gendarme abroad, having taken away officer patents" .

And, although this happened already in March, rumors that Dantes, it seems, will get out, and again thanks to some petitions of the next “trusted persons”, spread back in February. They really were very similar to the truth. Dantes grew bolder and started a real campaign discrediting Pushkin: they say that there are enough such writers in his native France, so the loss is small.

And then only Lermontov opened the main caliber.  “Death of a Poet” was supplemented with 16 lines, where, among other things, there was an open threat to the system, which is designed to cover its own:

You, a greedy crowd standing at the throne,
Liberty, Genius and Glory executioners!
You lurk under the shadow of the law,
Before you is the court and truth — keep quiet!

Now it's not so obvious, but then the words “freedom”, “law”, “judgment”, “truth” were included in the category of extremely undesirable and even dangerous, since they were once operated by the Decembrists. In fact, it was a powerful political proclamation aimed at undermining the existing system.

In a word, there were all the formal prerequisites for Lermontov's arrest. By the way, the young poet was expected by approximately the same fate as Dantes: demotion to the soldiers. This is at least.

But the resonance was too great. By that time, Lermontov was already being talked about, if not as Pushkin's successor, then close to that. In any case, his voice was already very loud and expressed the mood of that very stratum of society, on which the emperor, in theory, should have relied: the Russian nobility, already offended by the “dominance of foreigners”.

At that time, a poet in Russia began to become something more than just a poet. Nikolai either realized this, or felt it. And & nbsp; I realized that it’s not worth taking too drastic measures. Lermontov, without trial, by one decision of the emperor, is transferred from the guards to the army with the same rank and sent to the Caucasus. This punishment is very conditional. Yes and not almost a punishment: the the same was due, for example, for "noisy behavior in theatre" or a drunken brawl. A here — a political proclamation and almost almost a call to rebellion!

Thus, hardly for the first time in Russia the power of the word was recognized. And also the consequences of using this power and the ability to competently manage carriers of this power.


Aeroflot canceled all flights to Europe

Flights will be suspended from February 28. Earlier, the European Union announced the closure of its airspace for all aircraft registered in Russia, including private ones.

Russian airline “Aeroflot” suspends flights on European routes, follows from her statement, TASS reports.

“Due to airspace restrictions imposed by the European authorities, Aeroflot” suspends flights on the network of European routes from February 28, 2022 until further notice,— said in the message.

The day before, on February 27, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced the closure of the airspace of the European Union for all aircraft registered in Russia, including private ones. She explained that such aircraft “will not be able to land, take off or fly over EU territory.” Previously, only the authorities of individual countries, including France, Austria, Germany and Iceland, reported a similar decision.

In addition to the EU, the authorities of this country and Moldova announced the closure of airspace due to hostilities in Ukraine. Partially banned flights over Belarus and southern Russian regions.

After the introduction of restrictions, the largest Russian airlines began to rebuild their routes. As a source in the Aeroflot group said, (it conducts most flights from Russia abroad), travel time has increased by 15 to 20 minutes in many directions, and in some (Turkey, Egypt, Greece)— up to one hour.

The Federal Air Transport Agency said in response that it would introduce symmetrical restrictions in relation to the countries that banned flights. So, starting from February 26, the agency banned the flights of the airlines of Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic (including transit) through the airspace of Russia. A day earlier, the same measures were introduced against British airlines.

The Federal Tourism Agency, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Air Transport Agency promised to take Russian citizens out of Europe “subject to flexible approaches and constructive decisions of the aviation authorities of European countries on this issue.” The transportation schedule of the departments and the Ministry of Transport will be formed after they understand how many Russians want to return home.


Bloomberg learned about the EU discussion of sanctions against Usmanov and Fridman

The sanctions list discussed by the EU authorities includes Mordashov, Fridman, Aven, Usmanov, Dmitry Peskov and cellist Roldugin, agency sources say Ukraine. This is reported by Bloomberg.

The list has not yet been approved and may change. So far, according to Bloomberg, it includes Alisher Usmanov, Mikhail Fridman, chairman of the board of directors of Alfa-Bank Pyotr Aven, the main owner of Severstal; Alexey Mordashov.

It is also proposed to impose restrictions on the press secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, and a number of representatives of state media, whom the EU accuses of spreading disinformation, the agency writes. The proposed list also includes cellist Sergei Roldugin.

According to Bloomberg, the EU is also discussing restrictive measures against the heads of leading state-owned companies and the military, many of whom are already on US sanctions lists. The proposed list included the head of Rosneft; Igor Sechin and the head of Transneft Nikolai Tokarev.

On February 27, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, at a joint press conference with the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that Brussels would discuss the imposition of tough sanctions against Russian oligarchs. He promised that the EU authorities would take steps to identify and freeze assets held in Europe by high-ranking Russian officials and representatives of the Russian elite close to the authorities, as well as their family members and “accomplices”. In addition, the EU intends to limit the sale of “golden passports” to such persons.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, in turn, said that her office had prepared a black list of Russian oligarchs whom London considers to be associated with the Russian authorities .

On February 24, President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a military operation in Ukraine, calling it “demilitarization and denazification” as its goal; the neighboring country introduced martial law and general mobilization. Many states condemned the actions of the Russian authorities and imposed sanctions against the country's financial institutions, organizations and individuals. In particular, the United States added the sons of Sergei Ivanov, Igor Sechin and Nikolai Patrushev to the sanctions list. After the recognition of the DPR and LPR by Russia, Great Britain introduced measures against Boris and Igor Rotenberg and Gennady Timchenko.

On February 25, Bloomberg reported that the richest people in Russia lost more than $38 billion in a day, most of all— LUKOIL President Vagit Alekperov (minus $6.2 billion), his fortune has decreased to $13 billion.

The day before, Friedman sent a letter to the London office of LetterOne, in which he stated that “war can never be a solution”, and bloodshed , which will cost both peoples many lives, must be stopped. He recalled that he was born in Ukrainian Lvov and that is where his parents, who are citizens of Ukraine, now live.


The Permanent Representative to the UN announced 1.2 million “discrediting the military operation” fakes

UN Permanent Representative Nebenzya announced 1.2 million fakes “discrediting the military operation” of Russia =”” alt=”The Permanent Representative to the UN announced 1.2 million fakes discrediting the military operation” />

In social networks, an information war was unleashed against Russia, said the country's permanent representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya, his words are given on the website of the permanent mission.

“Since there is no evidence of the destruction of civilian infrastructure by the Russian military, Ukrainian strikes and erroneous hits, as well as footage and videos from the Donbass, fixing just the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists, are given as such,” — he said.

The diplomat claims there are “whole tutorials” on social media. to remove “discrediting the military operation” fakes in Ukraine. In total, according to him, “today, 1.2 million such fakes are circulating on Ukrainian social networks.”

“I urge our colleagues not to contribute to the spread of such misinformation, although, I’m afraid, these calls will not be heard again.” ,— added Nebenzya.

In addition, the permanent representative called the reports “about the indiscriminate bombing of Ukrainian cities, hospitals and schools” a lie.

Roskomnadzor demanded that ten Russian media outlets, including Ekho Moskvy, and Novaya Gazeta, to restrict access to unreliable information “about the shelling of Ukrainian cities and the death of civilians in Ukraine as a result of the actions of the Russian army”, as well as to materials in which the military operation is called “attack, invasion, or declaration of war”; .

On February 24, President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a military operation in Ukraine, explaining it as self-defense, as well as “demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.” At the same time, as he claims, Moscow is not going to occupy a neighboring country and “impose anything on anyone by force.”

Later, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov explained Russia’s actions with a desire to free Ukrainians from “oppression”; and let them “freely determine their future” for themselves.


Volodin called the opinion of those condemning the operation in Ukraine “a betrayal”

Volodin called this position “a betrayal of the people” and said that cultural figures who adhere to it did not notice what was happening in the Donbass for almost eight years.

The position of cultural figures who condemn the Russian military operation in Ukraine is unacceptable, said Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin in his Telegram channel.

According to him, during the four days of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, “those who begin to talk about peace have appeared.” Such people, says Volodin, were born “with a golden spoon in their mouth”; and live abroad. The Chairman of the State Duma urged them to return to Russia and “work for its benefit”, and not “squander” parents' money.

“In this regard, the position of a number of cultural figures is also unacceptable, who for many years did not notice what was happening in the DPR and LPR and even today do not condemn neo-Nazis who use civilians as human shields, placing weapons in the center of residential areas. You can’t call it anything other than a betrayal of your people and those who participate in the peacekeeping operation,»,— said the speaker of the State Duma. “If you are so principled, start by refusing state grants, from positions in budgetary institutions,” — he said.

Volodin claims that Russia is in favor of a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine, “but not at the expense of the interests of the state and its citizens.”

“Now is a difficult period in history of our state, but united, we will overcome everything, — he wrote.

Earlier, opponents of hostilities in Ukraine were condemned by the Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. She stated that proponents of this approach think about “their momentary problems.”

Since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, public figures, scientists, actors and musicians have spoken out against it. Two days after the outbreak of hostilities, the artistic director of the Theater of Nations Yevgeny Mironov published an appeal on his Instagram page, which was signed by 17 leading cultural figures. Among them— People's Artists Oleg Basilashvili, Vladimir Spivakov and Alisa Freindlikh, General Director of the Bolshoi Theater Vladimir Urin and others.

The authors of the appeal called on those responsible for the operation to stop hostilities and start peace talks. They wrote that they act not only as cultural figures, but as ordinary people and Russian citizens.

“The genetic memory of the war lives in each of us. We don't want a new war, we don't want people to die, — artists wrote.

Zelensky’s office says Russian troops have occupied Berdyansk

On the morning of February 27, the Ministry of Defense reported that the military had blocked the city. The Ukrainian authorities said that Berdyansk came under the control of the Russian military

The Russian military took control of the city of Berdyansk in the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine, Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the presidential office, said at a briefing.

A few hours before, the acting Acting as mayor Alexander Svidlo said that Russian troops occupied all the administrative buildings of the city.

On the morning of February 27, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that military personnel blocked Berdyansk. Russian forces do not strike at cities and towns, taking all measures to protect civilians, the ministry said.

In addition, the department announced that the Russian military had blocked Kherson and taken control of the city of Genichesk in the Kherson region. Chernobyl was taken under control Nuclear power plant, as a saying yat in the Ministry of Defense, the Russian and Ukrainian military agreed on its joint protection.

On February 27, the head of the Kharkiv regional state administration, Oleg Sinegubov, announced that Russian troops had entered the city. According to him, the Russian “light equipment” in the central part of Kharkov. Later, he added that the city is completely controlled by Ukraine.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, 1,067 military infrastructure facilities have been hit since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine. The agency reported dead and wounded among the Russians, without disclosing their number.

Ukraine has lost 198 people dead, including three children, Health Minister Viktor Lyashko said on Saturday morning. Also, 1,115 people were injured, including 33 children, he said.


Kadyrov gave politicians until February 31 to lift sanctions on Ukraine

In case of refusal to comply with the requirements, the head of Chechnya threatened to impose sanctions. He proposed closing the airspace of the republic, freezing assets in rubles on its territory and recognizing that English tea does not exist. from their statements on sanctions against Russia because of the military operation in Ukraine until February 31, otherwise Chechnya will introduce opposing retaliatory measures. This statement was made by the head of the republic Ramzan Kadyrov in his Telegram channel.

“Otherwise, the Chechen Republic, given the impudent and pretentious nature of the statements of the above persons, reserves the right to impose the following sanctions:

  • Close the Chechen sky for the flights of their jets;
  • Freeze all Johnson's ruble assets in Chechen banks;
  • Introduce an embargo on all assets of British oligarchs in Achkhoy-Martan, and in case of deterioration— and in Samashki;
  • Recognize left-hand traffic as a vile relic of the Middle Ages;
  • And, finally, admit that there is no English tea!»,— he wrote.

Kadyrov called the restrictions of Western countries “complete embarrassment” and stated that by imposing sanctions, the politicians “froze the void.” Reciprocal restrictions, if Chechnya imposes them, will serve as an example for other states, he believes.

“From now on, think before imposing any sanctions,”— added by Kadyrov.

Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine on February 24. After that, Western countries imposed restrictions on its banking and defense sectors, as well as on some industries. Individual sanctions were imposed against Russian officials and businessmen. In particular, the EU countries closed their airspace for Russian airlines and announced the disconnection of sanctioned banks (VTB, Otkritie, Promsvyazbank, Sovcombank, and Novikombank) from the SWIFT interbank information exchange system. All these banks fell into the “blocking” SDN list— Western companies were banned from doing business with them. In addition, the EU countries will freeze half of the reserves of the Bank of Russia, Borrell said.

Earlier, Kadyrov gathered 12,000 volunteers from among the fighters of the republic's armed forces on a square in the capital of Chechnya, the city of Grozny. He said that these security forces are ready to participate in any Russian special operation and called on the current President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, to apologize to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. For what exactly he demands to apologize, Kadyrov did not specify.


The Foreign Ministry called the condition for the participation of the Russian delegation in the meeting of the UNHRC as nonsense

Zakharova: UN cannot ensure Lavrov's flight to HRC meeting in Geneva The UN will not be able to ensure the arrival of the Russian delegation to Geneva to participate in the meeting of the Disarmament Commission and the UN Human Rights Council. This was stated by Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on the air of the Rossiya 1 channel.

The delegation should be headed by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. According to Zakharova, the UN notes that the meeting participants from Russia need to “draw up some documents that the EU countries will now come up with for those aircraft that fell under sanctions.”

“Some nonsense ! What documents, what rules, what instructions? What is it about?»— she wondered.

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that the countries do not give the appropriate permission for the overflight. She criticized the UN and the secretary general of the organization, saying that they are obliged to ensure the arrival of delegations at the headquarters in Geneva: “Otherwise, we get not the secretariat of the UN and the secretary general, but the reception of Washington and its secretary.”

European countries began to close the airspace for the passage of Russian aircraft after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine on February 24. Its goal, President Vladimir Putin called “denazification” and “demilitarization” Ukraine, while he said that he was not going to occupy the country. The Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia and Latvia were among the first to close the skies for Russian aircraft. Subsequently, more than 10 countries have joined the ban on flights.

On February 27, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced that the ban is expanding to all airspace over the EU. This applies to all aircraft, “Russian-owned, for those registered in Russia, and for those controlled by Russia”, including private ones.

The US, EU and Britain, after the start of the Russian operation in Ukraine, introduced personal sanctions against Russian officials, including Lavrov.


Britain has not ruled out a ban on Russian ships to enter its ports

The Guardian: Britain has not ruled out a ban on Russian ships to enter its ports The Russian oil tanker NS Champion, which is operated by Sovcomflot, which has fallen under US and EU sanctions, is due to moor to the Orkney Islands, writes The Guardian. The port is legally obliged to accept the vessel

The UK government is considering a ban on Russian ships to enter British ports, The Guardian writes.

The authorities raised the issue after it became known that the Russian oil tanker NS Champion, operated by Sovcomflot, was due to dock in the Orkney Islands this week. The shipping company was previously sanctioned by the European Union and the United States due to Russia's military operation in Ukraine.

The island authorities said they were legally obliged to accept the vessel unless the British Cabinet said otherwise.

“We are aware of the concerns that Russian-linked vessels may be entering ports in the UK and we are working on developing a range of measures to limit their access,” said a cabinet spokesman.

February 26, French authorities detained a Russian cargo ship in the English Channel. According to France Bleu, the ship was “suspected in connection with Russian interests, against which sanctions have been imposed.” It transported cars and had permission to stay in French waters. The Russian Embassy is waiting for clarification.

The day before, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced Ankara's decision to close the passage through the Bosporus and Dardanelles to warships of Russia and Ukraine in accordance with Art. 19 of the Montreux Convention. At the same time, ships can pass through the straits to return to their ports.

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a military operation in Ukraine with the aim of “denazification” and “demilitarization” countries.


The CEC of Belarus announced the results of the referendum on amendments to the Constitution

According to the CEC, the amendments to the Basic Law were supported by 65.16%, while 10.07% voted against. On voting day, anti-war actions were held in the country, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported more than 10 detainees, human rights activists about hundreds

The CEC of Belarus summed up the preliminary results of the referendum on amendments to the Constitution of the country.

According to the commission, amendments to the Basic the law was supported by 4.4 million people, or 65.16% of the total number of participants. 686 thousand, or 10.07%, were against.

In total, 5.3 million people participated in the referendum.

The main voting day was held in Belarus on Sunday, February 27, the preliminary began February 22. The participants were asked to answer one question: “Do you accept the amendments and additions to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus?” the highest representative body of power. The amendments provide that the same person will not be able to hold the presidency for more than two terms, but at the same time, after the expiration of the term, the head of state will be able to become a life member of the upper house of parliament. In addition, it is proposed to supplement the Constitution with an article on the immunity of the president, which will also prohibit holding the former head of state liable for actions committed during the exercise of presidential powers.

In accordance with the amendments, the head of state will be able to introduce a state of emergency when attempting to force changes in the constitutional order or seizure of power, in case of riots that threaten the lives of citizens and territorial integrity, if such a decision is approved by the Council of the Republic (upper house of parliament).

On the voting day, protests with anti-war slogans took place in the country. Some Belarusians chanted them in the queues at the polling stations. The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced the detention of 14 people, human rights activists – more than 500.


Ukraine asked UNESCO to exclude Russia from the organization

Ukraine also demanded that Russia be denied the right to host the 45th session of the International Heritage Committee, which is to be held in Kazan in 2022. The Ukrainian Ministry of Culture noted that they are waiting for an early response on this matter

Head of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenko appealed to UNESCO with a request to exclude Russia from this organization, the press service of the department reports.

“Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenko appealed to UNESCO with a request to deprive Russia of the status of a UNESCO member and change the host country of the 45th session of the International Heritage Committee”,— said in a statement.

The agency stressed that they are waiting for a response and a decision on this issue as soon as possible.

The 45th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in 2022 should be held in Kazan.

The Soviet Union became a member of the organization on April 21, 1954, in 1991 Russia took its place as a successor. The Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO is responsible for the activities of the organization in the country, and Russia also has its own representative office under it. UNESCO oversees the activities of educational, scientific and cultural institutions and monitors the preservation of cultural heritage.

As of April 2020, the list of world cultural heritage sites in Russia, according to UNESCO, included 20 cultural and 11 natural sites. In July 2021, the organization expanded the list to include petroglyphs in the Republic of Karelia.

In total, UNESCO includes 193 Member States, 2 Observer States and 11 Associate Members.

Ukraine is not the first time offers to exclude Russia from international organizations or deprive her of the rights of the participant due to hostilities on its territory. On the eve of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health asked the World Health Organization (WHO) to stop cooperation with Russia. On February 26, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the Secretary General of the organization António Guterres with a demand to deprive her of the right to vote in the UN Security Council. Russia has veto power in it and can block resolutions.


The head of the EC said that Brussels wants to see Ukraine in the European Union

Ursula von der Leyen: Ukraine must join the EU, we want to see it in the European family Zelensky later said that he discussed Ukraine's EU membership with her

Ursula von der Leyen

Ukraine should eventually join the European Union, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said in an interview with Euronews.

She noted that Kyiv and Brussels are closely cooperating on a number of issues, Kyiv is participating in some European processes, for example, in the integration of the Ukrainian market into the EU single market.

«We cooperate very closely, for example, in energy and other areas. Over time, Ukraine should join the EU, this country— one of us, and we want to see her in a European family, & mdash; von der Leyen said.

Zelensky said on his Twitter that on the night of February 28 he had a telephone conversation with the head of the EC. They discussed Ukraine's membership in the EU, decisions to strengthen the country's defense capability and provide it with macro-financial assistance.

On February 26, the Ukrainian leader raised the issue of his country's accession to the European Union during negotiations with the President of the European advice of Charles Michel. “The decisive moment has come to close once and for all the long-term discussion and decide on Ukraine's membership in the EU,” — he said following the conversation.

In 2014, Ukraine and the European Union signed an Association Agreement. The conflict over the signing of this document became one of the reasons for the Euromaidan, which resulted in the overthrow of the country's President Viktor Yanukovych. In 2019, the Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, announced the country's plans to apply for EU membership in 2024.

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The Foreign Ministry said that Russia still has friends in the world

According to Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, China remains such a friend for Russia. Earlier, China refused to vote in the UN on a resolution to end the operation in Ukraine and condemned the imposition of sanctions.

Russia continues to maintain friendly relations with individual countries, despite the negative reaction of a large number of states to the military operation in Ukraine, in particular, China remains its friend. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on the air of the program “Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on the TV channel “Russia 1”.

“Of course, there is. <…> Look at the reaction of the world giants. Those who do not pretend to be giants, but real giants. Particularly China. You can see this reaction above, — she answered the question, did Russia still have friends.

Earlier, on February 26, the EU, the US and Canada agreed on new sanctions against Russia. They decided to disconnect some Russian banks from the SWIFT interbank information exchange system, to freeze part of the assets of the Central Bank and representatives of the Russian elite of their families.

After the start of the military operation in Ukraine, China condemned the imposition of Western sanctions against Moscow unilaterally. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Secretary Hua Chunying said it was not an effective method for managing crises. On February 26, at the UN meeting on Ukraine, China abstained from voting on a resolution to end the military operation on the territory of this country. On the same day, the Permanent Representative of the People's Republic of China to the UN, Zhang Jun, said that Russia's security concerns, in particular, the demand that Ukraine not join NATO, are legitimate, since the security of one country cannot be ensured by undermining the security of another.

Western politicians believe that China may try to help Moscow reduce the damage from the sanctions imposed on the country due to military operations in Ukraine. In particular, White House press secretary Jen Psaki and an unnamed representative of the US administration spoke about this in an interview with Reuters. However, according to Psaki, Beijing will not be able to do this, since the United States has the appropriate tools to respond. In turn, a representative of the US administration pointed out that attempts to help Russia would cause serious damage to the reputation of the PRC.


Cyprus closed the sky for Russia

Cyprus closed the skies for Russian aircraft The flight ban does not apply to emergency landings, humanitarian and rescue flights, as well as the return of leased aircraft. Cyprus followed the decision of the EU, which previously closed its airspace “Cyprus closed the skies for Russia” />

Cyprus closed the airspace for Russian aircraft, according to a NOTAM notice received by one of the Russian airlines, TASS reports.

“To all aircraft, owned by the airlines of the Russian Federation or chartered by them, it is prohibited to take off, land or fly over the territory of Cyprus, — it says.

The flight ban does not apply to emergency landings, humanitarian and air rescue flights, as well as the return of leased aircraft “with the appropriate permission of the Cypriot aviation authorities.”

Earlier, the European Union, Great Britain and Canada closed the sky for Russia. Cyprus, as a member of the EU, followed the decision.

The day before, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that the European Union had banned Russian aircraft, including private ones, from flying over its territory. The ban became part of Brussels' sanctions against Moscow after the start of the military operation in Ukraine. As von der Leyen explained, the ban applies to “all aircraft owned by Russia, registered in Russia or controlled by Russia”, they will not be able to land and take off at European airports, and also fly over the EU.

After that, the airline “Aeroflot” decided to suspend flights to Europe from 28 February. The Russian authorities promised to take the citizens out.

In the “Association of Tour Operators” (ATOR), meanwhile, reported that Russia began to cancel March flights to the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela.


Australia bans Putin, Shoigu and Lavrov from entering the country

The Russian president and members of the Security Council fell under the sanctions. They were banned from entering Australia and imposed financial restrictions

Scott Morrison

Australia imposes sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin and other top officials of the country because of the Russian military operation in Ukraine. This was announced by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The restrictions included Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev. All of them are members of the country's Security Council and took part in its open meeting on the recognition of the independence of the LNR and the DNR.

Measures include a ban on entry into Australia and targeted financial sanctions.

“Australia will continue to work with allies and like-minded countries to impose additional economic sanctions against Russia,” Morrison promised. Now, he recalled, more than 350 Russians are under restrictions, including oligarchs, deputies and the military. In addition, Canberra introduced measures against 13 Belarusian individuals and legal entities, including Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin.

Morrison added that Australia supports the measures announced by the European Union and the United States, including restrictions against the Russian Central Bank and the disconnection of a number of financial institutions from SWIFT. Earlier, he promised that the country would supply Ukraine with lethal weapons through NATO partners.

On February 23, after Russia recognized the independence of the DPR and LPR, the Australian authorities announced the expansion of existing sanctions, “which relate to Crimea and Sevastopol”: now they will extend “to the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk”.

After Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine, calling it “denazification” as a goal, and “demilitarization”, many states have imposed sanctions against the financial, energy, transport and other sectors, as well as restrictions against Russian individuals. Measures against Putin and members of the Security Council were announced by the United States, the EU and Great Britain, and Japan also announced them.

On February 27, Putin said that representatives of NATO countries “allow aggressive statements against our country.” He ordered to bring the Russian deterrence forces into a special mode of combat duty — they also include strategic nuclear forces.


Zelensky called the next day decisive for Ukraine

The next 24 hours will be decisive for Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky said during a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Boris Johnson , Downing Street reported.

Johnson, in turn, promised to do everything possible to assist the defense of Ukraine. The British prime minister “highly appreciated the courage and heroism of the Ukrainian people and the actions of Zelensky himself.”

On February 24, President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a military operation in Ukraine with the aim of self-defense, as well as ” ;demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine».

On the night of February 28, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko announced that the capital was surrounded. Ukrainian authorities later reported that Russian troops had occupied Berdyansk. Prior to this, the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Oleg Sinegubov, said that the Russian military had entered Kharkov. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the blockade of Kherson and Berdyansk.

Zelensky expressed his readiness to discuss Ukraine's neutral status with Russia. At the same time, the Kremlin announced Moscow's readiness to send a Russian delegation to Minsk for negotiations. However, they never took place.

On the fourth day of the military operation in Ukraine, representatives of Moscow and Minsk agreed to start negotiations in the Gomel region. According to the Ukrainian president, he “does not really believe” in their success, but there is “albeit a small, but still a chance.” The head of state said that it was his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko who suggested holding talks in Belarus during a telephone conversation.


The Embassy recommended that US citizens leave Russia immediately

The embassy noted that they advise citizens to leave Russia due to the closure of the airspace of many countries for its airlines. On the eve of the EU announced a ban on flights for all Russian aircraft through its territory

The US Embassy in Moscow recommended that American citizens leave Russia immediately, the corresponding statement was published on the website of the diplomatic mission.

“More and more airlines are canceling flights to and from Russia, and many countries have closed their airspace to Russian airlines. US citizens should consider exiting Russia immediately through commercial options still available,— said in the message.

Earlier, similar recommendations were given to their citizens by the embassies of the Czech Republic, Germany and Finland. They drew the attention of compatriots to the restrictions on the operation of foreign bank cards. Problems arose after the Western countries approved another package of sanctions, providing for the disconnection of individual Russian banks from the SWIFT interbank information exchange system.

The European Union closed its airspace to all aircraft registered in Russia, including private, the day before, 27 February. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, explained that due to the sanctions, the planes of Russian airlines will not be able to take off, land or fly through the territory of the EU. In addition, due to hostilities, the airspace of Moldova, parts of Belarus and southern Russian regions were closed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a special military operation in the Donbass on February 24th. He called this measure forced and stressed that it was needed to protect people from “genocide by the Kiev regime.” According to the Ministry of Defense, the Russian military began to strike at the military infrastructure of all of Ukraine, without affecting civilian objects.

The Ukrainian authorities believe that Russia has declared war on the country. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced a general mobilization in Ukraine and severed diplomatic relations with Russia. He stated that Ukraine in Russian news and in real life— they are two different things. “You are being told that we— Nazis, but how can people support Nazism, who gave more than 8 million lives for the victory over Nazism, — he said.


Britain follows the EU to impose sanctions against the Central Bank

The authorities of the kingdom have also announced other restrictions on Russian financial institutions.

Great Britain will impose sanctions against the Central Bank of Russia in “response to the invasion of Ukraine”. The measure is aimed at “preventing the use of reserves to reduce damage from sanctions” imposed by London and its allies, the government of the kingdom noted.

The UK authorities promise to immediately ban all legal entities and individuals from financial transactions with the Central Bank, the National Fund Welfare of Russia and the Ministry of Finance of Russia. In addition, the sanctions include:

  • restrictions on Russian financial institutions;
  • measures to prevent the use by Russian companies of “circulating securities and money market instruments”; within the kingdom;
  • the possibility of denying sanctioned banks access to sterling payments and clearing settlements;
  • tightening trade restrictions, including on the export of equipment and parts in the field of electronics and telecommunications, as well as in aerospace.

The measures, according to British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, demonstrate the country's determination to “cut Russia off from the international financial system while this conflict continues.”

“The UK government plans to expand the sanctions list this week in this regard.” ,— noted in the application.

On Monday night, the European Union banned operations related to the management of reserves and assets of the Central Bank. As an exception, transactions with the Central Bank necessary to ensure the financial stability of the European Union as a whole or its member states may be authorized.

Against the background of new sanctions, the dollar rose to 90 rubles— this is a new all-time high. The euro exchange rate has exceeded 100 rubles.

The UK, the EU and the US continue to impose sanctions in response to the Russian military operation in Ukraine that began on February 24. Western countries have agreed to disconnect some Russian banks from the SWIFT system, their exact list is still being formed. London, Brussels and Washington have already imposed sanctions against several banks. For example, in the United Kingdom, there are measures against Promsvyazbank, Rossiya Bank, Industrial Savings Bank, Black Sea Development Bank and VTB. The UK added the first four of them to the sanctions list on February 22, after Russia’s decision to recognize the DPR and LPR.

The Russian authorities call the demilitarization and denazification of the country the goal of the campaign in Ukraine, emphasizing that there is no talk of occupation, but strikes are inflicted only on military targets.


Pobeda canceled all flights to Europe

Passengers who have bought tickets for flights to European countries will receive a refund automatically. The day before, the European Union closed its airspace to Russian aircraft, including private

All Pobeda airline flights to Europe are canceled, passengers will automatically be refunded for purchased tickets. This was reported to RBC by the airline.

«All flights of Pobeda» canceled in Europe. Clients are automatically issued a full refund»,— reported in Pobeda.

Previously, all flights to Europe canceled “Aeroflot” and the largest private airline S7.

The European Union has completely closed its airspace to Russian aircraft, any aircraft is prohibited from landing, taking off or flying over the territory of the association from February 28.

The ban applies to both airlines and aircraft that are leased by any Russian organization or individual.

Before the introduction of the ban at the EU level, the authorities of individual countries announced the cessation of air flights.

The Federal Air Transport Agency, as a response, announced that it would introduce symmetrical restrictions in relation to the countries that banned flights.

Thus, from February 26, the agency banned the flights of Bulgarian, Polish and Czech airlines (including transit ones) through Russian airspace. A day earlier, the same measures were introduced against British airlines.

From February 27, Russia banned air carriers from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Slovenia from operating flights, as well as using the country's airspace as a transit.


Defense Ministry announces air supremacy over Ukraine

Russian military aviation has seized superiority in the skies over Ukraine, the Defense Ministry said. The statement of the department followed before the negotiations between Kiev and Moscow declared air supremacy over Ukraine” />

The Russian military has gained air supremacy over Ukraine, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said.

“Russian aviation has gained air supremacy over the entire territory Ukraine»,— According to Konashenkov's message, received by RBC.

According to him, since the beginning of the operation, the Russian Armed Forces have hit 1,114 Ukrainian military infrastructure facilities.

Over the past day, the Russian aerospace forces destroyed eight Buk M-1 combat vehicles, S-300 and Buk M-1 air defense systems, and tri-radio technical positions with P-14 stations. In addition, four combat aircraft were destroyed on the ground and one combat aircraft was shot down in the air.

Among them are 314 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 57 multiple launch rocket systems, 121 field artillery pieces and mortars, 274 units of special military vehicles, 31 command posts and a communications center.

Konashenkov also said that the Russian military took control of the cities of Energodar and Berdyansk, as well as the area around the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant (NPP), whose personnel continue to work “as usual”. Vasilkov, announced the representative of the Ministry of Defense.

Russia is conducting a military operation for the purpose of “demilitarization and denazification” Ukraine since February 24. In Kyiv, Russia's actions were regarded as a war, President Vladimir Zelensky decided to break off diplomatic relations with Moscow, introduce martial law and announce general mobilization.

Nevertheless, the delegations of Russia and Ukraine agreed to hold talks in the Gomel region of Belarus, it is expected that that they will be held on February 28.

Kyiv initially refused to negotiate on the territory of Belarus, but after a telephone conversation between Presidents Vladimir Zelensky and Alexander Lukashenko in Minsk, they announced the departure of the Ukrainian delegation to Gomel.

The Russian delegation, headed by presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky, arrived for negotiations on February 27 , the Ukrainian delegation has not yet arrived.

On the morning of February 28, Medinsky said that the arrival of representatives of Kyiv is expected within the next one and a half to two hours, the start of negotiations is expected by noon. Who will represent Ukraine in the negotiations with Russia, Kyiv has not publicly reported. According to Medinsky, the Ukrainian side at the talks will be represented “at a fairly high level.”

The Ukrainian edition of Zerkalo Nedeli wrote that the country at the meeting will be represented by Deputy Foreign Minister Nikolai Tochitsky. According to the publication “Strana”, as part of the delegation, the head of the faction “Servant of the People” David Arakhamia, People's Deputy from the Opposition Platform Party for life” (OPLE) Igor Abramovich, Deputy Minister of Defense and several others.