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What kind of M101 howitzers of the 1941 model were transferred to Ukraine?

Plot Russian special operation in Donbass and Ukraine

Weapons created in the middle of the last century continue to be supplied by NATO countries for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Recently, information has come in that Lithuania is transferring 105-mm M101A1 towed howitzers, which began to be produced 81 years ago in the United States.

M101A1 howitzer. Photo:

The footage published on the Internet shows three guns М101А1 — one of them is wrapped with anti-corrosion paper, and it is fixed with ordinary tape. Other guns in canvas. The quality of the howitzers is not claimed by the Ukrainian military, but it is difficult to say what condition they are in due to their venerable age. After all, their production began before the Great Patriotic War. The number of copies of the M101A1 transferred is not called, Lithuania itself received them in 2002 from Denmark in the amount of 72 pieces. Moreover, 18 cars were simply to become donors of spare parts.

The very supply of such howitzers is not surprising — The Armed Forces of Ukraine have long planned to replace the Soviet 122-mm systems with Western ones with a common 105-mm caliber. For example, the Ukrainian military has already received L119 cannons, capable of striking at a distance of almost 20 kilometers. These are representatives of the so-called light artillery, used on the front line for sudden and quick battles. M101A1 is a heavier weapon, their mass is 2260 kilograms, the firing range is only 11 kilometers. The length of the gun is 6 meters, the height is 2 meters, the width is slightly less than 2. Eight fighters are needed to ensure firing, and the rate of fire is only four to five rounds per minute. They move at a speed of 50 km/h. The howitzer has a separate-sleeve loading.

М101А1 fought a lot — World War II (for the United States it was the main howitzer at that time), Korea, Vietnam. They were also used during the Iran-Iraq war. Now this weapon is in service with dozens of countries, including NATO members.

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Elton John called Elizabeth II a fantastic person

English singer and composer Elton John gave a short speech dedicated to the deceased British Queen Elizabeth II at his concert in Toronto.

According to the musician, she was a fantastic person, she worked hard and inspired all who were close to her, including him.

“She led the country through the greatest and darkest times with grace, nobility, sincere love and warmth. I am 75 years old — she has been with me all my life, », — he said.

Also, the British singer expressed his condolences to the family and loved ones of the Queen.

«I am very sad that she will no longer be around.  But I'm glad she found the rest of her soul, — she deserved it. I send my love to her family and loved ones, the queen will be missed, — he added.

Recall that the British Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8 in the Scottish castle of Balmoral after an illness at the age of 96 years. The new king will be her eldest son, Prince Charles, who will take the name Charles III after the coronation.

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Events of the week in pictures: September 5 – 9

VII Eastern Economic Forum, the solemn ceremony of lighting the Eternal Flame at the restored Saur-Mogila memorial, the death of the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II. These and other events — in the photo feed.

Heaven Gaia show at the opening of China International Fashion Week in Beijing © Jianli/XinHua/Global Look Press

In the center of the German city of Cologne on September 4, about 400 people took to the action in support of Russia. They marched through the streets with Russian flags to the sound of drums. The demonstrators demanded the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions, as well as launching Nord Stream 2 and stopping the supply of weapons to Ukraine. © Hardt/Global Look Press

The death toll from a powerful earthquake in southwestern China's Sichuan province has risen to 88, with 30 more missing. An earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred on September 5th. © Yang/XinHua/Global Look Press

Outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie left their Downing Street residence in London © Wheatley/Parsons Media/Global Look Press

Bavaria prepares for the Oktoberfest beer festival © Look Press

Liz Truss is the new British Prime Minister © Press Agency/Global Look Press

The VII Eastern Economic Forum was held in Vladivostok from September 5 to 8 on the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island. The main topic of the forum this year is “Towards a multipolar world” © Press Service of the Government of the Sakhalin Region

Russian President Vladimir Putin opened the plenary session of the 7th Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok © Bobylev, TASS Host Photo Agency

Stand of the publishing house “Argumenty i Fakty” at the VII Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok © AiF/Alexander Kolegov

Unveiling of the monument to People's Artists of the USSR Vladimir Etush, Vasily Lanovoy and Yuri Yakovlev at the Vakhtangov State Academic Theater © AiF/Eduard Kudryavitsky

The frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov” of the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet) worked out the practical actions of a single ship at sea and performed a set of combat exercises as part of the strategic command and staff exercise (SKSHU) “Vostok-2022”. © AIF/Igor Kharitonov

A solemn ceremony of lighting the Eternal Flame at the restored Saur-mogila memorial took place in Donbass. © AIF/Dmitry Grigoriev

The main and backup crews of the 68th long-term expedition to the International Space Station performed the first “fitting” of the Soyuz MS-22 manned spacecraft at the Baikonur cosmodrome. © Roscosmos/Irina Spektor/TsPK

An official announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II was placed at the exit of Buckingham Palace on September 8 © Reuters/Henry Nicholls/Reuters

People at the gates of Buckingham Palace in London. On Friday, September 8, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain died at the Scottish castle of Balmoral at the age of 97. © Reuters/Henry Nicholls/Reuters


The Russian Aerospace Forces killed the leader of the group “Katiba Tawhid wal-Jihad” in the SAR

The Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed the leader of the terrorist organization “Katiba Tawhid wal-Jihad” * in Syria.

This was announced on Friday during a briefing by the deputy head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties in SAR Major General Oleg Yegorov.

According to him, as a result of a Russian airborne strike on a militant camp in the province of Idlib on September 8, Sirojiddin Mukhtarov with the call sign “Abu Saloh”, who was involved in organizing terrorist attacks on Syrian government forces and civilian infrastructure.

Egorov also noted that more than 20 high-ranking members of the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization * were killed as a result of the strike.

They were engaged in combat and sabotage training of militants, as well as organizing the financial activities of the group.

Earlier, representatives of the Russian FSB also detained a member of ISIS who was planning a terrorist attack in India.

* organizations

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Cynologist Grigory Manev: “Cheap food does not mean bad food”

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 36. It's just tough 07/09/2022

Professional cynologist, service dog instructor, host of the Planet of Dogs program and Chief Editor of Radio for Pet Lovers” Grigory Manevin an interview with, he told why there are fewer dog people than cat people, and how to wean a puppy from barking for no reason and to teach a toilet. And he explained what gaps in animal legislation exist in Russia, as well as how to feed and interact with a pet in order to experience the joy of communication.

There have always been more cats

Vladimir Polupanov, Grigory, it is well known that the pandemic and the introduced on this occasion, the lockdown became an additional incentive to get yourself some kind of animal that needs walks in the fresh air. The owner had a reason to legally go out on the street. Are any statistics on this score?

Grigory Manev: A few days ago, I spoke with colleagues who confirmed the figure — today in Russia about 40 million people keep pets. In 2019, this figure was approximately 36 million.

— Who is more in our country — dog people or cat people?

— About 70% — these are cat owners, about 28% — dog owners. All the rest keep either exotic animals or are owners, for example, horses, etc. d. Still, horses — these are “borderline” animals. They are not 100% agricultural. Some keep horses “for the soul” so that they can spend time together. There are always more cat owners. Cats live at home, they are not in sight. But    there were always more. Maybe because these animals are more convenient to keep.

— There is an opinion that cats are more independent of human than dogs. So Is it?

— The question is not quite correctly posed, because it initially assumes a certain opposition between a human and an animal. Everything is much more complex and subtle from the point of view of psychology and interspecies relations. Without  going into  details, then, of course, yes. On the other hand, there are some dog breeds that are independent. Very many hunting dogs live not  together, but "parallel to man". Man is interested in them just as as dogs are in he. There is such a parity. The same huskies hunt at a great distance from a person. And in wildlife can theoretically survive without us. This leaves its mark on their character.

— Are there absolutely hypoallergenic dogs?

— A poodle is considered to be absolutely hypoallergenic because it does shed.  some people are allergic to dogs, some — on cats. It is very rare to be allergic to cats and dogs at the same time. An allergy may not be to cat or dog hair, but to saliva. Therefore, on the same hairless dogs (Mexican, Peruvian, Chinese Crested) there may be allergic reactions. Each case must be analyzed separately. I have several acquaintances who have managed to overcome an allergic reaction on their animals. They started taking certain medications. And  then gradually reduced the dosage and, in the end, completely abandoned drugs. It happens that people have no allergic reaction directly to their animals. But as soon as they encounter others, the allergic reaction resumes again.

— What are the most popular dog breeds in our country today?

— In large cities, dogs of small breeds are in demand, which are convenient for people to keep in urban conditions. People get a dog most often because they want spiritual communication, outdoor activities, in which someone will accompany them, so there is a need for companion dogs. Pugs, Beagles, Spitz are popular in cities. Many of my acquaintances moved out of the city during the pandemic (I      me them myself). Those who live out of the city get larger dogs, the same shepherds, for example.

— Do what kind of dog do you have today?

— German Shepherd. I have been loyal to this particular breed for many years. Firstly, it is very easy to train, almost anyone can handle it, and then they are very loyal dogs. Secondly, I have children's associations with the German Shepherd, I am mentally attached to this breed.

Strictness should be in moderation

— Do animal psychologists really help?

— When a person introduces himself as a zoopsychologist, I ask the question: “And what did you finish?” As a rule, a person cannot clearly answer this question. There are no official educational institutions in our country that would train animal psychologists. It's a fashion gimmick that people try to play for the sake of business. Animal psychologists are not helpers for dogs. There are people who are engaged in training — that is, teaching other people how to handle animals. In order to communicate directly with a dog, you must be its owner. The dog in this regard is secondary, the owner who needs to be trained is in the foreground.

— Can can spoil a dog with love?

— Strictness should be in moderation. Still, love must come first. If a person does not  love a dog or any other living creature, then he will not be able to find a common language with his pet.

—  Are there any innovations in legislation about pets?

— We have practically no government regulation regarding people and pets. The issue of accounting for pets by chipping is now widely discussed. I think this is the right idea. Those laws that now exist in our country do not provide a 100% guarantee of full-scale liability. Therefore, first of all, you need to find out how many pet owners we have. And start from this. Now, under our law, oddly enough, I can prove that this dog belongs to me. But you far from always s can shall prove from the point of view of jurisprudence that my dog ​​belongs to me. This is how casuistry turns out. Therefore, the state must have a data bank, information about who belongs to whom and under what conditions.

We have a federal responsible animal   — he is, one might say, “for” everything good, against everything bad. There are excellent amendments to the  article of the Constitution. There is Article 245 of the Criminal Code, which provides for criminal liability for cruelty to animals. None of this works because there is no specifics. The state should regulate this area. Still, 40 million citizens — this is a fairly significant part of the population of the country. I always proceed from the fact that you must always live according to the law. If there is a law, then everyone must follow it. Everyone must be equal before the law.

— Due to sanctions have life become more difficult for dog owners? Feeds have become expensive, and some have probably disappeared altogether.

— Food has risen in price. Some feed manufacturers have left our market. But the vast majority of brands remain. There are interruptions in imported vaccines. But there are domestic counterparts. Therefore, there are no horrific consequences. New domestic brands producing feed have appeared. And it's great.

Another thing is that we now, unfortunately can can communicate with other countries on the line of cats, and on the line of dogs. Representatives of our country cannot perform at international exhibitions, sports competitions. This is depressing. Since isolation does not benefit our cynology and felinology.

— Recently, an Internet radio station about animals Radio pets. Are you related to her?

— We with like-minded people decided to make an Internet project and called it "Radio for Pet Lovers". Until now, we did not have a specialized radio station, a global platform that would unite all pet owners. And we decided to fill this gap. I now serve as the editor-in-chief there. We want to make it not only a radio station, but in the future a kind of platform that will unite people who are not indifferent to pets.

Tips from Manev

— How to feed a dog so that everything is balanced and not expensive?

— In in any case, it must be industrial feed. Because they take into account the needs of animals. You need to choose a diet and not get lost in the abundance of brands that are now on the market. The easiest way is to contact a veterinarian so that he, based on the characteristics of the breed, of this particular animal, advises the diet. If some diet is more expensive, it does not mean that it is better. Conversely, if it is relatively cheap, it does mean that it is bad.

— How to potty train a puppy?

— It's very simple. You need to take him outside as often as possible. So that he understands that everything needs to be done there. As soon as the puppy woke up, you need to immediately run with him to the street. His cardiovascular system begins to work, which affects the peristalsis. During this period, the dog empties the bladder and intestines. If the puppy has played out at home, runs, runs — you must understand that he after that will go to toilet. And it needs to be taken out street as soon as possible. Moments like this need to be captured. It must be clearly understood that, just like small children, up to a certain age, dogs are not able to control their urination. They can control him in five or six months, then the puppy can already endure. We must remember this. Because it takes terrifying forms when a puppy is a large breed. I didn have a dog for several years. And when I acquired a puppy again, I forgot all the delights of such a tender age. And at at some point, I began to be amazed: “How can all this come out of one dog?” (laughs).

— How to wean a puppy from chewing everything?

— First of all, you need to deal with him, play, walk so much that he gets tired on a walk. Dogs must have toys. When a person leaves, he/nbsp;should leave them to the puppy. And when he returns home, hide. The most important — to explain to the pet with the help of the game and training what is good and what is bad. Often people make the mistake — they always want the dog to wean something, to take something away. And if you say "give", you must say "on". Puppy — it is, in fact, a small child. You need to learn how to interact with him, he needs to explain simple things. And showing what you want to achieve from thereby showing what you don't want the puppy to do. The easiest advice: got a puppy — at four months, go to a specialist at a training ground.

— How to train a dog not to bark at home at the slightest noise?

— On the one hand, when a dog barks, it rights by its own logic. All her ancestors for many centuries reacted in exactly the same way. One of the main uses of a dog — this is security. Small dog, big — no matter. Someone was a serious guard, someone served as "bell". Remember that the freedom of one person ends where the freedom of another begins. And if a neighbor got a dog, it doesn means that you should suffer from it. The owner must understand that if he does not have the appropriate knowledge, he must contact a specialist. And then the dog in the house will not apple of contention between family members, neighbors, but a unifying unit.

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Doomsday Glacier. Melting Antarctica threatens to flood St. Petersburg

There are areas on the planet that are closely monitored by scientists whose activities are devoted to global climate change and its consequences. One of these areas — West Antarctica. There are two rapidly melting glaciers, which are called “weak underbelly”; Antarctica — Pine Island Glacier and Thwaites Glacier. The latter, with the light hand of journalists, began to be called the “Doomsday Glacier”; — he is known for his fast movement and retreat. This is a huge Antarctic colossus that annually dumps tens of billions of tons of ice into the ocean, which leads to an increase in the level of the World Ocean.

A recent article by an international team of scientists published in the journal Nature Geoscience is also devoted to the study of the Doomsday Glacier.

Twice as fast as previously thought

Specialists led by Alastair Graham, a geophysicist from the University of South Florida, have mapped a pattern of Thwaites Glacier retreat in the recent past. To obtain this information, they launched an apparatus equipped with photographic equipment underwater. He took pictures of the geological relief of the retreating glacier, and scientists based on them built a computer model of what its base looks like. This, they say, will make it possible to more accurately predict its future.

“The Thwaites Glacier sits on the sea floor, only its edge floats in the water. This border, which constantly pops up, is called — line of ascent, or line of overlap. Warm water from the depths of the ocean flows onto the Antarctic continental shelf until it reaches this area, where the glacier melts and giant icebergs slide into the ocean, — explains Andrey Glazovsky, Leading Researcher, Department of Glaciology, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences. — When the glacier melts, the line of ascent moves further and further, and a trace remains at the bottom. The authors of this scientific work managed to find daily traces of the Thwaites Glacier rising line, left 100-150 years ago. Counting the number of “beds” at the bottom, they came to the conclusion that the rate of its retreat in those years was about 2 kilometers per year. That's double what we're seeing now, although the Thwaites Glacier is still melting faster.

The results of the study suggest that the rate of retreat can fluctuate significantly. This will help to more accurately predict its future. In general, predicting the melting of Antarctic glaciers is not easy. The fact is that there is a very complex interaction with the sea — it does not melt on the surface, but in the sea. We have to take into account the speed of warm currents, and they fluctuate from season to season.

Will all of Antarctica melt?

What scientists know for sure is how much the world's sea level will rise if the Doomsday Glacier melts completely. Estimated to be 65 centimeters. In fact, its volume would be enough to raise it as much as 3 meters, but, fortunately, a significant part of this ice lies at the bottom, being below sea level, so it cannot make any contribution to its increase.

But also 65 centimeters — big size. “This is already enough to flood many coastal areas, for example in the Netherlands, and our St. Petersburg may suffer, — Andrei Glazovsky says — But the problem is not only in the direct flooding of territories, but also in the fact that this will increase the destructive effect of tides and storms — waves will splash where they have not splashed before. So negative consequences are inevitable — social, economic, environmental.

It must also be borne in mind that it is not only the Thwaites Glacier that is melting, it is only part of West Antarctica. Glaciers in this area retreat most intensively, this is a very critical place on our planet in terms of climate change, hence the close attention of scientists to it, hence the pretentious name — “Doomsday Glacier”.

Indeed, Antarctica is the largest contributor to global warming sea level rise. There are hypothetical calculations that if all of its ice melts, the sea will rise by 58 meters. Greenland will give about 7 meters more, that is, a total of 65 meters. Plus 40 centimeters — other glaciers in the world. But this is a purely hypothetical scenario. In the coming millennia, Antarctica will not get rid of ice, of course. But Greenland can. For her, a large increase in temperature is not necessary, a few degrees are enough. That's why its glaciers are melting so fast now.

As for the Thwaites Glacier, its loss, according to scientists, is more than 80 billion tons per year. It contributes approximately 4% of the annual rise in the level of the World Ocean and continues to rapidly recede, which causes concern for scientists.

“Thwaites really only “on the nails” today, — one of the authors of the study, geophysicist Robert Larter of the British Antarctic Survey, told reporters. — We expect big changes in the near future as soon as the glacier retreats behind the shallow ridge in its bed.

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British dynasty of monarchs. infographics

 Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, who died on September 8, had four children, eight grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Some of them received new titles automatically after the death of the monarch, while some of members of the royal family they will be assigned by the new king.

Thus, Prince Charles of Wales became the king of the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and other Commonwealth countries. His wife Camilla is now queen consort.

William, Duke of Cambridge became Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge. By analogy, the titles of his children and wife Katherine have changed. In the  further, the King will confer on William the title of Prince of Wales.

The titles of the Queen    children — Princess Anne and Prince Andrew and also grandchildren — The Duke of Sussex Harry, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.

See in infographic the family tree of the Windsor dynasty, leading from Queen Elizabeth II.

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What is a digital passport of a polyclinic and why is it needed?

In Moscow, a pilot project was launched to introduce a new service — polyclinic digital passport. Deputy Mayor of the capital for social development Anastasia Rakova spoke about this.

According to Rakova, information that until recently was stored only in paper journals will be updated in real time and will be available to the heads of medical institutions at any time in a convenient format.

What is a digital passport of a polyclinic?

Digital passport — this is a tool that will allow you to see up-to-date data simultaneously for all branches and all attached patients of the polyclinic.

According to the deputy mayor, the head physician will be able, if necessary, to open the electronic medical record of a particular patient for a deeper study of his medical history.

“This will not only simplify the work, but will also help to further improve the efficiency of managing the capital’s outpatient department and monitor the health of Muscovites even more qualitatively and proactively,” — Rakov said.

What information will be contained in the digital passport? 

In the interface of the polyclinic passport, icons with alarm information will be placed that notify if something happens to patients: ambulance calls, hospitalization, observation for certain types of diseases or, for example, deviation of laboratory values. Such information will make medical care better and more efficient.

With a digital passport, the head physician will also be able to obtain summary statistics on the number of patients under observation, infants who need a visit from a patronage nurse, patients with a disability group or those in a group risk for certain diseases that have or have not undergone medical examinations and medical examinations.


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Forester season. How to choose mushrooms and who should not eat them?

The mushroom season has already begun, and        The Rospotrebnadzor gives its recommendations on how to make the process of picking mushrooms safe and avoid harm to health when eating them.

Why and for whom are mushrooms dangerous?

Mushroom poisoning is especially dangerous for people who have weak immunity, and for children. After all, babies still do not have the enzymes necessary for digesting such a heavy product. Therefore, usually doctors do not recommend giving mushrooms to children under the age of 14 years.

At the same time, as the department notes, cases of mushroom poisoning occur among children more and more often. This is due to  the fact that during walks  oversight of adults, kids can eat a raw product. To prevent this, it is necessary to carefully examine the place of the walk. Well and, of course the same, parents should not lose vigilance when they walk with a park, square or forest.

Most often, mushroom poisoning occurs due to the banal ignorance of inexperienced mushroom pickers about what exactly they collect. So, you can pick up unfamiliar or false mushrooms in the forest. A separate danger is the failure of the forest harvest where mushrooms can accumulate salts of heavy metals or poisons — usually these are myceliums along roads, in  city parks, or where the growth site of the fungus has been treated with poisons or pesticides, for example, in  pest control.

To can i eat mushrooms?

This is an indigestible product, it contains a lot of chitin — fiber, which is indigestible and at the same time makes it difficult for digestive juices to access other substances and products in the intestines. In connection with this, mushrooms can be consumed in food by absolutely healthy people who do not have any gastrointestinal diseases.

Before cooking, the product must be boiled for 10 minutes, then washed and cooked according to the usual recipes. Such a measure will reduce the concentration of toxic substances in mushrooms.

What to consider when picking mushrooms?

To prevent mushroom poisoning, you should follow simple rules. One of the basic ones: you don know — don take it. It is worth collecting only those options that are well known and doubt cause 

To keep cut products fresh, use wicker baskets. In addition, collecting mushrooms in  bags or buckets can lead to  quick spoilage, as well as damage to the stem, which will make it difficult to recognize the mushroom completely and evaluate it as edible or not. Mushrooms should be cut with a whole leg. And upon coming home, they processing — it is impossible to leave for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or the next week, because the product is perishable. During processing, mushrooms are sorted by species, they should also be carefully examined again, throwing out wormy, inedible and potentially poisonous, obviously overripe, lacking legs and flabby.

Since mushrooms — This is a protein that spoils quickly without processing, they need to be cooked right away. You can make caviar, assorted, or just roll it into jars.

How to prevent poisoning?

You can not initially collect old mushrooms. Also, do not try them at collection time. When cooking, especially when it comes to salting or pickling, you should not use galvanized or clay dishes with glaze. Keeping mushrooms warm is also fraught, as they are perishable products.

How to buy safe mushrooms?

If you are a walker in the forest and don know how mushrooms are picked, but want to buy them at the market, you should refuse acquisition of dried, salted, pickled and canned mushrooms in places of unauthorized trade and from sellers without proper documents. Also, don't experiment with buying home-made canned mushrooms.

When buying mushrooms in stores, be sure to carefully consider the contents of the jar — they must be un damaged and not defective. If we are talking about cardboard packaging, then the boxes must be intact and not dirty, and they must also contain all information about the product, its expiration date and information about storage conditions.

The following sources were used in preparing the material:


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The main history of the XX century. How Elizabeth II drank tea with Gagarin

Plot Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain dies

In the history of relations between Queen Elizabeth II and our country, there was one bright episode, which, perhaps, will one day become an occasion for creating a motion picture. In the summer of 1961, the royal met a Russian guy whose world fame overshadowed her own.

Space and politics

April 12, 1961, the Vostok satellite ship For the first time in history, he lifted a man into Earth orbit. A native of Smolensk region, 27-year-old senior lieutenant Yuri Gagarin became a space pioneer. Rather, he was a senior lieutenant at the time of launch, and by the time of landing, cosmonaut-1 had already been promoted to major.

“The whole world carried him in his arms” — a line from a song by Pakhmutova and Dobronravovwas by no means an exaggeration. Gagarin overnight became a hero not only of the Soviet Union, but of the entire planet Earth. The Soviet diplomatic department was stormed with requests from a huge number of countries, pleading for the visit of the first cosmonaut.

Gagarin's amazing smile and his spontaneity instantly drowned the hearts of even those who remained hostile towards Moscow. And relations between the USSR and Great Britain in the early 1960s were far from friendly.

From the moment of Winston Churchill's famous speechin Fulton, our former World War II allies went to great lengths to do the most damage to the Soviets in the Cold War. And if the American approach sometimes rapidly changed from hostile to pragmatic, the British were much more consistent in their hostility.

The authorities did not want to receive Gagarin at a high level. But the people decided in their own way

Here, however, it is worth dividing the aristocracy and ordinary Englishmen, among whom there were many those who always treated the world's first state of workers and peasants with sympathy and warmth.

Hence the nuance associated with the invitation of Yuri Gagarin to the UK — it did not come from the authorities, but from Dave Lambert, General Secretary of the Amalgamated Foundry Workers' Union of Great Britain.

Directive by the Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, representing the Conservative Party, was this: do not arrange official receptions in honor of the Soviet guest and do not draw increased attention to him. To meet Gagarin and those accompanying him, who arrived on July 11, 1961 at Heathrow Airport, the British Deputy Minister of Aviation was sent. Thus the government demonstrated — cosmonaut and cosmonaut, what an incredible thing!

But then everything got out of control. Ordinary British literally surrounded the air harbor, and as soon as Yuri Alekseevich appeared, the crowd began to chant: “Ga-ga-rin! Ga-ga-rin!” Chief of the first detachment of Soviet cosmonauts, General Nikolai Kamaninrecalled: “The English people took the initiative of the meeting into their own hands. The streets through which Gagarin passed were covered with scales of umbrellas: in the drizzling rain, people waited for hours for the appearance of the Soviet cosmonaut. Londoners met Yuri Gagarin with such warmth and cordiality, with such temperament that they refuted all our usual ideas about English restraint and calmness.

Pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Yuri Gagarin during a trip to the UK as part of an international tour. Yuri Gagarin during a visit to the Tower of London. The photo was taken in London in July 1961. Photo: RIA Novosti

Red flag over Manchester

Gagarin's smile and simplicity disarmed even British reporters. The blanks, which were supposed to show the Soviet cosmonaut in a negative light, flew into the basket. Newspapers came out with articles where Gagarin was enthusiastically spoken about.

As planned, the Soviet delegation went to Manchester, where the foundry workers' union was headquartered. The local mayor's office, spitting on the instructions of the prime minister, raised a red flag in honor of Gagarin over their building. The Soviet anthem in honor of the guest was performed by a military band, and a whole sea of ​​people gathered to listen to the cosmonaut's speech at the rally.

On July 13, Gagarin was scheduled to tour London, and here it turned out that he charmed not only the workers, but also capitalists with aristocracy. The astronaut was presented with gifts by English bankers, and the Lord Mayor of London Sir Bernard Waley Cohenlightning-fast organized a reception in his honor.

Prime Minister Macmillan realized that a little more, and Gagarin's British fans would stage a revolution, so he outplayed everything on the go, and personally received the hero on the same day.

Pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Yuri Gagarin during a trip to the UK as part of an international tour. Yuri Gagarin meeting with Mayor of London Bernard Whaley-Cohen (left). The photo was taken in London in July 1961. Photo: RIA Novosti

A call from Her Majesty

Meanwhile, an unexpected call rang out at the USSR Embassy. Elizabeth II's secretary asked if Yuri Alekseevich would accept an invitation to visit Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace.

Of course, the answer was yes. Moreover, the situation turned out to be quite scrupulous: the fact is that in 1956 the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchevthe royal person was very reserved, despite the expensive gifts he brought, honoring him with only a tea party. According to etiquette, after such a reception of the head of state, it was impossible to give great honors to an ordinary officer.

But the thing is that Gagarin was already so unusual that even the English crown was ready to change the rules for him.

July 14, 1961 they met — A 27-year-old conqueror of starry space and a 35-year-old mistress of an age-old empire. And all the order and etiquette fell down at once. The Soviet guests were met in the lobby by the employees of the palace. It was a violation of the rules, but Elizabeth II went to meet people who dreamed of seeing Gagarin with their own eyes.

The lady with a dog and children

But the queen also managed to surprise the Soviet guests. General Kamanin recalled: “First, a small dog on short legs ran into the room, and then the queen entered, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh and the ten-year-old Princess Anna. We were surprised how simple and without pathos the queen looked — she was wearing an ordinary dress, no jewelry or cosmetics.

Small dog on short legs — it was one of the queen's favorite corgis. As for the simplicity of Elizabeth, we should not forget that she saw life in different manifestations. During the war years, the then princess worked in a military garage, having mastered the professions of a driver and a mechanic. And, by the way, until her most advanced years, the queen herself famously drove a car, being the only person in the UK who legally did not have a driver's license.

The life path of Elizabeth II

Draft. How Queen Elizabeth II “declared war” on the USSR

Plot World History with Andrey Sidorchik

Queen Elizabeth II in our country enjoyed the sympathy of the people. Yes, and she herself, at least publicly, did not demonstrate antipathy towards the Russians.

“I could not imagine that one day I would have to fulfill this solemn and terrible duty”

less four decades ago, a speech was prepared for the queen on the occasion of the start… The third world war, in which the British had to come together in a nuclear battle against the USSR.

“I will never forget the sadness and pride I felt as my sister and I stood by the radio listening to my father’s inspiring words on that fateful day in 1939… I could not imagine for a moment that this solemn and terrible duty one day I would have to fulfill, », — such words should have been spoken by Elizabeth II in an address to the nation on March 4, 1983.

I must say that the British themselves learned about the existence of this speech only in 2013, after it was declassified in the National Archives.

“My beloved son Andrewis currently operating with his unit”

Clarification needed — it was a draft of the “pretend” appeal. The document was developed by the British government in 1983 during exercises that practiced the actions of the country's military and civilian structures during the outbreak of a full-scale nuclear conflict.

“Whatever horrors lie in wait for us, all those qualities that have already twice in this sad century helped us maintain our freedom will again become our strength,” — Elizabeth II had to tell her subjects.

The speech also mentions the Queen's youngest son,  Prince Andrew, at that time an officer in the country's Navy. Its authors of the text “threw into battle” in the forefront.

“My beloved son Andrew is currently operating with his unit, and we pray unceasingly for his safety and for the safety of all military personnel in our country and abroad,” — stated in the appeal.

Thunderous 1983

According to the scenario of the exercise, Elizabeth II's speech was supposed to precede a retaliatory nuclear strike by NATO forces on the USSR and the Warsaw Pact countries, which had allegedly carried out a chemical attack on the UK before that.

1983 was the peak of the aggravation of relations between the USSR and the West, caused by the hard line of the US President Ronald Reaganand Prime Minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher.

In the spring of 1983, when the text of this speech was being prepared in the British government, a group of American attack aircraft penetrated the airspace of the USSR and carried out simulated bombing of ground targets in the Far East.

Tensions reached a peak in early November 1983, when the NATO command exercise “Experienced Archer” unfolded in Western Europe. The leaders of the NATO member countries took part in their course, and the military units practiced actions in the mode of maximum combat readiness, which implies the possibility of using nuclear weapons at any moment.

The realism of the exercises was such that the Soviet leadership decided to bring maximum readiness of its armed forces, including units of the strategic missile forces.

“This is the kind of text no one would ever want to hear for real”

Fortunately, the politicians of the NATO countries and the Soviet leadership still did not cross the “red line”.

British journalists who read the draft of the Queen's speech in 2013 admitted: “Nobody would ever want such a text to hear for real.

English historians who have studied the issue claim that, as part of the exercises in 1983, the speech was really made, however, it was entrusted to be read to the official, leaving Elizabeth II herself.

It is believed that the queen was blissfully ignorant of what was planned to be put into her mouth. But the real author was in the cabinet of Margaret Thatcher.

As a result, Elizabeth II  managed to avoid the grim fate of delivering a speech that marks the beginning of a nuclear apocalypse. Whether Karl III is also lucky, time will tell. The era today is no easier.

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EU finance ministers approve €5bn aid to Kyiv

This is the second part of the €9 billion loan promised in May. €1 billion has already been sent to Kyiv, the remaining €3 billion was promised to be issued “as soon as possible.” In total, according to the EC, Kyiv and the World Bank, the restoration of Ukraine will take $ 349 billion ” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

EU finance ministers approved allocation of assistance to Kyiv for €5 billion

EU finance ministers have agreed to additionally allocate <5 billion euros in macro-financial assistance to Ukraine, Deputy Head of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis said on Twitter.

“EU ministers are ready <…> provide [Ukraine] €5 billion in loans— macro-financial assistance package [for a total amount] €9 billion»,— he wrote.

On September 7, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced plans to provide Ukraine with an additional €5 billion in the form of a loan on Twitter. “The situation in Ukraine requires our full support. Today, the European Commission proposes to allocate additional macro-financial assistance to the country in the amount of €5 billion»,— she wrote. However, after the initiative was put forward, it had to be approved by the European Parliament and the Council of the countries— members of the EU.

The allocated €5 billion are included in the package of macro-financial assistance, which the EC announced back in May. Of the promised €9 billion, it has already allocated €1 billion and €5 billion, respectively, the remaining €3 billion the European Commission promised to send to Kyiv “as soon as possible”.

The European Commission, together with Kyiv and World Bank experts, have calculated that $349 billion will be required to restore Ukraine.

After the start of the Russian military operation, the EU allocated several aid packages to Ukraine. Humanitarian assistance from EU institutions in mid-June, according to the estimates of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, exceeded $1.3 billion, financial— $11.6 billion, and the military— $ 2.1 billion. At the same time, additional packages were allocated by individual European countries. Von der Leyen on September 7 estimated total aid at €10 billion

At the end of July, Timofey Mylovanov, adviser to the head of the presidential office, said that Ukraine would need from $30 billion to $100 billion annually to fully recover from the special operation, of which $20-30 billion to support macroeconomics and so much— to support the army. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at the end of August estimated the total cost at $600-800 billion. Prime Minister Denys Shmygal offered to finance the restoration at the expense of confiscated Russian assets. The European Union also said that they are looking for a way to use them for this purpose.

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The EC has published tougher rules for obtaining Schengen visas by Russians

The consulates of the EU countries were given more powers to refuse to issue entry permits to Russians “(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

EC published tougher rules for obtaining Schengen visas for Russians

The European Commission has clarified the rules for obtaining Schengen visas by Russians after the abolition of the simplified regime for obtaining permits to enter the EU. The message published on the website of the European Commission states that consulates can independently establish the rules for issuing short-term Schengen visas, taking into account, among other things, the expulsion of diplomats and employees in embassies in Russia.

In particular, consular employees have received the following rights :

  • Give low priority to those who do not have a strong need to enter the EU, including tourists;
  • increase the processing time for visa applications from 15 to 45 days in order to conduct more thorough screening of applicants for Schengen applications;
  • require additional documents to avoid possible threats from applicants to security and public order.

In addition, the EU indicated that all citizens in respect of whom there is a suspicion of a possible violation of the law should be denied a visa. Also, consular staff are advised to refuse Schengen to Russians if there is a suspicion that they will violate the period of stay.

Also, — EU members are allowed to cancel existing Schengen visas that were previously issued to Russian citizens if, after verification, it turns out that their holders have become a security risk. It is also possible to replace a Schengen visa with a national one (without the right to visit other countries).

EU countries are invited to refuse to issue long-term multiple visas, while taking into account the economic instability and political situation in Russia. The focus should be on short-term permits with the right to a single entry into the EU.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Catch up before the ban: which foreign stocks should be bought before it's too late Articles Pro How the “antelope method” will help you cope with stress in five minutes 100 thousand sellers came to Ozon: what is happening in e-comm Forecasts Pro Why Russia will not be able to follow the Iranian path in the IT sector What it will lead to in RussiaAt the same time, Brussels announced that they would continue issuing visas to citizens who have serious reasons for entry (to visit relatives, journalists, dissidents, civil activists). In some cases, they will not have to pay for a visa, or the cost of Schengen will be reduced.

Commenting on the decisions made, EU Commissioner for Internal Policy Ylva Johansson said that visiting the EU for tourism purposes is not a fundamental right. However, she promised that Brussels will protect those who really need to enter the European Union.

On Friday, the European Commission announced the suspension of the visa facilitation agreement with Russia from 12 September. In addition, this means an increase in the visa fee for a Schengen visa from €35 to €80.

The simplified visa regime with Russia has been in effect since the summer of 2007. On February 25, the day after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, the EU partially suspended the agreement for a number of Russian citizens.

As of September 1, 2022, about 963,000 Russians had valid Schengen visas.

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Naftogaz announced the launch of a new arbitration against Gazprom

Naftogaz Ukrainy announced a new arbitration against Gazprom due to non-payment for transit »

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” filed a petition with the International Arbitration Court for arbitration against Gazprom. This was reported by a Ukrainian company on Facebook (owned by Meta, which is recognized as an extremist organization and banned in Russia).

“Naftogaz” demands from Gazprom funds for the service provided for organizing the transportation of natural gas through the territory of Ukraine, which were not paid to them on time and in full, — the report says.

The head of the Ukrainian company, Yuriy Vitrenko, noted that the transit contract was signed in 2019 on the terms of “pump or pay”, however, “Gazprom” since May he has been paying less than the agreement stipulates.

RBC sent a request to the press service of Gazprom.

On December 30, 2019, Russia and Ukraine signed a five-year contract for gas transit to Europe with the possibility of a ten-year extension. The agreement provides that Gazprom must pump through Ukraine a minimum volume of gas of 65 billion cubic meters. m in the first year and 40 billion cubic meters. m in the next four years.

The fact that Ukraine may apply to international arbitration because of the refusal of Gazprom; to fully pay for transit, Vitrenko warned back on June 22. He said that the Russian company “underpays for transit, for these volumes that he booked.”

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He noted that under the terms of the transit contract, 45 days are allotted for settling disputes. According to him, the company will have the right to apply to arbitration in July.

After the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Kyiv initially reported on the regular transit of Russian gas through Ukrainian territory. Vitrenko said that the pumping of gas through Ukraine would continue as long as it was “technically possible”.

In early May, the Ukrainian gas transmission network operator (OGTS) announced that it was stopping the transit of Russian gas to Europe through the gas distribution network. station «Sohranivka» in the Luhansk region due to force majeure. The OGTS explained that it is not controlled by the Ukrainian side, and offered to redirect power from the Sohranivka station on the GIS «Sudzha».

In «Gazprom» stated that they had not received confirmation of force majeure circumstances and did not see any obstacles to the continuation of transit through the Sokhranivka station. The company also announced the impossibility of transferring transit to the GIS “Sudzha” due to the peculiarities of the Russian streaming scheme. May 11 Gazprom reduced gas transit through Ukraine by 25%, to 72 million cubic meters. m against 95.2 million cubic meters. m the day before.

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The new king addressed the British for the first time and handed out titles

In his speech, he called Elizabeth II an example and a source of inspiration, and promised his subjects to protect the constitutional principles that “constitute the heart of Great Britain”

The Ministry of Justice added Latynina, Eidelman and Michael Nucky to the register of foreign agents

The register of media-foreign agents has been supplemented by historian Valery Soloviev, activist Elena Shukaeva, journalist Andrey Afanasiev, and legal entity Mitya Aleshkovsky

The Ministry of Justice added Latynina, Eidelman and Michael Nucky to the register of foreign agents

Yulia Latynina

The Ministry of Justice of Russia entered into the register of individuals— foreign agents journalists Yulia Latynina and Michael Nucky, as well as historian Tamara Eidelman.

In addition, historian Valery Solovey, activist Yelena Shukayeva, and journalist Andrey Afanasyev are included in the list of media-foreign agents. it was founded by Mitya Aleshkovsky (son of Tamara Eidelman), previously included in the register of foreign media agents. According to the law, persons included in the register are required to open an LLC in their own name for reporting to the Ministry of Justice.

«Time of Bells»— a song by the Soviet rock musician Alexander Bashlachev.

“For me, this [Ministry of Justice] decision was expected, the only question was when I would get on this list. I will continue to do what I did before, only I will give a banner that I am recognized as a foreign agent, — Valery Solovey told RBC.

He stated that he “completely does not understand the reasons” decisions of the Ministry of Justice. Nightingale intends to contact his lawyers. “I’ll think about it, I’ll consult, maybe I’ll start the process,” — he concluded.

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Michael Nucky declined to comment. RBC turned to Tamara Eidelman, Yulia Latynina, Mitya Aleshkovsky and Elena Shukaeva for comment.

At the end of May, the Basmanny Court of Moscow arrested the ex-journalist of Ekho Moskvy in absentia. Michael Nucky, against whom a criminal case was opened for discrediting the army. For the journalist, they chose a measure of restraint in the form of arrest for two months from the moment of detention or extradition to Russia. Since the summer of 2021, he has been in Georgia and has been collaborating with the team of Alexei Navalny.

Tamara Eidelman taught history at school No. 67, is an honored teacher of Russia. She hosted thematic programs “Books of our childhood”, “Subjunctive mood”; and “The Fates of the Books” at the radio stations “Mayak”, “Voice of Russia” and «Radio of Russia— Culture". In 2019, Eidelman created her own YouTube channel, where she posts videos on historical topics. She is also a teacher at the online school of the Direct Speech project.

After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Eidelman condemned Russia's actions and left the country.

Yulia Latynina— journalist, columnist and blogger, published for a long time in Novaya Gazeta. She also opposed the military operation in Ukraine.

Elena Shukaeva— freelance journalist from Yekaterinburg, freelance writer for Novaya Gazeta; (her last note was published there in March, now the publication is actually not working). Also, its texts were published on the website of the Yekaterinburg “Memorial” (the company is recognized in Russia as an NPO-foreign agent and liquidated). Andrey Afanasiev— journalist collaborating with Radio Liberty (recognized as a foreign media agent).

Earlier, on September 2, the Ministry of Justice entered actor and TV presenter Mikhail Shats, politician Yulia Galyamina, blogger Kirill Fedorov, journalist and political scientist Sergei Medvedev, editor-in-chief of the publication Novaya Gazeta. Europe» Kirill Martynov, journalist Sergei Loiko.

At the same time, the department expanded the register of individuals-foreign agents, adding to it the leader of the Time Machine group, People's Artist of Russia Andrei Makarevich, political scientist Fyodor Krasheninnikov, journalist Katerina Gordeeva, Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon and others.

In mid-July, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law according to which a person who received “support from abroad” is considered a foreign agent. or being “under foreign influence”; and engaged in political activities in Russia, targeted collection of data in the field of military and military-technical activities of Russia or dissemination of messages and materials for an unlimited number of people.

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Russian guards attacked in Kursk region

In the city of Sudzha, Kursk region, which is located near the border with Ukraine, armed men attacked the National Guard. They managed to escape, injuring at least one of the members of the National Guard. Interception plan announced

In the Kursk region, the National Guard was attacked, TASS reported, citing a source in law enforcement agencies, as well as the Mash and Baza Telegram channels. Telegram channels write that the attack was carried out by “Ukrainian saboteurs”. The attack took place in the city of Sudzha, which is located about 10 km from the Russian-Ukrainian border.

According to Mash, the incident occurred at a checkpoint near the bypass road— the officers tried to stop the suspicious Gazel, and opened fire from there. Baza writes that the National Guard was informed about armed men, the agency staff found them in the forest near Sudzha, where there was a clash between them and the National Guard. Both men fled.

According to preliminary data, there is at least one wounded, there is no information about his condition. Plan “Interception” announced.

Later, the administration of the Kursk region confirmed the information about the attack in the Sudzhansky district, indicating that one person was wounded. “A search is underway for suspects. Please remain calm and vigilant,— the authorities said.

RBC asked the press service of the Central District of the National Guard Troops for comment.

The “yellow” has been operating in the Kursk region since mid-April ; (high) level of terrorist threat. The regime is regularly extended, now it is valid until September 22. At the end of May, the Ministry of Defense sent additional forces and weapons to the region to ensure security.

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Since the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine, the authorities of the Russian regions bordering it have repeatedly reported attacks and shelling, as well as sabotage or attempts by the Ukrainian side. In mid-August, the FSB reported blowing up six power transmission towers that lead to the Kursk nuclear power plant. According to the department, “Ukrainian saboteurs” were behind this. The incident led to a “violation of the technological process of the operation of the nuclear power plant,” the FSB said. Pinery. There were no casualties as a result of the collapse; freight trains walked along the branch line. The governor of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoit, later said that the incident was a sabotage.

Two weeks later, the FSB reported that a local resident was detained in the region, preparing explosions in crowded places. The FSB believes that he acted in agreement with the special services of Ukraine. The purpose of the attacks was to “destabilize the situation”, as well as pressure on the authorities to stop the special operation in Ukraine, the FSB said.

In early August, Starovoit announced an attempted sabotage at the local airfield, where military aircraft are based.

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In the United States, the phrase “tomorrow will be worse” threatened with sanctions for supporting Russia

The State Department said that the United States will impose new sanctions against Russians for supporting the special operation The United States will continue to work on restrictive measures, Jim O'Brien, head of the State Department's department for coordinating sanctions, said during a briefing

The United States will continue to impose sanctions against Russian citizens who support the policy of the Russian authorities. Jim O'Brien, head of the US Department of State's Office for the Coordination of Sanctions, said this during a briefing. The broadcast was conducted on YouTube.

“I want to say, as always, that those who support the policies of the Kremlin will have a worse tomorrow, as they will face the consequences of our measures or the way we apply them,” — he said.

According to him, the US authorities will continue to work on new sanctions.

Most of the briefing was devoted to the situation in the global food market. O'Brien pointed out that the US does not impose sanctions on Russian products and fertilizers, since the functioning of the grain markets— for the most vulnerable countries. He also said that the agreement on the export of grain from Ukraine, in particular the opening of the port of Odessa, reduced food prices by 5%.

Since the end of February, the US, the EU and their allies have imposed several packages of sanctions against Russia due to a special operation in Ukraine. The restrictive measures affected the Central Bank, gold and foreign exchange reserves, major banks, a wide range of imports and exports, the energy sector, Russian businessmen, politicians and public figures.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly called the sanctions illegitimate, and also stated that they will hit everyone, and the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov described restrictive measures against Russian businessmen as “banditry at the international level.”

Read on RBC Pro Pro You can trade remotely on Chinese marketplaces. What you need to know Instructions Pro The world has been swept by a wave of “quiet layoffs.” What it will lead to in Russia Diets Pro Articles “Innovation is not something new”: how to implement them in a traditional business Articles Pro Be reasonably tough: how to earn authority for a new boss Instructions Pro ports of Ukraine was concluded in mid-July with the participation of Moscow, Kyiv, the UN and Turkey. The first ships left in early August. Subsequently, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that ships with Ukrainian agricultural products were sent mainly to the West, and not to the “starving” ones. African and South Asian countries.

In September, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for limiting grain export routes, since most of it was exported to the EU, and only 3% of the total was delivered to the poorest countries. His position was supported by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who said that Putin is right when he says that grain goes to rich, not poor countries.

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Playwright Durnenkov and critic Davydova were charged with fake news about the army

Administrative cases are related to their publications in social networks. Durnenkov and Davydova are outside of Russia

Marina Davydova

The Tverskoy Court registered cases under an administrative article on discrediting the Russian army, brought against a theater critic, editor-in-chief of the magazine "Teatr." Marina Davydova and playwright Mikhail Durnenkov, the press service of the court told RBC. 20.3.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses were registered on September 8. For this part, a fine of up to 50 thousand rubles is threatened.

As specified on the website of the publication “Teatr.”, Davydova received a telegram with a request to come to the prosecutor's office to make a decision on the administrative case on August 18. Davydova noted that she was not going to “prove something in court” and also return to Russia.

In a conversation with RBC, the critic called the case against herself “administrative nonsense.” “The petition was written on February 24th. That is, until the moment the law on defamation came out, — Davydova said. According to her, “there is no discrediting the army in the petition.” “There is no word ‘army’ at all,— said the critic.

Davydova had previously said on Facebook (the parent company Meta was declared extremist and banned in Russia) that a few hours after the publication of the petition on February 24, she began to receive threats by phone and e-mail, and a few days later the letter Z was painted with white paint on the door of her apartment. After that, Davydova left the country.

Durnenkov told RBC that he would not appeal the initiation of the case and was not in Russia. “In order to appeal the case, one must see some sense in the actions of the Russian court or have hope for justice. Since I don’t notice either one or the other, I’m not going to do anything about this, & mdash; said the playwright.

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Durnenkov published a post about the Russian army in April. After that, the head of the Union of Theater Workers, Alexander Kalyagin, issued a statement in which he condemned the words of the playwright and noted that he could no longer be in the association. The Moscow Art Theater School, where he taught dramaturgy, terminated the contract with him. “Theatre.” wrote that Durnenkov's performances had disappeared from the playbill of the Praktika Theatre. On the website of “Satyricon” removed his name from the poster of the play “R”, of which he is the author. At the end of the month, more than 120 theatrical figures published a letter in support of Durnenkov.

In 2019, Durnenkov received the Golden Mask Award. for the play “Utopia” staged at the Theater of Nations. Wrote more than 20 plays, including «The­lead­nik», «(Sa­my) easy­quick­sob­shy;th­to», «Kul­tour­layer».

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Putin’s ultimatum forced the EU to back down

Restrictions on Russian gas prices will not be introduced.

InoSMI found out about the reaction of the European Union to the warning of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian President warned that he would suspend gas supplies if a decision was made to limit gas prices.

As Tom writes Rice for The Telegraph, after Putin's warning, the EU decided not to impose a ceiling on gas prices.

The expert found that at a meeting of the European Union, ministers asked the European Commission to create a plan to mitigate the crisis in the energy markets.

The observer confirmed that Europe is experiencing an acute crisis due to a sharp rise in energy prices and their shortage.

“Ministers in Brussels are urgently trying to prepare for a harsh winter,” – said in the material.

The EU Ministerial Meeting was held on Friday, September 9th. The heads of ministries discussed additional measures to reduce tensions in the world.

Including the option of the obligation of consumers to reduce electricity consumption during peak hours, to introduce limits on the income of companies that produce electricity at low costs and receive excess profits for due to high prices.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin reminded that the West is not in a position to dictate its terms to Moscow and impose price limits on Russian energy resources.

“Cold, freeze , wolf tail. The West is not in a position to dictate its terms to Russia, let them come to their senses”, – advised Vladimir Putin.

Putin also promised not to close himself off from Europe and said that Russia would not impose visa restrictions

As Topnews wrote earlier, Hungary delivered an ultimatum to the EU countries and demanded that sanctions be lifted from Russian entrepreneurs. In response, Budapest promised to stop stopping anti-Russian restrictions.

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Georgian parliament says Saakashvili lost 30 kg after arrest

Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has lost 30 kg since his arrest, a member of the country's parliament from the opposition United National Movement party told reporters. Koba Nakopia.

«It is clear that his health is not that requiring attention, but alarming. He needs to be transferred to a specialized clinic to provide appropriate assistance, », — Nakopia said after visiting Saakashvili in a private clinic in Tbilisi.

The MP blamed the Georgian authorities for this and urged them to take the ex-president abroad. He expressed hope that on the basis of the conclusion of foreign doctors who examined Saakashvili in August, he would be released from prison.

Earlier it was reported that the politician was diagnosed with 17 diagnoses in a Tbilisi clinic. His brother Giorgi Saakashvili said that he was not getting better.

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Expert: COVID-19 may find a new host among animals by the end of the year

Story Coronavirus pandemic of a new type that spread from China

The SARS-CoV-2 virus may find a new “host” by the end of the year by spreading to animals, Vladislav Zhemchugov, a specialist in especially dangerous infections, an immunologist, MD, told TASS.

According to him, large-scale and rapid “seeding” of the planet with the omicron-strain of COVID-19, with a decrease in the number of deaths, it happens precisely in the interests of the virus.

“I think we will see before the New Year who will be the new” master “, among whom the virus will settle and exist as a new natural focal infection”, — noted the doctor.

He believes that “Omicron” will be the last strain within the pandemic to circulate in humans. Then it will spread to animals, but will again be able to spread among people with a decrease in their collective immunity, suggests Zhemchugov.

Also, the expert does not exclude the occurrence of the next mutation of SARS-CoV-2, which will bypass collective immunity.

Earlier, MIPT scientist Pavel Volchkov expressed the opinion that a new strain of coronavirus could appear in China if the country eases restrictions against it.

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Convicted Serbian general Mladic hospitalized

The leader of the Bosnian Serbs, General Ratko Mladic, who was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Hague Tribunal, was hospitalized in a prison hospital. This was announced by his son Darko, TASS reports.

He called his father's condition difficult. According to him, Mladic has pneumonia, and also has a heart murmur.

Darko complains that the Hague doctors hide the general's health from the family and provide the results of medical tests for a very long time. Mladic Jr. said that in August his father had been ill with the coronavirus, and during the entire period of his imprisonment he suffered three strokes and a heart attack.

In November 2017, Ratko Mladic was sentenced by the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia to life imprisonment for genocide, crimes against humanity and violation of the laws of war. He was a fugitive for almost 16 years until he was arrested in Serbia in May 2011 and extradited to The Hague.

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“Never let the queen down.” Love story of Elizabeth II and Philip

They lived together for 73 years, 4 months and 20 days. And died with a a a a year and five months difference. They — they are Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. recalls a bright, touching, rich in events and emotions love story. The world's longest monarch.

“To be spared in war and to see victory, to be able to rest and rebuild, to fall in love unconditionally —    after that, personal and even world problems look small and unworthy of attention. I'm afraid I can not be able to express all this in the right words, and I certainly am unable to convey my thanks to you. Lilibet, you the only thing in this world that is absolutely real for me  — Prince Philip wrote to his beloved Princess Elizabeth in 1945.

The charm of a blue-eyed blond

By that time, they had known each other for 11 years. The first meeting of the prince and the princess happened at the wedding of the cousin of Prince Philip — Princess Marina of Greece and Duke of Kent, who was the uncle of Princess Elizabeth. It was in 1934 in Westminster Abbey. But to pay close attention to the 13-year-old fourth cousin of eight-year-old Lilibet was unaware. Three years later, Philip and Elizabeth saw each other at the coronation of her father —George VI. But and then nobody could have imagined that someday they would get married and will live long and happily 

The spark between the young people ran later, when George VI together with wife Elizabeth Bowes-Lyonand daughters — Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret — attended the Royal Naval College, where Philip studied. With charm and jokes, an 18-year-old well-built blue-eyed blond instantly fell in love with a 13-year-old Lilibet. The girl immediately understood: here is her future husband. Philip realized that she — his fate, not immediately.

Young people began to correspond. On the nightstand by Lilibet's bed now stood a portrait of Philip. On vacation from service during World War II, he came to London. Celebrated Christmas with the Royal Family at Windsor Castle in 1943. Everything seemed to be going to the wedding. However, George VI did not approve of his daughter's choice. Philip came from a family that was deposed and fled from his native Greece, his parents divorced, his mother ended up in a psychiatric clinic. He didn't have any money. Yes                         's manners did not really correspond to the court of monarchs.

“A flash of color on the gray path”

The king and queen were horrified. They considered Philip unworthy of the hand and heart of their daughter. However, Elizabeth stood her ground. She did not see anyone else in the place of her future husband. And                 the year, during while relaxing in Balmoral Castle in Scotland, Philip, getting down on one knee, proposed to the princess. "I think" — Lilibet didn't said…

George VI had to come to terms with her choice. 10 July 1947, the engagement of Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth took place. Four months later, on November 20, the lovers got married. He was 26 years old, she — 21.

Shortly before the wedding, the king gave the future son-in-law the title of Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth and Baron Greenwich. Having accepted British citizenship, from the former titles of "Prince of Greece" and "Prince of Denmark" Philip refused. In addition, he took his mother's surname, rewritten in English manner — Mountbatten. Moved from Orthodoxy to Anglicanism. And a few years later, when her beloved became queen after the sudden death of her father, he was forced to leave his military career.


The celebration itself was modest by royal standards. Only 2 thousands of invitees! Elizabeth bought the fabric for the dress herself on cards (the government allocated her additional, in honor of the solemn occasion), according to which post-war Britain still lived.

However, the royal wedding ceremony was broadcast on radio and television for the first time. And more than 2 million people gathered on the streets of London. Postcards with photographs of the newlyweds were specially issued.

However, the most interesting in "wedding of the century" there were not dresses, decorations, and a four-tiered cake 3 meters high, but Elizabeth the traditional promise to obey her husband, which she insisted on herself. And surprised everyone.

Winston Churchill called the wedding of the prince and princess “a flash of color on the common gray path”.

Queen's Shadow

From their side life of course seemed a fairy tale in which every day — like a wedding. Yes and how could it be otherwise for royals?! However, in the  life of Elizabeth II and Duke Philip, as in many simple families, there were problems and grief. After all, they raised four children. Elizabeth left the two older ones in  London when she left for Malta to her husband who served there. But little kids — little troubles…

Suffice it to recall the scandals around Prince Charles related to his extramarital affairs, divorce from Princess Diana, her death, the new marriage of the Queen's eldest son… Like any mother, she was certainly worried about he. It's a gift that he has already been a father twice.

Princess Anne and Prince Andrew could not live long and happily in the same marriage. Not rumors went around the queen and husband. Especially in the first half of their life together. All sorts of intrigues, novels, relationships with actresses, journalists, ballerinas were attributed to the Duke … Not a single fact was confirmed. And Philip himself, somehow unable to stand it, answered the journalist’s tricky question: “Didn’t it occur to you that all these years I didn’t go anywhere without a police escort? Damn it, how would I have gotten away with such a trick?!»

” height=”531″ width=”800″ style=”display: block;” />

Photo: Rohwedder

70 for years, from 1951 to 2021 year, Prince Philip's destiny was always to be close to the Queen. That that is, half a step behind. He was her main support, support, true friend, reliable shoulder, stone wall… And shadow. Yes, the queen's shadow, without which she simply could not live.

“To be honest, I”d rather stay in the navy, — once confessed the duke. — But there was no choice . It happened. Sometimes life forces you to make compromises. And the main thing for me — never fail the queen»…

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In the Kharkiv region, urged to leave the houses of residents in the zone of shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Vitaly Ganchev, head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, urged residents to leave their homes due to shelling resized/673xH/media/img/0/79/756627831964790.jpg 673w” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

The UN announced almost 2.5 million tons of grain exported from Ukrainian ports

As part of the “grain deal” from Ukraine, 108 ships took out almost 2.5 million tons of grain and other food, the Joint Coordination Center reported. Anadolu Agency calculated that most flights arrived in Turkey

According to the Joint Focal Point, as part of the “grain deal” 108 ships transported 2,463,991 tons of grain and other foodstuffs from Ukrainian ports.

The Turkish Anadolu agency published statistics, according to which, as of September 8, 2.5 million tons of food were taken out by 105 ships, of which 39 have already reached their destinations, and another 66 are on their way. The agency estimated that 21 ships called at the ports of Turkey, four — in the harbors of Egypt and Italy, three ships delivered cargo to Romania. One ship arrived in the ports of England, Greece, Djibouti, Israel, Spain, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Ships with food are leaving Ukrainian ports as part of the “grain deal”, an agreement on which Russia and Ukraine signed separately with Turkey and the UN on July 22. The parties undertook to create a safe corridor for the passage of ships with grain in the Black Sea, representatives of the UN, Turkey and Ukraine agreed to control the loading in order to exclude the transport of military cargo. The agreement was concluded for three months with the possibility of extension.

The first ship left the port of Odessa on August 1, and five days later, the first foreign cargo ship moored in Chernomorsk since the outbreak of hostilities. Among the flights exporting Ukrainian grain, — two ships that went to Yemen and Djibouti as part of the UN food program.

Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that most of the supplies go to European countries, and African countries “rudely threw it.” Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed with him, expressing regret about this.

Putin also indicated that by the end of the year Russia would export 30 million tons of grain, but the country was ready to increase supplies to 50 million tons.

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The Czech Republic declared Hungary “on the edge of the abyss” and allowed its exit from the EU

Minister for European Affairs Mikulas Beck stressed that Budapest disagrees with Brussels on many issues and, against this background, “came to the edge of the abyss.” Now he needs to decide whether to jump or not, he noted

Mikulas Beck

Hungary's position on various issues, including sanctions against Russia, often differs from the position of the EU, said in an interview with radio station Český rozhlas Plus Minister for European Affairs of the Czech Republic Mikulas Beck. He admitted that this could lead to Hungary leaving the European Union.

“In the European Union, negotiations are often difficult. <…>But Hungary, in my opinion, has come a long way to the edge of some kind of abyss, and now she has to decide whether to turn back or take a chance and jump, the consequences of which I do not want to speculate on,— concluded the minister. He added that under the “jump” the country's theoretical exit from the EU is implied.

Beck stressed that he will have a lot of work to do in the coming months to keep Budapest “on European track”; (The Czech Republic currently holds the EU Council Presidency).

The Czech minister also noted that the positive signal is that Hungary has temporarily abandoned its demand to remove three Russian businessmen from the European sanctions list— Alisher Usmanov, Petr Aven and Viktor Rashnikov. Budapest's request was reported earlier in the week by the Politico newspaper, citing sources. According to her, this infuriated the representatives of the EU. Later, the publication wrote that Budapest temporarily abandoned its demand after negotiations with the Czech Republic. The EU sanctions list should be extended until September 15.

In recent years, Hungary has repeatedly found itself in opposition to Brussels, including because of the law adopted in the country to limit LGBT propaganda and withdraw frequency from the opposition radio stations. The latest reason for disagreement was the EU sanctions policy towards Russia. Hungary did not support the restrictions, and also warned that they would primarily turn against the countries — members of the European Union.

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“In the end, Europe will be on the side of the losers in this war due to economic problems. We recommended to stop the sanctions process,— Balazs Orbán, a senior adviser to the Hungarian Prime Minister, said in June.

In August, including because of Hungary, EU foreign ministers failed to reach a consensus on a visa ban for Russians. Instead, it was decided to turn to a softer measure— suspension of the simplified visa regime. Budapest also opposes sanctions against oil and gas supplies from Russia. “There is no European security of supply without Russian sources of energy”, — Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto stated.

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Ratko Mladic hospitalized in The Hague

The general has pneumonia, pulmonary edema and heart failure, and his condition has been deteriorating since May. Mladic's son expressed fear for his life

Ratko Mladic

Serb General Ratko Mladic, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for actions during the Bosnian war in 1992-1995, was hospitalized, he is in serious condition, the Serbian newspaper Pravda reports. referring to his son Darko Mladic.

According to him, the general has pneumonia, pulmonary edema and heart failure. Mladic was transferred from a prison in The Hague to a civilian hospital, where he stayed for several days, and then sent to a prison hospital.

Mladic Jr. clarified that the cause of pneumonia has not yet been established, and it is also unknown whether the general suffered a heart attack for last days. “We were only verbally, by telephone, told that he had an ultrasound of the heart, and promised that all the findings would be given to us,” — he explained.

According to Darko Mladic, his father can no longer perform any actions on his own and needs outside help. “He can’t even move anymore, he just sits and lies. When we talk to each other via video call twice a week, he barely manages half an hour, — added the interlocutor of the newspaper.

The sharp deterioration in the health of the Serbian General Darko Mladic reported at the end of May. “He is so weak that he is not able to walk 30-40 minutes and he needs help for the most ordinary things. As for the treatment he receives there, we do not have precise information about what and how he is being treated. He says that they measure his sugar level and pressure, officially we receive only generalized formulations, for example, “his condition is stable,” “participates in a conversation,” & mdash; he told RIA Novosti.

The International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia sentenced Ratko Mladic, a former army commander of the Republika Srpska (a self-proclaimed state in the Serbian lands of Bosnia, now part of Bosnia and Herzegovina) to life imprisonment in November 2017. He was found guilty of crimes against humanity, terror, attacks on civilians and hostage taking.

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In addition, during the capture of Srebrenica, the Bosnian Serb army threatened to destroy the contingent of Dutch peacekeepers in the city in case of intervention NATO aviation.

Another episode from the Mladic case was the siege of Sarajevo. As a result of the shelling of clusters of civilians, 11 thousand people were killed.

Mladic pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The defense of the general appealed the verdict of the tribunal, but in June 2021, the judges of the International Residual Mechanism for criminal tribunals (MOMUT) confirmed a life sentence.

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The authorities of Kupyansk said they would not leave the city because of the shelling

The regional center in the Kharkiv region is under fire from the Ukrainian armed forces, which are attempting an offensive. The day before, local authorities announced the evacuation of local residents

Kupyansk authorities said they would not leave the city because of shelling

The pro-Russian authorities of Kupyansk, Kharkiv region, will not leave the city, despite shelling from Ukrainian forces, RIA Novosti reports. with reference to the administration of the region.

“The shelling does not subside. The administration works, it is present in the city. Some part of it leaves the area to accompany the population during the evacuation, — quotes the agency's press service.

The day before, the head of the military-civilian administration of the Kharkiv region, Vitaly Ganchev, said that due to shelling, the population of Kupyansk, as well as the cities of Izyum and Veliky Burluk, were evacuated. According to him, the residents were offered to leave for the rear and towards Russia.

On the night of September 10, he once again addressed the residents of the settlements under shelling and urged them to leave at home. “The Russian border service has been notified about refugees from the territory of the Kharkov region. You will be provided with the necessary assistance, & mdash; he claimed.

Kupyansk is located in the eastern part of the Kharkiv region, 70 km northeast of Izyum and 50 km east of Balakleya. It is the administrative center of the Kupyansky district. There is a large railway junction in the city.

The Ministry of Defense reported about the attempts of the UAF offensive in the south of Ukraine at the end of August, but the Kharkiv region was not mentioned in these reports. Later, in early September, the agency reported several times about attacks on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and weapons depots in the Kharkiv region.

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On September 8, the military-civilian administration of the region reported that fighting was going on along the entire line of contact. New reserve formations of the armed forces were introduced into the Kharkov region. In the evening of the same day, Vitaly Ganchev described the situation on the line of contact as difficult, but manageable.

The next day, he said that Balakliya was, in fact, no longer under the control of the pro-Russian authorities. “Balakleya is, in fact, not controlled by us. Attempts are being made to drive out the Ukrainian forces there, but there are fierce battles and our troops are being held back on the outskirts,— he stated.

According to the head of the regional VGA, heavy fighting is underway near Shevchenkove, reserve armed formations have been pulled into the city area.

The Kupyansk mayor's office reported that the city had come under the control of the Russian military on February 27 . Kupyansk— one of the largest settlements in the region, which is under the control of the Russian military.

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Charles III officially proclaimed King of Great Britain

The king automatically took the title upon the death of the queen, so the ceremony at St. James's Palace was a tribute to tradition. It was attended by the first persons of the state, including Prince William and Liz Truss (max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

Charles III

Charles III officially became the King of Great Britain after this status was approved by the Council of Succession, which met on Saturday at St. James's Palace in London, according to the Independent.

The Council of Succession included members of the Privy Council, which consists of the Queen's advisers— the most respected and experienced former and current politicians. There are about 700 of them, but about 200 people took part in the ceremony. The Council of Succession approved Charles III as king, after which the first persons of the state signed the corresponding proclamation.

Among those who put their signatures were the king's son William, who received the title of Prince of Wales the day before and became the official heir, his wife Charles III— Queen Consort Camilla Parker-Bowles, newly appointed Lord President of the Council (Heads the Privy Council) Penny Mordaunt, Prime Minister Liz Truss.

Charles III himself was not present at this part of the ceremony. However, as part of the second part, he will take an oath, as well as approve orders that will ensure the succession of the government.

Former British Prime Ministers also attended the ceremony of the Council of Succession— Boris Johnson, Theresa May, David Cameron and Tony Blair.

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A ten-day mourning for the deceased Queen Elizabeth II continues in Britain. She died Thursday afternoon at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Shortly before this, doctors expressed concern about her state of health and recommended that she remain under observation

After the death of her mother, 73-year-old Prince Charles automatically became king, taking the name Charles III. The ceremony at St. James's Palace was purely formal and ceremonial.

On the evening of September 9, Charles made his first address to the people, in which he called the queen a source of inspiration and an example for him and him families. The new king also promised to serve the British people until the end of his days and defend the constitutional principles of the state.

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Charles III Windsor

King of Great Britain

November 14, 1948

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