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Politico learned about the delayed US security strategy due to Russia

Politico: US has not created a national security strategy because of the uncertainty with Ukraine Russia's vague intentions regarding Ukraine prevent the US from updating its national security strategy, writes Politico. The degree of threat from Russia in this document can change greatly due to its actions

The preparation of a new version of the national security strategy is delayed in the United States. One of the factors that affects the delay, — uncertainty due to the likely actions of Russia in relation to Ukraine. Several high-ranking officials told Politico about this.

By law, the President of the United States must update the national security strategy annually. However, President Joe Biden did not present it in 2021, pushing the deadline for preparing the document to the first quarter of 2022.

The strategy may “substantially change” depending on whether Russia invades Ukraine, and if so, how. “But overall, President Joe Biden and his aides are unlikely to change their basic assertion that China, not Russia, poses a greater long-term threat to America,” notes Politico.

One of the sources confirmed to the publication that the situation around Ukraine is one of the factors influencing the timing of the publication of the strategy. Recently, in Western countries, as well as in Ukraine, there have been statements about a possible Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory.

Russia's unclear intentions with regard to Ukraine are one of the factors influencing the timing of the release of the new strategy, one of Politico's knowledgeable interlocutors explained. The specifics of the proposed invasion of Ukraine, such as its hypothetical form or territorial scope, as well as the question of whether Russia will use cyberattacks, can significantly affect how the United States assesses this threat, it is possible that the work will have to be redone.


The Kremlin has repeatedly stated that Russia has no aggressive plans towards Ukraine. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow was forced to send troops to the Ukrainian borders due to the “unfriendly atmosphere” arising from NATO exercises and the expansion of its infrastructure to the east.

“Russian troops are located on the territory of the Russian Federation near the Ukrainian border, and we consider it necessary to leave them there in the face of a very tense situation, — Peskov said. He also emphasized that the Kremlin ruled out the deployment of offensive weapons in Ukraine.

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A rally of Poroshenko’s supporters near the courthouse. Live broadcast

In Kiev, a rally of supporters of the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is taking place near the building of the city Court of Appeal. Here we will consider a defense complaint against a preventive measure for him in the form of a ban on certain actions

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DPA learned of NATO’s decision to deploy battlegroups in Eastern Europe

DPA : NATO agreed to deploy troops in Eastern Europe

NATO decided to expand the number of multinational military contingents in 30 European countries, primarily— in Bulgaria, Slovakia and Romania. Such measures were taken due to the accumulation of Russian military forces on the border with Ukraine. This was reported by the German agency dpa, S & uuml; ddeutsche Zeitung reports. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. According to dpa, the decision to expand the contingent can be confirmed by the defense ministers of the countries participating in the alliance on February 18, after which an appropriate announcement will be made. The plans may be implemented as early as this spring.

The material is being supplemented.

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“How much did you pay?” Kaluga Governor talked to migrants at the MFC

Kaluga Governor Vladislav Shapsha came to the MFC, where he talked to a migrant who “obviously does not speak Russian”, but received a certificate of knowledge of the language. He said that he paid 5 thousand rubles for him.


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The Kremlin opposed the use of the “Rodchenkov Act” because of Valieva

Representative of President Peskov: Russia opposes US measures against athletes =”The Kremlin opposed the use of the Rodchenkov Act because of Valieva” />

Kamila Valieva

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on the possible introduction of US measures against Russians involved in the situation with the doping test of figure skater Kamila Valieva. He stressed that Russia is categorically against the cross-border application of US law.

“Some kind of cross-border application of US law” it's something we strongly disagree with, whether it's about sports or something else. And here there can be no cooperation, — said Peskov.

He called the whole situation with a positive doping test a misunderstanding.

The “Rodchenkov Act” was approved by the US Senate in November 2020 and provides for criminal prosecution of anti-doping rule violators around the world. Thus, they face up to ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine for individuals or $1 million for legal entities. who acted as one of the main informants of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) in the case of doping in Russian sports. In 2016, he stated that the country has a state program to support doping use. Russia has repeatedly denied Rodchenkov's accusations.

The material is being supplemented.

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Peskov called the length of the table between Putin and Macron

The President of France refused to take a PCR test in Russia

Dmitry Peskov confirmed the reports of foreign media that Emmanuel Macron had to maintain a social distance at a meeting with Vladimir Putin, as the President of France refused to take a PCR test upon arrival in the Russian Federation and exchange information with Kremlin doctors.  


Therefore, the negotiations took place at a large table. “The distance there is 6 meters,” Peskov clarified.

According to him, foreign leaders follow their sanitary and epidemiological rules, and if “they don’t mean to interact with the Russian side in terms of exchanging tests, we We treat this situation with understanding. However, in this case, our protocol on additional protection of the president comes into effect, the Kremlin speaker specified.

“There is no politics in this. Everyone treats this with full understanding,” Peskov said.

He stressed that the large distance between the leaders in the Kremlin “does not interfere with the negotiations.”


Who needs a pilot’s license to fly drones?

From March 1, paragraph 2.7 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR-494) comes into force. According to the aviation rules, approved by the order of the Ministry of Transport dated November 10, 2020, drone owners are required to obtain a pilot's license.

It is stated in clause 2.7 that, when performing aerial photography contracts, companies must attract specialists who have been trained in training programs approved Ministry of Transport. That is, all persons performing work under a civil law contract are required to undergo training and have a certificate.

According to head of the development department of the BRLAB drone laboratory, co-founder of the All-Russian League of Drone Racing RDR Alexander Bakhvalov, FAP-494 requires that a remote pilot-operator (a person flying a drone with a maximum take-off weight of 30 kg or less) complete a training program. However, it is now impossible to fulfill this requirement, Bakhvalov believes, since the Federal Air Transport Agency has not yet approved a training program for an external pilot of unmanned aircraft (UA).

Why was the training program not approved?

The approved aviation regulations (FAR 147) do not contain requirements for a remote pilot (a specialist in the operation of unmanned aerial systems).

“There are no requirements, since there is currently no code for the specialty “Remote Pilot of UAN“. At the moment, the Federal Air Transport Agency advises adhering to the already established requirements and waiting for clarifications after March 1, most likely, the entry into force of the law will be postponed until the end of the year, — Bakhvalov says.

Earlier, Andrey Borisenko, Chairman of the Council for Air Transport Professional Qualifications, sent a letter to the Ministry of Transport, in which he asked to postpone the entry into force of paragraph 2.7 of the FAR No. 494.

Who needs to obtain a UAV operator certificate March 1, 2022?

Those who use drones weighing up to 30 kg for personal purposes do not need an operator's certificate. But it is required if the drone is used for commercial purposes. So far, market participants are in a semi-legal position, since no one officially issues documents confirming the qualifications of a remote pilot, and the requirement to undergo training comes into force only from March 1, 2022.

Where can I get a certificate?

It is now impossible to get trained according to the programs approved by the Federal Air Transport Agency, since the standard program has not yet been approved by the Ministry of Transport. According to Bakhvalov, at the moment there is only a program approved by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, which is being implemented on the basis of the ATC. Hero of the Soviet Union, Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR Igor Petrovich Volk. Anyone can sign up for the UA external pilot course by clicking the link.

Previously, the specialized association “Aeronext” with the participation of the Federal Air Transport Agency and several other organizations, she developed the professional standard “Specialist in the flight and technical operation of unmanned aerial systems … up to 30 kg”. The document spells out the general requirements for drone operators. So, for example, the pilot must be able to prepare the drone for flight, control the device, and also maintain interaction with air traffic participants and the State Corporation for Air Traffic Management in the Russian Federation, which controls the organization of flights. The pilot's duties also include conducting search operations in the event of an accident.

What are drones up to 30 kg used for?

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) up to 30 kg are used for aerial photography, monitoring construction sites and infrastructure. Such drones are also used in the organization of air shows, in aircraft modeling and other areas.

In 2021, according to the Federal Air Transport Agency, 21.3 thousand drones up to 30 kg were registered in the Russian Federation, 80% of them belong to individuals. In total, there are 42,000 drones in the agency's database.

Who issues permission to fly drones?

If you have a drone weighing more than 250g, you need to register it. You can do this through the portal of public services. The registration procedure takes approximately 3-5 days.

If the drone weighs more than 250g, then an airspace permit (UTI) is required to fly. It is issued by the Zonal Center of the Unified Air Traffic Management System (ATM).

Permission to fly a drone over a settlement is issued by the administration of the settlement. It must be obtained for all types of UAVs, if the takeoff weight exceeds 250 g.

Is it possible to launch a drone wherever you want?

For flights over populated areas, it is necessary to obtain permission from local governments, after which, a day before the intended flight, submit an application for establishing a flight regime to the zonal center for air traffic management, and two hours — contact the dispatcher and inform him about the flight.

For flights over federal cities, including over Moscow, you need to obtain permission from the executive authorities.

all UAV flights, and outside the Moscow Ring Road, the procedure for registering and conducting flights belongs to the general procedure, there is even an online service for requesting registration and conducting aviation work, — says Bazkhvalov.

Where can drones fly?

There is a whole list of places over which drone flights are strictly prohibited. These are, for example, airports, hazardous industries, strategic state and military facilities and other special zones. And for flights over the territory of various organizations, it is necessary, in turn, to obtain permission from their owners.

A complete map of territories where drones cannot be launched is published on the portal «AOPA-Russia » and updates in real time.

What threatens the violator for illegally launching a drone?

For the illegal launch of an unmanned aircraft, the Code of Administrative Offenses (Article 11.4) provides for fines:

  • for individuals, they amount to up to 50 thousand rubles;
  • for legal — up to 300 thousand rubles.

A penalty is provided for causing minor or moderate harm to health as a result of an unauthorized flight of a drone:

  • for individuals — up to 2.5 thousand rubles;
  • for legal — up to 100 thousand rubles.

If the flight of a drone caused by negligence the infliction of grievous bodily harm or death of a person, then criminal liability arises. The violator faces a penalty of imprisonment for up to two years. In addition, illegal flights and filming of secret objects can lead to criminal penalties for espionage or illegal obtaining of information constituting state secrets.



Exercises with the participation of Bastion missile systems were held in Crimea

In the Crimea, divisions of mobile coastal missile systems “Bastion” The Black Sea Fleet, stationed on the peninsula and in the Krasnodar Territory, made marches for conducting exercises, the information support department of the Black Sea Fleet reports.

In particular, the military personnel completed the deployment of complexes, their preparation for combat use and training missile firing at a sea target .

The crews conducted training to replenish ammunition and to remove complexes from under attack, change, equip and camouflage new starting positions.

In total, more than 40 military and special units were involved in the maneuvers equipment.

It was previously reported that in 2022 the Navy will receive the first full-time Zircon carrier. Hypersonic weapons will receive the third ship of the “Admiral series” — project 22350 — “Admiral Golovko”.


An-2 plane crash in Kamchatka

On February 11, an An-2 plane crashed near the village of Koryaki in Kamchatka. There were two crew members on board, both of them died.

Fire equipment and improvised means were used to extinguish the fire that occurred as a result of the An-2 crash. Firefighters and rescuers extinguished the fire and completed work at the crash site of the An-2 light aircraft near the village of Koryaki.

A private light aircraft An-2 was flying to the village of Tymlat in the Karaginsky municipal district, transporting cargo. Some time after takeoff, the plane crashed one kilometer southwest of the village of Koryaki, Elizovsky municipal district. Law enforcement officers opened a criminal case.

The crash site of the An-2 aircraft near the village of Koryaki, Elizovsky Municipal District © Government of the Kamchatka Territory

An employee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation at the crash site of the An-2 aircraft near the village of Koryaki, Elizovsky Municipal District © Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

Firefighters and rescuers at the site of the crash of the An-2 aircraft near the village of Koryaki, Elizovsky municipal district © Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Kamchatka Territory

An employee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation at the crash site of the An-2 aircraft near the village of Koryaki, Elizovsky Municipal District © Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

The crash site of the An-2 aircraft near the village of Koryaki, Elizovskiy municipal district © Government of the Kamchatka Territory

An employee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation at the crash site of the An-2 aircraft near the village of Koryaki, Elizovsky Municipal District © Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

The crash site of the An-2 aircraft near the village of Koryaki, Elizovskiy municipal district © RIA Novosti

The crash site of the An-2 aircraft near the village of Koryaki, Elizovsky municipal district © Government of the Kamchatka Territory

An employee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation at the crash site of the An-2 aircraft near the village of Koryaki, Elizovskiy Municipal District © Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation jpg” height=”438″ width=”800″ style=”display: block;” />

Firefighters and rescuers at the site of the crash of the An-2 aircraft near the village of Koryaki, Elizovsky municipal district © Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Kamchatka Territory

An employee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation at the crash site of the An-2 aircraft near the village of Koryaki, Elizovsky Municipal District © Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

The crash site of the An-2 aircraft near the village of Koryaki, Elizovsky municipal district © Government of the Kamchatka Territory

An employee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation at the crash site of the An-2 aircraft near the village of Koryaki, Elizovsky Municipal District © Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

The crash site of the An-2 aircraft near the village of Koryaki, Elizovsky municipal district © RIA Novosti


Angel Vivaldi – Anabasis Pt.2 lyrics

Angel Vivaldi

Anabasis Pt.2 lyrics


Steffen Kummerer,


Angel Vivaldi – Anabasis Pt.2 lyrics

Arms raised, breathe in
Calm the mind
Open the eye
Breathe out
Feel the blood pulse
Life is pumping, I’m alive
I am now one within the light
Wake up, rise
Fear no more
Complete, I’ve crossed the stream of life
I’m out of the cave
Eyes wide open
Bright white
Out of the body
In a different dimension
Going beyond the illusion
Vibrating with all forms of life
Reaching the first spark
All the flames inside
Breathe life in
I’m fulfilled
Embrace my soul
Feel the pulse
I’m a river, I’m the sky

In this state of grace
All the elements (Are aligned)
Ashes drawing the path with blood
Going beyond the mind, fearless
The fire has wiped out all the things that I was
Born again
I can breathe and feel
A vessel of pure energy
Feeling the presence that surrounds us
Closing the eye
Everything is in balance
The universal flame
My own Anabasis
My spiritual migration
I’m complete
Face the highest truth
I’m above
Feel the flames inside
A whole new me
Blood, love, mind, flesh
Now I can see

Angel Vivaldi – Anabasis Pt.2 lyrics

Zelensky fired the ambassador who insulted Putin in 2014

Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland Andriy Deshchytsia has lost his post. After the events on the Maidan in 2014, he acted as the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and arrived at the Russian embassy during the riots that the radicals staged there

Andriy Deshchitsa

President Vladimir Zelensky dismissed Andriy Deshchitsa from the post of ambassador to Poland. The decree on this was published on the official website of the head of the Ukrainian state.

The reason for the dismissal was not named in the decree. Vasily Zvarych, who served as director of the second territorial department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, was appointed to replace Deshchytsia.

After the collapse of the government and the flight of President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014, Deshchytsia was acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine from February 27 to June 19 .

Deshchytsia arrived at the action of radicals near the Russian embassy in Kiev on June 15, 2014. Then Ukrainian nationalists burned tires near the fence of the embassy and threw Molotov cocktails over it.

Together with the protesters, Deshchitsa sang obscene chants against Russian President Vladimir Putin. Later on the air of “Echo of Moscow” he explained his action. “At that moment, the main thing was— keep people, prevent violence. We managed to do it. The embassy remained untouched,— said Deshchitsa.

According to him, people expressed their opinion, protested, because it became known about the death of 49 Ukrainian soldiers, as well as about the downed plane. “People were very indignant, and we had to stop these people so that they would not go further and, thus, would not provoke an attack on the embassy, ​​an assault on the embassy. Therefore, we offered them to express their opinions in a peaceful way,»,— noted Deshchitsa.

The Investigative Committee of Russia then opened a criminal case against “persons from among Ukrainian radical members of nationalist armed groups.”

The case was initiated under the article “Assault on office premises and vehicles of internationally protected persons”; (part 1 of article 360 ​​of the Criminal Code of Russia).

According to the investigation, the attack on the Russian embassy in Ukraine in the period from 14 to 15 June 2014 was carried out by several armed groups numbering more than 1.5 thousand people.

“Aggressive individuals, armed with axes, baseball bats, stones, Molotov cocktails and other items, chanting anti-Russian slogans, overturned, damaged and destroyed seven diplomatic vehicles parked in the parking lot, and also dismantled paving stones in front of the embassy building»,— the Investigative Committee said at the time.

Participants in the attack smashed all the windows on the facade of the building with stones from dismantled paving stones and tried to set fire to the embassy using Molotov cocktails. As a result, the building and other property of the embassy suffered material damage totaling more than 18.8 million rubles.

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EU claims ‘short lifespan’ for Bloomberg bug over Russia’s invasion

EU diplomatic representative Stano: Bloomberg's headline about the invasion did not resonate ://” alt=”EU claims 'short lifespan' for Bloomberg bug about Russia's invasion” />

The EU believes that the headline erroneously published by Bloomberg about Russia's invasion of Ukraine did not cause much resonance and did not attract media attention. This was stated to TASS by the representative of the European External Action Service Peter Stano.

“For us, this story is not a problem, and it has remained in the past. We noticed this message <…>, but realized it was a short-lived bug that the news outlet quickly corrected,— Stano told.

He emphasized that the media sometimes make mistakes— it is important that these errors be acknowledged and corrected. “The EU does not base its actions and position on reports from news agencies and other media, and we see no point in further commenting on this story,” — concluded the representative of the Foreign Service.

The headline “Russia Invades Ukraine” appeared on the agency's website on the night of February 4-5, but was subsequently deleted. The agency posted an error message. “We are preparing headlines for many scenarios, and the headline “Russia invades Ukraine” was accidentally posted today at around 4 pm ET (around 00:00 Moscow time — RBC) on our website. We deeply regret this mistake. The title has been removed and we are investigating the reason,— Bloomberg explained.

Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the error an illustration of the consequences of “an atmosphere of extreme tension” and how such reports “could lead to irreparable consequences.” He noted that he does not consider the publication of Bloomberg a provocation, but, according to him, in such a situation, “any spark” is dangerous.

Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova linked the publication of Bloomberg and the material of the German tabloid Bild, which was released the next morning, to Moscow's allegedly developed plan for the period after the invasion of Ukraine with the desire to “spoil” hosting the Olympics in Beijing.

Deputy official representative of the UN Secretary General Farhan Haq, commenting on Bloomberg's mistake, said that all parties should refrain from rhetoric that could aggravate the situation around Ukraine.

The Russian side She repeatedly assured that she was not planning an attack on Ukraine. The Foreign Ministry said that the very idea of ​​a war with a neighboring country is unacceptable.

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Borrell said that Russia has no desire to seize Ukraine

Borrell: Russia does not want to seize Ukraine, but change the security architecture in Europe According to him, Russia wants to sit down at the negotiating table on security in Europe and therefore puts pressure on Ukraine. Borrell does not believe that a full-fledged war awaits the world, but considers the crisis the most serious since the Cold War

Josep Borrell

Russia's goal is not to attack Ukraine, but to put pressure on it, says EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Josep Borrell. He stated this at an event organized by the French Embassy in the United States (broadcast on Twitter of the European External Action Service).

“Ukraine is not important for Russia. For Russia, the security architecture in Europe is important. An architecture that has been questioned. They have security concerns and they want to talk about them,— Borrell explained. According to him, Moscow is putting pressure on Kiev so that there is a reason to “sit down and discuss what is important to it.”

“I would not say that we are on the verge of a full-scale war like the Second World War. I don't think Russia will invade Ukraine— how Hitler invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, — Borrell said in response to a request to comment on the situation around Ukraine. However, he called the situation “the most critical moment since the Cold War.”

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said on February 6 that a Russian invasion could happen one day, but there is no momentary danger. He noted that Ukraine would nonetheless prepare for a possible aggression.

The White House announced the decision not to use the word “imminent” when talking about a possible attack on Ukraine. The US expects an invasion could happen at any moment, but it is still unknown whether Russian President Vladimir Putin made the decision.

Western media and officials began to speculate about Russia's impending invasion of Ukraine at the end of last year. Washington and Brussels threaten Moscow with harsh sanctions in the event of an invasion. Russia has repeatedly denied the existence of plans for an attack. According to presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the United States and Europe are escalating tensions around Ukraine.

The European Union decided to provide Ukraine with “urgent macro-financial assistance” because of the threat of Russian aggression. in the amount of €1.2 billion NATO expanded its military presence in Eastern Europe due to the aggravation of the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

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Bloomberg learned about the unwillingness of the EC to disclose details of anti-Russian sanctions

Bloomberg: The EC is in no hurry to disclose details of anti-Russian sanctions to EU members due to leaks The European Commission is not yet sharing details of anti-Russian sanctions with EU members, fearing information leaks. According to Bloomberg, the EC does not want to give Moscow the opportunity to prepare for the consequences

The European Commission, which took the lead in preparing sanctions in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, is in no hurry to disclose the details of the sanctions package to EU countries, Bloomberg reports citing to diplomatic sources.

According to them, the EC wants to avoid leaking information about the measures being prepared in order to prevent Russia from analyzing the possible damage from them in advance.

One of the agency’s interlocutors added that due to the lack of details, the EU member states cannot fully prepare for possible economic consequences for them.

The European Union also did not hold a group discussion of the details of possible sanctions within the bloc. Instead, the commission held individual talks with the countries that are members of the union to assess the possible consequences of restrictive measures for Europe, Bloomberg sources say. The EU fears economic damage from trade sanctions against Russia, and that Moscow could restrict energy exports that countries like Germany need.

The EU countries worked in small groups to develop possible interventions, as well as jointly with the US and the EC. The most involved in the development of the sanctions package, along with Washington and Brussels, are Italy, Germany and France, the agency specifies.

Berlin, according to its data, insists on excluding the energy sector from the zone of possible sanctions.

Bloomberg notes that in general, the proposals of the EU countries are divided into several categories, including restrictions on the refinancing of Russia's public debt, financial sanctions and individual measures against people and organizations “close to the Kremlin.” Russia's disconnection from the SWIFT system is “unacceptable”, the sources of the publication stressed.

Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said about the need to maintain uncertainty on the issue of sanctions. “It's important to make it clear that this is going to cost Russia so much that they can't sit down at a computer and figure out if it's going to be too expensive,” — he explained.

Sanctions against Russia were previously announced by the United States, EU countries, including Germany, and the United Kingdom. Despite the overall coordination of efforts to develop measures, countries can impose different sanctions, writes Bloomberg. For example, the United States has already announced that they are developing a set of measures that are larger than in 2014. London also reported on the preparation of its bill imposing sanctions. They emphasized that the sanctions regime would be the toughest that Britain had ever introduced.

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US does not support immediate sanctions on Nord Stream 2

US White House: we do not consider imposing sanctions against Nord Stream 2 right now effective The White House said that they do not consider imposing sanctions against the gas pipeline right now effective. So far, the United States is limited to warnings that Nord Stream 2 will not be launched in the event of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. will be effective right now, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said during a briefing.

“There are disagreements between us <…> and some [members] of Congress, with those who believe that the imposition of sanctions on Nord Stream will now be effective. We don't think so. We believe that this is a means of influence, & mdash; she said.

As an example of such an impact, she cited statements that the project “won't budge”; in the event of Russian aggression. “So we keep doing it,” — explained Psaki.

The day before, President Joe Biden said that in Europe “there will be no” Nord Stream 2 if Russian tanks cross the Ukrainian border. “I promise you we can do it,” — he emphasized following the results of negotiations with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The latter also confirmed Germany's readiness to impose sanctions against Moscow. And German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock, who visited Ukraine this week, said that Berlin was ready to pay a “high economic price” because Ukraine's security was at stake.

Nord Stream 2 almost ready, both of its threads are filled with technical gas. However, the procedure for certification of the project by the German regulator is still underway. In November, it was suspended as the regulator demanded the creation of a special subsidiary in German jurisdiction to manage the German section of the pipeline. Nord Stream 2 AG complied with the condition. Berlin announced in early February that the certification process would resume when the German side received a complete set of documents.

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Scholz called for a dialogue with Russia on the situation around Ukraine

Photo: Flickr/Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

Further violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine will unacceptably lead to serious consequences for Russia. This was stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, but at the same time he added that the West is striving for dialogue.

“Our common goal is to prevent war in Europe,” the German leader emphasized.


Scholz pointed out that further violation of Ukraine's sovereignty will lead to political, economic and, most likely, geostrategic consequences for Russia.

Scholz pointed out Europe's interest in resolving this crisis and recalled that French President Emmanuel Macron visited Moscow the day before , and he intends to visit both Ukraine and Russia next week.


Israel strikes Syrian air defense systems


The Israeli army reported a strike on Syrian air defense systems in response to an anti-aircraft missile launch.

It is specified that earlier in the city of Umm al-Fahm, which is located in the West Bank, an air raid alarm went off. The reason was the launch of an anti-aircraft missile from Syria.

In turn, the Syrian military said that the country's air defense systems repel a missile strike over Damascus.

air”, located in Syria. Anti-aircraft installations and radars were also subjected to shelling. Such actions were a response to the launch of an anti-aircraft missile from the territory of Syria,” the press service of the Israeli army noted.


Zatulin acknowledged the possibility of a war between Ukraine and Russia because of a provocation

“There may be forces that will drag both countries into this”

A provocation could start a war between Ukraine and Russia – such a scenario is being discussed more and more often. Experts weighed the possibility of such a development of events and named the options for provocations that the Ukrainian side is capable of.


Reserved FSB Major General Alexander Mikhailov said about possible provocations: “It could also be false mining to stimulate panic among residents, and kidnappings or murders of people who are iconic in Ukraine, so that it is attributed to Russia.

I don't think that Ukrainians have a big enough menu – all provocations are always connected with explosions, fires, attacks on traffic police posts, kidnappings and murders of people. It is “ideal” for organizers to have politicians as targets.”

Director of the Institute of CIS Countries Konstantin Zatulin drew attention to the fact that conflicts are very high in Ukraine, people are annoyed by the authorities. And almost any conflict will inevitably be declared inspired by Moscow. That is, they will even organize only the presentation of events.

A veteran of the people's militia of the LPR, who agreed to talk with us, suggested that enterprises that had already actually become bankrupt, or even energy facilities, given the difficult situation in this industry, could be chosen as objects for provocations. “There were American suggestions that a dam might be blown up somewhere. And some settlements along the Dnieper will be washed away. They can blow up another plundered artillery depot,” the expert says.

Both Konstantin Zatulin and Alexander Mikhailov draw attention to a circumstance that makes the situation especially explosive.

– The main problem that gives rise to concern is the chaos within Ukraine, the struggle, the dominance of extreme nationalists in the political field, with their plans and intentions , – says Zatulin. – If Russia starts any military actions, then this will be done by decision of the Supreme Commander. Not a single battalion commander in Russia can start a war on his own. Is this true for Ukraine? There are serious doubts. There may be forces that, for their own reasons, can start provocations and drag countries into war.

“Let's remember how the Second World War began – when an attack on a German radio station was staged, allegedly by the Poles. All these receivers are quite well known. In addition, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that in addition to government-controlled structures in Ukraine, there are still many uncontrolled ones, and no one can guarantee that some Yarosh (arrested in absentia in Russia – “MK”) will do something on an optional basis, ” – says Alexander Mikhailov.


In France called the worst mistake of NATO in relations with Russia

According to the former UN Deputy Secretary General, French diplomat Jean-Marie Guéhenno, the promise made at the summit to accept Ukraine and Georgia into NATO military bloc in 2008, was the “worst compromise” of the alliance in relations with Moscow.

In an interview with Le Figaro, Guéhenno noted that the Russian leadership does not plan to recreate the Soviet Union, as is sometimes attributed to it in the West, but the Kremlin wants to have close relations with Kiev.

The French diplomat said that the eastward expansion of NATO, which continued after the collapse of the USSR, is a strategic mistake, and the promise made by the NATO leadership at the Bucharest summit in 2008 to accept Ukraine into the alliance and Georgia became a cause for concern in Moscow.

“After the end of the Cold War, it was necessary to deeply rethink the European order, and it would be hypocrisy to claim that NATO expansion is compatible with the development of real friendly relations with Russia,” the diplomat emphasized.

At the same time, he is sure that Kiev should not be deprived of the right to choose its partners and allies, but in At the same time, he called for the Ukrainian authorities to refuse to join the block in the future in exchange for restrictions on the deployment of weapons along its borders.


Borrell says Russia wants to change Europe’s security structure

European Union Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, speaking to reporters during his visit to the United States, said that Russia's goal is not to take over Ukraine.


The diplomat noted that Moscow's true goals are completely different, so expect an “attack” The Russian Federation is not standing on Nezalezhnaya.

"We do not believe that Russia wants to take over Ukraine …. Moscow is seeking to put pressure on Kiev to sit down at the negotiating table about the security system in Europe, which is now placed under doubt,” said the politician, quoted by TASS.

Borrell also called for a return to the discussion of those security concerns that the Russian authorities had previously stated, including NATO expansion.


Boats, locomotives and fire trucks: what Zelensky and Macron agreed on


Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky spoke about the agreements that were concluded during the visit of the President of France to Kiev Emmanuel Macron. We are talking about joint projects in the transport, industrial and defense sectors.

“The most important result of our negotiations with Macron is the involvement of France in joint projects in Ukraine,” Zelensky said.

So , Paris will supply Ukrzaliznytsia with 130 locomotives from Alstom, the French company Desautel will send 370 fire and rescue vehicles to Ukrainian firefighters, France will help build patrol boats for the border service of Ukraine, Ukroboronprom has entered into military-technical cooperation with the French company Thales.

In addition, an agreement was signed that France will take part in the modernization of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine.

Recall that Macron flew to Kiev immediately after a meeting in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Following the talks, Putin said that a number of Macron's ideas, which are still too early to talk about, are quite possible to make them the basis for further steps in Ukraine.


US Senate: Scholz confirmed the possibility of stopping SP-2 because of Ukraine

According to C-SPAN, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, representing the state of Kentucky, confirmed that on February 7, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, in an informal conversation with senators, confirmed his readiness to stop the Nord Stream 2 project. in case of “attack” Russia to Ukraine.



However, the senator complained that that the German authorities are not yet ready in principle to “put an end to” on this project, and such tough measures are possible only in the event of “military aggression” that Moscow allegedly plans against Kiev.

“Good news … – Scholz confirmed that … if the invasion (Russian Federation to Ukraine – ed.) happens, then “Nord Stream – 2″ will not advance … The bad news is that this can only happen after the invasion,” the American congressman said.

Recall that the American president spoke out about Germany's agreement with the US Position on SP-2 after negotiations with Stolz Joe Biden. The chancellor himself tried to avoid a direct answer to this question.


On February 9, up to one degree of heat is expected in Moscow

Cloudy weather is predicted in the Russian capital on Wednesday, February 9, according to the official website of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation.

“Cloudy. Little snow. Black ice,” the message says.

Daytime air temperature in the city will be from minus one degree to one degree of heat.

Southwest wind at a speed of six to 11 meters per second . Atmospheric pressure – 742 millimeters of mercury.

On Thursday night, cloudy weather, light snow, sleet and black ice are predicted in the capital. The wind is southwest at a speed of five to ten meters per second.

The thermometers can drop to minus three degrees. Atmospheric pressure will be 742 millimeters of mercury.

Earlier, scientific director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand said that the thaw in Moscow would last until the end of the week.


“I dismembered her and hid”: businessman avoided article for murder

NBC learned how Biden called Putin in private conversations

NBC: Biden Privately Calls Putin 'Guy With Nuclear Weapons And No Friends' NBC sources said Biden has privately referred to Putin as 'Guy With Nuclear Weapons And No Friends'. He also spoke jokingly about Macron, Johnson and Scholz. The US Security Council denied such statements

Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden, during private meetings, jokingly spoke about the leaders of the countries involved in resolving the Ukrainian crisis, as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin, NBC reports, citing sources.

In particular, Biden described Putin as “a guy with nuclear weapons and no friends,” writes NBC. German Chancellor Olaf Scholze, he, according to the channel's interlocutors, said that this was “not Angela Merkel”, but called British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's demeanor “noisy”. In addition, the American leader believes that French President Emmanuel Macron “wants to be Charles de Gaulle,” the sources said.

US National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horne told NBC that these “anonymous rumors in no way reflect what the president says or thinks about his colleagues, whom he respects and appreciates.

In March, Biden gave an interview to ABC News, during which he was asked if he thought Putin was a killer. “Mmm, yes,” — the President replied.

Commenting on Biden's statement, Putin said that he wished him good health, and clarified that he was saying this “without irony and without jokes.” “If we talk more about this topic, then here is what I would like to say. When we evaluate other people or when we evaluate other states, other peoples, we always look in the mirror, we always see ourselves. We always transfer to another person what we ourselves are, what we ourselves breathe, — he added.

“I remember: in childhood, when we argued with each other in the yard, we said this:” Whoever calls himself that is called that. And this is not accidental, this is not just a joke, the psychological meaning in this is very deep,— Putin continued.— We always see our own qualities in another person and think that he is the same as we are. Based on this, we evaluate his actions.

In June, before the summit with Putin in Geneva, Biden was asked if he continued to consider the Russian president a murderer. “I believe that in the past he basically admitted that he had certain things he could do or did. But listen, when I was asked this question on the air, I answered honestly, — said the President of the United States.

Putin later said that after the interview with ABC News, Biden called him and they “explained themselves.” According to the Russian leader, these explanations suited him.

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Brazil appreciates Bolsonaro’s visit to Russia after US pressure data

Brazilian Vice President Murau ruled out problems with Bolsonaro's visit to Russia because of the US Earlier media reported that the US was trying to cancel Bolsonaro's trip to Russia. The Vice President of Brazil said that the United States “shows the power of deterrence”, but stressed that he did not know the content of the conversation, which was written by the media

Antonio Murau

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's planned trip to Russia for February, will not cause any difficulties, Brazilian Vice President Antonio Murau said in an interview with Valor.

Earlier, Folha de Sao Paulo reported, citing sources, that the United States is pressuring Brasilia to cancel Bolsonaro's visit. According to the publication, this trip could be interpreted as a sign that Brazil is “taking sides in the conflict.” Folha de Sao Paulo reported that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken expressed such concern during a telephone conversation with Brazilian Foreign Minister Carlos França.

During the interview, Murau was asked how he interprets “American pressure”; regarding the President's trip.

“The United States is showing its power of deterrence. It has always been so. I do not know the real content of Blinken's conversation with Minister Carlos Franca. But it's all right. The trip will not cause any difficulties,»,— Murau replied.

He emphasized that Brazil does not take part in the Ukrainian conflict, but unequivocally believes that it must be resolved peacefully.

As I wrote Folha de Sao Paulo, the US did not directly try to force Brazil to cancel Bolsonaro's trip to Russia, but made it clear that they were working to prevent it from taking place. The interlocutors of the publication claimed that Washington believes that the cancellation or postponement of the trip will demonstrate that “Putin is in danger of diplomatic isolation” if Russia does not withdraw part of the military from the border with Ukraine.

The Brazilian Foreign Ministry then said Folha de Sao Paulo that they are not going to cancel the trip and that it does not mean support for any side.

President Vladimir Putin invited Bolsonaro to visit Russia in December 2021. The Brazilian President accepted the invitation. So far, the trip is scheduled for February 14 & ndash; 17.

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Kyodo learns of Tokyo’s readiness to supply gas to Europe in case of interruptions

Kyodo: Japan plans to supply LNG to Europe in case of disruptions due to escalation in Ukraine Tokyo is ready to transfer part of its LNG stocks to the EU, but only after it is convinced that the needs of the domestic market for fuel are covered

Japan plans to supply Europe with part of its liquefied natural gas (LNG) reserves, as European energy security is threatened due to the worsening crisis around Ukraine, Kyodo reports, citing government sources. The same information appeared on the NHK TV channel.

According to the channel, Tokyo expressed its readiness to supply gas in response to a request from the administration of US President Joe Biden.

Before supplying gas to the European market, Japan will make sure that there is enough fuel in the domestic market to cover all the needs of the country, Kyodo and NHK sources say.

Japan is considering supplying gas to Europe if Russia limits its supplies in response to Western sanctions, Kyodo reported citing sources last week. The agency wrote that Tokyo would probably invite other countries to coordinate to support the EU.

“We would like to determine what contribution we can make within the international community,” — Kyodo quoted Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan Koichi Hagiuda.

In early February, Bloomberg, citing sources, reported that the US and European partners are looking for new suppliers of natural gas in case of a military conflict in Ukraine with the participation of Russia. According to the agency, Washington and Brussels appealed to the authorities of Japan, South Korea and India. China is also being considered as a potential gas supplier, but so far the negotiations have not led to any result, agency sources reported.

The US and EU also asked Qatar, Nigeria, Egypt, Libya and Algerian companies to increase production by case of limited supplies from Russia.

Later, the White House reported that the United States began to work on the issue of diversifying natural gas supplies to Europe in the event of a Russian invasion.

About 40% of the gas consumed by the EU comes from Russia.

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RT demanded in a Berlin court to lift the ban on broadcasting

RT DE filed a lawsuit in Berlin with a demand to cancel the ban on broadcasting in Germany The decision of the German regulator to ban broadcasting, according to the channel, is unlawful, and RT DE has nothing to do with “speculation expressed by MABB.” Because of the situation with RT in Russia, they took action against Deutsche Welle and threaten YouTube .jpg” alt=”RT demanded in a Berlin court to lift the ban on broadcasting” />

RT DE Productions (a division of the TV channel in Germany) has applied to a Berlin court to overturn the decision of the media regulator Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (MABB) to ban broadcasting in the country, according to the RT website.

“Representatives MABB claims that RT DE Productions is responsible for broadcasting the RT DE channel, ignoring the fact that this channel is actually broadcast by ANO TV-Novosti. (legal entity RT. — RBC) from Moscow. The speculations expressed by MABB have nothing to do with reality,— the channel said in a statement.

RT DE emphasized that the company provides services to ANO “TV-News” solely as a content producer.

German regulator MABB banned RT DE from broadcasting in the country on February 2. The reason given was that the channel did not have an appropriate license. According to RT, the fact that the channel has a license in Serbia allows it to broadcast in Germany as well. Under the Serbian license, RT already broadcasts in more than 30 European countries. However, in Germany they said that the channel “cannot refer to any other legal permission under European law” except German.

In response, on February 3, Russia banned the broadcasting and broadcasting of the German Deutsche Welle. The channel's correspondent offices were closed in the country, accreditations were canceled for all employees of the Russian bureau of DW, and the television and radio company itself can be recognized as a foreign media agent. The German Foreign Ministry considered this unfounded and indicated that such measures “once again complicate Russian-German relations.”

In addition, on February 4, Roskomnadzor warned that the department was considering the possibility of economic measures against YouTube video hosting due to the systematic blocking of Russian media channels. The proposed measures, among other things, provide for the possibility of a ban on advertising, search results, as well as limiting payments and money transfers.

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CNN: Putin’s phrase showed his mocking attitude towards Ukraine

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Russian President Vladimir Putin showed his mocking attitude towards Ukraine and abandoned the diplomatic language, said the head of the Moscow office of CNN Nathan Hodge. This is how he commented on Putin's sensational phrase regarding Ukraine and the Minsk agreements.

Recall that Putin, after negotiations with French President Emmanuel Macron, said that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky “does not like a single point of these agreements.”

“Well, I like — if you don't like it, be patient, my beauty. You have to do it, it won't work any other way,” Putin said.

The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied the presence of any indecent subtexts in this phrase. However, Hodge believes that this phrase revealed “Putin's mocking attitude towards Ukraine,” which the Russian president does not consider a real country. He also accused Putin of misogyny. The journalist recalled that domestic violence was decriminalized in Russia five years ago.

Hodge noted that Putin's “tough guy” lexicon sometimes explained by a kind of simplicity of “one's on the board”; person. However, the President's choice of the verb “endure” testifies to a “disgusting and hidden attitude towards the role of women,” the journalist believes.

Zelensky, in response to the phrase about the “beauty”; said that “Ukraine is really beautiful”, but the word “mine” – it's overkill. He also added that “Ukraine is very patient, because it is wisdom.”


The Kremlin appreciated the negotiations between Macron and Zelensky


Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the Kremlin saw different signals from Kiev, which was visited by French President Emmanuel the day before Macron.

“There were positive signals that the solution (of the Ukrainian problem) could be based solely on the implementation of the Minsk agreements. This is a plus,” the Kremlin speaker stressed.

On the other hand, according to Peskov, Moscow did not hear from Zelensky that Kiev was ready to “engage and fulfill what should have been done a long time ago.”

For final conclusions, Peskov urged patience: “Let's wait, then the presidents will phone each other and the picture will become clearer.”

The press secretary recalled that even in Moscow, the leaders of Russia and France agreed that after Macron had talked with Zelensky, German Chancellor Scholz and other colleagues, they would call and synchronize their watches.

So far, according to him, there has been no telephone conversation between Putin and Zelensky.

Peskov also confirmed the information that the political advisers of the Normandy Four countries will meet on February 10. At this meeting, Russia will insist on the implementation of the Minsk Package of Measures, he specified.