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KAMAZ refused to produce military equipment due to sanctions

The head of the enterprise named the reasons for the undesirable decision.

According to Sergey Kogogin, General Director of KAMAZ, after a long effort, the company's management decided to abandon the production of military equipment. In addition, cooperation with Rostec has been reduced.

The reason for this decision was Western sanctions.

Kogogin mentioned that the company had been in the “red zone” since 2014, from which there was a risk of falling under restrictive measures.

To prevent this from happening, it was necessary to reduce the share of cooperation with Rostec, which was done, he explained.

The second task is to abandon the production by order of the Ministry of Defense, it was also solved.

The company that produces it is currently removed from the concern. Moreover, purely military equipment “KAMAZ” is no longer produced.

In a conversation with Tina Kandelaki on the program “Special guest”, he explained that the concern cannot ignore the sanctions, because it needs “western solutions&#8221 ; and is built into the global automotive industry.

It is technologically impossible to produce all the parts within the country.

Kogogin explained that over the past few years, the production of many components has been transferred to the country.

He called the pandemic conditions and “political instability” in the world. There are also parts that are easier to produce abroad, for example, if gearboxes are more profitable to make in Russia, then synchronizers – in Germany.

As Topnews wrote earlier, “KAMAZ” held a presentation of the first Russian electric car “Kama-1”.


Among those who arrived at the Olympics revealed 12 new cases of coronavirus

Story Coronavirus situation in China

The Organizing Committee of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games announced that the Chinese authorities have identified 12 new cases of coronavirus infection among people who arrived at the Olympics, TASS reports.

It is reported that on January 27  1682 & nbsp; people arrived in China, of which 1042 athletes & nbsp; and 640 — «representatives of other stakeholders».

As a result of PCR testing, 10 new cases of infection were detected, two — among athletes and officials, eight — among representatives of stakeholders 

Eight more positive results were identified among those who arrived at the Olympics earlier.

Earlier, China's regional health committees reported that the outbreak of coronavirus in Beijing led to a worsening of the epidemic situation in some other administrative-territorial units of the PRC.

It was noted that in 10 days, the Beijing authorities recorded more than 40 cases of coronavirus infection.


The Japanese clinic presented a plan for preclinical trials of “Sputnik V”

Story Russia has registered a vaccine against coronavirus

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Japan announced that the Hibiya Kokusai Clinic officially presented a project for preclinical trials of Russian vaccines “Sputnik V” and Sputnik Light, RIA Novosti reports.

The press release of the clinic says that vaccination with the Russian drug will be paid and will not be considered official human immunization.

«Test vaccination aims to study such aspects as the rise in the level of antibodies, the period of preservation of effectiveness, as well as safety testing, — to be specified in the statement.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Murashko, said that all data on Sputnik V transferred to the WHO. The visit of the World Health Organization specialists to Russia is expected in the first quarter of 2022.

Earlier, the head of the WHO Health Emergencies Program Michael ‎Ryan reported that more than half of the world's population is fully vaccinated against coronavirus. According to him, they received two doses of the vaccine.


“Hazing” and five corpses. Why did the Ukrainian soldier shoot his colleagues?

Practically every army in the world is faced with situations where a serviceman, under the pressure of certain factors that remained out of sight of the command, uses weapons against colleagues. This time it flared up in Ukraine.

He shot, and later surrendered

At 3:40 am on January 27, 2022 in Dnepropetrovsk on the territory of the Yuzhmash enterprise; shooting began in the guardroom. As a result, five people were killed and another five were seriously injured.

The shooter, a 20-year-old conscript of the National Guard of UkraineArtemy Ryabchuk, fled the scene, taking with him a machine gun, as well as magazines filled with ammunition.

A few hours later, it became known about the detention of Ryabchuk. As it turned out, while wandering around the city, he asked one of the local residents to call the police and report his readiness to surrender. When the security forces appeared, Ryabchuk offered no resistance.

The attitude to keeping official secrets in Ukraine is about the same as to observing security measures when handling weapons. The soldier who committed the crime was still on the run, and the records from the surveillance camera in the armory, as well as photographs taken by forensic experts at the scene, have already become the property of journalists. So that the nature of the injuries received by those killed, anyone who has read these materials, could personally assess.

Video footage of the crime

How exactly did the events unfold? After opening the armory, two people entered it. The first opened the cabinet for storing ammunition, the second, placing the machine gun in the weapons pyramid, then put two magazines from the machine gun into the cabinet. At the very moment when he went to the exit from the armory, Ryabchuk, who was in the corridor, shot him.

The second serviceman, without offering resistance, tried to hide behind the door of the weapons cabinet. Ryabchuk, having fired several shots in the corridor, returned to the armory, fired again at the wounded man lying on the floor, then at the officer on duty, who was trying to hide from him. At this point, the shooter ran out of ammo.

He grabbed a new magazine from the closet and continued shooting. With another shot, he finished off his first victim, after which he continued to fire at those in the corridor. Having completely suppressed the resistance, Ryabchuk again returned to the armory to put the magazines from the closet into a backpack. After that, he leaves for good.

Emergency at a strategic facility

The victims of the shooting were 34-year-old head of the guard senior lieutenant Alexander Buganov, 23-year-old junior sergeant Alexander Dragan, 21-year-old senior soldier Artem Levkovsky, 19-year-old senior soldier Leonid Chernik, as well as a 35-year-old employee of the Yuzhmash enterprise. The woman tried not to let the soldier out of the enterprise, and he killed her.

Five more people were injured of varying severity. Doctors are fighting for the lives of two, including a 22-year-old National Guard soldier who lost three liters of blood.

Enterprise “Yuzhmash” in the Soviet years it was the flagship of the country in the production of rocket and space technology, and, first of all, strategic missiles. Now “Yuzhmash” in a deep crisis, although it is considered one of the most important enterprises of the defense complex of Ukraine, in connection with which it is guarded by the fighters of the National Guard. For this reason, an emergency of this kind here — an extraordinary event.

“The Russian trace”?

20-year-old Ryabchuk was called up for military service from the city of Izmail, Odessa region, in the fall of 2021. Prior to this, the young man managed to graduate from the Izmail Agricultural Technical College and work as a storekeeper at a commercial enterprise.

Ryabchuk was born in the village of Broska, Izmail district, which is located on the outskirts of Izmail, in a family of Old Believers. 

Familiar Ryabchuk families claim that they were not sociable, although they were polite. The same is said by those who knew the young man — he was never the soul of the company, but he behaved emphatically correctly.

A number of Ukrainian media have already spotted the “Russian trace” in this case. The fact is that the 28-year-old sister of a soldier lives in Russia. According to some information, Ryabchuk's mother may now be in Russia with her eldest daughter. & nbsp;

“Finally, I could have gone AWOL, but not to shoot 10 people!” on the social network: “Now a discussion has begun on social networks, in which a number of opinion authors call Artem Ryabchuk, who shot 10 people in cold blood, a victim of hazing.

Of course, both the National Guard and law enforcement agencies will conduct a detailed investigation of this tragedy with a minute-by-minute restoration of the course of events.

But as for me, Artem — a tough, narcissistic killer with possibly mental disabilities.

Let me remind you that there are two women among Ryabchuk's victims. One of which was not familiar to him at all, and a number of his colleagues were just sleeping.

Ryabchuk himself, 194 centimeters tall and weighing more than 90 kg, is not very drawn to the victim.

He had the opportunity to report to his immediate commander that he was being persecuted, or to his commander's commander.

Or call the “Hotline” NSU, ​​which is on the main page of the official website. Could, finally, go AWOL, but not shoot 10 people!

No regrets

The picture of the crime at the moment looks like a classic plot of a massacre on the basis of the so-called hazing. A soldier who has served less than six months and is under pressure from old-timers, at some point cannot withstand the pressure and, using access to weapons, takes revenge on the offenders. Moreover, often in such a situation, those who have nothing to do with the conflicts that have arisen become victims of the — they just get in the way of an out-of-control armed man.

This script has no national specifics at all — such cases were in the USSR, and in modern Russia, and in the USA, and in France, and in Germany, etc.

To prevent such situations, careful control over the discipline and morale of the fighters is required, as well as strict compliance with the established norms for handling weapons. 

It is obvious that both of these tasks were failed in Dnepropetrovsk.

According to the first testimony of Ryabchuk, some time ago he witnessed a beating another soldier. According to him, contract soldiers beat conscripts, forcing them to do various types of work for themselves. Ryabchuk reported the incident to the command, but no action was taken. The soldier himself was declared by his colleagues to be a “snitch” and subjected to bullying. After making sure that the command was not going to solve the situation, Ryabchuk decided to take revenge himself.

The Strana edition referring to his sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, he writes that the soldier does not repent of his deed and considers his act in such a situation to be correct.

For the committed crime, he faces punishment up to life imprisonment.


Vilfand told whether Russians should wait for early spring

Spring this year is unlikely to be early, said Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

The weatherman explained that the “severe” the beginning of winter  does not guarantee early snowmelt.

«If some pattern is noticed within one decade and some conclusion is formulated, then it is possible that it will be erroneous,», the scientist emphasized. “To say that if winter started earlier and with cold weather, then it will end faster is not scientific,” he added.

At the same time, Vilfand noted that December last year was actually colder ordinary. But January, which is considered the coldest month in Russia, may turn out to be 3.5-4 degrees warmer than the norm. The temperature background in February is also expected to be slightly above the climatic norm or within it.

Judging by the height of the snowdrifts, it is not worth waiting for the rapid melting of snow, the forecaster specified. According to him, it will be possible to more accurately predict the convergence of the snow cover no earlier than mid-March.

Earlier, weather forecasters reported that by the end of January in Moscow, the height of snowdrifts will reach half a meter at a rate of 30 centimeters.

Add, published a long-term weather forecast for February 2022


How long will the prolonged snowfalls due to cyclones “Maria” and “Nadia” last?

Residents of Central Russia are waiting for a period of prolonged snowfalls. It will last five days, according to forecasts at the Phobos weather center. During this time, up to 20 mm of precipitation will fall — almost half of the monthly norm.

When will the snowfalls begin?

The snowfall period will begin on Friday, January 28th. The capital will be under the influence of a North Atlantic cyclone named Maria. Its center will move to the Pskov region. In the second half of the day, the snow will intensify, a snowstorm will begin, visibility will deteriorate to 2 km. Up to 3 mm of precipitation is predicted on Friday.

How will the weather change?

On Saturday, January 29, snowfalls will become even more intense. Up to 5 mm of precipitation is already predicted, visibility will periodically be reduced to 1 km. 

On Sunday, January 30, in the pre-lunch time, the bad weather will weaken. But in the afternoon, a new cyclone — “Nadia”. It will bring regular snowfalls, about 2 mm of precipitation will fall.

On Monday, January 31, the Nadi center will be over Moscow, the cyclone will bring even more precipitation — up to 7 mm. 

On Tuesday, February 1, the region will be in the rear of the cyclone. Snowfalls will continue, but will be fleeting. On the last day of the bad weather period, up to 3 mm of precipitation is expected.

What else will the weather be like in the next five days?

The weather in Moscow this coming weekend will resemble the climate of such Scandinavian capitals as Stockholm or Oslo, according to Phobos. The temperature will be 5-6 °C above the climatic norm. The thermometers will drop at night until & nbsp; -2°-7°C, and during the day they will rise to 0°-5°C. February will also continue a period of relative warmth.

On Monday, January 31, with the arrival of Cyclone Nadya, barometer readings will collapse in Moscow. Atmospheric pressure will drop to 727 mm Hg. Art. — this is 20 units below the norm. Such a sharp jump can negatively affect the well-being of weather-dependent people. 

Source: centralnoj-rossii-zaryadyat-5-dnevnye-snegopady

Media: experts believe that children have become more likely to stutter because of the pandemic

Story Coronavirus pandemic of a new type that spread from China

Due to the pandemic, children in Russia began to stutter more often, writes the 360 ​​website, citing Yulia Pokrovskaya, president of the Guild of Speech Therapists and Defectologists.

According to her, to speech disorders of varying degrees more than 800 reasons can lead to severity, ranging from poor ecology to wrong types of upbringing. The pandemic also affects this.

“There are definitely problems during the pandemic. They are most often of a neurotic nature, including an increase in the number of children with stuttering, — said Pokrovskaya.

She noted that mild speech disorders, such as when a child pronounces a sound incorrectly, can be corrected. Severe disorders, such as speech problems in children with autism spectrum disorders or mental retardation, will require long and painstaking work. this is the motivation of an adult, », — also said the interlocutor of the publication. At the same time, she admitted that if a person himself does not want to get rid of speech defects, and the initiative comes from others, the chances of success are small, and over the years it becomes more and more difficult to solve problems with speech.

“Settings have already been formed , fixed by many years of practice, but if a person wants, he will fix it. Proof of this — a huge number of people who enter theatrical institutes, correcting their speech, », — Pokrovskaya summarized.

Earlier, the specialist explained why a child can stutter and how speech therapists work with such children. also told stories of seven famous stutterers.


Clinical trials of another drug for COVID-19 will begin in Russia

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation approved the conduct of clinical trials of a new drug based on molnupiravir, which is used to treat coronavirus in adult patients, follows from the data of the state register of medicines.

“An open two-stage study on assessment of the main pharmacokinetic parameters, safety, and efficacy against COVID-19 of the drug Molnupiravir, capsules (LLC “Advanced Pharma”, Russia) in the adult population, — the study protocol says. 

It is assumed that the studies will take place from January 28, 2022 to December 14, 2026 on the basis of one of the Moscow clinics. 290 volunteers will take part in them. The drug will be available in 200 mg capsules.

Advanced Pharmaceuticals part of the Advanced group of companies, the plant is located in the industrial park Severny in the Belgorod region.

Molnupiravir — antiviral drug, administered orally. It is used for the treatment of COVID-19 in persons infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Recall that the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation included molnupiravir in the 14th version of the guidelines for the treatment of COVID-19.


Lawyers filed a complaint against the arrest of an American who staged a brawl in Voronezh

Representatives of the defense of US citizen Robert Gilman, who was arrested after an attack on a policeman in Voronezh, have appealed the preventive measure, RIA Novosti reports with reference to a representative of the Central District Court of the city. 

According to the source, the complaint was filed against a measure of restraint in the form of detention, the document will be sent to the Voronezh Regional Court next week.

According to investigators, on January 17, an American in a state of alcoholic intoxication staged a brawl in a passenger car trains. The man was taken to the duty unit of the South-East LU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia by transport, where he kicked a police officer several times.

A criminal case was initiated against Robert Gilman under the article on the use of violence against a representative of the authorities.



National Interest announced Putin’s foresight, which in vain rejected NATO

National Interest: President Putin foresaw a NATO crisis in 2007, but his words were not heard

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that Russia needed security guarantees from the United States and NATO countries, even during a speech at the Munich Conference in 2007. But according to the author of the article in The National Interest, the message was not understood.

As a result, there was a crisis in relations between Moscow and the West.

“The speech at the 2007 Munich Security Conference should have dispelled any doubts about whether Russia considers NATO policy in general and the alliance's inexorable march to the east in particular to be provocative and threatening. Putin warned his Western counterparts to change course,” wrote author Ted Carpenter.

In his opinion, the US and NATO called the tone of Putin’s speech “militant” “in their usual absent-minded manner.” American officials felt that such rhetoric is not conducive to “cordial relations” between East and West.

At the same time, Ted Carpenter is confident that NATO members have done enough to inflame the situation.

Formerly the author of the British Ambrose Evans-Pritchard published an article in The Telegraph saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin has a good chance to “overthrow the European strategic order.” The author writes that there is now a gas famine in Germany, US President Joe Biden has no strategy, and NATO is showing toothlessness. Therefore, according to Evans-Pritchard, Ukraine turned out to be defenseless against the “Russian invasion”. It should be noted that the Kremlin and the Russian Foreign Ministry have repeatedly denied Western accusations that Russia threatens Ukraine.


The Prosecutor General’s Office added to the list of undesirable organizations of the Polish WOT Foundation

Photo: Mikhail Kovalev

The Russian Prosecutor General's Office decided to recognize the activities of the Polish non-governmental organization WOT Foundation as undesirable in the country, a corresponding message appeared on the agency's website.

It is noted that the supervisory agency made such a decision based on the results of studying the materials received.

The Prosecutor General’s Office clarified that information about the decision was sent to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for entering information into the list of foreign and international non-governmental organizations whose activities are assessed as undesirable in the country.

“It has been established that its activities pose a threat to the foundations of the constitutional order and the security of the Russian Federation,” the ministry noted.


Kadyrov said whether he wants to be president or minister

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov spoke about whether he would like to work in federal positions. He said that he was not going to leave the republic anywhere.

“I also always said and I repeat that I don’t see myself in federal positions in any capacity – neither as a president, nor as a minister, etc. . My place is here, in the Chechen Republic, and I will not leave here!” – Kadyrov said in his telegram channel.

He also wrote that Russia should “help” Ukraine if there are no people “who can resist America.” According to him, he is not given any instructions to voice any theses from the Kremlin, and he makes this statement as a blogger and an ordinary person.

Earlier, Kadyrov said that the republic annually receives 375 billion rubles from Russia . Prior to that, he named the amount of 300 billion rubles and emphasized that without Russia, Chechnya would not last even three months.


NATO leaders vow to impose ‘unprecedented sanctions’ against Russia


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, US President Joe Biden and leaders of other European countries discussed the development of the situation around Ukraine. This is reported by The Independent.

It is specified that the politicians discussed the possibility of deterring Russian aggression by introducing economic costs and strengthening the defense of NATO's eastern flank.

“Politicians agreed that , if there is a Russian invasion of Ukraine, they will need to take a punitive response and impose an “unprecedented package of sanctions,” the publication notes.

The press office of the British Prime Minister added that diplomatic negotiations remain a priority with Russia, but in the event of an attack on Ukraine, retaliatory measures will be taken immediately.


CNN channel showed footage of Kharkiv as part of Russia

The American television channel CNN believes that the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv is part of Russia.

Thus, showing footage exercise of the Russian army, the location was Kharkiv, Russia (Kharkov, Russia – ed.).

In the plot, various military equipment, including tanks, moved across the field, while uninformed viewers could assume that the Russian the army is moving across the territory of Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted to this, who wrote in the comments under an Instagram post that Kharkiv would never be occupied.


The Russian Navy began exercises in the oceans: from the Arctic to the Arabian Sea

140 ships and vessels set out on a long voyage

The Northern Fleet's Arctic Expeditionary Group began its exercise on the night of January 26th. The exercise is led by the commander of the Northern Fleet, Hero of Russia, Admiral Alexander Moiseev. According to the press service of the Northern Fleet, the headquarters will work out action plans to resolve crisis situations in the Arctic Ocean region, and the crews of warships will work out actions to ensure military security, they will test tactics and methods of conducting naval combat in the Arctic region, and protect the communications of the Northern Sea path.

Photo: Alexander Astafiev

The newest frigate “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov”, the large anti-submarine ship “Severomorsk”, the large landing ship “Ivan Gren”, the missile cruiser “Marshal Ustinov”, the frigate “Admiral of the Fleet Kasatonov”, the large anti-submarine ship “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” ”, submarines, support vessels. In total, the crews of 30 ships, submarines and support vessels, 20 aircraft and helicopters were involved in the exercise.

Exercises in the Arctic are just one episode of the combat training of the Russian Navy. In January-February, he conducts a series of naval exercises under the general supervision of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov. The Navy and Aerospace Forces are practicing actions to protect Russian national interests in the World Ocean, as well as to counter military threats from sea and ocean directions. More than 140 warships and support vessels, more than 60 aircraft and helicopters were involved.

Thus, the joint Russian-Chinese naval exercise “Peaceful Sea-2022” was held in the Arabian Sea the day before. The Russian Navy was represented by a detachment of Pacific Fleet ships: the guards missile cruiser Varyag, the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs, and the large sea tanker Boris Butoma. The Chinese Navy was represented by the Urumqi missile destroyer and the Taihu supply ship. The naval sailors of the two countries worked out the release of a conditionally captured ship.

At the same time, a detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet, consisting of the corvettes Stoykiy and Soobrazitelny, went on a long voyage. The goal is to ensure the naval presence and demonstrate the Andreevsky flag in various areas of the World Ocean.


Ministry of Education and Science: almost 90% of universities use a blended learning format

Story Fifth wave of coronavirus in Russia

Almost 90% of Russian universities currently use a blended learning format, and about 10% – exclusively remotely, TASS reports with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science.

As of the beginning of this week, 82.49% of university employees and 51.87% of full-time students were vaccinated against coronavirus.

The ministry clarified that, according to the current standards, universities subordinate to it can independently and promptly respond to the development of the epidemiological situation in each region, including the transition to a remote work format.

Earlier it was reported that compulsory vaccination was introduced in the Krasnoyarsk Territory from covid for students. 80% of students should be vaccinated.

It also became known that the State Duma proposed to cancel the Unified State Examination in Russia. Chairman of the party “Fair Russia — For the truth” expressed the opinion that this form of the exam provokes the growth of paid services in education.


Ministry of Education: more than 6% of Russian schoolchildren study remotely

In Russian schools, 6.13% of students study remotely due to quarantine for COVID-19 and SARS, such data is provided by the Ministry of Education of the country in its Telegram channel.

"The percentage of students in closed classes (out of the total number of students) – 6.13%, – the message says. 

It is clarified that the number of educational institutions in which quarantine measures have been introduced is minimal – 0.28%.

Earlier, Rospotrebnadzor warned of the risk of re-infection with coronavirus among children.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Health prepared a memo for patients with asymptomatic and mild forms of coronavirus infection. 


The Federation Council approved the law on life imprisonment for recidivist pedophiles

According to the amendments, the Federation Council at a meeting on Wednesday approved a law providing for a life sentence for recidivist pedophiles, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the amendments, life imprisonment for sexual abuse of children of the age up to 18 years threatens those who committed the act repeatedly. The same punishment is provided for those who committed a crime for the first time, but against several children. In addition,  this measure will apply in a situation where violence is associated with the commission of another grave or especially grave crime.

Note that previously already convicted persons received a life sentence for a similar act and if the crime was committed in against a minor under the age of 14.

Earlier, one of the authors of the initiative,  Secretary of the General Council of “United Russia” Andrey Turchak said that the system of administrative supervision of pedophiles should be radically changed 


In 2022, Soyuz will be launched with Japanese Earth sensing satellites

Four GRUS Earth remote sensing satellites will be launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome on a Soyuz launch vehicle this year, Roskosmos reported.

Japanese company Axelspace Corporation has signed a contract with Glavkosmos Launch Services. (a subsidiary of Glavkosmos, part of the state corporation Roskosmos).

Four GRUS spacecraft should join the AxelGlobe constellation, which currently has five satellites in near-Earth orbit.

Vehicles GRUS is smaller than conventional Earth remote sensing satellites, but is capable of taking high-quality images with a resolution of 2.5 meters, Roscosmos said.

It was previously reported that the cargo ship Cargo Dragon splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean. It delivered more than 2.2 tons of various cargoes to Earth.

It also became known that the Soyuz with three Russian cosmonauts will go to the ISS on March 18.


17.3 billion rubles will be allocated for the salaries of medical workers

The head of the Russian government, Mikhail Mishustin, signed a decree according to which more than 17.3 billion rubles will be allocated to pay medical workers, TASS writes.

It is noted that the funds will be sent to current year for the salaries of doctors and paramedical personnel. The money will be distributed among the budgets of the territorial compulsory medical insurance funds.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin previously signed a decree on rewarding medical workers and doctors for the fight against coronavirus. The Order of Pirogov was awarded to 18 doctors and physicians, nine more received the medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland. II degree and 36 – the medal of Luka Krymsky.

Earlier, the Russians, in the framework of the survey, named the professions that, in their opinion, are the most prestigious. Among them were health workers, educators and specialists in the IT field,


Matvienko proposed to consider the possibility of chemical castration of pedophiles

Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko proposed to study the experience of other countries on the use of chemical castration for pedophiles, TASS reports.

Also, at today's meeting of the upper house, she opposed the return of the death penalty for such crimes – a corresponding proposal came from Senator Eduard Rossel. He noted that life sentences for pedophiles mean that they will be supported at the expense of regional and federal budgets.

Commenting on the murder of a five-year-old girl in Kostroma, committed with the participation of a recidivist pedophile, Matvienko called it unacceptable that, having served four year, the pedophile was released and again committed a crime. The head of the Federation Council confirmed that such people need to be isolated from society.

Earlier today, the Federation Council approved a law on life imprisonment for previously convicted pedophiles for violent acts against minors, as well as for the first time violence against two or more children.

Earlier, explained what the essence of this law is.

In January, the Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Andrei Turchak said that it is necessary to radically change the system of administrative supervision of pedophiles. He believes that tougher punishment should include not only life sentences.


Why did the Russian woman file a lawsuit against Garik Kharlamov for one million rubles?

Blogger Anna Polyakova filed a lawsuit with the Meshchansky Court of Moscow for the protection of honor and dignity against the showman Garik Kharlamov, the program «Comedy Club» and TNT channel. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the court. The statement of claim was registered on January 19 of the current year. The trial will begin in two weeks.

“The hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled for February 14,” — said the source of the agency.

What does Polyakov accuse Kharlamov of, «Comedy Club» and the TNT channel?

According to the press service of the Meshchansky Court, Polyakova considered it illegal to use her photograph in one of the episodes of the Comedy Club program. According to MK, we are talking about a release that went on the air back in 2020. Resident «Comedy Club» Kharlamov used a picture of a blogger in his miniature. What kind of picture was shown in the show and how Polyakova was depicted on it is not specified. The woman claims that she did not consent to the use of her own image. And when she saw herself on the TV screen, it “wounded her mentally”, notes “MK”.

What does Polyakova want to achieve through the court?

The blogger considered the publication of the photo a violation of her rights and an invasion of privacy. She demands to recover one million rubles from Garik Kharlamov, TNT and the humorous program for compensation for moral damage, as well as a public apology from the defendant. In addition, Polyakova insists on deleting the video with her image, RIA Novosti was told in the Meshchansky Court. 

Who is Anna Polyakova?

According to media reports, Anna Polyakova is a Muscovite and leads her own social media blog. There is no detailed information about her. Subscribers to one popular celebrity Instagram account suggested that Polyakova's lawsuit against Kharlamov and TNT — it's just a publicity stunt. 

“I'm the only one who doesn't know who she is?” — one of the subscribers wrote.

“The information was taken from open sources. It is strange to drive a barrel because someone used her photo, — said another.

«When you really want to be known. If it were not for Garik, then no one would have known who Anna Polyakova was, — a subscriber added under the publication about the lawsuit against Kharlamov. 

How did Kharlamov and TNT management react to Polyakova's lawsuit?

Garik Kharlamov and representatives of the TV channel have not yet commented on this incident. 1769422664.html


“Maybe I’m already microchipped?” Elon Musk is ready to introduce neuroimplants to people

The American company Neuralink has opened a vacancy for the position of head of clinical trials of brain implants in humans. The  accompanying description states that the applicant will have to “work closely with doctors and leading engineers”, as well as “first-time clinical trial participants”.

This means that the billionaire Elon Musk, which owns the Neuralink company, is ready to implant a neurochip in a person. Before he carried out similar experiments only on animals.

Pig, monkey, then  man

Musk loves to talk about artificial intelligence and the threats it poses to humanity. In order not to lose the competition to man-made intelligence (yes, yes, he puts the question in this way), it is necessary to develop a neurocomputer interface that will give people superpowers. With this goal, the entrepreneur founded another company in 2016, which he called Neuralink.

Three years later, the startup showed its first achievement — a microchip embedded in the brain of Gertrude's pig. It was used to record brain impulses: when a pig ate or, say, sneezed, the computer recorded signals that were displayed on the screen. Musk noted that the chip is absolutely safe and promised that people would start installing such devices in a couple of years. The procedure, according to him, will take no more than an hour and will be carried out by a special robot. The implant must be connected to the  brain with electrodes, and there will be no marks on the head, except for a small scar.  Now I could have a Neuralink chip installed, and you d didn know about it. Maybe I already chipped?» — joked the billionaire during the presentation.

In April last year, Elon Musk showed the new features of the developed neural interface: his startup published a video with a monkey playing computer ping-pong with the power of thought. A macaque named Pager was trained to play with a joystick and rewarded with a banana smoothie. The device recorded information about which neurons were activated during a successful game, compared it with movements of the animal, and formed models of the interaction of neural patterns with desired gestures of the monkey. Then the joystick from the computer was disconnected, but the monkey didn know about it (yes  and how to explain it to her?) and continued to play ping-pong, only now with the with the help of a chip implanted in the brain. That is exclusively by the power of thought.

Treatment and help for the disabled — just a prelude

In December last year, Musk said that in 2022 his company plans to implant the first human volunteers with a neurochip. This aligns with his plan to release devices to treat a variety of neurological conditions, from memory loss to addictions. The first to receive the implant should be people with severe spinal cord injuries.

And now Neuralink announces that it is looking for a specialist for the position of head of clinical trials for brain implants. “As director, you will have to work closely with the most advanced doctors and leading engineers, as well as the first participants in Neuralink clinical trials, — said in the vacancy announcement. — You lead and help build the team responsible for administering Neuralink's clinical trials and development the legal regulations that will appear in this fast-growing field».

FDA approval is required prior to testing. To do this, the company will conduct tests on a small group of volunteers to show that the technology works. This will be followed by trials on a wider group of participants to test the safety of the implantation procedure itself and the use of the neurochip.

Elon Musk hopes that the first human studies will demonstrate to the world and the FDA the possibility of restoring the ability to walk to paralyzed patients. "I think Neuralink has a chance to restore full-body functionality to those who have experienced a spinal injury, — he said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. — The neuroimplant has performed well in monkeys, we do a lot of tests and just confirmed it is very harmless reliable and it can be safely removed . Such a chip will help an immobilized person to control a smartphone and computer with the power of thought alone, and to do it will be faster than could do with his fingers.

But treatment of neurological diseases and assistance to the disabled — just a prelude to a different, more massive use of neural interfaces. Their main purpose, as already mentioned, — rivalry with artificial intelligence. After all, he, as the shocking entrepreneur warns, will become stronger and stronger. A & nbsp; means more dangerous for humans.

Why do scientists leave it?

«You cannot be smarter than a supercomputer, and if not you can beat something — join  — Musk says. — Soon the vast majority of our intelligence will be digital. This is the same difference as between the cerebral cortex and the peripheral nervous system, which has neither consciousness nor understanding of what our brain is doing. She just gets tired, hungry, angry and commands her brain to do something about it».

The neural interface will help the person of the future to take control of his own mind and get the most out of it. It will preserve and strengthen brain functions in healthy people, monitor hormonal levels and use them for the benefit of the body. And more — endows a person with superpowers. For example, you can listen to music not with your ears, but with your brain directly. In the & nbsp; perspective, Elon Musk believes, people will be able to communicate with each other telepathically. Of course, not everyone, but only those who will have a Neuralink implant.

Even though neuroscience — this is now the cutting edge of science, the scientists themselves treat the activities of the ubiquitous billionaire, to put it mildly, with restraint. In the spring of last year, Neuralink left Max Hodak, its president and one of the founders, professionally versed in the topic of neurocomputer interfaces. He did give no public explanation for his dismissal.

Earlier, a large group of scientists left the startup, about 2/3 of its leading researchers. Their departure was also not advertised, but rumors leaked out that people did not agree with the ethics of animal experiments, and     the very attitude of the Mask to their activities. The point is that scientific experiments, especially in biology, are strictly regulated. Their methodology is detailed, and if a certain sequence of actions is not followed, the result will be considered unreliable, which means, it is impossible to publish in a peer-reviewed journal and get recognition from the scientific community. Every scientist knows this.

But Elon Musk — a businessman, he is primarily interested in a commercial result, and not some publications in scientific journals. When it became clear to the researchers who came to work in  Neuralink that they were required to do something different from what they studied at universities and what they did in laboratories before, they decided to leave the project. High earnings — this, of course, is good, but reputation is more important in this case.

Brain scientists like to say that it is the most complex object in the universe. It has 86 billion neurons and a million billion connections between them. How can you translate into "number" whatever is going on there? No amount of electrodes is enough for this. So far, science has more questions about what's going on inside our skull than answers. And perhaps it will be easier for Elon Musk to fly to Mars than to find these answers.


Protest action of entrepreneurs in Kiev

In Kiev on January 25, a protest action of entrepreneurs took place near the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Entrepreneurs demanded the adoption of a bill on a simplified system for the use of cash registers and a number of other relaxations in the tax code. They marched through the central streets of Kiev, and then returned to the Rada building and continued the rally.

The rally participants tried to break into the parliament building, but the police pushed them back. On the square in front of the Rada, demonstrators clashed with the police. During the clashes, three protesters and 18 law enforcement officers were injured. The police detained 19 people at a rally of entrepreneurs.

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The Ministry of Health has established a unified procedure for visiting hospitals by clergy

The Ministry of Health of Russia has established a unified procedure for priests to visit patients in hospitals, TASS reports.

The relevant methodological recommendations, as part of the instructions of Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, have been sent to all Russian regions and federal executive authorities.

The document describes the algorithm for visiting a patient in a hospital by a priest after receiving such a request from the patient or his representatives. 

Subjects are also invited to adopt their own regulatory acts regulating the admission of priests to medical institutions.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health prepared a memo for citizens with asymptomatic and mild forms of coronavirus infection. 


Ulyukaev’s lawyer charged with two counts of fraud

Lawyer Darejan Kveidze, who represented the interests of the former Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexei Ulyukaev, was accused of two episodes of fraud, RIA Novosti reports.

The day before, the court arrested the suspect until March 23. It was reported that she was accused of fraud on an especially large scale.

It follows from the court ruling that Kveidze's husband gave money to an accomplice to bribe employees of the Khamovniki Court of Moscow. Kveidze and her partner Andrey Folomeikin concealed this money.

“In the future, at the request of the victims for the return of funds for a long period of time, [lawyers] did not return them under various pretexts,” – noted in the text.

The defendants in the case face up to ten years in prison.

Recall that in December 2017, the Zamoskvoretsky Court found Ulyukaev guilty of receiving a bribe of two million dollars and sentenced to eight years in prison.


How to change the insurance medical organization on the portal “Gosuslugi”?

Russians now have the opportunity to choose or change a medical insurance organization on the Gosuslugi portal. The order to this effect was signed by the Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko.

As noted in the document, an application for choosing a medical insurance organization can still be submitted:

  • in person at the company's office
  • on the website of the territorial CHI fund 
  • on the portal "Gosuslugi». 

If the application is submitted via “Gosuslugi”, the document must be signed with an enhanced qualified electronic signature & nbsp; of the insured person or his legal representative. & nbsp;

When is an application required? 

An application will be required if an adult does not have a compulsory health insurance policy. It is necessary to apply for it after obtaining Russian citizenship. Also, an application or documents for issuing a policy must be submitted if a person decides to switch to another medical services insurer.

It is still necessary for adults to apply when applying for a compulsory medical insurance policy for the first time. In the future, the document will be generated automatically for each citizen of the country in electronic form. 

From 2022, newborns are issued an electronic CHI policy automatically after registering a birth certificate in the Unified State Register of Civil Registry Offices.

Parents can see it in their personal account on the "Public Services" portal. Any clinic or hospital has access to the policy. When contacting a doctor, you can confirm your right to free medical care with the help of an identity document confirming Russian citizenship. 

How often can I change the insurance company? 

You can change the insurance company once a year until November 1, and when moving to another region — no limits. In the period from November 1 to December 31, only citizens can replace a medical insurance organization:

  • having an old-style policy (date of receipt before January 1, 2011);
  • received policies in other regions of the Russian Federation.

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Pope Francis joked about his health during the general audience

The prosecutor’s office declared the organizer of the “Nemtsov Forum” in Poland undesirable

The Prosecutor General's Office declared the Polish WOT Foundation undesirable in Russia The Polish NGO WOT Foundation participated in organizing forums and seminars with the participation of Russian activists and journalists

The Prosecutor General's Office declared another foreign organization undesirable in Russia— Polish WOT Foundation (“WOT Foundation”), according to a statement received by RBC.

“It has been established that its activities pose a threat to the foundations of the constitutional order and the security of the Russian Federation,” — said the department.

This organization, in particular, participated in the organization of the “Boris Nemtsov Forum”; 2019, held in Warsaw. She also supported some international exchange and advanced training programs— for example, the MOST project, which organized seminars for journalists from Russia and EU countries.

The organization has not yet been included in the register of undesirable organizations maintained by the Ministry of Justice. Now it has 49 items. The last to be added to the list was the “European Network of Election Observation Organizations” (ENEMO), which the Prosecutor General's Office declared undesirable in September last year. In mid-August, the Prosecutor General's Office recognized as undesirable the Belgian non-governmental organization International Partnership for Human Rights, which collaborated in Russia with the Sova information and analytical center, recognized as a foreign agent.

The status of undesirable organizations is prescribed in the law “On measures of influence on persons involved in violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms, the rights and freedoms of citizens of the Russian Federation” 272-FZ of 2012 (“Law of Dima Yakovlev”). Such structures are understood as foreign or international non-governmental organizations whose activities may pose a threat to the foundations of the constitutional order, the country's defense capability or state security.

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Head of company linked to Nazarbayev’s daughter detained in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, the head of the “ROP Operator” Medet Kumargaliyev was detained due to corruption The Vice Minister of Ecology and the chairman of the board of the “ROP Operator” were detained on suspicion of corruption. The government has previously deprived the government of a company associated with Nazarbayev's daughter the authority to collect utilization payments alt=”Kazakhstan detained the head of a company associated with Nazarbayev's daughter” />

Akhmetzhan Primkulov

Vice Minister of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan Akhmetzhan Primkulov and the head of the ROP Operator company involved in the organization of the recycling collection Medet Kumargaliyev was detained on suspicion of committing corruption crimes, Tengrinews reports citing the country's anti-corruption service.

Both detainees are in a temporary detention center in Nur-Sultan.

Earlier, the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, instructed to take action against the “ROP Operator”, associated, as RBC's source and some local media reported, with Aliya Nazarbayeva, one of the daughters of the country's first president. In particular, the government was to stop the company's recycling fee and the disposal of the recycling fee, as well as revise the rates of fees. According to the president, entrepreneurs and society have “a lot of questions”; to the activities of the “ROP Operator”, “a kind of public movement was organized against this private company.” Tokayev noted that a state organization should deal with utilization payments.

The ROP Operator company announced that she was ready to stop collecting recycling payments by order of the president. After that, the government of Kazakhstan entrusted the functions of the operator of utilization payments to the state-owned Zhasyl Damu.

“ROP Operator” in addition to the collection was engaged in the organization of transportation, processing and disposal of waste. The levy must be paid by car manufacturers, official importers and individuals who import cars into the country.

At the beginning of the year, protests began in Kazakhstan due to a doubling of the cost of liquefied gas, the main fuel for passenger cars. One of the demands of the demonstrators was the departure of Nursultan Nazarbayev from politics. Against this background, Tokayev removed his predecessor as head of the Security Council. Nazarbayev's spokesman Aidos Ukibay said that the former president himself decided to transfer these powers to the current leader, “because he was well aware that unrest and terror required a prompt, tough and uncompromising response from the country's leadership.”

Resign from Nazarbayev's three sons-in-law, his nephew and other relatives also left their positions.

On January 18, Nazarbayev addressed the people of Kazakhstan. He called himself a pensioner and said that Tokayev has full power, there is no conflict among the elites.

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