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Putin called what is happening in Kazakhstan an aggression of international terrorism


Russian President Vladimir Putin said that what is happening in Kazakhstan is the aggression of international terrorism. He expressed this opinion during the online summit of the CSTO.

“Where did these gangs of armed people come from, trained in foreign centers and clearly having experience of fighting in” hot spots “of the planet?” – asked the Russian leader.

He added that Kazakhstan is faced with a threat to statehood. According to Putin, this is not the first attempt at outside interference in the affairs of the republic.

Riots began in Kazakhstan on January 2. The first to rally were residents of the cities of Aktau and Zhanaozen, who opposed the increase in gas prices. After that, the protests spread to other cities, including Alma-Ata, where rioters began to raid shops and seize government buildings.

According to the UN, more than a thousand people were injured during the protests. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan reports 17 dead security officials and 1.3 thousand injured.

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German Foreign Ministry spoke about the reason for the suspension of certification of “Nord Stream – 2”

German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock spoke about the reasons for the suspension of certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.


German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock spoke about the reasons for the suspension of certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

She clarified that at the moment the gas pipeline project does not meet the requirements of the European Union. That is why the registration process was suspended.

“The German government has always adhered to the point of view that all energy projects in the country must comply with European requirements. They also apply to Nord Stream 2. Now these requirements have not been met, therefore the certification process has been suspended, “Berbock said.

Among other things, the politician noted that the launch of the gas pipeline is of a geopolitical nature, the current German government shares the approach that is enshrined in a joint declaration with the United States.

According to which, when Moscow uses energy as a weapon or any aggressive actions in Ukraine against the Russian Federation, tough measures will be introduced.


Ex-adviser to Nazarbayev said that the introduction of CSTO peacekeepers into Kazakhstan infuriated the West

Former adviser to the first president of Kazastan Nursultan Nazarbayev, Ermukhamet Yertysbayev, said that the introduction of the CSTO peacekeeping troops into the country infuriated the West.


Former adviser to the first president of Kazastan Nursultan Nazarbayev, Ermukhamet Yertysbayev, said that the introduction of the CSTO peacekeeping troops into the country infuriated the West.

“The introduction of CSTO troops to ensure order in Kazakhstan infuriated the entire West … I believe that there is no doubt that foreign external forces are involved in this brawl and an attempt at an armed rebellion, “he said.

Among other things, Yertysbayev added that the United States and the EU countries have invested about 376 billion in Kazakhstan. dollars of investment. This played a role.

The expert is sure that tension had to be created in order for Russia to have an unpleasant hotbed in the rear before negotiations with NATO and the United States on security guarantees.


Japanese MP named the main difference between Putin and other Russian politicians

“The only politician who understands Japanese culture”

Well-known Japanese politician, member of the House of Councilors of the Japanese parliament and leader of the Japanese Renaissance Party Muneo Suzuki spoke about his attitude to Russian President Vladimir Putin … In particular, he said that the head of state is the only Russian politician who understands Japan and Japanese culture.

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Suzuki noted that he had met with the President of Russia four times, and as a result of these meetings he got the impression that Putin is a humane person.

cold, as befits a native of the KGB, but I believe that this is not at all the case, “the Japanese parliamentarian inosmi quotes.

The deputy added that Putin is the only Russian politician who is interested in Japan and understands Japanese culture and history.

According to Suzuki, the president, who has been practicing judo for many years, is well aware that fights in this sport begin and end at bosom.

Speaking about the problem of the Kuril Islands, the belonging of which is disputed by Tokyo, the parliamentarian noted that this issue can be resolved only at the highest level. In this regard, Suzuki noted that he pinned great hopes on the new Prime Minister of his country, Fumio Kishida.

The politician noted that the territorial dispute should be resolved through negotiations, while he called the propaganda actions inside Japan itself meaningless regarding so called the “Northern Territories”, as this, in his words, is nothing more than an empty “shaking of the air”.


“Correct” Wrangel. Polar explorer did not endure the sale of Alaska

225 years ago, in January 1797, a son was born to a major of artillery, who was named Ferdinand Friedrich Georg Ludwig.

Since it happened in Pskov, then the boy later had a chance to wear a different, Russified & nbsp; name & mdash; Fedor Petrovich. But neither the surname nor the title has undergone changes & mdash; Baron Wrangel.

For those for whom there is only one Wrangel & mdash; white general and black baron during the Civil War & mdash; you have to change your mind. The Black Baron came from the Swedish branch of Wrangels, known for the fact that 22 of its representatives were killed in the Battle of Poltava in 1709. Note & mdash; They fought not for Russia, but on the side of Charles XII.

So the laurels of the Russian Wrangel, who brought true glory and honor to his homeland, should justly go to another, whose ancestors were from Denmark. The famous navigator, who circled the Earth three times, the polar explorer, the fierce opponent of the sale of Alaska & mdash; Fedor Petrovich von Wrangel. & Nbsp;

A cartoon hero?

In this series of loud and pretentious characteristics, one more is somehow always lost, which refers not so much to history as to the present. The fact is that Fedor Wrangel & mdash; one of two Russian seafarers, whose names are firmly attached to the cult Russian cartoons. The first, of course, is Admiral Ivan Fedorovich Kruzenshtern , about which the cat Matroskin from the cartoon “ Winter in Prostokvashino '' speaks. And the second & mdash; just Fyodor Petrovich. Here it is already necessary to tighten up & mdash; his surname in “ pure form '' does not appear anywhere. But the character wearing it is not just mentioned, but is the main character. Moreover & mdash; this surname sounds in the title of the cartoon serial …

If anyone remembered the “ Adventures of Captain Vrungel '', congratulations. This is it. What the author of the book, according to which the animated series of the same name was filmed, the sailor and the writer directly spoke aboutAndrey Nekrasov : “After a short search, a simple association arose: Baron Munchausen , Baron Wrangel (the famous Russian sailor, after whom a large island in the Eastern Arctic is named) and, as a derivative, Captain Vrungel”; .

The most curious thing is that these two navigators, who were included in the golden fund of Russian animation, were familiar in real life. Ivan Kruzenshtern was even in some way the godfather of Wrangel. Little Ferdinand was orphaned early and was brought up in the house of his uncle Wilhelm . Kruzenshtern, who had recently returned from the first Russian circumnavigation of the world, came to visit him. & Nbsp;

'Bends of speech'

Stories about Kamchatka and America, about Cape Horn and the Pacific Ocean … In general, the fate of little Wrangel was decided. Only the Naval Cadet Corps.

Wrangel's biographers wrote about his stay in the corps sparingly: “ He crossed the threshold of this educational institution, not speaking a word in Russian, and left it as an officer so Russianized that he spoke Russian much better and freer than German, knowing perfectly all the bends of Russian speech. ''

About what kind of “ bends of Russian speech '' young Wrangel learned in the corps, one can guess from his own memories, which are far from blissful: “ For pranks, the most common punishment was rods, blows of 100 or more; in companies, and sometimes in classes, cadets and midshipmen sang sailor songs. In a word, the upbringing was Spartan, the teaching was the worst … ''

Runaway midshipman?

But the hardening is excellent. Most likely, it was in the corps that Wrangel learned to truly achieve his goals, and not always in a legal way. He was the first of 99 graduates of 1815 who was promoted to warrant officers & mdash; this honor was given only to the cadets, the best in study, behavior and obedience. He was assigned to the frigate “ Avtroil '', which sailed on the Gulf of Finland & mdash; boredom and longing. But Wrangel learns in a roundabout way that they are recruiting for a new Russian circumnavigation. Only bad luck & mdash; the head of the expedition, the commander of the sloop “ Kamchatka '' Vasily Golovnin , takes with him only those officers whom he personally knows.

And then the midshipman decides to deceive & mdash; leaves the frigate ashore and submits a report on the disease. The admiral orders to find Wrangel and bring him on board. Here the midshipman goes to the crime & mdash; runs on a coaster to Petersburg. And he makes his way straight to Golovnin: “ I beg you to take it, at least as a sailor! ''

The courage of the city takes & mdash; Golovnin assigns the midshipman to the sloop. And & nbsp; does the right thing. Wrangel showed himself around the world as an irreplaceable person and an outstanding officer. An interesting detail. In his reports and writings, Golovnin never called his officers by name.


There are exactly two exceptions. Theopempt Lutkovsky and Fedor Wrangel. With the first, everything is clear & mdash; he was the brother of Golovnin's wife. But Wrangel was awarded this honor solely on the merits of & mdash; for perseverance, determination, firmness of character, the ability to achieve the impossible. In general, for the features expressed in the family motto of the Wrangel coat of arms: “ Frangas, non flectes ''. That is, “ You will break, but you will not bend. ''

Holy truth. He did not bend when it took several years in Kolyma and Chukotka to finally confirm Russia's priority in the discovery and development of the Northern Sea Route. The result of an expedition that lasted from 1820 to 1824. in inhumanly difficult conditions, was Wrangel's work “ A Journey through Northern Siberia and the Arctic Sea. '' It was opened with a harsh phrase: “ The vast expanse of the globe, which lies between the White Sea and the Bering Strait, is openly and described by the Russians. All attempts by seafarers of other peoples to penetrate the Arctic Sea from Europe to China or from the Great Ocean to the Atlantic are limited to the west by the Kara Sea, to the east by the meridian of the North Cape. Insurmountable obstacles that stopped foreigners in further navigation were overcome by our sailors … '' & nbsp;

Matter of life

But he still had to break. A big blow came when he, being the main ruler of Russian America, managed to persuade Mexico to cede the fertile lands in California, south of Fort Ross to Russia. Nicholas I then did not want to deal with the “ rebellious '' The Mexican Republic.

But the stubborn and adventurous Wrangel completely broke the government's intention to sell all Russian possessions in America. Before his eyes, the work of his whole life was crumbling. When he was given reasons that with the sale of Alaska the border would be reduced and it would be easier to ensure its security, he answered with irony: “ In this regard, one can not even regret selling Kamchatka, and leasing the Amur Territory with new ports and Sakhalin to the Americans. .. '' When the sale of Alaska became a fait accompli, he wrote: “ So, the Russian flag no longer flies on the American mainland, and the field of my intensified long-term activity passed into the wrong hands. Will the power and prosperity of Russia win in the future? It’s not for me to answer. ”

His health began to deteriorate sharply. Three years after the sale of Alaska, Wrangel died of a heart attack.


Kyrgyz musician detained in Kazakhstan released from custody

Plot Protests in Kazakhstan amid rising gas prices

Kyrgyz musician Vikram Ruzakhunov, detained in Kazakhstan on suspicion of involvement in the riots, was released from custody, writes TASS, citing a source in the security forces of Kyrgyzstan.

According to interlocutor of the agency, Ruzakhunov should soon arrive in Bishkek.

The Kyrgyz Ministry of Internal Affairs said that he often toured in Almaty and on New Year's Eve he was invited to the city for concerts. Ruzakhunov & ndash; jazz music performer, pianist and one of the organizers of the annual international music festival Bishkek-Jazz-Spring.

Yesterday, a number of Kazakh media outlets published & nbsp; footage with Ruzakhunov's recognition of participation in the pogroms in Alma-Ata. The video shows traces of beatings on the musician's face.

His arrest caused a resonance in the social networks of Kyrgyzstan. In Bishkek, a rally was held near the Kazakh embassy, ​​the participants of which demanded the release of Ruzakhunov.

Earlier it was reported that the President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov allowed his fellow citizens to take part in the protests in Kazakhstan. At the same time, he said that the country's authorities will protect all their citizens who did not participate in the riots and are “ unfairly held accountable. ''


Why is Nazarbayev called Elbasy and what does this mean?

Former Kazakh leader Nursultan Nazarbayev after resigning from office received a new status in the country & mdash; The first president & mdash; Elbasy. This is regulated by the constitutional law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “ On the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan '' Leader of the Nation. '' Nazarbayev announced his new powers on April 3, 2019 at the first meeting with the staff of the office of the first president. & Nbsp;

What does Elbasy mean and why is Nazarbayev so called?

Elbasy in translation from the Kazakh language means “ leader of the nation ''. That is why this word appears in the title of the law. Nursultan Nazarbayev became the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Accordingly, the constitutional law of the Republic of Kazakhstan N 83-II “ On the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan '' Leader of the Nation '' connected precisely with his personality. It was adopted in 2000.

True, the prefix 'Leader of the Nation' appeared much later, commented on Azattyk radio & nbsp; Director of the Kazakhstan Bureau for Human Rights Yevgeny Zhovtis. At the same time, according to him, when the corresponding changes were made to the law, Nazarbayev was allegedly against the status of the Leader of the Nation (Elbasy) and did not sign the law on making the changes, but they still came into force.

When did Nazarbayev start to be called Elbasy?

On June 15, 2017, the phrase “ Leader of the Nation '' smoothly flowed into Elbasy. Since then, Nazarbayev has secured this elite status & mdash; Elbasy. This privilege gives him the right to lead the Security Council for life. The amendments to the law were adopted two years before Nazarbayev resigned. & Nbsp;

What rights does Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev have?

After amending the constitutional law of the republic, Nazarbayev received a number of additional rights and privileges:

& mdash; he can, for life & nbsp; appeal to the people of Kazakhstan, state bodies and officials with initiatives on the most important issues of state building;

& mdash; Elbasy has immunity;

& mdash; part 5 of article 42 of the Constitution (that one and the same person cannot be elected more than two times in a row) does not apply to the First President;

& mdash; since March 2017, according to Zhovtis, Nazarbayev began to be called not only the First President, but also the Founder of the State. & nbsp;

Sources: .html


Evacuation of Russian citizens from Kazakhstan

On January 9, Russian Aerospace Forces planes delivered from Kazakhstan to Moscow 1,422 Russian citizens and 14 Russians to Yekaterinburg, who wished to return to Russia by aircraft of the Ministry of Defense.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Russian citizens delivered to the Russian Federation arrived in Alma -Atu on New Year's holidays on tourist trips and on vacation to relatives. After the aggravation of the situation and the termination of the operation of the international airport “ Almaty '' Russian tourists stayed in the city's hotels. It is also clarified that the citizens appealed to the leadership of the Russian contingent of the peacekeeping forces with a request for assistance in delivering them to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Evacuation of Russian citizens from Kazakhstan © Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The aircraft of the military transport aviation of the Russian Ministry of Defense at the Almaty airfield in Kazakhstan © Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The aircraft of the military transport aviation of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, which delivered Russian citizens from the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the Chkalovsky airfield in the Moscow region © Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Russian citizens evacuated from the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the Chkalovsky airfield in the Moscow region © Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Russian citizens evacuated from the Republic of Kazakhstan, in Yekaterinburg © Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Russian citizens evacuated from the Republic of Kazakhstan, in Yekaterinburg © Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Evacuation of Russian citizens from Kazakhstan © Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The aircraft of the military transport aviation of the Russian Ministry of Defense at the “Almaty” airfield in Kazakhstan © Russian Ministry of Defense

The aircraft of the military transport aviation of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, which delivered Russian citizens from the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the Chkalovsky airfield in the Moscow region © Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Russian citizens evacuated from the Republic of Kazakhstan at the Chkalovsky airfield in the Moscow region © Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Russian citizens evacuated from the Republic of Kazakhstan in Yekaterinburg © Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Russian citizens evacuated from the Republic of Kazakhstan, in Yekaterinburg © Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


Russians will be able to participate in court hearings via video link

Russians will be able to participate in court hearings by video link, as well as receive court documents through the portal of state services, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

It is specified that in order to take part at the hearing, the citizen must write a statement to the authority and at the appointed time follow the link by logging in on the portal of public services. Also online it will now be possible to get acquainted with the case materials, receive court notices and copies of court decisions.

Recall that in the first quarter of 2022, a number of important laws concerning various areas came into force in Russia. So, from January 1, 2022, certificates of incapacity for work will begin to be issued in electronic form.


Tokayev said about non-Kazakh speaking attackers on Alma-Ata

Tokayev: Six attacks were carried out on Alma-Ata, 20 thousand people took part in them. According to the president, they were well organized and obeyed commands from a certain center. Tokayev added that at least six attacks were carried out on Almaty, 20 thousand people participated in them

State Department denied reports of plans to withdraw troops from Eastern Europe

The State Department said that reports of US plans to withdraw troops from Eastern Europe are incorrect. The State Department spokesman noted that reports on the development of options for the withdrawal of troops from the Baltic States and Poland are incorrect. Earlier, NBC said that Washington considers it possible to discuss with Russia the reduction of its contingent

Reports that the US is considering withdrawal options from Eastern Europe, which were previously published in the media, are incorrect, State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Twitter.

“ It is not true that the administration is developing options for the withdrawal of US troops from Eastern Europe preparing for talks with Russia next week '', & mdash; he wrote. Price also added that the State Department reported this to NBC, which was the first to publish the news.

The corresponding publication came out on the evening of January 7, Moscow time. In it, NBC, citing sources, wrote that the United States considers it possible to discuss with Russia a reduction in the number of its troops in the Baltic countries and Poland. The issues of reducing the scale of military exercises conducted by both sides and timely notification of troop movements may also be raised.

At the same time, NBC sources emphasized that any revision of the US military presence in Eastern Europe will be possible only if Moscow takes reciprocal steps.

After the publication of the article, the TV channel added to it the commentary of the White House spokesman for national security Emily Horn, who also denied plans to reduce the military contingent. According to her. the US administration is not discussing with Russia the number of troops stationed in the Baltics and Poland.

Talks on arms control and the situation in Ukraine between Russia and the United States will take place on January 10. Two days later, the first in 2.5 years meeting of the Council Russia & mdash; NATO, and the next day & mdash; negotiations between Russia and the OSCE.

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The British General Staff announced plans for hypersonic weapons because of Russia

British Chief of Staff: London is considering the possibility of creating hypersonic weapons The Chief of the General Staff said that his country does not have hypersonic weapons, but it must be in order to counter Russia. He also said that he presented the government with options for a response to a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine

British General Staff Chief Tony Radakin said that his country is considering plans to create hypersonic weapons to counter Russia's growing power. He said this in an interview with The Times.

“We don’t have them, but we must have them.” & Mdash; said Radakin, referring to hypersonic missiles.

The Chief of Staff also reported “ deep concern '' because of the situation with Ukraine. According to him, he presented the Cabinet of Ministers with “ military options '' reactions to a possible Russian invasion, but did not specify what they were.

Radakin also said that over the past 20 years, Russia has shown a “ phenomenal '' raising the 'underwater' activity with regard to underwater vehicles and submarines. According to him, we are also talking about the fact that Russia is potentially trying to use the information network, consisting of cables laid along the seabed. When asked if damage to such a cable would be considered an act of war, Radakin replied: “ Potentially, yes. ''

The Times explains that such cables provide data transmission, and most of those serving Britain are located in the Atlantic Ocean, where Russian submarines, according to the publication, are increasingly operating and more often.

Sources of The Times in the British Navy note that damage to such a cable can have serious consequences for the country's economy, in particular, disrupt telephone communications and trading in securities.

Britain has repeatedly called Russia is a threat to its own security, as well as to the global one. For example, Radakin's predecessor, Nicholas Carter (Radakin has been in office since November), declared that Russia was a “ critical threat. '' for Britain in a multipolar world. He also mentioned Russian developments of underwater vehicles and believed that London should pursue a course to contain Russia.

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Protests and a state of emergency in Kazakhstan. The main thing

The situation in Kazakhstan received international intervention – the countries participating in the CSTO treaty sent their contingents to the country. Clashes between protesters and security forces continue, the number of victims is in dozens

Last at 4:30 Moscow time

  • President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev ordered security officials to open fire without warning during anti-terrorist operations. “ What negotiations can be with criminals, with murderers '', & mdash; he noted. At the same time, the United States recalled the need to respect human rights, the UN declared that the killing of demonstrators was “ unacceptable. ''
  • Alma-Ata has survived at least six terrorist attacks, Tokayev said. According to him, the attackers were well trained, organized, some of them did not speak Kazakh. 20 thousand people took part in the attacks on the city.
  • In Nur-Sultan, residents began to organize themselves into popular squads together with the police to protect the civilian population.
  • A critical level of terrorist threat was introduced throughout Kazakhstan, and the counter-terrorist operation regime was extended throughout the country.
  • Commander of the Russian Airborne Forces Colonel-General Andrey Serdyukov will be in charge of the CSTO peacekeeping forces, which the organization has sent at the request of the Kazakh authorities.
  • The number of those detained during the riots in Kazakhstan exceeded 4 thousand. The largest number of arrests took place in Alma-Ata. The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that during the special operations, 26 'criminals' and 18 'armed terrorists' were eliminated. were wounded.
  • On the morning of January 7, President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev announced that constitutional order had been largely restored throughout Kazakhstan, and local authorities were in control of the situation.


Recent Events

  • On January 4, despite the authorities' promise to reduce gas prices in the Mangistau Oblast, protests engulfed the whole of Kazakhstan & mdash; the actions were held in the capital Nur-Sultan, the largest city of the country Alma-Ata and in other cities & mdash; Karaganda, Uralsk, Taldykorgan, Kyzylorda, Shymkent. The demands of the protesters from socio-economic turned political: the resignation of the government. In some cities, crowds chanted “ Shal, ket '' (“ Grandfather, go away ''), referring to the former President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev (he bears the title of the first president – the leader of the nation and until January 5 headed the country's Security Council). At the same time, protests do not have a clear leader.
  • President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev appealed to the people with a request not to follow the calls of “ destructive persons interested in undermining the unity of society. '' “ I again appeal to you [with a request] to show prudence and not succumb to provocations from within and from without. & lt; … & gt; Power will not fall, but we do not need conflict, but mutual trust and dialogue, '', & mdash; he said.
  • In several large cities, including Almaty, protesters clashed with the security forces. Several police cars were set on fire and destroyed in the city. The protests did not stop at night. Kazakh security forces used flash bangs and tear gas. Shots were heard, presumably with rubber bullets.
  • Due to the events in Alma-Ata at night, President Tokayev announced the introduction of a state of emergency in the Mangistau region and Alma-Ata from January 5 for two weeks – & mdash; until January 19 (under the conditions of the regime, among other things, any mass gatherings are prohibited and a curfew is imposed). Special equipment was pulled into Alma-Ata.
  • Internet failures were recorded throughout the country. In Almaty, mobile Internet and messengers What's App, Telegram and Signal stopped working. Operators Beeline and Kcell confirmed interruptions to mobile Internet for reasons beyond their control.
  • The country's authorities also blocked media sites covering the protests, including KazTAG and

January 5

  • Protesters broke into the building of the Akimat (administration) of Almaty. A fire started in it, as well as in the building of the office of the Prosecutor General's Office. Following were attacks on police departments and the National Security Committee. By evening, the authorities briefly lost control of the airport.

  • Demonstrators also tried to storm the administration building of Aktobe, a large industrial center in western Kazakhstan. The riot police used flash-bang grenades against them. Several explosions took place near the city administration building.

  • The state of emergency was introduced in the capital Nur-Sultan and Almaty region … Later, the state of emergency was extended to the entire country.

  • According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, eight law enforcement officers died during the riots, more than 300 were injured.

  • President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev accepted the resignation of the government led by Askar Mamin. Alikhan Smailov was appointed Acting Prime Minister & mdash; First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic.

  • In his address to the nation, Tokayev said that he was accepting the post of chairman of the country's Security Council. This was one of the last official posts that the retired first president of the republic, Nursultan Nazarbayev, still retains. There is still no reaction from Nazarbayev.

  • Kazakh media reported that against the background of the seizure of administrative buildings in Almaty, there were facts of looting, attacks on shopping centers and banks.

  • During the day, the Internet stopped working throughout Kazakhstan. By the evening, there were reports that at least in Nur-Sultan and Alma-Ata, the Internet was working.

  • The authorities of Almaty, in which the local administration, the presidential residence, and the airport were seized during the day, announced the start of an anti-terrorist operation.

What provoked protests

  • The protests in Kazakhstan began on January 2 due to an increase in the price of automobile gas since the new year from 60 to 120 tenge (from 10 to 20 rubles) per liter. The first rallies were held in the Mangistau region, in the west of the country, in the cities of Zhanaozen and Aktau. The Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan explained that the increase in prices is associated with an increase in demand & mdash; gas consumption is growing every year, while production volumes remain at the level of previous years.
  • At first, the owners of gas stations in this area decided to reduce prices. This did not knock protest sentiments.
  • After the first protests, the government created a special commission to consider the situation in the Mangistau region. On January 4, she promised the protesters to fulfill their demand & mdash; to lower the price of fuel to 50 tenge (8.67 rubles) per liter. But that didn't help either.
  • In the city of Aktau, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Energy came out to the protesters. They informed people about the decision on prices and promised that people who took to the square would not be held accountable.

What are the prerequisites for the protests

Throughout 2021, sociologists recorded alarming post-pandemic effects, Daria Chizhova, director of the Information and Analytical Center for the Study of Social and Political Processes in the Post-Soviet Space of Moscow State University, told RBC. Tough quarantine measures have led to changes in the structure of the population's income & mdash; the most threatened is the middle class, whose share has plummeted; followed by a sharp rise in consumer debt & mdash; growth by 26% compared to 2020, such economic well-being was consistently reflected on the general well-being & mdash; the share of Kazakhstanis who believe that they have the prospect of improving the economic situation fell to 30% (against 50% in 2019, for example), experts describe the situation. 'Protests' it is a continuation of the systemic discontent and fatigue of the Kazakh society. That is why it is so difficult now to stop the protest wave & mdash; there are no uniform requirements, one dissatisfaction '', & mdash; Chizhova says.

The developing critical situation in the country, in my opinion, is caused not so much by ill-considered and poor-quality actions of the government, but by the functioning of the extraordinary system of state power formed in 2019 with the participation of the first (former) and second (current) presidents of Kazakhstan, notes Kazakh political scientist Andrei Chebotarev. “ Disorientation of the state apparatus, especially its top echelon, and the maneuvering of high-ranking officials between Akorda or the 'Library' (Nazarbayev's office. & mdash; RBC ) negatively affected all spheres of life of Kazakhstani society and the state. This was especially evident in 2020, at the peak of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection pandemic '', & mdash; indicates an expert.

Trigger events

In Kazakhstan, in 2019, a phased transition to the sale of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) began on electronic trading platforms, and from 2022 it was planned to completely switch to the sale of this fuel through the exchange, abandoning manual price regulation. LPG prices have been growing in Kazakhstan throughout 2021 and especially actively & mdash; since the beginning of autumn. For example, in October prices at gas stations were already very close to 90 tenge per liter. This happened against the backdrop of rising oil and gas prices on the world market, as well as due to a gradual transition to market pricing within the country. “ Since January 1, Kazakhstan switched to trading [LPG] through a commodity exchange. For a long time, the government artificially restrained the rise in gas prices, the demand for which has grown significantly. In the context of high prices on world markets, producers have an incentive to export gas, and not supply it to the domestic market, '', & mdash; an analyst at Sinara investment bank told RBC Kirill Bakhtin.

The transition to e-commerce will allow balancing the price of LPG on the basis of supply and demand, which will attract investment in the creation of new production facilities, & mdash; said in a message from the Kazakh Ministry of Energy, published on January 3. “ In addition, market mechanisms have a positive effect on the development of competition, reduce the impact on the market of unproductive intermediaries, create favorable conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, '' & mdash; noted there.

The Ministry of Energy then argued that before the transition to electronic trading, the price of this type of fuel was unprofitable for producers, since it was sold at a price lower than the cost price. The main producer of LPG & mdash; Tengizchevroil, a company controlled by American Chevron (50%) and ExxonMobil Kazakhstan Ventures Inc (25%), 20% & mdash; from the state-owned company of Kazakhstan “ Kazmunaigas '', 5% from the “ daughter '' LUKOIL LUKArco. Tengizchevroil owns the country's largest oil field, Tengiz, in western Kazakhstan. But most of Tengizchevroil's fuel sends for export.

Back in the middle of summer 2021, the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan obliged LPG producers to send all free volumes to the domestic market, refusing to export, with the exception of Tengizchevroil and Zhaikmunai plants. (owned by Nostrum Oil & amp; Gas, which is part of the Singapore-based Steppe Capital Pte Ltd holding, controlled by Nursultan Nazarbayev's son-in-law Timur Kulibayev) and Gas Processing Company. The shortage in the market worsened in October, when one of the major gas producers stopped for repairs & mdash; Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant (subsidiary of Kazmunaigaz). Market participants reported problems with the provision of LPG to consumers, in particular in Nur-Sultan, Mangistau and North Kazakhstan regions.

LPG is the main fuel for light vehicles in Kazakhstan. From 2019 to 2021, the number of cars running on liquefied gas has doubled – & mdash; from 140 thousand to 313.4 thousand. Its consumption in two years increased from 1.3 million tons to 1.6 million tons. At the same time, the volume of production remained at the same level. Tengizchevroil in 2020 produced 1.482 million tons of LPG, of which 1.351 million tons were exported (Refinitiv data).

The average salary in Kazakhstan for the third quarter of 2021 was 243 thousand tenge per month.

How events can develop

President Tokayev is in a difficult situation, notes Daria Chizhova, for an Asian country to show weakness, and the authorities must clearly fix their monopoly on strength. The expert notes that there is now an active localization and sewerage of the protest & mdash; some activists are calling to take to the streets and seize buildings. “ If the authorities do not allow open provocations, then the situation will be stabilized in the near future. A protest has no specific political demands unless specific leaders emerge – & mdash; the instruments of the state of emergency can be effectively brought out of this crisis, '', & mdash; Chizhova believes. However, in her opinion, after the end of the state of emergency, the new government and administration will have a lot of work to do, since the underlying causes of discontent, including economic ones, will not go anywhere.

Now the country's leadership accepts “ firefighters '' measures, most likely, there will also be a change in the leaders of a number of regions of the country, continues Chebotarev. “ At the same time, the current processes in the country have surpassed the events of Zhanaozen in 2011 and the land protests of 2016 in their scale. In this regard, they simply cannot but become a serious political lesson for the entire ruling elite of Kazakhstan. Therefore, after the stabilization of the situation in the country, it is necessary to start developing and adopting more radical measures, primarily of a political nature, '', & mdash; the expert believes.

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Nur-Sultan’s ATMs were devastated


Almost all over Kazakhstan, in connection with the protests and riots, only cash began to be accepted. Therefore, residents of many cities, including Nur-Sultan, lined up in front of ATMs on Christmas day off.

Despite the large number of people willing to withdraw money from the card, there were no conflicts in the queues. On the contrary, people helped each other find a working machine.

By Friday evening, ATMs in the capital were empty. The number of customers in Nur-Sultan stores also decreased, although the day before there was information about the excitement at the shelves.


US court terminates harassment charges against governor

Photo: Still from video

AP reports that a US court dismissed a lawsuit against former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for sexual harassment. Amid the scandal, the politician resigned as head of state.

Cuomo was accused of inappropriate behavior in early 2021. In particular, the former assistant to the governor stated that he “got his hand under her blouse.” This allegation formed the basis of the formal charges brought forward. The politician was facing a year of imprisonment.

However, in November it turned out that the lawsuit was drawn up with violations – it did not contain certified testimonies of the victim and evidence of the crime. Cuomo's lawyers have petitioned to dismiss the case.


Political scientist disclosed the whereabouts of Nazarbayev

It also became known about the detention of relatives of the ex-president of Kazakhstan

Expert on Central Asia, political scientist Arkady Dubnov named the country where the ex-president of Kazakhstan is. It also became known about the detention of the politician's relatives.

Photo: Still from video

Arkady Dubnov stated on his Facebook that former President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev is in China. There is no confirmation of this information yet, the specialist refers to his own sources.

Dubnov also spoke about the detention in Dubai of Nazarbayev's nephew Kairat Satybaldy. The political scientist confirmed the information that appeared earlier about the detention of the younger brother of the ex-President Samat Abish, the former first deputy head of the KNB.

We add that the information about the detention of Abish was refuted after their publication. On January 7, it became known that Nazarbayev left Kazakhstan with his family.


After the start of the protests in Kazakhstan, many experts were interested in the whereabouts of Nazarbayev, who did not comment on what was happening. At the same time, the protesters themselves actively expressed dissatisfaction with the former leader of the country. For example, in Taldykorgan, demonstrators demolished a monument to a politician.

Telegram channels have been spreading information about Nazarbayev's “flight” from Kazakhstan since January 5. First, the “proof” of this was the departure of the government board from the country, then – the arrival of a private plane of the ex-president's son-in-law at the Kyrgyz border airport.

Political scientist Zatulin stated that the reason for the protests and subsequent unrest in Kazakhstan was the discord between Tokayev and Nazarbayev. According to him, this is evidenced by the resignation of Abish Samat from the post of first deputy head of the KNB. At the same time, he believes that the demonstrations were organized by nationalists from the suburbs, fed by the authorities.

On January 7, it became known that President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko was able to call Nazarbayev.


Up to six degrees of frost is expected in Moscow on Saturday

Cloudy weather with clearings is predicted in the & nbsp; Russian capital on Saturday, January 8, according to the official & nbsp; website of the & nbsp; Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation.

“ Mostly no precipitation '', – said in the message .

During the day, the air temperature in the city will be from minus four to minus six degrees.

The wind is west and southwest at a speed of & nbsp; six to 11 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure – 752 millimeters of mercury.

In addition, forecasters have again warned the residents of Moscow about icy conditions.

On Sunday night, cloudy weather with clearings is predicted in the capital. Columns of thermometers & nbsp; can go down to & nbsp; mark & ​​nbsp; minus ten degrees.

South and southeast winds at a speed of six to 11 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure will be 751 millimeters of mercury.

Earlier, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center, Roman Vilfand, told about the weather expected for residents of the European part of Russia after the New Year holidays.


Disappeared for Christmas. Who kidnapped five children in the USA in one night

Cut telephone wires, unlocked door and fire – on Christmas night 1945 in American Fateville, five brothers and sisters disappeared from the house of the Sodder family … For many years, my parents tried unsuccessfully to find them. About one of the most mysterious disappearances of the twentieth century – in the material of RIA Novosti. Mysterious call

On the evening of December 24, the family of businessman George Sodder gathered at the table: parents and nine children celebrated Christmas Eve. The eldest son – 21-year-old Joe – served in the army and could not take time off on leave.

After exchanging gifts, everyone went to bed. At midnight, Jenny Sodder was awakened by a phone call. But the phone was silent, and the woman decided that someone had a wrong number.


NYT showed the possible disposition of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine

NYT has published a map with the possible location of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine The publication drew up a map on which it indicated where, according to its information, the Russian military is located, which may participate in the invasion of Ukraine. In total, it indicated ten groups of troops. Moscow has repeatedly denied such plans

The New York Times compiled and published a map, which showed, according to its data, the location of Russian troops along the border with Ukraine. These troops, the newspaper writes, “ threaten '' escalation of conflict with a neighboring state and potentially “ can open a new front. '' According to the newspaper, they “ surround '' Ukraine from three sides.

The type of troops, their numbers, and types of equipment are indicated on the map. The newspaper explains that it has compiled the map based on data from Ukrainian and Western officials, as well as independent military analysts and satellite imagery.

According to Western and Ukrainian officials, there are now 100,000 military personnel at the border with Ukraine. However, according to estimates of the US intelligence services, the Kremlin has developed a military operation involving 175 thousand troops, writes NYT. The publication also notes that, according to analysts, it is not yet clear whether Moscow plans to invade Ukraine. At the same time, they note, Russia is now “ on the way '' to get everything you need to launch an invasion.

The New York Times map shows ten major Russian troop concentrations within reach of the Ukrainian border. Almost all of them, according to the publication, include artillery, heavy equipment and tanks.

Two groups of troops, according to NYT, are located near the border with Belarus, near the cities of Yelnya (Smolensk region) and Klintsy (Bryansk region). Three more groups are located near Voronezh, indicated on the map. These troops, the NYT points out, can directly threaten Kiev in the event of a military operation.

Another group is deployed in the Volgograd area, two & mdash; near the border with the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, the newspaper notes. Two more locations of the military, according to her, & mdash; near the city of Korenovsk (Krasnodar Territory, only artillery) and on the territory of Crimea.

NYT, citing analysts, notes that before deploying a large-scale operation, Russia will most likely need to tighten up the military reserve, as well as infrastructure, such as field hospitals, which are now not available near the border with Ukraine. At the same time, she writes that this can be done rather quickly.

A number of Western media in the spring and autumn published articles in which they admitted that Russia was preparing to invade the territory of Ukraine. Western officials also made such statements. Washington, for example, has repeatedly expressed concern and warned Moscow of the consequences.

Russia, in turn, has denied plans to attack Ukraine. Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov called such publications and statements empty and groundless escalation of tension. He also stressed that Russia has never attacked anyone first.

According to him, an information campaign is being conducted from the West in order to present Russia as a threat to the process of resolving the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

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The United States allowed some of the workers of the consulate in Almaty to leave

Those employees, whose absence is not critical for the functioning of the diplomatic mission, can leave the city and the country. Americans in Alma-Ata were also warned about possible difficulties in rendering consular services

Some of the consular employees, whose work is not critical for the diplomatic mission, and their family members can leave the US Consulate in Almaty for background of protests and leave. Reuters writes about this with reference to the State Department's message.

The State Department indicated that the decision to leave would be voluntary.

“ US citizens in Kazakhstan should be aware that protests could seriously affect the ability of the US Embassy to provide consular services, including assistance to US citizens leaving Kazakhstan, '' & mdash; added by the Department of State.

The day before, the consulate in Alma-Ata issued a warning to US citizens in the city in connection with the ongoing anti-terrorist operation in the city and the imposed state of emergency. In the event of a riot, the Americans were advised to hide in shelters, not to go out on balconies and not to approach windows, and also not to go outside unless absolutely necessary. They are also advised to avoid crowds and rallies.


Alma-Ata is one of the fiercest fighting between protesters and security forces. Eyewitnesses reported shooting in the city, including in the center, on 6 and 7 January. On the morning of January 7, the RBC correspondent reported that the shooting was heard near Republic Square and the building of the old presidential residence. As a result, there were people killed, their bodies lying on the roads, as well as in cars. On the morning of January 8, Sputnik Kazakhstan also reported on the ongoing shooting.

The counter-terrorist operation continues in the city. The day before, President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev ordered the security forces to shoot to kill without warning. “ Abroad, calls are being made to hold negotiations for a peaceful solution to the problem. What nonsense! What negotiations can be with criminals, with murderers '', & mdash; he explained his decision. The President also said that with the “ terrorists '' it is necessary to fight until complete destruction.

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180 gas selling companies suspected of price collusion in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan launched an investigation into a possible price collusion in relation to 180 companies Two days ago, an investigation was reported against six companies, now their number has grown to 180. They are suspected of price collusion in setting the cost of fuel, in particular liquefied gas

The Agency for the Protection and Development of Competition of Kazakhstan has launched an antitrust investigation against 180 companies that sell liquefied gas at retail, the agency's website says. transport. Most of the companies that fell under suspicion are located in the Mangistau region (85), where the first protests began. Another 22 companies are located in Atyrau and Akmola regions, 14 & mdash; in Karaganda, 12 & mdash; in Kyzylordinskaya.

For example, the antimonopoly authorities identified four companies in the North Kazakhstan region, which, having agreed, in April increased the gas price by 5.3% compared to March, while when selling gas on the electronic trading platform, the price grew only by 1, 6%.

The preliminary results of the investigation will be formulated within 20 days.

In addition, the Agency for Protection and Development of Competition issued 31 notifications about violations of antimonopoly legislation in the actions of market participants.

On Thursday, Kazakh media reported that an investigation of the alleged price collusion is underway in relation to six companies, including Kazmunaigaz, Aktobemunaigaz, Kazgermunaigaz. and Kazakhoil.

To stabilize the situation in Kazakhstan, they introduced maximum prices for fuel, including motor gas and gasoline. The cost of a liter of gas in retail now varies depending on the region, but is in the range of 50 – 70 tenge per liter (8 – 12 rubles). Price caps will be in effect for half a year.

In this regard, all liquefied gas producers were instructed to revise contracts concluded with partners selling gas at retail, before setting price caps, downward. Thus, the authorities intend to protect entrepreneurs who bought gas before the order to reduce retail prices from losses, according to the Agency for the Protection and Development of Competition.

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Ex-prime minister of Kazakhstan detained on suspicion of treason

The ex-head of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan was detained on suspicion of treason The treason case was opened on January 6, then the former head of the National Security Committee and ex-prime minister Karim Massimov was detained and sent to the temporary detention center. Besides him, there are other defendants in the case

Former head of the National Security Committee (KNB) of Kazakhstan and ex-prime minister Karim Massimov was detained, the press service of the ministry reports. >

He is suspected of high treason. Masimov and other defendants in the case were placed in the IVS.

The case under Part 1 of Art. 175 of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan (“ Treason '') was instituted back on January 6, the committee said. On the same day, Masimov was detained, but the KNB only reported this now. The maximum punishment for this part of the article & mdash; imprisonment for up to 15 years with possible deprivation of citizenship.

Massimov & mdash; former prime minister of Kazakhstan, he headed the government from 2007 to 2012 and from 2014 to 2016. Between the two terms, he served as head of the presidential administration. In September 2016, Masimov was appointed head of the KNB.

President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev removed him from office on January 6 amid mass protests.

In addition to Massimov after the beginning of the protests, the government of Kazakhstan resigned. Tokayev accepted the resignation of the Cabinet on January 5. He noted that the ministers have a “ special blame for allowing a protest situation '', as they failed to cope with inflation control. Government members will perform their duties until the new composition is approved.


In addition, Tokayev removed from his post the head of the Security Council of Kazakhstan, ex-President Nursultan Nazarbayev. He explained that the measures taken amid the protests were not enough, and promised to “ act as tough as possible. '' Tokayev headed the council himself. On January 7, reported about the detention of Nazarbayev's nephew Samat Abish, but later called the information a mistake.

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Nazarbayev’s whereabouts became known

Nazarbayev's press secretary said that the ex-president is in the capital of Kazakhstan The former president is in the capital of Kazakhstan and calls on everyone to rally around the current head of state

Nursultan Nazarbayev

Nursultan Nazarbayev is in the capital of Kazakhstan, his press secretary Aidos Ukibay said on Twitter .

According to him, Nazarbayev calls on everyone to rally around the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev “ to overcome current challenges and ensure the integrity of the & lt; … & gt; country. ''

Ukibai said that the former head of state “ is in direct communication '' with Tokayev and held several telephone conversations with the leaders of the states friendly to Kazakhstan.

Earlier, the edition on the Telegram channel reported that Nazarbayev and his daughters with their families have already left the country, only the brother of the ex-head of state Bolat Nazarbayev remains there.

Protests in Kazakhstan began due to a twofold increase in gas prices, in large cities, including Alma-Ata, they escalated into clashes with security officials. According to the latest data, more than 4 thousand people were detained.

Tokayev said that about 20 thousand foreign fighters attacked Alma-Ata. According to him, 'gangsters and terrorists' were well trained, organized and obeyed the commands emanating from the “ special center. ''

A state of emergency was declared in the republic, the government was forced to resign. First Deputy Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov became the interim prime minister.

Against the background of the unrest, Tokayev announced that he headed the country's Security Council. Nazarbayev held this post permanently, including after his resignation in 2019. The CSTO countries, including Russia, sent peacekeepers there.

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The White House did not rule out a “boomerang return” of sanctions against Russia

CNN: Washington fears negative consequences of anti-Russian sanctions for the West Among the consequences of restrictions in the event of a possible “invasion” of Russia into Ukraine, CNN sources named an increase in gas prices and cyberattacks

Kazakhstan declared mourning for the victims of riots

Authorities reported that 18 security officials were killed in the riots. Due to fuel prices in the country, protests began, which escalated into pogroms and clashes. A state of emergency was declared, the CSTO sent peacekeepers

On January 10, Kazakh President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev announced a nationwide mourning for those killed in the riots, press secretary of the head of state Berik Uali said on Facebook.

As a result of tragic events in a number of regions of the country, the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev decided to declare January 10, 2022 a day of national mourning, '' & mdash; he wrote on the social network.


On January 2, protests began in Kazakhstan due to the doubling of the price of liquefied gas. Subsequently, they escalated into clashes with the security forces.

The most difficult situation is in Alma-Ata. The local administration, the presidential residence, and the airport were seized there.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev declared a state of emergency in the country and announced the start of an anti-terrorist operation .

The government is forced to resign. First Deputy Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov became the interim prime minister.

Against the background of the unrest, Tokayev headed the Security Council, which was permanently led by former President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The authorities reported the death of 18 security officials, more than 4.4 thousand people were detained.

The head of state said that 20 thousand “ armed and trained bandits '', including foreigners, attacked Alma-Ata. The day before, he ordered the security forces to open fire on the “ criminals '' without warning. Criminal cases have been initiated under the article on mass riots.

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Tokayev announced “development towards stabilization” of the situation in Kazakhstan

Tokayev told Putin about the “development towards stabilization” of the situation in Kazakhstan

The situation in Kazakhstan, where protests began in early January, and later turned into riots, is “developing towards stabilization,” said Kazakh President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev in a telephone conversation with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, according to a statement on the Kremlin's website.

“The presidents exchanged views on the measures taken to restore order in Kazakhstan,” “mdash; reported there.

The material is being supplemented.

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Former adviser to Nazarbayev named the possible reason for his absence in public

Nursultan Nazarbayev. Photo: Alexander Astafiev

Former adviser to the first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, Ermukhamet Yertysbayev, named the possible reason for the absence of the leader of the nation in public since the end of December.

“I will express my personal guess. (…) I have there is a feeling that he is seriously ill, otherwise he would have turned to the people long ago (to the people – ed.), “Yertysbayev said on the air of the Atameken Business TV channel.

At the same time, he once again stressed that this is just his assumption, he has no data on Nazarbayev’s illness.

Yertysbayev also suggested that the riots that began in Kazakhstan are associated with Nazarbayev’s illness, because “the distraught camarilla, which stood in a crowd of greedy at the throne,” decided organize an armed rebellion, taking advantage of this situation.

The political scientist believes that the ultimate goal of these events should have been the flight of President Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev from the country.


Putin and Tokayev agreed to hold a video conference of the leaders of the CSTO countries

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo:

Russian President Vladimir Putin held telephone talks on Saturday with Kazakh President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev.

As reported on the Kremlin's website, the Kazakh leader informed the Russian head in detail about the situation in Kazakhstan. According to Tokayev, now the situation is developing towards stabilization.

The President of Kazakhstan also expressed gratitude for the assistance provided by the CSTO partners, and especially Russia.

In addition, Tokayev suggested that Putin hold a conversation CSTO leaders in the format of a videoconference of the Collective Security Council on the situation in Kazakhstan to discuss guidance measures. order in Kazakhstan. The Kremlin noted that Putin supported this proposal.

Putin and Tokayev agreed to remain in constant contact.


A child died from a gunshot wound in Alma-Ata

Photo source: video screen.

During the riots in Almaty, a 15-year-old teenager was seriously injured and an 11-year-old child was killed. This was reported by the press service of the Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child in Kazakhstan.

“According to the Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child, Aruzhan Sain, a child died from a gunshot wound in Alma-Ata on January 5. a shot that became fatal for an 11-year-old Kazakhstani, “the message says.

On January 7, a 15-year-old teenager was delivered to one of the children's hospitals in Almaty. He was traveling with his father in a car when their car was fired upon by the attackers. Now doctors are fighting for the child's life.

Earlier it was reported that an employee of the Almaty TV channel had died in Kazakhstan. As a result of the shelling, a journalist was wounded and the driver of the film crew died.


Zelensky’s words at a meeting with Austrian Chancellor called “piggy”

Photo: Still from video

In Kiev, local politician Maxim Goldarb criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. All because of the words spoken during a conversation with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer.

On the air of the First Cossack TV channel, he pointed to Zelensky's phrase that “our peoples have long-standing close historical relations.” According to him, slavery in the Austro-Hungarian Empire “was prepared for a part of today's Ukraine – Galicia.” To call it “close historical relations,” according to Goldarb, is “disgusting.”

According to him, Ukraine felt much better in any form of commonwealth with its closest neighbors. The politician recalled that after the incorporation of a part of the country into the Russian kingdom in 1654, the “era of prosperity” began. As a result, the raids of nomads and Poles stopped. Goldarb added that the Western powers “devour” everything that this land gives.

Earlier, US residents were outraged by the words of US President Joe Biden about helping Ukraine. He announced a decisive response to any attempts by Russia to invade this country and said this during a telephone conversation with the head of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

One of the Americans wondered why the situation in Ukraine should be a problem for the United States. Another commentator recalled that the United States had just finished the military campaign in Afghanistan and it would not have been worth “rattling arms” trying to get involved in a new conflict. Another subscriber advised Ukraine to sort out its own problems on its own.