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What kind of fire control vehicles “Zavet-D” are adopted for service?

Currently, the issue of concluding a contract for the first batch is being worked out. If successful, serial production will begin in 2022. It is supposed to cover the needs of the Airborne Forces in this type of equipment in a short time. & Nbsp;

Objectives and goals

Covenant provide target designation to anti-tank formations and make it possible to organize the repulsion of an attack by enemy armored vehicles. It is noted that automated control systems increase the effectiveness of various types of weapons by 1.5 – 2 times. For example, thanks to this, the effectiveness of the use of artillery units of the Airborne Forces, which are armed with self-propelled guns 2S9 “ Nona-S '', 2S9-1 “ Sviristelka '', 2S9-1M “ Nona-SM '', and in the future, “ mdash; the newest 2C42 'Lotus'.

The complex is equipped with an optical-electronic reconnaissance system and an external radar, which is capable of detecting a target at a distance of 7 thousand meters, and recognizing & mdash; at 5 thousand. The system determines the direction and speed of the enemy's movement, classifies targets, distributes them according to the degree of danger, after which it issues target designation to the calculations of anti-tank weapons in real time. For effective control of artillery fire, it is equipped with tank navigation equipment, an artillery compass, an artillery quantum rangefinder, a night observation device and a fire control device.

Information is received and transmitted both via wired channels and radio. The Possibilities of the Covenant allow you to exchange information at a distance of up to 100 km. In the event of a failure of control points, the complex transfers their functions to subordinate or higher authorities, thereby ensuring the continuity of anti-tank defense control.

I'm in the Shell

Covenant-D created on the basis of the amphibious airborne armored personnel carrier BTR-MDM “ Shell ''. This is an unusual combat vehicle, in its appearance there is something from the old Citroen and the modern Porsche Macan. An armored personnel carrier, like a modern car, has an on-board computer and a hydropneumatic suspension, which allows you to change the ground clearance from 100 to 500 mm. This allows you to feel confident on the highway and to overcome steep climbs on rough terrain. The maximum travel speed is 70 km/h. The machine crosses water obstacles, drops off ships and even overcomes the surf at maximum speed – 10 km/h Maximum cruising range of 500 km.

The machine is equipped with four installations for shooting smoke grenades “ Cloud '' and is ready to bristle with two PKT-M machine guns: one inside the hull, and the other in the turret on the roof. Booking at this “ Seashell '' so-so, just bulletproof. At the same time, there are a large number of hatches, which allows you to get in and out of the car in any conditions as soon as possible.

Not shabby at all

The development of the machine has been underway since 2016. Covenant-D received the latest equipment to detect and identify various targets, including camouflaged ones. It is also assumed that the equipment of the machine will be able to interact with military unmanned aerial vehicles for various purposes.

Like all airborne forces, the “ Covenant-D '' will be adapted for parachute landing, and it can also be transported by plane.

Continuation of the story

nshg was developed in Penza at the Rubin enterprise; Ruselectronics, a part of Rostec. It is expected to replace the Rheostat, a mobile reconnaissance and artillery fire control station currently in use. This veteran has been in service with the Russian airborne forces for almost four decades. All these years, he faithfully served first in the Soviet and then in the Russian army. Now it will be replaced by the modern Zavet-D artillery fire control machine.


What does the expression “naked like a falcon” mean?

In Russian, the idiomatic expression “ Goal like a falcon '' used to describe the state of extreme poverty. But the proverb has nothing to do with birds. & Nbsp; tells why someone who is poor and has nothing is said to be like a falcon.

What does the word “ falcon '' really mean? & nbsp;

Bird watchers claim that falcons lose their feathers during molting and become almost naked. But this expression is not about birds. As stated in the dictionary “ Phraseologisms in Russian speech '', sokol & mdash; This is an ancient battering weapon made of cast iron or iron in the shape of a long and thick log. & nbsp;

Such a weapon was hung on chains and swayed to break through the walls and gates of enemy fortresses. The surface of this weapon was flat and smooth, in other words, bare. Hence the expression & mdash; as a falcon.

What was called a falcon before? & nbsp;

The word “ falcon '' also called cylindrical tools: scrap iron, pestle for grinding grain in a mortar, etc. Sokol was also called a cannon that fired six-pound cannonballs. & Nbsp;

According to the linguist Valery Mokienko , the word “ sokol '' came to us from France. Mokienko put forward a hypothesis that the name sokol & mdash; it is a literal translation of the French military term faucon, which denoted just such weapons-faucones. Translated into Russian, the French word faucon means a bird with an accent on the first syllable.

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Canadian court awards $ 107 million to families of passengers shot down by Iran

A Canadian court awarded $ 107 million to the families of passengers on a Ukrainian plane shot down in Iran Six relatives of the victims filed a lawsuit. The plaintiffs' lawyers say they will seek the seizure of Iranian property around the world so that families can receive the compensation they owe

A court in the Canadian province of Ontario ordered to recover from Iran $ 107 million in compensation to the families of the six victims of the plane crash of Ukraine International Airlines. in Tehran in 2020, the CBC channel reports.

“ The decision was published today, it was made on December 31. In May, a court announced that the plane had been shot down as a result of an act of terrorism. & lt; & hellip; & gt; Compensation will be split between the families of the six deceased passengers who filed the lawsuit, '', & mdash; notes the TV channel.

On board the downed plane were 176 people, including 55 Canadian citizens and 35 holders of a Canadian residence permit. Relatives of the victims Shahin Mohaddam, Merzad Zarey, Ali Gorzhi and three other people, whose names were not disclosed at their request due to fears of actions by the Iranian authorities, filed a civil suit against Iran in a Canadian court.

The court decision does not automatically mean the payment of compensation. The plaintiffs' attorney said he and his team of attorneys would attempt to impose encumbrances on Iranian property in Canada and abroad to secure the court's decision.

“ Iran has oil tankers in other countries, '' & mdash; quoted by the TV channel of the lawyer.

Airplane Boeing 737 of Ukraine International Airlines crashed after taking off from Tehran airport on the night of January 8, 2020. There were 176 people on board & mdash; citizens of Iran, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Afghanistan, Ukraine. They all died. The disaster occurred on the night when the Iranian army launched a missile attack on US bases in Iraq in response to the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani.

Iran initially denied possible involvement in the plane crash. However, on January 11, Iranian authorities admitted that they had shot down the plane by mistake. The commander of the Military Space Forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Amir Ali Hajizadeh, said then that the air defense system operator had identified the plane that took off from Tehran airport as a cruise missile. Due to communication interference, the operator did not report to the command on time and independently made a decision to launch a rocket through the liner.

In December 2020, the Iranian government approved payments in the amount of $ 150,000 to each family whose member died in a plane crash. Iran published the final report on what happened on March 17, 2021. In it, experts have confirmed. that “ the aircraft was identified as an enemy target due to an error of the air defense system operator & lt; … & gt; near Tehran '', after which two missiles were fired at it.

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How China is responding to US accusations of creating a “cotton gulag”

In China's Xinjiang Uygur region, a “cotton gulag” has been created, where Uyghurs are forced to work, human rights activists say. The United States supports this point of view. How business and China react to these accusations – in the RBC video


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The United States announced the imminent adoption of sanctions against “Nord Stream-2”

The US Republican Party has pledged to soon adopt sanctions against Nord Stream 2 Republicans are promising that the Senate will pass a bill on sanctions against the pipeline in the near future. The sanctions may take effect 15 days after the document becomes law

The US Republican Party is confident that the Senate will pass a bill on sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Politico writes, citing its own source.

“ We will win this vote by an overwhelming majority, '' & mdash; cites the publication of an unnamed senior assistant to one of the Republican senators.

Politico recalls that 60 votes are needed to pass the bill introduced by Republican Ted Cruz, and therefore the support of at least ten Democrats. There are 100 senators in the House: 50 from the Republican Party and 50 from the Democratic Party.

The publication confirms that senators will vote on the sanctions bill by January 14. The document provides for the entry into force of the sanctions within 15 days after the final approval of the law. Moreover, if the president refuses to impose sanctions, then, according to the provisions of the document, Congress can do it.

According to the procedure adopted in the United States, after approval by the Senate, the bill will go to the House of Representatives, and then & mdash; to be signed by the President, after which it will acquire the force of law.

Senate to Consider Cruise's Nord Stream 2 Sanctions Bill until January 14, House Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said in December. The issue of voting has become a bargaining chip between the two parties: as reported by Hill, Democrats agreed to consider Cruise's initiative in exchange for his refusal to block candidates for 32 government positions.

Construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Europe completed in October. It was planned to be completed at the end of 2019, but this was prevented by US sanctions, due to which some of the partners withdrew from the project. The pipeline is currently ready for launch and is awaiting approval from German and European regulators. The German Federal Grid Agency said on December 16 that no decision is expected to certify the pipeline in the first half of 2022.

The United States opposed the construction of Nord Stream 2, arguing that Russia would use it to put pressure on others. country. Washington intended to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG in May, but then President Joseph Biden refused to do so, explaining that such a move would be “ unproductive. '' for relations with Europe.

The issue of sanctions against Nord Stream 2 originated in the fall, when Western media began to publish reports that Russia was preparing to invade Ukraine. Despite the fact that Moscow denied these statements, Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland demanded tougher sanctions against Russia, including the introduction of measures against Nord Stream 2.

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German Foreign Minister to visit Washington to discuss Russia

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock will travel to Washington on Wednesday to discuss such topics with her American counterpart Anthony Blinken and other politicians like the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, a ministry spokesman said on Monday.

Other topics of Burbock's first official visit to the United States will include future dialogue with Russia, climate, foreign policy and the strengthening of democracy, the spokesman said.

This week, Foreign Policy Advisor to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will also meet with his Russian and French counterparts, government spokesman Steffen Hebestrate said at a regular press conference. Writes about it Reuters


“Shame on Democracy”: Trump spoke about blocking Twitter users

Photo: AP

Former US President Donald Trump has denounced Twitter as a shame on democracy. The politician's statement was released by his press service.

Trump spoke about the blocking of the Twitter account of a member of the House of Representatives Marjorie Taylor Green in connection with the publication of inaccurate information about the coronavirus. The former American leader himself was permanently blocked on Twitter as a result of the storming of the Capitol by his supporters on January 6, 2021.

“Twitter is a shame on democracy. He should not be allowed to work in this country, ”says Trump. According to him, Marjorie Taylor Green represents many honest, patriotic and hardworking voters.


President of Kazakhstan appeals to protesters demanding lower gas prices


President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev noted that residents of Mangistau region, who staged protests demanding lower prices on gas, should tune in to dialogue, and the commission formed by the government was instructed to find a “mutually acceptable solution” that meets the interests of the country's stability. The country's leader wrote about this on Twitter.

Over the weekend, residents of the cities of Zhanaozen and Aktau in the Mangistau region went to protest actions, demanding a reduction in prices for liquefied gas. According to data from social networks, the townspeople demanded to reduce the cost of gas from 120 ($ 0.27) to 60 ($ 0.13) tenge.


Forecasters warned Muscovites about icy conditions

Cloudy weather with clearings, ice and up to -10 degrees are expected in the Russian capital on January 4, the Hydrometeorological Center reported.

On Wednesday night, thermometers may drop to -12 degrees .

In the Moscow region on Tuesday the temperature will be in the range from -8 to -13 degrees. On Wednesday night, a temperature drop of up to -18 degrees is possible.

This year, forecasters promised January, close to the climatic norm. According to the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand, & nbsp; winter will be uneven, with noticeable temperature changes.

Earlier, the traumatologist told how to avoid injuries during icy conditions. & Nbsp;


Storm warning announced in Kamchatka

A storm warning has been announced in Kamchatka, according to the website of the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

According to forecasters, on the evening of January 1, in the Pacific Ocean, in the Aleutian municipal district, dangerous sea waves are predicted, wave height can reach nine meters.

It is noted that the storm does not pose a threat to settlements on the coast, while the likelihood of emergencies related to accidents and damage on ships is increased.

Warning will last until midday on January 2.

Earlier, Kamchatka rescuers helped people stuck on a caterpillar all-terrain vehicle in the area of ​​the Gorely volcano caldera.


Pensions, payments, maternity capital, loans: what will change from January 1

The New Year will bring some legislative changes. The minimum wage (minimum wage) will increase, pensions and maternity capital will be indexed, and social benefits will be adjusted. Banks and microfinance institutions will be banned from lending too much. And electricity meters will now only be smart. About these and other key innovations – in the material of RIA Novosti. Minimum wage and living wage

The minimum wage is increased from 12 792 to 13 890 rubles. The authors of the bill proposed a lower bar, but the head of state introduced an amendment. It was foreseen in the federal budget for 2022-2024.

As Vladimir Putin noted, the increase in the minimum wage “will affect the growth of many social benefits, including payments to families with children and additional payments to pensions, will serve as a guideline for setting salaries in the branches of the economy “. And this parameter is calculated in a new way – 42 percent of the median salary (for some, the income is higher than this indicator, for others – lower).

And since the minimum wage cannot be less than the subsistence level, it will increase by 8.6 percent – up to 12 654 rubles.

30 billion will be allocated from the federal budget for this in 2022. Many social benefits are tied to the minimum wage. For example, for sick leave. Last year there was a maximum of 2434.25 rubles per day, now it is 140 more.


German Chancellor spoke about “new problems” over Ukraine

Olaf Scholz: we face new problems because of Ukraine The threat of an escalation of the situation in Ukraine is a “new problem”, said Olaf Scholz in his New Year's address. The West accuses Russia of preparing a military invasion of the country, Russia has repeatedly rejected such plans

Ukraine bans Russians from owning inland navigation vessels

The ships that belong to the Russians will not be able to enter the inland waterways of Ukraine, it follows from the law that came into force. Kiev came up with the idea of ​​such a ban in 2018, explaining it by “terrorist threats”

Dnieper River in Kiev

Ships and vessels owned by Russians or flying the Russian flag will not be able to enter Ukraine's inland waterways. Relevant Law on Inland Waterway Transport entered into force in Ukraine on January 1.

It states that the inland waterways cannot be used by ships sailing “ under the flag of the aggressor state. '' The ban also applies to ships owned by citizens of a state that Ukraine has recognized as the 'aggressor'. Ukraine recognized Russia as an aggressor state in 2015.

The law applies to ships and ships that use inland waterways & mdash; that is, large rivers, reservoirs located inland. Among them & mdash; the Dnieper and Dniester rivers, as well as reservoirs & mdash; Kievskoe, Kremenchugskoe. According to the law, movement on these inland waterways is possible only after registration in the State Ship Register of Ukraine. Such vessels receive the right to sail under the state flag of Ukraine.

According to the law, such a right will be received by ships that belong to Ukrainians, companies and organizations registered on the territory of Ukraine. Also, the right to use inland waterways will receive ships that Ukrainians or companies from Ukraine chartered on the basis of a bareboat charter (without a crew). In some cases, foreign ships are allowed to enter inland waterways, but for this you need to provide documents and permission of the owner for temporary registration in Ukraine.

If a ship under a foreign flag needs to enter international ports for unloading, disembarking passengers, this, as indicated in the law, is regulated by international treaties.

The Ministry of Infrastructure came up with the idea of ​​banning Russian ships from entering the internal waters of Ukraine back in 2018. The department was going to address a similar question to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. The department associated the idea of ​​the ban with a “ high level of terrorist threats. ''

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New laws of the New Year: technical inspection, alimony, blocking on the Internet

What comes into force on January 1

Well, here it is, 2022 As usual, we studied the laws passed by the parliament and signed by the president, which will come into force in Russia in the new year from January 1.

Photo: AGN” Moscow “

Compared to last year, this time, I must say, it will not be a lot with innovations in January. The Duma was elected in September, began to work only in mid-October, the legislative flywheel has not yet developed at full capacity.

But something is in the bag of Santa Claus, whose wishes, as it turned out, are made by Vladimir Putin himself. there is also for us. For some of us at least.

For those who buy apartments and who cannot obtain alimony, for drivers and fans of driving with the breeze, for those who live on YouTube or Instagram and think that it has always been and always will be … And for those who want to build muscle in the fitness center just in case … And also for those who, in despair, do not know where to turn for help – they do not know who to call so that they can hear.

We are all not small and have known for a long time that Santa Claus has not only gifts in his bag but also “gifts”. We know that sometimes what is a gift and joy to someone is quite the opposite. But it's always better to know than to get stuck out of ignorance or not use a good opportunity that you, it turns out, had …

recklessly “: new article of the Criminal Code

After the New Year holidays, the law, which was hastily adopted by the parliament in two days at the very end of the session, will come into force, which journalists called the law on “golden reckless drivers”, and the essence of which can be expressed by paraphrasing the well-known words from the movie “Beware of the car!”

A new article appears in the Criminal Code. If you exceeded the speed by more than 60 km per hour or drove into the oncoming lane, got caught, were punished with a fine, then again during the year you got caught on the same one and lost your license, but still got behind the wheel and again the speed is very strong exceeded or went to the “oncoming lane”, and again got caught – they will start a criminal case, which can result in either a fine of 200-300 thousand, or compulsory or compulsory labor, and if the judge is very angry, then imprisonment for up to 2 years. Moreover, even the lightest of these punishments, that is, a fine, will necessarily be accompanied by a three-year ban on occupying certain positions or on certain activities.

But if your head is not at all right and, even being convicted under the new article of the Criminal Code, you still get behind the wheel, again find yourself in the “oncoming lane” or greatly exceed the speed – there is another conviction ahead, a fine of 300-500 thousand rubles, and in the worst case, up to 3 years in a colony. With a ban on the profession for 6 years.

An important nuance: if by all indications you are, consider, a criminal, but with a repeated violation (the third, fifth, tenth – all the same, from the point of view of the law it is considered “repeated”) and already without a license you were caught not by a living traffic police inspector, but only on a video camera – get off with a fine of 5 thousand rubles. “There are many questions with photo-video recording, and until we put things in order with the placement of cameras, the mode of their operation, we will not extend the Criminal Code to these cases, even if these are systemic violations,” said Dmitry Vyatkin, one of the authors of the draft law in the State Duma meeting room (“EP “). “We received data that more than half of the drivers drive by proxy, and if it is a photo or video without specifics (that is, without understanding who exactly is driving -“ MK ”.), Innocent people will suffer,” explained the first Deputy Head of the Duma Committee on State Construction and Legislation Irina Pankina (“United Russia”). Innocent – that is, car owners who did not violate traffic rules, simply lent the car to an idiot.

Honestly, given the wording of the crime, a reasonable question arises: will at least one culprit suffer from the new article of the Criminal Code.

In 2020 (there is still no complete data for 2021), about 500 thousand people were administratively punished for serious speeding, of which about 200 thousand, that is, 40%, became repeat offenders, but only 243 lost their rights. And for going to the oncoming lane, out of almost 600 thousand punished, about 6 thousand were repeatedly caught, that is, 10%, and only 45 were deprived of their rights. Moreover, statistics, like the law, do not make a difference between the second, third and hundredth similar violation during the year …

The deputies who voted “for” hope that there will be few people prosecuted under the new article. “Isolated cases”. And the prospect of becoming a criminal for recklessness, even if it did not lead to serious consequences such as harm to someone's health or death, will stop most of the violators.

Cancel technical inspection

A rare case, but this time it is prepared for the wide masses of motorists and “gingerbread”! After years of resistance, the authorities finally admitted that they were not in a position to make the mandatory technical inspection, which is mandatory for everyone, meaningful and less corrupt. The law, adopted at the very end of the autumn session by the parliament, from January 1, 2022, canceled this procedure for cars of any age, provided that they belong to individuals and are not used by them for official and commercial purposes (for private transportation, for example). But in a number of cases, mandatory technical inspection will still remain: when the car is registered with the state, when the owner changes, that is, when a car is sold or donated over 4 years old, as well as when the design of the car is changed or its main component is replaced. It is impossible to fine motorists for the lack of a diagnostic card, but in certain cases the traffic police inspector has the right to send him for inspection – for example, if a car has an obvious technical malfunction that threatens traffic safety.

The headlights do not work, for example.

Penalty for failure to pay alimony

The hard-core alimony workers have a couple of weeks left to decide on a further strategy of behavior. Two laws come into force at once, which can seriously increase the number of persons prosecuted for persistent refusal to fulfill their obligations.

When the word “alimony” is pronounced, the classic image of a father who does not want to pay the costs of raising a child left after a divorce from his mother immediately arises. But both the Constitution and Russian legislation equalize parents and children in their rights and obligations: as parents are obliged to support their minor children, so adult able-bodied children are obliged to support their disabled parents.

As for children, now, according to the general rules, for one minor, or adult, but disabled child, a parent must pay 25% of their income, two – a third, three or more – half. Income is not salary. But a criminal record threatens only those who have previously been punished for evading the payment of alimony in the administrative order (the Administrative Code promises up to 150 hours of compulsory work or arrest for 10-15 days for this). If the citizen does not improve within a year, then there is article 157 of the Criminal Code, promising correctional or forced labor, or even up to a year in a colony.

So, now the general rules do not change, administrative and criminal penalties are not toughened. But a small but very important clarification is introduced into the Administrative Code and the Criminal Code: it will not be a malicious non-payment of alimony in general, but a malicious failure to pay alimony in full, that is, exactly in the amount prescribed by the court or stipulated in the notarial agreement of the parties. If the alimony has changed his mind and paid off the debt in full, there will be no case.

Without this clarification, it is impossible to ensure uniform application of the articles of the Administrative Offenses Code and the Criminal Code throughout the country, Deputy Minister of Justice Andrei Loginov said in the State Duma. And in the package of accompanying documents to the bills, examples were given when a citizen-father, with a debt of more than 300 thousand rubles, repaid 1,500 rubles a month, was recognized by the court as fulfilling its obligations and avoided not only criminal, but also administrative liability.

The government proposed to clarify the Administrative Offenses Code and the Criminal Code on behalf of President Putin.

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

Statistics show that 40% of those brought to administrative responsibility for unwillingness to pay alimony pay off the debt “in part or in full”, because they do not want to get a criminal record. But “partial” repayment, as we can see, will no longer be the basis for solving the problem! This means that an increase in the number of criminal cases should be expected. Moreover, last year, with a decrease in the number of those brought to justice (bailiffs could not work fully due to covid), the total amount of alimony debt in the country increased to 156 billion rubles. And, as Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov reported recently, only 19 billion …For those concerned, it makes sense to read the list of good reasons for non-execution of a court decision or agreement on a certain amount of alimony – it is listed in the Supreme Court's Resolution of April 27, 2021. A good reason, in particular, is the illness of the alimony, non-payment of wages by the employer, delay in the transfer of money by the bank, conscription service in the army, etc. Moreover, in each specific case, the judge must figure out whether the person had other opportunities to pay, whether he has savings, property, other sources of income other than salaries. The VS considers that the disagreement of the alimony holder with the terms of the agreement or the court's decision on the amount of payments cannot be considered a valid reason. And cohabitation in the same apartment of former spouses or parents and children – too. Even if the alimony went to the colony, the judges believe, it is necessary to figure out first whether he had the opportunity to work there and earn at least something, and whether he refused to work without good reason.

By the way, the government in November, by its resolution, updated the list of incomes from which alimony must be paid. And now there are unemployment benefits, and compensation for harm caused to health, and pensions, and scholarships, and payments to doctors and other health workers …

Will the alimony payers begin to pay more accurately and in full in the face of the growing threat of administrative and criminal cases? The question is, of course, an interesting one. As we already know, 60% of debtors spit on the threat of a criminal record. And the lawyer Victoria Dergunova previously drew the attention of MK to the fact that in 2020 only 6.5% of enforcement proceedings to recover alimony payments were fulfilled by debtors voluntarily, and a fifth of them do not plan to fulfill their duties even if prosecuted …

Landing or blocking for foreign IT companies

We have one more chance in the coming months to see if things will go to bad, that is, to the complete departure of Google, YouTube or Telegram from Russia: from January 1, 2022, one of the main requirements adopted six months ago, the so-called “Law on the Landing of the Internet” – on the creation of full-fledged representative offices of foreign IT-companies on the territory of the Russian Federation. The word “full-fledged” is the key word in this case.

The law covers large foreign Internet resources oriented towards Russians and working in Russian or the languages ​​of the peoples of the Russian Federation, which are visited daily by at least 500 thousand users. All of them, in fact, a few months ago had to host an electronic form for interacting with citizens and public organizations and register a personal account on the Roskomnadzor website for interacting with the authorities of the Russian Federation. And now it's time to cut the ribbons on the doors of official branches or subsidiaries …

For those who do not want to obey, a number of “coercive measures” have been invented. First, Russian users of the resource will be notified that this social network or Internet site violates the laws of the Russian Federation. Do not frighten – they will introduce a ban on the distribution of advertising about this resource from Russian advertisers, and then they will also ban the placement of advertising on it. Further, as it grows, the following may follow: restriction of money transfers to this resource from the territory of the Russian Federation, a ban on search results, a ban on the collection and cross-border transfer of personal data, and, finally, traffic slowdown and blocking.

When the law was adopted, they said that about 20 foreign Internet resources would fall under the new rules, among them YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, which are popular among Russians, and large trading platforms AliExpress and Amazon. To the question “what will happen if they refuse to fulfill the requirements, will the authors, United Russia MPs and Senator Alexei Pushkov leave Russia,” they answered that no one demands anything extraordinary from IT giants, that only Google and Facebook have earned in Russia. less than 100 billion rubles in 2020 and they will hardly want to give up such a market just like that, and in general – they also said at first in Turkey that they would not create branches, but they have created and are working …

It has not yet been possible to create Russian counterparts seriously competing with some of the foreign resources obliged to “land” (with YouTube, for example).

It is impossible to predict what will happen after January 10, when Russia leaves the long New Year holidays.

The head of the Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications, Alexander Khinshtein (“ER”), in the last days before the New Year, told reporters that the implementation of this law in parliament was “very careful” and supported the position of Roskomnadzor, which some time ago said, that he does not intend directly from January 1 to formally begin to demand compliance with all the norms of this law and apply sanctions. “The main task is to achieve the establishment of a dialogue, the next year will be decisive in this sense,” and coercive measures will be applied only if “we are not understood and our demands are ignored,” explained Mr. Khinshtein, noting that President Putin spoke about the same at the final press conference. “We understand that the basis of their expansion is not a political, but an economic reason, they are interested in the Russian market, it is developing rapidly,” the deputy said. He hopes that in January the first representatives of this business will start registering their full-fledged representative offices in Russia “and thereby set an example for others.”

Internet ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev in a conversation with MK admitted that he also cannot yet boast of information about the readiness of foreign IT giants to comply with the law on “landing”. But he believes that they will still begin to perform it, although not directly from January 1. “Companies that fall under the requirements of this law are most often law-abiding and public. But questions of the practical application of the law still remain, and I think we will probably soon see some coercion from the state and explanatory work,” he said.

During the spring session, the relevant Duma committee plans to hold an expanded meeting devoted to the implementation of the law “on landing”, with the invitation of representatives of all large foreign Internet companies operating in Russia.

Extrajudicial blocking on the Internet

In early January, another of a long list of laws will come into force on a significant expansion of the grounds for extrajudicial blocking of all kinds of information on the Internet, which the state considers especially dangerous.

This initiative was submitted to the State Duma back in July 2020 by deputies from all Duma factions of the previous convocation (United Russia, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the SR and the Liberal Democratic Party) – members of the Commission for Combating Foreign Interference. The explanatory note stated that “the commission established numerous facts” (how many were not specified) of the dissemination of information by foreign states on the Russian Internet, justifying or justifying terrorism and extremism in general. Russian law at that time allowed, without any trial, at the initiative of the Prosecutor General or his deputy, who responded to a signal from some department, organization or vigilant citizens, to promptly block information with “calls for extremism.” If you wanted to block any “justification” or “substantiation” of extremism, you had to go to court with a claim to include this information in the list of extremist materials prohibited for distribution on the territory of the Russian Federation, the procedure took at least two months …

In general, the already long list of information, access to which can be blocked without bothering with courts and all sorts of public procedures, at first they wanted to supplement with “information containing justification and (or) justification for the implementation of extremist activities.”

The first reading of the bill passed in March last year, and then lay quietly until December, when they remembered about it and quickly adopted it in the second and third readings. Moreover, in the process of revision, the list of information subject to extrajudicial blocking has expanded significantly!

Now, if desired, “false reports of acts of terrorism” and “proposals to acquire a forged document granting rights or dismissing obligations” will also be blocked for one or two times. And any materials from any organization recognized as extremist in Russia – investigations by the FBK, for example.

Representatives of the relevant Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications of the colleague talked to colleagues about the relevance and importance of the new norms. The fact that now on the Internet in large quantities fake passports, driving license, military cards are offered for sale, as well as all sorts of “covid-certificates”, “quar-codes” and fake results of PCR analyzes, and “speed in making decisions about blocking in such cases it is very important “(Sergei Boyarsky,” ER “).

Stanislav Seleznev, a lawyer and senior partner of the Network Freedoms project, told MK that the drastic expansion of powers on extrajudicial blocking, together with the various interpretations of “justifying extremist activities,” would allow the prosecutor’s office to “thoroughly cleanse Runet” of posts containing references to corruption investigations. criticism of the electoral process or the work of power structures and officials, from calls for participation in public actions not sanctioned or initiated by the authorities. “We can safely expect blocking of hundreds of thousands of publications. At the same time, there are no technologies for blocking posts, videos, pictures inside foreign social networks without blocking all networks, except for the launch of ALL Internet traffic through TSPU, which will critically reduce the level of Internet accessibility in the country, ”the expert draws attention.

TSPU (technical means of countering threats) is a software and hardware complex that allows you to restrict access to information, the dissemination of which is prohibited in Russia. A centralized “jammer” of a kind, the creation and use of which in Russia is legalized by the law on the “sovereign Internet”, which entered into force in the fall of 2019.

As for offers to buy fake documents, Mr. Seleznev believes that “the speed of work of the prosecutor’s office with fake certificates will certainly increase, because earlier such blockings took place in a judicial, indeed longer order.”

In recent months, we have seen more and more how the Russian authorities can encourage foreign social networks and resources to remove information prohibited from disseminating in the country. Quite recently, a bailiff of one of the capital's district courts, for example, for the first time issued a fine to Google as a percentage of turnover – it turned out to be 7.22 billion rubles. But the story isn't over yet.

No spoofing: phone companies will pay for scammers

In 2020, more than 150 billion rubles were stolen from Russians by telephone scammers. One of the most popular misleading methods is the use of spoofed numbers. A citizen sees on the screen the mobile number of a Russian (for example, Moscow) phone with a code of 499 or 495, or the code of a Russian mobile operator, answers, but in fact speaks with a foreign number, which is hidden with the help of various kinds of technologies. Fraudsters call a citizen by his first name and patronymic, introduce themselves to the security service of his native bank … Tens of thousands of such replacement numbers are already known in every major Russian bank.

And in early January 2022, a law will come into force that will allow to bring to administrative responsibility telecom operators who let unidentified calls from fraudsters pass to subscribers.

In fact, a bill that would allow officials, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities to be fined for this was introduced to the State Duma back in 2017 by a group of United Russia senators and deputies. His fate was not easy. Even before the first reading, the text was rewritten several times, the fines proposed by the authors were at first considered disproportionate to the severity of the violation, overstated …

But telephone fraud gained momentum from year to year, during the pandemic it was an avalanche, and now crimes of this kind make up a quarter of the total number of crimes. A few months ago, a law was passed requiring telecom operators to transmit the caller's numbers in the original, and not substituted form, for violation of this requirement it was necessary to punish, so they remembered that old initiative, dust it off, finalized and adopted. As a result, the punishments were prescribed much more severe than originally intended. Failure by the telecom operator to transfer the subscriber number or unique identification code unchanged may result in a fine of 30 to 80 thousand rubles for an official, 200 to 500 thousand rubles for a sole proprietor, and 500 to 800 thousand rubles for a legal entity. If the operator does not block the fake numbers, it lets them into the network – for officials the fine increases to 50-100 thousand rubles, for individual entrepreneurs – up to 400-800 thousand rubles, and for legal entities – up to 600 thousand – 1 million rubles.

For each connection, note. For each missed replacement number. Mr. Khinshtein considers this law “a real step in the fight against cybercrime”, because heavy fines will make it unprofitable for operators to participate in known criminal fraudulent schemes, and they will finally begin to monitor the execution of their duties.

Difficult to say how effective the new article of the Administrative Code will be. The deputies who voted in unanimity said that telecom operators had a technical ability to distinguish a fraudulent substitute number from a real one for a long time, “they see them.”

Roskomnadzor officials have the right to draw up protocols on violations of this kind, and the courts will consider cases.

Visitors to fitness centers will be able to return part of their expenses

Since 2022, Russians have received the right to another social tax deduction: if they paid for health and fitness services out of their own pockets, bought, say, a subscription to a fitness center or a swimming pool, a course with a trainer – the state promises 13% of the funds spent for these purposes return. The deduction can be obtained not only for oneself, but also for children or underage “wards” – as it is written in the Tax Code. The main thing is that you buy these very services in a specialized institution, and there were specialists of the appropriate profile, with education. And it is also necessary that the company or individual entrepreneur where you have improved yourself is included in the special register of the Ministry of Sports, which will be reviewed annually until December 1.

The Ministry of Sports has already prepared such a register for this year – it can be found on the website of this department. There are 3836 organizations in it. “Thanks to the social tax deduction, sports will become even more accessible for the population, – said the Minister of Sports Oleg Matytsin …

His lips, as they say, would be. Citizens, of course, love it when the state returns their money, you yourself know – “even a tuft of wool”, and therefore any deduction is good. But …

Expenses for health and fitness activities are the so-called. social deduction. As well as the costs of medical treatment, medicines, education, charity, and non-state pensions. The maximum amount of personal expenses from which such a deduction can be obtained is 120 thousand rubles per year (only some types of expensive treatment and training are taken into account separately). 13% of this amount – 15 600 rubles. This is the maximum that the state will return to you. For the money spent on treatment, and on physical education and health improvement, and on medications.

To receive a deduction, you must legally work, pay personal income tax and submit to the Federal Tax Service copies of the service agreement, the license of the organization that provided them (if the activity is licensed), as well as cash receipts for payment.

If you want to receive a sports deduction already in 2022 – contact the employer with confirmation of the actual costs (but taking into account all of the above). And through the Federal Tax Service it will be possible to submit documents from 2023.

A gym or trainer paid in 2021 does not give the right to a refund: the new deduction begins in 2022 and applies only to expenses incurred since the beginning of this year. You can apply for a social deduction for three years.

But the higher prices rise, the more urgent the question of the amount of social tax deduction becomes. Almost 10 years ago, when 120 thousand and 15 600 first appeared in the Tax Code, these were quite decent sums. But now … Especially if you take into account the costs of all these PCR tests, antibody tests, which Russians donated and donate in large quantities in paid clinics, medicines for coronavirus treatment, which many also had to pay from their own wallet …

By the way, more about tax deductions: from January 1, simplified rules for registration of property deductions for the acquisition of real estate (apartments, rooms, houses) and for the payment of interest on mortgages came into force. It is enough to sign in the taxpayer's personal account an application for deduction, filled in in advance by the tax authorities, no need to attach any income declaration in the form of personal income tax-3, and documents confirming the fact of payment of money too – the tax authorities will receive all the data from themselves and from banks. The inspection time is reduced from 3 months to 1 month, and 15 days are given for a refund, if the right to a deduction is confirmed.

The maximum deduction amount is 260 thousand rubles, 13% of 2 million paid when buying a home. rubles.

Emergency number 112 will work throughout Russia

From January 1, 2022, a single number for calling emergency services “112” should be earned throughout Russia. On it you can call the rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the police, an ambulance, the emergency service of the gas network and the “Anti-terror” service. Calls to citizens are promised to this number free of charge, the mobile operator is obliged to ensure the connection even with a zero or negative balance on the phone account and even in the absence of a SIM card.

When a law was adopted last year to ensure interaction between federal departments and regional dispatching offices, such a single number was in effect in 56 out of 85 regions of the country. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that in the first half of 2020, at the peak of the pandemic, the number “112” was especially in demand, and 37 million Russians asked for help with it.

We write carefully “must earn” from 1 January, because the story with this very number was very, very long.

The development of a system for providing calls to emergency services using a single number began back in 2008. In 2011, then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed a government decree approving the Regulation on the system for providing emergency calls to the number “112”. It said that the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, the Ministry of Health, the FSB and the Ministry of Regional Development will have to ensure interaction with each other within the system. The federal budget had to pay for the creation of dispatch services, and regional and local budgets and organizations had to pay for their operation and development. Based on this Regulation, which was subsequently amended, and until now, individual regional emergency call systems have been operating.

At first, it was planned that everything would be ready on a national scale by 2012, then a new horizon was set: the end 2017 year. It didn't work out, the deadline was shifted to the end of 2018, but by that time the system was working only in 17 regions of the country. The Accounts Chamber, which then studied the situation with the implementation of the system, found out that after 2015 organizational problems and problems with funding began (it was reduced by 5.6 times), besides, the information systems of different departments turned out to be poorly compatible. In general, it was smooth on paper, but we stumbled over the ravines. As a result of that audit of the auditors of the joint venture, the president instructed the government to analyze the situation, resolve the issue with money and prepare a bill that would regulate the work of the system on a nationwide scale.

This bill became law in 2020 and determined the next day ” X “: January 1, 2022.


Political scientist Kashin assessed the likelihood of war between Russia and NATO

“The Alliance will definitely not defend Ukraine”

“If only there was no war” is a spell that many are now repeating. Whether the new year 2022 can bring war and whether there is a likelihood of a conflict between NATO and Russia – we asked political scientist Vasily Kashin about this.


– In 2022, this is extremely unlikely. Hypothetically, such a possibility exists, of course, but I don’t think it will happen exactly next year. The United States still has a clear military superiority. At the moment, it is the strongest superpower in the world. But the main problem for Americans is that their military forces are scattered throughout the world. They are simultaneously forced to contain Russia, China, Iran and still participate in many conflicts in other countries. The United States no longer has enough strength for all this.

– This is just a common misconception. Although China has an advantage in certain types of weapons, it will only be able to catch up with the United States in overall military power by 2050. According to the calculations of the Chinese themselves, they will have to catch up with their rivals in 2035.

– No, not necessarily. If, for example, there is a local conflict in the western part of the Pacific Ocean, everything will depend on the level of combat readiness of American troops at that moment, on the actions of other countries, including Russia, and on how quickly the United States can react. China's advantage is that the overwhelming majority of its armed forces are located in only one theater of operations – the Pacific Ocean. Within the framework of a local conflict, China has a chance of victory, but if an aggravation occurs before a full-scale war, then the advantage will be on the side of the United States. But in this situation, the presence of nuclear weapons on both sides is a serious limitation.

– No, such a development of events does not correspond to the plans of either side. On the contrary, the Americans are trying to reduce tensions in this region in order to be able to transfer their forces to the Pacific Ocean to contain China. Of course, the United States is not ready to make concessions to Iran, but there are no signs of an impending conflict.

– Armenia has no chances to resist Azerbaijan. Even before the 2020 conflict, it was a militarily weaker state compared to its neighbor, and after most of the armed forces of Armenia were defeated, there can be no question of any revenge. Local skirmishes may periodically occur on the border, but the Armenians have neither the strength nor the ability to resist Azerbaijan.

As for Iran, intervention in the war on the side of Armenia means an inevitable conflict with Turkey, and this is simply not in the interests of Tehran, which has super-tense relations with Israel and tense relations with the United States. In addition, Iran is not a strong ally for Armenia to rely on.

– I think this is extremely unlikely. Both sides are actively trying to find a compromise. But even if you can't find him, no one will definitely fight. As for the weapons. The United States, I repeat, is the strongest military power with the most powerful naval forces in the world. In this regard, we cannot even compete with them, since, unlike the United States, Russia has not re-equipped its Navy on a significant scale. In addition, the United States has an advantage in the air force.

On the other hand, the Russian army has significant combat experience. We have superiority in certain types of weapons – hypersonic complexes “Dagger”, “Zircon”, “Sarmat”, “Avangard”.

Do not forget that Russia, like the United States, is a nuclear power, so a full-scale war will inevitably take many lives on both sides. In this case, we will come to the threat of the termination of the existence of the whole world in its present form. So, I think, negotiations will take place and positions will be agreed to prevent such a huge risk.

As for local clashes, it depends on the number of our and enemy troops in the region at a particular time. Russia will have superiority in the Black Sea, the eastern part of the Baltic, Belarus, and possibly eastern Ukraine. But in general, the enemy, of course, has more opportunities to strike at us.

– I hope that local clashes will not occur either. In an extreme case, various events may occur in Ukraine, but NATO will definitely not defend it. There is also a chance of provocation, like the situation with the British destroyer “Defender” in the Black World, which will end with gunfire and, perhaps, the sinking of one ship. But even this will not entail a full-scale war between Russia and NATO.


Belarusians who left for Russia compared two countries

“I’m afraid you will soon be scared – we are watching one TV series”

Over the past year, many Belarusians have left the country. Some went to Europe, some preferred Russia. We talked with people who at different times moved from Belarus to Moscow and St. Petersburg. The interlocutors explained the reasons for the move and compared the two countries.

Photo: AP

Some of our interlocutors have adapted to Russia, others still hope to return to their homeland, albeit with the proviso: “Not in the near future.” Not everyone agreed to give their full names.

Olga: “I come home about twice a year. I am always glad to be at home. And I'm waiting for the opportunity to return. I'll go back there completely when it's safe. The choice of my permanent residence is obvious – Belarus. After all, this is my homeland, my home, family, history and culture. I respect Russia and don’t go with my samovar. There are simply situations when you need to stay here at the current moment. ”

Andrey: “I come to Belarus a couple of times a year. For me there is already a different rhythm of life. This is when you are already determined to run, but you have to go. My home is Russia, because she gave me everything. ”

Alexey: “I used to come to Belarus more often. He left after work on Friday, returned on Sunday. Now I travel more on holidays or long weekends. I don't want to live there. When I get tired of the movement and want peace of mind, then, perhaps, I will return to Belarus. For now, I just want to be able to be at home more often. As for the choice of the country, I will answer this way: God loves a trinity, therefore, before deciding on a country, I would like to live somewhere else. ”

Gregory: “ Now I rarely ride home … In the old days, it happened twelve times a year. There is no desire to return to present-day Belarus, but there is a need. I will definitely return there once and for all, when the Belarusian people will be able to choose their own power, when those who imprisoned people only because they wanted a better life will answer according to the law. ”

Vladislav: “I do not promise to live in Russia all my life.” When the country is free from the dictatorship, I will definitely return. This is my homeland, a European country with great potential. ”

Gennady: “ I used to travel once every six months. Less often now. Sooner or later I will return to Belarus for good. This is my home. When? Time will tell. ”


Pensioners who received January payments before the New Year were disappointed

Pensioners have already been receiving allowances since December last year.

Elderly Russians were amazed at the scanty allowances to pensions, which began to be paid at the end of December 2021.

Recall that from January 1, 2022, the indexation of pensions began in Russia, which was supposed to be 5.9%. At the same time, many Russians hoped for a significant increase.

As a result, as PRIMPRESS writes, some pensioners in the regions received from 590 to 750 rubles. The publication cites as an example pensioner Elena, who reported that she was paid 600 rubles in addition, and now her pension was only 9800 rubles.

Another pensioner Olga said that with 40 years of experience, her pension is from 2022 together with an allowance amounted to only 13,500 rubles. Others are not doing much better.

In general, pensioners expected an increase of at least 1,000 rubles, given that prices for some food products rose by almost 50%.

On the other hand, Moscow pensioners may be calm. According to RIA Novosti, the minimum pension of non-working pensioners in the capital has reached 21,193 rubles.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree on indexation – the city surcharge for pensioners and social benefits for residents increased by 4.8%.

According to the latest estimates, 2.1 million Muscovites will pay the surcharge. For reference: the last time the pension in the capital was raised significantly a year ago, also in January. Then it grew to 20,222 rubles.

Since January 2022, insurance pensions for non-working Russians have been indexed by 5.9%. Their average size is 18,521 rubles. In 2023 and 2024, the indexation will be 5.6% and 5.5%.

Presumably, the amount of pensions will reach 19,476 rubles and 20,469 rubles.

In January 2020, the insurance the average pension reached 16,789 rubles.

Let us remind you that Vladimir Putin said at a recent press conference that the indexation of pensions should be equal to the inflation rate. Allegedly, the Government is doing everything for this, the president said in his speech.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the Internet compared the pensions of Russians with payments to celebrities who perform at New Year's corporate parties.

To earn money from 80 to 400 thousand rubles, a pensioner should save it for about 100 years and not spend it on anything.

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NASA warned of two dangerous asteroids approaching Earth

Two potentially dangerous asteroids are approaching the Earth. This is reported by The Sun newspaper, referring to NASA data.

One of the celestial bodies & ndash; Asteroid 2013 YD48 is about the size of Big Ben and is approximately 104 meters wide. A space object & nbsp; will pass our planet on January 11 at a distance of 5.6 million kilometers.

Another asteroid 7482 YD48, which is twice the size of the Empire State Building, will pass Earth on January 18 at a distance of 0.013 astronomical units. which, according to the space agency's estimates, is a “ close approach. ''

Earlier, the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin announced a “ launch boom '' in the world in 2025-2026.


When will biofuels be introduced into the aviation industry?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 52. What to prepare for the New Year's table? 12/29/2021

S7 & nbsp; performed the first flight in & nbsp; Russia on & nbsp; alternative fuel. The & nbsp; news said that tickets for passengers using such fuel will become more expensive. So why switch to it?

Expert's answer 0 + –

The airliner was fueled with a mixture of classic and & nbsp; alternative biofuels based on organic compounds. The addition of biofuels will become mandatory for flights to the & nbsp; EU from & nbsp; 2025 & nbsp; y. This is expected to reduce CO₂ emissions. “ The environmental issue is relevant: airplanes pollute the atmosphere at & nbsp; an altitude of 10 & ndash; 11 & nbsp; km, which screens the sun's rays and & nbsp; creates a greenhouse effect, & nbsp; & mdash; considers the ex-Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation of the USSR Oleg Smirnov . & mdash; & nbsp; & bdquo; Green & ldquo; the order of use of fuel, which introduces & nbsp; EU, we & nbsp; will not & nbsp; be able to ignore. Otherwise, our airlines flying to & nbsp; Europe will have to pay colossal fines. ''


What is known about the new concept of combating crime in Russia?

On January 1, 2022, the updated state program “ Ensuring public order and combating crime '' came into force in Russia. Changes were made to the program, which has been operating since April 2014.

What changes have been included in the program?

The document states that the main way to destabilize the socio-political and socio-economic situation in RF is becoming “ attracting various groups of the population to participate in uncoordinated public events (including protest actions), which are deliberately transformed into mass riots. ''

One of the priority challenges for the police in the context of the active development of new technologies has become the rapid growth in the number of crimes committed using information and telecommunication technologies, as well as an increase in the number of facts of “ destructive influence on minors through telecommunication networks. ''

What are the main goals of the new program?

The program contains the following goals :

& mdash; combating crime and increasing the efficiency of maintaining public order (ensuring a decrease in the share of grave and especially grave crimes committed in public places, in the total number of crimes to 5.27%, as well as a decrease in the level of undisclosed missing citizens in relation to 2021 to 95 , 9% in 2030);

& mdash; reduction of mortality as a result of road accidents by 2030 to a level not exceeding 4 people per 100 thousand of the population;

& mdash; ensuring the level of satisfaction of citizens with the quality of the provision of public services in the field of road safety and in the field of migration & mdash; not less than 90% annually.

The document also states that the goals of ensuring state and public security are, among other things, :

& mdash; protection of fundamental human and civil rights and freedoms;

& mdash; strengthening civil peace and harmony, political and social stability in society;

& mdash; improving the mechanisms of interaction between the state and & nbsp; civil society;

& mdash; strengthening law and order;

& mdash; rooting out corruption;

& mdash; protection of citizens and all forms of property;

& mdash; protection of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values ​​from unlawful encroachments.

The document also provides for the return to Russia by 2030 of compatriots living abroad under the voluntary resettlement program. At least half a million people are expected to do so.

Source :

https: //xn & mdash; b1aew.xn & mdash; p1ai/dejatelnost/gosprogram/Gosprogramma /% D0% B3% D0% BE% D1% 81% D1% 83% D0% B4% D0% B0% D1% 80% D1% 81% D1% 82% D0% B2% D0% B5% D0% BD% D0% BD% D0% B0% D1% 8F-% D0% BF% D1% 80% D0% BE% D0% B3% D1% 80% D0% B0% D0% BC% D0% BC% D0% B0-% D1% 80% D1% 84-2053


China reveals new images from Mars taken by probe

China's National Space Administration has released new photos of Mars, which were taken with the Chinese research probe Tianwen 1; and the Jurong rover. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

The pictures show a crater named after the Soviet designer Sergei Korolev. In addition, they show the Olympia dune field, as well as the planet's northern polar cap, consisting of ice and carbon dioxide.

Space Administration also received photographs with a general plan of the orbiter and a partial plan with a deployed solar sail.

Tianwen 1 probe located 350 million kilometers from the Earth. Its working time is 526 days. Chinese devices conduct reconnaissance and necessary tests. In total, the space agency claims that they managed to collect about 560 gigabytes of raw data. They also reported that the devices were working properly.

Earlier it became known that Japanese researchers will begin preparations for the launch of the world's first wooden satellite in early 2022.


Finnish President considers Russia’s demands on NATO contrary to order

President of Finland Niinistö: Russia’s demands on NATO worries Europe The demands of Russia on NATO and the United States for security are incompatible with the existing order of ensuring European security, Niinistö said. According to him, the principle of full equality of states must be observed by all

Sauli Niinistö

Russia's demand for security guarantees from the US and NATO worries Europe, this contradicts the established order of ensuring European security. This was stated by the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö in the New Year's address to the residents of the country.

Earlier, in December, Russia asked the United States and NATO to provide written and legally binding guarantees not to expand the North Atlantic Alliance to the east and not to deploy weapons near Russian borders.

“ The December ultimatum to Russia worries Europe. It is incompatible with the established order of ensuring European security. The past has no place in the 2020s. Full equality of all states & mdash; a fundamental principle that must be followed by everyone ', & mdash; said the president.

According to Niinistö, after the meeting of the leaders of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden in Geneva last summer, Europe, which remained an “ observer '', had hope of starting a dialogue between the two countries. p>

According to him, the only ways to resolve differences are restraint, responsibility and dialogue.

The Finnish President said that the situation around European security is rapidly heating up. “ The conflict on the borders of Ukraine is on the verge of aggravation. & lt; … & gt; The situation changed rapidly. Until last summer, prior to Biden's trip to Europe, concern seemed to be centered mainly around China, '' & mdash; added Niinistö.

Vladimir Putin announced Russia's demand for security guarantees from NATO and the United States in early December. In particular, the Russian side proposed not to admit the former republics of the USSR into NATO, but to sign an agreement with the United States on renouncing the deployment of nuclear weapons outside national territories.

In response, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance would not agree to compromise on Ukraine's accession. The US replied that they were preparing their proposals on security and confirmed that the first part of the talks on the issue raised by Putin would take place on January 10, Russia will be represented by First Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, and the American – & mdash; First Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman.

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“Stab in the back”: how the treaty against China quarreled Australia with France

The AUKUS alliance, which was created by the UK, Australia and the United States, is aimed at China, political analysts say. But France was the first to be indignant: because of the new contract, it lost a contract for € 56 billion. Why this happened – in the RBC video


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Putin congratulated Sergei Shakurov on his 80th birthday


Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a congratulatory telegram to the People's Artist of the Russian Federation Sergei Shakurov on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

“You are distinguished by a bright dramatic talent, loyalty to the best traditions of the national acting school,” the head of state said in his message.

Putin noted that Shokurov won popularity and love of viewers of different generations thanks to his sincere and convincing performance of roles.

The President wished Shakurov health and creative longevity.


Who will be buried in mass graves?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 52. What to prepare for the New Year's table? 12/29/2021

Why developed GOST on & nbsp; burial of corpses in & nbsp; mass graves?

Expert's answer 0 + –

GOST on & nbsp; urgent burial in & nbsp; mass graves of people who died in the & nbsp; course of military conflicts or natural disasters in & nbsp; peacetime, developed in & nbsp; Ministry of Emergency Situations. The & nbsp; document spelled out the procedure for & nbsp; in the case of a large number of victims: for example, in a nuclear strike, natural disaster or epidemic. “ It is clear that times are troubling now, mortality is on the rise, & nbsp; & mdash; says Executive Director of the Union of Funeral Organizations and & nbsp; Crematoria Elena Andreeva . & mdash; & nbsp; Government agencies must be ready for & nbsp; any development of events, and & nbsp; for this it is necessary to improve legislation. However, after getting acquainted with the & nbsp; new GOST, experts in the & nbsp; field of funeral business were surprised. Why does the & nbsp; new standard speak of & nbsp; emergency burials in & nbsp; mass graves in & nbsp; peacetime? There are in the & nbsp; document and & nbsp; other controversial points. It is surprising and & nbsp; that GOST was developed in & nbsp; closed mode without the involvement of the professional community. ''


A star named Moon. In Russia, removed the “Batman mask” from a young American

In September 2019, residents of Russia learned that a girl from the United States who was born with a Batman mask would be treated in Krasnodar. This nickname was given to her because of a huge dark neoplasm on her face, shaped like the mask of a comic book hero. A young resident of the city of Miami with Brazilian roots and the beautiful name Luna was disfigured by a giant melanocytic nevus, which occurs due to a genetic abnormality of cells. Recently doctor Pavel Popov completed his removal, and the girl and her mother flew from Krasnodar to Brazil. But in the new year they will return to Krasnodar.

Russian alternative

The moon was born in the spring of 2019 and literally shocked those around her with her appearance. But for parents who are ready to love their child with any face, the worst thing turned out to be something else. The giant melanocytic nevus became a time bomb for the baby from the first days of life. Such neoplasms are very unstable and, over time, can develop into a malignant skin tumor: melanoma. In the case of the Moon, this probability was especially high. This is the main reason why it was required to remove the pathological tissue as soon as possible. In addition, the girl's parents were faced with the brutal straightforwardness of people in their supposedly totally tolerant country. At the sight of their daughter, not only children, but also many adults jumped to the sides and pointed their fingers.

“The worst situation happened in the church, & mdash; then the mother of the girl Carol Fenner told The Daily Mail reporters. & mdash; There, a little girl asked her mother about Luna's face, to which she replied: “ Oh god, don't look there, it's some kind of monster! What a horror! & Ldquo; & raquo;

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; View this post on Instagram & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

Publishing by & hearts; ️ Luna & hearts; ️ Mãe no Controle (@

Luna with her parents in Miami before flying to Krasnodar.

And the spouses were horrified by the bleak prospect that awaited the Moon, unlike other children. Moreover, she became a very long-awaited child. The fact is that doctors practically put an end to the motherhood of Carol Fenner. Several years ago, she was diagnosed with a tumor in her liver, and doctors said that during pregnancy she would grow from hormones. But the woman nevertheless took a chance and gave birth to a girl, which was borne with great difficulty under the constant supervision of specialists. It was a real miracle that, contrary to forecasts, Carol's tumor even shrank on its own. Luna's mother, who emigrated from Brazil, also hoped for the miracles of American medicine, which would help rid her daughter of a dangerous nevus. But local doctors stunned him and her husband.

“ They were asked to do 80 operations in five years, & mdash; the chief physician of the Krasnodar clinic of laser and photodynamic therapy, laser surgeon-oncologist Pavel Popov told reporters. & mdash; They were supposed to start when the girl grew up, plus they were planned to be carried out in various medical institutions in America. And for all this it was necessary to pay a crazy amount. Doctors deliberately proposed a treatment regimen that does not fit into any framework of American medical insurance. They were uncomfortable just saying, “We can't operate on your girl, we can't do everything the way you want.” They answered in such a way that the question would go away by itself. It was a polite refusal. ''

Pavel Popov, who learned about the Moon from the media, offered a treatment that was much more sparing both for the girl's health and for the wallet of her very poor parents. At first, the couple were skeptical about the offer of help from Krasnodar, which was sent to them via the Internet. The cold answer came back, dictated by the stereotype. They say, what can some Russian doctors do in general in comparison with the “ advanced '' ones? Americans? But the photos and videos sent to the United States with the results of the work of the Kuban doctors, decorated in the style of “ before and after '', turned out to be more eloquent than any words. In a matter of weeks, Carol and the Moon were already flying across the ocean to an incredibly distant city for them.

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Carol's video showing the dynamics of the treatment of the Moon in Krasnodar for 2 years.

Chronicle of the Moon

Mom and daughter landed in Krasnodar on the evening of September 25 and immediately fell under the sights of journalists' cameras. Despite being very tired from the long flight, Carol Fenner was friendly and very frank.

“ Before this trip, everyone stopped me and called me crazy, & mdash; the woman honestly confessed. & mdash; They told me, they say, why try to treat my daughter so far away, where everything is different. But I still decided to come, because the Krasnodar doctor is one of the best. Based on what I've seen with him and the doctors in the US, the results will be better here. ''

But the fruits of a difficult decision exceeded all her expectations. First, she became convinced of the advantages of the method of the Kuban doctor. In the United States, the Moon would have had to wear huge silicone expanders under the skin for more than one year to stretch it for subsequent transplants. It would require operations with a scalpel under harmful general anesthesia with a long recovery in the hospital. And the laser treatment from Pavel Popov does not require any of this. Immediately after each operation, Luna returned with her mother to a rented apartment in Krasnodar and felt good. Carol shared the results of each stage of treatment on Instagram and many times emphasized her decision to come to Russia. She even called him “the best of her life.” By the way, she went to social networks for nothing to do.

Doctor Pavel Popov shows a photo of another girl from the United States after 4 years of treatment for a nevus using the classical method. Photo: AiF/Alexander Vlasenko

“ I started an Instagram account for my daughter, & mdash; admitted Carol in Krasnodar. & mdash; When she grows up, she will be able to read what people said about her, how worried. She will see the operation and its first results. ”

She also collected money for treatment through social networks. When the tide of donations subsided, Carol began selling souvenirs with the image of her daughter. But all the same, she would hardly have collected the entire amount. Fortunately, the clinic did not demand to pay everything at once. And then something happened that the woman again, not without reason, called it a miracle.

At the end of 2019, a Russian businessman, who wished to remain anonymous, transferred to the clinic most of the total cost of the Moon's treatment: $ 60,000. This amount was not enough for the family. Naturally, Carol was amazed.

Luna with her mother Carol after the first stage of treatment in Russia. Photo: AiF/Alexander Vlasenko

“ We have no words to describe our feelings, & mdash; she then wrote on Instagram. & mdash; We want to thank everyone who helped us with something, prayed for us, and especially our Russian Santa Claus. He removed fear from our hearts. Our daughter is very lucky! Today we affirm with complete confidence that God loves us and that Santa Claus exists! ''

In Russia, Luna celebrated her first birthday, took her first steps and spoke her first words. And here, for the first time, she was able to stay close to her grandmother, who lives in Brazil, for a long time. At the beginning of 2020, Carol invited her mother to Russia during the next course of treatment, so that she would help her take care of the Moon. It was very difficult for her alone to do this. But when mom arrived, not everything went according to plan.

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Luna during the final phase of removing the Batman mask.

Luna does not say goodbye

Luna's grandmother got to the Kuban on an adventure. At first, she got lost at the Moscow airport, and then lost her way in Krasnodar, where she flew in late at night with a four-hour delay. The woman, who spoke only Portuguese, had to talk to the police officers who helped her. Another adventure for her with her daughter and granddaughter was a pandemic. Due to the closed borders, the relatives stayed together in the Kuban for about six months instead of several months. But this made it possible to speed up the treatment of the moon. And the family got to know Krasnodar a little better.

The residents of the city often met them in a beautiful new park created by the businessman Sergey Galitsky . This happened more often during the warmer months, since the natives of Brazil are very sensitive to the cold. But in any weather they were greeted with warm greetings by the locals,

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The moon is resting in the foothills of the Caucasus after the removal of the nevus is completed.

“ In the States, everyone told me that the Russians & mdash; people are cold, like the weather here, & mdash; admitted by Carol Fenner. & mdash; But I was surprised at how kind everyone here was to us. On the streets they stop us, greet us, say: & bdquo; God bless you, let everything be fine & ldquo;. The weather is really cold here, but not as cold as I expected. ''

They have received gifts from people who follow the fate of the moon more than once. Someone sent souvenirs, and a little more than a month ago, Carol showed on Instagram their country vacation in the foothills of the Kuban region. In her post, she wrote that this is also a gift made by the owners of the local eco-farm. Interestingly, the woman named this place with the word “ hacienda, '' which entered our vocabulary from Brazilian TV series. Tired of the four walls, Luna was delightedly lying in the fallen leaves with another young patient from the United States with a nevus on her face. Parents brought Demi Nguyen from Texas to Kuban when they learned about the moon. As a result, they were relieved of the 'masks' almost simultaneously.

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A selection of footage of the Moon's rest in Brazil this winter.

“We have now fully completed the stage of removing the nevus from the Moon, & mdash; tells Andrey Aleksutkin, executive director of the Krasnodar clinic . & mdash; In total, six large-scale operations were carried out. But at the beginning of the new year, the Moon will come to us to undergo cosmetic procedures, after which the treatment will be completely completed. How long it will take, I cannot say. It all depends on what will be the reaction to the procedures, how everything will heal. As for Demi, she only needs to come to us once, also for cosmetic procedures. ''

Luna and her mother moved from Krasnodar to the Brazilian city of Florianopolis, which took them 37 hours to reach. Their relatives live there, some of them have never seen the girl live. She herself also came to her historical homeland for the first time, where she will celebrate the New Year. Carol has already published footage of a joyful meeting at the airport, their joint vacation with relatives, and also posted a video of her interview about her daughter's treatment in Russia. In Brazil, the moon has also become a real star.


Russia celebrates the Day of Remembrance of John of Kronstadt

Satanovsky urged to be afraid of events that are coming in 2022

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Political scientist and scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky said that in the coming year 2022 all those who wanted something new , it will be received. At the same time, he recalled the well-known saying “Be afraid that your wishes will come true.”

According to the expert, everyone has desires and they are all different and often diametrically opposed. “As a result, what will come true will come true. It remains to come to terms with the circumstances and try to turn them in our favor,” he noted.

Satanovsky also congratulated the subscribers of his Telegram channel on the New Year.


Up to 9 degrees below zero is expected in Moscow on Sunday

Cloudy weather with clearings and ice is predicted in the & nbsp; Russian capital on Sunday, January 2, the official & nbsp; website of the & nbsp; Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation.

“ Mostly no precipitation '', – it is noted in the message.

During the day, the air temperature in the city will be from minus seven to minus nine degrees.

The north-west wind at a speed of & nbsp; five to ten meters per second, in some places its gusts can reach 15 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure & ndash; 746 millimeters of mercury.

Cloudy, ice and light snow are predicted in the capital on Monday night. Columns of thermometers & nbsp; can go down to & nbsp; mark & ​​nbsp; minus 14 degrees.

South wind at a speed of three to eight meters per second. Atmospheric pressure will be 742 millimeters of mercury.

Earlier & nbsp; Leading specialist of the Phobos weather center & nbsp; Evgeny Tishkovets & nbsp; told & nbsp; about the weather in Moscow on New Year's holidays.


The UN responded to Kosovo’s recognition of the Russian persona non grata

UN: the status of persona non grata does not apply to the organization's employees On the eve of Kosovo, a Russian from the UN Interim Administration Mission was recognized persona non grata. The UN indicated that this status cannot be applied to an employee of the organization and said that they are taking measures to protect him

Stefan Dujarrick

The UN Interim Administration Mission for Kosovo (UNMIK) has received no official notification from the authorities of the partially recognized republic that the Russian officer has been declared persona non grata. This was stated by the representative of the UN Secretary General Stephane Dujarric.

Dujarric indicated that the status of persona non grata cannot be applied to a UN employee, this is not provided for by the regulation on UNMIK.

“ The UN Mission in Kosovo and UN Headquarters are taking appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the employee in question and are in contact with interested authorities on this matter, '' & mdash; he added.

On December 31, Kosovo Foreign Minister Donika Gervala announced that a Russian UNMIK employee had been recognized as persona non grata at the request of the republic's prime minister, Albin Kurti, for “ malicious activity ''; a Russian who suffers from Kosovo's national security.

The Russian embassy in Serbia called this step a provocation, the purpose of which is & mdash; Curry favor with Western mentors. The diplomats noted that, in accordance with international law and “ central to the Kosovo settlement '' Resolution 1244 of the UN Security Council, this decision has no legal consequences.

Kosovo declared its independence in 2008, before that it was an autonomous republic within Serbia. Kosovo was recognized by most of the EU countries and more than a hundred countries & mdash; members of the UN. Serbia, Russia, China and a number of other countries do not recognize Kosovo as a separate state.

In October, the head of Kosovo, Vyosa Osmani, ordered to expel two Russian diplomats from the republic because they “ threaten national security and constitutional order '' country. Russian Foreign Ministry condemned 'such destructive behavior' authorities of the republic, and the embassy called this decision a provocation.

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