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Ukrainian political scientist named the evidence of the approaching civil war

Ukrainian political scientist Andrey Golovachev has suggested that the country is on the verge of a possible split. The expert compared the situation with the Ruin, a period in the history of Ukraine between 1657 and 1687, which was actually a civil war.

Golovachev pointed out that he sees mutual accusations of political infidelity. At the same time, the political scientist believes that these accusations are used without legal grounds and are used as an instrument of political struggle.

On his Facebook page, Golovachev added that the President of the country, Volodymyr Zelensky, dug up the “ax of war”.


National Interest: In case of war, NATO will hit Russia from the Black Sea


Ukraine is in contact with Russia on land and could be easily accessible to its ground forces lined up on the border of the two countries. The United States and NATO have already deployed large numbers of F-35 Lightning II stealth fighters on the continent. They will be able to partially cover Kiev in the event of a war.

However, according to National Interest columnist Chris Osborne, the naval aspect should not be overlooked either. The heavy and precise firepower provided by Tomahawk missiles launched from submarines and ships can inflict huge damage on Russian troops.

Moreover, the new Tactical Tomahawk is capable of tracking and destroying moving targets. It can hit targets at a distance of up to 1448 kilometers. Consequently, objects in the depths of Ukraine and Russia will be vulnerable to attacks from the Black Sea.

The expert also noted that US aircraft carriers could become a decisive factor in the alleged clash. Most likely, the US Navy has superiority over Russia in the Black Sea. The landing of the Marine Corps will lead to a conflict on two fronts. If any foothold is created, Russia will have to defend itself against NATO forces advancing from Eastern Europe and attacks by the US Navy from the sea.

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Sweden accuses Lukashenka of stealing Christmas


The Chairman-in-Office of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde asked Belarusian authorities to release all 953 political prisoners. She called the news that Minsk refused to change the verdict of oppositionists Maria Kolesnikova and Maksim Znak as “terrible”.

They were sentenced to 10 and 11 years in prison on charges of conspiracy to seize power and create an extremist group. Both were members of the Presidium of the Coordination Council of the Belarusian Opposition and the election headquarters of ex-presidential candidate Viktor Babariko. Both admit their guilt categorically.

Ann Linde stressed on Twitter that since it is a matter of human rights, “Sweden cannot go on Christmas break.”

She previously stated that the Swedish government is monitoring the situation on the border between Ukraine and Russia. Ann Lindier called inadmissible doubts about the European security system, which respects the territorial integrity and the choice of policy of each country.

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Catholic Christmas-2021 : holiday shots of New York, London, Prague

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In Kiev, they complained about the “cynical” betrayal of the United States in the gas issue

The expert said that the Americans simply want to occupy a third of the European gas market

Photo: pixabay. com

& nbsp; At the same time, the expert points out that the main interest of the Americans is to occupy a third of the European fuel market.

Granovsky emphasizes that American political technologists are working “cynically”. Uses & ldquo; the dirtiest technologies & rdquo ;. And now the European market has become an even more tasty morsel for the Americans. You can sell gas there for $ 1,500.

Russia plans to supply gas to Europe in the future through the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The Americans are actively hindering the advancement of this project. They are interested in supplying their own gas to Europe. For this, there are terminals for receiving ships carrying liquefied gas.

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline consists of two threads. Their total capacity is 55 billion cubic meters per year. Construction was completed back in September. But now the launch has been postponed, since the German regulator has not made a decision on the certification of the operator. Germany is expected to consider this issue in mid-2022.


Deputy Prime Minister of Poland Kaczynski accused Germany of creating the “fourth Reich”

Polish politician criticized the actions of the European Union

Another episode of the protracted confrontation between Poland and the European Union was the scandalous statements made by the leader of the right-wing conservative Law and Justice party Jaroslaw Kaczynski in an ultra-right newspaper. The Polish Deputy Prime Minister said that Germany wants to turn the EU into a “fourth Reich”.

The head of the ruling party in Poland, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, said that Germany is trying to turn the European Union into a federal “fourth German Reich,” writes The Guardian.

Speaking on the pages of the extreme right-wing Polish newspaper GPC, the head of the Law and Justice party (PiS) said some countries are “not happy with the prospect of building a German Fourth Reich based on the EU.”

“If we Poles were to accept this modern view, we would be humiliated in different ways,” said Kaczynski, who is also Poland's deputy prime minister. He added that the European Court is being used as a “tool” for federalist ideas.

Supporters of PiS argue that Germany wants to turn the European Union into a federal state, which will be governed by itself.

Poland is involved in a long confrontation with the EU, especially due to the judicial changes that Kaczynski's party has pushed through since 2015.

Recently, the European Union announced that it is initiating a lawsuit against Poland for ignoring EU legislation and undermining judicial independence. Warsaw responded by accusing Brussels of “bureaucratic centralism.”

In October, the Polish Constitutional Court ruled that Polish national legislation took precedence over European Union legislation. In this regard, the question arose sharply whether Warsaw is going to repeat the example of Brexit and arrange Polexit by leaving the EU. True, the same Jaroslaw Kaczynski denied this assumption.

Recently, the European Commission decided to launch a legal procedure for examining violations against Warsaw in connection with “serious concerns” after the recent rulings of the Polish Constitutional Court, which found the provisions of EU treaties incompatible with the Polish Constitution, directly challenging the primacy of European legislation. Brussels gave the Polish authorities two months to respond to the letter with official notification.

Meanwhile, The Guardian reminds, during a visit to Warsaw of the new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz this month, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said, that the support of EU federalism by the current government of the Federal Republic of Germany is “utopian and therefore dangerous.” along with Hitler and Goebbels. At the same time, Warsaw accuses Berlin of the fact that the German authorities do not want to pay war reparations to Poland.


The brightest international events of 2021 are named: scandals, summits, funerals

From the storming of the Capitol to the Omicron strain

The outgoing year was eventful on the world stage. The coronavirus pandemic continued to rage, old conflicts did not subside and new conflicts arose, other famous people left for the world. We have compiled twelve main phenomena that I remember in 2021.

Less than a week after the onset of 2021, on January 6, an unprecedented thing happened in the American capital: supporters of the outgoing President Donald Trump staged an “assault” on the United States Capitol, demanding a review of the results of the 2020 presidential election and forcing members of Congress to evacuate. During the violent riots, five people were killed. The “favorite” of the world media was one of the participants in the events – a brightly painted half-naked “Horned Shaman”, a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory named Jacob Anthony Chensley.

Nothing came of the assault on the Republican president's supporters. Moreover, already on January 13, the US House of Representatives voted to impeach the still formally head of state Trump for inciting an “armed rebellion against America.” This is how Trump became the first president in American history to be impeached twice. However, this procedure had no special consequences for him. But the participants in the riots near the Capitol continue to pass sentences.

Well, on January 20, Joe Biden took office as the 46th President of the United States …

The raging COVID-19 pandemic is forcing scientists, politicians and ordinary people to think about where this coronavirus came from. In early February, the long-awaited report on the results of the investigation was published, which was carried out by a team of WHO experts together with Chinese scientists. The verdict of the participants in the investigation sounds like this: a virus leak from a laboratory in Wuhan (China) is “extremely unlikely”, bats are named as the most likely source of infection.

But many were left unsatisfied with these findings. In May, US President Joe Biden ordered the American intelligence community to step up efforts to investigate the origins of COVID-19 and deal with the origins of the coronavirus within three months. But after the allotted time, the special services actually threw up their hands, without giving an unambiguous answer about the origin of the pandemic, which claimed millions of lives. Apparently, the true history of the coronavirus will remain a secret behind seven seals.

The British monarchy, so unshakable, was shocked when Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle had moved to America on the Oprah Winfrey Show in March. The first violin in the family interview, of course, was played by Megan, who accused the royal family of being callous and, even worse, racist. The latter was understood as a question asked by one of the members of the royal family, about the skin color of the unborn child Harry and Megan (the prince's wife, as you know, has African-American roots on her mother). The scandalous revelations of special popularity for the “rebelled” against Buckingham Palace did not bring the couple, but they made the gap between Harry and his older brother Prince William almost insurmountable – not to mention other representatives of the ruling family.

Relations between Russia and the United States in recent years have already been “below the floor,” with the arrival of Democrat Joe Biden in the White House, the situation has not improved in any way. In this regard, the decision to meet in person between the Russian and American leaders became a ray of hope for at least some improvement in bilateral relations.

Neutral Switzerland was chosen as the venue for the Biden-Putin summit. And on June 16, the two presidents held a three and a half hour meeting in Geneva. Even the most inveterate optimists did not expect breakthrough decisions from the negotiations. But the very fact of a conversation between the heads of the two powers can be attributed to the pluses. However, recent events – despite the recent video link conversation between Putin and Biden – indicate that the decline in relations between Moscow and Washington continues.

Before reaching a century, Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died in Great Britain on April 9. Unrestrained in language, politically incorrect Duke of Edinburgh was the love of Her Majesty's life. Only the pandemic prevented the mass gathering of mourning Britons to the funeral ceremonies. But the attention of the public, who watched the farewell to the royal spouse live, was riveted on the disgraced Prince Harry and his brother William, who had flown in from America to the funeral of his grandfather. They caught their every gesture, but the hopes of good hearts that the family grief would make the quarreling members of the monarch's family reconcile were not justified.

The small and poor Caribbean state of Haiti has become the center of world news in the summer. During the July 7 attack by a group of mercenaries on the residence of the head of state, the president of the republic, Jovenel Moise, was killed. During the investigation, dozens of suspects in the assassination attempt were identified – including citizens of the United States and Colombia. Some of them were detained, some were killed. With the organizers of the high-profile murder – everything is more complicated. The prosecutor accused the Prime Minister of the country, Ariel Henri, of involvement in the assassination attempt on the president. He, of course, rejected these accusations.

Jovenelle Moise is not the only president to be assassinated in 2021. His colleague from the African Republic of Chad, Idris Debi, was killed in April, when he commanded the troops that fought on the front against the rebels.

In early May, it became known that one of the richest inhabitants of the planet Bill Gates and his wife Melinda are getting divorced after 27 years of marriage. They stated that they could no longer “develop together as a couple.” Melinda Gates has filed a divorce petition in King County, Washington with a request to divorce under the couple's separation agreement. But, being co-founders of one of the largest private charitable foundations in the world, Bill and Melinda promised to continue their joint charitable work.

Despite the lack of much media hype, the Gates divorce settlement has been dubbed the second most expensive marital separation in the United States after Jeff Bezos parted ways with ex-wife Mackenzie, paying her $ 38.3 billion.

Largely due to the coronavirus pandemic, the world is faced with the threat of shortages and higher prices for goods – serious disruptions began in the global supply chain. The most striking picture of this situation on March 23 was the accident of the container ship Ever Given on its way from Malaysia to the Netherlands in the Suez Canal. Run aground in a transport corridor linking the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, the ship triggered a multi-day collapse of freight traffic around the world, costing world trade an estimated $ 400 million every hour. Despite gloomy forecasts that this was serious and for a long time, by the end of March, the container ship was still able to move. And the sea traffic on the Suez resumed. But the consequences of this “traffic jam” have certainly only exacerbated the supply chain crisis.

The fact that in Afghanistan, where militants of the Islamist Taliban movement (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) were seizing one region after another, it was not all right, it was known for a long time. The withdrawal of American troops from the belligerent country was discussed both under Obama and under Trump. But the last word remained with Biden, who promised to withdraw the US contingent from Afghan soil by September – roughly, it turns out, by the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Even so, the experts gave the pro-American official authorities in Kabul months, or even years, to resist the Taliban's onslaught without the support of Washington's bayonets. It turned out in a way that no one, perhaps, expected. The Taliban did not wait for the Americans to leave, but took over the Afghan capital, forcing President Ashraf Ghani to flee in haste. The second half of August was filled with attempts by Western countries to take out their citizens and Afghans fleeing from the new masters of the country from the Kabul airport. Crammed with transport planes, desperate people falling during their takeoff – this reminded many of the evacuation from Saigon. The apotheosis of the departure of Americans from the longest war in the history of the United States was the terrorist attack at the gates of the Kabul airport, organized by the Afghan branch of the Islamic State (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation), which claimed two hundred lives.

The Summer Olympics began in Tokyo on July 23, postponed from 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All because of the same coronavirus, the Olympics for the first time had to be held without spectators in stadiums. As a result of doping scandals, Russian athletes were forced to compete under the flag of the Russian Olympic Committee. That, however, did not prevent from getting into the top five in gold in the overall medal standings.

According to the press, the Tokyo Olympics cost almost twice as much as originally planned. According to preliminary data from the organizing committee released in December, the Games cost $ 12.7 billion. The final spending report is expected to be published in the summer of 2022.

The Olympics have long become an event of political significance – and this was confirmed by the scandals surrounding the upcoming Winter Games in Beijing in 2022. In early December, the United States announced a diplomatic boycott of the Games in response to human rights abuses in China. Canada, Great Britain and Australia joined the United States in this demarche.

At the end of September, the next parliamentary elections were held in Germany, in which the Social Democratic Party won. And the ruling conservative bloc CDU/CSU took second place. The voting results finally drew a line under the history of the “era of Angela Merkel” that lasted for a decade and a half. However, it was known for a long time that Frau Merkel would leave politics in any case. As well as the fact that she will receive a pension of about 15 thousand euros. In December, Mutti (“Mommy” – as she was often called) formally resigned. And the new Federal Chancellor of Germany was the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, who headed the coalition government, which included representatives of the SPD, Greens and Free Democrats.

In 2021, the World Health Organization, based on politically correct considerations, renamed the strains coronavirus, naming them in Greek letters. The “Kent” version of COVID became known as “Alpha”, the Indian version was called “Delta”, and the South African version was called “Beta”. In November, a new “figurant” appeared in the list of mutations, which was given the name “Omicron”. This variant of the coronavirus was found in South Africa. Within a few weeks, he managed to scatter around the world, becoming dominant in many countries (including the United States) and pushing back the “Delta” that ruled the ball before. Scientists admit they don't know much about Omicron yet, but consider it extremely infectious. While some experts sound the alarm about it, others believe that excessive alarmism is unnecessary. In any case, there is reason to fear that this is not the last mutated strain. After all, the Greek alphabet still has enough letters …


American Anti-Corruption Strategy Targets: Reason for Intervention

“The United States intends to fight money-grubbing around the world, but not at home”

The United States has created the first anti-corruption strategy. But they intend to counteract corruption anywhere, but not in America. At the same time, I somehow do not really remember the corruption activities of Biden himself and his son in Ukraine. However, rather for the sake of decency, the strategy states that the United States will fight against the laundering of other people's money invested under the guise of investments. What Washington really intends to fight, said the president of the Russian section of the International Police Association, Lieutenant General, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer of Russia Yuri Zhdanov.

– I'm afraid all together. Now all this confusion, this mix is ​​tactfully called hybrid wars. Let me remind you that as directed by President Biden, federal departments and agencies conducted a 200-day review. This review aims to identify how the US government can expand and strengthen its corruption prevention efforts to better hold corrupt individuals accountable, curb illicit funding, and build the capacity of investigative journalists and other members of civil society who are at the forefront of reporting on corruption. As a result, the allegedly first ever US Government Anti-Corruption Strategy was published.

– Suddenly, it miraculously turned out that the adopted strategy is aimed not so much at fighting internal American corruption, but should become a serious geopolitical weapon for solving external problems.

Here is a quote: “The strategy focuses on better understanding and responding to the transnational dimensions of corruption, including by taking meaningful steps to reduce the ability of corrupt actors to use the US and international financial systems to launder the proceeds of their actions.”

And for this, the “multilateral anti-corruption architecture” is being strengthened and diplomatic interaction and “the use of American foreign aid resources to achieve US anti-corruption policy goals” are improved.

– What are you, it is not on the agenda at all. They fight only with foreign corrupt officials. They are “progressors”, they help all the supposedly disadvantaged in their countries. And what they themselves are up to their ears in mud is their internal, sovereign affair, where outsiders – no, no. The same Venezuela would dare to offer US assistance in the fight against American corruption.

“They claim to seek to better understand and respond to the transnational dimensions of corruption, including by increasing intelligence and diplomatic resources on the topic. That is, espionage will be encouraged in every possible way.

The US government also intends to take serious steps to limit the ability of corrupt actors to use the American and international financial systems to launder corruption proceeds. Most likely, these incomes will not go anywhere, but they will be more carefully hidden.

And, most importantly, their strategy is aimed at deepening coordination with the governments of foreign partner states to strengthen their ability to achieve accountability for corruption where there is political will. And this will should be aimed at strengthening support for activists and investigative journalists who are at the forefront of exposing acts of corruption, often conducting direct anti-state activities, preparing “objectionable”, “authoritarian” regimes for “color” revolutions.

– They are ready to help by force, regardless of the patient's wishes. They believe that they are dealing with a kitten that needs to be poked into milk so that he realizes the taste and usefulness of the product.

– And this is not the first time for them, remember Panama. For example, the Department of Defense – quoted – “commits, through this strategy, to strengthen its planning processes to include more informed security sector management considerations prior to assistance and to conduct more frequent assessments of security cooperation in countries with significant corruption risks to determine effectiveness cooperation in the field of security ”. That is, the US army will now be the determining actor in the fight against corruption in other countries. Well, that's at least an honest statement.

– Well, this is how everything is started for the gesheft – for them money is above all else. They declare the prevention of corruption in high-risk sectors such as construction, transport and natural resource extraction. That is, they take control of the most “tasty” thing in the economy of any state under the guise of fighting corruption. What if there is someone who will bribe more than them? By the way, it is no coincidence that they closely link their anti-corruption strategy with the “summit for democracy”. In general, the same hybrid war, only a side view.

“The strategy stipulates that when government officials abuse state power for personal gain, they do more than just appropriate illegal wealth. Corruption deprives citizens of equal access to vital services, denying them the right to quality health care, public safety and education. This worsens the business environment, erodes economic opportunity and exacerbates inequality. This often contributes to human rights violations and abuses, and can also stimulate migration. As a fundamental threat to the rule of law, corruption undermines institutions, erodes public trust, and fuels popular cynicism about effective and accountable governance. Whoever argues, it is said beautifully and even fairly.

And here comes a smooth transition from internal American problems to external enemies. It turns out – watch your hands! – the consequences of corruption often manifest themselves far beyond the immediate environment in which the actions are carried out. In today's globalized world, corrupt actors pay bribes across borders, use the international financial system to store illicit wealth abroad, and abuse democratic institutions to achieve anti-democratic goals. New research and major journalistic disclosures have documented the extent to which legislative and regulatory flaws in the developed world offer corrupt actors the means to offshore and launder illegal wealth. These dynamics, in turn, reinforce the position of those autocratic leaders whose rule is based on the ability to co-opt and reward elites. Guess who these autocratic leaders are?

– Of course. Hence the American approach. It should be remembered that the US government has long recognized anti-corruption as an important foreign policy goal. Outside, Karl! Although in all other normal states this is the task of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office.

However, they do declare to enforce the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and their other statutory and regulatory regimes through criminal and civil measures, regardless of how these measures are consistent with other national laws. They do not care about other people's legislation. The United States is committed to increasing support for reform-minded government and non-government partners, empowering and empowering other governments to combat corruption, including activists, investigative journalists, and law enforcement agencies who are “at the forefront of exposing corrupt practices.”

– Well, in addition to pouring money into controlled media and “democratic” organizations, they will actively expand intelligence activities – the so-called information exchange. In addition, they will deter what they perceive as illegal funding. That is, foreign investors will be under close scrutiny. Of course, they will strengthen the prosecution of corrupt officials. At least – they will declare it. The Americans also intend to preserve and strengthen the multilateral anti-corruption architecture.

– Yes, it is present in such organizations as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the Organization of American States (OAS) and the UN, including through more active implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption. At the same time, it is planned to expand the NATO Integrity Program to combat corruption in finance, procurement and human resources management, encourage the G20 and G7 to implement strict transparency and anti-corruption measures in all ministerial areas, increase US participation in the Open Government Partnership and the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.

– This is a reason for Americans to intervene in other people's affairs, to control other people's politics and economy. They explicitly announced the development and support of US embassy-specific bilateral and public diplomacy strategies to support local and US government-sponsored anti-corruption initiatives and protect reformers. Diplomatic engagement, foreign aid, including aid to the security sector, and multilateral lending are central to the United States' approach to countering corruption.

However, they cynically do not rule out “adding flexibility to anti-corruption initiatives and assistance efforts. in case of unexpected discoveries or retreats. ” Like, you never know what will be revealed there after the exposure of corrupt officials. You look, and the government will have to change, and even the state to dismantle. In general, be afraid of the Danes who bring gifts.


The political scientist replied to ex-Ambassador McFaul about Ukraine in NATO: “Making a fool of himself”

“Why was Kennedy worried about Cuba at the time?”

Russian security proposals addressed to the US and NATO continue to comment in the West. At the same time, they most often demonstrate a lack of understanding of Russia's concerns about the possible expansion of NATO at the expense of Ukraine. The former US ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, expressed bewilderment on this score. Russian political scientist Nikolai Starikov answered him sharply.

McFaul tweeted the following: “Russia has the most powerful armed forces in Europe. In terms of nuclear, conventional, cyber and space weapons, Russia is one of the three most powerful countries in the world. So help me understand how Estonia's NATO membership threatens Russia? Or is Ukraine threatening Russia? “.

Commenting on this entry, Nikolai Starikov wrote in his Telegram channel:” This is written by the former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul. Either he is fooling or not. Let's try to help him. Careful so as not to disrupt his picture of the world. ”

Starikov, by analogy, reminded the ex-ambassador of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. “Does little Cuba threaten the United States? But Cuba did not even join the Warsaw Pact. They simply put Soviet missiles there, – the political scientist noted. – And from the Cuban coast to Florida only 60 km. This means that the rocket will arrive so quickly that you won't have time to say meow. You will not have time to shoot down, you will not have time to react. This caused such anxiety of President Kennedy that he actually threatened the USSR with a war so that the missiles from Cuba were removed. ”

“ So Kennedy was worried in vain? Cuba is small, isn't it? ” – the political scientist asks a rhetorical question.

Since then, according to him, many years have passed, missiles began to fly much faster. But the problem is the same.

“It sounds like this: flight time. And one more thing: when Estonia or Ukraine or someone else becomes a member of a military bloc, this bloc places on its territory what it sees fit. Flight time, Michael, flight time. Therefore, Russia is warning you just as Kennedy warned us then. We will not tolerate this. Is it clear now, Mr. McFaul? “, Concluded Nikolai Starikov.


The Ministry of Defense told how they will shoot down other people’s drones

New “Carapace”, “Derivation”, “Birdcatchers”

The Russian Army celebrates the Day of Military Air Defense on December 26. This branch of the military is responsible for covering motorized riflemen and tankers from air strikes. Its chief, Lieutenant-General Alexander Leonov, spoke about how the military air defense will develop.

According to the general, one of the main tasks of his subordinates is the fight against unmanned aerial vehicles. Drones have become dangerous weapons. Their massive use can cause great harm to the troops. This was shown, for example, by the Karabakh war of 2020.

As Alexander Leonov said in an interview with Krasnaya Zvezda, the training of calculations uses, in particular, the Syrian experience.

To combat drones the latest anti-aircraft systems “Buk-M3”, “Tor-M2”, portable anti-aircraft missile systems “Verba” are used.

New anti-aircraft systems are being developed: the 57-mm anti-aircraft artillery system “Derivation-Air Defense”. The use of a special projectile with programmable detonation in the target area, the general said, will allow one or two short bursts of microdrones and mini-drones, including Phantom-4 quadcopters, to be hit.

A modification of the anti-aircraft missile and cannon system is also being developed “Pantsir-SM-SV” on a tracked chassis for the Ground Forces and Airborne Forces.

The complex will have two types of anti-aircraft guided missiles and have an increased engagement zone, Leonov said.

At the forefront anti-aircraft missile system “Birdies” will be used. For it, missiles of two types are being created: a homing target by thermal radiation and a target by a laser beam.

Designers are also creating a portable anti-aircraft missile system of a new generation. The conditional name is “Label”. The rocket will be equipped with an optical-electronic homing head, which has no analogues in the world. It will provide an accurate hit in the conditions of exposure to all types of existing and future optical interference.


Old man and grief. Relatives believe that the man was taken to a mental hospital out of revenge

The sister of a 65-year-old pensioner claims that her brother has become the victim of a conspiracy of police and relatives. The man was taken to a psychiatric dispensary, they took the car and they want to deprive him of his inheritance. The woman conducted her own investigation.

Revenge of the ex-wife?

“ Pensioner, veteran of internal affairs, 65-year-old Vladimir Tertychny, living in the city of Donetsk, Rostov region, was kidnapped and forcibly held with the use of psychotropic substances in a neuropsychiatric dispensary for no reason, '' & mdash; says Natalya Nikolaevna, the sister of a man.

The woman turned for help to the Regional Public Organization for Assistance to the Protection of the Rights and Legal Interests of Citizens and Organizations “ Orthodox Expertise '' .

According to her, Vladimir has never experienced any mental disorders. He also was not and is not registered either in narcological or neuropsychiatric dispensaries. & Nbsp;

94-year-old mother of Vladimir Tertychny. Photo: Screenshot/Orthodox Expertise

Sister and mother are sure: the ex-wife of Vladimir and his brother Nikolai invented all this in order to appropriate the property of a pensioner and deprive him of his share in the property mother.

Vladimir Tertychny left the organs after being wounded. He was married but divorced. They have two daughters, a brother, a sister and a 94-year-old mother. & Nbsp;

They were taken from the police to a psychiatric hospital

Tertychny's sister Natalya Nikolaevna conducted her own investigation. Here is its version.

The story began with the fact that an expensive Toyota Fortuner was stolen from Vladimir Nikolaevich.

For two days, the man went to the police in the city of Donetsk (Russia) in order to file a statement about the theft of a vehicle. However, law enforcement officers kept asking to wait for something and refused to accept Vladimir’s application.

Four days after the disappearance of the car, Vladimir Nikolayevich’s sister found out that the car was at the city impound.

In a telephone conversation with the head of the traffic police department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of the city of Donetsk and Aleksey Borodin , she learned that there are two protocols for the pensioner drawn up by an inspector of the traffic police department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of the city of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Rostov region (30 km from Donetsk).

The first protocol that Vladimir was pursued from the city of Kamensk to Donetsk. & Nbsp;

The second protocol & mdash; for refusing to undergo a medical examination.

Report to the police. Photo: Screenshot/Orthodox Expertise

The victim Vladimir assured that he had not met a single traffic police officer that day, and even less had been in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky.

The man was summoned to the traffic police department, from where, according to the medical direction of a psychiatrist in the city of Donetsk, he was taken by ambulance to the neuropsychiatric dispensary of the Novorovenetsky farm (Krasnosulinsky district).

In conclusion, the doctor described Vladimir as a “ violent '' person, dangerous to society … In the traffic police department itself, you can find out from their report that they took Vladimir Nikolaevich allegedly because of a fight.

Chase and brawl

The sister of the injured man, to check the accuracy of the protocol on the pursuit of his brother, went to Kamensk-Shakhtinsky along the “ pursuit '' route. & Nbsp;

one-way admission of cars in both directions. A section of the road cannot be bypassed on the side of the road, & mdash; a woman shares her observations. & mdash; Therefore, the persecution of my brother is unlikely. In this regard, there is every reason to assert that the data in the protocols were fabricated. ''

Second: Vladimir arrived at the dispensary without any bruises or abrasions. “ This indicates that the pensioner could not brawl in any way, and even more so get involved in a fight with someone, as it is written in the traffic police report, '' & mdash; the woman explains.

My sister found an extract from the traffic police database, which indicates that the Toyota Fortuner car, which belongs to Vladimir Nikolaevich, has been sold to Yulia , his daughter . The daughter practically does not keep in touch with him.

“ The injured brother has been divorced from his wife for a long time, and his two daughters show up once a month to collect his pension, '' Natalya Nikolaevna approves. & mdash; All these facts confirm the malicious intent of the relatives. ''

Brother against brother

Vladimir's lawyer & mdash; Dmitry Valeev & mdash; believes that the “ customer of all troubles '' Vladimir Nikolaevich is the elder brother of Nikolai Tertychny, who also lives in Donetsk. & Nbsp;

“ The fact is that Nikolai was friends and is on friendly terms with the father of the head of the traffic police in Donetsk all his life, '' & mdash; the lawyer confirms his version.

A disabled pensioner begs to be taken from the mental hospital. Photo: Screenshot/Orthodox Expertise

Natalya Nikolaevna confirms the fears.

“ My middle brother Nikolai envied my brother Vladimir's successes all his life, felt dislike for him, not hiding it and undermining the nervous system of our mother, '' & mdash; says the woman.

The defenders of the injured pensioner are confident that a crime has been committed against him in order to eliminate his candidacy as the heir to his mother's property and take possession of his personal property.

“Take me out of here!” ;

Sister Natalya Nikolaevna and his 92-year-old mother Valentina Mironovna through long and persistent requests, we still managed to meet with Vladimir.

True, the meeting went through the window of the mental dispensary, into the ward of the relatives of the “ patient ''; were not allowed. Vladimir begged his family to take him home. & Nbsp;

“ My brother is in a terrible state, he didn't have a face, like a living corpse, & mdash; says the woman. & mdash; He could not even stand on his feet, clearly being under the influence of potent psychotropic substances. '' spine. No examinations and examinations were carried out in the dispensary, but the pensioner is prescribed strong psychotropic drugs.

The public organization, where the victim's sister turned for help, is making efforts to help the man. The other side of the conflict has so far refrained from commenting.


German Foreign Minister announced a consensus with the Chancellor on Nord Stream 2

The German Foreign Minister announced that she had reached a consensus with Chancellor Scholz on Nord Stream 2 The German authorities came to a common position on the Russian gas pipeline, Annalena Berbock said. When considering the launch of Nord Stream 2, energy security will be taken into account, she emphasized

Annalena Berbock

German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock said in an interview with Die Zeit that she and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz have reached a common position on the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Despite different points of view in the past, Berbock said, both she and the Chancellor “ made it clear '' that the certification process for the project should be based on European legislation.

“ The issue of energy security will also play a role. role in the further assessment process & raquo;, & mdash; she added.

The German Foreign Minister stressed that “ energy cannot be used as a weapon to destabilize Europe. '' According to Berbock, the previous government of the Federal Republic of Germany agreed with the US authorities that in the event of an escalation by Russia towards Ukraine, “ the question arises of whether Nord Stream 2 could be. '' be put into operation '.

On December 8, Reuters, citing a source in the American Congress, reported that the US and German authorities had reached an agreement according to which in the event of an “ invasion '' Russia to Ukraine Germany will close the gas pipeline. A day earlier, Bloomberg, also referring to sources, wrote that Washington is trying to get Berlin to commit itself to abandon the gas pipeline in the event of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Russian authorities have repeatedly denied reports about the planned “ ; intrusion & raquo; to Ukraine and emphasized that Nord Stream 2 exclusively economic project.

On December 11, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published an article by columnist Johannes Leuthoser, which stated that Berbock was in a quandary over his position on Nord Stream 2. The author recalled that Berbock opposed the pipeline, as a representative of the opposition from the Greens. “As a representative of the coalition, she had to agree that the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany, won the elections. & mdash; RBK) would not be ready to abandon the pipeline, the construction of which had already been completed,” & mdash; he noted. Shortly thereafter, the chairman of the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee, Norbert Röttgen, called on Berbock to “ take a clear position '' on this issue.

On December 12, in an interview with ZDF, the German Foreign Minister stated that she is against the commissioning of the gas pipeline, since, according to her, it does not yet comply with the European energy standards. legislation.

Scholz previously urged not to link Nord Stream 2 with the situation in Ukraine. “ On this issue, a decision is made without politicization by one of the institutions in Germany, '' & mdash; he emphasized.

The gas pipeline was completed in September. The project is already ready for launch, but for this it must be approved by the German and European regulators. As Bloomberg wrote, Germany is obliged to announce the decision by January 8, 2022, then the European Commission will consider it within two months, it can extend the procedure until May 8, 2022. Later, the agency, citing the German regulator, reported that no decision was expected until July 2022.

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The auditors counted families that are no longer young in the queue for housing

The Accounts Chamber estimated the number of young families excluded from the program of housing support. Almost twice as many young families were excluded from the state program of housing support than were provided with social payments for housing, the Accounts Chamber notes. The reason is that one of the spouses has reached the age limit of 35 years

In 2018 – 2020, the number of young families excluded from the housing support program was 1.8 times higher than the number of such families who received the corresponding social benefit. This follows from the report of the Accounts Chamber on the implementation of state youth policy in the constituent entities of Russia, which RBC got acquainted with. In it, state auditors analyzed the main priorities of youth policy and assessed the effectiveness of the use of budget funds allocated, in particular, for housing programs for young families.

Over the three years indicated, according to the Chamber, almost 46 thousand young families received a housing subsidy, while 84.4 thousand were deprived of such an opportunity during the waiting period. The main reason for the exclusion from the program is & mdash; one of the spouses reaches the age limit of 35 years, indicate in the Accounts Chamber. The family ceases to fit into the category of 'young' due to the long waiting period for social benefits. The wait can range from one year to 5 – 10 years or more, the report says. According to the information provided to the Accounts Chamber by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, 46 – 50% of families expect payment from one to three years, 18 – 20% – from three to five years, 25 – 30% – from five to ten years (the percentage varies depending on the region).

“ Given the actual amount of funding for housing provision for 2018 – 2020, to provide all young families waiting in line for social benefits, it will take about 13 years '', & mdash; celebrate in the ward.

The Accounts Chamber also concluded that the highest probability of not taking advantage of the subsidy before reaching the age limit exists among young families with one or two children or no children. In most municipalities, large families receive the priority right to payments, and the rest of the families are included in the list “ on a leftover basis. '' Thus, in 23 regions, the share of large families included in the consolidated list ranges from 50 to 100% of the total number of applicants.

At the same time, formally, the number of young families who are in line to receive payments is decreasing. Compared to 2018, the queue has decreased by 12.8%, the Accounts Chamber notes. “ The greatest impact on reducing the total number of people on the waiting list & mdash; participants in the event were excluded from participation in the event of families for reasons of reaching the age limit (35 years) and self-improvement of living conditions '', '' mdash; the report says.

The Accounts Chamber, in addition, draws attention to the fact that the indicators set by the program “ do not fully reflect the actual situation '' to improve the living conditions of young families. At the moment, the indicator of the effectiveness of the program “ Provision of affordable and comfortable housing and utilities for the citizens of the Russian Federation '' is the number of families who received payments and the proportion of young families from the total number of those in need as of January 1, 2015.

Who can apply for participation in the program of social payments to young families

Young families who need to improve their living conditions can apply for social benefits to purchase a home or pay off a mortgage. Support does not imply the free provision of an apartment & mdash; the state pays only part of its cost. To be eligible for this subsidy, a family must be recognized as needing better housing, but not poor. Each region has its own rules for determining the need to improve housing conditions.

Young families can participate in the program. A young family is considered a family in which both spouses are under the age of 35 (inclusive) and are in a registered marriage. .

What is the reason for the long wait for payments

According to the estimates of the Accounts Chamber, about 10% of municipalities cannot participate in the program every year due to the lack of their own funds in the budgets. This can lead to the risk of not meeting the targets, the report indicates.

The ratio of the declared needs of the regions and the volume of subsidies provided from the federal budget has been declining annually since 2018, the report says. If in 2018 “ full '' subsidies were received by 22 subjects (out of 77 declared), then in 2019 and 2020 & mdash; only five (out of 83). The rest of the regions received subsidies ranging from 5 to 90% of the declared need.

The report also emphasizes that the current formula for calculating subsidies does not allow calculating the amount of funds required to “ eliminate the accumulated queue '' from young families. Now, when calculating the subsidy, the average market value of housing in the region, the maximum level of co-financing and the number of young families included in the consolidated list are taken into account.

“ The applied formula for calculating the size of the subsidy does not take into account the total number of young families waiting in line to improve their living conditions in the whole of the Russian Federation and in a separate region, '' & mdash; indicate in the Accounts Chamber. Thus, the number of final recipients is not taken into account in full.

What measures is proposed by the Accounts Chamber

Based on the results of the study, the Accounts Chamber plans to send its proposals to the government, including an order from the Ministry of Construction to supplement the calculation formula subsidies is an indicator that reflects the total number of young families, taking into account the queue.

In November, Human Rights Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova proposed increasing the age limit for those queuing up for housing as part of the state program to improve the living conditions of young families. She noted that the program “ does not achieve the goal that was conceived by the authors for many, many young families who are in line, '' and called being excluded from the queue due to reaching the age limit a “ reputational cost of the state. '' >

RBC sent a request to the Ministry of Construction.

It is also necessary to develop a mechanism to control the registration of housing in the common property of all members of a young family, the report of the Accounts Chamber emphasizes. According to the terms of the program, the housing purchased with the help of the subsidy must be registered for all family members, but the state authorities are not vested with the powers of control. In addition, responsibility for failure to fulfill this obligation has not been established, the Accounts Chamber points out.

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“I don’t rule, I just work”: Vladimir Putin’s 16 press conferences

On December 23, 2021, Vladimir Putin will hold the 17th press conference. The President has been holding annual meetings with Russian and foreign journalists since 2001 As the previous ones were held – in the RBC review

About the coronavirus pandemic

“ Not a single system in the world was ready for such a scale that we faced, there is no such system simply. Compared to what was happening in the world, our system turned out to be more efficient. & lt; … & gt; At the beginning of the pandemic, we did not know what it was and how to treat it. & lt; & hellip; & gt; Russia turned out to be the first country in the world that invented, let's say, and began to produce a vaccine. & lt; & hellip; & gt; It makes me very happy when specialists at such a high level unite their efforts. ''

“ About mass vaccination. I think this should be done. This is said not only by our virologists, but also by our colleagues practically all over the world. One of the ways to overcome the pandemic & mdash; mass vaccination. It must create national immunity. ” If it does, it was worth it. & lt; … & gt; Formally, the people have permission to do it or not [went to the polls], I'll see … ''.

On possible changes to the Constitution: “ This is a living instrument, it must meet the requirements of society. We should not be adopting a new Constitution. We have fundamental things, the first chapter (On the foundations of the constitutional system. & Mdash; RBK ). Everything else can be changed. I understand the logic of those who propose some changes, this is due to the possible expansion of the rights of parliament, but all this can be done only after good preparation of the society. Previous changes were related only to the number of presidential terms. What can you do & mdash; cancel the 'consecutive' clause.

On Internet Freedom: “ Free Internet and Sovereign Internet '' these concepts do not contradict each other. Sovereignty lies in the fact that we have our own resources that can be turned on, and the Internet is not cut off for us. We are not moving towards shutting down the internet. ''“There’s nothing good about that. True, there is nothing good in the fact that they sing there with the mother. I recently attended the anniversary of [Yuri] Temirkanov (conductor, People's Artist of the USSR & mdash; RBK ), he said that art does not exist to indulge base motives, but to raise this level. There are also other elements & mdash; drug propaganda. Why condone this? This is the degradation of the nation. Do we want to degrade? Or it has somehow become fashionable to promote suicide. This should not be allowed in the youth environment. Of course, all this cannot be rudely prohibited. ''

On pension reform: “ In the early 2000s and in the middle, I said that against raising the retirement age. Then it was impossible to do it. If I was not convinced that this was inevitable, I would never have allowed it. ”

About sanctions: “I’m confident that the sanctions [on the Russian economy] didn’t have the same effect as the decline in oil prices, but they did.”

On retirement age: “Whatever option is adopted [the decision to raise the retirement age], it will not affect those who have already retired. This is the first thing. And secondly, it’s definitely perfect, it should not be any shock decision, it should not be a one-time decision, it should be, as is done in many countries, gradually and gently. Either six months later, or a year later. But I repeat again and want to emphasize this: no final decision [on this issue] has been made. ”

On renewing the governor's corps: Are we local staff or not? Of course we do. The vast majority of regions are ruled by people from them, but there are cases when elites need to be renewed. And this, by the way, is in demand by the citizens of the region. ''

On the property of civil servants: “ Regarding the construction by our business representatives, including enterprises with state participation, the construction of outward-looking real estate objects, I agree with you: you have to be more modest, you are right. I have said this many times and I hope that they will hear. This applies to both premiums and income. Even if it is possible within the law, we need to understand what country we live in and not annoy people. ''

On the murder of Boris Nemtsov: “ The investigation must establish, no matter how long it lasts. This crime must be investigated and the participants must be punished, no matter what. Nobody is going to cover anyone. But we need to wait for objective evidence from the investigation. ''

About daughters: “ I never discuss issues related to my family. They (daughters of. & Mdash; RBC ) do not run business and are not involved in politics. They don't go anywhere. ''

On the economic situation: “[What is happening to our economy] is not a payback for Crimea. This is a reckoning, this is a payment, or rather, for our natural desire to preserve ourselves as a nation, as a civilization, as a state. ''

On the 2018 elections: early komuba however. We must persistently work in the interests of the citizens of the Russian Federation. And based on the results and the mood in society, it will be possible to draw a conclusion about who will go to the elections in 2018. ''

About Pussy Riot: “ I feel sorry for them not for the fact that they ended up in prison, although there is nothing good about that. I was sorry that they had reached such a state that they started such shocking, in my opinion, degrading the dignity of women. In order to stand out and somehow promote themselves, they crossed all boundaries. ''

On pardoning Mikhail Khodorkovsky: “ In accordance with the law, Mikhail Borisovich [Khodorkovsky] had to write the appropriate paper & mdash; petition for clemency. He did not do this, but quite recently he wrote such a paper and turned to me with a petition for clemency. He spent more than ten years in prison, this is a serious punishment. He refers to circumstances of a humanitarian nature: his mother is sick. I believe that, bearing in mind all these circumstances, an appropriate decision can be made, and a decree on his pardon will be signed shortly. ''

On the “ law Dima Yakovleva & raquo ;: “ As far as I know public opinion polls, the overwhelming majority of citizens of the Russian Federation generally have a negative attitude towards the fact that foreigners adopt our children. We need to do this ourselves. We ourselves need to stimulate the transfer to families of our children left without parental care, or orphans.

On democracy: “ If I thought that a totalitarian or authoritarian system is the most preferable for us, then I would simply have changed the Constitution, as you understand. It was easy to do & lt; … & gt ;. Democracy & mdash; it is primarily the implementation of laws. For some reason, we get the impression that democracy & mdash; this is Trotskyism, this is anarchy. ”

On the future president of Russia: “ I want the future leaders of the country to be even more successful, even more successful, because I love Russia. ” .

About the third term and dependence on the authorities: “ I was never tempted to stay for a third term. From the first day of my work as President of the Russian Federation, I immediately decided for myself that I would not violate the current Constitution & lt; … & gt ;. You know, people tend to fall for different things. Someone becomes addicted to tobacco, someone, God forgive me, from drugs, someone becomes addicted to money. It is said that the biggest dependence on power. I've never felt it. ”

On Russian-American relations: “ As for how relations between the United States and Russia will be built, I have no big doubts here. Whatever may be said during the election campaigns, the fundamental interests of Russia and the United States will inevitably push the leaderships of both countries to develop a positive dialogue, at least a partnership. ''

About work: “I don’t rule, I just work.”

On the fight against corruption: “ As far as corruption is concerned, there are many ways [to fight] & lt; … & gt ;. One of them, of course, is the development of the media. And we know that the authorities are often scolded for restricting freedom of the media. The public scolds the media themselves for the fact that, in terms of content and style of their work, they often do not meet the aspirations of the population. And they are rightly criticizing us, and you are right. But there is still no other most effective way to fight corruption, besides the development of civil society and freedom of the media. ''

About ill-wishers: “As for the ill-wishers who say that Russia has no place in the G8, I know that there are such recorded ill-wishers of our country. They are still in the last century, they are all specialists in the field of Sovietology. ''

On the fight against inflation: “ Any decision in the field of economics entails certain consequences. Sharp reduction of one or another tax & lt; … & gt; accompanied by an increase in the money supply in the economy. One of our main tasks today is & mdash; fighting inflation, bringing it down to one-digit number. ''

About Sochi and the Olympics: “ We will support Sochi's bid as a candidate to host the Winter Olympics. In any case, we will do this, regardless of the result, because the country needs a modern, developed infrastructurally, a recreation center convenient for the citizens of our country. Sochi & mdash; an ideal place: there is a mild climate, the sea is close, in the mountains in some places there is snow all year round. I myself went skiing there two years ago, but, however, technically it is quite difficult & mdash; we had to land from the helicopter, but the snow lies even in summer, so we will develop Sochi anyway. ”

On the first results of our work: “ A person can never be satisfied with the results achieved if he is of sound mind and memory. You always want more. At the same time, I think that what has been done in the previous period is quite a satisfactory result. We have strengthened the Federation, we have returned the Chechen Republic to the constitutional field of Russia, by legal means, by democratic means first of all. We have taken serious steps to strengthen the economy. We have actually paid off external debts. We have significantly, by millions, reduced the number of our citizens living below the poverty line, and have significantly reduced unemployment. We have increased (incredibly increased) our gold and foreign exchange reserves. But, of course, there are still many problems. And I hope that we will, moving further in the same way, also effectively approach their solution. But for this, of course, you need to work. ''

On the 2004 presidential elections: “ I personally, if I decide to participate in the elections next year and if I am elected, I will not insist on this. Moreover, I believe that in our specific conditions it is not necessary to do this, because it is connected with the need to amend the Constitution, and the very process of starting to amend the Constitution – this is already some element of destabilization. ''

About modern leaders: “There are many people who lead, but there are few modern leaders. This is one of the problems of modern Russia. ''

On the main tasks: “ I think our most important task is & mdash; in getting out of poverty. The most important thing is & mdash; in making people feel safe, in order to strengthen Russia's prestige in the international arena. We are consistently, not as fast, maybe as we would like, but we are acting in this direction. ''

On relations with the EU: “ We are for the development of relations with the European Union. By the way, we welcome the enlargement of the European Union, because the European Union as a whole is our main trade and economic partner. We ourselves & mdash; part of Europe. ''

On who Putin is: “ The first part of your question: who is Mr Putin? Still, I have asked you to spare me the answer to this question. Mneby did not want to give himself characteristics and even more so to stick, as you asked, some kind of labels. I think you and your colleagues will do it brilliantly without my participation. Talented people, such as you all are, do it very well. ''

On the burial of Lenin: 'I am against [the burial of Lenin] and I will tell you why. Our country has lived under the monopoly power of the CPSU for 70 years. This is the lifetime of an entire generation. Many people associate their own life with the name of Lenin. For them, the burial of Lenin & lt; … & gt; would mean that they worshiped false values, that they set themselves false goals and that their lives were wasted. We have a lot of such people. ''

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The KGB of Belarus accused the Russian of terrorism due to the arson of the car

In Belarus, they opened a terrorism case against a Russian who set fire to a policeman's car According to the Belarusian authorities, a man set fire to the police chief's personal car “for extremist, political reasons”, and also punctured the wheels of 39 trolleybuses

Belarus opened a criminal case on terrorism against a Russian living in Gomel. This is reported by Belta with reference to the head of the KGB department for the Gomel region Alexander Melnikov.

According to the KGB spokesman, the Russian “ for extremist, political reasons '' set fire to the personal car of the first deputy head of the department for the execution of punishments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Gomel region. In addition, he punctured the wheels of 39 trolleybuses 'in order to stop public transport,' Melnikov said.

“ Currently, the department is investigating a criminal case on the fact of an act of terrorism against this person, '' & mdash; said a KGB spokesman. He did not name the Russian.

According to Art. 289 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (act of terrorism), explosion, arson or other actions that create a risk of death of people '' in order to influence decision-making by the authorities, or obstruct political or other social activities, intimidate the population, or destabilize public order '' is punishable by imprisonment for term from eight to 15 years.

On December 21, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, responding to the comments of journalists that several Russians were under investigation and trial in Belarus, said that Moscow was in constant dialogue with Minsk. “The fate of any Russian citizen who is persecuted abroad is handled by the Russian side through our missions abroad. & lt; … & gt; Everything that is possible is being done to protect the interests of our citizens, '' he said.

On July 1, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said that at that time 785 Russians were in custody in Belarus, of which more than 500 were serving sentences, about 160 were in the status of accused, almost 100 were suspects. According to Zakharova, diplomats are keeping all cases under control.

On December 8, Belarus brought a final charge against Russian woman Sofya Sapega under articles on inciting social enmity and hatred, a crime against information security and rules for handling personal data, as well as about threats against law enforcement officers. After the forced landing of the Ryanair plane in Minsk in May, the girl was removed from the flight together with the ex-editor-in-chief of the Nexta Telegram channel (recognized as extremist in the country) Roman Protasevich. A few months ago, a video was published in Belarus in which Sapega claims that she was the administrator of the Telegram channel Black Book of Belarus. (also recognized as extremist in Belarus), where the personal data of employees of the internal affairs bodies were published.

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The lawyer announced the interest of Western special services in Klyushin before his arrest

Lawyer: the intelligence services of the United States and Britain in 2019 and 2020 tried to recruit Klyushin According to the lawyer, in 2019 the British special services wanted to recruit Vladislav Klyushin when he was vacationing in Edinburgh. A year later, agents from the United States made such an attempt. Both times the businessman rejected the offer

Russian businessman Vladislav Klyushin before he was arrested in Switzerland at the request of the United States, rejected attempts by the United States and Great Britain special services to establish cooperation with him. This was announced to NBC by lawyer Oliver Sirik, who represented the interests of Klyushin in Switzerland.

“ US intelligence perceived him as a person who could have confidential information or state secrets, '' & mdash; Sirik said.

The lawyer said that two Americans who, according to Klyushin, worked for the American special services, in the summer of 2020 approached him in a bar in southern France. After a polite conversation the businessman rejected their attempt to recruit him. Another similar case occurred in 2019, when Klyushin was on vacation in Edinburgh, Sirik said. Then British agents tried to establish contact with him.

According to the lawyer, the interest in Klyushin is due to the fact that the businessman's company “ had a number of government contracts in Russia, including with some national special services. ''

The FBI and CIA declined to comment. Klyushin's lawyer in the United States, Max Nemtsev, did not respond to NBC's request.

Vladislav Klyushin owns M13, which created a media and social media monitoring system called Katyusha. In 2016, she won the tender of the presidential administration and the government. At the beginning of this year, M13 won a contract for more than 295 million rubles. from the Ministry.

Klyushin was detained in March 2021, when he arrived in Switzerland on a private plane with his family, but this became known only in the summer.

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US outraged by Turkish drones sale to Ethiopia over Tigray rebels

The US government has expressed dissatisfaction with the sale of Turkish drones to Ethiopia.

According to the Pentagon, there is more and more evidence of combat use data from UAVs against the Tigraya rebels, writes Reuters.

Earlier, about 10 attack UAVs Wing Loong of Chinese and Bayraktar TB2 of Turkish production were seen at one of the airbases of the Ethiopian Air Force.

At the moment there is no actual evidence their military use in the operation against the Tigraya rebels.

Thousands of Ethiopian army personnel are held captive by the Tigraya rebels, who are developing an active offensive against the capital of the country, the city of Addis Ababa.

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia personally went to the front, and a number of countries have already called on their citizens to urgently leave the region.


Pushkov criticized US claims against Russia over import substitution

Chairman of the ad hoc committee of the Federation Council on information policy and interaction with the media, Alexei Pushkov, sharply responded to the criticism from the United States of the policy of the Russian authorities on import substitution.

photo frame from video

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov in his Telegram channel commented on the statement of the office of the US Trade Representative Catherine Tai, who accused Russia of the fact that the import substitution policy pursued by the Russian authorities allegedly violates some norms World Trade Organization.

Earlier, the Tai office called on the WTO to take “retaliatory measures” against Russia through the WTO.

American sanctions reasoning of the US trade representative looks frivolous. What are the WTO rules ?! ” – Pushkov sharply commented on what is happening.


US authorizes Pfizer pills to treat COVID-19

Plot of a novel coronavirus pandemic that spread from China

The FDA has approved Pfizer's COVID-19 Paxlovid pills, the Associated Press reports.

“ This decision gives a new tool for combating COVID-19 at a critical moment in a pandemic, during the emergence of new strains, and promises to make treatment more affordable for patients at high risk of severe COVID-19, '' & mdash; Patricia Cavazzoni, a spokeswoman for the evaluation and research of drugs, said in a statement.

It is noted that the Paxlovid drug will be the first pill for COVID-19 approved in the United States.

A company spokesman previously clarified that the tests new drugs are being carried out all over the world. In total, seven thousand people participate in them.

It is expected that by the end of this year, Pfizer will launch more than 180 thousand doses of the drug, and in 2022 – & mdash; will increase production to 50 million.

Paxlovid is developed both for the prevention of coronavirus infection and for the treatment of & nbsp; patients with high and medium risk of severe disease.


“Progress M-UM” will be flooded in the Pacific Ocean

The press service of Roskosmos reported that the instrumentation compartment of the Progress M-UM cargo ship will undock from the ISS on Thursday night and will be flooded in the Pacific Ocean, TASS reports.

It is planned that the undocking command will be issued at 02:03 Moscow time, after which Progress M-UM; will go into autonomous flight.

“ Place of the fall of non-combustible structural elements in the Pacific Ocean: 2,460 km from the city of Wellington, 7,030 km from the city of Santiago '', & mdash; specified in Roskosmos.

Recall that with the help of Progress M-UM; On November 24, the “ Berth '' nodal module was launched, & nbsp; which “ is designed to increase the technical and & nbsp; operational capabilities of the Russian segment. '' & Nbsp;

Operation to dock with the laboratory module Nauka; took place in & nbsp; automatic mode under the control of cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and & nbsp; Peter Dubrov.


The number of people infected with coronavirus in the world exceeded 275 million – WHO

Plot of a novel coronavirus pandemic that spread from China

The World Health Organization announced that the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the world exceeded 275 million, reports TASS.

According to published data, as of 21:05 Moscow time in WHO received information about 275 233 892 infected and 5 364 996 deaths. At the same time, the number of people infected increased by 541 319 per day, deaths & mdash; by 5 735.

According to the latest data, the omicron strain was & nbsp; found & nbsp; already in 106 countries. In Russia & nbsp; identified & nbsp; 41 cases of the disease. 300 people who have come into contact with the infected are in isolation. & Nbsp;

Earlier, South African doctors & nbsp; called & nbsp; the most frequent symptoms of infection with a new strain of coronavirus. These include sore throat and back pain.


Researchers in the United States have opened the time capsule found in the statue’s pedestal

American researchers in Richmond (Virginia) opened a time capsule found in the pedestal of a previously demolished equestrian statue of Confederate General Robert Lee, AP reports.

It is reported that the capsule was small a box made of lead. It contained three books, an envelope and a silver coin. This message to descendants lay sealed for over 130 years.

The content of the found books has not yet been specified, since they all got wet.

Earlier it was reported that Russian specialists are working on the creation of the capsule service time '', with the help of which Russians will be able to transmit digital information by inheritance.

It is specified that the service will allow storing digital data in a protected mode. & nbsp;

The development is carried out by a team from MEPhI, MGIMO and Lomonosov Moscow State University. & Nbsp;


TikTok became the most visited resource in 2021

The social network TikTok became the most visited resource in the world in 2021, overtaking Google, which was the leader in the past year, according to The Wall Street Journal.

This is evidenced by the results Cloudflare research the service took only seventh place in this rating.

The second most visited site this year was Google. In third place is the social network Facebook.

Earlier it was also reported that a court in Moscow fined TikTok four million rubles for not removing prohibited content.


“Will go out and continue”: why “Nizhny Novgorod Chikatilo” escaped life

Place of murder of the girl

Local officers told operatives that in the morning they saw a suspicious man in camouflage. He rode his bike near the school and several times went to the store where children usually buy sweets.

“CCTV cameras on some private houses recorded how during the day a cyclist was tied to two girls returning from school,” says the lawyer of the victims Natalya Gribkova. “When they turned towards a residential area, he fell behind.”

The next day, 49-year-old Sergei Matyushin from the Volga region, located 30 kilometers from Bolshoy Kozino, was detained. During interrogation, he quickly confessed to the crime. A criminal case was opened under the articles “Murder of a minor” and “Violent acts of a sexual nature.” The court sent the detainee to a pre-trial detention center. And the journalists quickly nicknamed him “Chikatilo of Nizhny Novgorod.” “alt =” & quot; Will come out and continue & quot ;: why & quot; Nizhny Novgorod Chikatilo “escaped life imprisonment” />

Special report

Dark past

A native of Naberezhnye Chelny, Matyushin spent most of his life in the colonies for the rape of children. The first crime was committed by another 15-year-old teenager – two girls became victims at once. But because of his age, he was not imprisoned then.

A few years later, for another rape of a minor, he received ten years of strict regime. Having freed himself, together with his father and stepmother he moved to the Volga region. He has a sister in Tatarstan. In the course of the investigation into Alena's murder, it turned out that the maniac showed an unhealthy interest in his niece, which is why his sister ended all relations with him. But she did not contact the police.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Matyushin, threatening with a knife, tried to rape an eight-year-old girl in the elevator of a high-rise building in Nizhny Novgorod. She managed to break free and call for help. The maniac was detained and sent to jail for 11 years. He was released in 2016.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs admitted a change in the law on domestic violence after the decision of the ECHR

The Foreign Ministry allowed a change in the law on domestic violence after the decision of the ECHR in the case of Gracheva The ECHR ordered Russia to pay the victim of domestic violence Margarita Gracheva, whom her husband cut off her hands in 2017, € 370,000. In this regard, Russian legislation in the field of domestic violence may change , according to the Foreign Ministry

Margarita Gracheva

Russian legislation in the field of domestic violence may change after the decision of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Maria Gracheva, whose hands were cut off by her husband in 2017. Grigory Lukyantsev, authorized by the Russian Foreign Ministry on human rights, democracy and the rule of law, told RIA Novosti about this. The ECHR ordered Russia to pay Gracheva & euro; 370 thousand (over 30.7 million rubles) and take measures to combat domestic violence.

“ It may well be, because some legislative initiatives in this regard and bills are being considered, '' & mdash; said the diplomat.

He stressed that there are many positions on this issue, including those related to historical and religious approaches. In this regard, it is necessary to reconcile and take these positions into account in the provisions of Russian legislation, Lukyantsev considered.

On December 14, the ECHR satisfied the claims of four Russian women victims of domestic violence. In total, Russia will have to pay them & euro; 445 thousand, including & euro; 375 thousand will be received by Margarita Gracheva. In all cases, the court found discrimination on the basis of gender, as well as a violation by the state of the right to an effective remedy.

The court also ordered Russia to take measures to combat domestic violence, protect victims, rehabilitation of victims and changing public opinion about violence against women.

Former State Duma deputy Oksana Pushkina, who is a co-author of the Russian bill on the prevention of domestic violence, considered the decision of the ECHR a victory. Press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov, in turn, did not comment on the decision of the ECHR, saying that Russia has enough tools to combat domestic violence.

A bill on the prevention of domestic violence in Russia was introduced in 2019 to the State Duma, but was never adopted. According to the document, it is proposed to consider domestic violence as a deliberate act “ causing or threatening to inflict physical or mental suffering '', which does not contain signs of an administrative or criminal offense.

According to the project, persons who have been subjected to domestic violence, spouses or ex-spouses can be recognized; a man and a woman who have children in common; close relatives, as well as other persons living together and running a joint household.

In early December 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the bill must be balanced in order to exclude “ the possibility of external interference in the life of the family. ''

In December 2017, Dmitry Grachev took his wife Margarita into the forest and chopped off her hands with an ax out of jealousy. The Investigative Committee opened criminal cases on the infliction of grievous bodily harm, which entailed the loss of an organ (paragraph b, h, part 2 of article 111 of the Criminal Code), as well as abduction (part 2 of article 126 of the Criminal Code & mdash; two episodes ) and the threat of murder (part 1 of Art. 119 of the Criminal Code).

The Serpukhovskaya Court of the Moscow Region sentenced Grachev to 14 years in a strict regime colony and ordered to recover 2 million 35 thousand rubles. as compensation for moral damage.

At the same time, before the incident, the man had already taken Margarita Gracheva into the forest, threatening her with murder. After that, the woman turned to the police, but the district police officer refused to open a case. Later, he himself became a defendant in a negligence case (part 1 of article 293 of the Criminal Code), he was also fired from law enforcement agencies.

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Live broadcast of Vladimir Putin’s press conference

Russian President Vladimir Putin holds the 17th annual press conference for journalists Moscow hosts the 17th annual press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This year the number of accredited journalists was limited to 507 due to the pandemic

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Press conference by Vladimir Putin. The main thing

The Moscow Manege hosts a press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Unlike last year, this time it is held in face-to-face format. The main thing from the press conference is in the material of RBK

Vladimir Putin

See the link for RBK's live broadcast.

About the pandemic

infection turned out to be more mobilized and ready for shocks. The recession rate was 3%, which is much lower than in other leading economies. And the recovery is going faster than in other countries. ''

“ Many countries, such as Germany, are worried about the low level of vaccination. We have 59.4% herd immunity in Russia. This is not enough. We need herd immunity at 80%. Hopefully next year, by the end of the first quarter, we will achieve this result. ” 146 million for such a huge territory is completely insufficient. We have 81 million working people. We must seriously increase [this figure] by 2024-2030. Saving the people, about which Solzhenitsyn spoke, is the most important driver of growth.

On the “ abuse '' Central Bank

“ In many countries around the world, the intensity of the work of printing presses has increased. Budget deficits are growing in all leading countries. We have big inflation too & mdash; twice the target. We need to go back to 4% of course. You can scold the Central Bank here. We don't show it on TV, but we hold meetings every day. They will sit 3 meters away from me and show me off. The Central Bank conducts an independent policy. I do not interfere with it, but I assess it positively. Lending volumes are not falling. ”

Press conference format

Although this time the president is personally communicating with journalists (last year the meeting was partially held via video conference), due to the pandemic, there are still certain restrictions. Thus, it was decided to reduce the number of press representatives to 500 (for comparison: in the record year of 2019, 1,895 journalists were accredited). At the same time, the Kremlin refused free accreditation, focusing on federal and foreign media. The plenipotentiaries in federal districts were involved in the selection of regional publications.

This is how it looked before the start of the press conference:

A special system was installed at the entrance to the Manezh, with the help of which all visitors are treated with silver particles. Yelena Krylova, press secretary of the head of state's affairs manager, called this an additional measure related to the pandemic.

How past press conferences were held

Since 2001, Putin has already held 16 press conferences. This format was not carried out only in 2005 and from 2009 to 2011 (then Putin was prime minister).

Last year, a press conference was held on December 17. Putin then announced one-time payments in the amount of 5 thousand rubles. for each child to families with children under seven years old. He announced a reform of primary health care, for which 500 billion rubles are provided. Putin also announced his readiness to renew the treaty on the limitation of strategic and offensive arms with the United States, which was extended in January this year.

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Putin called the most important task for Russia

Putin called the preservation of the people one of the most important tasks and growth drivers for Russia The head of state considered the population of 146 million insufficient for such a huge territory as Russia

Saving the people is one of the main tasks in Russia, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at the annual press conferences. The broadcast is conducted by RBC.

“ Saving the people, which [Alexander] Solzhenitsyn spoke about, is becoming, is one of the most important tasks and one of the drivers of growth, '' & mdash; he said.

Putin added that the population of 146 million is completely insufficient for the vast Russian territory. “ We don't have enough hands! '', & mdash; emphasized the head of state.

The material is being supplemented

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Putin called the expected inflation rate at the end of 2021

The expected inflation rate in Russia & nbsp; at the end of 2021 is & nbsp; 8 percent. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At the same time, he noted that the country needs to return to the target of 4 percent. & Nbsp;

Sobchak, Shnurov, Guberniev and national costumes: behind the scenes press conferences of Putin

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Putin spoke about support for various sectors of the economy

The authorities' support to the economy affected by the pandemic pursued two goals – preserving jobs and helping people. This was announced at a large press conference by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Head of State emphasized that the third and necessary driver for the growth of the Russian economy is increasing labor productivity.

Vladimir Putin noted that At the end of 2021, the growth in real incomes of Russians amounted to approximately 3.3%. The unemployment rate in relation to the pre-pandemic level decreased by 4.3-4.4%.

Follow the online broadcast of Putin's Final Press Conference.


Press conference of Vladimir Putin: online broadcast

What the president answered to journalists' questions

Vladimir Putin is holding an annual big press conference in 2021. The president will meet with journalists at Moscow's Manezh on December 23 at 12:00. It is expected that communication with the press will take about four hours, and that Putin will talk about the coronavirus, QR codes, rising prices, escalation with Ukraine and more. We are broadcasting online the press conference of the President of Russia.


& nbsp;

This is Putin's seventeenth press conference. Last year, elements of the Direct Line, canceled due to coronavirus, were included in the president's communication with reporters. This time Vladimir Putin will hold a face-to-face press conference. 507 correspondents are accredited to it (before the pandemic there were about twice as many), with each & nbsp; of the accredited had to pass three PCR tests for coronavirus. Among those admitted to the event are foreign media agents.

On the Kremlin's website, a list of items prohibited from taking to the press conference has appeared – for example, they will not be allowed to carry flammable items, the only exceptions from the category are matches and lighters. They will not be allowed with animals – unless this animal is a guide dog with all the relevant papers. Or else you can't carry posters and slogans of religious or political content, but religious books for personal use – you can.

Putin, who was revaccinated against coronavirus and, in addition, experienced a nasal version of the vaccine on himself, will be separated from the hall by a considerable distance – however, numerous cameras in the hall will help the president to monitor the mood of the journalistic audience.

Our correspondents work today at the Manezh, perhaps they will be able to ask a question to Vladimir Putin. We are also analyzing the answers of the head of state with experts. All news about the press conference of the President of Russia 2021, analytics and journalism – in our online broadcast.