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Exercises with the use of S-400 were held in Crimea

Military exercises on airspace protection using the S-400 “ Triumph '' air defense system took place in Crimea, reports the & nbsp; press service of the & nbsp; Southern Military District.

Combat crews of the S-400 Triumph air defense missile system formations of the Air Force and Air Defense Army of the Southern Military District carried out a special tactical air defense exercise. Front-line bombers Su-24M played the role of the enemy.

Triumphs' crews completed the curtailment of launchers and radar installations, as well as binding to coordinates and orientation of the complexes on the ground with further bringing into combat mode. The enemy was found, escorted and “ hit '' electronic starts. These exercises are scheduled and are taking place against the background of general tension in the Black Sea and Ukrainian directions.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian anti-submarine ship conducted firing practice in the Barents Sea. The ship Jung successfully hit ground, air and sea targets. Recall that at the end of November the frigate Admiral Gorshkov performed a test launch of the Zircon hypersonic missile at a distance of more than 400 kilometers in the White Sea.


Murashko announced the development of a mechanism for issuing certificates for antibodies

The Russian Ministry of Health is developing a specific mechanism for passing tests for antibodies to coronavirus and issuing certificates based on their results. The head of the department, Mikhail Murashko, told about this, TASS reports.

The Minister also clarified that proposals on the conditions for issuing certificates of vaccination and the transferred disease following the results of the antibody test had already been announced earlier.

Meanwhile, the country's Deputy Prime Minister & nbsp; Tatyana Golikova said that the covid certificates will soon be supplemented with information on the presence of temporary or permanent contraindications for vaccination.

Recall that today the level of herd immunity to COVID-19 in Russia is 56.1%. & Nbsp;


The Federation Council approved the law on the introduction of new chapters on the right to real estate into the code

The Federation Council approved a law that supplements the Civil Code of the Russian Federation with new chapters on immovable things and ownership of real estate, TASS reports.

According to the document, land plots are referred to as immovable things. buildings and structures, single immovable complexes, premises, parking lots, linear objects. In this case, a land plot is a part of the land, the boundaries of which are determined in the prescribed manner, and the premises are & ndash; a separate part of a building or structure suitable for use for appropriate purposes. At least two premises or parking spaces can be formed in one building.

The owners of premises and parking spaces will receive rights to the land plot where the building with their premises is located.

В The Civil Code will also stipulate that the share of the owner of the premises or parking space in the ownership of the common property, as well as the number of votes of the owner, are proportional to the share of the total area of ​​these premises.

The law should come into force on March 1, 2023 .

Earlier, the Federation Council approved a law that removes the obligation from the developer to submit an application for registration of ownership of the property. The new rule will not apply to apartment buildings and other real estate, for the construction of which the funds of equity holders were attracted.


Coal mine owners want to oblige to eliminate environmental damage

The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation has prepared a new version of the bill equating coal mines with industrial enterprises, which will be obliged to eliminate environmental damage to the environment, TASS reports.

On November 24, the lower house of parliament supported the government a bill obliging the owners of industrial enterprises to eliminate the consequences of negative impact on the environment. According to the Ministry of Nature, in 2020 the country generated more than 12 thousand tons of hazard class I waste and over 180 thousand tons of class II.

On November 25, in Kuzbass at the Listvyazhnaya mine. there was an accident in which 51 people died. After that, Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that the department extend the effect of the bill to coal industry enterprises.

compensation payment & raquo ;, & mdash; clarified the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, Alexander Kozlov, at a meeting of the profile committee of the State Duma. & nbsp;

The bill also halved the time for entering the facility to calculate the payment and the terms for paying the compensation payment.

It is assumed that The State Duma will consider the document in the second reading on December 17.


The choice of RIA Novosti: the main incidents of 2021 in Russia

A methane explosion at the Listvyazhnaya mine in Kuzbass, the tragic death of the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Yevgeny Zinichev, shooting in educational institutions of Kazan and Perm, the arrest of the governor of the Penza region and ex- Deputy Minister of Education determined the agenda of the criminal chronicle in Russia in 2021. About this and much more – in the thematic review of RIA Novosti. 51 victims of Listvyazhnaya

On the morning of November 25, a methane explosion claimed 51 lives at the Listvyazhnaya mine in the Kemerovo Region: 46 out of 285 miners who were underground at that time, and five of the mine rescuers who went to rescue them. This is the largest accident in the mining industry over the past two years. Charges were brought against the director of the mine, his two subordinates, as well as two inspectors of Rostekhnadzor, they were arrested. The Listvyazhnaya mine will pay the families of the victims and the injured about 300 million rubles.

The vehicles of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation near the Listvyazhnaya mine in the city of Belovo, where a fire broke out on the morning of November 25

During the search work in the mine, a mine rescuer Alexander Zakovryashin, who was believed to be dead, was discovered. He said that he held out for almost a day thanks to the fact that he got into a fresh stream of air, where he had the opportunity to lie down and gain strength to move up. The head of the department, Igor Krasnov, announced that large-scale inspections will take place in 10 coal-mining regions of Russia. President Vladimir Putin noted that the reason for the accident at Listvyazhnaya was the lack of control on the part of the management of the mine, but stressed that no one would allow any sweeping accusations or “assaults”.

Minsk accused the pilot of the plane with Protasevich of violating instructions

Belarus said that the pilot was supposed to land the plane with Protasevich in Vilnius The Belarusian Ministry of Transport said that the pilot, having received the code “red”, had to land the plane at the nearest airfield, that is, in Vilnius, and not fly to Minsk

The pilot of the Ryanair plane, on board of which was the former editor-in-chief of the Nexta Telegram channel (recognized by the Belarusian authorities as extremist) Roman Protasevich, violated the instructions by landing in Minsk, and not in Vilnius. About this in an interview with the TV channel “ Belarus 1 '' said the head of the aviation department of the Belarusian Ministry of Transport Artem Sikorsky.

Commenting on the recordings of the pilot's conversation with the dispatcher of the Minsk airport, published on the Web, Sikorsky said that the emergency code “ red '' was given to the crew commander. “ What does the 'red' code mean for a pilot? This means that he must land at the nearest airfield '', & mdash; he said.

To the ambassadors of Sikorski, at that time the closest airfield was in Vilnius, which was 70 km away. “But the plane didn’t think to descend or slow down to enter the landing position,” “& mdash; he added.

The head of the department wondered why the Lithuanian pilot on the plane registered in Poland violated the instructions? “And after all, we’ve been talking like a mantra all this time:“ Give us in-cockpit negotiations or negotiations between the pilot and the Vilnius dispatcher in order to understand why he flew to Minsk, ”“ mdash ” he continued.

Sikorsky called the assumptions published in the media absurd that the dispatcher consulted with a KGB officer in Belarus, passing the “ red '' code to the pilot. “ It turns out that the employee, on the contrary, facilitated the plane to fly to Vilnius. & lt; … & gt; The plane could fly to the base airport in Warsaw & mdash; in my opinion, closer than to Minsk, & lt; … & gt; was supposed to fly to Vilnius '', & mdash; he noted.

Ultimately, Sikorsky stressed, the decision is always made by the crew commander, and the dispatcher only transmits information and accompanies the passage of the aircraft to the selected point in the Belarusian airspace, ensuring safe navigation. He also noticed that at that moment more than one dispatcher was working & mdash; “ decisions were made collectively: there is a senior controller, there is a flight director. ''

The Ryanair incident, which was flying from Athens to Vilnius, took place in May. At the Minsk airport, they said that the airliner requested a landing because of a bomb report. At the same time, the airline told RBC that the crew received information about mining from Belarusian dispatchers, who gave instructions to land the plane in Minsk. To accompany the passenger plane, a MiG-29 fighter of the Belarusian Air Force took off into the sky. As a result, Protasevich and his acquaintance were removed from the flight and later arrested.

On December 8, The New York Times, citing sources and a representative of the Polish security service Stanislav Zarin, reported that the dispatcher, who fled to Poland this summer, spoke about the details of the incident with the Ryanair plane. According to the interlocutors of the publication, he said that the threat of an explosion on board the liner was deliberately false, and the emergency landing – & mdash; the operation to capture Protasevich, organized by the Belarusian special service. According to representatives of the European special services, the matter concerns the dispatcher Oleg Galegov, who left Belarus in July.

The next day, Poland published a recording of the negotiations between the dispatcher of the Minsk airport and the pilot of the Ryanair liner. On it, one can hear that the dispatcher and the pilot are communicating in English, however, during the negotiations, an employee of the Minsk airport is advised in Russian by an unauthorized person. Warsaw claimed that it could have been a KGB agent.

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Brussels to renew relations with closest allies of Russia

Leaders of five post-Soviet countries, including Armenia and Azerbaijan, will renew relations with the EU The European Union continues to develop ties with Russia's neighbors. Having shown activity in the Belarusian and Armenian-Azerbaijani directions, Brussels starts updating the Eastern Partnership program

How the EU renews relations with the CIS countries

Over the past few days, the leaders of the European Union have been dealing with relations with the former and current CIS countries. On Sunday, December 12, President of the European Commission Charles Michel and EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell met with the leader of the Belarusian opposition Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is not considered the legitimate leader of the country in the EU; after the presidential elections in 2020, five rounds of sanctions were imposed on the Belarusian authorities, the most recent is & mdash; already this month, December 2, for using migrants trying to illegally break through from Belarus to the European Union as a political tool.

On Monday, the EU Foreign Minister, having discussed the situation in Africa, agreed to impose sanctions against Russians and companies , involved, according to their information, in the activities of PMC Wagner.

On December 14, in the evening, with the mediation of Michel, a meeting was held between President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan in Brussels. An agreement on it was reached even before trilateral talks were held in Sochi on November 26 with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia. During last year's second Karabakh war, Russia played the role of the main peacemaker, the EU receded into the background. The West is just a gentleman's lets Russia pass forward, so that later, in the event of discrepancies, it will have room for maneuver and offer itself as a “ more effective moderator '', & mdash; Sergey Markedonov, a leading researcher at the Institute of International Studies of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Russian Foreign Ministry, describes the European strategy (quoted from Sputnik Armenia). In this situation, unlike many other crises, the West and Russia, according to the expert, do not regard each other as tough opponents.

On Wednesday, December 15, the principles of relations between the EU and the five countries & mdash; Russia's neighbors and their development program will be updated at the Eastern Partnership Summit.

How the European Union is heading east

Eastern Partnership Program has existed since 2009, its goal is & mdash; development of relations between 27 countries of the European Union with six post-Soviet countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine). All 12 years of its existence, the program has been haunted by crises, it is constantly criticized by Russia, including for an attempt to turn it into an “ anti-Russian venture. '' The first and largest crisis was the Ukrainian crisis in 2013 & ndash; 2014. The Maidan events were provoked by the decision of the then Ukrainian leadership to postpone the signing of an association agreement with the EU and the creation of a free trade zone. The signing of these agreements was one of the main elements of the Eastern Partnership. As a result, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova signed them, and also established a visa-free regime with the EU. The remaining participants refused to sign ambitious cooperation programs with the EU, developing cooperation at a convenient speed. However, the events of 2014, including the annexation of Crimea to Russia, became a constant source of tension. At the 2015 summits, the parties clashed over the wording on the recognition of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, two years later they had to abandon the mention of Crimea and Ukraine as a separate item in order for the document to be supported by all participants.

Belarus either sends its delegations to the Eastern Partnership summits or ignores them. There will be no representatives of the official Minsk at the current forum & mdash; Belarus suspended participation in the program in response to EU sanctions. The remaining EU members are encouraged to pursue five long-term goals: developing sustainable and integrated economies, maintaining the rule of law, developing environmental and climate resilience, ensuring sustainable digital transformation, equitable, fair and inclusive societies. The EU is ready to allocate & euro; 2.3 billion to solve these problems. It is assumed that this investment plan will attract up to & euro; 17 billion in the form of public and private investments.

However, the summit participants are unlikely to limit themselves to discussing these issues. A source in the German government told RIA Novosti that the forum could send a clear signal of solidarity with Ukraine in the face of the current aggravation of the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border, where, according to the EU, Russia is concentrating its military forces. This issue is not on the agenda of the meeting, but this does not mean that it cannot arise, a high-ranking European source told RBC. It is too early to say whether there will be a border crisis or other issues related to Russia mentioned in the final declaration, as of the middle of the day on December 14, the document has not yet been agreed upon, the source added.

Eastern Partnership is in a state of permanent crisis, says Andrey Kortunov, Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council. According to him, this program is criticized from different sides: some believe that it is not active and aggressive enough on the part of the European Union, others – and mdash; that in the current conditions it is losing its relevance for many participants. “ Naturally, when we are talking about so many different countries that have completely different algorithms for interaction, including with the EU, different levels of cooperation with Russia, it is always very difficult to talk about a single scheme and a single approach. Of course, the program somehow disintegrates into a number of individual projects, according to which the European Union is working with individual countries of the Eastern Partnership, & mdash; said Kortunov to RBC. He added that there are examples when relations with Russia and the European Union for countries & mdash; program participants are developing according to the principle of a zero-sum game, but there are also examples of how countries, not without success, are trying to maneuver between Moscow and Brussels and maintain rather positive and beneficial relations with both the East and the West. “ Among such examples, we can mention Armenia, which is a member of the Eurasian Economic Union, but at the same time is very actively developing its ties with the European Union and receives significant financial resources from Brussels, as well as from individual EU countries. Therefore, a lot here depends on the specifics of the leadership, on the historical background against which these relations are developing, and on the presence or absence of political will on the part of the European Union, '', & mdash; concluded the expert.

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Naryshkin called “the most terrible punishment” for those who sold their homeland

The head of the SVR, Naryshkin, said about the mania of persecution among defectors from intelligence According to the head of the SVR, the best punishment for defectors is “to live out the days with an unbearable burden on their conscience.” The Russian intelligence service is not engaged in settling scores, this contradicts the idea of ​​”retribution deserved by traitors”

Bloomberg learned about disagreements in the EU over sanctions against Russia

Bloomberg: Germany, France, Italy and Spain do not support sanctions against Russia France, Germany Italy and Spain insist on dialogue with Russia over Ukraine, the agency writes. The head of the EC stated that the European Union is ready for “unprecedented measures” against Moscow in case of aggression against Kiev

” Leading countries ” The European Union does not support the plan to prepare new sanctions and other measures against Russia in the event of an “ invasion '' to Ukraine, Bloomberg reports.

Germany, France, Italy and Spain insist that it is more important to negotiate with Moscow than to warn it about “ painful economic measures '', according to the agency, which cites European diplomatic sources. However, other countries & mdash; EU members believe that public support for new sanctions will be more effective in “ deterring Russian President Vladimir Putin. ''

According to one of the agency's sources, representatives of several countries, including the Netherlands, Eastern European and Scandinavian states, asked the European Commission to discuss with them the document being developed with options for possible sanctions.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, speaking in Wednesday in the European Parliament, said the EU is ready to take “ unprecedented measures with serious consequences '' against Moscow; in case of aggressive actions towards Kiev, reports Reuters. According to her, the European Union, together with the United States, will develop options for sanctions that go beyond the already existing restrictions. The new sanctions will affect the financial, energy and defense sectors and dual-use goods, she said.

On December 15, Brussels will host the sixth Eastern Partnership summit, the next day the EU summit will open, it will be held in person … Participants will discuss, among other things, Ukraine, Belarus and the energy crisis, Bloomberg reports.

Material is being added

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Putin embarrassed officials for the situation in the country

Negotiations with Biden were overshadowed by the story of the future president-taxi driver

The week ended enchantingly – citizens rushed to discuss what Vladimir Vladimirovich taxed in the 90s. He said that “sometimes I had to earn money as a cab”. Even began “investigations” – on which car (they say, “Nissan”). Although, in fact, the most important thing in the series of events was the most boring thing – the conversation between Putin and Biden. If only because on New Year it will smell like gunpowder from firecrackers, not from tank shots.

Photo: kremlin .ru

Why, in fact, the conversation between the two leaders fell out of sight so quickly? Because experts, who, depending on the situation, may be experts in maritime warfare, air traffic, virology, agrarian issues or computer security, have not received food for thought. The wording that the two administrations issued as a result, both ours and the American, are extremely streamlined. But most importantly, it became clear that the war in Ukraine was postponed for the time being. And this is definitely a good thing. Better yet, Russia and the United States are agreeing on this, not the United States and China.

But this is exactly what one conscientious director wanted when, at the HRC meeting, he told Putin that our foreign policy was too expensive. It's great that we have the HRC: I, by a sinful deed, thought that the Democrats of the first wave were already the same as dinosaurs, but here Sokurov got a hedzhaku… It was like a shower from the soul. With all the rituals relying on, even fantasies of arrests and shouts of “Denunciation!” They love this word very much. It's a pity, they don't seem to know the meaning. A denunciation, according to Ozhegov's dictionary, is “a secret accusatory message to a representative of the authorities, a boss about someone's activities and actions.” Where is there anything secret here?

But here's to you, albeit not a secret, but an easy riddle: who said everything at the same HRC: “In the Soviet Union, we called it the ulcers of capitalism, which the socialist system was deprived of. There were also homeless people, but not so many. Of course, for any person who is engaged in municipal service, public service, the current state of affairs cannot but give rise to a feeling of shame for what is happening in our country ”? But this was said by the head of capitalist Russia, Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich. Gorgeous story. Now you can approach any official and ask: “It's a shame, eh?” And if you are not ashamed – to drive away from public service. Because “today's state cannot but give rise to a feeling of shame.”

Some, by the way, do. But some kind of perverted. And much depends on the region. This week, the mayor of Rostov-on-Don, Alexei Logvinenko, during a meeting with the mayor of Grozny, Khas-Magomed Kadyrov, was ashamed of his Breguet Marine Royale watch for 2.6 million rubles and smeared it in Photoshop. He posted the edited photos to himself on the social network. And on the website of the mayor's office of Grozny posted a photo report without retouching – why should a respected person be ashamed of wealth? you should be ashamed of the life that people have.

Since we have a New Year on the nose, then the example will be New Year's. According to Rosstat's estimates, the price for Olivier salad has risen by 15% over the year (according to independent estimates, by 20%). A portion will cost 416 rubles. Just in case, the official recipe adopted for calculations from Rosstat: 500 g of canned cucumbers, 380 g of peas, 500 g of potatoes, 200 g of carrots, 4 chicken eggs, 300 g of boiled sausage, 200 g of mayonnaise and 100 g of onions. Herring under a fur coat rose in price by a quarter, to 209 rubles per serving. In the UK, a festive dinner has risen in price by 3.4%. Think it our way – it hasn't risen in price at all.

The figures are quite dry – the annual inflation in the USA in November amounted to 6.8%, and for them it is horror-horror. Since 40 years this has not happened (live boring). We already have 8.4%, and this is a common thing – literally four years ago it was the same.

But our oligarchs care about us. Inflation is when there is a lot of money. To make them smaller, you need to take them out of the country. So, the net capital outflow from Russia in January-November 2021 amounted to $ 73.9 billion and increased by 1.5 times compared to the same period last year. And this means only one thing: despite the fact that there is simply an excess of money in the world (in many foreign banks there are negative rates), no one wants to invest in Russia. Okay, strangers do not want. But their conditional ones do not want either. It is much safer, easier and more profitable to make money here and invest there. This means that the economy is in trouble. It's a shame, huh? Over the past decades of public administration?

However, Vladimir Vladimirovich repeated at the same HRC: “I recently spoke at the Valdai Club, in my opinion, that our classical capitalism is gradually disappearing in the international arena. Because it causes too many contradictions. ” The thought stuck in, it seems, for a reason. We have not yet completed the construction of classical capitalism, while we are at the level of the predatory capitalism. And it is necessary to move back to socialism after the developed countries. Thirty years – in the pipe.

On a stake it was wet – start over. Probably, it is worth to be more attentive to taxi drivers. Just in case.


Turkey prepares to squeeze the US, China and Russia

The Turkic World Project has already become a serious geopolitical factor

While the world's attention is focused on the high-level negotiations between the US and Russia, as well as between the US and China, in the shadow of these events Turkey continues to diligently develop its Turkic World project.

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The latter, being “materialized” in the Organization of Turkic States (OTG), which includes Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan as full members, as well as Turkmenistan and Hungary as observers, stretches from Europe to China.

If we turn not to political, but to ethnographic maps of the world, one of which was recently presented to President of Turkey Erdogan by the leader of Turkish nationalists Bahcheli, then we can see that the Turkic world is much wider and includes a good part of the territory of Russia.

The Turkic world is studied in Turkish general education schools according to the same maps of the Turkic world, which were not approved yesterday by the country's education ministry. These Turkish maps were translated into Russian and published in the book of the undersigned back in 2017, but the Russian analytical community invariably reacts nervously to each of their next appearance in public space.

Now, after the Summit of the Organization of Turkic States on November 12, 2021, the participating countries agreed not only on the translation of their alphabets into the Latin alphabet, not only on the terminological convergence of their languages ​​”for better understanding of the Turkic peoples of the world”, but also on the joint development of common textbooks of the Turkic history, geography and literature. Which are unlikely to be overly complimentary about the Russian and Soviet past of the Turkic states – it is good if they are neutral in their assessments.

Against this background, Russia demonstrates in public an enviable calmness regarding the integration processes of the Turkic world, limiting itself, at the official level, to reminders that the homeland and, therefore, the center of the Turkic world is the Russian Altai. And, at the same time, statements in the spirit of the fact that “there is nothing wrong with communicating with your relatives.”

However, it can be stated that the zone of Russian strategic interests proclaimed by Russia after the collapse of the USSR largely overlaps with the territory of the “age-old awakening of the Turks”. It is with such a loud epithet that Turkish officials characterize the integration processes of the Turkic world.

These processes are accelerating after last year's victory of Azerbaijan, with the direct support of Turkey, in Nagorno-Karabakh. And let the laurels of the mediator remain with Russia, it was Turkey that became the architect of the Azerbaijani victory. In particular, the “Bayraktar” unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) supplied by Turkey to Azerbaijan were proclaimed a “weapon of victory” and a game changer, that is, a weapon that “changed the course of the game” – not only of a specific war and, in general, of the modern paradigm of warfare. .

There is another large client for Turkish UAVs – Ukraine, which by now has managed not only to purchase, but already use Bayraktars in the skies over Donbass. Concern about the illegal use of UAVs by Ukraine in the conflict zone was expressed by the Russian side, and the very topic of the delivery of Bayraktar was raised in a telephone conversation between Presidents Putin and Erdogan on December 3.

Between the lines of the official press releases, one can read that the Russian side drew the attention of the Turkish side to the fact that the supplies of Bayraktar were carried out by Turkey to an “inadequate” client. And she hinted that it is better for Turkey to refrain from further supplies at this turn of history, which could harm Russian-Turkish relations. It is clear that the Russian leadership is counting on Turkey to value its “special relationship” with Russia and to “slow down” in Ukraine.

However, do such “persuasions” work for Turkey? Note that Turkey is building a “special relationship” with Ukraine as well. Is it worth expecting that Ankara will heed Moscow's opinion and follow the example of responsible arms suppliers who refrain from selling to countries that are involved in armed conflicts?

Let's start with the fact that the Bayraktar UAV is in Turkey – it is more than a weapon, it is a symbol of Turkish superiority in the arms market, which is intended to translate into the country's growing political influence on the world stage.

Turkish UAVs in their marketing “stand on the shoulders of the giant” – the Russian defense industry, raising their attractiveness by the fact that recently, destruction shots have been widely circulated, no matter what age and with what control, but Russian equipment by Turkish drones.

This contributes to the increased interest in Turkish products on the part of the states – Russian antagonists, including the Baltic countries and Poland, for example. We are not talking about Ukraine: it reached an agreement with Turkey on the construction of a joint venture for the production and maintenance of Turkish equipment. In addition, among the potential buyers of Turkish UAVs are the very countries – members of the Organization of Turkic States.

Today, Turkish UAVs claim to play for Turkey almost the same role that the advanced Ottoman siege artillery played in the capture of Constantinople in 1453. It was with the capture of Constantinople that the Ottoman state turned into the Ottoman Empire, which later reached the walls of Vienna. It is with its drones that the Republic of Turkey seeks to transform itself from a regional to a global power.

With such “initial data”, based on Russian concern, will Turkey “dose” the supply of its weapons to the countries forming the Turkic world, which the country began to diligently build with the collapse of the USSR? And let the reader not think that Ukraine is not a part of that very world. Not to mention the past Ottoman ownership of those lands, Ukraine is often mentioned as a possible OTG observer country, and President Zelensky himself seriously declares “the special historical nature of Turkish-Ukrainian relations.” Not at all bearing in mind the painting by Ilya Repin “The Cossacks are writing a letter to the Turkish Sultan.”

One can rise from this “tactical” issue of specific deliveries of specific weapons to the strategic level, asking a fundamental question for our country: do the integration processes in the Turkic world, which has already become a geopolitical factor, pose a threat to Russia – both its interests and territorial integrity? After all, Turkish drones in the post-Soviet space are just a particular manifestation of Turkish foreign policy strategy.

For a number of years, it was believed that the implementation of joint strategic projects by Russia and Turkey, including the construction of the Akkuyu and Turkish Stream nuclear power plants, the supply of S-400 systems, the creation in Turkey of a joint venture for the production of the Sputnik V vaccine, etc. as well as Turkey's serious economic interest in Russia in the areas of construction, tourism and trade will contribute to constructiveness in the Russian-Turkish dialogue and balance emerging contradictions. This calculation was not justified in 2015, when the Turks shot down a Russian plane in the skies over Syria. However, with the subsequent tough reaction and sanctions measures, Russia managed to force Turkey to do what was accepted in our country as an “apology”.

However, as a result of what happened, as you can see, strategic projects of Russian-Turkish cooperation, if there is a deterrent “anti-confrontational” force, it is not unlimited and applies only to the threat of direct confrontation. That is, these projects do not have a balancing effect in the case of soft expansion, practiced by Turkey and stretched over decades.

The Russian “fi” addressed to the Turks, which has often been demonstrated in recent years, still makes us remember the proverb “And Vaska listens and eats.” Paying tribute to the Turkish side, “Turkish Vaska” over the course of 30 years since the collapse of the USSR, taking advantage of its historical chance, worked hard on its national idea and on its own integration project to offer it to a good half of the post-Soviet space. And, as you can see, this proposal of the Turks was not only taken with interest, but also taken “into work”.

Why is the post-Soviet space so rapidly, by historical standards, “hooked” on the Turkish project?

If we look at the root of this issue, we will see a situation similar to the case with Turkish drones: we are talking about creating a “shield” , or, if it sounds too harsh, the “alternatives” of Russia.

And this Turkish alternative is the reality that Russia should now accept for granted and compete, but not in the plane of attempts to “influence Turkey”, which many politicians in Moscow are thinking about. I will express a purely personal opinion that there is no one “silver bullet” or, paraphrasing in the mainstream of Russian-Turkish relations, one “silver tomato”, which, if thrown by Russia at the Turks, would force Turkey to deviate from its intended path.

Regrettably those who are accustomed to simple recipes will have to compete in terms of the success of their own national idea, in the plane of demonstrating their own successes, in the plane of developing their own integration projects. We no longer live in an uncontested world, squeezed into the framework of a rigid paradigm “step left – step right.” alternatives. We will not be able – then all gloomy forecasts not only about the post-Soviet space, but also about the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation will leave the category of “alarmism” and become a reality. So, as Churchill said: “I can offer you nothing but blood, hard work, tears and sweat” …


How “tea with Putin” can turn director Sokurov into a criminal case

Politics is not a movie, you can't change the scenery

Let's separate everything from everything: the Caucasus from Russia, Texas from the USA, Northern Ireland from Great Britain, Catalonia from Spain … survive. Let's separate and combine with each other. What for? Well, just so that it is not boring. Boredom, it kills, and haipanul – and your life is pink.

Alexander Sokurov listens to the President's objections. Photo: Still from video

Like film director Alexander Sokurov. He spoke at a meeting of the presidential Human Rights Council (HRC) on the republics of the North Caucasus, suggested thinking about “letting go” those Russian territories that do not want to live with Russia, and walks gogol. And what? He is a director – he sees it that way. This scene – here, that – there, here we will cut out altogether. And that hero will be “second plan”. The process is creative!

But Kadyrov, for example, did not want to be a supporting hero, although he is not a director, but he also understands productions. He quickly intervened in the situation, recalled the Constitution, compared the filmmaker with a “bazaar aunt” and called for “the words of the nihilist Sokurov to be given a legal assessment of the fact of an anti-state and extremist nature.” What do you want? Hype – the thing is: you can hit the king, or you can fly off the board. Especially if Kadyrov declares that he “does not like this corrupt face.” And Putin, in response, calls your words “a set of problems and fears” and asks not to arrange talk shows.

Now journalists are running after Sokurov with the question: is he not afraid to answer for his words according to the law, and after Peskov with the question: can they attract Sokurov … And an endless hype is pouring according to the behest of the novel “Dune”: “the spice must flow” …

But personally, for some reason, this whole situation reminded me of the atmosphere in a bus that somehow followed the route Yegoryevsk – Kurovskaya (100 km from Moscow). At that time, a heated political discussion flared up in the salon between pensioners-beneficiaries. The names of big politicians flew in the air like ping-pong balls. The economic and political situation in Belarus, the Baltic states, Poland, Germany and even in Turkmenistan was discussed with great knowledge of the matter. Donbass and Ukraine were discussed separately. And, of course, they returned to Russia. They touched upon both Chechnya and Ingushetia, and the integrity of the territories. The same Kadyrov, by the way, was given specific recommendations for further strengthening his political positions.

When it comes to Biden …

Are you leaving or not? – suddenly there was a sharp voice of the driver (who remembered who was going where).

– At this stop? – political experts woke up. – And the truth! Girls, boys, let's get out!

… And so that driver reminded me of Putin now! He was just the same irritated and impatient: he had to drive the car, and over his ear there was a continuous “blah-blah-blah.”

… I think that “for a cup of tea and talk” Sokurov shouldn’t have invited Vladimir Vladimirovich after all that had happened. Something tells: the president prefers coffee and be quiet a little. Especially in this particular situation.


Russian anti-submarine ship conducted firing practice in the Barents Sea

Small anti-submarine ship Jung Of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation worked out artillery fire in the Barents Sea. This was reported by the press service of the fleet.

It is noted that during the exercises, combat crews of the 76-mm AK-176 artillery mount fired at coastal, sea and air targets.

where the shooting took place was temporarily closed to civilian shipping and aviation.

After completing combat training missions at sea, Junga; arrived at the permanent base in Polyarny.

Recall that at the end of November the frigate “ Admiral Gorshkov '' performed a test launch of the Zircon hypersonic missile at a distance of more than 400 kilometers in the White Sea.


Why is there a shortage of syringes?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” № 49. Gravediggers of wallets. Why are the prices for funeral services going up? 08/12/2021

In & nbsp; WHO said that next year the world will face & nbsp; shortage of syringes & nbsp; & mdash; the deficit will amount to a billion units. Are they & nbsp; so difficult to do?

Expert's answer 0 + –

& mdash; & nbsp; Only for & nbsp; vaccination and & nbsp; revaccination from & nbsp; COVID-19 spent 10 & nbsp; billion syringes, and & nbsp; less than half of the world's population were vaccinated, & nbsp; & mdash; says President of the National Association of Manufacturers of Pharmaceutical Products and & nbsp; Medical Devices, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Kolesnikov. & mdash; & nbsp; However, WHO, speaking about the & nbsp; deficit, in & nbsp; primarily refers to its programs for the poorest countries and & nbsp; refugees whose needs for & nbsp; syringes & nbsp; & mdash; hundreds of billions in & nbsp; year. In & nbsp; Russia, the problem will arise if Western sanctions extend to & nbsp; medical supplies. Today & nbsp; 47% of the Russian market of syringes is occupied by German products, 23% & nbsp; & mdash; domestic, 21% & nbsp; & mdash; Chinese.

At the same time, we are trying to increase production volumes. So, a plant appeared in & nbsp; Dubna with a capacity of 450 million syringes in & nbsp; year. A new plant is planned in the & nbsp; Urals (capacity & nbsp; & mdash; 200 million units).


And we will paint and we will fix. Workshops are opening in colleges of the country

Plot National projects

Confectionery, engineering design, information technology, construction and & nbsp; other professions, which are already being mastered by college students and & nbsp; technical schools, require serious training of future specialists. National project “ Education '' is aimed at & nbsp; ensuring the opportunity for students of educational organizations that implement secondary vocational education programs to obtain up-to-date knowledge that meets the requirements of the economy and & nbsp; demands of the labor market.

In & nbsp; Russia 5 & nbsp; thous. masters of vocational training annually improve their qualifications, and & nbsp; for college teachers, the contest “ Master of the Year '' is held.

New training workshops have opened at the Khakass Polytechnic College. For & nbsp; 3 & nbsp; years in & nbsp; Khakassia already created 18 & nbsp; modern workshops in & nbsp; four educational institutions of secondary vocational education in & nbsp; priority areas of economic development: transport services and & nbsp; logistics (four competencies), services (five competencies), construction (four competencies ) and & nbsp; agriculture (five competencies). “ With the & nbsp; funds of the grant, we & nbsp; organized and & nbsp; equipped with new, modern equipment four training workshops. 582 units of equipment were purchased, including 8 & nbsp; new training vehicles. Our students and & nbsp; used to be high healthy competition in the & nbsp; labor market, and & nbsp; with & nbsp; opening new workshops, we & nbsp; will be able to release more trained highly qualified specialists into & nbsp; life. Huge gratitude for & nbsp; attention and & nbsp; support to our Ministry of Education and & nbsp; Science, and & nbsp; also to the government of Khakassia & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said director of the Khakass Polytechnic College Nikolay Shelukha … & laquo; Education & nbsp; & mdash; these are investments in the & nbsp; prosperous future of our youth, the economy of Khakassia & nbsp; and, of course, the republic in & nbsp; as a whole. And & nbsp; it is very important that the knowledge gained is of high quality. In order for the professional level of graduates to meet domestic and & nbsp; world standards, technical schools and & nbsp; colleges of Khakassia and & nbsp; are equipped with the most modern equipment & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; noted in the & nbsp; welcome speech Deputy Head of Khakassia Irina Voinova . Fourth year student Maxim Leonov I literally raved about cars since my childhood. Therefore, in the & nbsp; choice of a future profession, Maxim was confident even in the & nbsp; elementary school. “ If you & nbsp; are really busy with your own business, then & nbsp; and & nbsp; you can talk about & nbsp; for hours. Studying was easy, and & nbsp; practical lessons each time replenished the piggy bank of professionalism! '' Maxim Leonov told. Within the walls of the technical school, the student was taught to paint, polish, grind cars correctly, literally give them a second life. Car mechanic Angelina Pospolita has already acquired one working profession, at this time she is successfully mastering another. “ Today, the gender line between professions has been erased. Repairs cars, successfully descend into the mines of the fairer sex, while young men masterfully master the professions of the fashion industry, learn chef's wisdom, and know how to create fashionable designer clothing. I was taught to check the geometry of the body, to clean, putty and & nbsp; paint any parts of the car body, to use a semi-automatic welding machine. In & nbsp; this I see a special romance, poetry, it inspires me to work with my hands & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; shared a college student. Minister of Education and & nbsp; Science of Khakassia Larisa Gimazutina clarified: “ The opening of new workshops in & nbsp; technical schools of the republic will make it possible to prepare more qualified specialists for & nbsp; work, and & nbsp; modern technical base attracts more and more applicants precisely to & nbsp; vocational schools ''; In the next three years, 29 more workshops will be opened. The workshops will open in six areas: Construction, Transport Service and Logistics, Social Sphere, Industrial and Engineering Technologies, Information and nbsp; Design, Communication Technologies Art and & nbsp; service industry & raquo; and & nbsp; will be equipped with the most modern technological equipment. In addition, according to the & nbsp; results of the competitive selection, the republic is included in the & nbsp; list of subjects, in & nbsp; of which in & nbsp; 2024 a Center for Advanced Professional Training should be created within the & nbsp; framework of the federal project 'Young Professionals' national project “ Education ''.

The & nbsp; Krasnodar Trade and Economic College has created workshops for & nbsp; four competencies: Hotel Administration, Tourism, Cookery and & nbsp; & laquo; Confectionery & raquo ;. Equipped with 58 & nbsp; workplaces, & nbsp; in total, 390 units and & nbsp; sets of educational, laboratory and & nbsp; production equipment were purchased. “ The equipment meets the standards of the WorldSkills international movement. This will allow the technical school to improve the quality of student training, use new educational technologies, and become a platform for passing a demonstration exam. On the & nbsp; exam, graduates are simulated a real production situation, where they demonstrate their skills and & nbsp; skills, and & nbsp; also confirm their qualifications in & nbsp; compliance with & nbsp; international standards, & nbsp; & mdash; said the first deputy minister of education, science and & nbsp; youth policy of the region Sergey Pronko … So, for the preparation of cooks and & nbsp; pastry chefs, workshops were equipped with blast freezer cabinets, combi ovens for baking bakery and & nbsp; confectionery products, induction cookers and & nbsp; convection ovens, and & nbsp; also a slicer for slicing and & nbsp; caramelizers. At the & nbsp; opening, a master class for students on the & nbsp; new equipment was conducted by a pastry chef and a restaurant chef. Future tourism managers will be trained in applied programs to solve specific problems in the & nbsp; tourism industry. Educational and laboratory equipment of the workshop “ Hotel Administration '' will allow conducting classes on & nbsp; using the latest hotel automation systems and & nbsp; performing night audit procedures. And & nbsp; also trainings on & nbsp; development of skills and & nbsp; skills of carrying out all types of booking of hotel services. This year, 13 & nbsp; modern workshops have already been opened in & nbsp; seven colleges and & nbsp; technical schools of the Krasnodar Territory. By the end of December, it is planned to create and & nbsp; to equip 11 more & nbsp; workshops in & nbsp; five institutions.

The grand opening of four workshops in the & nbsp; direction of & quot; Industrial and & nbsp; engineering technologies & raquo; took place at & nbsp; Krasnodar Engineering College. New modern laboratories were created within the & nbsp; regional project “ Young Professionals '' national project “ Education ''. For & nbsp; overhaul of classrooms and & nbsp; updating the material and technical base, funds were allocated in the & nbsp; amount of about 74 & nbsp; million rubles. We have equipped workshops with the latest equipment and & nbsp; technology for & nbsp; relevant competencies: Oil and Gas Production, CAD Engineering Design, Turning on & nbsp; machines with & nbsp; CNC & nbsp; refrigeration equipment & nbsp; refrigeration & nbsp; systems & nbsp; Equipped with 51 & nbsp; workplaces, purchased 1212 units and & nbsp; sets of training and laboratory, training and production equipment, methodological and & nbsp; software. So, for the training of specialists in the & nbsp; development and & nbsp; exploitation of oil and & nbsp; gas fields, a pumping unit, a control station, an automated group metering unit and & nbsp; gas analyzers were purchased. Workshop on & nbsp; competence “ Engineering design CAD '' equipped with 3D printers and & nbsp; 3D manipulators. In addition, the & nbsp; workshop created automated workstations with & nbsp; computer equipment and & nbsp; specialized software for & nbsp; design and & nbsp; design in & nbsp; mechanical engineering. All equipment meets international standards, will allow the college to train highly qualified specialists in & nbsp; promising professions and & nbsp; improve the quality of youth training for & nbsp; national championships. The new workshops will also serve as sites for a demonstration exam with & nbsp; participation of employers. This year, 21 & nbsp; modern workshops have already been opened in & nbsp; nine colleges and & nbsp; technical schools of the Krasnodar Territory. By the end of December, it is planned to create and & nbsp; equip three more workshops in & nbsp; three institutions.

14 & nbsp; organizations of the Volgograd region: 12 & nbsp; colleges and & nbsp; two private educational institutions take part in the & nbsp; retraining of citizens on & nbsp; a special program aimed at training personnel in working professions. On the & nbsp; choice of applicants, there are about 80 & nbsp; directions. The training is carried out at the & nbsp; sites of high-tech workshops created according to the & nbsp; national project “ Education ''. The & nbsp; number of destinations & nbsp; & mdash; medical and & nbsp; social care, preschool education, teaching in & nbsp; junior grades, entrepreneurship, refrigeration and & nbsp; air conditioning systems, electrical installation, network and & nbsp; system administration, chef and & nbsp; confectionery. Retraining will allow you to get the skills that are in demand on the labor market, and open your own business. So, on the basis of the Volgograd Technological College, the programs “ Hairdressing Art '' are being implemented and & nbsp; 'Aesthetic cosmetology'. With the help of professional equipment under the guidance of Wordskills experts, future cosmetologists and & nbsp; hairdressers master modern techniques and & nbsp; technologies; organized master classes from & nbsp; employers. 'Repair and & nbsp; maintenance of passenger cars' and & nbsp; & laquo; Welder & raquo; also included in the & nbsp; number of demanded areas, training is on the basis of the workshops of the Volgograd College of Management and & nbsp; new technologies. According to the & nbsp; results of mastering the program and & nbsp; passing the demonstration exam, students will receive a certificate of & nbsp; working profession & quot; Passport of competencies & raquo; & nbsp; & mdash; This is an electronic document confirming the level of proficiency in professional skills in accordance with the national, global and & nbsp; corporate standards of Wordskills.


Twice as fast. Delivery times of medicines to pharmacies decreased by 50%

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Lean manufacturing technologies and workspace optimization halve the time spent on logistics thanks to the help of specialists from the Federal Competence Center for the National Project “ Labor Productivity ''. Thus, drugs reach pharmacies and end consumers faster. At the same time, companies are reducing the financial costs of operating their pharmacy chains and increasing the production of pharmaceuticals.

Optimize production and introduce lean production technologies of the Gubernskie Apteki company The Krasnoyarsk Territory was helped by experts from the Federal Competence Center (hereinafter referred to as FCC). For six months, FCC experts with a working group of the enterprise improved all production processes at the warehouse. Thanks to the proposed measures, they solved the problems of untimely and poor-quality assembly of goods from the warehouse, as well as the high cost of processing orders from pharmacies. As a result of standardization and optimization of work, the time until the drug “ gets '' to any of the chain's pharmacies has halved, from 45 minutes to 21. Thanks to this, the supply of medicines to the population has improved. Work in progress of goods decreased by 88%, from 423 to 48 pieces. This reduced the volume of raw materials that were previously disposed of. Production volumes increased by 35%: from 562 to 763 pieces per person per day. FCC experts have already started the implementation of a new stage & ndash; improving the online pharmacy. “ For the region, the national project is of particular importance, because it is focused on the activities of companies and on improving the efficiency of production processes. Everything here is connected with the work of people, and increasing the efficiency of the enterprise and the overall assessment of the employees themselves & mdash; it is very important. The positive experience of the project can be used as a model at similar enterprises '', & mdash; stated Minister of Economy and Regional Development of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Anna Garnets . & nbsp; Company “ Provincial pharmacies '' became the first participant in the national project “ Labor Productivity '' in the country from the trade industry. & nbsp; “ The company entered the national project on time. Last year, the federal law on mandatory labeling of medicines came into effect. If it were not for the optimization of processes in the warehouse, this functionality would be performed directly by pharmacies. Then we would be faced either with the problem of deteriorating service quality, or with the need to increase the staff. Thanks to the optimization of the processes, we managed to avoid an increase in the costs of operating the pharmacy chain '', & mdash; said General Director of JSC “ Provincial Pharmacies '' Alena Popova .

At the state enterprise of the Kaluga region “ Kalugafarmatsiya '' the time for receiving goods was reduced by 12 hours according to the results of the first three months of the implementation of the national project. Company & mdash; the largest state-owned pharmacy chain in the Kaluga region. There are currently 76 pharmacies in the region. Also, on the basis of the pharmacy chain, the only laboratory in the region operates, which manufactures medicines according to an individual patient's prescription and delivers them to any pharmacy of the company. The operator of the national project in the Kaluga Region is the Regional Competence Center (RCC), which operates on the basis of the Business Development Agency. Its experts help the company streamline and standardize workflows. The working conditions of the company's employees are being improved. Company employees are trained in lean manufacturing tools. & Nbsp; “ We carried out a thorough analysis of the work that was carried out before the project, identified bottlenecks. Some of them have already been eliminated, and the work has improved markedly & ndash; Acceptance of goods began to take place faster, by about 12 hours. Thanks to the transformations, we have become much more confident and ready for any, even the most difficult, situations in healthcare '', & ndash; said the head of the warehouse of SE Kalugafarmatsiya; Elena Mikheeva … The address storage system is implemented on a pilot stream & ndash; the reception department of the organization's pharmacy warehouse. The stage “ Diagnostics and planning '' has already been completed, then the “ Flow of single items '' will be implemented for three months. & ndash; processing of documents in small batches. This will increase the rate at which the goods are accepted by pharmacies by one third. The main innovation will be the application of the FIFO principle (English First In, First Out). This lean manufacturing tool is widely used in warehouses where shelf life is a priority. It refers to the initial shipment of the product that arrived first. Thus, the time for searching for invoices and timely acceptance of goods by pharmacies will be reduced. & Nbsp; At the pharmacy warehouse, organizations will visualize storage areas and develop rules for the movement of medicines and medicines.

Lean production was created at one of the leading enterprises in Siberia and the Far East for the production of pharmaceuticals & mdash; at the plant “ Organic '' in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region. According to the national project, for six months the release of pentoxifylline has been optimized there & mdash; drug from the list of vital and essential, it reduces blood viscosity and is indicated for patients with impaired blood circulation. Before the introduction of lean technologies, it was possible to produce 12 thousand packages of medicine per shift, after & mdash; their number increased to 16.2 thousand packs. Thus, productivity without additional investment in expanding production increased by almost 30%. Thanks to participation in the national project, the enterprise was able to receive free assistance from experts in the field of labor productivity, who conducted a full audit of the entire production chain for the release of the drug & mdash; from the purchase and storage of raw materials to packaging of finished products. This made it possible to identify and eliminate the key reasons for the formation of defects and waste of production time. Workplaces and a tool storage system have been equipped in a new way, the equipment maintenance schedule has been adjusted to avoid downtime due to breakdowns, the schemes for the movement of personnel and raw materials in workshops have been changed, for which a lot of time was spent. As a result, the drug release process has become almost twice as fast. In the future, the experience of lean production at enterprises will be replicated to sites where other types of products are produced. Employees of Organics were trained, of which internal trainers were trained. They will be able to share their new knowledge and skills with colleagues in order to continue the practice of lean improvements.

National Project “ Labor Productivity '' aims to ensure by 2024 the growth rate of labor productivity at medium and large enterprises in the basic non-resource sectors of the economy at least 5% per year. 20% increase in labor productivity by 2024. & nbsp;


They will teach you how to fix the refrigerator. How to get a new profession for free

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44 & nbsp; thousands of Russians have already passed from the beginning of the year training on the & nbsp; national project “ Demography ''. In total, 170 thousand people will be able to gain new knowledge that will help them in employment or start their own business. Human. And & nbsp; in & nbsp; plans for & nbsp; 2022-2024 & nbsp; & mdash; training another 375 & nbsp; thous. person.

Coordination of training programs on the & nbsp; national project “ Demography '' are carried out by three federal operators & nbsp; & mdash; The Agency for the Development of Professional Skills (WorldSkills Russia), the Russian Academy of National Economy and & nbsp; Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation and & nbsp; Tomsk State University. Training takes place throughout the country & nbsp; on the basis of universities and & nbsp; colleges, including & nbsp; using distance technologies. During retraining, great attention is paid to the needs of the employer, so that all graduates of the courses are in demand in the & nbsp; labor market.

You can choose both working professions and specialties of employees. You can sign up for & nbsp; training portal

2 & nbsp; Thousands of residents of the Lipetsk region could pump their skills for free by signing up for & nbsp; refresher courses, or get a new profession. In early December, diplomas of & nbsp; training in the & nbsp; program “ Psychology of professional activity '' got 22 & nbsp; people. Among the alumni resident of Lipetsk Elena Solodskikh … She worked as a teacher of Russian and & nbsp; literature, but & nbsp; always wanted to become a psychologist. “ I & nbsp; have always worked in & nbsp; close contact with a & nbsp; psychologist. I was very interested in this area of ​​activity. Once in social networks I saw information about the & nbsp; opportunity to undergo free retraining in the & nbsp; framework of the national project. I was helped to apply at the & nbsp; job center. I am very grateful to the employees of the employment service, teachers of the Lipetsk branch of the RANEPA, that they gave me the opportunity to return to the & nbsp; school already in & nbsp; as a teacher-psychologist, & nbsp; & mdash; Elena Solodskikh speaks.

In & nbsp; this year in & nbsp; the Altai Territory began & nbsp; training 1600 & nbsp; people, more than half of & nbsp; of them completed their studies. At the end of November, in the Altai branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Barnaul), the final certification of the groups that had undergone professional retraining took place. “ State and & nbsp; municipal management ''. All students have successfully passed the certification and & nbsp; in & nbsp; will soon receive diplomas of & nbsp; professional retraining. “ Anyone who has been to the & nbsp; academy can say that it has nothing to do with & nbsp; what we & nbsp; used to understand by the words & nbsp; educational institution & ldquo ;. In such an atmosphere, you don't want & nbsp; just to learn, you want to be the best. Each teacher was interested in the presentation of information, passed on his knowledge and & nbsp; experience. I was lucky enough to study here, it radically turned my ideas about & nbsp; education & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; says Marina Prikhodko , student of the program “ Modern technologies of personnel assessment ''. In the & nbsp; Mikhailovsky district of the Altai Territory, the professions are mastered by a clerk, an online store manager, a teacher-organizer. Especially in demand are accounting courses in & nbsp; budgetary organizations. Among those who have already improved their qualifications and & nbsp; received certificates & nbsp; & mdash; Tatiana Stryuk and & nbsp; Galina Golota, employees of the private security department. “ We learned about & nbsp; about the opportunity to take courses from & nbsp; specialists of the employment center, they & nbsp; helped to submit an application on the & nbsp; website & nbsp; Work of Russia & ldquo;. Despite & nbsp; our considerable work experience, to study today & nbsp; & mdash; need. This allows you to be aware of all the changes in the & nbsp; sphere of accounting & nbsp; and, therefore, to do your job with quality & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; they tell. According to the & nbsp; women, the training was not & nbsp; only informative, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; very convenient: courses were held in & nbsp; remote mode, via video communication. In & nbsp; online mode, the participants of the national project passed and & nbsp; final certification.

Vitaly Fedorovsky from & nbsp; village Klyuchi, Shatrovsky district, Kurgan region, brings up three daughters with & nbsp; wife. In & nbsp; May of this year, Vitaly was registered as an unemployed person in the & nbsp; employment center of the Kargapolsky and & nbsp; Shatrovsky districts. From & nbsp; September to & nbsp; November, he & nbsp; internally studied at & nbsp; Kurgan Technological College in & nbsp; specialty “ Refrigeration technology and & nbsp; air conditioning system '', and & nbsp; then registered as self-employed. “ 1.5 months mastered a new profession in & nbsp; Kurgan on & nbsp; modern equipment, & nbsp; & mdash; says Vitaly, & nbsp; & mdash; masters, teachers explained everything clearly. Training is almost individual, in the & nbsp; group & nbsp; & mdash; eight people. Lived in & nbsp; while studying in a & nbsp; hostel, dined in a & nbsp; college cafeteria. The man plans to provide services to the population for & nbsp; repair of refrigerators. Such masters are in demand in & nbsp; his area. At & nbsp; currently, he is & nbsp; is drawing up a business plan and & nbsp; plans to contact the district administration for & nbsp; state support as a self-employed.


Medicine on wheels. Regions are equipped with mobile medical complexes

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Medicine is becoming more accessible with the & nbsp; appearance of mobile medical complexes in the & nbsp; regions. Since & nbsp; the beginning of the implementation of the national project “ Healthcare '' 1 & nbsp; 017 mobile medical complexes were supplied to medical organizations. For & nbsp; 2021, 69 & nbsp; thous. exits, examined by 2 & nbsp; million people.

The & nbsp; Republic of Adygea received mobile complexes, which were immediately launched into & nbsp; operation. Now it is possible to organize a complete survey of rural residents, without additional trips to the & nbsp; district or republican center. At the & nbsp; place, patients are taken of the necessary tests, mammography, X-ray examinations and & nbsp; other necessary procedures are performed. In the & nbsp; mobile complexes, you can make a cardiogram, take tests, and they also receive medical therapists. In addition, a dental complex and a & nbsp; mammograph entered the republic. During & nbsp; this time, mobile teams examined and consulted more than 20 & nbsp; thousand. people living in & nbsp; remote settlements of the republic.

Vehicles equipped with equipment for conducting field medical examinations will operate in remote villages of the Jewish Autonomous Region. Already delivered 3 & nbsp; medical mobile complexes, equipped with furniture and & nbsp; equipment for diagnostics in the & nbsp; field of otolaryngology, neurology, gynecology, ophthalmology and & nbsp; other areas. To create comfortable and & nbsp; safe working conditions for doctors, the complexes are equipped with air conditioning and & nbsp; heater, bactericidal irradiator. The main tasks of the medical mobile complex is to conduct full-fledged medical research in & nbsp; remote and & nbsp; remote areas of the region. Residents of remote villages will be able to undergo most of the examinations provided for by the program of the first stage of clinical examination of the adult population, at their place of residence, without a face-to-face visit to a medical organization.

Two mobile feldsher-obstetric stations were purchased in & nbsp; Kosh-Agachsky district of the Altai Republic. One of the & nbsp; mobile FAPs was assigned to the & nbsp; Jazatorsky rural settlement. Now there is an opportunity at & nbsp; place to serve and & nbsp; hard-to-reach village of Argut with & nbsp; population of less than 100 people and & nbsp; where there is no FAP. Mobile FAP & nbsp; & mdash; this is a specialized off-road vehicle. Inside there are two offices & nbsp; & mdash; reception and & nbsp; procedural. There is everything you need for work: a refrigerator for storing medicines and & nbsp; materials, cabinets, mezzanines and & nbsp; sinks with & nbsp; hot and & nbsp; cold water. In total, the & nbsp; Republic in & nbsp; this year, the Altai Republic will receive 30 & nbsp; mobile complexes, 10 & nbsp; mobile dental complexes and & nbsp; mobile fluorograph.

Delivery of mobile medical complexes to & nbsp; regions & nbsp; & nbsp; one of the & nbsp; important directions of the federal project “ Development of primary health care '', which is being implemented within the & nbsp; framework of the national project “ Healthcare ''. Its goal is to provide high-quality, timely and & nbsp; equal access to medical care for all residents of the country.


In Moscow on Monday, it is expected to minus three degrees

Cloudy weather and snow are predicted in the & nbsp; Russian capital on Monday, December 13, according to the official & nbsp; website of the & nbsp; Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation.

During the day, the air temperature in the city will be from minus one to minus three degrees. Atmospheric pressure & ndash; & nbsp; 756 millimeters & nbsp; mercury. South and southeast winds at a speed of & nbsp; from three to eight meters per second. & Nbsp;

In addition, forecasters warned Muscovites about ice.

Cloudy is expected in the capital on Tuesday night , snow and ice. The air temperature will change.

“ Wind of variable directions at a speed of two to seven meters per second, '' the message says. & nbsp;

Atmospheric pressure will be 756 millimeters & nbsp; mercury.

Previously & nbsp; leading employee of the Phobos weather center; Evgeny Tishkovets said that & nbsp; December will resemble a “ weather sandwich ''. In addition, according to him, the abnormal cold this week will give way to warming, but it will not destroy the formed snowdrifts. & Nbsp;


Is it possible to graduate from two universities at once? What reforms await Russian higher education

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” № 49. Gravediggers of wallets. Why are the prices for funeral services going up? 08/12/2021

A number of innovations are being prepared in higher education. Some of & nbsp; them will work already in & nbsp; 2022

How not to make a vinaigrette

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin instructed the government to put things in order by April & nbsp; when universities use network programs. The meaning of network education is & nbsp; the fact that universities sign an agreement on & nbsp; implementation of joint educational programs, and & nbsp; students of one university can study at & nbsp; courses of another (full-time or online), practice in & nbsp; laboratories of a third-party educational institution. After the order of the prime minister is fulfilled, students will be able to receive a diploma with & nbsp; indication of all universities that took part in the & nbsp; network program.

“ Networking of universities has long been spelled out in the & nbsp; Law 'On Education', & nbsp; & ndash; says the head of the department of the Center for the Development of Education Strategy, Lomonosov Moscow State University Konstantin Ziskin . & nbsp; & ndash; But in practice, this did not receive mass distribution, because the organizational mechanisms are complex. The meaning of this venture is clear. If the & nbsp; university does not have this or that resource & nbsp; & ndash; teachers, laboratories and & nbsp; t. etc., & ndash; then he can solve this problem by interacting with & nbsp; other universities. At the same time, it is important that there be some serious authority that is responsible for the student, for the quality of his education from & nbsp; beginning to & nbsp; end. And & nbsp; otherwise it will turn out to be some kind of vinaigrette: I listened to a piece, then a piece & hellip; In & nbsp; such a situation, handing out “ crusts '' to everyone several universities or to list in the diploma all educational institutions, the courses of which the student attended, it would be a little strange. Why does a person need a list of 6 universities? What will he do with & nbsp; this? & Raquo;

For example, Moscow State University is developing programs on & nbsp; artificial intelligence, which are being implemented in partner universities. But there is no talk of & nbsp; about the fact that the guys who studied these programs received a diploma from Moscow State University.

Double benefit

From & nbsp; network education programs of double diplomas, which have existed in universities for a long time, differ. Leading Russian educational institutions conclude an agreement with & nbsp; any Western university. For example, the HSE organizes joint programs with the London School of Economics, PRUE. Plekhanov & nbsp; & ndash; with & nbsp; universities from & nbsp; Austria, Great Britain, China and & nbsp; others.

For students of a domestic university to be able to obtain a diploma from a & nbsp; western, it is necessary that a foreign partner recognizes such a program, approves teachers, checks and evaluates the quality of their work, and also accepts students for an & nbsp; internship.

Another innovation in & nbsp ; plans & nbsp; & ndash; an opportunity for & nbsp; students to switch to another faculty after the second year.

“ Of course, there are close specialties in & nbsp; & ndash; explains the director of the Center for the Economics of Continuing Education, RANEPA Professor Tatiana Klyachko . & nbsp; & ndash; For example, if you enrolled to study to be an & nbsp; engineer, then after the 2nd year you will hardly be able to switch to an & nbsp; economist. And & nbsp; if you entered the & nbsp; group of specialties in the & nbsp; field of socio-economic sciences & nbsp; & ndash; “ economics, management, psychology '', then you can go to & nbsp; a specialty close in & nbsp; composition of subjects. Simply put, clarify your choice of profession. The transition mechanism itself & nbsp; & ndash; will it be necessary to pass any tests and exams & nbsp; & ndash; not yet defined. But if for the & nbsp; enlarged group of specialties there is a common basis and & nbsp; the student has mastered it, then such a transition will be quite simple. And & nbsp; here is the second transition & nbsp; & ndash; from & nbsp; undergraduate to & nbsp; graduate & nbsp; & ndash; will require passing exams. ''


“It’s also good that they survived.” How to avoid food poisoning while on holiday in Egypt?

& mdash; Be sure to be vigilant with & nbsp; raw vegetables, & nbsp; & mdash; instructs me in & nbsp; Hurghada travel agent Lyudmila , working with & nbsp; local hotels for 20 & nbsp; years. & mdash; & nbsp; They are fresh, from the & nbsp; market. But & nbsp; in some kitchens, tomato cucumbers are poorly washed, and & nbsp; and & nbsp; and & nbsp; the tap water itself in & nbsp; Egypt leaves much to be desired. See the iceberg lettuce leaves? Definitely don't & nbsp; eat. Careful with & nbsp; ice in & nbsp; cocktails & nbsp; & mdash; even in & nbsp; five-star hotels it is not made from & nbsp; mineral water. Ignore mayonnaise salads, try not to & nbsp; there is nothing containing mayonnaise & nbsp; & mdash; in the & nbsp; heat, this environment is simply ideal for the growth of bacteria. Remember & nbsp; & mdash; you & nbsp; after all, not & nbsp; at home, but & nbsp; in & nbsp; Africa.

31 & nbsp; October this year at & nbsp; five-star hotel AMC Royal in & nbsp; Hurghada during & nbsp; lunch time on & nbsp; system “ buffet '' poisoned with snacks and & nbsp; ended up in & nbsp; hospital 29 & nbsp; Russian tourists. Fortunately, there were no severe cases & nbsp; was & nbsp; & mdash; most of our people were discharged from the hospital in a couple of days. The Egyptian authorities closed AMC & nbsp; Royal, and & nbsp; at the same time and & nbsp; 18 more resort hotels in Hurghada and & nbsp; Sharm el-Sheikh, revealing unsanitary conditions in & nbsp; kitchens. Why is this happening, and & nbsp; how not to go on & nbsp; rest in & nbsp; Egypt, so as not to thunder from the & nbsp; beach to & nbsp; resuscitation? From & nbsp; personal experience, the AIF columnist tried to find out.

Photo: AiF/Georgy Zotov

“All inclusive” for & nbsp; 550 rubles

… & mdash; You cannot stay in & nbsp; hotels where ONLY Russian tourists live! & mdash; & nbsp; explains travel agency owner in & nbsp; Hurghada Mohammed Shabir … & mdash; & nbsp; Why? Unfortunately, tour operators from & nbsp; RF are not & nbsp; very willing to check the living conditions of compatriots. In & nbsp; hotels, where citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany are accommodated, sometimes operations are carried out, as in a detective series: a special agent arrives and & nbsp; secretly tastes food all week. Your & nbsp; same tourism figures are always concerned only with the fact that the hotel “ bend '' a & nbsp; lower price, and & nbsp; better & nbsp; weld. I once saw a man measure with a “ centimeter '' in a hotel for Finnish tourists. pillow (!) & mdash; Does it fit the size you want? I lay down on the & nbsp; bed, felt the blanket. At & nbsp; you & nbsp; no one & nbsp; worries that the supposedly “ five-star '' the hotel, like AMC & nbsp; Royal, sells accommodation for & nbsp; 15 & nbsp; dollars (1 & nbsp; 100 rubles & nbsp; & mdash; Aut.) for & nbsp; night. This means that for & nbsp; food and & nbsp; alcohol under the & nbsp; all-inclusive system spent … 550 rubles per & nbsp; day. And & nbsp; what can you feed for & nbsp; that kind of money? Only rubbish. It's good that people are still alive.

Photo: AiF/Georgy Zotov

Why fish and & nbsp; chicken are dried

… This is African specific: 'five stars' one hotel in & nbsp; Egypt may differ from & nbsp; another, like heaven and & nbsp; earth. Let's say the hotel received a rating 20 years ago & nbsp; for a bribe, and & nbsp; since & nbsp; then everything has remained in & nbsp; place & nbsp; & mdash; although the quality of the food has deteriorated and the rooms are dilapidated. I & nbsp; in & nbsp; Hurghada visited & nbsp; different levels of the “ housing stock '', and & nbsp; well noticeable & nbsp; & mdash; in & nbsp; one “ five-star '' the hotel can be fed with frozen chicken and & nbsp; dried vegetables, the & nbsp; other will already serve baked lamb, salmon, fresh fish. The price, of course, differed by & nbsp; three times. You should pay attention to & nbsp; when booking a trip: do not & nbsp; be naive and & nbsp; do not & nbsp; count & nbsp; & mdash; Egypt is a cheap and & nbsp; impoverished country, so everything here costs a penny. Once upon a time it was really so and & nbsp; was, but & nbsp; now times have changed & nbsp; & mdash; In the & nbsp; era of the coronavirus, food prices have risen considerably, and & nbsp; individual hotels are openly “ cheating '' by purchasing food of the lowest quality. In this case, problems with the & nbsp; stomach of tourists are inevitable. Naturally, hoteliers try to comply with certain security measures & nbsp; & mdash; a scandal out of the blue is not needed by anyone. You will prefer not to & nbsp; serve medium rare meat (that & nbsp; is with & nbsp; blood) & nbsp; & mdash; little & nbsp; is that. Similarly, do and & nbsp; with & nbsp; fish & nbsp; & mdash; that's why she's at the & nbsp; buffet pretty dry & nbsp; & mdash; after all, seafood in & nbsp; in case of insufficient heat treatment is a dangerous thing. A similar story and & nbsp; with & nbsp; chicken, turkey: did it strike you & nbsp; eyes that the dishes from & nbsp; poultry in & nbsp; hotels are dry, overcooked? & Nbsp; Egyptian chefs have instructions & nbsp; & mdash; don't & nbsp; leave nothing raw.

Photo: AiF/Georgy Zotov

'We recruited staff from the & nbsp; street'

… & mdash; I & nbsp; guess the difficulty in & nbsp; next, & nbsp; & mdash; considers the manager of the Fort Arabesque hotel Nabil Kama … & mdash; & nbsp; After the terrible terrorist attack in & nbsp; Sharm el-Sheikh in & nbsp; 2015 and & nbsp; the termination of flights from & nbsp; RF closed hotels that worked only with & nbsp; Russian tourists. Now flights from & nbsp; Russia have suddenly resumed, and & nbsp; personnel for the “ Russians '' hotels were recruited urgently & nbsp; & mdash; literally from the & nbsp; street. This is probably what caused chaos in the & nbsp; kitchen. Out of nowhere they got people, it is not clear who was engaged in products & nbsp; & mdash; the situation is very predictable. & Nbsp; we have fifteen hundred guests in the & nbsp; hotel, and & nbsp; we & nbsp; will never & nbsp; do & nbsp; & mdash; there is always a special approach to & nbsp; food. People eat every day, you need to feed them & nbsp; varied, good products. Caution should be observed, everything should be checked ten times, not be lazy. You can't relax. It will turn out to be & nbsp; the whole dinner a single stale chicken, and & nbsp; its & nbsp; meat will go to & nbsp; salads & nbsp; & mdash; dozens of people can get poisoned at once.

Photo: AiF/Georgy Zotov

Demand compensation

… The main Egyptian resorts & nbsp; & mdash; and & nbsp; Hurghada, and & nbsp; Sharm el-Sheikh are actually in the & nbsp; desert: from & nbsp; large settlements it takes about three hours to get there. To bring tons of food, you need large suppliers with & nbsp; large refrigerators, serious companies & nbsp; & mdash; their & nbsp; services are not cheap. It happened that the owners of inexpensive hotels buy food from dubious traders, only those & nbsp; would give the food at a bargain price. Despite & nbsp; checks from & nbsp; by western tour operators, they are poisoned at & nbsp; & quot; buffets & quot; and & nbsp; European tourists & nbsp; & mdash; in & nbsp; 2017, 17 & nbsp; British holidaymakers were in & nbsp; hospital after dinner at the & nbsp; Jaz Aquamarine hotel. Having filed with the & nbsp; court, the British received compensation: 60 & nbsp; 000 pounds sterling (almost 6 & nbsp; million rubles & nbsp; & mdash; Auth.) However, I & nbsp; have not yet & nbsp; heard that money for spoiled vacation was paid to our citizens. “ A detailed analysis of the purchased products is required, & nbsp; & mdash; sure hotel manager & bdquo; Premier le & nbsp; Roar & ldquo; in & nbsp; Hurghada Fuket Zakaria … & mdash; & nbsp; We & nbsp; personally check each item, and & nbsp; there was & nbsp; there was & nbsp; a single case of suppliers trying to deceive us. Otherwise, we & nbsp; will refuse & nbsp; cooperation, and & nbsp; competition in & nbsp; Egypt is high. Our kitchen employs 60 & nbsp; employees, with & nbsp; compliance with high security measures & nbsp; & mdash; overalls, masks and & nbsp; gloves. You need to feed 800 people & nbsp; & mdash; we bake lambs, we do themed evenings: seafood, Indian or Chinese cuisine. Poorly fried meat or fish, we & nbsp; on the & nbsp; table do not & nbsp; let & nbsp; & mdash; it might not be & nbsp; so tasty, but & nbsp; but safe. I & nbsp; advise Russian tourists not to be negligent about & nbsp; their vacations, but & nbsp; carefully read reviews about & nbsp; hotels that they & nbsp; recommend. If there are frequent complaints about & nbsp; food & nbsp; & mdash; please select another hotel '.

Photo: AiF/Georgy Zotov

… In conversations with & nbsp; me, tourism workers in Hurghada often scolded the “ short-sighted '' vacationers from & nbsp; RF & nbsp; & mdash; they say, they buy a tour for & nbsp; a week for & nbsp; 17 & nbsp; 000 rubles in & nbsp; any hotel, and & nbsp; then poison: how short-sighted. Better to stay in more expensive hotels, there is less risk and & nbsp; food is much better: just something and nbsp; business. “ In & nbsp; us in & nbsp; regions it is & nbsp; someone's monthly salary, & nbsp; & mdash; answered & nbsp; me. & mdash; & nbsp; To save those & nbsp; seventeen thousand for & nbsp; vacation, you have to cut yourself every month, save money. '' Read reviews, and & nbsp; be picky about the choice of hotel you really need. But & nbsp; and & nbsp; large Russian tour operators should carefully check the kitchens of Egyptian hotels, and & nbsp; knock out financial compensation for tourists in the & nbsp; case of “ jambs ''. You & nbsp; actually sell people a vacation, and & nbsp; not & nbsp; a voucher for a & nbsp; hospital bed.

Food in Hurghada hotels

© AiF/Georgy Zotov

© AiF/Georgy Zotov

© AiF/Georgy Zotov

© AiF/Georgy Zotov

© AiF/Georgy Zotov

Food in Hurghada hotels

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© AiF/Georgy Zotov

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© AiF/Georgy Zotov


The new coating will increase the protection of metal from degradation in water a hundred times

Dermatologist explained which moles can be deadly

The appearance of neoplasms on the body can be an alarming signal, therefore it is necessary to carefully monitor birthmarks on the body, says Nikolai Dmitriev, dermatologist of the multidisciplinary clinic” Aloderm “, to RIA Novosti.

“For the term” mole “doctors mean a pigmented formation of a nevus. This is an accumulation of special cells – melanocytes. These cells protect us from excessive ultraviolet radiation. With prolonged exposure to the sun, our skin acquires a tan – melanin, a product of these cells, from which arises the most terrible malignant tumor today – melanoma. It is so called because the rate of growth and metastasis of the tumor is one of the highest. This cancer occurs when there is a violation of the division of melanocytes. There are many such pathological processes, but most often doctors distinguish uncontrolled sunburn, a large number of nevi, immunodeficiency states and a genetic predisposition, “the dermatologist explained.


Russian scientists have come up with a new method for diagnosing brain diseases

Tolstoy announced a large number of questions to the bill on QR codes

According to him, “such decisions cannot be made in a hurry and without wide public discussion”

Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy said that the bill on the introduction of QR codes in public places will continue to be discussed in the lower chamber. “ There are still a lot of questions, '' he wrote on his Telegram channel.

Tolstoy also commented on the information that consideration of the bill on the introduction of QR codes in transport will be removed from the agenda of the State Duma on December 16. “ In dialogue, truth is born. I am glad that the opinion of the majority of residents of our country was heard: such decisions cannot be made in a hurry and without wide public discussion, '' he wrote.

On the decision of the State Duma not to discuss the bill on QR codes on transport on the night of Speaker of the lower house Vyacheslav Volodin said on Monday. He explained this, in particular, by the position of the president, who urged not to make hasty moves.

According to RBC, the bill will not be returned to the government, but will be finalized by the State Duma together with the Ministry of Transport and taking into account the position of business.

Two bills on the introduction of QR codes were submitted by the government to the State Duma in early November amid a sharp increase in the number of infected with coronavirus. Initially, it was assumed that the lower house would immediately consider them, but later it was decided that the documents would be discussed first by the regional parliaments. For the most part, they supported government initiatives.

On December 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights (HRC) announced the need to do without the “ rash decisions '' associated with the implementation of the QR- codes due to coronavirus. According to him, when introducing the QR code system, it is necessary to carefully weigh everything, work out the idea with the regions and not violate the rights of citizens.

The next day, Human Rights Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova said that “ there are many moments '' in the bills “ require revision ''. Subscribe to RBC's Instagram Receive news faster than anyone


German Interior Ministry urged to tighten control over Telegram


German Interior Minister Nancy Feser called for tightening controls over Telegram to combat hate speech. She stated this in an interview with the Funke media group.

“We must act more decisively against bullying, violence and hatred on the Internet,” the minister said.

Feser recalled that in Germany against Telegram filed two cases for violating the law to improve law enforcement on social networks. The messenger operator did not react to this, she noted.

In Germany, messaging services are not covered by this law, as they are intended for one-to-one communication. With the help of Telegram, you can write messages in public groups and channels with thousands of members, Feather emphasized. Such channels are subject to the same regulatory rules as Twitter and Facebook.

“This means that knowingly punishable content must be removed within 24 hours, illegal content within seven days,” said Feather .


China announced a meeting between Putin and Xi Jinping on December 15

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Chinese President Xi Jinping intends to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin via videoconference on December 15, informs the official representative Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying.

Details of the upcoming meeting were not reported.

Earlier it became known that the South Korean authorities, together with the DPRK, the United States and China, announced their readiness to declare the end of the 1950 Korean War – 1953. This was reported by the BBC.


The Russian Foreign Ministry announced disappointment over Europe’s dismissive approach to security

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Europe’s neglectful approach to the security of the continent is disappointing, said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“The Europeans are very disappointed with their disdainful attitude towards the security of the continent, the security of the Euro-Atlantic,” he said.

Ryabkov is sure that if the Europeans continue to “go with the flow” and “be guided by Washington's training manuals,” will come.

He also said that NATO's plans to constantly approach Russia's borders with its military infrastructure cause alarm and destabilize the situation in both Europe and the Euro-Atlantic region. Ryabkov is confident that the actions of the United States and NATO repeat the experience of the Cuban missile crisis.


German Foreign Ministry: Nord Stream 2 does not yet meet EU standards

According to the ZDF TV channel, German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock told reporters that the certification process for the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline cannot be completed yet.


According to the head of the German Foreign Ministry, the reason is the fact that the norms of the European Union require the registration of a subsidiary in Germany by the operator Nord Stream 2 AG headquartered in Switzerland .

“Energy projects should be subject to European energy law … At the moment this pipeline cannot be approved … as it does not comply with EU regulations,” Berbock said. p>

She added that the corresponding requirement was spelled out in the coalition agreement. In addition, the German Foreign Minister also noted that some “security issues” related to the implementation of the Russian project in Europe remain open.


The authorities decided not to hack from the shoulder with QR codes throughout Russia

Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs Golikova will speak at the State Duma five times on Monday

The Kremlin has not abandoned plans to pass bills on the introduction of QR codes throughout Russia in the first reading on December 16. The main lobbying forces of the government in the person of Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs Tatyana Golikova will arrive at the Duma on Monday. However, signals from the authorities indicate that they do not intend to cut from the shoulder.

Photo: Olga Shuklina

On Monday, December 13, Ms. Golikova will speak five times in front of the deputies of five factions, trying to convince them to support the bill. Each meeting will last about an hour.

Journalists will be able to hear the speeches of Golikova herself and the leaders of the factions.

Initiatives on the mandatory use of QR codes in public places, as well as on intercity and international transport, were submitted by the government to the lower house of parliament on November 12. The bill was immediately sent to the Russian regions (twice before the first and second hearings, a 30-day mailing list for discussion is required for bills under joint jurisdiction of both federal and regional authorities).

The discussion on the ground was scandalous. In North Ossetia, during the first vote (against the bill), it turns out that there was no quorum. Opponents of the bill tried to get into the Chelyabinsk parliament during the voting.

It immediately became clear that this bill would surpass the pension reform in terms of the severity of disputes. And, as usual, here the deputies remembered that they represent their voters.

Some, however, did not even need to remember: a major functionary of one of the factions and the heads of two others, leading doctors included in the list of the country's main “anti-Axis”, along with actress Maria Shukshina, and invited them to visit the “red zone” to change their beliefs. Messrs. Zyuganov and Mironov, however, later proved quite convincingly that they were not against vaccinations. “We are not against vaccination, we are against the illiterate, unwise conduct of this action.”

Can the introduced bills be called “illiterate and stupid”? Hardly. But there is still room for improvement there. One of the burning questions: QR codes for those with high antibody titers. Almost every deputy has already told the press a similar story: “Transport workers came to me. They complained that they were kicked out of their jobs for lack of vaccinations. But, if a person just had a covid disease yesterday, he is categorically not allowed to be vaccinated. And why? Immunity after illness is three times stronger than after vaccination. And his boss threatens to fire him. But he needs to feed the children! This boss is a criminal. But when this criminal line begins to be carried out on a massive scale, it has nothing to do with health issues. ”

Interestingly, the president was the first to recognize the government's readiness to make concessions and compromises when adopting these bills at a meeting with members of the HRC on Thursday, December 9. Answering numerous questions, he stressed that “in any case, you need to be careful with these decisions,” and work through them before making the final decision. The initiatives are of a framework nature, Putin said, and in this sense, the law “should be worked out additionally at the local level, in the regions.” their list). ”

Probably, the need to give the president a say first caused the postponement of Golikova's mission for a week. (According to initial plans, her meetings with the deputies were supposed to take place last week.)

Now the government will propose amendments as part of this very presidential “additional study.” Moreover, no one will demand excessive specifics from the government this time. The deputies have more than once stated their vision of the situation: to accept it as a basis in the first reading, and then improve it with amendments. And the amendments will be accepted for the second reading in a month (after the second dispatch to the regions for discussion). The Duma decided to return from vacation on January 18th. Then it will become clear on what conditions quar codes will be issued to those with high antibody titers, whether they will need quar codes only when flying, or when buying tickets.