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SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 Rocket With NASA Space Lab

The Falcon 9 heavy launch vehicle has successfully launched into orbit with the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) space laboratory. The American company SpaceX announced this on its Twitter page.

The launch was carried out at 01:00 on the US East Coast (09:00 Moscow time) from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

The observatory is equipped with three identical telescopes. One of the mission's tasks is to track X-ray sources.

Recall that in early December, a SpaceX rocket launched into orbit with Starlink Internet satellites. This network is designed to provide the inhabitants of the Earth with broadband Internet access.


The head of Rospotrebnadzor told how often the coronavirus mutates

Plot The spread of a new strain of coronavirus “omicron”

Significant mutations of coronavirus infection appear in the world approximately every six months, said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova.

“ Today we see that the virus is mutating … If possible so cautiously assume, giving meaningful mutations every six months', & mdash; said Popova, speaking on December 9 at the II International Conference on Counteracting Novel Coronavirus Infection and Other Infectious Diseases.

The Chief Sanitary Doctor of Russia recalled that in December scientists identified a “ British '' strain of coronavirus, in April-May & mdash; Indian. Six months have passed since then and the omicron has appeared. In Russia, the prevailing strain is 'delta', which appeared in India.

Earlier, the head of the British Ministry of Health predicted a million infections by omicron. in the country by the end of the year.


The decision to adapt “Sputnik V” under the “omicron” will be made in two weeks

Plot The spread of a new strain of coronavirus “omicron”

Center them. Gamalei is researching a new omicron strain to see if the Russian Sputnik V vaccine needs to be adapted for it. This will take about two weeks, said the director of the center, Alexander Gintsburg, on Russia-24.

“ Work is underway to isolate the virus itself. In two weeks we will roughly know the answers to this question. And then a conscious, scientifically grounded decision will be made whether something needs to be changed or not. Hopefully there will be no need to change anything '', & mdash; said the head of the national research center.

Gunzburg noted that the existing version of the Sputnik V vaccine; gives the widest range of neutralizing antibodies. This is evidenced by the experience of using the vaccine in Russia and other countries that use several vaccines simultaneously, including the development of a center for them. Gamalei.

Earlier, the head of Rospotrebnadzor, Anna Popova, said that the Delta strain still predominates in Russia.


How do I make video and audio calls in the Gmail app?

Voice and video calls have been added to the Gmail app for iOS and Android. Google announced this in its blog.

How to call another user using & nbsp; Gmail?

To use the function of voice and video calls, you must select the phone or video camera icon in the upper right corner of the chat. To do this, both users must have the latest Gmail app.

Missed calls will be marked with a red phone or video icon in one-to-one chat and in the general chat list.

From now on, all voice and video calls from the Google Chat app will be redirected to Gmail. If the user's device does not have this application, he will be prompted to download & nbsp; Gmail & nbsp; from the Google Play store or the App Store.

What has changed for users?

Previously, the ability to make video calls was only through Google Meet, and the call required a pre-scheduled communication.

Google & nbsp; believes that the new feature will help users stay in touch with colleagues in an environment where part of the team works from home, and part of – & mdash; in the office. “ This feature allows you to seamlessly switch between chat and video or audio calls when needed, helping you interact and get ahead of your work, '' & mdash; the company said in a statement.

Source: -on-one-google-chat-messages.html


What kind of nuclear super-cannon “Malka” did the Russian army receive?

Concern Uralvagonzavod has supplied the Russian Ministry of Defense with the first batch of self-propelled guns 2S7M “ Malka '' caliber 203 mm. They have undergone major repairs and deep modernization. found out what capabilities this super-gun, capable of firing nuclear charges, has, and why the Russian army needs it.

Has no competitors

Self-propelled artillery unit (SAU) 2S7M “ Malka '' & mdash; a modernized version of the 2S7 Peony gun, created in the 1980s. This self-propelled gun is designed to engage important enemy targets and targets in tactical defense behind the front line. Malka is still considered one of the most powerful cannons in the world. The closest analogue to it is the American self-propelled howitzer M110. She is significantly inferior to “ Malka '' by firing range, ammunition and engine power. The M110s were actively used by the US Army during the Vietnam War and the fighting in the Persian Gulf, but were decommissioned in 1994.

What has been modernized?

After the last modernization, the M110 ; Malky & raquo; the chassis and electronics were updated, which significantly increased its tactical and technical characteristics. ACS received new communication, command and control devices. Now digital information is processed automatically and displayed on the screen, which speeds up the process of deploying and folding the weapon.

Also, the combat vehicle was replaced by gearboxes, distribution mechanisms and power supply units. Some equipment was improved: equipment for intercom, data reception and processing, a radio station, an anti-nuclear defense system instrument complex and observation devices. After the end of the work “ Malka '' passed a full cycle of tests, including running and firing tests, during which the characteristics of mobility, wear resistance of the chassis, power plant and transmission were tested, as well as the reliability of loading and fire control mechanisms and the strength of the gun.

Under a nuclear missile

The main weapon of the 2S7M complex & mdash; rifled gun 2A44, caliber 203 mm. The self-propelled gun is capable of firing up to three rounds per minute and is designed to destroy critical targets and enemy targets at a distance of up to 50 km. Aiming mechanisms of the modernized model “ Malki '' allow you to change the angle of attack from 0 to 60 degrees. The firing range depends on the type of projectile. The crew of the self-propelled artillery unit is six people: the driver, the commander and four & mdash; calculation.

The regime rate of fire of the ACS & mdash; 50 rounds per hour. The barrel is more than 7 meters long and is equipped with a piston breechblock. At the moment, the firing range of “ Malka '' surpasses other domestic tools. With regard to power, then, as experts say, the 2S7M self-propelled gun can only be compared with the 2S4 “ Tulip '' self-propelled 240-mm mortar.

“ On myself '' self-propelled artillery unit is capable of transporting 8 shells, 40 more are transported on a separate vehicle. Shoot Malka can high-explosive fragmentation projectiles of three types and active-rocket ammunition. Among the advantages of this installation & mdash; the ability to use concrete and chemical shells, as well as special ammunition with a nuclear charge.

For protection, the crew uses a large-caliber NSVT machine gun in an open installation. Also, in case of an enemy air strike, the crew has a portable anti-aircraft complex (Strela-2 or Igla) at their disposal.

& nbsp;


'Malky' were intended for separate self-propelled artillery divisions of high-power artillery brigades from the artillery of the Supreme High Command reserve. Until the early nineties, artillery brigades equipped with Malkas served throughout the Soviet Union. After the entry into force of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, these self-propelled guns had to be sent across the Urals. As a result, all equipment of this type is at the disposal of the units of the Eastern Military District. By now, their formations, equipped with high-power artillery, have appeared in other military districts.

The Russian Armed Forces are currently operating 60 Malka-class combat vehicles. Despite the relatively small number, this technique is actively used and regularly takes part in various exercises.



The way out is an integrated approach. Green energy and the global economy

According to scientists, the Earth's climate is more determined by solar activity than human activity. Today, taking into account the accumulated knowledge, humanity can only compensate for its negative impact, and even small efforts to protect nature can have a significant effect. & Nbsp;

Experts are increasingly confident that in the future all energy resources and opportunities will used in a comprehensive manner. The most realistic scenario, in their opinion, will be the transition to more efficient technologies in countries & mdash; energy suppliers.

On this, answering questions from readers of AiF about “ green '' energy and how the ESG agenda affects the global economy, built his conversation during the recent “ direct line '' & nbsp; Doctor of Economics, Professor, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Center-Invest Bank. Vasily Vysokov . & nbsp;

Today & mdash; & nbsp; exotic, tomorrow & mdash; & nbsp; routine

It is gratifying that the questions energy, and & nbsp; and therefore, the future of the planet, are interested not only by adults, but & nbsp; and our young readers. Answering a question from 14-year-old Egor , & nbsp; why bother spending money on green energy, the expert said: & nbsp; “ Humanity must always have alternative energy supply options. Just 70 years ago, nuclear power was just as exotic. ''

Understand the curiosity of Dmitry K ., who, along with many others, is interested in economic spheres that have begun to develop recently in connection with climate change, he is also interested in whether new professions have appeared. “ This is, for example, the profession of a climatologist, & mdash; & nbsp; V. Vysokov explained. & mdash; & nbsp; WWF and & ldquo; Atlas of New Professions & rdquo; & nbsp; have prepared a sample of 50 more, including an ecoanalyst, an eco-nutritionist, a personal consultant on ethical consumption, an architect of energy-zero houses, a zero waste manager and others.

In what cases is “ green '' is energy inefficient? This question was asked by the reader Valentina Rastorgueva … “ So far, in most cases, compared to the current generation, it is effective where there are no alternatives yet, & mdash; & nbsp; answered the expert. & mdash; & nbsp; Disposal of existing capacities will be replaced by & ldquo; green & rdquo; & nbsp; subject to tax, budgetary, tariff incentives, as well as direct requirements. ''

В “ greenhouse effect ''; and not everyone believes in its consequences. This topic was raised by Alla Dubrovskaya by asking if this effect actually exists? According to V. Vysokov, mistrust of forecasts and assessment of consequences gives rise to aggressive promotion of the ideas of “ green '' energy. “ Humanity has gone through the ice age several times. The world will just change, '' he added.

And the reader is Valery G . put the question this way: “ Europeans are taught to do without heat and electricity in winter and are frightened with empty shelves. Why is & ldquo; green & rdquo; & nbsp; energy turning into a scam? & Raquo;

According to the expert, any campaign should be carried out with enthusiasm, but without fanaticism. “Older generations remember“ Khrushchev’s corn ”and other initiatives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the year 2000 problem for computers,“ he said. & mdash; & nbsp; Solar energy works perfectly & nbsp; in regions where other energy resources are not available. Attempts to harness the energy of tides and geysers continue. And it's good that they stopped the river turns, the construction of new hydroelectric power plants with flooding of fields and villages, blocking fish passes. ''

Continuing the topic, there was a question from Marina O ., Who believes that today Europe is below the line of energy poverty and asks if this is the result of “ green '' course. “ We will not write off Europe from the accounts, & mdash; & nbsp; V. Vysokov answered her. & mdash; & nbsp; The Old World has other resources, it has historical experience, memory. Let the world be multipolar, and everyone at his own pole will use the best world practice. ''

Questions about European green the topic was continued by the future economist Sergey Zh ., he asked: “ The European way of the 'green' agenda has led to exorbitant gas prices and & nbsp; energy crisis. And the consumption of coal has grown and is in Germany 27%, in Poland & nbsp; & mdash; all 80%, while in Russia only 13%. From whom is it preferable to learn clean & ldquo; green & rdquo; & nbsp; technologies? & Raquo;

According to Vasily Vysokov, the European energy crisis is & nbsp; another example of the risks of unreasonable use of the principle of “ a leading link, by grasping which you can pull out the entire chain '' as opposed to an integrated approach. 'Torn out link, & mdash; he said. & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; Generates a wave of vibrations & ldquo; the tail will come out, the nose will get stuck & hellip; & rdquo; Against the background of the European excitement in September this year, compared to September 2020, coal production in kind in Russia increased by 6%, and revenue & mdash; & nbsp; 2.2 times. Mine work is hard, dangerous work and must be replaced with clean but efficient technology. ” The expert also added that an integrated approach can be illustrated by the example of modernization of thermal boiler houses in Taganrog. & laquo; Specific gas consumption, & mdash; & nbsp; he said. & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; Decreased by 1%, but specific power consumption & mdash; & nbsp; by 46% (due to reduction of losses), water consumption decreased by 65% ​​when switching to recycling water supply, harmful emissions & mdash; & nbsp; 34%, and the number of employees & mdash; & nbsp; 53% & raquo;.

In the footsteps of the Little Prince

Reader Elena Valerievna Semyonova loves the most direct questions, so I asked how Vasily Vysokov personally relates to the “ green ''; technology and does he use in everyday life? & nbsp; “ I agree with the Little Prince, & mdash; & nbsp; he replied. & mdash; & nbsp; & ldquo; I got up in the morning, washed myself, put myself in order & mdash; and clean up your planet right away. '' Both at work and at home, my colleagues and I have long been using only energy efficient technologies, we separate waste. And nature pleases in response: in the spruce growing in the courtyard of our bank, the dove brought out & nbsp; three chicks. A woodpecker knocks in the morning on a tree in front of the house. A pheasant regularly comes to the dacha. ''

Reader Pavel D … & mdash; & nbsp; a research lover, so he wanted to hear from a knowledgeable person how to recognize a company that uses green energy. & nbsp; & nbsp;

The expert shared an example: 'Center-invest' demonstrates the use of 'green' energy for its own purposes. Solar panels are installed on the roof of the bank's head office, which generate enough power to ensure uninterrupted operation of the 24-hour customer service area. Daily energy savings due to solar panels are equivalent to the cost of electricity to operate 5 ATMs during the day.

The bank also purchased & ldquo; green & rdquo; & nbsp; certificates from & ldquo; Solar Systems & rdquo; & nbsp; for the supply of electricity to the Staromaryevskaya solar power plant … The purchase of 1,271 MWh of energy allows him to increase the share of renewable energy sources to 25% within his own consumption during 2021. ''

Anne P. it was interesting to know if it was possible to use the “ green '' technologies in their work (for example, design) and are there such examples. According to V. Vysokov, the bank he represents not only makes a tangible contribution to the implementation of sustainable development goals, but also positively influences and forms the ESG mentality of its clients and partners. “ The topic of smart consumption and responsible production has been repeatedly raised at various meetings, & mdash; & nbsp; added the expert. & mdash; & nbsp; And for the design field, it is also relevant. Many stylists have been customizing apparel and consumer durables for a long time, giving them a second and third life. Apparel designers are increasingly switching to recycled fabrics, and shopping malls are favoring local brands to support small businesses in the region and reduce their logistics carbon footprint by keeping track of the supply chain. For example, among the bank's clients there is an eco-entrepreneur Nikolay Dikusar … He is engaged in upcycling: from old advertising banners he sews bags and backpacks, from old jeans & mdash; wallets and headphone cases, makes chess out of shredded waste. ''

About the pros and cons

There was an avalanche of questions from readers. The most repetitive was: “ Green '' ideology & mdash; & nbsp; new religion? Where is the planet heading & mdash; & nbsp; to warming or cooling & nbsp; and what factors affect this? '' Vasily Vysokov replied that the perpetrators of the crisis always generate new social initiatives to obtain indulgences. “Intensive search for new business models after the 2008 crisis,” he said. In the future, the slogan ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance – & nbsp; business model based on environmental, social and managerial responsibility) turned out to be more popular. The climate of planet Earth is largely determined by solar activity, but the absorption and reflection of heat depends on both natural and anthropogenic factors. Taking into account the accumulated knowledge, humanity can only compensate for its negative impacts. '' According to the expert, today even small efforts to protect nature can have a significant effect. And this stage of conjuncture should be used.

Answering the question of Grigory M., how climate change will affect the world economy, in which industries it is necessary to invest capital today, V. Vysokov expressed the opinion that any economy, including the world one, & mdash; it is a circulation process. “Some chains of reproduction are being replaced by others,” he continued. & mdash; & nbsp; Never hid and recommend to others: & ldquo; Best Investment Strategy & mdash; invest in yourself, in your health, in your education, in your business and in the infrastructure for it. '' It is better to place the remaining free funds in our bank, which can solve the same problems for your near and distant ones. ''

Many readers are interested in the pros and cons of green. agenda for the economy. “ If we remove ESG & ndash; HYIP, & mdash; & nbsp; V. Vysokov believes. & nbsp; & mdash; That ESG – economics expands the space of considered risks and the planning horizon in the interests of present and future generations. A new look requires investment of time, analytical efforts, competencies, but it has its own advantages: it allows you to see new opportunities, new tools, new rates of adaptation to new challenges. Then it is important not to make mistakes with fetishizing goals, each goal must be provided with resources in terms of timing and performers. Regardless of directives and calls, only solutions that are balanced in goals and resources are implemented. '' & Nbsp;

About sleigh and 'cart'

“ Is there any confidence that renewable energy will cover all the needs of humanity? '' & mdash; this question is mainly asked by our young readers. “ Confidence is growing, & mdash; & nbsp; V. Vysokov comments, & mdash; & nbsp; that humanity will use all energy resources and opportunities in a comprehensive manner, be guided by the old rule of seasonal demand regulation & ldquo; prepare the sleigh in summer, and the cart & mdash; & nbsp; in winter & rdquo; & raquo ;.

Student of the Economics Department Gennady Prikhodko asked: “Given the sad result of the European Commission’s optimism on the 'green' energy issue, what are the implications of another issue of the“ & nbsp; carbon tax practice imposed by the EU? ”; “God will forgive the European Commission for this optimism, because“ they don’t know what they are doing, ”the expert replied. & mdash; & nbsp; & ldquo; Green & rdquo; & nbsp; energy will not fully cover the needs of the Old World in energy resources, but will increase the risks of reliable energy supply. In this regard, desires have arisen: to prevent the departure of their own producers to energy-rich countries and to shift the risks and costs of the & ldquo; green revolution & rdquo; & nbsp; to the countries of energy suppliers. A new fall of the & ldquo; Roman Empire & rdquo; & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; is an extreme but possible scenario. '' According to V. Vysokov, a more realistic scenario is a transition to more efficient technologies in countries & ndash; energy suppliers. And for its implementation, it is necessary that the carbon tax goes not to the EU budget, but to investments in developing countries.

The topic was continued by Nadezhda D. , who asked: “ The energy crisis, for example, in Britain was led by the 'green' agenda, including. Is it worth abandoning carbon sources of energy, relying only on Borey? ''

“ Fortunately, & mdash; & nbsp; according to V. Vysokov, & mdash; & nbsp; politicians cannot abolish the laws of conservation of mass and energy. One square meter of solar panel can provide energy for a pair of light bulbs, but only on a cloudless day. ''

The next question from the college fraternity was, “Does the ESG Index Affect Investors? And how? & Raquo;

& laquo; Regulators, & mdash; & nbsp; replied the expert, & mdash; offer & ldquo; double materiality & rdquo ;: the use of financial and ESG ratings. Here the same circle of problems arises as in the problem of the optimal choice of the groom according to the criteria of & ldquo; smart & ndash; beautiful & rdquo; & nbsp; (for ESG & ndash; ratings) and & ldquo; healthy-rich & rdquo; & nbsp; (for financial). Market analysts are trying to substantiate/evaluate the mutual influence of ESG – factors on financial performance. Because “ all happy families are alike '', large financially successful companies also have higher ESG ratings. No investor will pay more for the ESG performance of a financially unprofitable company. In ESG business, as & ldquo; everything should be fine in a person: face, clothes, soul, and thoughts & rdquo; ''.

A third question followed: “ Are there uniform criteria for assessing ESG factors and implementing these principles in Europe? ''

“ In Europe, & mdash; & nbsp; V. Vysokov answered, & mdash; & nbsp; approved by ESG & ndash; taxonomy, but it is vague in nature, which allows more flexible use of it for project evaluations. The Russian government has approved a list of technologies that are included in the & ldquo; green & rdquo; & nbsp; agenda and are allowed for state support measures. While this process is going on in a piece, manual mode. ''

Constructive in the hype flow

“ Business reads trends, but is it ready to rebuild? How fast? & Raquo; & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; was the question of Vitaly D.

“ It is necessary to take into account the national characteristics of the movement along the trends, & mdash; & nbsp; V. Vysokov believes, & mdash; & nbsp; European business in point A begins to move along the trend to point B, where new trends await to move to point C. Russian business is studying trends from A to B, from B to C, and begins to move along a completely new trajectory. Not good, not bad, just different. ”

Entrepreneur Oleg K . interested in how 'green' technologies are used by industrialists. & nbsp;

“ Willingly, & mdash; & nbsp; the expert answered the question. & mdash; & nbsp; Entrepreneurs who took out a loan for the implementation of & ldquo; green & rdquo; & nbsp; technologies in the future are trying to maintain this advantage for themselves, for their employees, partners, investors. Entrepreneurs do not understand and are outraged when the standards for wastewater treatment are higher than the quality of water intake. After the emotions subside, they put on the recycling water supply systems. ''

Reader Valentin S. understands that behind any phenomenon is the one who benefits from it. And his fear that “ green '' Someone is manipulating the energy sector, a representative of the banking sector replied as follows: “ Most of the 'green' initiatives arose after extreme events (oil spills, gas emissions, technological disasters) or are associated with the promotion of new products. For the perpetrators of such events, it is cheaper to make a sponsorship contribution, advertising, than to make new investments. But, nevertheless, in the flow of hype it is always possible to find a constructive element that can and should be used. '' & Nbsp;

To the reader George P . it was interesting to know the expert's opinion on whether a dialogue between business and the authorities on the modernization and rehabilitation of enterprises is needed for measures to reduce emissions. Vasily Vysokov believes that the dialogue between business and government in the form of joint gatherings in the presidium does not yield results. “ We need procedures for the formation of rules and algorithms for the distribution of cash flows, & mdash; & nbsp; he said, & mdash; & nbsp; incentives and fines for the modernization of production and the transition to a clean economy. The same rule of the Little Prince should apply to everyone.


Agenda for “Dill”. Ukrainian reporter in Moscow summoned to prosecutor’s office

All patience has its limits. It seems that the Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsimbaliuk will get to know this truth in the near future. The law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation are studying the issue of whether his activities in our country are illegal.

The agenda has arrived

According to the RT channel, citing its sources, Tsymbalyuk was summoned to the Moscow prosecutor's office. The reason was the videos published by Tsymbalyuk on YouTube, “ which contain signs of incitement of hostility and hatred towards members of social groups 'Russians' & nbsp; and 'representatives of the authorities in Russia'.

According to the document itself the prosecutor's office, which published the Telegram channel RT in Russian, was prompted by a police check of videos on Tsymbalyuk's Youtube channel published in the summer & mdash; in the fall of 2021. The study of them led to the conclusion that they contain the composition of the offense under Art. 20.3.1 Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.

This article provides for punishment for actions aimed at inciting hatred or enmity, as well as humiliating the dignity of a person or a group of persons on the basis of gender, race, nationality, language, origin, attitude to religion, as well as belonging to any social group, committed publicly, including using the media or information and telecommunication networks, including the Internet.

A person found guilty can be fined in the amount of ten thousand to twenty thousand rubles, subjected to compulsory labor for up to one hundred hours, or administrative arrest for up to 15 days.

A Ukrainian journalist is expected to give an explanation metropolitan prosecutor's office on the morning of December 24.

In an exceptional position

On the website of the Ukrainian agency UNIAN, Tsymbalyuk is described as follows: “ In journalism for 15 years. Member of the Union of Journalists of Ukraine. The last Ukrainian correspondent accredited with the Russian Foreign Ministry on a permanent basis. He is known for his tough and direct questions to the leadership of Russia (in particular, to Vladimir Putin), especially & mdash; in part of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Motto: & bdquo; call a spade a spade & ldquo; and do not deceive yourself about & bdquo; relationships & ldquo; with Russia. ''To the envy of Russian colleagues, the Ukrainian journalist almost every year got the opportunity to ask a question during the traditional press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin .

It all started in 2014, when a Ukrainian came to a press conference in a Dill T-shirt, attracted attention, and asked his first “ sharp question to Putin. '' In 2015, he asked if Russia was going to attack Ukraine in connection with the expiration of the Minsk agreements. “Do you understand that Russians in Ukraine will be considered invaders even after your resignation?” & mdash; asked Tsimbalyuk in 2016. A year later, a Ukrainian asked about the Buryats who were being “ taken prisoner in Ukraine. '' “ How much money do you spend on the occupied Donbass? '' & mdash; asked Tsimbaliuk in 2018.

“ Hello, my name is Roman Tsymbalyuk, UNIAN agency. Indeed, we and I personally have no problems to work in Russia. But if Ukrainian tanks were in the Kuban, then you, too, would slightly change your attitude towards us '', & mdash; this is how Tsymbalyuk addressed Putin in 2019.

“ Concentration camp of Russian consciousness ''

Roman consistently played out the image of a kind of fearless truth-teller, throwing the truth in the face of the “ invaders ''; in their lair. Moreover, he casts with such a regularity that not even all the reporters of the so-called “ Kremlin pool '' have been awarded.

And all would be fine, but at the same time in Ukraine, they totally “ cleaned up '' all the Russian correspondents who didn’t allow themselves anything of the kind in their work. Moreover, they “ cleaned up '' roughly & mdash; They were seized on the streets, pushed into a car, interrogated, and then expelled from the country, taken to the Russian-Ukrainian border.

How did Tsymbalyuk react to the detention of his Russian colleagues in Nezalezhnaya? No way. Around the same time, he published texts with titles such as' The Concentration Camp of Russian Consciousness', in which he wrote: 'The junta has been in power for three years, and the camps have not yet been created. Some kind of substandard & bdquo; fascism & ldquo; in Ukraine ''.

Let's leave the analysis of the quality of Ukrainian fascism to Roman himself. But the fact that in Moscow he lives and works in a privileged position has long been beyond doubt. The scourge of the Russian regime for many years lived in the Russian capital with his family, in an excellent apartment, regularly visited fine Moscow restaurants, and even recorded his videos anywhere, but on Vasilyevsky Spusk.

“ We will not give offense '': how Tsymbalyuk was protected from troubles

Tsymbalyuku's reverent attitude is demonstrated by the following story. In the spring of 2017, Tsymbalyuk was detained while filming. 'We were detained, taken to the local police station to check the & bdquo; legality & ldquo; shooting. For the first time in my life in a police car 🙂 The accreditation of the Russian Foreign Ministry did not work. They say that we shouted slogans, and maybe we held a & bdquo; rally & ldquo; & raquo ;, & mdash; the journalist wrote on Facebook.

The Russian Foreign Ministry was the first to react to Tsymbalyuk's arrest.

“ Roman Tsymbalyuk, I saw a post about your arrest. Understanding. We will not give offense. Hold on there! '' & mdash; wrote on Facebook Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova .

Soon, the Ukrainian wrote on the social network: “ Thanks to everyone who worried, we were released. The first time I got to the department in 36 years 🙂 And sober :))) '. The recording was accompanied by a new selfie of Tsymbalyuk in front of the police station. Journalist on the air of the TV channel “ 112 Ukraine '' stressed that Russian law enforcement officers did not use force against the detainees: “ Everything is in order, no one touched us with a finger. '' to the inhabitants of the republics of Donbass, she did not differ in sophistication. And the question of how long it is possible to endure this, Russian journalists asked more than once.

“ He hates Russia, and he calls for very bad things ''

But, apparently, from the outside it is more visible. At least the Ukrainian journalist Anatoly Shariy , who drew attention to Tsimbalyuk, devoted several of his videos to him, asked the question: how is this possible? And, most importantly, why?

On the air of the YouTube channel “ Solovyov LIVE '' Shariy said: “ I regularly saw Tsymbalyuk's comments regarding journalists who were subject to sanctions, regarding me, my family … I read it, they said: & quot; Come on, this cannot be & ldquo ;. But first I wrote out his quotes, then I made a video, I'm sure this is 1% of the total.

He just hates the people, he does not hate the authorities, they began to write & mdash; & bdquo; yes he criticizes the authorities & ldquo ;. He hates the people, the peoples who live on the territory of Russia, he hates Russia, and he calls for very bad things, he makes fun of individual peoples …

That is, who allowed him to do this for so long on the territory Russia? If I were sitting in Ukraine & mdash; come on, the market is wide, there are many of them, and no one cares.

But he sits in Russia, he is photographed against the background of the Kremlin, and this story is no longer rolling here that we are showing how democratic we are. Who are you showing? Yes, no one cares, you can be holier than the Pope , you will still be bad because you & mdash; Russia … I do not know of a single country where this would be. And this is not a plus & mdash; that & bdquo; they don’t have democracy, but we have & ldquo ;. This is not democracy, for this they are instantly expelled from the country and banned from entering for life. ''

“ I am ready to repeat this again ''

Tsymbalyuk answered Shariy in his usual manner: “ I have only one a scarecrow in Gucci wrote that Tsimbalyuk should be driven from Moscow, because he drowns there for Zelensky , but the scarecrow in Gucci was in Moscow, and then left Moscow, sort of like. To hell with him. I would like to say the following to a scarecrow in Gucci: a scarecrow in Gucci, join the line of people who demand that Tsimbalyuk be expelled from Moscow … I think that everything will be fine, because Masha, I beg your pardon, Maria Vladimirovna Zakharova, has not canceled my accreditation. ''/p>

But, apparently, Tsymbalyuk nevertheless crossed a certain line of permissible. In a conversation with Zakharova spoke about the Ukrainian journalist as follows: “ Roman Tsymbalyuk had a real crisis of the genre. As a journalist, he lost himself long ago, unfortunately. Recently, he tried to realize himself either in trade or in provocative video gameplay. Indeed, a pity, considering that he is talented. But he made his choice in favor of participating in the “information war”, in his own words. “

Ten days ago, Tsymbalyuk himself, already informed of the claims made against him, was broadcast on Echo of Moscow. explained as follows: “ In terms of the fact that an extremist or not an extremist & mdash; I have always answered and am responsible for my words, and I am not going to give up anything … They cut fragments of my public speeches in Kiev, in Moscow, I said this phrase on & bdquo; Echo of Moscow & ldquo; in the last, probably eight years. That's how much you invite me, that's how much I say. And it sounds very simple. Any Russian soldier who crosses the Ukrainian border with weapons in his hands will be killed. Destroyed. Once even, on August 24, I was in such an agitated state, said such a phrase, “like a mad dog”. Maybe it was overkill. I agree in the part & bdquo; dogs & ldquo;, animals have nothing to do with it. But in terms of meaning I am absolutely ready to repeat it again. ''

Interesting address in Kiev

There is one more interesting point. Telegram channel 'Systemic pesticide' reports: “ The only Ukrainian journalist accredited in Russia, Roman Tsymbalyuk, is an agent of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine. This fact was revealed when applying for a loan: Tsimbaliuk indicated the building of the Main Directorate of Ukraine as registration. Our channel provides another confirmation of & mdash; information about the registration of the Tsimbalyuk car, registered at the exact same address of the military unit as the GUR building. '' Indeed, from the above documents it follows that we are talking about a building in Kiev, located at 33 Elektrikov Street. According to open sources, this is the headquarters of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Perhaps Roman is in this they are trying to discredit the plan, or when filling out the documents, he jokes like that. And & nbsp; probably not. But it seems that the Ukrainian guest still abused the patience of the hosts.

Administrative case & mdash; not criminal, but, as they say, this is a subtle allusion to fat circumstances. Recently, in an interview, Tsimbalyuk spoke about the fact that children are growing up, and, apparently, it is time for him to go home.


How the Soviet Union collapsed. Videography

30 years ago, the heads of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus signed the Belovezhskaya Agreement, essentially announcing the termination of the existence of the USSR. But the process of disintegration went on for more than one month. The sequence of events is in the video graphics of RBC


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Belarus responded to data on the role of the KGB in the landing of Ryanair

The article of the New York Times that the threat of an explosion on board the Ryanair liner with the former editor-in-chief of the Nexta Telegram channel Roman Protasevich was deliberately false, and the emergency landing of the plane was an operation to capture Protasevich, organized by the Belarusian special service, is information stuffing. This statement was made by the director of the aviation department of the Belarusian Ministry of Transport Artem Sikorsky, BelTA informs.

The material is being supplemented.

YouTube channel


The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution by Russia and the United States against the criminal use of IT

The UN General Assembly (GA) approved without a vote the Russian-American resolution on the norms of conduct in cyberspace and the prevention of crimes in this area. This document was previously adopted in the first committee of the General Assembly (deals with disarmament and international security).

A number of countries, including Australia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Norway, South Korea, Poland, Japan, became its co-authors, Czech Republic, Sweden, etc.

The resolution says that the UNGA considers it necessary to “ prevent the use of information resources or technologies for criminal or terrorist purposes. ''

The material is being supplemented

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ECHR has banned the expulsion of migrants from Poland back to Belarus

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that refugees who are on the territory of Poland and applied to the judicial authority cannot be expelled to Belarus. This was reported by the press service of the court.

“In most of the applications, the plaintiffs stated that they were on Polish territory, and asked not to be expelled to Belarus. The Court applied Rule 39 [ECtHR Rules] & lt; … & gt; and ruled that the applicants cannot be expelled from Poland if they are in fact on Polish territory, '', & mdash; the message says.

The press service clarified that the court received 47 applications for interim measures from 198 migrants. In 44 applications the applicants indicated that they were on the territory of Poland and asked for international protection. Another appeal was filed against Latvia and two against Lithuania. Interim measures are not currently being applied to applications that were filed against the Baltic countries.

The material is being added

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The ECHR has banned the expulsion of migrants from Poland back to Belarus


Peskov: NATO’s presence in Ukraine will force Russia to defend its interests

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the potential presence of Western military formations in Ukraine” extremely worries “Russia and if such NATO plans are implemented, the country will be forced to react.

In an interview with RT, Peskov said that the British military had previously spoken about their readiness to send a number of units to Ukraine – “not only training, but also combat units.”/p>

“This … forces us to take some action,” added the presidential spokesman.

He also pointed to NATO's aggressive policies and refusal to recognize the “red lines.”/p>

“We don't like it,” Peskov summed up. “And we are doing this to insure our own interests.”


India lobbies for deliveries of Russian S-500 Prometey air defense systems

India has begun to actively lobby for deliveries of the latest Russian S-500 Prometheus air defense systems to the country.

United The United States tried to stop the sale of Russian S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems to India. This was announced today by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

The Indian partners “refused to carry out Washington's orders,” Lavrov said.


Finland has not agreed with Sweden on fighters and will buy F-35

Finland could not agree with Sweden on the JAS Gripen fighter and will buy the American F-35 Lightning II, one of the most expensive combat aircraft in the world.

Earlier it was reported that Sweden planned to bomb Afghanistan to show the capabilities of its Saab JAS 39 Gripen fighters to foreign customers.

But the Philippines has decided on a new fighter for the national air force. It will be the Swedish Saab JAS-39C/D MS20 Gripen.


Washington has not confirmed that the integrity of Ukraine is a key US interest

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, speaking to reporters, rather evasively answered the question whether maintaining the territorial integrity of Ukraine is a priority in US policy.

photo pixabay

At a meeting with media representatives, several issues were discussed before the upcoming talks between US and Russian Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. Including the tension on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

In particular, Psaki stressed that the territorial integrity of Ukraine meets the important interests of the global community.

“And it is in the interests of the United States to ensure stability in all over Europe. But I will not go into further definitions … Foreign policy contains many nuances, “said a White House spokesman, quoted by CBS.

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

& nbsp;


Ilham Aliyev: if Armenia does not want problems, let them name the date of opening the Zangezur corridor

On December 6, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev visited the Guba region of the republic, where he met with residents of the village of Gonagkend. During the conversation, the head of state noted that the Armenian authorities should name the date for the opening of the Zangezur corridor, “and then there will be no problems.”

“And in Armenia they saw, and the whole world saw that no one can hold us. They were like that during the war, they tried to hold us back, they were from quite influential circles, but that did not stop us. I repeat: let them tell us the date, when they leave our lands and we stop at the same moment. Let them tell us the date when the Zangezur corridor will open, and then there will be no problems, “the head of state emphasized.

According to the Azerbaijani leader, the Armenian authorities must understand that Baku will achieve its goal at any cost, and the second Karabakh war has demonstrated to the whole world the will, strength and unity of the Azerbaijani people.

The Zangezur corridor is a hypothetical transport corridor with a length of about 40 km through the territory of the Syunik region (Zangezur) of Armenia, which is considered as a possible, by agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia, a means of providing transport links between the western regions of Azerbaijan and its exclave Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic.

On November 9, 2020, after the cessation of hostilities, the heads of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia signed a tripartite ceasefire statement. According to the 9th paragraph of the statement, Armenia guarantees the safety of transport links between the western regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic in order to organize the unhindered movement of citizens, vehicles and goods in both directions.


Bloomberg: new US sanctions against Russia may affect currency exchange

It became known the condition under which new restrictive measures may be introduced against our country.

The United States and the European Union are currently considering the possibility of introducing new tough sanctions against Russia.

The package of restrictive measures provides for serious restrictions on currency exchange.

Such a scenario, according to the West, can be implemented if Russia & # 8220; attacks & # 8221; to Ukraine.

According to Bloomberg, citing informed sources, the largest Russian banks and even RDIF may fall under the sanctions.

The most probable restrictions are American journalists referring to the transfer of rubles to other currencies, including euros and pounds sterling.

The most radical solution may be to ban Russia from accessing the SWIFT system, but this, according to Bloomberg, will harm ordinary Russians.

Interlocutors of journalists are sure that The head of the US White House, Joe Biden, may voice the issue of imposing such tough sanctions to Vladimir Putin during a conversation on December 7.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Dmitry Peskov commented on the information about a new tough package of US sanctions.

The Kremlin's official speaker called this information & # 8220; information hysteria & # 8221 ;.


Japanese space tourists plan to study Russian on the ISS

Space tourists from Japan Yusaku Maezawa & nbsp; and Yozo Hirano will continue to study Russian with cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin during their flight to the International Space Station (ISS). This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the words of the Russian.

He noted that his communication with the Japanese took place in English, as it is international on the ISS.

“ Our colleagues , friends began to learn Russian, and I, quite a bit, – Japanese. I think we will continue our joint lessons in flight and after the flight, '' said Misurkin.

Recall that Japanese space tourists Yusaku Maezawa and Yozo Hirano, together with & nbsp; cosmonaut Alexander Mizurkin, will go into orbit on the Soyuz- 2.1а '' with the Soyuz MS-20 spacecraft. Earlier, this decision was approved by the state commission during a meeting at the Baikonur cosmodrome. The Japanese will be the first tourists in 12 years to fly to the ISS on the Soyuz spacecraft.

Earlier it was reported that Yusaku Maezawa intends to return to Baikonur some time after the flight and plant a tree in the astronauts alley.


Christmas tree, fir or pine: what’s the difference and how to choose a Christmas tree?

Christmas tree & mdash; the main symbol of the New Year, therefore, its choice must be approached carefully, having studied the entire range and prices. In recent years, in addition to traditional firs, pines and firs have become equally popular among Russians. What is the difference between them and how to choose the right New Year tree, in the material of

New Year's tree

Spruce & mdash; a classic New Year tree with a persistent coniferous aroma. Thanks to the densely growing branches, the tree looks fluffy, despite the small needles. The trunk is covered with brown bark. The needles are short and prickly. The most popular varieties of spruce among buyers:

Norway spruce (Russian tree) & mdash; unpretentious cone-shaped tree with short pointed needles from one to three centimeters long. In nature, the height of spruce trees can reach 40 meters or more; young trees, as a rule, up to three meters high are used for sale.

Blue spruce & mdash; the color of the needles is from a pronounced blue to bluish-green. The older the tree, the darker it will be. Traditional crown shape & mdash; triangular.

Disadvantages : all types of spruce crumble rather quickly.

Price : Russian spruce about 2 meters high will cost 1.5-2 thousand rubles on average, imported & mdash; 5-10 thousand rubles, writes RBC with reference to retailers' forecasts.

New Year's pine

Pine & mdash; this coniferous tree has wide branches, long (from 4-5 cm) and tough needles, but not as thorny as those of a Christmas tree. Color & mdash; bluish green. Young pines have a smoother bark, grooved and cracked with age.

Black pine & mdash; one of the most popular types of wood. In young pines, the crown is pyramidal; in adult plants, it looks like an umbrella with branches opened in different directions. The trunk is covered with black bark. The needles are long (about 14 cm), dark green, densely cover the branches.

Disadvantages : pine gives off a large amount of resin, and due to the distance between the tiers of branches the tree does not look very lush.

Price : up to 1000 rubles per meter, according to

New Year's fir

In recent years, the Nordmann fir has won the sympathy of buyers. Thanks to its dense branches and needles, fir looks impressive. Retains its appearance for a long time. Fir is distinguished by short (up to 5 cm), flat and soft needles and a characteristic arrangement of branches & mdash; they seem to stretch upward. Color & mdash; dark green or silver.

Disadvantages : its price and not as pronounced coniferous aroma as pine and spruce.

Price : up to 5.5 thousand rubles for a two-meter tree, writes RBC.

Where can I buy a Christmas tree?

You can buy a New Year tree :

  • in the forestry (having received permission there to cut down a Christmas tree);
  • in the coniferous plant nursery;
  • in stores;
  • at the Christmas tree bazaars.

So, in the Moscow region, the main trade at the Christmas tree markets will begin on December 20. In total, it is planned to operate Christmas tree bazaars in 49 municipalities of the region until January 10, 2022.

“ We are very proud that this year about 70% of the trees will be Russian-made at prices ranging from 500 rubles to 10 thousand rubles of different categories and growth. I hope that every resident of the Moscow region will find his own tree '', & mdash; noted Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region Sergei Voskresensky .

When is it better to buy a New Year tree?

Spruce retains its fresh appearance for one or two weeks, after that it dries and crumbles heavily. Therefore, you need to buy it at the very last moment, after December 28, according to Roskachestvo. & Nbsp;

Pine is quite tough, it can stand in a room for up to a month, provided that the house is not very hot and dry. By the end of this period, its needles become brittle and turn yellow. If you want the pine to stand until the old New Year, buy it in the second half of December, or better & mdash; a week before the New Year.

Fir & mdash; the most persistent. She does not lose her appearance for a month or longer. You can buy it in the first half of December, but the closer you get it to the New Year holidays, the longer it will stand. Therefore, Roskachestvo recommends taking fir in mid-December.

How to choose a living tree correctly?

  • Rospotrebnadzor advises choosing a tree with a thick & nbsp; smooth and undamaged trunk. A tree with a thin trunk will not last long.
  • The branches of the tree should be flexible.
  • The needles should be rich in color, elastic and firmly attached to the branches. If the branches are dry and break with minimal tree movement & mdash; you shouldn't take the tree. & nbsp;
  • Rub a few needles in your palms & mdash; the characteristic smell of needles should be felt. Dry, yellowed, crumbling needles and lack of aroma & mdash; signs of a tree that has been felled long ago.

How to bring the tree home correctly?

Ask the seller to pack the tree in a plastic net & mdash; sleeve. At home, be sure to let the tree gradually adapt to the heat by placing it in a cool place for 2-3 hours, for example, on a balcony, it is recommended in Rospotrebnadzor.

Sources of information : -bazar-otkrylsya-v-podmoskovnoy-bal


Test pilot of Mi helicopters Gurgen Karapetyan dies

At the age of 84, a test pilot of Mi helicopters passed away Hero of the Soviet Union Gurgen Karapetyan. TASS writes about this, referring to the message of the holding “ Russian Helicopters. ''
& nbsp;
According to the general director of the holding Nikolai Kolesov, the whole life of Gurgen & nbsp; Karapetyan was dedicated to serving the Motherland and aviation.
& nbsp;
“ With his participation, many helicopters found their way into the sky, and some of them set records that forever glorified the domestic helicopter industry '', & ndash; noted Kolesov.
& nbsp;
Karapetyan 1962 to 1993 worked at the flight test complex of the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant. Over the years he worked he mastered 39 types of helicopters, gliders and airplanes, and taking into account the modifications & ndash; more than 100. Spent more than 5.5 thousand hours in the air and flew on all types of Mi helicopters. & nbsp;

The pilot set 10 world aviation records for the speed and carrying capacity of helicopters. In 1991, Gurgen Karapetyan was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, later he was awarded the medal of the Security Council of the Russian Federation “ For services in ensuring national security. ''

Earlier it became known about the death of a spacecraft designer, winner of the USSR state prize Ruslana Komaeva, he was 74 years old.


Hero of the USSR, test pilot Gurgen Karapetyan. Dossier

Gurgen Karapetyan, Russian Helicopters Holding.

Test Pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union Gurgen Karapetyan died at the age of 85 in Moscow. This was announced on December 7 by the press service of the Russian Helicopters holding. The cause of Karapetyan's death has not been specified.

“ The whole life of Gurgen Rubenovich was devoted to serving the Motherland and aviation. With his participation, many helicopters found their way into the sky, and some of them & mdash; set records that forever glorified the domestic helicopter industry, '' Nikolai Kolesov.


Gurgen Karapetyan was born on December 9, 1936 in Sverdlovsk.

In 1961 he graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute ( MAI). During his studies at the university he was engaged in gliding and helicopter sports at the MAI flying club.

In 1961 he began working as a leading engineer at the Mil Design Bureau.

In 1962 he graduated from the helicopter department of the School test pilots.

From 1962 to 1993 he worked at the flight test complex of the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant. In 1974 he became a senior test pilot of the plant. He raised and tested the Mi-26 and Mi-28 helicopters, and also took part in the tests of the Mi-2, Mi-6, Mi-10, Mi-14, Mi-24 helicopters and their modifications.

In the period from 1962 to 1982, Karapetyan set 10 world aviation records for speed and payload on Mi-6, Mi-10K, Mi-24 and Mi-26 helicopters.

In May 1986 he took part in the liquidation of the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. As part of the crew of the Mi-26 helicopter, Gurgen Karapetyan, using an external sling, closed the reactor with a dome weighing 15 tons for three minutes, thus ensuring the cutoff of radioactive radiation.

On January 24, 1991, Karapetyan received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal.

In total, the test pilot mastered several dozen types of helicopters, gliders and airplanes, and taking into account the modifications & mdash; over 100. He spent over 5500 hours in the air.

At the end of his flying career, Karapetyan worked as deputy general director of the Moscow Helicopter Plant named after Mil for Strategic Development, Head of the Flight Safety Service and Advisor to the General Director of the Russian Helicopters holding on safety.



The court in Moscow also fined Google 5 million rubles

The Magistrates' Court of Tagansky District & nbsp; Moscow & nbsp; also fined Google & nbsp; 5 million rubles for & nbsp; failure to remove & nbsp; links, said the press secretary of the district court Zulfiya & nbsp; Gurinchuk, reports RIA Novosti. & nbsp; p>

It is clarified that the defendant was found guilty of an administrative offense. & nbsp;

Also on Tuesday, December 7, the court will consider three more protocols against & nbsp; Google, all of them concern the failure to remove prohibited content or links on him. & nbsp;

The total amount of Google fines increased to 49 million rubles. Fines were issued, including for incitement to extremism, links to prohibited materials, as well as refusal to localize personal data of Russians on servers in the Russian Federation.

Earlier it was reported that Google & nbsp; appealed against fines in the amount of 6 million rubles imposed by & nbsp ; to the company at the end of August 2021, but the Tagansky District Court recognized them as legal.


Scientists have named the ideal breakfast product to lower blood pressure

IPhone smartphones will be made of new material

Bloomberg learned about the plan of sanctions against Russia with restrictions on currency exchange

Bloomberg: The US and the EU are discussing new sanctions against Russia with restrictions on currency exchange According to the agency, the West, due to the situation around Ukraine, intends to impose sanctions, including restrictions on the conversion of rubles into other currencies and the ability of investors to buy Russian debt securities in the secondary market

The United States and the European Union are considering the possibility of imposing sanctions on the largest Russian banks and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) if Russia “ attacks '' to Ukraine. Bloomberg writes about this with reference to sources familiar with the discussion of the issue.

According to agency sources, conversion of rubles into dollars and other foreign currencies, including euros and pounds sterling, may be among the most probable restrictions. In addition, the West may limit the ability of investors to buy Russian debt on the secondary market.

“The most drastic option would have been to deny Russia access to the SWIFT financial payment system, but that would hurt ordinary citizens, so officials are more inclined to harass the country's ability to convert rubles into dollars, euros or British pounds,” “mdash; the agency writes.

The interlocutors claim that US President Joe Biden can present the issue of imposing sanctions against banks and RDIF to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during a conversation scheduled for December 7.

RBC sent inquiries to the Central Bank and large banks.

On the eve of December 6, CNN sources reported that the Biden administration is considering several options for imposing sanctions against Russia and its individuals in connection with the aggravation of the situation around Ukraine. According to the channel, members of Putin's inner circle, Russian energy companies and banks may fall under the restrictions. New sanctions can also apply to the country's sovereign debt, and in the most radical version it can be disconnected from the interbank SWIFT system, CNN reported.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that such publications continue the line of “ information hysteria ''. First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Vladimir Dzhabarov, in an interview with RBC, said that Russia would not be disconnected from SWIFT, since it would be difficult for Europeans to do without it outside the payment system. “ These sanctions related to the SWIFT system have been talked about for seven years, and so far this has not happened. They are going to impose sanctions for Russia's alleged attack on Ukraine, which will not happen, as we understand it, '', & mdash; said in a conversation with RBC a member of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Sergei Tsekov.

American media have been writing about a possible Russian attack on Ukraine since the beginning of October. In particular, then The Washington Post and Politico reported about the concentration of Russian military equipment near the Ukrainian border.

The Associated Press, citing US intelligence data obtained from a source in the Biden administration, reported that Russian troops would launch an offensive against Ukraine early next year. The Russian military leadership intends to deploy 175,000 soldiers near the borders, the agency said. The German newspaper Bild published an “ offensive plan, '' which it drew up according to NATO and Ukrainian intelligence sources. Bloomberg reported in the middle of last month, citing sources, that the United States had notified European partners of the risk of an “ invasion '' Russia to Ukraine.

On December 1, Washington called on Russia to withdraw its troops from the Ukrainian border. “ We don't know if President Putin made the decision to invade. We know that he creates the potential to do so in a short time if he decides to, & raquo;, & mdash; said US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

The Russian Foreign Ministry responded by saying that the actions of the armed forces on the territory of the country are within its competence as a sovereign state. Peskov argued that the headlines about a possible invasion were “ nothing more than an empty, unreasonable whipping up of tension. '' In turn, Putin called the publications of American publications “ alarmist '' and recalled that after similar messages at the beginning of this year, no invasion of Ukraine took place.

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16 years of the Merkel era in five facts. How Germany has changed since 2005

Angela Merkel is working on her last days as Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, which she held for 16 years. Social Democrat Olaf Scholz will replace her on Wednesday. How Germany changed in the Merkel era – in the material of RBK

Angela Merkel

The economy has grown by a third

Angela Merkel became the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany in November 2005, heading the coalition government of the center-right bloc CDU/CSU and the Social Democrats. That year, the country's GDP in nominal dollar terms was $ 2.8 trillion, follows from the data of the World Bank. At the end of 2020, German GDP was estimated at $ 3.8 trillion, that is, 36% more than in the year Merkel took office.

For comparison, the EU economy as a whole in 2005 & ndash; 2020 grew by 28%, for example, Italy & mdash; by 1.5%.

In the world economic ranking, Germany under Merkel dropped one line. In 2005 & ndash; 2006, Germany was the third largest in the world in terms of GDP, behind the United States and Japan. Since 2007, Germany has been in fourth place & mdash; it was bypassed by China. The German economy has shown growth almost every year of Merkel's tenure in power, with the exception of only 2009 and 2020. In 2009, the German economy contracted at an annualized rate of 5.7% due to the global financial crisis and the debt crisis in the euro area. In 2020, the country's GDP contracted by 4.9% due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Unemployment decreased threefold

When Merkel first became chancellor, she called economic growth and the fight against unemployment the main goals of her government. “ I am confident that the success of our coalition will be judged depending on the answer to the question, there are more jobs in the country, '' & mdash; she said. To reverse the negative trend in the German economy and fight unemployment, the government announced the abolition of privileges for newly hired workers so that companies would be more active in hiring employees. At the same time, the authorities announced an increase in VAT and income tax for wealthy citizens.

Over the 16 years of Merkel's tenure in power, Germany has managed to significantly improve the situation on the labor market. In 2005, the country's unemployment rate was 11.2% (compared to the 9% average for the eurozone countries). Until 2019, the share of unemployed in Germany was falling every year. In 2009 & mdash; in the midst of the economic crisis & mdash; the unemployment rate in Germany (7.7%) fell below the eurozone average (9.5%) for the first time. As of 2020, the unemployment rate in Germany stood at 4.3% – & mdash; almost two times lower than the average for the euro area (8.2%).

In 2013, Merkel called youth unemployment the most dangerous problem for Europe. In contrast to the southern countries of the eurozone, Germany has managed to avoid the problem of lack of jobs for young people. In 2005, the share of unemployed Germans 15 & ndash; 24 years old was 15.5% & mdash; a record high in the 21st century. By 2010, this figure was 9.8%, and by 2019, & mdash; 5.8%.

Immigration to Germany has broken records

During her tenure as head of government, there was a record influx of immigrants in the country's post-war history. Migration peaked in 2015, when 2 million foreigners entered the country. In subsequent years, this figure decreased: in 2016 & mdash; 1.7 million, in 2017 and 2018 & mdash; 1.4 million each, in 2019 & mdash; 1.3 million, in 2020 & mdash; 1 million people. Until 2010, the number of foreigners entering Germany did not exceed 700 thousand, in 2005 this figure was 579.3 thousand.

The factor that spurred migration to Germany was the crisis in the Middle East and the war in Syria. In 2015, Merkel announced her readiness to accept Syrian refugees, regardless of which EU country they ended up in first. “I’m sure that if we solve this extremely difficult task associated with the reception and integration of such a large flow of people, then tomorrow it will open up new opportunities for us,” & mdash; she said. The Chancellor admitted that the process of accepting migrants can be difficult, but nevertheless stressed that Germany has always benefited from the integration of migrants – & mdash; both for the economy and for civil society.

Subsequently, there have been a number of attacks and terrorist attacks in Germany involving immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa. The German authorities have stepped up rhetoric to reassure voters that the situation is under control. In January 2017, Merkel called for an expedited expulsion of denied asylum migrants after Tunisian-born Anis Amri drove a truck into a crowd at a Christmas market in Berlin. In the summer of 2018, the German authorities approved a series of measures to tighter control over migration.

Traditional parties are losing popularity

During Merkel's tenure in power, the traditional parties & mdash; the center-right alliance of the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU bloc) and the center-left Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) & mdash; lost popularity, and more radical forces, on the contrary, improved their election results. In particular, the far-right Alternative for Germany has strengthened its position. (AfD), established in 2013, as well as the Greens, advocating for social rights of citizens and the use of renewable energy sources.

In 2005, the CDU/CSU and the SPD together received 69.4% of the vote, in 2009 – & mdash; 56.8%, while the liberal Free Democratic Party gained 14.6%. In 2013, the share of voters who voted for two traditional parties was 67.5%, and smaller parties were unable to impose competition on traditional political forces. In 2017, the SPD and the CDU/CSU collected 53.4% ​​of the vote for two, and the ultra-right AfD became the third most popular party with 12.6%.

Analysts cite several reasons for this fragmentation. First, the increase in migration to Germany has fueled interest in the AfD, which promised to tighten the rules for entering the country and protect German culture. Second, the SPD's decision to enter a coalition with the CDU/CSU created the impression that the left-wing party no longer advocates for the interests of left-wing voters. Therefore, the former SPD electorate moved to more radical forces & mdash; Green and the Left Party (the successor to the Socialist Unity Party of Germany that ruled in the GDR).

Defense spending has grown by one and a half times

Germany's defense spending in 2020 amounted to $ 52.8 billion & mdash; $ 22.4 billion (or 74%) more than in 2005.

As of 2020, Germany ranked first in the EU in terms of spending on defense, however, overtaking France by this indicator by only $ 17.7 thousand, follows from the data of the Stockholm Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The defense spending of the UK that left the EU in 2020 amounted to $ 59.2 billion.

At the same time, as a percentage of GDP, Germany's military budget has never exceeded 1.5% over the past 16 years. In 2020, the country's defense spending was less than 1.4% of GDP, with 2.1% in France and 1.6% in Italy.

In 2014, NATO countries decided not to reduce military spending until 2024 years to bring them to the “ norm '' & mdash; 2% of GDP. During the presidency of Donald Trump, the discussion about the inadequate spending of European countries on defense escalated. Trump argued that he did not understand why America was obliged to provide Germany with assistance in containing Russia, while Berlin was not strengthening its own military forces and purchasing energy resources from Moscow.

In 2019, German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp- Karrenbauer stated that the level of the country's defense spending at that time was & mdash; 1.2% of GDP & mdash; unacceptable, calling for an increase to 2%. She explained this by confronting external challenges, including from Russia. Merkel herself has repeatedly argued that she is committed to increasing defense spending. At the same time, the Chancellor clarified that it will probably be possible to bring spending to 2% of GDP only by the beginning of the 2030s.

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Britain launched a new air defense system “to protect against Russian fighters”

The British Defense Minister believes that the new air defense system will provide opportunities that were not previously available, and will bring the country to the forefront in the field of ground air defense systems

The British Army has adopted the new Sky Saber air defense system. This is reported by the UK Department of Defense.

“Sky Saber, with unprecedented speed, accuracy, characteristics” … “, will be able to hit an object the size of a tennis ball moving at the speed of sound”, “& mdash; says the message.

The commander of the 16th Royal Artillery Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Chris Lane, commenting on the event, said that with the help of the Sky Saber, the British army will be able to “ compete with colleagues and defeat the most serious opponents. '' “ It gives us opportunities that we didn't have before. This new missile system, with a new launcher and world-class radar, will certainly put us at the forefront of ground-based air defense, '' & mdash; he added.

According to The Times, the new air defense systems were handed over to the British army “ to counter the threat posed by modern Russian fighters. '' The newspaper's sources say the Defense Ministry wanted to launch the Sky Saber “ to counter threats posed by Russian stealth fighters such as the Su-57, which NATO has codenamed Felon. ''

On November 19, Great Britain and Poland signed a statement of intent under which British manufacturers will help Warsaw develop a multibillion-pound Narew air defense system. The agreements were reached during a visit to Poland by British Defense Minister Ben Wallace. “ This agreement will fundamentally change our defense cooperation with Poland and pave the way for our military forces to interact even more closely. [Polish National Defense Minister Mariusz] Blaszczak and I are looking forward to the development of the ground-based air defense system. '', & Mdash; he said then.

The department clarified that British CAMM missiles were approved for the new air defense family. According to the Ministry of Defense, flying at supersonic speeds, they can destroy stealth aircraft and high-speed missiles. Each missile in this family is equipped with an advanced active radar finder that can detect even the most subtle targets. “ The UK and Poland have historically stood shoulder to shoulder in the face of many threats, we will continue to deepen our partnership '', & mdash; Wallace added.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan said in 2018 that the country had begun developing its own long-range missile defense system. On December 5, 2021, the head of Turkey's defense industry, Ismail Demir, said that the Siper long-range missile defense system under development could outperform the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM).

“ The development of the Siper air defense system is gradually approaching completion. We believe that it will reach the level of the S-400 air defense system or even surpass it, '', & mdash; said the official.

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The Kremlin discussed the resignation of the governor of the Orenburg region

The likelihood of leaving is high, but there are no complaints about the politician Governor of the Orenburg Region Denis Pasler may resign. This is a personal initiative of the head of the region, sources told RBC

Denis Pasler

Governor of the Orenburg region Denis Pasler may leave his post, two sources familiar with the situation in the region told RBC. Currently, there are active consultations with the presidential administration on this topic, the likelihood of leaving is very high, said one of the interlocutors. At the same time, both sources of RBC emphasize that there are no complaints about Pasler's work at the governor's post, the initiative to leave – & mdash; his own. With what it is connected, the interlocutors of RBC declined to comment.

They also found it difficult to answer the question of exactly when the governor of the Orenburg region may leave & mdash; before the end of this year or next.

RBC sent a request to the press service of the Governor of the Orenburg Region.

In turn, an interlocutor close to the presidential administration told RBC that there would be no planned gubernatorial resignations by the end of the year. Resignations are only possible of an “ emergency nature '' & mdash; for example, if some head of the region finds himself in a sharply negative situation requiring the adoption of personnel decisions.

Denis Pasler has currently worked in his post for less than three years: in March 2019, he was appointed to the post of interim head region and in September of the same year was elected in the first round with a result of 65.9% of the vote.

Pasler is 43 years old, he is from Severouralsk, Sverdlovsk region. Prior to his arrival in the Orenburg region, Pasler served as chairman of the board of PJSC T Plus & mdash; the largest private company operating in the energy and heat supply sector. He also served as chairman of the government of the Sverdlovsk region, was the general director of the Severouralsky plant of concrete goods, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region, the general director of OJSC Yekaterinburggaz.

In 2020, in the Orenburg region against the background of the pandemic, a jump in the unemployment rate was recorded: an indicator that did not exceed 4.5% since 2017 reached 5.9% (55.4 thousand people). At the same time, in 2021 the situation has changed & mdash; Head of the Regional Ministry of Labor Naila Iskhakova noted in August that since the beginning of 2021 the number of unemployed has decreased by 65%. Investment in fixed assets in the region decreased by the end of 2020 compared to 2019 by 6%, to 198.97 billion rubles. From January to September 2021, the indicator amounted to 121.2 billion rubles. The real average monthly salary in 2019 – 2020 grew by an average of 3.8% (the figure for the Volga Federal District is – 3.5%).

Among the Russian regions in terms of vaccination, the region is in the middle. On December 3, 854073 people received the second dose of the vaccine – & mdash; This is 43.96 doses per 100 people and 38th place among all regions of Russia, follows from the calculations of RBC based on the data of the operational headquarters, published on the site “ stopcoronavirus.rf ''.

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The State Department commented on the promise to Gorbachev about NATO

The State Department justified NATO's right to expand with an open door policy The journalists reminded the State Department official that Secretary of State James Baker promised in 1990 to Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev not to expand NATO eastward

The North Atlantic Alliance is ready to accept new members, since it is pursuing a policy open doors. This was stated at a briefing by US State Department spokesman Ned Price.

He was reminded that Secretary of State James Baker had promised Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in 1990 not to expand NATO eastward.

“ Listen, like previous administrations, we made it clear that NATO's doors are open, we are committed to the open-door policy that was put forward in Bucharest, that NATO should remain an option for aspirants when they are ready and able to fulfill their respective obligations … . that they are capable of & mdash; capable and willing & mdash; to contribute to security in the Euro-Atlantic region & raquo;, & mdash; answered Price.

He stressed that the State Department supports the “ right of Ukraine to independently decide its future. ''

“ No one else should have the right to veto what NATO decides, what a country like Ukraine seeks to do. Ukraine specifically has the right to determine its own foreign policy course without outside interference. This is a very important principle of a rules-based international order that the United States has defended and promoted around the world, '', & mdash; emphasized the representative of the State Department.

Price also gave assurances that NATO is a defensive alliance. “ It is defensive in nature. This is a defensive orientation. The idea that NATO or a challenger country like Ukraine could pose a threat to Russia … would be laughable if the situation weren't so serious, '' & mdash; added Price.

On December 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed starting substantive negotiations on achieving legal guarantees of NATO's eastward expansion. According to him, Moscow intends to seek “ reliable and long-term security guarantees '' and in negotiations with the United States and its allies, he will “ insist on the development of specific agreements excluding any NATO advance to the east. ''

The Head of State stressed that Moscow needs legal guarantees, because Western countries did not fulfill their oral obligations. “Everyone is aware of the oral assurances given that NATO will not expand eastward,” & mdash; noted Putin, but, according to him, everything was done exactly the opposite. The President stressed that “ legitimate Russian security concerns '' were ignored and are still being ignored.

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The head of the CIA said about Putin’s “inclination to take risks” in relation to Ukraine

The American intelligence services have not yet come to the conclusion that Russia intends to “attack” Ukraine, but do not underestimate that Moscow is ready to take risks, said William Burns