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The USA recognized the helplessness of their aircraft carriers in front of the Russian Federation and China

American aircraft carriers are helpless against Russian and Chinese missiles, retired US Navy Captain Jerry Hendrix writes in an article for the Wall Street Journal.

He specified that Russia and China have effective combat means that prevent carrier-based fighter-bombers from approaching the coast at a distance of less than 1800 kilometers.

The military expert believes that the United States needs to increase the range of strikes. According to him, it is necessary to place long-range aircraft on aircraft carriers, otherwise the aircraft carrier strike groups will not be able to compete with the Russian Federation and the PRC.

Recall that in early November, the crews of the Black Sea Fleet submarines, as part of the exercises, worked out a missile strike on a detachment of ships of the conditional enemy. The submarines used Kalibr-PL missiles.


Heavy truck traffic temporarily banned in Vladivostok due to cyclone

In Vladivostok, due to the approaching cyclone, the movement of heavy trucks will be temporarily limited, the city administration reported.

Heavy snow and rain are expected in the city from Sunday evening. Forecasters announced a storm warning for November 22-23.

It is noted that the restriction on the entry into the city and movement of heavy trucks on it will be in effect from 19:00 (12:00 Moscow time) today until the end of the bad weather. In addition, the movement on the steepest slope in Vladivostok – will be limited – on Kapitan Shefner Street.

Utilities and the city's electric utility company are on high alert.

Several flights were postponed until evening in the Sakhalin Region due to bad weather. There was a strong crosswind in the region, a blizzard raged on the coasts.


A rocket with a module for the ISS is installed on the launch pad at Baikonur

Rocket Soyuz-2.1b with the module for the Russian segment of the ISS “ Berth '' taken out and installed on the launch pad at Baikonur. This is stated in the message of Roscosmos.

The launch is scheduled for November 24. The rocket should & nbsp; put & nbsp; into orbit a truck “ Progress '' with the “ Berth '' module. This will be the last module that Russia will add to its segment of the orbital station.

The module ship will deliver about 700 kg of various cargoes to the ISS, including resource equipment, consumables, maintenance and repair facilities.

Earlier it was reported that cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov would conduct a training session on manual docking of the Nauka nodal module. on the ISS. & nbsp; Recall that on January 19, a spacewalk is planned, during which the cosmonauts will connect the “ Berth '' to the station, and on March 18, the & nbsp; first manned spacecraft Soyuz will dock to it.


The village declares its non-recognition of Putin

China lowers diplomatic relations with Lithuania over Taiwan

A few days ago, a representative office of Taiwan was opened in Vilnius. In this regard, China protested to Lithuania, pointing out that the Lithuanian side destroyed relations between the countries at the level of ambassadors

Flag of Taiwan

The Chinese authorities have decided to lower the level of diplomatic relations with Lithuania. This is reported by the Central Television of the People's Republic of China.

According to him, Beijing will downgrade diplomatic relations with Lithuania to the level of chargé d'affaires. This decision was made by the Chinese government against the backdrop of the opening of a representative office of Taiwan in Lithuania. In accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the class of chargé d'affaires is the third rank of heads of diplomatic missions after ambassadors and envoys.

The PRC government believes that the opening of a representative office is a violation of the principle of one China and its territorial integrity, as well as interference in its internal affairs. “ China expresses its sharp discontent and strong protest in this regard and has decided to downgrade China-Lithuania diplomatic relations to the level of chargé d'affaires, '' & mdash; The TV channel quotes a statement from an official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

The ministry said in a statement that China was forced to lower diplomatic relations with Lithuania, taking into account the fact that the political basis for diplomatic relations between Beijing and Vilnius at the level of ambassadors was destroyed. “ The Lithuanian government must bear the full responsibility arising from this, '' & mdash; emphasized in the Foreign Ministry.


A representative office of Taiwan opened in the Lithuanian capital on November 18. It will not have diplomatic status, but it will be able to provide consular services. Erik Huang, who heads a similar office in Riga, where he is called the representative office of Taipei, has been appointed as its head. Lithuania expects to open its representative office in Taiwan early next year.

China recalled the ambassador from Lithuania in August, and on September 3, official Vilnius announced the recall of the ambassador from Beijing. In addition, China used economic levers: it suspended freight rail transport to Lithuania, and also reduced the credit limit for Lithuanian enterprises.

Taiwan announced its secession from mainland China in 1949 after the defeat of the Kuomintang forces (the ruling party of the Republic of China since 1928 year) during the civil war with the communists. Beijing considers the island to be part of China. From 1949 to 1971, Taiwan remained the only legitimate force in the UN from China, however, in October 1971, the UN General Assembly Resolution No. 2758 was adopted, according to which the representation of China, including the seat of a permanent member of the UN Security Council, was transferred from the Republic of China. (Chinese Taipei) to the People's Republic of China.

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CBS learns US intelligence position on Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine

American intelligence officers believe that the likelihood of an invasion of Russian troops will increase as the cold weather sets in, this may happen in the next few weeks, if the West does not intervene in the situation, reports CBS

US intelligence officials warned European allies on a potential Russian military invasion of Ukraine, the likelihood of which increases as the temperature falls. This is reported by CBS News, citing unnamed US officials.

“The [Russian invasion of Ukraine] is weather dependent, but could happen within weeks if the West does not intervene,” “mdash; the interlocutors of the broadcaster speak.

CBS notes that on Friday, November 19, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milli, held talks with the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU), General Valery Zaluzhny. They discussed the security situation in Eastern Europe, including data on Russian military activity near Ukraine's borders. Millie, spokesman for the Joint Committee, Colonel Dave Butler, stressed the need to continue consultations between regional allies and reaffirmed US support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Data on US fears about a possible invasion of Ukraine appeared against the background of the migration crisis on the border of Poland and Belarus, writes CBS. The American authorities have not yet determined whether there is any connection between Russia and the situation with refugees on the Polish-Belarusian border, the publication notes. “ We must prepare ourselves for this problem to persist for several months. I have no doubt that it will be so '', & mdash; CBS quotes Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszak.

Earlier, The New York Times, citing sources, reported that US intelligence had warned European allies that there was “ little time left '' to prevent Russia from starting hostilities in Ukraine. According to the interlocutors of the publication, Russia has not yet decided what it will do with the troops, “ which it has gathered at the border of Ukraine. '' However, U.S. intelligence takes the 'invasion' threat seriously. and do not believe that this is a bluff, sources noted.

In October, Western media began to report that Russia was building up its military presence on the border with Ukraine. In particular, The Washington Post wrote about this. American and European officials told the publication that they see “unusual movements of equipment and military personnel on the western flank of Russia.” and began to record this after the completion of the Russian-Belarusian exercises “ West-2021 '', which took place from 10 to 15 September. The article noted that the movement of troops is taking place against the background of the fact that Russia has taken a tougher position in relation to Ukraine, and the conflict in Donbass is “ entering a new stage. ''

В in turn, the Politico newspaper published satellite images. They, presumably, captured the accumulation of tanks of the Russian armed forces near the city of Yelnya in the Smolensk region, about 250 km from the border with Ukraine.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine stated that as of November 1, no buildup was recorded Russian military contingent near the border.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the movement of Russian military equipment and army units across the country & mdash; it is exclusively a matter of Russia, and the latest publications about their appearance near the border of Ukraine are “ not even worth commenting on. ''

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Minsk resumes export of electricity to Ukraine

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The press service of the Ministry of Energy of Belarus reported on Sunday that since November 21, electricity supplies to & nbsp; Ukraine have been resumed .

“The export is carried out in accordance with the contract signed for November,” the statement says.

Recall that earlier Belarus suspended electricity supplies to Ukraine from November 18. Then the message noted that the resumption of supplies is being considered “ taking into account the technical capabilities. ''

At Ukrenergo; also confirmed the resumption of electricity supplies from Belarus.


“One hundred percent”: Satanovsky called the impending war between the West and Russia inevitable

Photo: Social networks

Political scientist Yevhen Satanovsky said in an interview with that the military conflict between Russia and the West is more than possible, the whole question is only in the timing of this event & nbsp; and whether nuclear weapons will be used. It is also important to understand how prepared Russian strategic systems will be, which were designed to forestall the American threat.

“ The fact that there will be war is understandable. And now no one knows when it will be, '' said Satanovsky. He noted that no one really wants war – & nbsp; this was the case with the First World War and the Vietnam War. But it is happening anyway.

At the same time, Russia should expect an escalation from several directions at once. These are Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Transcaucasia. You should even expect strikes from the North Pole. “ Attempts to drive another submarine with missiles of the AEGIS system into the Barents Sea, and so that it bombarded Russian territory, is also a reality, and a lot of what we talked about – things are real, '' says the expert.

In addition, Satanovsky believes that even the pan-Turkic project of the Great Turan, which was authored by Turkey, will be supported by the forces of the West.


It became known which weapon “multiplied by zero” American aircraft carriers

The United States has recognized the uselessness of “floating airfields” in the war with the Russian Federation and China

It seems that the United States has realized the importance of Russian hypersonic weapons, which President Putin announced back in March 2018 … True, it took the Americans more than three years for this. And finally, the Wall Street Journal in 2021 publishes an article by the vice president of the military consulting company Telemus Group and the retired US Navy captain Jerry Hendrix. In it, the officer admits that the means of destruction available to Russia and China “drove” American aircraft carriers from their shores to such a distance from which carrier-based aircraft simply cannot reach the desired targets.


And this, of course, is a tragedy for the United States, given that it was on aircraft carriers that they made their main stake in their time. Today the United States has a dozen aircraft carriers. New ones are being built, each worth $ 13 billion. Russia has only one old aircraft-carrying cruiser, Admiral Kuznetsov. But now Russia may not worry about this.

How did the US Navy earlier use strike aircraft carrier groups (aircraft carrier and combat support and cover ships) in the wars against Yugoslavia and Iraq? They drove the aircraft carriers almost close to the coast and organized waves of air attacks on important targets in the victim's territory. Hundreds of carrier-based aircraft took part in massive raids. The result of those wars is known – Belgrade and Baghdad surrendered.

But in a war with Russia or China, writes Jerry Hendrix, this number will not work. Due to Russian and Chinese missiles, aircraft carriers will not be able to approach the enemy's shores closer than 1800 km. And the range of the F-35 “stealth” carrier-based aircraft is no more than 1120 km. Dead end.

At the same time, the aircraft carriers themselves – huge and not the fastest ships – are turning into an easy target for hypersonic high-precision missiles. And Russia and China have such missiles.

Jerry Hendrix offers several solutions to the problem. For example, create long-range attack deck drones or build smaller aircraft-carrying ships armed with missiles. But such programs cannot be quickly implemented. It takes decades and hundreds of billions of additional dollars. And we, as they say, already have everything.

The Russian Navy has designed mobile and stationary coastal missile systems “Bastion” for an average range of up to 500 kilometers. Their weapons are the 3M55 Onyx supersonic anti-ship missiles. The feature of these missiles is the ability to fly to a target in a flock, exchanging target data in flight, choose the most significant and strike with an irresistible vertical strike.

Bastions are stationed in Crimea, Kaliningrad, Severomorsk, Kamchatka, Sakhalin.

The Dagger air-missile system with the Kh-47M hypersonic missile has a much greater range. The missile carried by the MiG-31K high-altitude interceptor can accelerate to a speed 10-12 times higher than the speed of sound – more than 10 thousand km/h – and hit targets at a distance of up to 2000 km.

” Daggers “are already on alert in the Southern Military District and, presumably, will soon take over duty in the Pacific Fleet.

Dagger missiles are too tough for any US missile defense system. Due to the enormous kinetic energy, it will sew the aircraft carrier from the upper deck to the hold itself. The defeat is almost guaranteed.

And, finally, a novelty – the Zircon hypersonic missiles. A series of successful tests was carried out on board ships and a submarine. From 2022, as they promise, “Zircons” will go into service with the Russian Navy. The speed of the rocket, according to various sources, is from 6 to 8 times the speed of sound. The flight range is 1500 kilometers. The mass of the warhead (200 kg) is sufficient to sink any warship, hitting the right point.

It is hoped that this entire arsenal will be appreciated not only by the retired American military, but also by the military -political leadership of the United States. And he will draw the right conclusions – is it worth talking to Russia from a position of strength? Or is it better to negotiate on equal terms.

And you can probably also be glad for us that when choosing a strategy for the development of the fleet, we did not pursue ruinous programs for the construction of expensive aircraft carriers, but chose a much cheaper and much more effective way of creating “aircraft carrier killers.”/p>


Durov: Telegram will not use personal data to display ads

The personal information of Telegram users & nbsp; will not be used to display advertising messages, said the founder of the messenger Pavel Durov.

“ Our top priority is to protect the personal data of users. We will not use personal data to serve ads. It will be based & nbsp; solely on the topic of public channels in which they are shown, '' he wrote in Telegram.

Durov also said that the advertising function is currently in test mode.

Earlier, Pavel Durov announced & nbsp; the appearance of official advertising posts on Telegram. According to him, advertising revenue will continue to provide users with a free and unlimited service.

Durov said that advertising messages will be placed in channels with a thousand audience. In addition, he announced that Telegram will be able to disable official advertisements.


How can we make society fairer?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 46. Where will they not be allowed without a QR code? 17/11/2021

Click to enlarge & nbsp;


The pensioner bought into advertising “investments” and lost 850 thousand rubles

850 thousand rubles


A drunken resident of the Angara region attacked his ex-wife and her mother with a pipe

Russian Nobel laureates stood up for Memorial

Nobel Peace Prize winners Mikhail Gorbachev and Dmitry Muratov believe that the Prosecutor General's Office should withdraw the claim to close Memorial and settle the case out of court

Mikhail Gorbachev (right) and Dmitry Muratov (left)

Nobel Peace Prize laureates, the first president of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta Dmitry Muratov urged the Prosecutor General's Office to withdraw the claim to liquidate Memorial (recognized in Russia as an NGO-foreign agent). It is reported by Interfax with reference to the joint appeal of Gorbachev and Muratov.

“ The appeal of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation on the liquidation of the Memorial society is scheduled for November 25. Long-term activity of the Memorial has always been aimed at restoring historical justice, preserving the memory of hundreds of thousands of those killed and injured during the years of repression, preventing this from happening now and in the future, '' & mdash; the appeal says.

The Nobel laureates believe that the Attorney General's office should “ withdraw the claim from the court and settle the claims out of court. '' They also asked the Supreme Court to postpone the consideration of the claim, “ in order to make it possible through joint efforts to resolve this painful problem for the country. ''

Gorbachev and Muratov noted that the activities of Memorial meets the interests of both society and the state. They share the “ concern and concern '' that the country's intention to close the organization has prompted.

A claim demanding the liquidation of Memorial The General Prosecutor's Office filed with the Supreme Court on November 11. “ We have received a notice from the Supreme Court that the Attorney General's Office has filed a lawsuit to liquidate Memorial International for systematic violations of the legislation on foreign agents (we are talking about non-marking of the organization's materials) & raquo;, & mdash; reported then at Memorial.

The Prosecutor General's Office said that Memorial worked with gross and repeated violations of the law.

November 15 appeal in support of Memorial; supported by more than 60 academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). Destruction of the Memorial is an attempt to deprive the nation of its memory, which we must not allow in order to avoid a repetition of the era of monstrous repression '', & mdash; said in the petition.

Academicians noted that Memorial remains a “ serious research center, whose work is devoted to a comprehensive study of the activities of the punitive organs and its influence on all aspects of the life of Soviet society. '' “ In terms of the volume of work carried out in this area, including the number of publications, no state research institution can compare with it, '' & mdash; said in the appeal. The destruction of the Memorial archive and his museum collection would become a “ real disaster for historical science, '' members of the Russian Academy of Sciences warned.

At the same time, the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the activities of Memorial for a long time there were questions. As far as I know, there have been problems with Memorial in terms of compliance with Russian legislation. This is a well-known fact & raquo;, & mdash; Peskov said then.

In protest against the attempts of the Prosecutor General's Office to liquidate Memorial writer and playwright Lyudmila Petrushevskaya refused the title of laureate of the State Prize.

Memorial Human Rights Center; has been in the register of foreign agents in Russia since 2014. In addition to him, the interregional public organization Memorial Information and Educational Center is also included there. (Yekaterinburg), Scientific and Information Center “ Memorial '' and the international historical and educational society Memorial.

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Peskov named the topics of a possible online meeting between Putin and Biden

Peskov admitted that contacts between the leaders of Russia and the United States are possible by video link before the new year. Putin and Biden will discuss the situation in Ukraine and relations with NATO

Vladimir Putin

The situation in Ukraine and relations with NATO will be the topics of the next meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US leader Joe Biden. This was announced by the press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov on the air of Channel One.

“ Naturally, Ukraine '' a lot of controversy around Ukraine. Naturally, around Ukraine there will also be what for us is provocative actions of the NATO armed forces near our borders, which cannot leave us indifferent, '', & mdash; Peskov emphasized (quoted from RIA Novosti).

He admitted that the talks between the heads of state could take place online by the end of the year, but there are no specific dates for communication yet. According to Peskov, the meeting could take place later & mdash; depending on the presidents' schedules and the format they choose.

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev also noted that new talks between Putin and Biden could take place this year. “ Themes will be agreed. Contacts, I think, will not be delayed '', & mdash; he answered on the air of Channel One; (quoted by Interfax).

Earlier sources of Kommersant reported that the presidents could negotiate online, but also admitted that Putin and Biden could meet in person early next year. The interlocutors of the publication stressed that the schedule of their contacts is preliminary and that the details have not been fully agreed upon.

The first meeting between Biden and Putin took place on June 16 at the Villa La Grange in Geneva. After the talks, they held separate press conferences.

Following the talks, a joint statement was adopted on strategic arms control. In addition, they agreed to return the Russian and American ambassadors to Washington and Moscow.

According to Biden, the meeting was “ good and positive '', and Putin “ least of all wants a cold war. '' It will be possible to judge whether the presidents managed to agree on anything in six months, when it becomes clear whether the parties made a decision or not, the American leader said.

Putin, in turn, said that relations between the countries had accumulated “; a lot of blockages, '' but the parties are determined to find solutions. He also noted that there was no hostility in the negotiations. “ There was no pressure from both sides. The meeting was specific, substantive & raquo;, & mdash; said the Russian president.

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Biden announced the study of the idea of ​​a diplomatic boycott of the Olympics in China

Biden confirmed that the US is considering the possibility of a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics. The White House reported that Washington has “serious concerns” about human rights violations in China

The United States is exploring the possibility of a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will be held in February 2022, said US President Joe Biden.

“This is pending,” & mdash; said Biden (quoted from NBC News).

Earlier, the US President held an online summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping. According to White House spokesman Jen Psaki, discussions about the possibility of a diplomatic boycott of the Olympics “ say nothing '' about how the negotiations went. At the same time, the White House has “ serious concerns '' regarding human rights violations in China, were quoted by CNN and Fox News as Psaki.

The fact that the United States plans to declare a diplomatic boycott of the Olympics in China by the end of November was previously reported by The Washington Post sources. This means that neither the President nor any other US government officials will be present at the Games. According to the interlocutors of the publication, the boycott will be a response to “ human rights violations in China. ''

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi also made a call to boycott the Olympics in China in May. “ I join those who are also proposing a diplomatic boycott. Let's not honor the Chinese government with a visit by heads of state to China, '' & mdash; She said.

Kitaev, in turn, noted that such statements are political in nature. Attempts by some American politicians to interfere in China's internal affairs by distorting the Olympic Games are doomed to failure and will be scornfully rejected by the international community. & lt; … & gt; We strongly oppose the politicization of sport, which is contrary to the spirit of the Olympic Charter and ultimately harms the right of all athletes to fight fair, '' & mdash; said spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in the United States Liu Pengyu.

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Primorsky Communist Party deputy arrested in child molestation case

The defense intends to appeal the arrest, and the deputy continues to go on a hunger strike, demanding a polygraph test. The man was suspected of showing an 11-year-old child “an intimate object” and told about its purpose

Artem Samsonov

In Primorye, the court sent under arrest the deputy of the local legislative assembly Artyom Samsonov, who is suspected of child molestation, according to the website of the regional office of the UK.

Samsonov's defense does not agree with the arrest and intends to appeal against him. “ We believe that the goals referred to by the investigation can be achieved by a milder measure of restraint, house arrest, '' & mdash; told RIA Novosti lawyer of the deputy Natalya Kasilova.

According to her, Samsonov continues to go on a hunger strike, demanding an independent examination on a polygraph.

According to the investigation, Samsonov showed the 11-year-old child “ an object of an intimate nature and gave him information about its purpose. '' A criminal case was initiated against the deputy under clause “ b '' h. 4 tbsp. 132 of the Criminal Code (committing acts of a sexual nature using the helpless state of the victim under the age of fourteen). The maximum sentence under this article is 20 years in prison.

According to the Telegram channel Amur Mash, the deputy showed a sex toy to an 11-year-old boy while relaxing on the beach in Vladivostok and told about its purpose. According to REN TV, we are talking about the events of two years ago.

After the arrest, Samsonov went on a hunger strike in disagreement with the accusations of the investigation, Kasilova said. According to her, the deputy's pressure jumped, an ambulance was called for him. The man also felt bad in court, from where he was taken away in an ambulance.

Since 2016 Samsonov has been holding the posts of First Secretary of the Vladivostok branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Deputy Head of the Committee of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Territory on Regional Policy and Legality … In the September elections, he ran for the State Duma, but finished second in his constituency, behind the candidate from United Russia.

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Russian human rights organization in the United States suspended work due to the FBI

The Coordinating Council of Organizations of Russian Compatriots in the United States (KSORS) has suspended work, according to its website.

“ The decision was made in connection with the investigation of the American special services, as a result of which over the past year at least three hundreds of Russian compatriots in the United States, from students to retirees, have been subjected to FBI investigative measures, '' & mdash; stated in the organization.

It noted that KSORS & mdash; an informal, non-political advisory body that “ never interfered with the domestic political agenda of the United States, did not have the financial resources, did not receive or give out any grants. '' However, some members of the council and other representatives of the Russian community became involved in the investigation of violations of the laws on foreign agents, the organization said.

According to her, during interrogations, FBI officers asked about the ties of compatriots with Russian organizations and government agencies. “ Special attention was paid to the contacts of compatriots with representatives of the Russian diplomatic mission in the United States, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Rossotrudnichestvo, the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Moscow Government, the Roscongress Foundation, the Russian Geographical Society and the coordinators of the Immortal Regiment movement, & mdash; the message says.

This situation creates an “ unacceptable atmosphere of bias and mistrust towards the Russian community, '' said KSORS. The actions of the American special services in the organization were considered “ unprecedented pressure on the Russian community. '' and, pending clarification from the US authorities, refused to host any activities.

The material is being supplemented.


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Scientists from Kabardino-Balkaria have developed a “turtle” robot to disperse the crowd

Photo: @ Telegram-channel RIA Novosti

​​Project of a crawler-based robotic complex designed to effectively suppress street riots, proposed by scientists of the Kabardino-Balkarian Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The turtle robot plans to suppress the protests using electric shock devices, mesh throwers and quick-hardening foam.

Development data is available on the Rospatent website.

The turtle robot, according to design documents, has a streamlined body, resembling a shell. Scientists have made its shape such that even a physically strong and agile person will find it difficult to grab the robot and turn it over. Also, this type of body is designed to minimize the likelihood of injury, since it does not have protrusions or corners of the mechanism.

Two modifications of the robot are offered. The first is a high-speed model for arresting individual offenders and “dissecting” the crowd. The second model – robots – “shield bearers” for quick installation of barriers.

The size of a turtle robot is about the waist of a person. They will be able to reach speeds of up to 60 km/h.


Airplanes with people evacuated from Afghanistan flew to Russia


The press service of the Ministry of Defense said that the planes with citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus evacuated from Kabul, Armenia and Afghanistan have landed at the Chkalovsky airfield near Moscow.

At the moment, passengers are undergoing anti-epidemic and customs control.

Recall that the evacuation was organized on behalf of Vladimir Putin. The department of Sergei Shoigu created an air group, which included three military transport aircraft. The aircraft delivered 36 tons of humanitarian cargo and necessary medical equipment to Afghanistan.

Recall that the previous Russian evacuation flight from Afghanistan took place on August 25.


The European Union plans to carry out mass arrests of people associated with the illegal transport of migrants


to combat the illegal transportation of migrants operations, during which about 1.4 thousand arrests will be made.

It is specified that the document contains data on 30 prepared plans. Some of them will be implemented under the auspices of individual EU member states, while others will be monitored by the relevant authorities, in particular Frontex and the European Police Agency.


“We are terpily”: Satanovsky told how Russia pays for its future “partition”

The political scientist considers the course towards Turkey to be erroneous

The political scientist, head of the Institute for the Near East Yevgeny Satanovsky commented on the publication of & nbsp; & quot; Glance & quot; map of the “ Turkic world '', which included some regions of Russia. This map has been present in the textbooks of Turkish schoolchildren for a long time, Satanovsky emphasized.

Photo: Social networks

The political scientist said that neither for whom it is no longer a secret that Turkish children are taught that the Turkic world ends on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. And in Turkish dictionaries there is an expression “ Moscow giaurs '' (i.e. incorrect). The only thing that is encouraging is & ndash; this is what Turkish intellectuals blush when asked about it.

But Russia does not respond to these antics, but only “ plays and indulges ''. “ While implementing economic projects with Turkey, we are offered to pay for the partition of tomorrow's Russia and the transformation of the former USSR into the future Ottoman Port at our own expense. Actually, we are already doing this, '' the expert emphasized. This, according to Satanovsky, is about projects on which quite certain people who initiate them are making money, and here and now, and Erdogan understands this perfectly.

“ From the point of view of the Turks, we are terpily '', – summed up Satanovsky.

Recall that the composition of the “ Turkic world '', which was depicted on the map of Bahcheli and Erdogan, included the southern regions of Russia and Eastern Siberia.


Polish military analyst predicted Ukraine’s loss of new territories

In Poland, it was admitted that Russia could receive part of the territory of Ukraine in the event of a military conflict, but Moscow is not interested in the entire territory of Independence, but only in its part.


According to the Defense 24 portal, Polish military analyst Juliusz Sabak predicted Russia's attempts to unite the DPR and LPR with Crimea in the event of a military conflict.

By According to the analyst, Moscow is interested in the entire territory of Nezalezhnaya, but only in control over the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov.

“The most likely option is to unite the territory of the DPR and LPR with Crimea … and seize an important port, such as Mariupol,” – says Sabak.


The Federation Council allowed a break in relations with the United States because of the resolution on Putin

The congressmen proposed not to recognize Putin as president if he goes to the polls again, since they consider the amendment to “zero” his terms illegitimate. The Federation Council called it interference in the Russian elections

Two members of the House of Representatives proposed to the US Congress not to recognize Vladimir Putin as President of Russia if he ran for the next presidential election after the end of his term in 2024 year, they submitted a corresponding draft resolution. If this document is adopted, this will lead to a break in relations between Russia and the United States, said Vladimir Dzhabarov, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs, RIA Novosti reports.

“ I am convinced that this document will not pass. But if the resolution is adopted, it will lead to the rupture of relations between Russia and the United States, '', & mdash; said Dzhabarov. In his opinion, the draft resolution is cynical and “ devoid of any common sense. ''

In turn, the vice-speaker of the Federation Council, Konstantin Kosachev, called the congressmen's proposal interference in the presidential elections in Russia. “ It's a bit early this time, the Americans began to interfere in the presidential elections in Russia. The rest is nothing new and nothing unexpected. Pure interference in our internal affairs. And also a provocation aimed at disrupting the emerging normalization of bilateral relations '', & mdash; he wrote on Facebook.

The draft resolution was proposed by Tennessee Democrat Stephen Cohen and South Carolina Republican Joe Wilson. In it, they write that the amendments to the Constitution, which “ nullified '' Putin's presidential terms and gave him the opportunity to run in the future, adopted in violation of the laws and international obligations of Russia, and therefore illegal. Therefore, congressmen believe, the United States should not recognize Putin as president if he runs for elections in 2024.

If the resolution is approved, it will have a recommendatory character.

Voting on amendments to the Constitution ran from June 25 to July 1, 2020. It was possible to vote either for all the amendments at once, or against them. According to the official data of the CEC, 77.9% of the participants in the referendum supported the amendment of the Constitution, against & mdash; 21.2%.

Among the changes was an amendment to “ zero out '' Putin's presidential terms. According to the law, the President of Russia cannot hold this post more than two times. The amendment lifted this restriction for those who were president before it came into force.

Even before voting on the amendments, Putin said that he did not rule out the possibility of running, adding that he had not yet made a decision. He also answered the question about the next presidential term in December 2020. “ I have not yet made a decision for myself whether I will or will not go to the polls in 2024. & lt; … & gt; But formally, this permission is from the people. Do this, do not & mdash; I'll see & raquo;, & mdash; he said.

In October, responding to plans for re-election, Putin said that talking about this topic would destabilize the situation. “ The situation must be calm, stable, so that all authorities, all state structures work confidently, calmly look into the future, '' & mdash; he emphasized.

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Mishustin expanded the powers of Belousov and two deputy prime ministers

Belousov will oversee the energy transition of the Russian economy and the development of actions in the context of low-carbon development. Grigorenko will improve the structure of the state apparatus, Chernyshenko – communication on national projects

The Kremlin considers the US proposal not to recognize Putin as ridiculous and aggressive

Vladimir Putin

US Congressmen are leading a` `fairly unprecedented '' legislative activity that does not fit into the framework of modern international relations, said the press secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov, RBC correspondent reports. He commented on a draft resolution in which the US Congress is asked not to recognize Vladimir Putin as President of Russia if he stands for the next presidential election after the end of his term in 2024.

“ Every time it seems to us that nothing more ridiculous, nothing more aggressive, unfriendly and unconstructive from the other side of the ocean can no longer come. And every time we are wrong. Comes unfortunately & raquo;, & mdash; Peskov said in this regard.

This is a demonstration that the United States is interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, he continued. “ We consider such initiatives of congressmen unacceptable, we consider it interference in our affairs and are convinced that only Russians can determine who and when should be president of the Russian Federation. No other country in the world, parliamentarians of any other country in the world can claim this, '', & mdash; he emphasized.

Peskov added that the State Duma deputies will not leave this proposal without a reaction.

The material is being added.

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Poland named the goals of Russia in the event of a clash with Ukraine


In the event of an armed clash with Ukraine & nbsp; Russia will try to unite the DPR and LPR with Crimea. Polish military analyst Juliusz Sabak wrote about this in an article for Defense 24.

According to the expert, Moscow needs to establish control over the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. In particular, the seizure of the port, which Mariupol stands for, is important. & Nbsp; The analyst is confident that such an operation will threaten important Ukrainian facilities. These are industrial enterprises and a power plant in Zaporozhye or in the Kherson region.

Thus, a serious blow will be dealt to the economic and military potential of Kiev. The Ukrainian authorities will have difficulties with shipping. As a result, Poland is interested in “ strengthening the position of Ukraine. ''

Earlier, another military expert Daniel Davis, in an article on the 19Fortyfive portal, also speculated about whether the United States and NATO as a whole are ready for nuclear strikes in the event of a conflict with Russia because of Ukraine. In his opinion, if they “rely on realism and logic in their policies,” then no.

At the same time, if important political figures are influenced by emotions, the risk of such a war will increase. As a result, the conflict could get out of control & nbsp; and lead to an exchange of nuclear strikes.


Bloomberg told under what conditions will destroy the “Nord Stream – 2”

Photo @ Gazprom

If Moscow launches a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline faces a” guaranteed destruction ” … This opinion was expressed in an article for Bloomberg by the columnist Leonid Bershidsky.

The military conflict, according to him, will undermine the “painstakingly built relations” with the West.

“Nord Stream 2, of course , will be destroyed if Russia undertakes a full-scale offensive against Ukraine, “the article says.

Bershidsky also commented on a possible less grandiose offensive by Moscow on Kiev. In this case, certification can only be delayed, and, accordingly, the launch of the pipeline.

Bershidsky recalled that Washington is just waiting for a mistake from Russia or a pretext to get convincing arguments for its almost lost battle with the Russian gas pipeline.

At the end of the article, the observer concludes that Russia is not going to “unleash a war” because it is interested in economic cooperation with Europe.

The launch of Nord Stream 2 is possible in April-May 2022, said Member of the Bundestag of the Alternative for Germany party Steffen Kotrets.

Contre was a member of the economy and energy committee of the German parliament in the last convocation. He believes that the Federal Network Agency is unlikely to stop the certification of the joint venture – 2.

“However, the European Commission, most likely, will also try to drag out the process from its side. I expect the commissioning of Nord Stream 2 no earlier than next year, possibly in April or May, “he said.


Prince Harry and Meghan scandalously refused a trip to the Queen

Sources: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided not to visit Elizabeth II for Christmas

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not visit Queen Elizabeth II of Britain for Christmas – the first since the death of Prince Philip. According to sources, the couple who left for the United States “declined an invitation to travel to Sandringham with the rest of the royal family for the holiday season”

Photo : Still from video

Sources claim that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not return to the UK for Christmas, despite being invited to join the rest of the royal family in Sandringham.

According to

Daily Mail, it is expected that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who currently living in a $ 14 million mansion in California, they will also skip the Queen's annual Christmas dinner for her large family, which is usually held at Buckingham Palace.

Lunch is slated to take place at Windsor Castle this year as the Queen continues to recover from back problems that caused her to skip Sunday's World War II British Memorial Service.

Harry and Meghan declined the invitation because they want to avoid the inevitable media coverage of their visit to the UK.

A royal source told the press, “The logistics and family planning for Christmas is time consuming, so of course the staff knows Harry and Meghan won't be coming. If they were going, they would have already informed their family about it. But this is Her Majesty's first Christmas without a husband, so one could hope that they would want to be with her. ”

Recall that the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, passed away in April.

The 95-year-old queen has also faced a number of health problems that have recently caused her to miss events and even briefly ended up in the hospital.

Harry and Markle were last in Sandringham at Christmas in 2018, a year before Megxit, as the press dubbed their scandalous break with the royal family.

At Christmas, the Queen in Sandringham is usually joined by Prince Charles , Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton accompanying her to the church service.

Rumors of the Dukes of Sussex not showing up came after Meghan Markle made a surprise appearance on The Ellen Show in her first major TV interview since her infamous performance on Oprah Winfrey with Prince Harry. The Duchess's reappearance on TV has raised fears that she may be going to make scandalous attacks on the royal family.

Her new appearance on television today came as a shock. It has long been rumored that the Duchess would give her first interview with Ellen after she and Harry emigrated in January 2020. But in the end, the Sussexes chose their Montecito neighbor, Oprah Winfrey.

The program has sparked fears in Buckingham Palace that Meghan may launch a new attack on members of the royal family, whom the Duke and Duchess of Sussex previously accused of being racist towards their son Archie and ignored Meghan's dire psychological state during her pregnancy and residence in London. >

Meanwhile, Elizabeth II was seen standing unaided as she was face to face with an audience at Windsor Castle. The 95-year-old queen was captured during a brief conversation with General Sir Nick Carter, Chief of Defense Staff.

At the same time, Her Majesty, for the first time in 69 years of her reign, was unable to attend the national assembly of the Church of England. Prince Edward, her youngest son, read a speech on behalf of the Queen the other day at a synod of the Church of England. Her statement read: “It is hard to believe that more than 50 years have passed since Prince Philip and I attended the very first meeting of the General Synod. None of us can slow down the passage of time; and while we often focus on everything that has changed over the years, much remains the same, including the gospel of Christ and his teachings. ”


Brits found a place in Albania for migrants rushing across the English Channel

UK is looking for a place to donate refugees

Migrants trying to cross the English Channel to the UK from mainland Europe will travel to Albania for a new refugee center. The ministers believe that the opening of the center in Albania will be a deterrent for migrants. According to a source in the UK government, the likelihood of a deal with Tirana now “looks good.” Earlier this week, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel pledged to stop “100 percent” of illegal crossings of the English Channel.


It seems that Britain has found a solution to the migrant crisis: illegal migrants trying to get into the country through the English Channel are offered to urgently be sent to an “offshore” center for refugees in Albania, the Daily Mail writes.

Ministers are discussing opening a center for migrants on Albanian territory, which, in their opinion, will become a deterrent for migrants arriving from northern France. According to the Times, anyone seeking asylum in the UK after arriving illegally, such as by boat or other small craft, will be taken to the new center within seven days.

However, the project will cost the UK taxpayer £ 100,000 in flight and accommodation per migrant.

Earlier reports of plans to establish offshore centers for migrants, including the use of disused oil rigs in the North Sea, discussed in last year ultimately failed.

But the likelihood of a deal with Tirana now “looks good,” a source in the UK government said, even though the Albanian Foreign Minister rejected the idea just last month .

Earlier this week, Interior Minister Priti Patel pledged to stop “100 percent” of crossings of the English Channel by illegal migrants from France.

A total of 1,185 people crossed the strait between the continent and the UK last Thursday, surpassing the previous daily a maximum of 853. Overall, more than 20,000 people entered the United Kingdom this year.

In response to news of the plan to open an asylum center in Albania, a spokesman for the UK Home Office said: “Migrants on these perilous crossings are putting their lives at risk and it is imperative that we do everything we can to prevent these attempts and break the business model. … criminal groups that exploit people. People must seek asylum in the first safe country they arrive in, and as part of our response, it is important that we have a maritime deterrent and we are working with international partners to end this dangerous travel. ”

When The Sun first reported the plans last month, an Albanian prime minister's spokesman called the reports “completely untrue.”

In March, it was suggested that asylum seekers who illegally cross The English Channel can be diverted to a third country, such as Turkey, to reach the UK. Other options were islands off the coast of Scotland, the Isle of Man, or Gibraltar.

Aid organizations called the proposals “inhuman,” and an immigration expert said that although there is no law prohibiting such a move, “a legal action must be brought up on this matter.”

On Wednesday, a new study by the British Refugee Council found that nearly two-thirds of migrants who cross the Channel to the UK are from the Middle East. More than 61 percent of those taking the dangerous 21-mile straight-line journey from Calais to Dover are citizens of countries such as Iran and Iraq.

The largest number of migrants arriving in small boats come from Iran: 3,187 Iranian citizens reached the shores of Great Britain from January last year to May this year. The numbers also show that 2,185 people from Iraq crossed the English Channel during the same period. Other Middle Eastern nations that make up the top ten small boat arrivals include war-torn countries such as Syria and Yemen, as well as oil-rich Kuwait. Of the non-Middle East countries, the largest arrivals came from Sudan, with about eight percent of small boat arrivals from Vietnam, about six percent from Eritrea and one percent from Ethiopia.

According to the British of the Refugee Council, all of the top 10 countries, accounting for 91 percent of those arriving ashore in the UK, are countries where human rights abuses and harassment are common.