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The Kremlin appreciated Erdogan’s calls to return Crimea to Ukraine


Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the words of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that Crimea should be Ukrainian , do not interfere with cooperation with Ankara to resolve the conflict between Moscow and Kyiv.

According to Peskov, Ankara from the very beginning spoke of “disagreeing with us on this issue.” However, Crimea is part of Russia, and “what Erdogan is talking about is impossible.” But Moscow still highly appreciates Ankara's efforts to unravel difficult situations, such as, for example, with grain. “We have a very good potential for deepening cooperation,” the Kremlin spokesman said.

Earlier, Erdogan said that Crimea should return to Ukraine, according to “international law.” He said this during the “Crimean Platform”. The Turkish leader claims that “this is critical for both regional and global security and stability.” This, according to Erdogan, is Ankara's principled position, which it adhered to “from the first day.”

Later, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin noted in an interview with CNN that Crimea would have to become part of Ukrainian territory again in the event , if an agreement is signed between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

As Vladimir Bobkov, Deputy Chairman of the State Council of Crimea, noted, the Republic of Turkey, as a “cunning player”, as well as one of the most controversial members of NATO, is trying to sit on two chairs, demanding ” ;return" peninsula of Ukraine. He suggested that the statements from Ankara are directed not only to the international community, but also to those voters whose support Erdogan needs on the eve of the country's presidential elections.


“Separate negotiations between Odessa and Russia”: why Mayor Trukhanov spoke about peace

Political scientist Markov explained the situation

Odessa Mayor Gennady Trukhanov called for negotiations with Russia. In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, the mayor advocated finding compromises and lowering the level of confrontation, because “the lives of millions of people are at stake.” According to the mayor, after the start of the Russian special operation, Zelensky did everything right, but he had to leave “more autonomy to the regions and municipalities.” Trukhanov's statement was commented specifically for “MK” by political scientist Sergei Markov.


– He himself explains this in his interview. He says that Russia sets the task of liberating Odessa. And, although Russia by no means wants the liberation of Odessa and Kharkov to follow the model of Mariupol, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine used civilians as human shields, nevertheless, there is such a threat.

Trukhanov expresses the position of the majority of Odessa residents who want a big war not to come to their city. He wants ceasefire negotiations to take place before the Russian army storms Odessa. This is also what 90% of the townspeople want.

– Of course, he does not speak on behalf of the leadership of Ukraine. There is no consolidated position there. Because this is a puppet regime, they have different lines of control: some fulfill the requests of the Americans, others – the British; some are in touch with the CIA, others with Pentagon military intelligence.

If the Americans and the British had evaporated, Zelensky would have called Putin 20 minutes later asking him to start negotiations immediately. But they only do what the “curators” tell them to do. Zelensky was told that there could be no negotiations with the Russians now.

Their plan is as follows: the Russian army will take the Donbass – Seversk, Bakhmut, Avdeevka, Marinka. These are small villages, actually a suburb. The sands are for Donetsk what Yasenevo is for Moscow. Avdiivka and Marinka are like Balashikha and Khimki.

They want the Russian army to take all this, and that after that there would be a cessation of hostilities according to the Korean version.

– Yes, Russia is taking Donbass, and a terrorist war will be waged against us from the territory remaining in Kyiv. This, in my opinion, is the American plan.

Trukhanov knows that Russia has often won. And he knows the situation on the southern front. And he understands that a powerful grouping of the Russian army is concentrated there, which can launch an offensive at any moment. And he tries to avoid this option.

– I would say that he accidentally let it slip. Still, this is an interview with an Italian newspaper.

– Entering into separate negotiations with Trukhanov is the same as entering into separate negotiations with Guderian. Everything is under tight control. Therefore, no negotiations are possible. The only thing behind these statements is that a huge number of Ukrainians dream that hostilities will not come to them.

– Not quite so. It does not mean that there will be a change in the position of the Kyiv regime. Because the Kyiv regime does not represent the inhabitants of Odessa, Kharkiv and Kiev, it represents the American and British leadership. But this statement means a lot for understanding the real sentiments of the population of Ukraine. And they are: we dream of peace at any cost.

– Who knows. This is a technical issue. The Americans managed to negotiate with the Iraqi generals to surrender everything. Need to negotiate. But the mayor is not responsible for the defense of the city. Therefore, the success of such negotiations is unlikely.


Simonyan responded to the threats of “Azov” in the massacre

Margarita Simonyan. Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

Chief editor of Russia Today TV channel Margarita Simonyan commented on the threat from the Azov battalion (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) to kill her and her children.

“How should I react to them? I live my life and do what I think is honest, necessary and proper,” she said.

Earlier, Simonyan posted a document on her Telegram channel with the logo of the Azov battalion, which reported, that she and her family members were sentenced by a certain court in the form of a slow martyrdom.

“Judging by the style of threats, either maniacs or quenched teenagers sit there. By the way, one does not exclude the other,” said Simonyan .

There is no confirmation of the authenticity of the document yet. At the same time, the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed the central office of the department to conduct an investigation into the fact of threats.


The expert explained the importance of punishment for non-compliance with territorial defense measures

If the document developed by the Ministry of Defense is adopted, negligent officials will face penalties

The Russian Ministry of Defense plans to introduce fines for officials for failure to implement territorial defense measures. The corresponding bill was developed by the law enforcement agency. The military expert explained to MK that penalties are necessary due to the threat of sabotage and terrorist attacks coming from the Ukrainian side.

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

The bill appeared on August 29 on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts. The document is at the stage of public discussions. The Ministry of Defense proposes to make appropriate amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses. It is expected that the law will be supplemented with an article providing for administrative liability for officials for failure to perform or improper performance of their duties in the preparation and implementation of measures for territorial defense.

The new article will supplement Chapter 19 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, which lists offenses in the field state administration.

As follows from the bill, the amount of the fine will be from 500 to 1000 rubles. It will not apply to all citizens, but only to officials.

There is no explanatory note to the draft amendments, however, it is known that the public discussion of the document will last until September 12. It is assumed that the head of state will submit the bill to the parliament for discussion and adoption.

In addition, as indicated in the document, military registration and enlistment offices will be vested with the authority to consider cases under the new article of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

The concept of territorial defense is given in the law “On Defense”. This is part of nationwide measures taken to protect facilities and communications on the territory of Russia from enemy actions, terrorist and sabotage acts, as well as to establish and maintain martial law and states of emergency.

The main tasks of the territorial defense include the protection and defense of important military, economic and other facilities, communications, as well as the fight against sabotage, reconnaissance and terrorist forces. The law notes that territorial defense measures can be carried out both throughout the country and in individual regions and municipalities.

As a military expert, captain 1st rank of the reserve, Vasily Dandykin, explained to MK, the phrase “territorial defense” is of particular importance in connection with the risks of terrorist attacks and sabotage that come from the Kyiv regime. The expert warned against misinterpreting the concept of territorial defense.

– The concept of territorial defense was corrupted by the Kyiv regime. In fact, this is a very important set of measures that is necessary when the enemy shifts his activity from the fronts to the rear. In Soviet times, we had people's squads and special units in our country that caught saboteurs. Now sabotage Ukrainian cells are opened in different regions of Russia. In addition, the flow of citizens entering our country from the territory of Ukraine is not filtered. We don't know what kind of refugees they are, – explained Vasily Dandykin.

As the expert noted, the defense measures are especially needed in the regions of Russia bordering Ukraine, as well as in the Donbass and the liberated territories of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.


– For example, in my native Bryansk region, territorial defense is very important, as there may be sabotage from the territory of the Sumy and Chernihiv regions, – Dandykin emphasized.


Kuleba reminded IKEA about the factories left in Ukraine

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba, the Swedish company IKEA should return to Ukrainian territory and resume its activities.

“I would like to urge all Swedish companies to resume their activities in Ukraine. Thus, Scania Group (Swedish car manufacturer – ed.) is already increasing its activities. The rest should follow the example, including IKEA, which left six Ukrainian factories since February 24, – time to go back,” Kuleba wrote on Twitter.


Zelensky explained how the Russian-Ukrainian conflict should end


According to President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the military conflict with Russia began on the territory of Crimea and Donbass so that's where it should end. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, Zelensky believes, should reach the state borders, which were approved in 1991.

In his next video message, the head of state expressed the hope that every Ukrainian understands what is happening. “Ukraine must return all its territories: Kharkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Kherson regions, Crimea and, of course, the entire water area of ​​the Black and Azov Seas. From the Snake to the Kerch Strait. It will be,” Zelensky said.

Recall that on August 29, the Ukrainian military launched a massive missile attack on the hydroelectric power station in Nova Kakhovka and the city itself. Due to damage to the hydroelectric power station, the city was left without water and electricity.


The authorities of the Kharkiv region: Kyiv threatens teachers with violence

Vera Sorokova, head of the education department of the administration of the Volchansky district of the Kharkiv region, told reporters that many teachers in the region are afraid to go to work from September 1 because of threats of reprisals and persecution from the Ukrainian authorities.

photo frame from video

According to RIA Novosti, the official clarified that threats came to teachers both through social networks and from the pages of the official media of Ukraine.

“They are intimidating: the Ukrainians will come, and then you will face 15 to 20 years in prison, you will have a completely different conversation … As a result, many refused to work, they had to look for other teachers,” the official admitted.


Deputy head of the Kherson VGA Stremousov: people hate Zelensky

People hate Vladimir Zelensky and the current regime, Stremousov said.

Photo: Global Look Press

Deputy Head Administration of the Kherson region, Kirill Stremousov, said that the more the enemy shells the territory of the region, the more local residents demand a referendum.

According to him, now the number of supporters of Kherson region becoming part of Russia is growing significantly.

“People hate Volodymyr Zelensky and the current regime. The more they strike at the region, the more the locals demand a referendum,” Stremousov said.

He specified that all the statements of the representatives of the Kyiv regime about the return of the Kherson region under their control are “reflection and meaningless emotions”. Stremousov added that the point of no return has already been passed.

Recall that earlier Stremousov noted that Western countries are pushing the Kyiv regime to aggravate the situation in the direction of the Kherson region.


Bloomberg: Germany and France urged to fight “propaganda” inside Russia

Berlin and Paris propose to fight Russian “propaganda” in the European Union with the help of social networks.

Photo: pixabay. com

Bloomberg reported that Berlin and Paris are proposing to fight Russian “propaganda” in the European Union with the help of social networks. In particular, they propose measures that include courses and tools to circumvent censorship.

The publication clarifies that these methods are spelled out in an informal document that will be considered before the meeting of the EU Foreign Ministry on the visa issue. The document invites the EU to use “creative ways” to disseminate independent information in Russia.

In particular, the experts proposed the creation and funding of courses in Russian on literacy regarding information disseminated in the media. These courses could be distributed by bloggers on social networks such as VKontakte, Telegram and YouTube. It is also possible to use tools to circumvent Internet censorship.

Among other things, Germany and France propose to maintain open channels for communication with Moscow, despite anti-Russian sanctions and support for Ukraine.


Named the consequences of the “defective” accident of the largest British aircraft carrier

The failure of the Prince of Wales was called a disgrace to the Royal Navy

HMS Prince of Wales, the largest aircraft carrier in the UK, could miss a “significant mission” with fighters and drones, while the Royal Navy navy is trying to fix a propeller malfunction.

Photo: AP

F-35B Lightning fighter jets and Banshee drones were expected will operate off the deck of the USS Prince of Wales during an upcoming training mission, but these plans could be seriously disrupted or delayed.

According to Sky News, Britain's largest warship could miss important tests involving the latest fighters and drones due to a propeller shaft failure that was discovered just a few miles after the aircraft carrier went to sea.

The aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales cost The £3bn left Portsmouth on Saturday, but “a mechanical failure of the starboard shaft was soon discovered,” Rear Admiral Steve Moorhouse said.

Prince of Wales' journey to the US had barely begun when the ship was forced to crawl back to Hampshire, escorted by tugboats from a position off the Isle of Wight.

Rear Admiral Moorhouse stated “Today I was on the ship to see for myself what the problem is and how we are solving it … After the initial assessment, it is likely that the malfunction will require repair, which may affect the ship's program. The vessel is currently moving to a more secure anchorage for further inspection, at which time we will be able to provide additional comments on the nature of the problem and the impact on her current schedule.”

Divers will be able to use the sheltered bay, believed to be in Gosport, to assess the problem, which specialist news website Navy Lookout called a “significant technical error.”

Rear Admiral Moorhouse said in a video message on social media that “the malfunction is likely to require repairs that could affect the ship's program.”

According to the British naval commander, more information about the problem and the violation of the aircraft carrier's schedule will be provided after additional verification.

“We have responded quickly to the defect and are working closely with industry partners to resolve the issue as soon as possible,” said Rear Admiral Moorhouse, who is responsible for ensuring the Royal Navy ships are ready for deployment.

Navy Lookout, a specialist website, reported that the photo of the aircraft carrier leaving Portsmouth only showed wakes from the port side, indicating a problem with the other propeller shaft. It is anticipated that if the problem is not resolved at sea, the warship may have to drydock at Rosyth, Scotland, several months ahead of a scheduled inspection in 2023.

The aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales acts as a NATO command ship and sails to North America for exercises with the US and Canadian navies and the United States Marine Corps.

The “landmark” mission was intended to determine the future of operations with using stealth aircraft and drones off the coast of North America and the Caribbean.

Fifth-generation F-35B Lightnings and Banshee drones were expected to operate off the deck of the aircraft carrier, and its route included New York, Halifax in Canada, and the Caribbean. The Royal Navy called the cruise a “landmark mission.”

The failure of an aircraft carrier immediately after sailing is a shame for the Royal Navy, especially since the 280-meter ship was commissioned only last year, notes Sky News.


The ship's departure had previously been delayed from Friday due to a technical problem, and shortly after the 65,000-ton aircraft carrier sailed on Saturday, a starboard shaft mechanical failure was discovered.

It is not known if there were whether these incidents are related, the British press notes.

The aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales can carry 36 F-35B Lightning aircraft and four Merlin helicopters with a crew of about 700 people, which increases to 1600 when all aircraft are on board. The planes were supposed to join the ship in the US.


Why do Americans give “valuable advice” about friendship between Serbia and Russia

Who needs Uncle Sam's recommendations

Former US President Barack Obama liked to talk about the exclusivity and selectivity of the American nation. Our country was assigned to them a modest place of a regional power and nothing more. Arrogance, arrogance, and often complete disrespect on the verge of rudeness have always been characteristic features of the communication style of representatives of the American political establishment.

Photo: United States Department of State.

Another habit for American diplomats was the desire to give “valuable advice” on any issue, and especially on those that had nothing to do with them. This is the nature of the nature of their work, they love to do it, even though no one asks them.

Most recently, the American Ambassador to Serbia, Christopher Hill, gave an interview to the N-1 TV channel. We might not pay attention to this fact, but the fact is that this time the American diplomat clearly tried to outdo himself in the emptiness and absurdity of his lengthy discourses about the friendship between Russia and Serbia, the absence of Serbian interests in bilateral relations, and also about the complete hopelessness of further interaction between the two fraternal peoples.

The first impression of this kind of interview is that the person is clearly not in himself. At the same time, a natural desire immediately arises to ask the unfortunate diplomat what he will say about the merciless bombing of Serbia in 1999. Probably, based on his “iron logic”, this was done to strengthen friendship or for something even more good.

And the creation of a point of conflict instability on the territory of Kosovo and pumping it with weapons – was this also done, guided by the interests of the Serbian people exclusively? We don't think so.

At some point, the United States decided that the world would not be able to live on without “democracy according to American patterns.” The Middle East, North Africa, most of the post-Soviet republics were forced to face the phenomenon of “color revolution”.

Chaos and extremely low levels of socio-economic development still reign in some countries. Unfortunately, in 2011, our country also had to go through the events on Bolotnaya Square, but our society had the prudence not to be led by Western manipulators.

The fundamental difference between Russian diplomacy and Western diplomacy is that it is looking for compromises and a balance of interests, focusing on the norms of international law. Russia lays the principle of sovereign equality at the basis of bilateral relations with other states, which allows us to build cooperation and interaction based on mutual respect and taking into account the interests of all participants.

Western countries in the process of international communication use the principles of “order based on rules”, since it is very difficult to come to terms with the fact that the world does not stand still and new centers of power are emerging. The long-term dominance of the collective West in international communication has long since come to an end. And you need to come to terms with this.

It is symbolic that almost simultaneously with the dubious revelations of the American diplomatic representative, a fight took place in Serbia between the Russian boxer Murat Gassiev and the American Carlos Welch. It took our boxer only a few seconds for the American to give up and admit his crushing defeat. The Russian athlete left his opponent no chance.

So in international affairs, it is high time for someone to admit that the world will not be the same, that it is necessary to respect the state interests of other countries, not to interfere in their internal affairs, not to threaten with force, and even more so not to try to impose one's “liberal values”.

The modern world is objectively multipolar, polycentric, culturally and civilizationally diverse, and develops on the basis of conjugation of efforts and the search for mutual compromises. Under these conditions, Russia is a major world power that promotes a positive and unifying agenda based on the principles of the UN Charter, trust and mutual understanding. We believe that our Serbian brothers will figure out for themselves who is their friend and who is their enemy without any advice.


Political scientist Kashin predicted the conflict between Taiwan and China “more dangerous than Ukrainian”

“Washington pays special attention to anti-ship missiles”

The situation around Taiwan is heating up every day. After the provocation with the boats of the US Seventh Fleet, which defiantly proceeded through the Taiwan Strait, because of which Beijing put its troops on high alert, it became known about American plans to supply Taiwan with weapons worth more than $1.1 billion. The Politico newspaper writes about this, citing its own informed sources.

Photo: AP

The well-known Russian political scientist, expert on Asia and China, director of the Center commented on the situation with American arms supplies to Taiwan. Comprehensive European and International Studies, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Candidate of Political Sciences Vasily Kashin.

Washington has not been tired of escalating the situation around Taiwan lately. Arms deliveries to Taipei absolutely fit into this strategy. True, US President Joe Biden still has to get Congressional approval for them as soon as lawmakers return from vacation. However, there is no particular doubt that approval will be obtained. At a White House briefing last Monday, National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby already announced pledges to provide Taiwan with more security assistance.

Question to Vasily Kashin:

– The United States is always sold weapons to Taiwan. Although, of course, in recent years, its supplies have increased dramatically. In just the past few years, more than $20 billion worth of arms contracts have been concluded between Washington and Taipei. Sometimes they easily reached several billion dollars a year. $1.1 billion is another arms package.

– It's hard to say yet. Specifically, it is known about the supply of about 100 air-to-air missiles and 60 anti-ship missiles. Now, in general, in the supply of weapons to Taiwan, the United States is mainly focusing on anti-ship missiles, as well as air defense and missile defense, artillery and all kinds of light weapons.

– I think it is impossible to unequivocally predict anything. But within the next two or three years, there is a high probability of the outbreak of an armed conflict in the Taiwan Strait. And it will be much larger and more dangerous than the one we are seeing now in Ukraine.


Leonkov called the reasons for the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kherson


The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson direction, which was so loudly announced by the leadership of Ukraine, failed miserably – in just one short battle, the Ukrainian army lost a record number of soldiers and equipment. According to military analyst, editor of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine Oleksiy Leonkov, the Ukrainian military turned out to be good in urban battles, but they never learned offensive tactics, so they were defeated.

Photo: AP

He also told which direction the Ukrainian army will move next and why they so badly need any victory before the end of the year.

The Ukrainian “counteroffensive” on Kherson, which was so much talked about in Kyiv, ended tragically for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ukrainian military decided to advance from the left bank of the Ingulets River in the territory of the Kherson region. The allied forces of the Russian army, meanwhile, took a break and waited for the Ukrainian group to stretch for several kilometers in the direction of Andreevka-Sukhoi Stavok, after which they attacked the Ukrainian army. The remnants of Ukrainian formations were eliminated in the forest belt. Thus, in the very first hours of the “counteroffensive”, Russian troops defeated the Ukrainian military, who fell into the “fire bag”.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in manpower amount to 560 people. During the fighting, 26 Ukrainian tanks, 23 infantry fighting vehicles, nine other armored fighting vehicles were also destroyed, two Su-25 attack aircraft were shot down.

According to Alexei Leonkov, the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was initially doomed – there is too much about it they said:

-Ukraine has repeatedly announced a powerful counteroffensive in the Kherson direction. At the same time, President Zelensky stated that the offensive would be unhurried, and set aside up to six weeks for it.

Six weeks have passed. Nothing happened.

It was assumed that this would be such a powerful offensive that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would even take some settlement, and possibly Kherson. Several attempts were made to break through the line of contact.

As a result, the enemy was able to concentrate a certain amount of armored vehicles, armored vehicles and organize artillery and aviation support, but the counteroffensive still failed. At the same time, the enemy suffered significant losses in personnel and equipment.

This suggests that the attack that was undertaken did not come as a surprise to our command. We were ready for it, and the attack was doomed.

In general, the battle did not last long, but Ukraine lost a battalion tactical group in just one battle. If earlier the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that 100-200 people were losing along the entire line of contact, and here in one battle – 560 … This is a lot.

According to Leonkov, the Ukrainian army did not take into account its weak side:

– The attack area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine was reconnoitered – they received intelligence information promptly. But, most likely, the fact that the Ukrainian army was not prepared for counter-offensive actions affected. She was being prepared for the attack that she is now conducting – the occupation of settlements, urban battles, the use of citizens as human shields – what we are seeing along the entire line of military contact. They are good on defense, but on the offensive they turned out to be, to put it mildly, ignoramuses.

Besides, they apparently thought that if they keep saying “wolves, wolves”, we will believe them, get scared and lose. But you see, we also have intelligence that foresaw and knew all this.

The military expert does not exclude that such attacks will resume in the near future – the future of the Ukrainian army is at stake:

– The enemy, despite the defeat, still plans to make such attacks. Not necessarily in the direction of Kherson. There are also Izyumskoye and Kharkivskoe directions. Zelensky has been given the task of doing something outstanding in time for the November elections to the US Congress. The result of Zelensky's actions will affect the financing of the Ukrainian army, which is now completely dependent on American capital.


The expert explained why Russia could need Iranian drones

They are needed primarily for reconnaissance

At the end of August, The Washington Post newspaper, citing US officials, reported that the first unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of its own production were transferred to Russia Iran. Alexander Pylaev, editor-in-chief of Expert Union magazine, believes that Russia might need drones to improve reconnaissance and surveillance.

Photo: Global Look Press

In an interview with, Pylaev stressed that in the case of Iranian UAVs, the point is not so much in their combat or tactical characteristics, but rather in their mass character. As the expert noted, the most ordinary, household Maviks, which are engaged in close range reconnaissance, are in great demand at the forefront.

According to the expert, the task at the moment is simple, and it consists in saturating the Russian troops and infantry groups by means of surveillance and reconnaissance.

In addition, Pylaev added that loitering ammunition will also play an important role in this situation, since a drone armed with them will be able to hover over areas that pose a threat and hit targets in given square.

See also:Leonkov named the reasons for the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kherson


Zelensky fell into euphoria: peace with Russia has finally disappeared from the agenda

In the team of the president of Nezalezhnaya, they took up hat-throwing

The top leadership of Ukraine finally got out of the state of psychological shock caused by the start of the Russian special operation. The mood of triumphalism and hatred reigns in the political circles of Kyiv.

Photo: Global Look Press

This conclusion is very hard to believe. But it is the only one that can be made as a result of the following policy statement by Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Olha Stefanyshina: “If Ukraine was offered a MAP (action plan for obtaining NATO membership. – “MK”) before February 24, we would be as satisfied as possible with this decision, we are happy… Today, the proposal of a MAP within the framework of NATO will be tantamount to the decision of the Bucharest summit in 2008… That is, only membership.”

To loudly declare that “only membership will suit us” and to receive this same membership are not quite the same thing. The difference in this case is as great as the difference between the ringing of gold coins and the actual gold coins.

They won't take Ukraine into NATO now. The number of politicians and even entire countries whose brakes have failed is growing in the Western camp with each new month of 2022. However, to such a degree of madness – Ukraine's membership in NATO in the current geopolitical realities is tantamount to a full-scale armed conflict between NATO and Russia – everything has not reached and, I hope, will not reach.

But this does not make Olga Stefanishina's statement less politically significant. Giving up the desire to seek NATO membership is the “concession to Russia” that official Kyiv was ready to make at the turn of February and March of this year. Why did I put this phrase in quotation marks? Because in exchange for claims to membership in the alliance, the Zelensky regime wanted to receive firm “security guarantees” from the West. Like, if Russia again wants to conduct a special operation against us, then you should no longer stand aside and get off with sanctions and arms supplies.

In fact, this is the same fifth article of the NATO charter on collective defense, only under a different name. In other words, Zelensky offered Moscow a donut hole, a fig leaf, and presented it as a “significant political concession.” But now in Kyiv they clearly feel that now there is no need even for a fig leaf – everything is going quite well anyway.

How can “things go well enough” in a country that is raging full-scale fighting? In order to answer this question, we need to get into the minds of the Kyiv elite, to understand how they think.

A few weeks ago a political scandal erupted in Berlin. Critics began to actively peck at the Minister of Internal Affairs of Germany for a photo where she was captured smiling on the street and a glass of champagne in her hands on the balcony of the German embassy in Kyiv in the company of the mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitali Klitschko. The photo was considered inappropriate – like, against the backdrop of the tragedy, you can’t smile and drink champagne. This scandal itself is not worth a damn. But it is very revealing in terms of the atmosphere in which the Ukrainian elite lives.

Shooting in Vogue magazine for the President and First Lady… As it turned out recently, the most likely future Prime Minister of Great Britain, Liz Truss, is eager to get into the pages of this publication. But she, most likely, will not be lucky: she did not leave the status. But Zelensky’s status, on the contrary, is now all right. And now everything is still in order with the lifestyle of the Ukrainian elite.

Moscow's threats to start attacking Kyiv's “decision-making centers” remain threats so far. There is champagne. With whom to drink it, there are also no problems: Western VIPs go to Kyiv in one continuous stream.

Yes, a completely different life is going on a few hours away from Kyiv. Well, what of it? The Ukrainian elite has always been distinguished by its increased tolerance for the suffering of its own population. Remember, for example, with what ease and ruthlessness the population of Donbass was declared “foreign” and “cut off a slice.” Now the same logic applies to the population of other territories that were in the war zone.

And please don't think that in the previous paragraph I am handing out emotionally charged assessments and trying to shame someone. I'm just stating the facts: Ukraine is in pain, the Ukrainian elite is not.

The destruction of the country, its economy, its infrastructure at the moment is not transforming into pressure on the state leadership in order to force it to end hostilities as soon as possible. And, as a result, the state leadership of Ukraine feels quite comfortable. Hence the statement of Deputy Prime Minister Stefanishina, with which I began this text. What difference does it make that no one is offering NATO membership to Kyiv now! It doesn't matter! The important thing is that you can take a proud pose and loudly declare: we want – and that's it! They won't agree to anything less!

And you can't say that the Kyiv bosses live in an imaginary world. Their world (or little world, if someone still yearns for emotionally charged epithets) is also quite real – no less real than the world in which a significant part of the ordinary population of Ukraine lives. These worlds are like vessels that are nearby, but do not communicate. I'm pointing this out. It is impossible to complete this text with a “beautiful morality” or a “deep analytical conclusion”. Let everyone draw their own conclusions.


FSB general urged to immediately arm officials in the special operation zone

How to guarantee the safety of employees of pro-Russian administrations

At the Russian-controlled territories of Ukraine, a terrorist war continues against those who defected to Russia. On August 30, an unsuccessful attempt was made on the head of the duty department of the traffic police in the Kherson region. On August 28, Alexei Kovalev, deputy chairman of the military-civilian administration of the region, and his wife were killed in their house. We talked about the peculiarities of Ukrainian terror with retired FSB Major General Alexander Mikhailov.

Photo: Social networks

– Because they are, in fact, in enemy territory. Yes, there are a large number of people who have long recognized the need to join the Russian Federation. But no less number are hidden enemies who will constantly carry out various kinds of terrorist attacks.

I think that various kinds of special services are not always involved in this. Bandit elements from “Azov” (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation), from other formations are now in “free flight” and can carry out sabotage and terrorist attacks without any control or at the behest of their commander, the same bandit as they are.

We encountered something similar after the end of the Great Patriotic War. The same processes were then taking place in the Baltic States and Western Ukraine.

– It's quite difficult. Their vulnerability is quite high. A person leaves a car in a parking lot, a person moves along roads that can be mined. He enters the premises, where other characters can enter besides him. This is a very dangerous job.

Therefore, people who agree to work in interim administrations are heroic people who sincerely want a good life for their people.

Everything also depends on the work of counterintelligence, on the creation of structures that would make it possible to identify these scoundrels. I think that in these territories it is necessary to create a people's militia from ordinary citizens who, together with law enforcement agencies, will control the situation, identify scoundrels and destroy them before they commit a crime.

– Unfortunately, no. But security doesn't do much either. Yes, they can cover some sectors. But it often happens that despite the security, killing some leader is a task for a freshman.

There is a huge amount of weapons and explosives in the public domain. Therefore, protecting people is quite difficult. Although, of course, these people must be guaranteed security. But security must be comprehensive. It cannot be associated only with physical security.

Physical security is, to a certain extent, only an imitation. We need to create a front of popular resistance to these bandits. Because without the participation of citizens, without the participation of the local population, this infection cannot be defeated.

– This is complete nonsense. I believe that these people should have all the necessary arsenal for self-defense. And talk about some kind of “danger” is not serious. So many weapons in free circulation, and people who perform government functions, you see, have no right to carry them! They must be provided for.

It is clear that not every person will apply it, not everyone will apply it correctly. But he must have it. A person who has a gun even feels differently psychologically. It is the duty of the state to provide these people not only with physical protection, not only with a counterintelligence regime, but also with personal service weapons.

– Well, what papers, what are they carrying! This is complete absurdity. In the conditions of a special military operation, what kind of papers can there be? Why do we issue a machine gun to an ordinary untrained soldier, but we cannot issue a weapon to an adult who performs important state functions?

Bureaucrats who come up with various “excuses” are people working against the state. The people representing the provisional civil administration must be provided with everything. If it is necessary to create a regulatory framework for this, it must be done urgently. At the level of the State Duma, however, taking into account the fact that we are not yet talking about a single state with these regions.

It is necessary to do everything possible to support them, at least morally. As I said, a weapon is not a guarantee of security in its purest form, but it is a moral support for a person who has a tool to protect himself and his family and children. What nonsense in general!

– And not only to Moscow. Look at what masses of people have moved to the Russian Federation from the territory of Ukraine. Who checked them? We accept them with an open mind, but how many of them are scoundrels and scum who came to commit hostile acts against citizens of the Russian Federation?

– Of course. But do not think that the SBU are such fools. The SBU is doing very thorough work, often under a “false flag”. I believe that not two or three people were involved in the murder of Daria. There are people there who “in the dark” carried out the tasks that were set before them. But the decision to eliminate is made by the relevant centers. This is where all the information goes. Therefore, to say that this aunt Vovk alone did this with her daughter and some other pepper that appeared in sight is ridiculous and wrong. I am sure that dozens of people took part in the preparation of this crime.

Read the article “Ex-people’s deputy Kovalev, who went over to the side of Russia, was shot in the back of the head”


The expert assessed the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south: it was a political demand

Ukraine lost more than 1,200 servicemen in a day

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, on the personal instructions of President Zelensky, went on the offensive in Mykolayiv-Krivoy Rog and other directions. And, as the Russian Ministry of Defense reported, more than 1,200 military personnel, as well as 48 tanks, 46 infantry fighting vehicles, 37 armored combat vehicles, were lost per day. We talked to military expert Vladislav Shurygin about what is behind the Ukrainian army's attempted offensive in the south.


“First of all, behind this offensive attempt there is a huge political pressure from the top Ukrainian leadership,” says Vladislav Shurygin. “Because half a year of a special operation is half a year of a slow and sometimes quick retreat, defeats, boilers, the loss of vast territories in the south and southeast of the country, when thousands of servicemen of the Ukrainian army were captured and tens of thousands were killed. Moreover, unprecedented deliveries of weapons, military equipment, ammunition, and ammunition were going to Ukraine.

Accordingly, Western curators have more and more questions about Ukraine's ability to achieve some real success.

Zelensky was required to show success. Without success, any investment in it and Ukraine lost its meaning at a certain point. It was easier then to negotiate with the Russians, to somehow convince them to stop where they are. And be content with what they have. Otherwise, you could lose everything. Therefore, throughout the second half of July and throughout August, Ukraine was concentrating forces in the areas of strikes, accumulating reserves. And she was in a hysterical state – to attack or not to attack? ..

“It was a political demand. Ukraine could not organize a major counteroffensive. The forces of the Ukrainian side and ours were too incomparable. Ukraine tried to advance without air superiority, without decisive superiority in artillery. And even in people, having created superiority in key areas, at best, two to one, three to one. If you throw everything you have, regardless of losses, then you can, of course, occupy several villages for a while. But you still need to linger in them, because there is a bare steppe, an open area.

Therefore, I am extremely critical of the fact that Ukraine can now demonstrate something. And the cost of a failed counteroffensive would be enormous. Great demoralization will be added to huge losses.

Von expert draws attention to the fact that this counteroffensive was being prepared for a long time, it was talked about a lot.

I am not surprised that the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Zaluzhny, resisted Kyiv’s demand to launch an offensive for three months, because he perfectly understood how it could end.

Vladislav Shurygin says that any counteroffensive reaches a maximum in 3-4 days.

– Then they will either throw all new forces into the attack, or decide that it is better to save people and collapse offensive.


Medvedev urged to quickly ban Schengen visas for Russians: “Got it”


Deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev commented on the plans of the EU countries to introduce restrictions on the issuance of Schengen visas to Russian citizens. In his opinion, after the adoption of the prohibitive decision, “everyone will finally be convinced of how Europe treats the citizens of Russia.”

they will soon impose a complete ban on their extradition.”

He expressed the opinion that with the introduction of the ban, “the Europeans will once again show their true colors” and will no longer “distract Russia and its citizens with lies and delusional promises from conducting a special military operation.”

He ended his post with a phrase in Latin: “A la guerre comme a la guerre” (“in war as in war” – MK).


In Iraq, the smell of a new hot spot: dozens of dead

Bloody clashes in Baghdad were triggered by the departure of a popular cleric from politics

Iraq is on the verge of a new bloody confrontation. Clashes in Baghdad, triggered by the departure of an influential Shiite cleric from politics, have resulted in deaths and further plunged the country into crisis. Let's try to figure out what is happening in the long-suffering Arab country and whether violence can flare up here again.

Photo: AP

At least 10 people were killed and more than 200 injured in clashes that broke out in the Iraqi capital on Monday, medical sources told CNN. Meanwhile, according to Al Jazeera, up to 30 supporters of the Shia leader al-Sadr were killed, and about 380 more were injured – some received bullet wounds, while others suffered from tear gas poisoning. On Tuesday, a mass funeral was held in the Shiite holy city of Najaf for some of the protesters killed in Baghdad.

Violence continued into Tuesday morning as four rockets landed on the heavily fortified “Baghdad Green Zone” that was once a stronghold of the United States military and is now home to Iraqi government offices and foreign embassies. Video footage shows militants firing RPGs and machine guns at armored vehicles.

UN Chief António Guterres on Monday called for “restraint” in Iraq and asked all parties to “take immediate steps to de-escalate the situation.”


The bloodshed came after Iraqi Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr announced on Monday his “final retirement” from politics and said he was closing his political offices across the country. a gray-bearded preacher with millions of devoted followers who once led a militia against US and Iraqi government forces after the 2003 overthrow of President Saddam Hussein by the US occupiers announced his “final retirement” on Monday and said he “decided not to interfere into political affairs.”

This announcement prompted hundreds of Sadr's supporters to storm the Green Zone and seize the Republican Palace, where the Iraqi cabinet sits. Protesters were seen swimming in the palace pool and waving Iraqi flags while others clashed with government security forces.

Sporadic clashes have erupted in Baghdad between Iranian-backed militias and forces loyal to al-Sadr, who can count on the loyalty of up to 7 million Shiite Iraqis, The Guardian notes. For its part, Al Arabiya claims that clashes raged between Sadr's supporters and the army and fighters of Hashed al-Shaabi, former Tehran-backed paramilitaries integrated into Iraqi forces, Monday night and Tuesday morning.

But after a day of violence, al-Sadr on Tuesday ordered his supporters to leave the Green Zone and apologized to the Iraqi people.

“I walk with my head down and I apologize for the Iraqis, who are the only people who have suffered,” al-Sadr said at a press conference held on Tuesday in Najaf.

The video from Baghdad shows , as crowds of protesters leave the Green Zone after their leader's speech. Minutes later, the Iraqi military announced they would lift the nationwide curfew imposed on Monday.

Protests also erupted in Iraq's Shia-majority southern regions, with Sadr's supporters burning tires and blocking roads in the oil-rich Basra province, and hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the governorate building in Missan. Acting Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qadhimi imposed a curfew on most Iraqi cities, except the Kurdish north, from 7:30 pm.

Since the outbreak of violence in Baghdad, neighboring Iran has closed its borders with Iraq and canceled some flights bound for the Iraqi capital, Iranian state news agency IRNA reported. The Iranian embassy in Baghdad also asked Iranians currently in Iraq to refrain from traveling to the capital, as well as to the cities of Kadhimiya and Samarra, IRNA added.

Muktada al-Sadr is extremely popular in Iraq and throughout For many years he has positioned himself as a figure opposing both the United States and Iran, which have significant influence in Iraq.

According to The Guardian, al-Sadr, after 2003, was the main beneficiary of the system cemented during the American occupation of Iraq, and used it to strengthen his power over his followers and influence political life.

Despite the nominally friendly Attitudes towards Iran In the two decades since the ouster of President Saddam Hussein by American intervention, al-Sadr has increasingly challenged Tehran's influence on his country's politics.

Al-Sadr's nationalist rhetoric and proposed reform agenda resonate strongly with his supporters, who mostly come from the poorest sections of Iraqi society and have historically been excluded from the political system.

In October, al-Sadr's Shiite bloc became the most a big winner in an election that threatened to sideline the Iran-linked rival Shia factions that had long dominated the politics of the oil-rich country.

But despite electoral success, al-Sadr's attempts to form a government failed due to opposition from rival blocs, leaving Iraq stuck in a political stalemate. In a show of apparent strength, al-Sadr decided in June to order his entire political bloc to withdraw from parliament.

In July, the Coordinating Structure, the largest Shiite alliance in the Iraqi parliament, nominated Mohammed Shia al-Sudani for the presidency, which caused a wave of protests from supporters of al-Sadr. The coordination structure consists of various Shia groups, some of which are supported by Iran.

In July, Sadr urged his supporters to occupy parliament while calling for massive changes to the political system.

On Tuesday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qadimi welcomed al-Sadr's call for his supporters to resign, saying that each has a “moral and national responsibility to protect Iraq's capabilities, stop the political and security escalation, and initiate a quick and fruitful dialogue to resolve the crisis.”

Meanwhile, some observers fear that protracted clashes will be a test of loyalty Iraqi military, which has a large number of Sadr supporters in its ranks.

Government Palace stormed in Baghdad: footage of violent protests

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Basurin called problems in the fight against artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

“Kyiv terrorizes the civilian population using the weapons of the West”

Western supplies of weapons to Ukraine have led to increased shelling of the civilian population by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the People's Militia Department of the Donetsk People's Republic, Eduard Basurin, who met with a group of Russian and foreign journalists in Donetsk. The MK correspondent asked the DPR representative his questions.

Photo: Sergey Valchenko

Basurin's meeting with journalists took place near the ruins of the Galaktika shopping center, which was hit by artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on August 24. The center is located in the Lenisk district of Donetsk. Here they traded building materials and household goods. Three shells hit the mall directly. A huge fire started, which could not be extinguished. Against the background of what was left of the shopping center, a representative of the People's Militia answered the questions of journalists.

According to Basurin, every day the Armed Forces of Ukraine shell both the civilian sector and social facilities.

“The civilian population is terrorized every day,” he said. – The minimum amount of ammunition that is now produced in the cities of the DPR is from 300 to 500. Hurricanes, Grads, caliber 152 mm, 155 mm and 122 mm. Five civilians were injured yesterday. In previous days, there were 2-3 dead, from 10 to 15 wounded.

On average, in the republic, up to 50 houses are damaged every day as a result of shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Big trouble shelling cities with “Hurricanes”, which are stuffed with insidious “petal” mines.

– This is the “petal” of the first form of manufacture, – explained Basurin. – They don't have a self-destruct mode. These mines can lie for years, and nothing will happen to them. As a result of the detonation only on these mines, 58 civilians were injured, three of them children. The force of the explosion is such that an adult's leg is torn off. This weapon is inhuman. Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are again starting to scatter them in large numbers.

According to Basurin, recommendations to the population about the “petals” have been made since 2014. The military, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs are engaged in this work. Posters and booklets are published. The meaning of the advice is simple: if you see an explosive object, do not touch it with your hands, report it to the appropriate authorities. They will come and do everything.

– But the impression – says Basurin – that our people are fearless. They themselves are trying. It is believed that this speeds up the demining process. I say again how dangerous this mine is: when pressed more than five kilograms, it detonates. There are only 40 grams of TNT, but it is enough to tear off a leg. I do not recommend.

According to Basurin, the filling of one “Hurricane” is 315 minutes. In Ukraine, there were 90 such missiles. More than 40 were released in Donbass. They launch not one at a time, but 2-3. Sometimes it is physically impossible to quickly neutralize them. Mine camouflage – green or sand. A lot of greenery, grass, it is impossible to find right away. Many mines get stuck in the crowns of trees and then fall from the wind. A man passed – no mine, after some time he passes the same way – a mine appears.

– I appeal to all residents, not only the DPR. These mines were scattered on the territory of the Russian Federation. Under no circumstances should you touch it. Mark the place with a sign and inform the authorities to come and destroy it. You don't have to do it yourself.

Basurin spoke about the operational situation in key sectors of the front. According to him, from Ugledar in the south of the DPR to Artemovsk (Bakhmut) in the north, “the process of demilitarization is underway.”

– This is the destruction of enemy manpower, warehouses and equipment. Yesterday, in the area of ​​the settlement of Kadema, in the area of ​​Artemovsk, the enemy launched counteroffensive actions. As a result of these actions, the enemy suffered losses – two tanks, up to thirty militants. The main hostilities are going around Donetsk – in the area of ​​Sand, Maryinka, Avdiivka, Ugledar, Gorlovka, New York (Novgorodtsevo), Zaitsev, Kadem, Artemovsk, Seversk.

A journalist from Denmark asked the following question: “There are the feeling that the allied forces of the Russian Federation, LPR and DPR are not having success on the battlefield. Why?”

To this, Basurin recalled that the troops had liberated a territory with a total area of ​​200 square kilometers in a month.

– Isn't that a success? The total number of liberated settlements in the DPR is 271. From the outside it seems that everything is done easily and quickly. But in life everything is much more complicated. For example, from a military point of view, it is believed that during offensive operations, the side that conducts them should have a superiority in manpower from 3.5 to five times. In our country, offensive operations take place at a ratio to the enemy – less than one. We are already creating military history. There is a delay in this.

In addition, the colonel noted, Ukraine is trying in every possible way to use the civilian population as a shield.

– For eight years they created a large fortified area, deeply echeloned, it is known about three echelons. but they keep getting stronger. The same Sands, the same Maryinka. Why is it hard? Because every house is a fortified area. They dug up everything with trenches, concreted everything, many trenches were closed from above with camouflage nets, it is not even clear where they are. Therefore, there are problems with this.

Another factor, according to Basurin, is the large amount of long-range weapons supplied to Ukraine. It is often impossible to immediately destroy it, because the range is very long. For example, 155 mm NATO caliber guns with special ammunition can fire at a distance of up to 57 kilometers.

– We do not always have the weapons with which we can destroy such artillery in counter-battery combat, including Hamers “. This imposes certain problems on the speed of progress. But, believe me, he is a stubborn Russian man. If he said he would be there, he would be there. I would like it to be faster, but this is not always possible.

Basurin explained that it is the supply of Western weapons that helps the armed formations of Ukraine shell the cities of Donbass.

– Eight years in Donetsk, people were theoretically endangered every day, but there were areas where there had never been shelling. Now all areas of Donetsk, Gorlovka, Makeevka are being shelled. The distance from the front line to the points where people live is more than 50 kilometers. A person, if he goes out into the street, he has no confidence anywhere in the city that he may not fly there.

All this began to happen after Ukraine began to receive heavy weapons according to NATO standards. Previously, Ukraine did not have such an opportunity. Now she has it.

According to Basurin, Soviet-designed 152-mm artillery systems, which are in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, fire at a distance of up to 30 kilometers. Now, with artillery of NATO caliber 155 mm, depending on the type of howitzers and ammunition, the firing range is 45-57 kilometers. The American HIMARS system, with the type of missiles that are delivered, can reach up to 70 kilometers.

– If the missiles are more advanced, then the range will be 150-300 kilometers. I can say with confidence that a missile has been delivered to Ukraine that can fly at a distance of 150 kilometers

When asked what to do to stop the shelling, Basurin joked:

– If I were a purely religious person, I would say: you need to pray. Since I am a military man, I can say that we need to make every effort and use the means that we have in service and in service with the Russian army. This is reconnaissance, additional reconnaissance and the destruction of warehouses, logistics, the artillery systems themselves, both barrel and jet. No other way.

At the same time, according to Basurin, the amount of ammunition fired by the enemy is decreasing. This suggests that we are destroying warehouses, these artillery systems.

Another question from a foreign journalist nearly pissed off Basurin. He asked if there were many people in the DPR who were ready to make peace under any conditions.

– You said under what conditions? If a person has a concept of honor and dignity, he will not agree to any conditions. You don't want to be a slave, do you? Or do you want to?

– No, but I also want to live, – was the answer.

– That's when you yourself and determine – you are a slave or a man. Each person chooses the concept of who he wants to be in this life. From a military point of view, the war will end when the enemy signs a surrender. If we are talking about hostilities.

Journalists were interested in how the current situation, after the start of the special operation, differs from the one in 2014.

– In 2014, people initially did not understood what was happening and how to protect themselves, – said Basurin. – Now they understand. But for eight years they are physically and mentally tired, and the realization that they can fly to any point in the city leaves a certain imprint on their actions. I think people are tired and more afraid than in 2014. Then they did not fully understand what was happening, now they do.

Ukraine, according to Basurin, by shelling civilians, conducts ordinary terror against residents in order to disrupt the lives of the civilian population

– The situation is more complicated. Because the weapons that are supplied to Ukraine contribute to the fact that terror against the civilian population has intensified. And there is always hope. If there is no hope, then there will be no faith, there will be no faith – what do we live for?


Denis Pushilin named a means to combat the shelling of Donetsk

“The Kyiv regime is ready to commit any crime”

It is possible to stop the barbaric shelling of residential areas of Donetsk and other cities of the DPR only by pushing Ukrainian troops to a safe distance, from where Kyiv's artillery cannot reach territory of the republic. This was stated by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin, who on August 30 met with a group of Russian and foreign journalists. The MK correspondent also asked the head of the LPR his questions.

Photo: Sergey Valchenko

According to Pushilin, the enemy continues shelling residential areas, social facilities in Donetsk, Horlivka, Makiivka.

-Zelensky continues to increase the number of war crimes, Pushilin said. – He continues to give orders for the destruction of the civilian population.

In this row, according to him, are the shelling of Kherson and the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Kyiv stops at nothing, and this causes serious concern.

– Our units are moving quite successfully, not as fast as we would like, – said Pushilin. – This is the Artemovsk direction, towards Avdeevka, Maryinka, Vugledar. Our task is to move the enemy as quickly as possible and with minimal losses to the distance when he will not be able to strike at the territory of the DPR.

To the clarifying question of how far the enemy should be pushed back, Denis Pushili said:

– At least 70 kilometers, taking into account the weapons that they have at the moment. It's minimum. Now information is coming in that the Americans are ready to supply weapons that can shoot at a distance of 300 kilometers. Accordingly, this will not leave us any chance not to push back to this distance. The stronger, long-range weapons the Ukrainian regime has, the more we will have to push Ukrainian armed formations away from our cities and regions.

Pushilin answered journalists' questions against the backdrop of the Tsentralnaya Hotel, which was recently shelled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“There is no military infrastructure around us, this is a hotel where journalists and civilians live, among other things,” Pushilin said. – The shelling had no military expediency. This is a desire on the part of the Ukrainian regime to create panic among the civilian population so that people cannot feel safe.

We are used to barbaric, cynical actions on the part of the Ukrainian regime, and this once again confirms the correctness of our choice, made in 2014.

Pushili recalled that the cities and towns of the DPR did not begin to shell now. They were shelled for all eight years. A large number of dead, wounded, including children.

“Undoubtedly, a special military operation for us, in fact, means a liberation operation and the end of the war,” said the head of the DPR. – A special military operation helped prevent the transition to the active phase, when the Ukrainian regime planned to clean up the territory of the DPR. In this case, the number of victims would be hundreds of thousands.

According to Pushilin, it is necessary to use the capabilities that the allied forces have in order to move the enemy away from the territory of the DPR as quickly as possible.

For now there is a threat of shelling. Because of this, from September 1, it was decided to cancel full-time education in a number of schools and universities.

– Over the past eight years, we have also had a negative experience. The enemy also shelled schools in 2014 when the educational process and even the time of the rulers were going on. We must be guided, first of all, by the safety of children. Therefore, it was decided that we would have a combined approach. Those schools that are at a sufficient or relatively sufficient safety distance will study in person. There are about 250 such schools in the DPR. The rest of the 586 schools, until we push the enemy back, will study remotely. Universities, since they are all located in dangerous locations, the enemy has the opportunity to fire at them while they study remotely. In Donetsk, almost all schools will teach remotely, and only about five schools will teach in person.

Pushilin did not rule out that Kyiv could interfere with the arrival of the IAEA mission to the Zaporozhye NPP, “so that the inspectors do not had the opportunity to stop what is happening now.”

– Now the Ukrainian regime is insane. I wouldn't rule out anything that could go. Of course, this would be an invalid edge.

Pushilin said what is being done to prevent an accident at the Avdeevka Koksokhim plant, which could lead to an environmental disaster. Avdiivka is still under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

– We are closely monitoring and taking all possible actions on our part to prevent a catastrophe associated with an accident or deliberate sabotage by Ukrainian armed forces. At the moment, his work is suspended. Further, serious enough operational work is carried out so that the enemy does not have the opportunity to commit, in fact, a terrorist act. Next, not the first. According to the latest information, the enemy uses the infrastructure that is located at the plant for shelter.

Pushilin told the preparations for the tribunal over neo-Nazi war criminals.

– Almost everything is ready. We rely on the investigating authorities, which will immediately give the go-ahead when they have all the material ready so that the tribunal can be held in accordance with all international standards. It is important for us now to realize that this is very soon.


Deputy Morozov: I hope Gorbachev repented in recent days

People's choice considered the time of Gorbachev's departure mystical

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from United Russia Oleg Morozov commented on the information that ex- USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev.

Photo by AGN “Moskva”

The deputy admitted that he knew the politician personally and communicated with him , RIA Novosti reports.

“If repentance was with him in recent days, it means that he left … with good in his heart. I want to believe in this, since I knew this person,” said Morozov.

He also drew attention to the fact that Gorbachev died during a special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

“There is a mystical coincidence in this … He – voluntary or involuntary – but one of co-authors of that unjust world order with which our warriors they fight for an hour on the battlefield,” the deputy said about Gorbachev.

Mikhail Gorbachev's life in photographs: the CPSU, Raisa, perestroika and resignation

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The world created by Gorbachev: the reality of 2022 is still the result of his rule

“He did a lot. And he failed a lot”

The man is a legend. Epoch man. The man who changed the course of history – in relation to the deceased Mikhail Gorbachev, even such epithets look like a hopeless understatement. “We all came out of Gogol's greatcoat,” Fyodor Dostoevsky once said (or, they say, he said). But it was a long time ago. And the modern world came out of “Gorbachev's overcoat” – or, rather, from his strict business suit of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

Mikhail Gorbachev with members of the Politburo March 7, 1985 at a concert at the Bolshoi Theater dedicated to International Women's Day. Chernenko will die in three days, soon Gorbachev will become General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU Photo: AP

Euphoria, a sense of liberation, a foretaste of a truly joyful and bright future – this is Gorbachev. The unexpected collapse and disintegration of a great power, empty store shelves, huge queues, the prospect of devastation and famine – this is also Gorbachev.

And one should not think that the significance of the accomplishments, breakthroughs, failures and failures of the first and last president of the USSR is a thing of the past. What happened on February 24, 2022 is, in a sense, also Gorbachev. It only seemed that the Soviet Union collapsed in December 1991. As it turned out now, this process of decay did not stop – it turned out to be partly creeping, partly hidden. But this year, the accumulated negative political energy broke out. And the question of what would happen if someone else, and Mikhail Gorbachev, who had not lost his political effectiveness by that time, was at the head of the project to save the USSR, suddenly became amazingly topical.

Do I remember the principle: either good things about the deceased, or nothing? Of course, I remember – especially since there are very, very many good things to be said about Mikhail Sergeyevich.

Most politicians are cynics. Gorbachev always remained an idealist and a romantic – first a romantic of Leninism, then of socialism with a human face. Or did these two concepts remain synonymous in Gorbachev's mind until the collapse of the USSR?

It so happened that in the past weeks I have read or re-read several memoirs or analytical works about the Gorbachev era. And this amazing image was deposited in my memory. 1991 Among serious politicians, almost no one considers Lenin their reference point. And the president of the USSR is frantically trying to unravel the tangle of modern political problems – the prospect of the collapse of the Union, competition from Yeltsin, the economy falling into the abyss – looking for inspiration, clues and the right ideas in the writings of the founder of the Soviet state.

Doesn't this sound very pragmatic? Not only does it look – it's not (correct: it wasn't) pragmatic. In terms of apparatus intrigues and maneuvers, in terms of political tactics, Gorbachev was a very skillful practical politician. But first of all, he was a man of big, global, even universal ideas.

The tragedy of both Gorbachev himself and the country he headed was that the practical and pragmatic content of his ideas often (I can’t pretend – almost always) frankly limped. Anti-alcohol campaign: conceived from the purest and noblest of motives. Result: failure. Reforming the Soviet economy: the same. Reforming the political framework of the Soviet state: the same thing again.

Of course, Gorbachev managed to end the Cold War and reconcile Moscow with the countries of the West. If I had written these lines 20 years ago, this could be the end of it. But history continued to flow. And this achievement of Mikhail Gorbachev no longer looks so indisputable.

Applauding the last Soviet leader, the West gladly accepted his unilateral concessions and gave nothing in return (“if you don’t know how to play political poker, then don’t sit down at the table with experienced players!”) The Cold War resumed with renewed vigor — in its more dangerous and much more tragic for the former USSR version. And the roots of this turn of events — sorry, you can’t erase the words from the song — were buried, including during Gorbachev’s rule.

Bush, Gorbachev and Reagan in New York, 1988 Photo: AP

Gorbachev also gave us freedom – as a journalist, as a representative of a profession that has gained immeasurably much, one might even say, gained wings as a result of the reforms of the last Secretary General, I write these lines without any irony.

But here is what else needs to be added here. Mikhail Sergeevich's colleague in the club of world leaders of the 80s of the last century, Deng Xiaoping, did not “give the Chinese freedom.” On the other hand, he managed to raise the economy of his country, launch the mechanism of economic reforms in the PRC.

Gorbachev was disgusted by the very idea that the state sometimes needed to use force. Deng Xiaoping used force without hesitation: he was not afraid of the victims and drowned the anti-government demonstrations on Beijing's main square Tiananmen in 1989 in blood. Thirty years later: the Chinese state is strong and united. And two once very close to each other republics of the former USSR are locked in a bitter conflict.

And no, I am not trying to belittle the political legacy of Mikhail Gorbachev, to burden him with the sins, mistakes and miscalculations of other leaders – both those who ruled before him and those who came to power after him. I'm just showing how complicated, confusing and ambiguous everything is.

One has to write about leaders of the scale of Mikhail Gorbachev in exactly this way, in the spirit of the full version of the phrase with which I began this text – “About the dead, it's either good, or nothing but the truth.” True, justice – for Gorbachev, as I said, these concepts were not abstractions. He sincerely wanted to do what was best. He did a lot. And he failed a lot.

I feel the pain of Gorbachev's departure. Mikhail Sergeevich is my childhood. Childhood – both in terms of age, and in terms of the time when you still believe in miracles. In 2022, I no longer believe in miracles, as well as in political romance. Reality, as you know, is not at all conducive to such a belief.

It is symbolic that it was in this year that Mikhail Gorbachev, a political giant and a politician who failed, passed away. Gorbachev left, but the world he created remained. I hope that this world still has a bright future. This would definitely be the best monument for Gorbachev.

Mikhail Gorbachev's life in photographs: the CPSU, Raisa, perestroika and resignation

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Zelensky recorded a video with threats to the Russian military in Ukraine

The President of Ukraine said that every Russian soldier who takes part in a special military operation will feel the “Ukrainian response”.

Photo: Global Look Press

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on social media that every Russian soldier participating in a special military operation will feel a “Ukrainian response”.

According to the Ukrainian leader, at present At the moment, the country’s intelligence is actively working and doing everything possible to ensure that “every Russian military feels the Ukrainian response.”

According to Zelensky, soon the Russian army will not have more than one safe base from Crimea to the Kharkiv region.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine will destroy enemy equipment and military depots. This is Ukrainian land and Russian soldiers are left with two options – to surrender or flee. We will leave them no other options,” Zelensky added.

Recall that Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanishyna said earlier that Kyiv may be able to join the North Atlantic Alliance even before the end of the Russian special operation.


US general urges US authorities to allow Ukraine to attack Russian territory

Retired American Brigadier General Mark Arnold told Channel 24 that NATO and the US should give Kyiv weapons to strike deep into Russia and allow such attacks.


Retired American brigadier general Mark Arnold, in an interview with Channel 24, said that NATO and the United States should give Kyiv weapons to strike deep into Russia and allow such attacks.

According to him, the requirement of Western countries for Ukraine not to use weapons received from allies against Moscow is a “big strategic mistake.”

“White House officials and their allies should provide the Kyiv regime with weapons capable of delivering strikes on Russian territory. Now I'm not talking about Crimea. NATO and the United States say: “Do not strike at the territory of Russia”. I think that such words are stupid,” Arnold said.

He clarified that in order to achieve their goals, the Armed Forces need to attack objects that “located hundreds of kilometers inland of Russia.”


RIA Novosti: the detained Ukrainian gunners transmitted the coordinates of objects around the ZNPP to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainian gunners, who were detained this month in Energodar, said that they transmitted the coordinates of objects located around the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant to the Ukrainian military.

Zaporozhye NPP. Photo: Global Look Press

Ukrainian gunners, who were detained this month in Energodar, said that they were transmitting the coordinates of objects located around the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant to the Ukrainian military. This will be reported to RIA Novosti.

It is specified that they transmitted information about the training center, military vehicles and the pool of the cooling system of the nuclear power plant.

According to one of the detainees, who worked at Zaporizhzhya NPP as a security guard, he transmitted data to the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the objects located around the plant, since he did not have access to the inside. He added that he was persuaded to transfer data to the Ukrainian military by an acquaintance who was in the territory controlled by the Kyiv regime.

As the second detainee clarified, he sent the information received from him to a special Telegram bot.


The State Duma proposed to give the NWO in Ukraine a new status

State Duma deputy from the Crimean region Mikhail Sheremet said that the special military operation in Ukraine should be given the status of counter-terrorist.

Photo . Among other things, the actions of representatives of the Kyiv regime, including the destruction of their own population, the shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and peaceful cities, are criminal.

“I believe that the nature of the SVO in Ukraine needs to be changed. This is not just a special, but a counter-terrorist operation,” Sheremet said.

He specified that the current Kyiv regime is a threat to the entire civilized world.


Russian special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast on August 31

Reports of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, testimonies of correspondents, world reaction

MK is broadcasting events around Ukraine online on August 31, 2022. The 189th day of the special operation is underway. In Moscow, the first president of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, who was most directly related to the collapse of the Soviet Union, died. Participants of the IAEA mission went to the ZNPP in Energodar. According to Volodymyr Zelensky, Kyiv wants the IAEA team to help achieve the “demilitarization” of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. In the DPR, shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues. Donetsk and Gorlovka have already come under fire. Read online of the previous, 188th day of the special operation here.

Photo: Donetsk News Agency

12:58 And the Russian Armed Forces also destroyed most of the tanks deployed by Poland to Ukraine across the Ingulets River. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, of the 12 delivered tanks, several were blown up in their minefield during a disorderly withdrawal. Only five of them managed to escape.

12:55 The Russian Defense Ministry held a new briefing. According to the agency, on August 30, Kyiv continued provocations aimed at disrupting the IAEA mission at the ZNPP. Thus, one of the shells of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the shelling of the ZNPP territory hit the building of the radioactive waste processing complex.

In addition, Russian troops destroyed over 1,700 Ukrainian servicemen in two days. The Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered significant losses when trying to attack in the areas of the settlements of Arkhangelskoye, Olgino and Ternovye Pody.

The battalion of the 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was defeated. The destruction of its remains is being completed. In addition, the Russian Armed Forces destroyed more than 40 Ukrainian soldiers with a strike on the command post and ammunition depot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Karlovka, DPR.

It is reported that Russian air defense shot down seven Ukrainian UAVs, intercepted 57 shells of the HIMARS MLRS, Alder and "Hurricane". And the Russian Armed Forces hit ten command posts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk regions and the DPR in a day. Ukrainian troops lost four combat aircraft and three helicopters in two days of unsuccessful attacks. In addition, the Russian Armed Forces destroyed three depots of missile and artillery weapons in the Kharkiv region and the DPR.

Also, the Russian Aerospace Forces eliminated up to 50 nationalists by striking at the point of temporary deployment of units of the Armed Forces brigade in the Druzhkovka area.

12:42 Pushilin said that part of the missiles for the Himars MLRS with a range of up to 300 kilometers have already been delivered to the territory of Ukraine, the allied forces are trying to destroy them.

12:36 The Austrian authorities are ready to consider compromises on visa restrictions for Russians. In particular, we are talking about the suspension of the visa facilitation agreement.

12:28 The IAEA mission is already queuing at the checkpoint in the territory controlled by Kyiv. The authorities of Zaporizhia said this. Earlier it was noted that the delegation could arrive at the ZNPP only in the morning, September 1.

12:25 Dmitry Peskov said that Ankara's position on Crimea does not interfere with cooperation between the two countries. Earlier, Turkish President Recep Erdogan said that according to international law, the peninsula should be returned to Ukraine.

12:12 Dmitry Peskov said that Mikhail Gorbachev's romanticism about peace between the West and Russia is not justified. As it turned out, no “honey age” did not happen. At the educational marathon "Knowledge" he pointed to Gorbachev's impetus for the end of the Cold War. However, “the bloodthirstiness of our opponents has shown itself,” Peskov added.

12:00 Dmitry Peskov spoke about possible EU visa restrictions. According to him, there is nothing good in this, their people will also face inconvenience when they come to Russia.

11:50 Explosions thundered in Kherson. The Russian air defense system is believed to have launched about ten missiles, TASS reports.

11:36 Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences on the death of Gorbachev. the Russian leader noted that the first president of the USSR was a politician and statesman who had a huge impact on the course of world history.

Putin, in condolences, also emphasized his humanitarian, charitable and educational activities.

11:18 Kremlin Speaker Dmitry Peskov said that the format of Putin's participation at the G20 summit has not yet been determined. On the sidelines of the WEF, he will hold a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council for Tourism.

11:10 The head of the State Administration of the Zaporozhye region said that the IAEA mission would not receive special passes for the liberated part of the region. This means that they will have to stand in line.

10:50 The Luxembourg Foreign Minister claims that new sanctions against Russia cannot be imposed forever. They are sure that someday it is necessary to switch to diplomacy, but its time has not yet come.

10:39 Ukrainian kamikaze drone was shot down by the Russian military near the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant . According to RIA Novosti, this is supposedly a Polish-made Warmate drone.

10:20 Russian actress Kristina Asmus has been charged with discrediting the Russian army. She is currently facing a $50,000 fine. Details not disclosed.

10:16 Borrell said EU countries should reach an agreement on a possible ban on Russian tourist visas in Prague on August 31.

9:56 A member of the State Administration of the Zaporozhye region, Rogov, said that the local authorities are ready to ensure the safety of the IAEA mission at the ZNPP, despite increased shelling from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to him, the issue of demilitarization of the zone around the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant is not within the competence of the IAEA mission.

9:40 Maria Zakharova said that Russia does not aim to split Europe. On Sputnik radio, she noted that “if we are aimed at anything, it is to return common sense to international relations.”

9:28 Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the administration of Energodar with a kamikaze drone, RIA Novosti reports. As the authorities of the city noted, in total, before the visit of the IAEA mission, the city was subjected to more than 60 strikes in a day.

9:16 US scientists monitor radiation indicators from sensors at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) in Energodar. So far, they have not recorded “elevated or abnormal levels of radiation”, as reported by the newspaper Politico, citing an unnamed representative of the US Department of Defense.

9:10 Gas supply via Nord Stream terminated, according to Gazprom. As early as Wednesday, planned work on the gas pumping unit begins.

The official representative of the UN Secretary General, Stéphane Dujarric, said that the second ship, chartered by the World Food Program, left the Ukrainian port of Yuzhny, which will deliver wheat for the WFP humanitarian operation in Yemen.

As the head of the new administration of the Balitsky region said, the program of the IAEA mission to the nuclear power plant in Energodar is designed for one day. "They have to see the operation of the station in one day. Those elements that they say can be seen in the process. So far, it has been announced – “to get acquainted with the work of the station,” he said.

On August 31, the Foreign Ministers of the EU countries will touch upon visa restrictions for Russia. It was reported that the European Union is considering the idea of ​​excluding Russian citizens under the age of 25 from any visa restrictions. And the head of the French Foreign Ministry, Catherine Colonna, noted that on the issue of visas, it is necessary to separate those involved in the conflict in Ukraine from ordinary citizens.

Dmitry Peskov has already called the possible introduction of a ban on the issuance of Schengen visas to Russians crazy. According to him, Russia in this case will give an answer that will “best suit its interests.” And Dmitry Medvedev called for a faster ban on Schengen for Russians. “Finally, everyone will finally be convinced of how Europe treats the citizens of Russia,” he pointed out.


“Ukraine is not Luxembourg”: Scholz spoke about the expansion of the European Union

German Chancellor calls for EU reform from within

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz proposes a major enlargement of the European Union, but with accompanying reform. To expand the EU, Brussels must first change, the head of the German government believes.

Photo: Global Look Press

The European Union must to expand significantly, but first it must make fundamental reforms so that the enlarged bloc can still function, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said recently.

During an hour-long speech at Charles University in Prague, Scholz laid out his vision for the EU's future — one that would absorb up to nine new members in its eastern fringes, expand its visa-free zone, and overhaul major decisions on everything from foreign policy to taxation.

Scholz's presentation, which largely included the ideas he had previously promoted, came at a pivotal moment for the EU. Conflict continues in Ukraine, and an energy and inflationary crisis looms in Europe, which makes many worry about disagreements in the European Union, Politico notes.

In particular, Scholz supported EU membership of the Western Balkan countries, as well as Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. He also claimed that EU members Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria meet the criteria for admission to Europe's Schengen area, which allows easy and visa-free travel between its countries.

“But a Union with 30 or even 36 member states will be different from our current Union — the center of Europe will shift to the east, — recognized by the chancellor. – Ukraine — this is not Luxembourg.

Such enlargement would potentially add tens of millions of people to the EU's population and threaten to complicate the EU's already confusing and consensus-based decision-making process.

This means, Scholz said, that discussion of reforms “cannot be ignored.” For a start, he insisted, the EU must abandon the requirement for unanimity in many key decisions, not only on foreign policy and taxes, but also on how countries like Hungary and Poland are held accountable for a potential retreat from democracy.

Scholz argued that the European Parliament should also not exceed its current size of 751 members — the number set in the EU treaties. He rejected the idea of ​​”bloat” the size of this body by simply adding MEPs in the case of a new country joining.

The EU must also be wary of how the bloc's executive branch, the European Commission, will react to enlargement. Currently, the Commission has 27 authorized — as many as there are countries in the EU, — each of which oversees one political portfolio. Scholz said that it would be “Kafkaesque” continue to add new policy portfolios each time a new country joins. Instead, he argued, the EU could move to have two commissioners in charge of one area — for example farming or fishing.

Separately, Scholz also supported the idea of ​​French President Emmanuel Macron to create a “European political community” that would exist separately from the EU and be open to both EU applicants and the UK after Brexit.

The German chancellor said that the forum could contribute to “a regular exchange of views at the political level” hellip; where we, as leaders of the EU, and our European partners can discuss once or twice a year the main issues affecting our continent as a whole.

Since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict in February,  with the delivery of aid to Ukraine, despite the fact that the country adopted the “historic” decision to send weapons to Kyiv. The conflict also drew attention to Germany's long-standing dependence on Russian gas, which has led to a sharp increase in energy prices in the country.

During his speech, Scholz touched on these issues.

Regarding assistance to Ukraine, the chancellor said that he could “imagine, for example, that Germany would take on special responsibility for the creation of Ukrainian artillery and air defense”, adding, that Germany has just signed another arms shipment to Ukraine worth 600 million euros.

And he reiterated that moving away from fossil fuels gave Europe the chance to become a world leader in the technologies needed to achieve climate neutrality. He called for “a true internal energy market that supplies Europe with hydropower from the north, wind from the coast and solar power from the south.” Scholz also outlined the vision for a “European hydrogen network connecting producers and consumers.”

The EU must also update its immigration laws, the German leader said, taking a step to expand legal immigration amid a shortage of skilled workers. “We need immigration — we are now faced with the fact that in our airports, in our hospitals and in many companies we lack qualified workers in every nook and cranny, — Scholz said.

However, immigration has long been a concern for EU countries, and the bloc rarely manages to reach consensus on any part of the topic, Politico stresses.

Another issue that has also baffled the EU is how to control members who deviate from democratic norms, including an independent judiciary, financial transparency, a free press, and gay rights.

Towards the end of his speech, Scholz said he was concerned that “illiberal democracy is being talked about in the center of Europe as if it were not an oxymoron,” hinting at the shortcomings of the rule of law in Hungary and Poland.

Scholz said that the majority wants the EU to uphold democratic values, but the bloc's rules prevent it from doing so. He referred to the EU Article 7 clause, a procedure designed to potentially disenfranchise wayward countries in the EU, but which has stalled with Hungary and Poland.

“Among the — rule of law procedure in accordance with Article 7 — and here we must move away from the possibility of a blockade, », — said the chancellor, adding that financial pressure could be another tool.

“It makes sense to me to permanently tie payments to rule of law standards,” — said Scholz.


Leonkov called the true reason for the imitation of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson direction

It was a diversion

Two days ago, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had attempted an offensive in the Kherson region, as a result of which, according to the department, the Ukrainian side suffered significant losses, among which 20 tanks and more than 500 troops. At the same time, military expert Alexei Leonkov is convinced that in fact the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were only an imitation of an offensive, and the real attack would take place elsewhere.

Photo: Global Look Press

On Channel One, Leonkov explained that there was only a kind of imitation of an offensive from Ukraine, since it was carried out separately by three battalion tactical groups. As the expert noted, their task was to break through the line of contact and enter the operational space.

According to the expert, none of these groups managed to achieve their goal, which is why the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered significant losses. Leonkov believes that if the Ukrainian side really wanted to make a serious breakthrough, then they would have simulated a fire defeat on the positions of the Russian Armed Forces, and all combat groups would have united.

According to the expert, Kyiv plans to strike the main blow in another place. Leonkov added that up to 50% of the success of their plan would depend on surprise.

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