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8 most tenacious creatures on Earth

Nature has created unique organisms, the endurance of which is simply amazing. They are able to survive in the most unusual conditions: to survive extreme temperatures, climate change, huge doses of radiation, as well as prolonged absence of air, water and food.

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Tardigrades are a type of microscopic invertebrate close to arthropods. Some of the toughest creatures on our planet. They survive for more than a hundred years without water, are able to survive at -271 ° C in liquid helium and at + 100 ° C in boiling water, withstand a 1000 times higher dose of radiation than humans, and even stay in outer space. Tardigrades survive mainly due to the so-called anhydrobiosis, drying. When dry, they draw the limbs into the body, decrease in volume and take the shape of a barrel. The surface is covered with a wax shell that prevents evaporation © Youtube screenshot

Deinococcus radiodurans bacteria. It is widely known for its high resistance to radiation, being one of the most radiation-resistant organisms in the world. D. radiodurans can survive up to 10,000 grays ©

Lang lungfish. In fact, it is a transitional link from ordinary fish to amphibians. Has at its disposal both gills and lungs. During periods of drought, it is capable of burrowing in mud and hibernating, doing without any nutrients ©

Hydra. The secret of the hydra's phenomenal vitality lies in its high regeneration capacity. All cells in her body are constantly renewed, and damaged parts are replaced with new ones. This eliminates the accumulation of destructive substances and genomic defects. To completely restore the body of a hydra, you will need only 1/200 of its part or even a suspension of cells ©

The tree branch is the largest insect found in New Zealand. The length of the vet is about 10 cm, and the weight reaches 85 g. Due to the fact that the blood of this insect contains a special protein that excludes blood clotting, the tree vet is able to withstand the lowest temperatures. It is noteworthy that during periods of such “hibernation” the brain and heart of these insects is turned off. But, as soon as they “thaw out”, all organs begin to work again ©

The immortal jellyfish is the only creature on the planet that can live forever. After the Immortal Jellyfish reaches puberty, it returns to its initial polyp stage and begins to mature again. Moreover, this process in a jellyfish can be endless, its life cycle can repeat an unlimited number of times ©

Cockroach. It has been experimentally confirmed that cockroaches can live without a head for several weeks. The blood circulation process of cockroaches is not controlled by the brain, they breathe through small holes throughout the body, and on previously eaten food supplies they can exist for a long time. In the absence of a brain, the main functions of the cockroach's nervous system are taken over by ganglion cells, which are located in each lobe of the body ©

Vestimentifer is a recently discovered class of the Pogonophore type. Vestimentifera are characterized by the absence of intestines and mouths, have a specific organ – a trophosome, containing intracellular symbiotic bacteria, to which the circulatory system of the worm delivers hydrogen sulfide from mineral underwater springs. These two-meter worms live on the seabed in impenetrable darkness at a pressure of about 260 atmospheres. They live in the ocean near the faults of geological plates, from where the water heated to +400 ° С, saturated with hydrogen sulfide beats ©

Tardigrades are a type of microscopic invertebrate close to arthropods. Some of the toughest creatures on our planet. They survive for more than a hundred years without water, are able to survive at -271 ° C in liquid helium and at + 100 ° C in boiling water, withstand a 1000 times higher dose of radiation than humans, and even stay in outer space. Tardigrades survive mainly due to the so-called anhydrobiosis, drying. When dry, they draw the limbs into the body, decrease in volume and take the shape of a barrel. The surface is covered with a wax shell that prevents evaporation © Youtube screenshot

Deinococcus radiodurans bacteria. It is widely known for its high resistance to radiation, being one of the most radiation-resistant organisms in the world. D. radiodurans can survive up to 10,000 grays ©

Lang lungfish. In fact, it is a transitional link from ordinary fish to amphibians. Has at its disposal both gills and lungs. During periods of drought, it is capable of burrowing in mud and hibernating, doing without any nutrients ©

Hydra. The secret of the hydra's phenomenal vitality lies in its high regeneration capacity. All cells in her body are constantly renewed, and damaged parts are replaced with new ones. This eliminates the accumulation of destructive substances and genomic defects. To completely restore the body of a hydra, you will need only 1/200 of its part or even a suspension of cells ©

The tree branch is the largest insect found in New Zealand. The length of the vet is about 10 cm, and the weight reaches 85 g. Due to the fact that the blood of this insect contains a special protein that excludes blood clotting, the tree vet is able to withstand the lowest temperatures. It is noteworthy that during periods of such “hibernation” the brain and heart of these insects is turned off. But, as soon as they “thaw out”, all organs begin to work again ©

The immortal jellyfish is the only creature on the planet that can live forever. After the Immortal Jellyfish reaches puberty, it returns to its initial polyp stage and begins to mature again. Moreover, this process in a jellyfish can be endless, its life cycle can repeat an unlimited number of times ©

Cockroach. It has been experimentally confirmed that cockroaches can live without a head for several weeks. The blood circulation process of cockroaches is not controlled by the brain, they breathe through small holes throughout the body, and on previously eaten food supplies they can exist for a long time. In the absence of a brain, the main functions of the cockroach's nervous system are taken over by ganglion cells, which are located in each lobe of the body ©

Vestimentifer is a recently discovered pogonophore class. Vestimentifera are characterized by the absence of intestines and mouths, have a specific organ – a trophosome, containing intracellular symbiotic bacteria, to which the circulatory system of the worm delivers hydrogen sulfide from mineral underwater springs. These two-meter worms live on the seabed in impenetrable darkness at a pressure of about 260 atmospheres. They live in the ocean near the faults of geological plates, from where the water heated to +400 ° С, saturated with hydrogen sulfide, beats ©


What is the matter about the illegal hunting of State Duma Deputy Valery Rashkin?

On December 2, the chairman of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin opened a criminal case against the deputy against the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Communist Party faction Valery Rashkin . & nbsp; He is charged with a crime under Part & nbsp; 2 Art. & Nbsp; 258 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal hunting). & Nbsp;

Recall that on November 25, on the basis of the collected investigative materials, the State Duma deprived Rashkin of parliamentary immunity. & Nbsp;

What animal did Rashkin kill?

The next established that on the night of 28 October 29, 2021, Rashkin, together with the company, hunted on the territory of the hunting estate “ Winch '' in the Saratov region. & nbsp; With this used permit for the extraction of hunting resources, the deputy did not have. & nbsp;

During the hunt, he killed a wild moose with a personal carbine. “After which Rashkin informs the RF IC,” measures to conceal his weapon, “and his friends butchered the animal's carcass with knives and an ax.” The meat was put in the trunk of the car. ” Lada Largus '', after which they left the hunting ground.

However, the hunters could not go far. & Nbsp; Their car, driven by Rashkin himself, was & nbsp; & nbsp; detained by an employee of the Committee of Hunting and Fishing of the Saratov Region, who discovered the fact of illegal production of a wild animal, the department noted.

How did Rashkin behave during the arrest?

During the arrest, the deputy told the inspector, who was filming what was happening on a video camera, that he had found the carcass of a dead elk in the forest during a walk, butchered it with friends and decided to take the pieces of meat home.

As the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation will later report, in connection with signs of alcoholic intoxication with Rashkin, the hunting inspector summoned the traffic police officers to the place of detention.

“ Having recorded a sharp smell of alcohol and speech impairment emanating from him. & nbsp; Rashkin was offered to undergo a medical examination. & nbsp; However, he refused & raquo ;, – said Gazeta. & nbsp; ru & nbsp; Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Krasnov. & Nbsp;

Later, the parliamentarian confessed that he had really killed an elk, but because of his poor appearance he first mistook him for a large wild boar. & Nbsp; Rashkin, that during the & nbsp; & nbsp; hunting & nbsp; & nbsp; was sober and thought that all the accompanying & nbsp; & nbsp; documents for shooting animals were with his friends. & nbsp; They allegedly assured the deputy that they had a hunting permit.

“ I realized that I became a victim of circumstances when I arrived at the invitation of friends on a fishing trip and a possible hunt. & nbsp; I was misled by the information about the availability of legal and executed documents for hunting. & nbsp; As a result, people unknown to me who participated in a provocation against me & raquo; & nbsp ;, – said Rashkin.

According to the Prosecutor General, Rashkin initially refused to cooperate with the law enforcement group, gave false explanations & nbsp; & nbsp; and hid the instruments of the crime. & Nbsp; In addition, he has 20 years of hunting experience (in particular, obtaining a permit for the extraction of animals). & Nbsp; Moreover, , Rashkin & nbsp; & nbsp; & laquo; & nbsp; entered into an agreement with persons familiar to him to commit an illegal hunt, '' Krasnov explained.

“ According to its proof, evidence of the commission of a crime by Rashkin Valery Fedorovich under Part 2 of Art. – noted Krasnov.

According to the Prosecutor General, the damage caused by Rashkin is estimated at 80 thousand rubles.

What punishment threatens Valery Rashkin?

Under Part 2 of Art. restriction of freedom for up to years.

In addition, Rashkin can be brought to administrative responsibility in court under Part 2 of Art. & nbsp; 12.26 of the Administrative Code intoxicated '). & nbsp; This article provides for arrest for up to 15 days and a fine of 30 thousand rubles.

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South Africa says omicron strain triples risk of re-infection

Plot of a novel coronavirus pandemic that spread from China

The South African Center for Epidemiological Modeling and Analysis and the National Institute of Infectious Diseases reported that the new omicron coronavirus strain is three times more infectious for people who have previously had COVID-19 than previous options, reports TASS.

“ The data show that the omicron strain has the ability to bypass the immunity from COVID-19 received by earlier infected variants of the coronavirus. The risk of re-infection with the omicron strain is three times higher than the previous variants '', & mdash; The statement reads.

Earlier, Honored Doctor of Russia, Epidemiologist and Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gennady Onishchenko & nbsp; stated that the reasons for panic due to the spread of the new strain of coronavirus omicron; no.

Head & nbsp; Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova & nbsp; said & nbsp; about the absence of a new omicron-strain on the territory of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the first cases of this form of coronavirus were detected in almost 20 countries and regions.


Soyuz launch from Kourou cosmodrome in French Guiana postponed for the second time

General Director of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin said that the launch of the Soyuz rocket with Galileo satellites from the Kourou cosmodrome in French Guiana has been postponed for a day for the second time, RIA Novosti reports.

“ The launch has been postponed to Kourou again. At the request of the French side. For a day & raquo ;, & mdash; he explained.

The launch had to be postponed due to the unavailability of the French ship station for receiving telemetric information.

It is specified that the launch is scheduled for December 4 at 03.23 Moscow time.

It is noted that the rocket was approved before the launch by the security service of the National Center for Space Research of France.

Initially, it & nbsp; was scheduled & nbsp; for December 2, but was & nbsp; postponed due to bad weather.

As a reminder, since October 2011 & nbsp; 25 Russian rockets have been launched from the Kuru cosmodrome.


Potatoes – a long way to the table? Adventures of a “migrant” in Europe

435 years ago, 3 & nbsp; December 1586 & nbsp; year, Sir Walter Raleigh, sailor, soldier, poet, writer and & nbsp; pirate, and & nbsp; and & nbsp; also & nbsp; favorite of the English Queen Elizabeth & nbsp; I , brought to England an exotic product from the & nbsp; New World & nbsp; & mdash; potatoes.

This is exactly what will be written in & nbsp; countless online “ calendars of memorable dates '', the compilers and & nbsp; editors of which are weakly connected with & nbsp; reality, especially with & nbsp; historical. But the ability to mindlessly rewrite each other's data, not bothering & nbsp; with fact-checking, has been pumped from & nbsp; from the & nbsp; school bench.

The specially gifted will certainly flaunt the “ secret knowledge '' and & nbsp; will notify readers that in & nbsp; Europe, at first, they did not & nbsp; know how to handle & nbsp; potatoes. And & nbsp; therefore, they tried to use in food not & nbsp; “ roots '', but & nbsp; “ tops '', then & nbsp; there are berries. Of course, they were poisoned en masse, since the fruits of the potatoes are poisonous. The & nbsp; force of which for a long time the potato was forgotten, abandoned, and & nbsp; used it only as an ornamental plant, and & nbsp; and & nbsp; then & nbsp; not & nbsp; everywhere. And & nbsp; only by the & nbsp; XVIII century they finally figured out what to do with & nbsp; this “ migrant '' from the & nbsp; New World, how to grow it and & nbsp; how to cook it.

From & nbsp; frequent repetition, these stories acquired the status of historical truth. Although the truth here is not & nbsp; on & nbsp; penny. Moreover & nbsp; & mdash; Such an alignment is generally humiliating, since it portrays Europeans as mere idiots, real cretins who & nbsp; could not adopt an elementary agricultural culture from advanced Indians.

To & nbsp; that & nbsp; in & nbsp; this slender narration somehow missed & nbsp; the kind that in & nbsp; Europe brought not & nbsp; only potatoes, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; tobacco, and & nbsp; corn, and & nbsp; chocolate. There was a real invasion of new cultures, which immediately began to be used for their intended purpose. And & nbsp; news about & nbsp; these new cultures spread a little & nbsp; if not & nbsp; lightning fast. Even in & nbsp; Russia, which was in & nbsp; those & nbsp; times, cut off from & nbsp; all seas except the White, news about & nbsp; “ overseas dishes '' appeared in a timely manner. For example, Metropolitan Macarius , tutor of Tsar Ivan the Terrible , left an interesting entry regarding tobacco and & nbsp; chocolate: “ Krul Gishpansky took under his power the island of Cuba (Cuba) and & nbsp; a great many other different lands. They bring & nbsp; and from there gold, silver, spices, herbs for incense and & nbsp; chukulat walnut, which is rubbed and & nbsp; drunk, mixed with & nbsp; water & raquo ;.

Potatoes, whatever & nbsp; say dropouts and & nbsp; adepts of half-knowledge, from & nbsp; this series of “ migrants '' never dropped out. In & nbsp; Europe they knew exactly what part of the plant should be used in & nbsp; food. Actually, the name itself, potatoes, goes back to & nbsp; Italian tartuffolo, then & nbsp; is a truffle & nbsp; & mdash; potato tubers were found to resemble this underground mushroom. It was in the & nbsp; southern countries of Europe, in & nbsp; Italy and & nbsp; Spain, potatoes and & nbsp; began their victorious march. The first in & nbsp; Europe mention of & nbsp; potatoes, as a & nbsp; food product, and not & nbsp; simple, but & nbsp; dietary, refers to & nbsp; Spain & nbsp; & mdash; in & nbsp; 1573, he is listed among the products purchased for the Blood of Jesus Hospital in & nbsp; Seville.


Which, in & nbsp; principle, is not & nbsp; surprising. Peru is considered the homeland of the potatoes brought to & nbsp; Spain, then & nbsp; that is, it & nbsp; belonged to & nbsp; plants of a “ long day '', and & nbsp; in & nbsp; southern countries ripened quite tolerably well. And & nbsp; here in & nbsp; France, things with & nbsp; were much worse. There are long day potatoes ripened not & nbsp; to & nbsp; the end, and & nbsp; its tubers turned into & nbsp; sour, fetid mass, to & nbsp; that & nbsp; toxic, the use of which was fraught with vomiting, headache and & nbsp; fever, and & nbsp; especially successful & la & nbsp; cases provoked delirium, convulsions and & nbsp; coma. In a word, feed the pigs back and forth, and & nbsp; here are the people & nbsp; & mdash; direct poison. It was the French who disdained potatoes for a long time & nbsp; & mdash; only in & nbsp; 1772 & nbsp; g. The Paris Faculty of Medicine declared potatoes edible.

And & nbsp; how, in & nbsp; then, these potatoes took root in & nbsp; England and & nbsp; in & nbsp; Ireland? They are & nbsp; even farther north than France, and, according to & nbsp; the logic of things, there this culture should have awaited a catastrophic failure. But & nbsp; there was no failure. Opposite & nbsp; & mdash; the development of potatoes there went quite briskly.

The trick in & nbsp; is that a completely different potato was brought to England. True, not by & nbsp; by Sir Walter Raleigh himself, but & nbsp; unlucky colonists who & nbsp; could not get along with & nbsp; Indians in & nbsp; a colony based on & nbsp; the means of the favorite of the queen, and & nbsp; were forced to flee. And & nbsp; it happened not & nbsp; 3 & nbsp; December, but & nbsp; 27 & nbsp; July 1586 & nbsp; year. And & nbsp; delivered them & nbsp; to & nbsp; the ships of the famous pirate Francis Drake … And & nbsp; in & nbsp; everything else is more or less true. Indeed, the colonists from the & nbsp; Roanoke Island, off the coast of the present state of North Carolina, brought with them some local tobacco and & nbsp; potatoes. This potato already belonged to & nbsp; plants of a “ short day '', in & nbsp; the strength of which and & nbsp; took root in the & nbsp; north relatively quickly.

Another thing is that at first they looked at & nbsp; potatoes as a kind of crutch. Researchers call it “the food of lean years.” That & nbsp; is clear that this is food, and & nbsp; not an ornamental plant. It is clear which part should be consumed in & nbsp; food. But & nbsp; doesn’t & nbsp; really want to, except that it will strongly hinder.

Parmentier offers a bouquet of potato flowers to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, engraved in Le Petit Journal, March 1901 Source: Public Domain

By the & nbsp; and & nbsp; same some Europeans in & nbsp; force of inertia of thinking sometimes tried to use it as raw material for baking: “ The earth apple must be cut and & nbsp; dried. By pitching it into & nbsp; flour, you & nbsp; get bread not & nbsp; worse than the master's. At the & nbsp; exit, a tasteless, very dense gray substance was obtained, little resembling bread. No wonder & nbsp; & mdash; solid starch. Agronomists of that time understood this and & nbsp; in the & nbsp; recommendations “ brilliantly '' twisted: “ Such bread is hard to digest, but indigestion does not & nbsp; harm the rough peasant stomachs, on the contrary & nbsp; & mdash; it makes you feel full longer. ''

The eighteenth century is called the “ age of hunger, '' and & nbsp; quite rightly. The population was growing, and the fodder resource base was seriously lagging behind. It was then that the campaign began to & nbsp; popularize potatoes & nbsp; & mdash; in & nbsp; mainly in & nbsp; France and & nbsp; Austria. It was there that & nbsp; began to appear in & nbsp; boutonnieres and & nbsp; on & nbsp; flowers of this plant & nbsp; & mdash; as an additional PR move. In & nbsp; England and & nbsp; Germanic principalities, the need for & nbsp; popularization was not & nbsp; & mdash; potatoes there by & nbsp; by that time had already mastered.

Oddly enough, & nbsp; and & nbsp; in & nbsp; Russia too. To be precise & nbsp; & mdash; not & nbsp; in & nbsp; the whole huge empire, but & nbsp; in & nbsp; some of its & nbsp; parts. But & nbsp; mastered very well. General Jacob Sivers , appointed in & nbsp; 1764 by the Novgorod governor, began to popularize, but & nbsp; suddenly discovered that he was very late with & nbsp; this matter. They loved potatoes there long before & nbsp; “ The Novgorod peasants willingly grow it. They eat & nbsp; either cooked as a special dish, or mix it with & nbsp; cabbage soup, or make a filling for some kind of cakes out of & nbsp; What are the & nbsp; “ cakes '' meant Yakov Efimovich & nbsp; & mdash; not known for certain. Most likely, these were shangi or wickets & nbsp; & mdash; round open pies like cheesecakes. Another thing is important. The northern regions of Russia by & nbsp; by that time were managed with & nbsp; potatoes quite competently. Attempts to make bread out of & nbsp; potatoes, if & nbsp; were undertaken, then & nbsp; remained in the & nbsp; distant past. This product was no longer a gimmick. He & nbsp; firmly entered the & nbsp; local cuisine and & nbsp; enriched the national cuisine. & Nbsp; It should have taken many decades.

The fact that Russia is among the leaders in & nbsp; the development of potatoes should not be surprising. The answer, in general, is simple. The possibility is not excluded that the potatoes came to & nbsp; paradoxically & nbsp; & mdash; from & nbsp; the shores of the White Sea. In the & nbsp; the beginning of the 17th century, trade between Russia and & nbsp; Europe was carried out through the only seaport & nbsp; & mdash; Arkhangelsk. And & nbsp; the main partners of Russian merchants were the British. By that time, they knew perfectly well what potatoes were and & nbsp; succeeded in & nbsp; breeding it.


“You sit with me!” Choosing a caregiver is a lottery, the price of which is life.

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 48. Not cheap help 01/12/2021

In & nbsp; at the end of November, in & nbsp; Petersburg, the nurse was sentenced & nbsp; & mdash; restriction of freedom for & nbsp; 1 & nbsp; year 4 & nbsp; months and & nbsp; 50 & nbsp; thous. rub. & nbsp; in & nbsp; account of compensation for moral damage. The woman beat her ward & nbsp; & mdash; 98-year-old siege. How to insure against & nbsp; such “ surprises '' and & nbsp; who today decides on & nbsp; this hard work & nbsp; & mdash; take care of & nbsp; helpless patients?

Dear & nbsp; & mdash; and & nbsp; not & nbsp; always reliable

This wild story took place in & nbsp; Petersburg in & nbsp; February.

The conflict between a young woman and & nbsp; her & nbsp; ward happened on the & nbsp; first & nbsp; day of her & nbsp; work & nbsp; & mdash; the nurse went over with & nbsp; alcohol, began to scandal, threaten the old woman with murder, and & nbsp; in & nbsp; in the end she simply beat a helpless woman. The neighbors ran to the & nbsp; cries of the beaten. The nurse was detained. After the case was taken under the personal control of Alexander Bastrykin , she was & nbsp; sent to a pre-trial detention center, and & nbsp; now and & nbsp; sentenced. True, she & nbsp; was credited with the time in custody, so the brawler was released right in the & nbsp; courtroom.

“ No money & nbsp; sorry! ''

Finding a nurse & nbsp; & mdash; it's like looking for a spouse: who's as lucky. And & nbsp; stories, happy and & nbsp; sad, in general, equally divided. “ On a far from & nbsp; beautiful day, my 50-year-old mom passed out. Migraines and & nbsp; used to haunt & nbsp; but & nbsp; there was something strange, & nbsp; & mdash; Olga Zarutskaya, a resident of the capital, shares her experience. & mdash; & nbsp; Did a paid MRI, the results were stunned: a brain tumor. The consultations in & nbsp; Murmansk, where we & nbsp; lived, we were not & nbsp; very satisfied, we went to & nbsp; Moscow, and & nbsp; then, collecting all the savings, & nbsp; & mdash; to & nbsp; Germany. They offered to do an operation, for which we & nbsp; sold the apartment (fortunately, & nbsp; we had another & nbsp; & mdash; tiny one, where we & nbsp; and & nbsp; later moved).

After the operation, my mother lived for almost a year, but & nbsp; externally and & nbsp; internally it was already a completely different person. She & nbsp; could not be left alone, she could & nbsp; turn on the water, stove or kettle. Not & nbsp; could wash myself and & nbsp; even eat. And & nbsp; I had to work so that there was & nbsp; what to buy medicines, food, hygiene items. In a word, without a nurse & nbsp; & mdash; no way! Smart people immediately advised to look in & nbsp; assistants for a person with & nbsp; medical education. Because it was required not & nbsp; only to wash and & nbsp; feed, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; to do dressings, injections, to understand the state of a person by & nbsp; movement of eyes, hands. It was not easy to find such a person, but & nbsp; I & nbsp; knew where. Went to & nbsp; district polyclinics and & nbsp; asked, did not & nbsp; leave & nbsp; whether any of & nbsp; nurses on a & nbsp; pension, does not & nbsp; need & nbsp; does & nbsp; & nbsp; work? I asked about & nbsp; nurses on & nbsp; pensions from friends, doctors, friends, in & nbsp; social networks. And & nbsp; they found me Lyudmila Ivanovna. Her services & nbsp; were almost equal to my monthly salary. She came to & nbsp; 8 & nbsp; in the morning and & nbsp; left only after my return from & nbsp; work. Mom loved her. And & nbsp; I didn’t & nbsp; feel sorry for any money, because I & nbsp; was calm: they would not & nbsp; miss the attack, relieve the pain, feed on time, read, walk. The salary for & nbsp; life was no longer & nbsp; enough, I took out a loan. But & nbsp; nor & nbsp; about & nbsp; which I do not & nbsp; regret, because I did everything for my mother that I could, everything that I should. '' & Nbsp;

& quot; Deliver me from & nbsp; her & quot;

А & nbsp; Elvira Kolesnikova from & nbsp; Solnechnogorsk less fortunate. “ Khabiba appeared in & nbsp; our lives through an agency for & nbsp; recruiting caregivers, & nbsp; & mdash; tells Elvira. & mdash; & nbsp; She & nbsp; was & nbsp; 50, mother-in-law, for & nbsp; which required care, & nbsp; & mdash; 93. Khabiba worked & bdquo; with & nbsp; accommodation & ldquo ;. It was convenient for us, because the mother-in-law did not & nbsp; want to move to the & nbsp; children & nbsp; & mdash; it was painful for her to lose her position as a hostess in her own apartment. The nurse's salary was 40 & nbsp; thousand, all the sons of the mother-in-law were dumped.

After 10 & nbsp; months, the mother-in-law in a whisper asked us to rid her & nbsp; of & nbsp; Khabiba. No, she didn't & nbsp; beat our granny, but & nbsp; intimidated that she would take revenge if she told the children something. And & nbsp; lived in & nbsp; my pleasure: ate everything that we & nbsp; brought in & nbsp; mother-in-law's bowls, gave our children our fruits, received guests, slept half a day or chatted on the & nbsp; phone with & nbsp; fellow countrymen. And & nbsp; granny herself cooked porridge for herself, walked on a & nbsp; bench near the entrance. When we & nbsp; said that we were leaving, Khabiba sobbed, screamed that she & nbsp; had nowhere to go. Still & nbsp; where would a loafer quickly find such & nbsp; fools as & nbsp; us, who will provide her & nbsp; food and & nbsp; accommodation? & Raquo; & nbsp;

Where to go for & nbsp; help?

How developed is the social services market in the & nbsp; country? Who and & nbsp; where does the caregiver train? And & nbsp; why are their & nbsp; services so expensive?

Most often it happens suddenly & nbsp; & mdash; when your loved one, until recently active, full of strength, with & nbsp; a bright mind, a person can no longer look after himself, and & nbsp; sometimes and & nbsp; just figure out who he is & nbsp; and & nbsp; where he is. And & nbsp; family members face the most difficult choice: take care of themselves, look for a hospital or hire a nurse.

They were & nbsp; considered & nbsp; parasites

We, living in & nbsp; XXI & nbsp; century, it is a sin to complain & nbsp; & mdash; we have a choice in the & nbsp; principle. And & nbsp; our parents didn’t & nbsp; had & nbsp; & mdash; all care of a seriously ill person fell entirely on the shoulders of relatives. Only a few & nbsp; & mdash; could afford to hire a nurse. simply because their & nbsp; was practically not & nbsp; was. In the & nbsp; USSR, the nurse violated two articles of the law at once & nbsp; & mdash; not only did she make money privately, but also & nbsp; was considered a parasite (since it was impossible to combine many hours of being next to a patient & nbsp; & nbsp; some kind of official job).

In & nbsp; Russia today the situation is difficult & nbsp; and, if we take the regions, heterogeneous, but & nbsp; it is, albeit slowly, but & nbsp; improving. There is a market for nurses, it & nbsp; really functions, and & nbsp; sooner or later it is possible to find a person whose skills and & nbsp; character will satisfy both you and & nbsp; your ward.

The market dictates the price

Cost services of professionals & nbsp; & mdash; just professionals! & mdash; & nbsp; is not cheap. Why? First of all, because good carers are simply not & nbsp; enough, but & nbsp; when demand exceeds supply by & nbsp; times, this is not reflected in & nbsp; prices in the best & nbsp; way.

Why & nbsp; are so few people going to & nbsp; nurses, if their & nbsp; services are so in demand? Because it's hard & nbsp; & mdash; and & nbsp; morally, and & nbsp; physically, you need a special warehouse of character. We must pay tribute to the authorities & nbsp; & mdash; they are trying to come up with ways that would encourage people to acquire this profession. For example, in the & nbsp; framework of the national project “ Demography '' there is a project “ Promotion of employment '', in which for people in & nbsp; age 50 + & nbsp; there is an opportunity to get a new profession “ Caregiver. Assistant for & nbsp; care. De facto, this means a guarantee of employment after training. The very process of learning a new profession usually takes place in patronage schools, and real professionals are trained there.

Unfortunately, not all graduates of these schools go to work in the & nbsp; specialty. And & nbsp; the most widespread option on the & nbsp; market is a middle-aged woman who came (as a rule, after & nbsp; children) from & nbsp; some former Soviet republic. Incidentally, the situation with & nbsp; nurses & nbsp; & mdash; the problem is worldwide. In the & nbsp; USA and & nbsp; European countries, most of them are also migrants, in & nbsp; including from & nbsp; Russia and & nbsp; countries of the former socialist camp.

Yes, there are also volunteers and religious women. But the & nbsp; & nbsp; first in & nbsp; mostly visit nursing homes, and & nbsp; the second work in & nbsp; hospitals and & nbsp; & nbsp; in the monasteries themselves, and & nbsp; they have enough work.

What can the government offer?

One of the & nbsp; ways to solve the problem & nbsp; & mdash; the incipient reform of the social service, the formation of the so-called long-term care system (CDS). It is aimed at & nbsp; support for the elderly and disabled people who have partially or completely lost the ability to care for themselves. In addition to medical care, & nbsp; it includes help for a family, in & nbsp; of which there are such patients, and & nbsp; even the allocation of nurses and & nbsp; home patronage. This pilot project has been carried out since & nbsp; 2019 & nbsp;, today two dozen regions of Russia are participating in it. And & nbsp; in & nbsp; June, President Putin instructed the government in & nbsp; as soon as possible & nbsp; & mdash; until & nbsp; end of 2022 & nbsp; g. & mdash; & nbsp; identify funding sources and & nbsp; implement CDS everywhere.

'Therefore, if you & nbsp; first encountered & nbsp; such a disaster, I advise you to first contact the & nbsp; social security authorities, where they can offer you some help, & nbsp; & mdash; says Lena Andrev, lecturer at the Department of Nursing Management, RUDN Medical Institute. & mdash; & nbsp; But & nbsp; the possibilities of & nbsp; regions are different. Yes & nbsp; and & nbsp; state of & nbsp; patients & nbsp; & mdash; too. It is enough for someone that a social worker or a nurse came to & nbsp; a few hours 1 & ndash; 2 times a day & nbsp; & mdash; this gives good budget savings. For & nbsp; more serious cases, study not & nbsp; only the caregiver market, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; those & nbsp; types of assistance to citizens in need of & nbsp; care that work in your area. For example, schools are often opened where relatives are taught how to properly care for & nbsp; such people & nbsp; & mdash; it is a separate science. Semi-stationary services are also being introduced. Usually, these are daytime groups, when relatives can be sure that their ward is under supervision in & nbsp; the time they spend outside the home, at & nbsp; work. Rental centers are being created where you can get a variety of rehabilitation aids. ''

Can you & nbsp; become a nurse for a loved one yourself?

Pushkin told about & nbsp; how the patient's relative feels at the same time: his Eugene Onegin, getting ready to “ sit and & nbsp; day and & nbsp; night '' with & nbsp; dying uncle, I was already determined to “ sigh and & nbsp; think to myself: when & nbsp; will the devil take you! ''. How not to & nbsp; afford to come to & nbsp; such a state & nbsp; & mdash; and & nbsp; really help a loved one?

First of all, you need to learn to “ secret '' methods of working with & nbsp; so-called people with limited mobility. How to turn them over in & nbsp; beds, lift and & nbsp; put them on a chair, how to properly feed, wash and & nbsp; carry out hygiene procedures. This is taught in patronage schools. This is usually a few short lessons, possibly & nbsp; online. All these techniques can be found & nbsp; on the internet and & nbsp; to master them & nbsp; yourself.

Secondly, it is necessary to correctly select the means of small rehabilitation & nbsp; & mdash; from & nbsp; cutlery and & nbsp; dishes helping people with & nbsp; trembling in & nbsp; hands, impaired fine motor skills, weakness and & nbsp; deformation of the hands, to & nbsp; lifts and & nbsp; special means for moving patients. But & nbsp; the main thing & nbsp; & mdash; it is a warning for bedsores. “ Usually they immediately try to get an anti-bedsore mattress, & nbsp; & mdash; says Lena Andrev, lecturer at the Department of Nursing Management, RUDN Medical Institute. & mdash; & nbsp; But & nbsp; it & nbsp; will & nbsp; help if you use it & nbsp; wrong. After all, a person still needs to be turned over every 2 & nbsp; hours. Now mattresses that take the shape of the body and & nbsp; relieve pressure on the skin are considered more effective. Many people need a good functional bed and & nbsp; devices to move a person from & nbsp; bed to & nbsp; chair or wheelchair and & nbsp; back. From & nbsp; vehicles to & nbsp; mainly use walkers or rollators. The latter seem to me to be optimal.

In order for the means of minor rehabilitation to really help, they must be & nbsp; selected for the needs of a particular person and & nbsp; dimensions of the apartment. Many devices look very attractive, but after the purchase they remain unclaimed. I advise & nbsp; rent them. If something doesn’t fit (for example, the gurney doesn’t & nbsp; pass through the door), it’s easy to hand it back. ”

How to choose a good nurse?

Coordinator of the Attention & Nbsp; Care School of Nursing Elena Sukhacheva advises paying attention to & nbsp; such aspects.

Where & nbsp; to look for it?

Good carers usually go from & nbsp; one family to & nbsp; another through & nbsp; acquaintance. Therefore, one of the & nbsp; safest ways to find & nbsp; & mdash; through the recommendations of friends. You & nbsp; will be able to personally talk with & nbsp; her & nbsp; past employers, learn how to build relationships with & nbsp; how much to pay, & nbsp; what it is & nbsp; to ask for. These are important questions if this is your first time hiring a caregiver. To find such a professional, you need the widest possible circle of contacts. Therefore, share your problem on & nbsp; social networks, especially in & nbsp; profile groups. I know that maternity groups are very responsive. Plus, search not & nbsp; only among friends, colleagues, neighbors, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; among the acquaintances of your acquaintances, the parents of your child's classmates. It works!

The second way & nbsp; & mdash; aggregators for & nbsp; home recruitment. In their & nbsp; base there can be & nbsp; excellent nurses who know their worth, and & nbsp; beginners. But & nbsp; for the caregivers themselves, these services are not & nbsp; very profitable, since they take a percentage of & nbsp; earnings.

The third way & nbsp; & mdash; through patronage agencies. They take on possible risks, suggest which nurse is better to choose for a particular person, look for a replacement for her, if the employee recommended by them does not & nbsp; fit, is ill, or for some reason cannot & nbsp; work. This saves time and & nbsp; nerves, minimizes the risk that a dishonest person gets into the & nbsp; house.

What should she & nbsp; be able to do?

A professional nurse knows how to work with & nbsp; all patients. She knows how to turn a person in the & nbsp; bed, how to transfer to a & nbsp; chair (there are special techniques for this); how to feed if the swallowing process is disturbed; how to avoid bedsores and & nbsp; how to care for & nbsp; them, if they already exist. She should be able not to & nbsp; only change a diaper, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; to provide assistance in & nbsp; any hygiene procedures, because & nbsp; people can have special catheters, gastro- and & nbsp; nephrostomy and & nbsp; t. & Nbsp; etc. And, most importantly, she knows how to communicate with & nbsp; such wards delicately, respecting their dignity.

How to communicate with & nbsp; her?

This is a very important point! Do not & nbsp; need to make the relationship with the & nbsp; nurse conflictual, taking the position & laquo; we & nbsp; pay you & nbsp; & mdash; you & nbsp; have to endure everything. '' She has a tough job. And & nbsp; do not & nbsp; forget that & nbsp; your loved ones because of a serious illness, too, often changes not & nbsp; for the & nbsp; better side. Therefore, in case of her & nbsp; conflict with the patient, try to listen to both sides. Remember that the & nbsp; caregiver has a personal life and & nbsp; she & nbsp; also needs rest so that she becomes a good helper for your relative.

What to do if you like the nurse, but & nbsp; doesn’t & nbsp; know much?

If & nbsp; she has a trusting relationship with & nbsp; your loved one and & nbsp; you like her too, then & nbsp; you can improve her & nbsp; qualification in the & nbsp; school of home nursing. There are two ways to do this. The first & nbsp; & mdash; let her go there & nbsp; for & nbsp; training. The second & nbsp; & mdash; invite the coach home to teach her & nbsp; directly on & nbsp; your loved one.

Who is not & nbsp; worth taking?

Poor Russian speakers & nbsp; & mdash; this will make it difficult to communicate both & nbsp; with & nbsp; you, and & nbsp; in & nbsp; first of all with & nbsp; ward. Untrained nurses. Without & nbsp; knowing the techniques necessary to work with & nbsp; sedentary people, they can & nbsp; only harm them, sometimes seriously. If a person subjectively does not & nbsp; like & nbsp; & mdash; this is also a reason for refusal.

If the nurse is not & nbsp; satisfied with your conditions, but & nbsp; has no choice & nbsp; and therefore she agrees, it's better not to & nbsp; & nbsp; do not & nbsp; hire her, as, most likely, everything will end in a conflict.

Love & nbsp; like a native

The essence of a nurse's work & nbsp; & mdash; turn her life into a & nbsp; happy life for her & nbsp; ward.

Elvira Verwein, volunteer with & nbsp; 15 years of experience, Ulyanovsk :

& mdash; Since childhood, I have always tried to help abandoned and crippled animals. Having matured and & nbsp; getting married, going through the loss of loved ones, she began to help weak, abandoned children in orphanages, especially children with & nbsp; disabilities. By & nbsp; education, I am & nbsp; teacher of additional education. While still working at the & nbsp; school, I organized a volunteer group to surround such children with care and & nbsp; help.

I was never & nbsp; shy about any work. She was a nurse, nurse, nurse. And & nbsp; in & nbsp; 45 & nbsp; years she moved to get a job in a boarding house for seniors near Moscow and & nbsp; to earn money for volunteering.

In & nbsp; home to & nbsp; my current ward & nbsp; & mdash; The 86-year-old general, who needed care after a hip fracture, was & nbsp; hit by a & nbsp; recommendation. Was ready for & nbsp; everything, because & nbsp; to. & Nbsp; in & nbsp; nursing home “ met '' and & nbsp; with & nbsp; bedsores, and & nbsp; with & nbsp; abscesses, and & nbsp; most important & nbsp; & mdash; with the pain of & nbsp; loneliness.

They say that money is not easy. Yes, the job of a nurse is not & nbsp; sugar. There are different wards: someone does not & nbsp; sleeps at night and & nbsp; is constantly torn somewhere, someone is aggressive, & nbsp; someone has problems with & nbsp; memory. But & nbsp; to & nbsp; everyone needs to find an approach and & nbsp; to calm down. It's good when the family sees how you & nbsp; work, understands you and & nbsp; gives time for & nbsp; rest. It can be emotionally difficult, burnout can occur. Therefore, if you & nbsp; dared to become a nurse and & nbsp; want to avoid it, become your ward a friend. Every day I ask my grandfather what we are going to do today: read, draw, sing, watch the news. He has a clear & nbsp; mind, excellent memory and & nbsp; his own world, which he shares with & nbsp; me. When I appear at the & nbsp; doorstep, he smiles. He & nbsp; taught me to sing military and & nbsp; Ukrainian folk songs, I & nbsp; his & nbsp; & mdash; paint.

This is very difficult & nbsp; & mdash; to love the ward as a loved one. But & nbsp; if you & nbsp; do not & nbsp; find kindness in & nbsp; an old man is a burden to you, you & nbsp; are & nbsp; ready to & nbsp; a hundred times to listen to endless stories from & nbsp; his past life, then & nbsp; it is better not & nbsp; to be & nbsp;/p>


“She doesn’t belong there.” Who was against the creation of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

55 years ago, on December 3, 1966, the solemn funeral of the Unknown Soldier took place in Moscow. An armored personnel carrier with a gun carriage, on which the coffin was installed, moved from the Belorussky railway station to Red Square at a speed of 3 km/h. Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky walked in the forefront of the procession.

4 million missing

Hundreds of thousands of people stood in dense rows along the entire route. For many of them, fathers, children, brothers and sisters did not return from the front. Instead of a funeral, they received a notice with the short wording: “ Missing. '' On that day, each of them believed that they would finally be able to bury their loved one. Newsreels & mdash; mournful faces with tears in their eyes, which quickly turned into pieces of ice. The day was frosty.

21 years have passed since the Victory. A new generation has grown up. They, young people and girls of the same age as those who fell for the Motherland, paid tribute to the heroic deed of the soldier in solemn silence, on whose grave the words: “ Your name is unknown, your deed is immortal. ''

It was the day when in Moscow, for the first time, honors were paid to millions of fighters who were listed as missing. According to official statistics, there were more than 4 million of them. During Stalin's time, the wording 'missing' was something shameful. What if the soldier was captured? What if he deserted? These “ suddenly '' undeservedly denigrated the memory of millions of defenders of the Fatherland.

The idea was brought from Poland

A fighter about whom there was no accurate information for 15 days and whose body was not found and identified was considered missing. But how, in the conditions of that terrible war, was it possible to document the death of everyone ?! Here they send a wounded carriage from the front line to the rear, at this moment the bombing begins. The wounded never made it to the hospital … And that's it: relatives receive a message about the “ missing person ''. Or a group of fighters leaves on a mission. A gunfight is heard. Half did not return. And again, the terrible words “ missing '' fly to relatives. How many of them, who laid down their heads near Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk, Rzhev, who died in a multimillion-dollar bloody meat grinder, remained unidentified in the fields, at the bottom of rivers, in the forests. And how many widows and orphans did not know where to come to bow to the ashes of a loved one. And then she appeared: the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The grave, which was considered native by millions of our compatriots.

Among all the victorious countries in the Second World War, the Soviet Union was the last state where such a monument appeared. The idea came to the chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers Alexei Kosygin after a visit to Poland, where the Soviet delegation laid wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw. Interested in the question, he learned that similar monuments exist in the USA, England, France.

It was originally planned that the Soviet monument would be dedicated to the memory of unknown soldiers who died in the battle for the capital. In December 1966, preparations were made to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the defeat of the Nazis near Moscow. Kosygin shared his thoughts with Nikolai Egorychev , First Secretary of the Moscow City Committee of the CPSU. For Egorychev, the creation of the monument became a matter of honor. He fought himself and lost his brother at the front. He disappeared without a trace. Egorychev considered it his duty as a soldier, who had returned from the front alive, to create a monument in honor of those who, as the famous song says, “turned into white cranes.” Very soon the idea of ​​the monument expanded to an all-Union scale.

'Seeks cheap popularity among the people'

It would seem that this case should have been supported at the very top, but unexpectedly Leonid Brezhnev began to slow down the process of creating the monument. The fact is that Egorychev, wishing to start implementing the project as soon as possible, approved the draft sketches of the future memorial complex at Kosygin and Mikhail Suslov , who was considered the second person in the party after Brezhnev. But the sketches did not get to Brezhnev himself, since at that moment he was absent from Moscow. Both Kosygin and Suslov liked the sketches. They were approved. But Leonid Ilyich took Egorychev's operational activities with hostility. Allegedly, the first secretary of the Moscow City Party Committee takes on too much. At the same time, anonymous letters rained down on Yegorychev in the Central Committee, where he was accused of trying to gain cheap popularity among the people.

When it came to choosing a place where the memorial complex would be located, Brezhnev was in no hurry to agree on it. Three options were proposed: Lenin Hills, the Spit of the Moskva River (now there is a monument to Peter the Great) and Manezhnaya Square (there is now a shopping center). Brezhnev did not approve any of the options. At the same time, less than a month remained before the installation of the monument. Egorychev was sure that the monument should be located at the Kremlin wall in the Alexander Garden. But the place was occupied by an obelisk in honor of the 300th anniversary of the House of Romanov. After the October 1917 coup, Lenin ordered the names of revolutionaries to be stamped on this obelisk instead of the names of the sovereigns. “ Everything that was associated with Lenin was considered unshakable in the USSR. No one even thought could do something with the obelisk '', & mdash; later told Yegorychev himself in a television interview. He, of course, took the risk, but he saw no other way out. Egorychev closed the Alexander Garden in the daytime and ordered to move the obelisk, and later managed to convince the Politburo members of the advisability of erecting the monument in the Alexander Garden. Finally, Brezhnev gave the go-ahead.

At the same time, the question of whose ashes will be buried at the Kremlin wall was resolved. In the fall of 1966, a mass grave was discovered during construction work on the symbolic 41st kilometer of the Moscow-Leningrad highway near Zelenograd. And in it & mdash; remains in well-preserved uniforms without insignia.

Why Post No. 1 was moved

On December 3, 1966, the remains of the Unknown Soldier arrived in Moscow. The burial was attended by Leonid Brezhnev, marshals Georgy Zhukov and Konstantin Rokossovsky. The latter thus paid tribute to the memory of his soldiers, since he commanded the Western Front and the 16th Army during the defense of Moscow. The monument at the grave was erected later. Inauguration of the memorial complex 'Tomb of the Unknown Soldier' took place on May 8, 1967. The ceremony was led by Nikolai Egorychev.

In 1997, the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin issued a decree “ On the establishment of a permanent guard of honor in Moscow at the Eternal Flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier '', according to which Post No. 1 was moved from the mausoleum to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

And since 2014, after the decision of the State Duma on December 3, when the ashes of the unknown soldier were buried in the Alexander Garden, it became officially known as the Day of the Unknown Soldier.

Now already the third and fourth generations of families come here, where in 1941-1945. a funeral came with the words “ missing ''. According to the documents, these fighters disappeared without leaving a trace. The main thing is that they do not disappear from our national memory, that we retain in us awe of their feat and fearlessness with which they met and drove the enemy from their native land.


The US defense budget has become hostage to Nord Stream 2

Why Democrats and Republicans can't agree on military spending The US $ 770 billion draft defense budget for 2022 was blocked twice in a week due to disputes over amendments over the sanctions over Nord Stream 2 and against China. Details are in the material of RBK

Austria’s second chancellor to resign in two months

Former Chancellor Sebestyan Kurz resigned amid a corruption scandal on October 9. His successor Alexander Schallenberg officially headed the government on October 11

Alexander Schallenberg

Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg, having been at the head of the government for less than two months, wrote a letter of resignation. This is reported by the Kronen Zeitung.

This was preceded by the announcement of Schallenberg's predecessor as chancellor, Sebastian Kurz. He announced that he had decided to retire from politics and resign as chairman of the Austrian People's Party (ANP). As noted by the Kronen Zeitung, Kurz made such a decision after the birth of his son.

The interlocutors of the publication said that Minister of the Interior Karl Nehammer could replace Kurz as chairman of the party.

Schallenberg, according to the Kronen Zeitung, said that he would leave the post of Austrian Chancellor, “ as soon as the appropriate appointments are made within the party. ''

leader of the New People's Party. I strongly believe that both offices & mdash; the heads of government and the leader of the federal party, the most powerful party in Austria, must quickly reunite in the same hands, '', & mdash; Schallenberg explained his decision to resign in a written statement.

Kurz resigned in the wake of a corruption scandal. Investigators suspected people from the Chancellor's entourage of bribing the newspaper & Ouml; sterreich to publish polls with positive comments about the Austrian People's Party. The defendants in the case were Kurz himself, nine other people and three organizations.

On the evening of October 6, Kurz issued a statement in which he denied the charges. “ There is absolutely no evidence that it was me who directed which advertisements or polls were ordered from the Ministry of Finance, '' & mdash; he said then. When asked by a journalist whether Kurtz would remain in the post of chancellor, the politician answered in the affirmative, but on October 9 announced that he was resigning.

The politician explained his decision with a desire to “ avoid chaos and ensure stability. '' “ The important thing now is to restore trust. & lt; … & gt; My country is more important to me than my personality '', & mdash; he said. Schallenberg first became Acting Chancellor of Austria, and from October 11th.

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Angela Merkel’s farewell ceremony took place in Berlin. Video

In Berlin, in the courtyard of the Ministry of Defense of the Federal Republic of Germany, a solemn ceremony was held dedicated to seeing off Angela Merkel from the post of head of government


Traditionally, a high-ranking politician can choose several musical compositions for farewell ceremonies. Merkel chose the song 'You Forgot Your Color Film' (Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen) by German punk rock singer Nina Hagen. According to Merkel, the work of this singer was “ one of the highlights in her youth. '' The military band also played a song by the popular German singer and actress of the 1950s Hildegard Knef, as well as a church composition. The ceremony ended with the performance of the national anthem.

Merkel will remain acting chancellor for a few more days. She will leave when the Bundestag votes for her successor, Olaf Scholz. On the same day, his office will be sworn in.

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The Ministry of Justice decided to oblige the chambers of lawyers to initiate disciplinary cases

According to the proposal, the chambers of lawyers will not be able to refuse to bring lawyers to disciplinary responsibility. The department proposes to deprive the status of lawyers of those who did not take the oath on time after the qualification exam

The Ministry of Justice wants to oblige the chambers of lawyers to initiate disciplinary proceedings against lawyers on all submissions from the department. This is stated in the document prepared by the Ministry on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

The federal chamber of lawyers (FPA) or the regional chamber of lawyers will not be able to refuse the Ministry of Justice or its territorial bodies to initiate such a case, it follows from the bill.

proceedings against a lawyer & lrm; or refusal to apply disciplinary measures against him.

Another initiative concerns the termination of the status of a lawyer. If the Bar Chamber within three months does not consider the relevant submission of the Ministry of Justice, the department wants to get the right to appeal to the court with a similar request.

The Ministry of Justice also proposes to give it the right, together with the FPA, to approve questions for the qualification exam of lawyers. It is assumed that the data on applicants who did not pass the qualifying exam will be included in the Unified State Register of Lawyers.

In addition, the document introduces the norm that after passing the qualification exam, a lawyer must take an oath within three months. If he does not do this, the decision of the qualification commission on the assignment of the status of a lawyer will be canceled. If the deadline was missed for a good reason, the decision on reinstatement may be considered by the council of the bar association.

The initiative, which allows the Ministry of Justice to appeal in court the decisions of the Bar in disciplinary cases initiated on their submissions, “ raises great doubts about its validity from the FPA Council and the Council took a negative position on this, '' State Secretary of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers Konstantin Dobrynin told RBC .

“ Politically, this bill, alas, reflects the spirit of the times and is a demonstration of the state, represented by the Ministry of Justice, to strengthen control and supervision over the activities of the legal profession. At the same time, the presented version of the bill is already a product of a compromise, disputes in working groups and attempts to find solutions, and in many respects differs from the initial ideas of the bureaucrats for the better, '', & mdash; Dobrynin said.

According to the State Secretary, the FPA does not quite understand the reasons why the Ministry of Justice proposed to change the procedure for passing exams, “ but since the state demonstratively wants to share the burden of responsibility for this & mdash; we are ready to agree. ''

The Ministry of Justice twice unsuccessfully tried to bring to disciplinary responsibility the lawyer of the journalist Ivan Safronov, accused of treason, Ivan Pavlov (included in the register of foreign media agents). In the summer of 2020, the department sent a corresponding submission to the St. Petersburg Bar Association. The reason was the lawyer's refusal to sign a non-disclosure agreement on the preliminary investigation of Safronov's criminal case. After the chamber refused to the Ministry of Justice, the department filed a lawsuit against it, but then withdrew the claim. In the fall of 2021, the department submitted a third similar submission against Pavlov to the bar association.

In the spring, Pavlov was charged with divulging the secrets of the investigation in connection with the Safronov case. In September, he announced that he left Russia and went to Georgia. Despite emigration, the lawyer did not stop representing the interests of Safronov and other clients.

In November, the Ministry of Justice decided to bring another Safronov lawyer, Yevgeny Smirnov, to disciplinary responsibility. The Chamber of Advocates of the Leningrad Region initiated disciplinary proceedings against the defender on the proposal of the regional department of the department.

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United Russia has prepared answers to 10 myths about vaccinations

State Duma deputies from “United Russia” received recommendations on how to argue with opponents of vaccination. The theses touch upon the “number of the beast”, yellow stars, world government and the historical context from Stalin to Gorbachev

State Duma deputies from United Russia before the regional week, which involves working with voters in the regions and lasts from November 29 to December 5, we received methodological recommendations prepared by the party with arguments in favor of vaccination and the introduction of QR codes. The document is at the disposal of RBC, its authenticity was confirmed by two members of United Russia.

In the press service of United Russia in response to a request from RBC, they said that “ the party, together with the faction's staff, regularly prepare reference materials for deputies on key initiatives, bills, and current issues '': Government bills on additional measures to combat covid are no exception. This helps to increase the efficiency and expert support of the faction's work, to provide deputies with various textures for working with the media and voters. This is a systematic work that the party will develop, providing expert and informational and methodological support for the activities of the deputy corps. ''

Sending such recommendations & mdash; standard practice when it comes to important bills or issues important to the party. Usually, such documents describe in the abstract how deputies from the party or other representatives of the party should answer certain topics in communication with voters or in public space.

The guidelines for vaccination issues are titled Basic Arguments and Myths on Antique Limitations and Pandemic Response in Public Discussion. The document contains several sections with theses on what arguments to use in conversations with citizens, the media and during possible discussions in favor of vaccination and how to debunk the most common myths about it. A list of ten myths is also attached.

Among the myths that MPs are encouraged to answer:

  • The myth that QR codes & mdash; this is the 'start of the digital concentration camp' United Russia members are offered several answers. For example: “ Give up your TIN! In the early 2000s, there was a massive rejection of the introduction of the INN as a “ satanic codification of people '', then they talked about the “ number of the beast '' and a digital concentration camp. A whole generation has grown up since then, which does not even realize that it was numbered along with its parents, and it lives in a concentration camp. ''
  • Another myth is formulated as follows: “ Nobody canceled the decisions of the Nuremberg trials against fascism! Assigning a number to a person, as well as yellow stars, & mdash; you can't! '' The answer, according to the document, should be as follows: “ Show me the carriers of the INN, SNILS, burned in the furnaces and put on the lampshades, your individual passport number, which is in all electronic databases, show me the 'hundredth kilometer'; and the Law on Cook's Children, a ban on passports for collective farmers and a ransom bill from serfdom, European zoos with blacks in open-air cages, and places for blacks. in transport. That is, show me everything that Nuremberg condemned and that came back with digital quar codes and digital technology. It's juggling and manipulation. ''
  • As an example, the following myth is given: “ Vaccinated people also get sick! They are spreading the infection even more, why is it now possible for them to go everywhere, and not to the vaccinated? '' “ Are you a medic? '' the answer option is registered. & mdash; Why did not a single sick person go to their friends for treatment at Odnoklassniki, but are in hospitals? '' United Russia is invited to end this thought with the thesis that “ vaccinated people get sick easily, but not sick at all, if there was no increased viral load due to the large number of unvaccinated people around us. ''
  • The myth “ coronavirus vaccines have not been studied, their effectiveness has not been proven! '' a possible answer is given as follows: “ Then all vaccine developers, doctors and their relatives '' they are 'masochists and sadists' because they were the first to vaccinate themselves, to vaccinate their children and relatives. '' In addition, it is said that coronavirus vaccines have not been developed from scratch, “ more than 70 countries, led by the world's leading magazine Lancet. '' see the effectiveness of Russian vaccines, but Yuri Loza “ knows better. '' The following answer is also proposed: “ If the whole world, all doctors, all states, 'world government' ' and 'secret powers' united in a covid conspiracy against the anti-Axers, then the earth is really flat. ''
  • The myth “ we are chipped with a vaccine, then controlled with quar-code! '' it is recommended to answer like this. “ Who personally needs you to control you? What interest is your summer cottage or relationship with children? Is it interesting for the Pentagon, your governor or Brussels? Scientists argue about whether viruses can be embedded in human DNA, but the components of a vaccine, any vaccine – absolutely not! .. ''

How to use the 'historical context'

The document also contains a section 'What about the state? Historical context '': it sets out theses about possible actions on the part of prominent politicians if they faced opponents of vaccinations.

  • 'Under Stalin, the' conspiracy of obscurantists' was revealed and shot in each region, according to the order from the center, a certain number of “ anti-Axis '', & mdash; the authors of the document write;
  • “ Under Khrushchev & mdash; exiled to places not as distant as agents of imperialism ';
  • ' Under Brezhnev 'mdash; closed in a psychiatric hospital opponents of vaccinations and the decree of the Central Committee of the CPSU cut down the Internet as a source of “ enemy voices '';
  • “ Under Gorbachev, 'anti-axers' were announced “ an interesting phenomenon '', the people were treated with the help of Kashpirovsky and the healing loading of cans of water in front of the TV. '' deaths from disease. ''

As for modern Russia (the name of the current President Vladimir Putin is not mentioned in the document), in the section “ Comparative Context '' it is said: if we compare Russian restrictive measures with European or Asian ones, then our country acts much softer.

How to explain the current situation with the pandemic

data on how difficult the situation with the coronavirus epidemic in the country is (section “ There is no more time for conversations and persuasion! The situation is critical '').

The deputies are invited to operate with the following figures: in Russia, more than 30 thousand cases and more than 1000 deaths are recorded every day: “ 1000 deaths per day '' that's about 30,000 per month. Every month a pandemic takes away the population of a small town like Gudermes, Krasnoznamensk, Novokubansk, Lukhovits '', & mdash; specified in the document. When communicating, the deputies are invited to convey the idea that the “ persuasion of the '' anti-axers '' are expensive for the country and all citizens '' and the loss of life is comparable to the war. In addition, United Russia should remind people that doctors have suggested that anti-Axis visit the red zones. hospitals, but the MPs themselves should offer to “ join the work of volunteers and personally, not from the couch, get to know the situation. ''

What initiatives against the spread of covid are currently being discussed by MPs

In mid-November, the government submitted to the State Duma bills on the introduction of QR codes in public places and in transport. According to the initiative, visiting public places (the list of which should be established by the governors) and traveling by plane and train will be possible only if there is a document with a QR code confirming vaccination, past illness, or if there is a medical outlet. The first reading of the bills may take place on December 16. Currently, both documents have been sent to the regions. After the introduction of bills to the State Duma, protests against the introduction of QR codes were held in a number of regions: for example, in Kostroma, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg.

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The heads of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine called for tougher sanctions against Russia

Vilnius, Warsaw and Kiev call on the international community to toughen sanctions against Moscow, according to a joint statement by the presidents of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine Gitanas Nauseda, Andrzej Duda and Volodymyr Zelensky

In the document, the leaders of the three countries said about “ ongoing aggression against Ukraine '' from Russia. They also called on the Russian side to de-escalate by “ withdrawing their troops from the Ukrainian borders and temporarily occupied territories. ''

Nauseda, Duda, and Zelensky reiterated their concerns over the Russian stream-2 '' and called the project a threat to European security. for the security of the European region. The presidents agreed to oppose the 'monopolization of the European gas market by Russia, which uses energy as a geopolitical tool.' The foreign ministers of the three countries signed a declaration on its creation in July 2020. In it, the parties expressed their commitment to deepen and expand cooperation between the armed forces and in the fight against coronavirus, as well as support Ukraine's accession to NATO and the EU.

The material is being supplemented

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Merkel was escorted from the post of German chancellor to punk rock

Photo: AP

On Thursday evening, December 2, a ceremony was held in Berlin to mark Angela Merkel's departure from the post of German chancellor. The event was organized in the inner courtyard of the Bundeswehr.

The Großer Zapfenstreich ceremony (loosely translated as “lights out” or “dawn”) is considered the highest sign of respect that a civilian can receive from the military. According to tradition, a high-ranking politician for whom the ceremony is held can order a number of musical compositions to the orchestra of the Ministry of Defense that he would like to hear. Merkel previously announced that she had chosen Nina Hagen's song Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen (“You Forgot Your Color Film”). She explained that the work of the German punk rock legend was one of the highlights of her youth.

Also, the military band played a church composition and a song by the German star of the 50s Hildegard Knef for Merkel and invited guests. At the end of the ceremony, the orchestra sang the German national anthem.

At the end of the performance of the military musicians, Merkel said goodbye to those present with a wave of her hand, took one scarlet rose from a lush bouquet in a flowerpot, which was installed next to her chair during the ceremony, and with a flower in her hands got into the car. From the car window, she waved her hand several more times, occasionally touching her nose, after which the cortege took her away from the square.


The target for undermining by agents of the special services of Ukraine on the territory of Russia has become known

Two of the detainees were sent by the Security Service of Ukraine to the territory of Russia in order to collect information and take photos and videos of strategically important life support enterprises and transport infrastructure.

The third detainee worked for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. His tasks included the commission of a terrorist act by detonating two improvised explosive devices with a total mass of 1.5 kg in TNT.

The target of the terrorist was to be the mast of the Black Sea Fleet radio center, the Crimean television center tower and a mobile gas turbine power plant. p>


Russia and San Marino agreed to abolish visas

Russia and San Marino have agreed to abolish visas between the two countries, the state secretariat for foreign affairs of the European republic reported.


On Thursday, December 2, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, International Economic Cooperation and Telecommunications of San Marino Luca Beccari signed a corresponding agreement.

As noted in the message of the San Marino State Secretariat, the signed agreement testifies to “excellent relations” between states and “mutual desire to develop cooperation”.


SpaceX rocket launched into orbit with Starlink internet satellites

It is reported that the launch was carried out on Thursday at 18:12 US East Coast time (Friday at 02:12 Moscow time) from the 40th complex at the cosmodrome at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

In addition to 48 Starlink Internet satellites, the rocket will launch into orbit two new geospatial reconnaissance satellites of the American company BlackSky, which, among other things, will perform tasks in the interests of the Pentagon and the US intelligence services.

Recall that the Starlink network is designed to provide residents Lands with broadband internet access. In total, the American company is going to deploy 11,000 satellites in orbit. The total cost of this project is estimated at ten billion dollars.

At the moment, the orbital group already consists of 1842 spacecraft.


In the Khabarovsk Territory, residents met a lost tiger on the road

Press Service of the Amur Tiger Center reported that in the Khabarovsk Territory a red-book tiger cub without a mother came out on the road, Interfax reports.

It is reported that the lost cub was filmed on the road in the Lazo region of the Khabarovsk Territory.

In appearance, the baby is 8-10 months old. At this age, they are curious and inexperienced, and can walk for a long enough time without the accompaniment of their mother-tigress. This is under ideal circumstances, & mdash; the message says.

At the same time, scientists noted that there are now problems with the food supply, which are complicated by bad weather.

a hunting supervision group that will check that the tiger cub has left the area near the road and returned to its mother.

Earlier, FSB officers, in cooperation with the Amur Tiger Center, & nbsp; detained & nbsp; in the Primorsky Territory, members of a criminal group that for several years was engaged in shooting Amur tigers and selling their parts abroad.


The head of “Vector” called the combination of coronavirus with Ebola as fiction

Plot of a new type of coronavirus pandemic that spread from China

Head of the Research Institute of Viral Infections FBSI SSC VB “ Vector '' Rospotrebnadzor Alexander Semenov said that the coronavirus cannot combine with Ebola due to the different genetic structure, RIA Novosti reports.

“ Combining Ebola with coronavirus '' this is something out of the realm of cheap Hollywood fiction. The coronavirus variant & mdash; neither omicron, nor alpha, delta, theta, nor any other future & mdash; will connect with the Ebola virus in the same way as a mermaid with a horse cannot give fruitful offspring, because they are arranged differently '', & mdash; he said.

At the same time, he noted that a person can get sick with both coronavirus and Ebola, it is impossible to predict the result in this case.

Recall that at the end of November he was in Botswana discovered a new variant of the coronavirus which was named the letter of the Greek alphabet “ omicron ''. Later it became known about the appearance of those infected with this type of virus in South Africa and other countries. It is assumed that changes in its genome indicate its high transmissibility and resistance to antibodies of those who have been ill and vaccinated.


The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation will clarify the list of medical cuts from vaccination against COVID-19 – Izvestia

Plot of a novel coronavirus pandemic that spread from China

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation is preparing an expanded list of contraindications for vaccination against coronavirus, the Izvestia newspaper writes.

According to a source familiar with the situation, the list may appear in mid-December. It is noted that an option is being discussed, according to which the list will become part of the temporary recommendations for vaccination.

“ Currently, a document is being developed at the ministry level. The project was sent to Rospotrebnadzor to clarify the algorithm for its application. Which diseases will be included in the list will be announced later '', & mdash; the source added.

Earlier, Tatyana Ruzhentsova, deputy director for clinical work of the Moscow Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after G. N. Gabrichevsky of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare, said that only a severe allergic reaction can be a contraindication to vaccination against coronavirus.

At the end of September, the American media wrote that those vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine Since November, US authorities may refuse entry because the vaccine has not received WHO and US regulatory approval.


Snow, ice and up to two degrees Celsius are expected in Moscow on Friday

Cloudy weather, snow and ice are expected in Moscow on Friday, December 3, according to the official website of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation.

According to meteorologists, during the day the air temperature in the capital will be from zero to plus two & nbsp; degrees. On Saturday night in the city it can get colder to minus three.

In the Moscow region during the day it is expected from minus two to plus three & nbsp; degrees. At nighttime, the thermometer can drop to minus six.

The wind is southwest, south at a speed of 6-11 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure will be 737 millimeters of mercury.

Previously, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center, Roman Vilfand & nbsp; also told what will be the winter & nbsp; on the territory of European Russia.


Rogozin spoke about the plan to evade the ISS from the wreckage of the American rocket

The ISS evasion maneuver from a fragment of the American Pegasus launch vehicle is tentatively scheduled for Friday morning. The head of Roscosmos announced this in his Telegram channel.

According to him, an evasive maneuver to prevent a dangerous approach with space debris is planned at 10:58 Moscow time. & Nbsp;

Earlier it was reported that NASA astronauts went into outer space to replace the antenna on the ISS. Company representatives noted that the breakdown did not significantly affect communication with the Earth.


Lawyers appealed against the arrest of all defendants in the case of the Listvyazhnaya accident

Plot Tragedy at the Listvyazhnaya mine in the Kemerovo region

Protection of all defendants in the criminal case about the accident at the Listvyazhnaya mine in Kuzbass she appealed against their arrest for a period of two months, TASS reports.

The Central District Court of Kemerovo clarified that lawyers have filed appeals.

Five people are now involved in the case of the tragedy: the director mines Sergey Makhrakov, his first deputy Andrey Molostov and site manager Sergey Gerasimenok, as well as two inspectors of Rostekhnadzor Vyacheslav Semykin and Sergey Vinokurov. They are accused of violating the industrial safety requirements of hazardous production facilities, resulting in the death of two or more persons by negligence, and negligence. None of the defendants admits their guilt.

Let us remind you that the accident at the Listvyazhnaya mine in Kuzbass & nbsp; occurred & nbsp; on the morning of November 25. There were 285 people underground. The reason for the emergency, according to preliminary data, & nbsp; was the explosion of methane & nbsp; in the preparatory face. As a result of the accident, 51 people died, another 99 were injured.

On the eve of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin called for tougher responsibility for violations of safety requirements in the coal industry.


Russian arrested in Moscow on suspicion of treason

FSB officers detained a Russian named Suslov on suspicion of high treason and asked the Moscow court to send him to a pre-trial detention center

The Lefortovo Court of Moscow arrested a Russian in a criminal case of treason, follows from the court's database.

The press service of the court told Interfax that Kirill Andreevich Suslov was detained until January 29, 2022.

According to the information released to the public, the court arrested Russian citizen K.A. Suslova. He was charged under Art. 275 of the Criminal Code (high treason). This article provides for 12 to 20 years in prison. The details of the case were not disclosed.

The court registered and granted the request on November 29. The decision to arrest the Russian came into force on December 3.

A TASS source in law enforcement agencies specified that Suslov was detained by FSB investigators. Later, they asked the court to send him to a pre-trial detention center.

RBC applied for a comment to the press service of the Lefortovo court .

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United Russia will replace more than a dozen heads of regional offices

In “United Russia” more than ten heads of regional branches of the party will be replaced. Among the new leaders will be the heads of Komi, Mordovia, Irkutsk and Vladimir regions Two sources in United Russia told RBC about this.

Most of the new secretaries of party organizations are governors. Among them & mdash; Heads of Komi and Mordovia Vladimir Uyba and Artem Zdunov, respectively, Governor of Irkutsk Region Igor Kobzev and Acting Governor of Vladimir Region Alexander Avdeev, both interlocutors of RBC said.

Kobzev will replace State Duma deputy Sergei Sokol, who was elected to parliament in a single-mandate constituency in Khakassia, as secretary of the regional branch of the party. On November 23, the governor of the Irkutsk region joined United Russia, and before that, last September, he participated in the governor's campaign as a self-nominated candidate, but with the support of the ruling party. In the elections to the State Duma, Kobzev headed the regional list of United Russia.

In turn, Sokol will head the party's branch in Khakassia, sources told RBC. This is the most likely replacement of the head of the regional communist Valentin Konovalov, the interlocutors of RBC previously reported.

Vriovladimir governor Avdeev, who was appointed to this post instead of Vladimir Sipyagin (LDPR), who took the deputy mandate, has extensive experience in party work, said one of the sources in the party … In particular, he heads the interregional coordinating council of United Russia. in the Central Federal District.

The head of Mordovia, Zdunov, headed the republican list of United Russia in the elections to the State Duma. As for the head of Komi Uyba, the parliamentary elections in the republic “ did not go well, '' says one of RBC's sources. “ The appointment of Vladimir Uyba as the secretary of the regional office means that he is given the last chance to rectify the situation in the region, '' & mdash; emphasized the interlocutor of RBC. This includes intra-elite conflicts, he added.

Following the results of the Duma campaign “ United Russia '' won 29.44% of the votes in Komi, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation & mdash; 26.88%. The list of United Russia was headed by Uyba. At the same time, Olga Savastyanova (ER), the head of the committee for control and regulation in the State Duma of the last convocation, lost to the communist Oleg Mikhailov in a single-mandate constituency.

At the moment, the regional branches of United Russia; are headed by 26 governors. Among them & mdash; Dmitry Azarov (Samara region), Gleb Nikitin (Nizhny Novgorod region), Alexander Bogomaz (Bryansk region), Roman Starovoit (Kursk region).

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Peskov commented on the upcoming meeting between Putin and Biden


Russian and US Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden will meet soon, but the exact date has not yet been determined … This was announced by the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Peskov noted that the exact date has not yet been agreed, work is underway. The meeting of the presidents will be held via videoconference.

“The nuances have yet to be confirmed. Not necessarily next week, maybe in a week, “Peskov said.

He added that December 7 appears as a possible date, but there are others.


The Kremlin announced the imminent reshuffle in the “United Russia”

Photo: Mikhail Verny

Russian President's press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that active consultations are underway on the issue of personnel changes in the party” United Russia “

According to him, the leadership of the party is exchanging views with the Presidential Administration.

” The President, of course, is aware of what is happening in the party, he remains the leader of the party, “Peskov said.

The head of the presidential press service clarified that he means that Putin remains the informal leader of the party.

He also did not specify whether Putin would put forward proposals for reforming the party during his video message to the participants of the United Russia congress on 4 December. According to Peskov, everything will depend on the work of the congress.

“We will watch with you,” Peskov added.


Peskov declined to tell how Putin assesses Medvedev’s work

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The press secretary of the Russian president refused to answer a question from journalists about how the head of state Vladimir Putin assesses the work of the chairman “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev.

The Kremlin spokesman noted that all assessments will be given at the party congress, which will be held next Saturday.

“On the eve of the Congress, naturally, we cannot give any assessments to anyone. It would be incorrect, “- said Peskov.

On Saturday, December 4, Moscow will host the reporting and selective stage of the United Russia party congress. The date is timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the creation of the party.

In particular, the congress will hold regular elections for the composition of all governing bodies of the party, including the general and supreme councils, as well as the chairman of the party.


In the USA, they told what kind of weapon they need in the fight against Russia

American experts suggest betting on one type of weapon

The US Air Force needs to be armed with a new generation of high-precision ammunition to contain Russia and China. This is reported by the Flight Global portal with reference to the Mitchell Institute.

Photo: USAF.

The department noted that the existing systems like the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM), which are capable of converting free-falling bombs into all-weather adjustable ammunition, have shown high efficiency for a long time, but are now outdated.

Mark Ganzinger, an analyst at the Mitchell Institute and retired US Air Force Colonel, noted that in modern conditions Washington needs to rely on cruise missiles, the range of which ranges from 92 to 463 kilometers. In this case, attack aircraft will not have to enter the target engagement zone.

The American expert added that the US Air Force needs to assign the role of delivering these missiles to the promising new generation B-21 strategic bomber, as it is well adapted to pursue protected and highly mobile targets.

Earlier, The American Conservative reported that warnings from American admirals that China was preparing an invasion of Taiwan, and Russia – in Ukraine, indicate that the United States was on the verge of a new global war.

At the same time, the author of the article emphasized that America is no better prepared for this conflict than before the Japanese attack on the US Navy base Pearl Harbor during World War II.


American general acknowledged the advantage of Russia’s nuclear forces

“They managed to modernize them, but we did not”

Against the background of aggravation of relations between Russia and NATO in connection with the situation around Donbass, very positive news came from the United States. Its essence is that there will be no war between the United States and Russia. At least for now. General John Hayten, Deputy Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, said this. And he justified: there is an imbalance in the nuclear potential of the powers in favor of Russia.


John Hayten said in a podcast of the Brookings Institution that the United States does not want a war with Russia, because “Russia's nuclear forces are now completely modernized, but ours are not” ( quote from RIA Novosti).

In this regard, the general, of course, asked for additional funds to accelerate the program for the modernization of intercontinental ballistic missiles and the removal of bureaucratic procedures in its implementation. “You have to move faster when you have rivals like Russia and China,” said John Hayten.

So, the US military seems to be much more sober about the world, unlike politicians. who, no, no, yes, they begin to threaten Russia for invented sins at an “unprecedented cost” and “bloodletting”.

The question of where the Pentagon specialists get information about the state of our strategic deterrent forces is not worth it. According to the START-3 Treaty, which was extended under President Joe Biden, the parties have the opportunity to conduct mutual inspections of nuclear facilities on a parity basis several times a year.

Actually, our military-political leadership does not hide what measures adopted to prevent our nuclear missile shield from rusting.

For more than twenty years, the Strategic Missile Forces (Strategic Missile Forces) have been re-equipping missile regiments with old Topol mobile ground-based missile systems. They were initially replaced by the modernized Topol-M (RS-12M2) complexes with solid-propellant missiles, and now, for several years now, the old complexes have been replacing the newest mobile and stationary Yarsy (RS-24) systems.

The Yars missiles are not equipped with a monobloc warhead, like those of the Topol, but with a multiple warhead with individually guided nuclear warheads.

The rate of rearmament is high. The Strategic Missile Forces receive over 10 missile systems annually. And this is a whole missile regiment.

The old RS-18 liquid-propellant ampulized missiles (according to the western classification “Stilet”) received a fundamentally new warhead. This is the Avangard hypersonic gliding block. The novelty completely changes the principle of operation of intercontinental missiles. If earlier, the warheads launched with the help of missiles flew along a ballistic, that is, an unchanging trajectory that is easy to predict. That “Vanguard” broke this algorithm.

The warhead changes height and direction at hypersonic speed – more than Mach 20. Such a flight depreciates the American missile defense system, the principle of which is based on calculating the trajectory of a ballistic target and directing the missiles to the desired point of the trajectory, proactively, to intercept it.

So far, the Strategic Missile Forces are heavy – 200-ton – liquid-propellant missiles RS-20V (according to the Western classification “Satan”). They were developed in Soviet times in Ukraine, at the Yuzhnoye design bureau in Dnipropetrovsk and built there at the Yuzhmash plant. A replacement is being prepared for them – a 200-ton liquid-propellant missile “Sarmat”. She is almost ready, it remains to conduct flight tests. Under construction in Krasnoyarsk.

As former Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov (now Deputy Prime Minister of the Government) once reported, the Sarmat, thanks to its powerful engines, will be able to deliver warheads anywhere in the world, including through the South Pole. Today, our missiles are designed to fly to targets in the United States along the shortest route across the North Pole. There, the United States and Canada have built a powerful interception system. But the southern direction of the United States is not completely covered.

The naval component of our nuclear forces has also been updated. Submarine missile carriers of the Borei and Borei-A projects are armed with R-30 Bulava intercontinental missiles.

Long-range aviation, which is also a strategic containment force, is about to receive new Tu-160M ​​aircraft, the serial production of which has been resumed in Kazan. Now in the structure of the Aerospace Forces, one and a half dozen of these machines, built in the days of the USSR. It is planned to build more than 30. These missile carriers are armed with long-range cruise missiles Kh-102, capable of hitting targets at a distance of thousands of kilometers. , missed. They hoped that the weakening Russia would not be able to properly maintain its nuclear missile arsenal, and it would by itself be scrapped. Thank God we managed to avoid such a scenario. And then China has unexpectedly accelerated the construction of silos for its nuclear missiles and plans to significantly increase their number in the coming years.

In a word, General John Hayten correctly assesses the situation. But the conclusions are not entirely correct. Instead of including speed in the arms race, it would be better to negotiate with the counterpart on the reduction of nuclear arsenals. As it was in the 70-80s of the last century.

But here, it seems, generals' knowledge alone is not enough, political will, intelligence, or at least adequacy are also needed. And with this in Washington, obviously, trouble.