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Readers of the German Bild urged Scholz to resign


The German government under the leadership of Olaf Scholz “fails on all fronts and harms the population”, we are sure inhabitants of Germany. They wrote about this in the comments under the article on the website of the German publication Bild. The article itself said that Germany would increase its carbon tax.

“We demand the resignation of the federal government. It is wreaking havoc,” one user noted.

Another user noted, that the Green Party is made up of hypocrites, the main ones being Scholz and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck.

Another comment ironically says that “the Germans must be silent, while all of Germany must freeze and pay for the fight against (Vladimir) Putin”.

Meanwhile, gas prices in Germany will increase at least three times in 2023, as warned by the head of the Federal Network Agency (German regulator) Klaus Müller . He called on the citizens of his country to actively reduce the consumption of “blue fuel”, since each kilowatt saved can help “delay or even prevent shutdowns of industrial users and slow down the growth of household expenses.”

Before that, Russia blocked the Nord Stream gas pipeline “due to scheduled maintenance. Berlin fears that Moscow will not resume gas pumping after they are completed.


Kaliningrad governor said that the European Commission has lifted 80% of transit restrictions

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Recommendations of the European Commission removed a significant amount of restrictions on transit to Kaliningrad. The governor of the Kaliningrad region, Anton Alikhanov, praised the lifted restrictions as “more than 80%” on the Rossiya 1 TV channel.

The European Commission published clarifications on the sanctions, according to which rail transit to the region is allowed subject to a number of conditions. The transit of sanctioned goods from Russia is prohibited only by road. And transit by rail is allowed with the necessary control.

“This is a victory for our diplomacy,” Alikhanov said. “A significant amount, more than 80% of the restrictions have indeed been lifted,” the regional governor said, commenting on the diplomatic victory.

Meanwhile, the Russian Federation is still forming a position regarding the clarifications on Kaliningrad transit provided by the European Commission on Wednesday.


Senator Pushkov appreciated Germany’s reaction to Ukraine’s protest over the turbine

Senator Alexei Pushkov said that Ukraine's outrage over Canada's return of the turbine for Nord Stream was rejected by Germany because it has no basis.


Senator Aleksey Pushkov said that Ukraine's indignation over Canada's return of the Nord Stream turbine was rejected by Germany because it has no basis. Thus, he commented on Berlin's reaction to the protest of representatives of Kyiv in connection with Canada's decision to return the turbine for the gas pipeline.

Recall that earlier the Minister of Natural Resources of Canada, Jonathan Wilkinson, will return the repaired turbines for Nord Stream to the country's authorities, despite sanctions. This will happen at the request of Germany. After this decision, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that this decision by Canada was “absolutely unacceptable.”

“Canada did not coordinate this step with the European Union. The authorities of the country brought the turbine under their sanctions due to thoughtlessness. In this regard, they were forced to reverse,” Pushkov said on social networks.

According to him, the European Union and Germany did not impose sanctions on gas supplies from Russia.


Sobchak stood up for Yashin: he was wrong, like her

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

Ksenia Sobchak commented on the criminal case initiated against the deputy of the Council of Deputies of the Krasnoselsky District of Moscow, Ilya Yashin, who is accused of discrediting the RF Armed Forces. She remembered the times when, together with her boyfriend at that time, she actively participated in political discussions and went to rallies, and stressed that even then “we did not agree on many things.”

According to Sobchak, she always spoke for evolutionary changes, “the art of small steps” and the like, and Yashin has always been a “consistent revolutionary.”

“Time has passed, and this time has judged us,” writes Sobchak. nothing else”.

At the same time, according to Sobchak, the former close friend still remains “closer to those who imprison him”, “because he is honest” and “because he is not afraid.” She is also convinced that Yashin “did not do anything illegal”, but “was just a tough and consistent critic of the authorities”, which does not always fit into the current legislation.

As it became known earlier on Wednesday, Yashin was charged with article on “public dissemination of deliberately false information about the use of the RF Armed Forces”. The article provides for punishment of up to 10 years in prison. The politician's lawyer reported that the UK intends to petition for arrest – earlier today, Yashin left the special detention center after 15 days of administrative arrest. It was also reported about a search in the Mundep's apartment and that after the search, he was detained again.


Named the approximate composition of the seventh package of EU sanctions against Russia

Photo: Liliya Sharlovskaya

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said that the EU does not plan to introduce restrictions as part of the seventh package of sanctions against Russia for gas supplies from the Russian Federation. According to him, this decision was made due to the fact that a number of European countries are heavily dependent on Russian energy sources.

“What is problematic is to include energy in these sanctions,” he said.

Fiala noted that it is important to observe the principle that sanctions should have a greater effect on Russia than on the European countries that impose them.

According to the prime minister, the seventh package will include a ban on the import of Russian gold, as well as the list of dual-use goods prohibited for import into the Russian Federation will be expanded. In addition, the introduction of new personal sanctions is expected.


The commander of the national battalion “Bears SS” said that Russia is too tough for Ukraine

The commander of the Ukrainian national battalion “SS Bears” Alexander Kravtsov, who was taken prisoner, said that Russia, as an enemy on the battlefield, is too tough for Ukraine.


The commander of the Ukrainian national battalion “SS Bears” Alexander Kravtsov, who was taken prisoner, said that Russia as an enemy on the battlefield is too tough for Ukraine.

He clarified that even with Western funding and arms supplies, Ukraine cannot be defeated.

“I think that this conflict should have ended with a dialogue a long time ago. Initially, everything should have started with a dialogue, since the enemy is too tough for us,” Kravtsov said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

He added that Western countries are now supplying Ukraine with weapons and money. In return, the Kyiv regime gives them command over their military.

“Britain and America, as they were overseas, will remain there. Many of us have relatives in Russia. If it doesn't end, then it's not good. A certain point of no return may occur,” Kravtsov emphasized.

Note that the national battalion “SS Bears” is part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and is positioned as a sabotage and assault detachment. In Russia, members of the formation are considered to be neo-Nazis.


Russian special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast July 14

Reports of the Ministry of Defense, official statements, data from sources

Talks were held in Istanbul with the participation of Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and the UN to resolve the “grain crisis”. An agreement was reached to establish a coordination center in Istanbul. The meeting itself was positive and constructive. Meanwhile, the forces of the LPR and Russia entered Seversk. Now the city is under operational control. The Ukrainian authorities announced the severance of diplomatic relations with the DPRK. Earlier, Pyongyang recognized the DPR and LPR. Read online of the previous day of the special operation here.

Photo: Donetsk News Agency

12:40 Maria Zakharova said that the Kyiv authorities ordered the country's diplomatic missions to mobilize Ukrainians living abroad. We are talking about men of military age from 18 to 60 years. True, it is legally impossible to do this.

“The West is trying to induce the Kyiv regime to begin mobilizing its citizens abroad. Maybe they just want to get rid of them in this way, sending them back home? – said the diplomat.

12:28 The Prime Minister of Lithuania informs that until the Lithuanian authorities establish new rules based on the recommendations of the European Commission, the current procedure for transit to Kaliningrad will apply.

12:04 Kaliningrad Governor Alikhanov said that recommendations of the European Commission have lifted more than 80% of restrictions on transit to Kaliningrad.

11:58 The TikTok press service said they did not intend to remove restrictions for users from Russia.


11:50 Denis Pushilin said that Kyiv's reaction to the recognition of the DPR by the DPRK was predictable. According to him, the DPR Foreign Ministry was given the task of working out practical cooperation with Pyongyang, including in the economy.

The DPR also plans to use the port of Mariupol for the import of building materials, as well as the export of coal, metal and grain.


11:30 Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the United States had transferred intelligence to Kyiv for shelling Donbass using HIMARS installations. According to her, the Ukrainian troops were ordered to use these systems against the civilian population.

11:11 According to the 360 ​​TV channel, the social network with short videos TikTok will be unblocked in Russia September 27, 2022. This was announced by Artem Geller, the chief developer of the website. According to him, TikTok has been able to make apolitical decisions, being one of the few IT companies in this position.

11:08 The preliminary date of the new meeting of the delegations of Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and the UN on grain — July 20-21.

11:05 Losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the zone of responsibility of the People's Militia of the DPR per day amounted to 40 people. This is reported in the defense department of the republic.

11:00 In the Kherson region of Ukraine, the first school received Russian accreditation. This is reported by TASS.

10:46 The Chinese Ministry of Commerce confirmed that the Chinese vice premier had discussed with the head of the US Treasury the issue of setting a ceiling price for Russian oil. Nothing has been said about the results of the talks yet.

10:26 Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas officially announced her resignation. Previously, she was repeatedly accused of Russophobia because of her scandalous statements. In particular, in an interview with The Associated Press, she said that every Russian should suffer from sanctions, because the majority of Russian citizens support the policies of President Vladimir Putin.

10:12 Russian Foreign Ministry Speaker Maria Zakharova believes that Brussels and Washington do not think about the possible consequences of sanctions against Russia. As an example, she cited the situation with one of the Nord Stream turbines, which got stuck in Canada.

10:07 The US Senate demanded that Turkey change relations with Russia in order to approve the sale of the F-16. They also called for abandoning the Russian S-400 systems, as stated by the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations, Robert Menendez.

10:02  , up to 58.19 rubles, and the euro — by 63 kopecks, up to 58.47 rubles.

9:52 The Russian Defense Ministry reports that centralized municipal authorities have been restored in all Russian-controlled settlements of Ukraine.

9:32 The Federal Grid Agency, which is the regulator of Germany, expects gas prices in the republic to increase at least three times in 2023. This was announced by the head of department Klaus Müller. In this regard, German citizens should be more active in reducing the consumption of this type of fuel, since “every kilowatt saved can help delay or even prevent shutdowns of industrial users and slow down the growth of household spending.”

9: 12 LNR forces took the first British M777 artillery mount as a trophy during the fighting. This was reported by the People's Militia of the Republic.

9:02 President of Kazakhstan Tokayev instructed the government of the country to create conditions for the relocation of foreign companies that left the Russian market after the start of a special operation in Ukraine.

Ukraine lacks mobile air defense systems and armored vehicles for a counteroffensive, as announced in the office of the country's president. So far, Kyiv is asking the United States for long-range missiles for the HIMARS MLRS. We are talking about those that are capable of hitting targets at a distance of 300 km.

Meanwhile, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance is focused on military assistance to Ukraine, and not on its accession.

The Executive the service of the DPR prepared a place for the execution of the death sentence for foreign mercenaries, as the head of the DPR Pushilin said. At the same time, there is no specific date for the execution of the sentence for foreign mercenaries who fought on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to him, the law does not provide for this. The head of the republic added that the decision would not be public. It is not subject to publicity.


Political scientist told whether it is possible to reduce the number of EU member states

Contradictions may take place within the EU

MEPs have previously expressed support for the initiative of the EP Civil Liberties Committee and demanded to deprive Hungary of money due to the fact that the country does not correspond to European values. Nikolai Topornin, Associate Professor of the Department of European Law at MGIMO, Director of the Center for European Information, believes that such contradictions – normal practice for the European Union and no one is going to be excluded from it at all.


In an interview with, Topornin explained that the EU has claims against Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his Fidesz – Hungarian Civil Union party, since it is believed that it does not allow the opposition to develop, takes away the media and controls appointments to different posts. However, as the expert noted, no one questions the results of the elections in Hungary, although Orban's party won the recent parliamentary elections.

According to Topornin, there may be claims within the European Union, especially considering that Hungary pursues a different international policy than many EU members. The specialist noted that someone may not like Hungary itself, someone may not like its “flirting” with Russia or an independent point of view on many issues, but this is a normal political process within the Union.

The political scientist emphasized that, despite disputes, no country raises the issue of leaving the EU, and contradictions may arise due to the fact that all states within the Union retain their system of power, constitutional system and sovereignty. However, as Topornin noted, most of the contradictions are resolved positively, and this is a “working process” within which solutions are found that suit everyone.

If the decision is not political, then the case is considered by the Luxembourg court, the verdict of which cannot be appealed, the expert explained. Topornin recalled that the EU had already tried to punish Hungary and Poland for violating migration rules, which they refused to implement, but now no one remembers this anymore.

Moreover, the political scientist noted that There may be more EU countries than Hungary. The expert explains this by the fact that in Poland the judicial system is being reformed so that the Supreme Court is dependent on the executive branch, which does not meet any standards of the Union. Topornin stressed that the documents spelled out the need to preserve the independence and objectivity of the judiciary, so the EU court in Luxembourg is now considering this case, and it will later determine how serious Poland's violation of the rules is.

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Third US citizen captured in Ukraine

African-American addicted to cryptocurrencies was arrested in Kherson

Another US citizen was captured in Ukraine. Suedi Murekezi, 35, an African-American man, was arrested last month in Kherson, according to friends and family.

Photo: Frame from video

A third U.S. citizen is being held captive by pro-Russian forces in Ukraine, according to his friends and family, as well as a private volunteer group specializing in rescuing American citizens.

Suedi Murekezi, 35, has been arrested, according to The Guardian. in June in Kherson, where he has been living for more than two years. His brother Sele Murekezi says: “We are all very worried about his health. It's obvious he's in danger.”

After a month of no news, Sela received a call early on the morning of July 7 from his brother saying that he was in detention in Donetsk. Murekezi also said he was in the same prison as Alexander Druke and Andy Tai Ngoc Huynh, two US militants captured last month.

According to Murekezi's friends and family, The Guardian claims unlike Drucke and Huynh, this US citizen did not participate in any hostilities in Ukraine and moved to this country about four years ago, and in 2020 he settled in Kherson.

Over the phone, Murekezi told his brother that he had been accused of participating in pro-Ukrainian protests.

A US State Department spokesman said the department was “aware of reports” of Murekezi's detention, but declined to comment further, citing “considerations privacy.” Murekezi's family said they are in daily contact with the State Department regarding his situation.

Murekezi was born in Rwanda in 1985 but fled the African country with his family after the 1994 genocide, emigrating to Minnesota. He began visiting Ukraine for business reasons in 2017 and settled there permanently in 2020, writes The Guardian.

Before moving to Ukraine, Murekezi served in the US Air Force for eight years. According to his family, he left the military in 2017 and started investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies. His interest in cryptography brought him to Ukraine. Prior to the conflict, the country became a popular destination for cryptocurrency entrepreneurs following the liberalization of cryptocurrency regulation.

Murekezi's friends in Kherson first noticed his disappearance on June 8 when they saw that there was no longer a car near his apartment. “He told us that for the first time in a long time he plans to use his car in search of fuel,” said Vladimir, a native of Kherson who befriended Murekezi three years ago when he first visited the city.

The number of American civilians detained in Ukraine remains unknown. Last month, two Britons and a Moroccan citizen captured during the fighting as part of the Ukrainian army were sentenced to death by a DNR court. Two American gunmen (Alexander Druke and Andy Tai Ngoc Huynh) who are reportedly being held with Murekezi have not yet been sentenced.

There is no evidence that Murekezi fought against Russian soldiers, and it is unlikely that he will be tried as a mercenary, writes The Guardian. However, his family fears that he could be sentenced to a long prison term.


Former CIA officer jailed for biggest data breach in history

A geek who took offense at the spy agency leaked WikiLeaks secrets

The former CIA officer charged with the biggest data breach in the history of the American spy agency was convicted on all counts in federal court on Wednesday.

Photo: AP

Joshua Schulte, formerly of the US Central Intelligence Agency, who was accused of leaking a wealth of classified data to WikiLeaks in 2016, was convicted, among other things, of illegally gathering and sharing national defense information and obstructing a criminal investigation and jury trial.

According to CNN, Schulte worked as a computer engineer at the CIA's Cyber ​​Intelligence Center and created cybertools that could silently receive data from computers. Schulte defended himself in court himself. The previous trial ended with a jury in 2020.

Joshua Schulte had access to “the nation's most valuable cyber intelligence-gathering tools used to combat terrorist organizations and other malign influences around the world,” U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Damian Williams said Wednesday.

“When Schulte began to hold a grudge against the CIA, he secretly collected these tools and gave them to WikiLeaks, making some of our most important intelligence tools public — and therefore our adversaries,” states Damian Williams.

Joshua Schulte's troubles at the CIA began in the summer of 2015, when he began to clash with management and a colleague, eventually filing a restraining order against a colleague in state court, court records show. Schulte and a colleague were transferred as a result of a feud between them.

Investigators claimed that Schulte became furious when CIA officials wanted to hire a contractor to build a cybertool similar to the one he was building, prosecutors said.

According to court records, a year later, investigators said Schulte stole the cybertools and source code and handed them over to WikiLeaks. He then attempted to cover his tracks by erasing any and all traces of his access to the computer system, prosecutors said.

Schulte resigned from the CIA in November 2016. But in March 2017, WikiLeaks released the first part of the leaks that came from two programs that Schulte had access to, court records show.

WikiLeaks issued a press release along with information saying that the data was provided anonymously by a source who wanted to raise political questions, in particular whether the CIA had exceeded its hacking capabilities and its authority.

Schulte, who also allegedly lied to CIA and FBI investigators to cover his tracks, was arrested in August 2017 on charges of possession of child pornography. A few months later, he was charged with leaking data.

“Schulte was aware that the collateral damage from his retribution could pose an extreme threat to this nation if made public, rendering them virtually useless, having a devastating effect on our intelligence community by providing critical information to those who wish to harm us,” Attorney Williams said Wednesday. “Schulte was convicted today for one of the most brazen and destructive espionage acts in American history.”


Leonkov spoke about the development in Russia of “Smerch” with a range of 400 km

High-precision guidance is carried out by a drone

In the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU), priorities are changing again. Bayraktar drones, Javelin anti-tank missiles and M777 and Caesar howitzers did not make it to the role of the saving wunderwaffe – a superweapon. Now the bet is made on the American multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) HIMARS. According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Himars hits far – 100-300 kilometers – and for sure. Are there any analogues of such weapons in Russia? It turns out that there are even cooler designs.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Russia has long been working on turning long-range rocket systems into high-precision weapons. This was told by a military expert, editor of the Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine, Alexei Leonkov, referring to personal meetings with the outstanding Tula MLRS designer Nikolai Alexandrovich Makarovets. The designer passed away in March 2019, but the Splav company, which he headed for a long time, successfully implements the plans of the great gunsmith.

Makarovets managed to turn the MLRS into a complex of high-precision weapons. What is a multiple launch rocket system in the classical sense? These are the descendants of the military “Katyusha” – the systems “Grad”, “Hurricane”, “Smerch”. Rocket projectiles fired in one gulp hit areas, covering large areas with fire. For such systems, high accuracy, with a projectile deviation of 1-2 meters from the target, is not an urgent task. Makarovets decided to make a high-precision weapon out of a large-caliber rocket. And he implemented this idea.

According to Leonkov, the Smerch MLRS received a new quality, since the three-hundredth caliber of its shells “allowed to place everything necessary for correcting the flight and accurately hitting the target in the rocket.”


For the high-precision MLRS, they provided their own drone, which was launched from the guide “barrel” of the launcher. After the launch, the drone reached the target area and gave out their coordinates, and the MLRS crew destroyed them pointwise with long-range rockets.

It was supposed to receive coordinates from other target designation sources. Presumably, from reconnaissance aircraft and from satellites.

In addition, the expert writes, work was underway to increase the range of missiles – up to 400 kilometers.

A universal launcher was created using shells of two calibers, capable of hitting rockets in areas and pointwise.

“Initiative development has been brought to a series, but there are few such systems in the troops,” Leonkov notes. So we have development. Our designers from the Russian defense industry are not among the lagging behind. It remains to establish mass production. Only a strong-willed decision is needed…”.

He recalled that for another jet system, the Tornado-S missile launcher, a 9M542 guided missile with a range of 120 km was developed.

It is quite possible that a special military operation will indeed correct the Russian State Armaments Program and give impetus to the development of promising weapons.


Satanovsky revealed Biden’s true plan in Israel and Saudi Arabia

He will try to glue Middle East alliances together

In the near future, US President Joe Biden will visit Israel and Saudi Arabia, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, will travel to Iran, where will meet with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky believes that Biden's travel plans are obvious.

Photo: AP

In a conversation with Tsargrad Satanovsky noted that he himself would have to be asked about the agenda of the Russian president's visit to Iran. However, according to the political scientist, the plan of the Americans is “quite clear.” The expert predicts that Biden will attempt to glue the Middle East alliances so that oil can go to the world market, ousting Russia from it.

Satanovsky believes that the American president will at least seek this from the Saudis. The expert added that Biden would have to pay the Saudis in some way, so the US president would most likely talk about the great role America played in mediating between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

According to the political scientist, Israel, under In this case, it will be able to protect Saudi Arabia from Iran if something happens, since the US itself is leaving the Middle East. Due to the fact that America will not be there, Satanovsky believes that it is useless to hope for it, and this is clear to Israelis, Saudis and anyone else.

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Political scientist Ishchenko assessed the likelihood of sending the Polish army to Ukraine

Poles have been active in the fighting for a long time

The special status of Polish citizens in Ukraine, which Zelensky secured, will allow Warsaw to officially send troops to western Ukraine, making this territory a protectorate of Poland. This was stated by an expert, ex-diplomat Rostislav Ishchenko. He expressed the opinion that Zelensky's decision would allow him to transfer from the western parts of the country to the east a 30,000-strong group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a contingent of territorial defense units of approximately the same size.

Photo: Global Look Press

Does this mean that Poland is now officially a party to the conflict? military expert, captain 1st rank in the reserve Vladimir Gundarov gave a comment on this topic to MK.

“Zelensky’s decision gives the Poles a legal basis for participating in the struggle for western Ukraine,” the expert said. – Although, in fact, even without this decision, the Poles have long been taking an active part in the hostilities in Ukraine. Now this fact will simply be supported legally.

Back in May, in Warsaw, in the former palace of the Grand Duke, Tsarevich Konstantin, the Russian governor in Poland during the reign of Alexander I, an interesting event took place.

On the Day of the Flag of the Republic of Poland, President Duda presented state awards to activists of the Polish diaspora, acts of granting Polish citizenship and – attention! – state flags to representatives of the Organization of the Polish National Minority in the East. During the distribution of these flags, Duda noted that there has never been such a ceremony where he would distribute flags that will go to the war zone. He also thanked all those awarded for the “wonderful and extraordinary” activities they carry out, often risking their lives in areas of Ukraine where there are battles with the enemy.

In fact, even then he recognized and approved the participation of the Poles in the hostilities in eastern Ukraine on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

I have no doubt that the Polish volunteers are eager to defend the historical outskirts of the Commonwealth, which remained in Ukraine. At the same time, the more victories our united forces in the east have, the more actively the determination of the Poles to regain the western regions of Ukraine, the former Polish kresy, will grow.

But they are mistaken just as the Bandera people were mistaken in their time. When the turning point came in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, for some reason the Bandera people began to hope for the creation of an independent republic in the territories conquered from the USSR and Poland. It was after 1943 that the biggest massacre began, when Ukrainian militants massacred entire villages with Poles, Russians, and Belarusians. Now the Poles are dreaming, hoping that the more they will be in Ukraine, the more land they will get. Naive! They are wrong, like Bandera. Everything is decided by Russian battalions.


Scandal erupted in Lithuania over European Commission approval of transit to Kaliningrad

Medvedev named the reason for the EC's decision, which was “sick with diarrhea from fear.”

The Lithuanian Seimas reacted violently to the decision of the European Commission to allow transit to Kaliningrad. The initiator of the restrictive measures, Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis, was sharply criticized.

Oppositionists in the Seimas demand to punish the minister, and the decision of the EC is assessed as “wise” and insist on its indispensable execution.

In particular, Landsbergis, in their opinion, allowed “arbitrariness”. Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte did not officially comment on the decision of the European Commission. And Landsbergis himself said that he would comment later, as soon as he studied the text of the EC permit.

As Topnews wrote earlier, according to the decision of the EC, the transit of goods to Kaliningrad, with the exception of military ones, should be resumed.

Former Prime Minister of Lithuania, head of the party “In the name of Lithuania” Saulius Skvernelis believes that there are serious doubts about the competence of the head of the Foreign Ministry. Soon they intend to interrogate him, specifying how the negotiations with the EC were carried out and for what reason such a decision was made.

Skvernelis believes that Lithuania probably did not substantiate its position and spoiled the image as solid country. He called “one-sided” the work of the Foreign Minister, which “is intolerable”.

“Wise” the decision of the EC was also called by the ex-deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Giedrius Surplis, he called it “rational” and that “must be executed… as it is written”.

In general, he believes that not so many goods are transported through Lithuania to Kaliningrad, and the blockade will bring more harm to Lithuania than to Russia, according to him “ MK”.

In turn, Deputy Head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev in the TG channel said that “reluctant” EU decision – nothing more than a recognition “justice” Russia's requirements for transit “to OUR Kaliningrad region”.

He also called the decision of the EC “a rare case” the victory of reason over “cretinism and cave Russophobia” reigning in Europe”.

The second reason for such a decision, the politician called the fear of Europe to lose“favorable transit”. In his opinion, the EU is literally “sick with fear” economic losses.

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Named the date of departure of the ice-resistant platform “North Pole” in the first flight

Currently, the ice-resistant platform “North Pole” successfully passed control tests. According to the director of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) Alexander Makarov, she will go on her first flight on September 1, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

According to experts, the North Pole platform should improve the quality of weather forecasts and ice conditions along the Northern Sea Route. It will help to resume the program of drifting polar stations, which Soviet scientists started 85 years ago, but suspended in 2013 for safety reasons due to reduced ice strength.

LSP “North Pole” first, it will reach the place where wintering begins, and then it will be frozen into ice. A mobile science camp will be located around the platform. If there is a danger of breaking the ice floe, it can be quickly rolled up, and research can be continued on board the ship. “North Pole” can drift up to two years due to its autonomy.

Currently, the main team of scientists, consisting of 27 people, is already ready. The platform is to start its first flight on September 1 from St. Petersburg to Murmansk, and from there to the Central Arctic.

It is expected that after the first year of operation, researchers will receive information on climate processes in the Arctic, ice cover degradation, and drift ice and the increasing influence of warm Atlantic waters in the Arctic.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian government should approve the plan for the development of the Northern Sea Route until 2035 by August 1. The instruction was given by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

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Prilepin called Zelensky “the devil who takes any form”

Writer Zakhar Prilepin in an interview with commented on the publication of a literary essay by Alexander Prokhanov about Vladimir Zelensky on his Telegram channel. In his opinion, the President of Ukraine assumes all the forms that Prokhanov speaks of.

“Here he is a preacher of Christianity, here he is a pagan, here he is a Nazi, here he is the leader of a gay parade. This is the devil that takes any form,” Zakhar Prilepin expressed the opinion.

The writer noted that Zelensky every day “continues to send to” death ” tens of thousands of people. Prilepin believes that the Ukrainian leader plans to leave scorched earth in the Donbass and intelligently makes these decisions.

According to the writer, if the Ukrainian authorities really wanted to evacuate people from Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, they would already be empty.

Earlier, Prilepin called the shelling of the Armed Forces of Belgorod “responsible for Lisichansk.” In his opinion, strikes on cities far from the front are the revenge of Ukraine, which “does not know how to stand face to face in battle.”

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Media: TikTok will remove restrictions on work in Russia on September 27

The social network TikTok will completely remove all restrictions for users from Russia on September 27, 360 reports. with a link to the source.

Currently, Russian bloggers cannot publish videos or broadcast live. Users also cannot view the content of foreign authors.

The main developer of the website, Artem Geller, recalled that the social network has imposed sanctions against the backdrop of a special military operation in Ukraine.

« start your work when it becomes “quieter”, there will be some results,” the expert said.

The restrictions came into force in March 2022, and at the end of April, the TikTok application disappeared from the Russian AppStore.

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Why are there more thunderstorms?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 28. Premiere performance 07/13/2022

This here, then there state of emergency due to thunderstorms and lightning . Why have they become more frequent?

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Science attributes the responsibility for this phenomenon to global warming. So, scientists at the University of California, after analyzing cloud density measurements, concluded that the number of atmospheric electrical discharges in the world will grow. According to their estimates, an increase in air temperature by 1 degree increases the amount of lightning by 12%.

"The best conditions for thunderstorms — hours when the temperature of the air and the underlying surface reaches its maximum values. Therefore, more often thunderstorms occur between 15 and 18 hours, less often — between 6 and 12 hours. But our thunderstorms are quite modest and rare compared to the tropics and the equator.

Earlier “pole of thunderstorms” the Beitenzorg area on the island of Java was considered, where they rampage up to 322 days a year. Now it has been replaced by a site in the & nbsp; Pacific Ocean east of the Japanese Islands, & nbsp; & mdash; tells Director of the Institute of Ecology and Geography of the Siberian Federal University Ruslan Sharafutdinov. — But thunderstorms have a plus. At this time, the air is cleaned well, in t. h due to the release of ozone. So go for a walk after them.

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The press service of TikTok denied the lifting of restrictions on work in Russia

The social network TikTok does not plan to remove restrictions on work in Russia with  September. About this Telegram channel «Rise» reported in the press service.

Representatives of TikTok said that the placement of the video will remain inaccessible to the Russians.

It was previously reported that the restrictions imposed on the background of a special military operation on TikTok would be lifted on September 27. Currently, Russian users can view videos of foreign authors. At the same time, the ability to upload short videos is blocked in Russia.

Restrictions came into force in March. The social network took such measures because of the law on fakes, which provides for administrative liability for unreliable publications about the actions of the RF Armed Forces.

In April, the Moscow Magistrate's Court fined TikTok 2 million rubles. The social network was found guilty of not removing content that promotes LGBT.

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The biggest supermoon of 2022

On July 13, a rare astronomical phenomenon occurred — supermoon. The moon got as close as possible to the Earth and the full moon came. A supermoon, as astronomers explain, is a phenomenon when two astronomical events associated with the moon coincide: perigee and full moon. It is customary to call perigee a point in the orbit of the Moon, which approaches as close as possible to the Earth.  

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FT explained problems with transit to Kaliningrad with unclear language

FT: EU blames Kaliningrad transit problem on unclear EC wording Some EU officials fear that the scale of Lithuanian authorities' handling of Russian rail cargo will lead to a “dangerous confrontation with Russia”

Some EU officials believe that the problems with the transit of goods to Kaliningrad through Lithuania were the ambiguous wording in the sanctions documents, reports the Financial Times, citing sources.

Diplomats told the publication that they did not intend to create barriers to the flow of goods between the main territory of Russia and its exclave when sanctions were approved in the spring.

«Kaliningrad— politically sensitive issue, so the European Commission made a mistake,— said one EU diplomat.

According to the newspaper, some EU officials have privately criticized the scale and intensity of the actions of the Lithuanian authorities in relation to Russian rail cargo. They fear it could create a “dangerous showdown with Russia in a geopolitically sensitive part of Europe,” the FT said.

Since June 18, Lithuania has banned the transit of a number of goods from Russia to Kaliningrad through its territory. The Lithuanian authorities explained this decision by the implementation of EU sanctions. Moscow called the restriction illegal. The head of the Kaliningrad region, Anton Alikhanov, presented the Russian government with a draft response that would be “very critical for Lithuania.”

In early July, Spiegel reported that the German authorities had asked for an exception in the sanctions for the Kaliningrad region in order to avoid an escalation. According to the publication, the German government was outraged by the actions of Lithuania.

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“However, this prohibition does not apply to the transportation of goods in transit through the territory of the EU between the Kaliningrad region and Russia, provided that the transportation of such goods is not prohibited in accordance with the regulation. The transit of sanctioned goods by road is therefore not allowed,— stated in the document.

At the same time, the clarification notes that “this special regime does not apply to rail transport on the same route.”

Official representative Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said in response that Moscow still has questions about the position of the European Commission on transit to Kaliningrad. According to her, the Russian side will closely monitor how these EU steps will be implemented in practice.

At the same time, the Foreign Ministry called the decision to lift restrictions on certain products transported by rail through the Russian exclave a manifestation realism and common sense.

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WSJ learned the details of the deal on the export of Ukrainian grain

WSJ: Grain Export Deal Includes Partial Mine Clearance And Ceasefire Turkish Navy To Check Empty Vessels Arriving In Ukrainian Ports To Address Russian Concerns They Could Be Used To Deliver Western Weapons To Kyiv

Achieved in Istanbul 13 July, a deal on the export of grain from Ukrainian ports includes a ceasefire and partial mine clearance. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

According to the publication, grain can be delivered from three Ukrainian ports by convoys escorted by Ukrainian ships, it is proposed to introduce a ceasefire “within geographic boundaries.”

In addition, the Turkish Navy will check empty ships arriving at Ukrainian ports to address Russia's concerns that they could be used to deliver Western weapons to Kyiv forces.

According to the source, the technical details of the agreement, including on clearing mines around Ukrainian ports.

After that, an agreement may be signed in the coming days, but the interlocutor of the publication would not call it inevitable. “Most importantly, we still need a green light from Putin,” — he noted.

Negotiations with the participation of representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN were held on July 13 in Istanbul. The Turkish Ministry of Defense reported that the continuation is scheduled for next week: it is planned to sign an agreement that will consolidate the results achieved. The parties agreed to establish a coordination center in Istanbul to solve the problem of grain export.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Dairy products do not harm the skin. And here's what will negatively affect it Articles Pro Russia has new requirements for companies' cybersecurity. How to follow them Pro instructions Fast food and exercise for the brain: how Warren Buffett keeps himself in shape Articles Pro Tax disputes: what to pay attention to right now Case studies Pro What is a capital amnesty and why cryptocurrency owners need it Pro articles Five exercises for a healthy back Instructions Pro Inflation around the world is out of control. Where it will lead Articles Pro “Ruble tiger, yuan dragon”. Why do private investors need Chinese bonds? a beacon of hope.” President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced the progress made following the talks in Istanbul.

Ukraine and Western countries accuse Russia of obstructing the export of grain from Ukrainian territory due to the current military special operation. Zelensky said in early June that up to 25 million tons of agricultural products — grain, corn, barley, sunflower oil were blocked in this way, and by autumn this volume would increase to 75 million tons.

Moscow denies the accusations and claims that Ukraine mined the ports where ships with a cargo of wheat are located, which makes their withdrawal impossible.

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Kommersant learned the details of the case against ex-deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Gurovich

Kommersant: the arrested ex-deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations himself initiated an audit in his case The defense considers the initiation of a case unreasonable details of the case against the ex-deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Gurovich” />

Andrey Gurovich

Arrested in the case of abuse of authority, the former deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Andrey Gurovich, himself initiated an audit in his case, informing the prosecutor's office about serious shortcomings in the construction of a mobile hospital, Kommersant reported citing sources.

According to the publication, it follows from the decision to initiate proceedings that in April 2020, the governor of the Murmansk region, Andrey Chibis, asked the government to deploy a field hospital for patients with COVID-19 in the region. On behalf of President Vladimir Putin, the government and the Ministry of Emergency Situations were to build a hospital, for which 969 million rubles were allocated, in the village of Belokamenka, Kola District, Murmansk Region. Gurovich was appointed curator of the project, and administrator— regional government. In May & June 2020, General Contractor-Transstroy LLC, whose actions, according to the investigation, should have been controlled by the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, built a hospital 30 km from its original location, near the village of Murmashi.

According to investigators, Gurovich knew that the facility was being built without concluding a state contract and documentation accepted by the customer, but provided Yevgeny Zinichev, who was then head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, with deliberately unreliable information about the readiness of the hospital to accept patients. The investigation believes that he did this, “wanting to embellish” the real state of affairs and knowing that the minister was to report on the implementation of the instructions to the government and the president on June 9 & 10.

At the same time, the facility could not be used to provide medical care, since acceptance certificates were not signed and the conclusion of the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor was not received.

Zinichev reported on the readiness of the facility, and in August his deputy organized payment for the work performed. Meanwhile, the act of their acceptance was signed only in November 2020 and no longer by Gurovich.

However, soon, on November 30, the government of the Murmansk region stopped the operation of the hospital. It came to the conclusion that the facility does not correspond to the climatic conditions of the region and design characteristics. Already in December, General Contractor-Transstroy dismantled the building worth 323.6 million rubles, which was the amount of damage in the case. The equipment purchased with the rest of the money was distributed to other hospitals. The hospital did not accept a single patient.

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On July 13, Gurovich was detained and then arrested for two months in a case of abuse of office. He was charged under item «c» Part 3 Art. 286 of the Criminal Code (abuse of official powers by a person holding a public position, with infliction of grave consequences). Under this article, one can face up to ten years in prison.

According to a Kommersant source, the defense of the former deputy minister decided to appeal both the arrest and the very decision to initiate a criminal case, which they consider illegal and unfounded.


According to lawyers, the investigation, when initiating the case, did not have full information about the actions of Gurovich, which could constitute a crime. According to this information, the deputy minister could not physically control the two-week construction of the facility, and also did not have all the necessary knowledge and authority for this. Shortly before the report to the minister, he, together with the head of the region, visited the facility and, making sure that it was standing, informed Zinichev about this. But later, figuring out the documents related to the construction, he himself found serious shortcomings, which he reported to the prosecutor's office, initiating its verification.

Representatives of the person involved also believe that Gurovich should not be responsible for the fact that the hospital subsequently did not accept patients and did not work, since such duties “were not assigned to him”, as well as “control over the timing of the execution of a state contract concluded between the capital construction department Murmansk region and “General Contractor-Transstroy” LLC. Thus, the defense believes, there is no causal relationship between Gurovich's message that the hospital is ready for use and the socially dangerous consequences indicated in the decision.

“Information about the accused committing any actions that clearly go beyond the limits of his powers, which entailed a significant violation of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens or organizations or the legally protected interests of society or the state, are simply not in the case, — said the representative of the defendant.

Gurovich was appointed deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in June 2018. He oversaw the financial and economic department, the department of property relations and the department of strategic planning and organizational work.

On May 25, Putin signed a decree on the resignation of the deputy minister. A RBC source said that FSB officers conducted an audit of law enforcement agencies in the block they supervise.

Before joining the ministry, Gurovich worked in various positions in the Federal Migration Service and the Federal Treasury.

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Embassy accuses US of ousting Russia from food trade

U.S. lawmakers are trying to force Russia out of the food supply market when they accuse it of using products as a political weapon, according to the Russian embassy in the United States on Telegram.

“Considering such statements as evidence of US efforts to redistribute the global agro-industrial market, implying the exclusion of Russia from the sphere of food trade, — noted the representative of the diplomatic mission.

The embassy believes that Russia's accusations of creating barriers to the export of grain from Ukraine by sea do not stand up to scrutiny. “Our country does not interfere with exports. Responsibility lies with the Kyiv authorities, who mined the Black Sea area, — the embassy said.

According to the embassy, ​​Washington is actively resorting to illegal unilateral sanctions to block Russia's trade and economic interaction with the outside world, and is ready to undermine supply chains.

“Russia intends to continue to conscientiously fulfill its obligations under international contracts regarding the sale of food and fertilizers to other countries, no matter how the collective West tries to prevent it,” — the diplomatic mission emphasized.

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Since Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine, Ukrainian ports have accumulated, according to various estimates, from 4.5 million to 20 million tons of grain. The UN warned of the risk of a food crisis and demanded that Russia unblock the ports.

The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, accused the Russian authorities of using hunger and grain to gain influence in the world. “The food supply of millions of Ukrainians and millions of others around the world is literally held hostage by the Russian military,” — said US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

Moscow denied accusations of countering the supply and pointed to the mining of ports by Kyiv. At the same time, the Foreign Ministry stated that Russia would unblock the ports if the US and the EU lifted sanctions. The Ministry of Defense announced the opening of corridors for the exit of ships, but they remained in ports.

The day before, on July 13, the delegations of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN held negotiations on the export of grain. The parties decided to establish a coordination center in Istanbul and ensure joint control over security on the routes of ships, said Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar. Next week the delegations should sign the agreement.

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Sri Lankan government announces daytime curfew in Colombo

Previously, a state of emergency was declared throughout the country to combat unrest, and authorities imposed a curfew in the Western Province

The government of Sri Lanka announced the introduction of a curfew in the administrative district of Colombo, which includes the country's largest city and its unofficial capital of the same name, Adaderana reports, citing the government information office.

The curfew is enforced from noon on July 14 until five in the morning on July 15.

The relevant order states that no one should be on any public road, railroad, park, recreation area or other public area or seashore during the specified time. Exceptions are possible with the written permission of the top leaders of the army and police.

The day before, the President of Sri Lanka, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, amid mass protests and riots, left the country and is now in the Maldives. So far, he has not sent a letter of resignation to the Chairman of Parliament and the Prime Minister.

At the same time, the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickramasinghe, imposed a curfew in the Western Province, where Colombo is located, and declared a state of emergency in the country.

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Mass protests and riots began in Sri Lanka in April due to the economic crisis. In the spring, the authorities declared a default due to a lack of foreign currency for the purchase of essential goods, including fuel and medicines. The Ministry of Finance explained that the causes of the crisis were the coronavirus pandemic, which hit tourism revenues, and rising fuel prices in the world.

The acute phase of demonstrations and riots demanding the resignation of the country's leadership began on July 9, as a result, the protesters took by storming the presidential residence. The latter left the island and promised to resign on July 13.

At the same time, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe also promised to resign. However, he specified that he would do so when a new government with the participation of all political parties was formed. As a result, Wickremesinghe became acting president instead of Rajapaksa, which did not prevent the protesters from storming the residence of the head of government.

According to the latest sources of Reuters, the fugitive president is heading from the Maldives to Singapore, where he plans to spend some time.

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Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas resigns

Together with the head, the Estonian government resigned. The Prime Minister will return to office after the approval of the new Cabinet of Ministers

Kaja Kallas

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas has asked the country's President Alar Karis to resign, Delfi reports.

“We called an extraordinary meeting of the government to request a mandate to form a new cabinet. The government will take office on Monday. Ministerial candidates will be announced this afternoon,— the prime minister said.

The agency notes that the government resigned along with Kallas. The Estonian President wished success to the new government.

Kallas also proposed convening an extraordinary meeting of the Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament) on July 15, at which she intends to ask for a mandate for her new ruling coalition with the Fatherland. and the Social Democratic Party.

In early June, the previous ruling coalition, which included the Center Party and the Reform Party, broke up due to disagreements over a bill to modernize kindergartens.

Then Kallas proposed to remove all representatives of the Center Party in the government, the president signed the relevant decrees .

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After that, the Prime Minister announced her intention to resign.

“I myself made this proposal, because if I simply appointed new ministers, then there would be a lot of noise and discontent,” — she explained.

According to Kallas, members of the Fatherland party want to form a new government as soon as possible.

Kaya Kallas joined the Estonian Reform Party in 2010 and was elected a year later to the Estonian Parliament. From 2014 to 2018, she was a Member of the European Parliament, Vice-President of the Delegation in the EU Cooperation Committee— Ukraine.

In January last year, after the resignation of the government of Jüri Ratas, she became the head of government and the first woman in this position in Estonia. Under her rule, half of the ministerial seats were also taken by women.

After Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine, it promised to support Kyiv both politically and financially. She advocated for the admission of Ukraine to the European Union.

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Zakharova accused the United States of transferring intelligence to Kyiv for strikes in the Donbass

Maria Zakharova

The United States provided Ukraine with intelligence data and sent HIMARS instructors to the country to strike at Donbass. This was stated by Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, the briefing was broadcast on YouTube.

“The armed formations of Ukraine widely used HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems received from the United States and did this with the direct assistance of the American side, which not only provided the necessary intelligence, but also secretly seconded instructors who helped representatives of the Kyiv regime to aim correctly, — she noted.

According to her, this is confirmed by data from Ukrainian social networks and American media.

She connected the activation of artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the deliveries of HIMARS. “Apparently, [artillery] received an order from Kyiv without the slightest hesitation to use the mentioned installations against the civilian population,” — said a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman and suggested that the United States was “more than satisfied” with the similar state of affairs.

US President Joe Biden announced the decision to send HIMARS to Ukraine on June 1, after three months of hostilities launched by Russia. On June 14

U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs Colin Cole announced that Washington would be transmitting intelligence information to Kyiv for launching MLRS strikes “on targets on Ukrainian territory that they choose.” MLRS arrived in Ukraine on June 23.

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Alikhanov announced the removal of 80% of restrictions on transit to Kaliningrad

Thanks to the recommendations of the European Commission, more than 80% of restrictions on transit to Kaliningrad were lifted, Governor Anton Alikhanov said on the air of the Russia 1 TV channel.

“Transit through the railway the way of goods that fell into sanctions, it, in fact, has now been allowed by the European Commission,— said the head of the region. Cars with sanctioned goods have not yet left for the region, but Alikhanov expressed the hope that this will happen “literally today or tomorrow.” He called the Brussels decision “a glimmer of reason on the part of the Europeans.” and the result of the well-coordinated work of various Russian authorities.

The Governor noted that the problem has not been completely resolved: in particular, restrictions remain in the field of road transit of goods. According to Alikhanov, the ban on such transportation applies to 500-700 thousand tons of cargo per year out of 2.7-3 million tons of all goods subject to transit that are subject to sanctions. “In our opinion, these restrictions should also be completely eliminated,” — he emphasized.

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Putin signed a law regulating the activities of foreign agents

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law “On control over the activities of persons under foreign influence.” The relevant document is posted on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The law defines the concepts of “foreign agent”, “foreign influence”, “foreign sources” and types of activities.

It also introduces the concept of an individual affiliated with foreign agents who are entered in different registers and describes the procedure for inclusion and exclusion from it.

The document defines the duties of foreign agents and state control measures for their compliance with this law.

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RIA Novosti found out the preliminary date for new negotiations on grain

RIA Novosti: July 20-21 was set as the preliminary date for new negotiations on grain. The next round of negotiations on grain in Istanbul may take place in the middle of next week. As reported by the WSJ, a possible deal would include a ceasefire and partial demining ” alt=””RIA Novosti” found out the preliminary date for new negotiations on grain” />

Preliminary date for a new meeting of the delegations of Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and the UN on the export of Ukrainian grain— On July 20, 21, a RIA Novosti source said.

“But this is not yet certain, everything is agreed by the parties, adjustments are possible,” — added by the interlocutor of the agency.

Negotiations on the export of grain from Ukraine with the participation of representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN were held in Istanbul. They ended on July 13.

During the talks in Istanbul, Russia presented a package of proposals for the export of agricultural products from ports in the Black Sea, the Defense Ministry said. What they are, the department did not specify.

The meeting was closed. As a result, the parties agreed to establish a coordination center in Istanbul, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said. According to him, the Ukrainian and Russian delegations will meet again next week.

Akar also noted that the parties reached an agreement “on a number of technical issues, in particular on joint control at port exits and points of arrival and the security of transit routes.” According to The Wall Street Journal sources, the deal implies that the grain can be exported from three Ukrainian ports under the escort of the Ukrainian fleet. During their passage, a ceasefire will be declared and minesweeping will be organized.

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The Turkish Navy, in turn, will check empty grain ships arriving in Ukrainian ports, writes WSJ. According to the publication, Russia requires checks so that ships are not used to deliver Western weapons to Ukraine.

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