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Historian Chomsky: Ukrainian radicals wanted to kill Zelensky because of Donbass


American historian, philosopher and linguist Noam Chomsky, in an interview with Nation magazine, said that the United States wanted to help Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who was threatened by Ukrainian radicals because of his desire to “start implementing the Minsk agreements.”

According to him, at the beginning of his career as head of state, Zelensky wanted to settle conflict in Donbass by peaceful means.

“Such a decision by Zelensky would mean a kind of federalization of Ukraine. In this case, the Donbass would be granted a certain autonomy. The territory would become something like Belgium or Switzerland. However, right-wing militias prevented Zelensky from doing so. They threatened to kill him if he continued to insist on his own,” Chomsky said.

He clarified that representatives of Washington did not react to these death threats. Instead of support, the White House chose the path of step-by-step integration of Ukraine into the NATO military command. Later, the situation worsened.


Texas governor blames Biden for truck deaths of 46 migrants


Texas Governor Gregg Abbott blamed US President Joe Biden and his migration policy for the deaths of dozens of migrants , found in the back of a truck in the city of San Antonio.

Earlier, the ABC television channel reported that the number of bodies found in the back of the truck reached 46, 16 victims were taken to hospitals. The truck was found on a small Texas road leading to the highway.

“These deaths are on Biden's conscience,” the Governor tweeted, citing the president's “deadly” open border policy.


Opposition leader Ilya Yashin detained in Moscow

Journalist Irina Babloyan reported on her Telegram channel that law enforcement officers detained oppositionist and blogger Ilya Yashin during a walk in Moscow.

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

"Walked with my friend Ilya Yashin in the park, in Khamovniki. The police came and took Ilya away,” she wrote.

Later, the journalist clarified that Yashin was taken to the Luzhniki police station.

According to the lawyer of the municipal deputy Vadim Prokhorov, Yashin is charged with Article 19.3 Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation “Disobedience to the lawful order of a police officer”, which provides for punishment of up to 15 days of administrative arrest.


Johnson urged Russian scientists to move to Britain


On the sidelines of the G7 summit, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on Russian scientists and researchers to move to the UK, reports The Guardian.

According to the politician, he put forward a corresponding proposal as part of the expansion of the partnership system between the universities of Ukraine and the United Kingdom, which enables Ukrainian scientists to engage in research in British institutions.

As the Prime Minister noted minister, the invitation applies to all Russian scientists and researchers who do not feel safe being on the territory of the Russian Federation. “You can safely apply to move to the UK and work in a country that values ​​openness, freedom and the pursuit of knowledge,” Johnson shared the details.


Russian special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast June 28

Political statements, official reports and sanctions

Russia continues its special operation on the territory of Ukraine. The day before, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made a number of statements, in particular, he promised protection to the Baltic countries, and also that NATO at the upcoming summit would call Russia a threat to collective security. Bloomberg announced a default in the Russian Federation, but the Russian authorities deny this.

Follow with us the events of Tuesday, June 28. Read online of the previous day of the special operation here.


09:05 There will be no transfer of the academic year in the territories bordering with Ukraine, Minister of Education Serhiy Kravtsov said. 


Kravtsov ruled out the transfer of the academic year in the territories bordering Ukraine

The Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov ruled out the possibility of postponing the school year on the territories bordering with Ukraine, reports RIA Novosti.

In an interview with journalists, Kravtsov said that the question  the transfer of the academic year in schools in Russian regions bordering Ukraine is not being discussed. 

Earlier, Kravtsov said that Russia's efforts will be aimed at ensuring that schools of the Zaporozhye region open from September 1 and worked according to Russian standards. 

It was also reported that schools in the DPR and LPR plan to start working according to Russian educational standards from September 1.

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Upgraded submarine “Alrosa” went to the Black Sea for testing

In the Black Sea, factory sea trials of the modernized diesel-electric submarine Alrosa have begun, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the press secretary of the 13th ship repair plant of the Black Sea Fleet Sergey Gorbachev.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, the submarine, the repair and modernization of which was completed in Sevastopol at the end of spring, went to sea for testing on the morning of Tuesday, June 28. After they are completed, the submarine will be returned to the fleet.

Recall that Alrosa built in Nizhny Novgorod according to the project 877 “Halibut”. Instead of a propeller, a water jet was installed on this submarine, which reduces its visibility. At present, Alrosa – the oldest submarine of the Black Sea Fleet. During the repairs carried out in Sevastopol, the submarine gained new combat and technical capabilities. In particular, now it is the carrier of the Caliber-PL cruise missiles.

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Ivan Safronov’s lawyer announced his detention

Plot Detention of adviser to the head of Roscosmos Ivan Safronov in the case of treason

The lawyer of the adviser to the head of Roscosmos, Ivan Safronov, accused of treason, announced his detention in Udmurtia.

Dmitry Talantov wrote on social networks that he was handcuffed and taken to the TFR department in the republic . He asked to inform everyone about his detention, without naming a possible reason.

At the end of April, the First Court of Appeal of General Jurisdiction recognized the lawful extension of Safronov's arrest for six months, he will be in custody until September 9.

Ivan Safronov was arrested almost two years ago. According to the FSB, he passed secret information about Russian military-technical cooperation and the defense industry to the Czech special services. The defendant himself does not admit guilt.

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Kadyrov announced the creation of the West-Akhmat battalion as part of the Russian Defense Ministry

The battalion “West-Akhmat” was formed in Chechnya as part of the troops of the Russian Ministry of Defense. The head of the region, Ramzan Kadyrov, announced this on Tuesday in his Telegram channel.

According to him, the battalion is staffed entirely from representatives of the Chechen Republic. The formation is subordinate to the Southern Military District of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

“On my instructions, the Chairman of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic, the head of the republican headquarters of the Northern Military District, Magomed Daudov, visited the military commissariat of the Chechen Republic, where a review-building of the battalion” Zapad-Akhmat “was held.” subordinated to the Southern Military District of the RF Ministry of Defense. I am proud that we managed to quickly form a battalion "West-Akhmat" and equip it with worthy sons of the Chechen people, ready to fulfill their duty to the Motherland",– said Ramzan Kadyrov.

The head of Chechnya also added that Ismail Aguev was appointed to the post of commander of the new "West-Akhmat"battalion. Kadyrov noted that Aguev showed himself well during the special military operation in Ukraine. 

Earlier it was reported that in the Zaporozhye region began to form lists of volunteers who want to defend the region from the Ukrainian army.

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In Russia, 2,541 cases of COVID-19 infection were recorded per day

Over the past day, 2 541 patients with a new coronavirus infection have been identified in Russia. 59 people died per day, the federal infection control headquarters reported.

3 414 people recovered per day, since the beginning of the pandemic – 17 851 282. 1 425 patients were hospitalized. The number of hospitalizations decreased in six regions and increased in 66, the situation has not changed in 13 subjects. 

In total, 18,424 105 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the country since the beginning of the pandemic, 381 002 people have died.

Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso was previously reported to have contracted COVID-19. The press service of the head of state reported that he had no symptoms of the disease. Previously, the president vaccinated.

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Putin signed a law accelerating the extension of the dacha amnesty

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a document that postpones the entry into force of the law on extending the dacha amnesty. The corresponding document is posted on the portal of legal information.

According to the changes, the law on the extension of the dacha amnesty in the Russian Federation will come into force on July 1, 2022, and not on September 1, as previously planned. This document extends the dacha amnesty until March 1, 2031. It will allow the Russians to simplify the procedure for registration of rights to real estate and land plots. So, citizens will be able to put on the cadastral register and register a residential or garden house on the basis of a technical plan and a preliminary document for the plot.

In addition, the owners of residential buildings used for permanent residence can count on free provision of a land plot on which the property is built. We are talking about houses that were built before May 14, 1998, and are also located within the boundaries of the settlement.

At the same time, the law introduces the need for the personal presence of the copyright holder at the notary when making a transaction for the alienation of real estate. This applies to those who made an entry in the Unified State Register of Real Estate (EGRN) about the impossibility of state registration of rights without their personal participation.

Earlier it was reported that they planned to submit a bill to the State Duma on providing self-employed property tax deductions when buying real estate .

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In Germany, a 101-year-old ex-guard of the Sachsenhausen camp received five years in prison

A court in the German city of Neuruppin sentenced 101-year-old former Sachsenhausen concentration camp guard Josef Z. to five years in prison.

was in the city of Oranienburg near Berlin, BILD reports.

The prosecutor's office demanded five years in prison for the defendant, his lawyers insisted on an acquittal, stating that no evidence of complicity in crimes had been presented.

The defendant denied the fact of service in the concentration camp, although the prosecution presented a lot of documents from the concentration camp archive.

From 1936 to 1945, over 200 thousand prisoners were sent to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Tens of thousands of them died from starvation, disease, forced labor, torture and medical experiments.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow would seek charges against 95-year-old German Friedrich Berger, who served during World War II in the protection of a concentration camp in Saxony.

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Military pensions can be indexed by 10%

Pensions for military pensioners can be indexed by 10% from June 1, 2022. The corresponding initiative submitted for consideration by the State Duma, said the head of the Defense Committee Andrey Kartapolov. 

He also spoke about a number of initiatives aimed at providing support to servicemen participating in a special military operation in Ukraine. Thus, it is proposed to ban the automatic write-off of combat payments on account of the existing debt.

In addition, the State Duma has submitted for consideration the issue of granting wounded servicemen the right to serve in special positions if recognized by the military medical commission unfit or partially fit for military service.

On the eve it became known that in Russia established a commemorative medal of the Russian Guard “Participant of a special military operation”. On the front side of the medal is a military man with a machine gun against the background of a ribbon in the form letters Z.

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The State Duma postponed consideration of the project on contract service for school graduates

The State Duma will not soon consider a bill that allows citizens who have received secondary general education to enter into a contract for military service in the Russian Armed Forces and the National Guard, TASS reports, citing Andrey, head of the State Duma Defense Committee Kartapolova.

Now a contract with the Russian Armed Forces can be concluded by military personnel who are serving on conscription and have a higher education, as well as military personnel who have been serving on conscription for at least 3 months. In addition, the contract can be concluded by non-reserved citizens with a secondary vocational education who enter the military service. Citizens with higher education can also become contract servicemen.

On June 28, the State Duma Committee on Defense proposed considering an amendment to the law “On military duty and military service” in the second reading.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia military pensions can be indexed by 10%. The corresponding initiative was also submitted to the consideration of the State Duma by the Defense Committee.

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Sri Lanka to allow foreign companies to import and sell fuel

The island nation is experiencing difficulties with the purchase of fuel due to the economic crisis. Earlier, the Sri Lankan authorities began negotiations with Russian companies to buy oil on credit

Amid the unfolding energy crisis, Sri Lanka will allow companies from oil-producing countries to import and sell fuel on its territory. It is reported by Reuters with reference to the statement of the Minister of Energy of the Republic, Kanchan Wijeseker.

“Approval received from the Cabinet of Ministers for the opening of the fuel import market and retail sales for companies from oil-producing countries”, — said the head of the Ministry of Energy.

Wigesecker also explained that the companies will be selected based on their ability to import fuel and will be able to operate without foreign exchange requirements from the Sri Lankan Central Bank in the first months.

The Sri Lankan government clarified that long-term agreements signed with individual companies in foreign oil-producing countries will allow them to import and sell fuel at their own expense in a way that does not put pressure on the currency situation in the republic.

Sri Lanka has been in an economic and political crisis since the beginning of the year. According to experts, it has become the strongest in the 74 years of the existence of the state. The crisis is caused, among other things, by a shortage of foreign currency that arose due to the restriction of tourist flow due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the country cannot purchase enough fuel from foreign suppliers. In April, it defaulted on its external debt.

In the spring, mass protests took place in the cities of Sri Lanka. For several months, residents have to stand in lines to buy fuel, food and medicine. Against the backdrop of a lack of first power, it was forbidden to sell it to private individuals until July 10, allowing only the refueling of cars of the main public services.

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In late May, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that Moscow had received an appeal from Sri Lanka asking for assistance in overcoming the energy crisis. Later, the republic's energy minister clarified that it would pay $72.6 million for 90,000 tons of Russian oil within a few weeks.

June 20, Widgeseker announced that Sri Lanka had begun negotiations with Russia on buying oil on credit. “I have answers from Russian companies, proposed by the Russian ambassador [Yuri Materii]”, — the minister said at the time.

The Adaderana portal clarified that the size of the loan for the purchase of fuel is $90 million. Economy Next notes that by June, Sri Lanka's oil costs had risen to $550 million, in total it owes oil companies $730 million those refuse new deliveries without advances. At the same time, the Central Bank of the country cannot give foreign currency to pay for supplies due to the economic crisis.

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The Kremlin said that Putin did not talk about the transfer of nuclear missiles to Minsk

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Peskov: Putin did not talk about the transfer of nuclear missiles to Minsk Putin spoke to Lukashenko about complexes that are capable of carrying various types of weapons, Peskov said Earlier, the G7 expressed “deep concern” that Russia could transfer “nuclear-capable missiles” to Belarus

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko

Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko, did not talk about the transfer of missiles with nuclear weapons to Minsk, RIA Novosti said. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“The president didn’t talk about it. He spoke about complexes that are technically capable of carrying different types of weapons, & mdash; said Peskov.

Negotiations between Putin and Lukashenko were held on June 25 in St. Petersburg. At the meeting, the Russian president announced that Moscow would grant Minsk's request and hand over the Iskander-M missile systems to it. These complexes, as Putin noted, “can use both ballistic and cruise missiles, both in conventional and nuclear versions.”

“Iskanders” developed by the Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering. The complexes are designed to destroy enemy air defense and missile defense systems, as well as objects they cover, at a distance of up to 500 km.

After Putin's statement in the G7 (groups UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA, France and Japan) expressed “deep concern” the fact that Russia can transfer “missiles with nuclear potential” to Belarus.

“We reiterate our condemnation of Russia's unjustified use of rhetoric and signals related to nuclear weapons. Russia must adhere to its international obligations, including those that prohibit the use of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons,” — G7 leaders said in a joint statement. They urged Russia to “behave responsibly and exercise restraint”, noting that the use of such weapons would be “unacceptable and entail serious consequences.”

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The presidential administration urged the regions to look for fakes about the Armed Forces in social networks

Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Magomedsalam Magomedov emphasized the need for high-quality monitoring of information resources and social networks for such information, especially disseminated by officials and teachers

Magomedsalam Magomedov

In the regions, “qualitative monitoring of information resources, social networks” should be organized; to identify facts of inciting ethnic hatred and fakes about the Armed Forces “in the current difficult period,” said Magomedsalam Magomedov, deputy head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation, TASS reports. He spoke at a seminar-meeting on the implementation of the state national policy strategy for the period up to 2025, which is taking place in Irkutsk.

Magomedov called such public statements from state and municipal employees and those involved in the upbringing of children and youth unacceptable. “Unfortunately, such facts take place,” — he noted.

An article about fakes about the use of the Armed Forces appeared in the Criminal Code in March. For the public distribution of such materials, a fine of up to 1.5 million rubles is provided, as well as forced labor or imprisonment for three years. In the presence of aggravating factors (official position, mercenary motives, hostility motives), the fine is increased to 5 million rubles, forced labor is extended to five years, and imprisonment & mdash; to ten. If the dissemination of disinformation caused serious consequences, the prison term will be 10 & ndash; 15 years.

By June 23, according to Art. 207.3 46 criminal cases were initiated. In addition, 2150 administrative cases were opened under the new article of the Code of Administrative Offenses— 20.3.3 (on discrediting the Armed Forces). The maximum fine in the presence of aggravating circumstances for it is 300 thousand rubles. for individuals and 1 million rubles. for legal entities. In the event of a repeated violation under this article within a year, the violator faces criminal punishment under Art. 280.3 of the Criminal Code. Then a fine from 100 thousand to 300 thousand rubles is possible, forced labor or imprisonment up to three years (the fine increases to 1 million rubles, and the term of imprisonment up to five years, if such actions caused death by negligence, caused harm health or property of citizens, provoked mass violations of public order).

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Lawyer Ivan Safronov detained in Udmurtia

According to Talantov, he is being taken to the department of the UK in Udmurtia. Last year, the document of the Ministry of Justice on the initiation of a criminal case against him under the article on treason was received by lawyer Pavlov (recognized as a foreign agent), who also defended Safronov

Dmitry Talantov

Dmitry Talantov, the president of the Bar Association of the Republic, was detained in Udmurtia, he defended the journalist Ivan Safronov. The lawyer himself announced this on Facebook (owned by Meta, which is recognized as extremist and banned in Russia).

“Please inform everyone about my detention. I write with difficulty, [until] they see [representatives] of the Investigative Committee for Udmurtia, — he wrote.

According to Talantov, he is being taken to the local department of the Investigative Committee.

“There is no case on Talantov in the production of our investigative department,” — reported RBC in the office of the IC in Udmurtia.

RBC sent inquiries to the Investigative Committee of Russia and the Chamber of Advocates of Udmurtia.

In September 2021, another lawyer who defended Safronov announced his departure abroad, & mdash; Ivan Pavlov (included by the Ministry of Justice in the register of foreign media agents). In Russia, he was put on the wanted list, the investigation accuses the lawyer of disclosing the data of the preliminary investigation.

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The accusation is connected with two episodes: when Pavlov handed over to the Vedomosti newspaper; the decision to bring Safronov as a defendant and when he told reporters about the appearance in the case of the testimony of a secret witness under the pseudonym Lander. The lawyer himself called his persecution “the revenge of the FSB for his principled position in a number of criminal cases.” (in addition to Safronov, he also represented the interests of the former top manager of Inter RAO Karina Tsurkan, who at the end of 2020 received 15 years in prison in a case of espionage, and physicist Valery Golubkin, suspected of treason) and added that during the search the full defense file in the Safronov case was confiscated from him. In December 2021, Pavlov announced a document received from the Ministry of Justice, which states that a case of treason has been opened against the lawyer himself.

As Kommersant reported, the head of the investigative team of the FSB Investigation Department, Alexander Chaban, even at the preliminary investigation stage, forbade lawyers to make extracts from the secret treason case filed against Safronov. This measure applied to all documents included in the case, including those that do not contain state secrets. Lawyers filed complaints, but the court recognized the actions of the FSB officers as legal, the publication wrote.

Safronov— journalist, former employee of Kommersant and Vedomosti, adviser to the head of Roskosmos. Since July 7, 2020, he has been in jail. Under the article on treason, he faces up to 20 years in prison. According to the investigation, he passed secret information to the Czech and German intelligence services. Safronov himself does not admit his guilt and connects the criminal prosecution with his professional activities.

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In the LPR, they reported the shelling of Perevalsk from the American MLRS HIMARS

Ukrainian military shelled the city of Perevelsk in the LPR from the American multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) HIMARS. This was reported at the representative office of the LPR in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire.

“From the side of the armed formations of Ukraine, shelling was recorded at 07:20 from the direction of the settlement of Artemovsk (Bakhmut) on the settlement of Perevalsk using MLRS М142 HIMARS (one-missile)»,— The message says.

U.S. President Joe Biden announced the decision to send HIMARS to Ukraine on June 1. The Pentagon clarified that we are talking about five MLRS capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 80 km, and shells for them. Politico later reported that the US authorities were considering sending an additional four MLRS to Ukraine.

The Kremlin reacted negatively to the supply of long-range artillery to Kyiv. President Vladimir Putin said that if foreign countries supply Kyiv with long-range missiles, the military will begin to carry out strikes in Ukraine on targets that have not yet been struck.

According to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Kyiv assured that they will not use the received MLRS to strike at targets in Russia. On June 23, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced the arrival of the first batch of American MLRS in the country.

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Truss urged to support Kyiv, and not to seek a speedy solution to the conflict

Truss urged to support Kyiv, and not to advance the solution of the conflict with the cession of territories The approach of the early achievement of a peaceful settlement, promoted by the West, is not appropriate, Truss said. According to her, Europe cannot afford a “quick peace”, which means Ukraine's refusal of territories

Liz Truss

Western countries should remain united in the issue of support for Ukraine and stop promoting an approach that implies an early peaceful settlement with territorial concessions to Ukraine, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said in an interview with European newspapers.

“Ultimately, it is about what the Ukrainians want. President [Ukraine] Volodymyr Zelensky has made clear what he wants. We must support him in this. The approach of quickly reaching a peaceful settlement, promoted by the West, is not appropriate. We can't afford a quick peace that means giving up [Ukraine's] territories,” — Truss said (quote from Welt).

According to the British minister, Western countries must make sure “that Russia will be forced out of Ukraine.”

In this regard, Truss urged Western countries to remain united in the issue of support for Ukraine and “not show signs of fatigue.” “We must make people in our countries understand that if we do not support Ukraine, the costs will be much higher in the long run. <…> If Russia wins, it will cause much more damage, & mdash; she said.

Among the necessary, in her opinion, the head of the British Foreign Office called the strengthening of NATO's eastern flank and an increase in defense spending.

In the last month, a number of politicians— both Western, in particular British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Ukrainian— began to notice “fatigue” from the ongoing conflict and its consequences. According to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, a number of countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East offered Kyiv to stop resisting Russian forces so that Ukrainian ports would be unblocked and grain exports would continue. The Minister called this initiative “an unthinkable proposal.”

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According to Zelensky, Ukraine intends to return the territories lost after February 24 and only under this condition will it return to the negotiating table. However, a number of officials in the White House are increasingly doubtful that Kyiv will be able to restore its previously held positions, CNN reported, citing sources. According to the channel's interlocutors, the US presidential administration began to discuss whether there is a need for Ukraine to recognize territorial concessions in order to end the conflict as soon as possible. At the same time, Washington does not intend to put pressure on Kyiv in this matter, they added.

Russia has been conducting a military special operation in Ukraine since February 24. President Vladimir Putin called its goals the protection of the population of Donbass from “genocide”, as well as the “demilitarization” of and “denazification” neighboring state. He repeatedly emphasized that military action was a necessary measure in response to a “real threat”; to Russia.

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NBC reported a shortage of recruits in the US armed forces

The number of eligible Americans aged 17-24 has dwindled, and even fewer young people would like to serve in the military. The Pentagon considers candidates unfit for military service and discusses its promotion in TikTok ” alt=”NBC reported a shortage of recruits in the US military” />

There is a shortage of recruits in all branches of the US military, according to NBC, citing defense sources.

One reason is the unfitness of many people between the ages of 17 and 24 due to obesity, drug addiction and criminal convictions. As Army Chief of Staff James McConville said in May, only 23% of young people are fit for service (up from 29% in previous years).

At the same time, as evidenced by the results of a Pentagon survey that were at the disposal of NBC, only 9% of those fit for military service are considering the possibility of entering it. This is the lowest figure since 2007. About 57 survey participants suggested that after military service they would face emotional or psychological problems, almost half admitted physical health problems.

As the channel notes, the family has the strongest influence on the attitude of young people to military service. The latest survey showed that only 13% of respondents had parents who served in the Armed Forces (while in 1995 40% of respondents reported military parents). Now middle-class Americans are more likely to advise kids to go to college rather than decide on a future career right after high school.

The level of American confidence in the armed forces has also decreased —according to the Presidential Foundation and the Ronald Reagan Institute, to 45% (25% lower than in 2018).

“Recruit Crisis” it's a ticking time bomb. The composition of the armed forces was reduced, the population became less aware of people in uniform, and the situation worsened. And the coronavirus aggravated it even more, — said one of the employees of the sphere.

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Currently, recruitment for the current fiscal year (ending late September) is only 40% closed. NBC notes that recruiting is especially active during the summer, when potential candidates are graduating from school.

Sources of the channel said that against the backdrop of the crisis, the Pentagon is considering 250 candidates unfit for service citizens. One of the interlocutors said that the authorities are discussing the use of TikTok to attract recruits.

The US military is formed entirely on a contract basis. Service life is from two to six years.

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Foreign Ministry bans Biden’s wife and daughter from entering Russia

In addition to members of the Biden family, the stop list includes US senators “responsible for shaping the Russophobic course”, as well as members of the McFaul-Yermak international expert group. They are banned from entering Russia indefinitely

G7 countries promised not to impose sanctions against agricultural products from Russia

At the end of the G7 summit, the leaders of the countries said that sanctions, including those against Russia, would not affect the food sector. Moscow has repeatedly accused the West of exacerbating the food crisis due to the imposed sanctions ” alt=”G7 countries promised not to impose sanctions against agricultural products from Russia” />

G7 countries (France, USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Japan, Italy) undertake that sanctions, including against Russia, will not affect the food sector. This is reported by Reuters with reference to the G7 leaders' statement following the summit.

“We will continue to ensure that our sanctions packages are not directed against food and provide for the free flow of agricultural products, including including from Russia, and the delivery of humanitarian aid»,— said in the document.

In addition, the G7 countries will allocate an additional $4.5 billion to protect the most vulnerable segments of the population from hunger and malnutrition.

Since the beginning of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, world prices for grain and fertilizers have reached record values. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the food crisis is influenced by the sanctions imposed by Western countries on Moscow. Nevertheless, he noted that “they will take the deficit,” since “no one wants to die of hunger.”

In turn, Kyiv accused Moscow of blocking ships with grain for export in seaports, as well as stealing stocks of wheat and corn from those areas that were under full or partial control of Russia. The Kremlin denied that Russia was interfering with the export of grain, referring to the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had mined exits from Ukrainian ports, and also denied allegations of theft.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Russia is the world's largest exporter of wheat, and Ukraine ranks fifth. Together they provide 19% of the world's supply of barley, 14% of wheat and 4% of corn.

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Vice Director of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Maurizio Martina said that Ukrainian ports have at least 6 million tons of wheat and 14 million tons of corn. He warned that due to military action, the number of hungry people in the world will increase by 18 million people.

In mid-May, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources, that UN Secretary General António Guterres proposed easing restrictions on the export of Russian and Belarusian potash fertilizers in exchange for the passage of ships with grain from the ports of Ukraine. According to the publication, he discussed this issue with Russia and Turkey.

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The Ministry of Defense explained the fire in the shopping center in Kremenchuk with a blow to the warehouse next to it

The Ukrainian authorities have previously reported that rockets hit a shopping center in Kremenchuk. According to the latest data, 18 people died. The Russian Ministry of Defense says that the shopping center was not working, and the attack was carried out on a nearby weapons depot *

A strike in Kremenchug, Poltava region of Ukraine, was carried out on a hangar with foreign weapons, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The detonation of ammunition stored there led to a fire in a nearby “non-functioning” shopping center, the department explained.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources.

“A high-precision air-based weapon hit the hangars with weapons and ammunition received from the United States and European countries in the area of ​​​​the Kremenchug plant of road vehicles, & mdash; declared in the Ministry of Defense.— As a result of a precision strike, Western-made weapons and ammunition concentrated in a warehouse area for further shipment to the Ukrainian group of troops in Donbass were hit.


The day before, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced that shopping center in Kremenchug. According to him, there were about a thousand people inside. Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzhaparova clarified that the Amstor shopping center was on fire. 300m from the railway station.

A fire broke out in the mall after the impact. On the morning of June 28, the head of the Poltava Regional Military Administration, Dmitry Lunin, announced that the death toll had reached 18, and another 36 were missing.

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The Russian military department has repeatedly stated that they do not attack civilian objects in Ukraine.

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Putin has accelerated the entry into force of the dacha amnesty

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that postpones the entry into force of the law on extending the dacha amnesty from September 1 to July 1 of this year. The document was published on the official portal of legal information.

Thus, the dacha amnesty will begin on July 1 and will be valid until March 1, 2031. During this time, a citizen has the right to put on the cadastral register and register a residential or garden house, providing only a technical plan and a document for the site.

In addition, the law allows Russians permanently residing in a residential building without the right of ownership, built before May 14, 1998 and located within the boundaries of a settlement, count on the provision of free land on which this house is located.

The first dacha amnesty was announced in Russia September 1, 2006 and was repeatedly extended in 2009, 2015 and 2018. At the end of last year, the president renewed it again.

Dacha amnesty — a simplified procedure for registering the ownership of a house, household facilities or a land plot. Russians can independently submit documents to Rosreestr in any convenient way: in paper form — by mail with acknowledgment of receipt, by personally contacting the registration authority or the MFC, as well as in electronic form.

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The British commander warned of the growth of the threat to Russia after the special operation

According to Patrick Sanders, in most scenarios of the course of the conflict in Ukraine, Russia is likely to remain a significant threat to the security of Europe after it ends

It is not known how the conflict in Ukraine will end, but “in most scenarios” After the special operation, Russia will become an even more serious threat to European security than it was before, said British Army Chief Patrick Sanders.

“Although the potential of conventional weapons will be significantly reduced— at least for the time— [Russian President Vladimir] Putin's stated intention to restore the territories of historical Russia makes any respite temporary, and the threat will become even stronger, — warned the military (quote from Reuters).

According to the BBC, Sanders said in an internal message to military personnel on June 16 that the conflict in Ukraine showed the need to “be ready to fight and win wars.” and “to deter Russian aggression by the threat of force.” The Commander-in-Chief said that Britain and its allies need an army that can defeat Russia.

The Daily Mail tabloid reported on June 28, citing a letter from British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, that he asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson to increase the defense budget to 2.5% of GDP by 2028. He also called on the head of government at the upcoming NATO summit in Madrid to call on the leaders of the alliance to increase defense spending from the current minimum target of 2% of the country's GDP to 2.5%.

In a letter to Johnson, Wallace pointed out the shortcomings in British military capabilities that were exposed during the conflict in Ukraine. The head of the Defense Ministry added that due to record inflation and high costs of supporting Kyiv, the kingdom risks not fulfilling NATO's obligations to spend on defense by 2025.

The North Atlantic Alliance at the summit in Spain should adopt a new strategic concept, in which Russia will be called the main threat.

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in May that Moscow does not want war in Europe and that it is the West that “constantly insists that <…&gt ; Russia must be defeated. The completion of the military operation in Ukraine, he said, will stop the West's attempts to undermine international law and promote a unipolar world.

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Poland announced plans to bill Gazprom for cutting off supplies

Warsaw cannot fail to react when decisions to cut off gas supplies are made “unilaterally and without appropriate conditions in the contract,” Polish Minister of State Assets Sasin said

Poland intends to bill Gazprom ; for the termination of supplies after the country's refusal to switch to settlements in rubles, with reference to the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of State Assets of Poland Jacek Sasin, Wirtualna Polska reported.

“We agree with the leadership of the Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) on this issue, and we intend to hold the Russian gas giant accountable for this decision. It cannot be that such decisions are made unilaterally, without the appropriate conditions in the contract, and we did not react, — said Sasin.

According to him, Poland will demand from Gazprom; make up for the losses she has suffered because of his actions. The minister recalled that Warsaw did not want to renew the contract, but according to it, gas was to be supplied to the country by the end of the year.

RBC sent a request to a representative of Gazprom.

“Gazprom” stopped deliveries to Poland on 27 April. The reason was the refusal of PGNiG to switch to payments in rubles. This mechanism was introduced by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of March in response to Western sanctions, in particular the freezing of about half of Russia's gold and foreign exchange reserves abroad. Warsaw considered the new payment scheme a breach of contract and refused to implement it.

After stopping the pumping, she broke off the agreement with Russia on gas supplies. “After 30 years, we can say that gas relations between Poland and Russia cease to exist,” — he noted the representative of the government of the country on strategic energy infrastructure Peter Naimsky. The day before the contracts were stopped, Poland imposed sanctions against Gazprom. and NOVATEK.

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The Ministry of Education will prepare schools in Donbass by September 1

United Russia Party and the Ministry of Education will prepare schools in the Donbass and in the territories occupied by Russian troops by September 1. This was stated by Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov.

“Teachers spoke about this at my meeting in Melitopol, in Berdyansk and in Donetsk. Today we have decided this issue: until September 1, schools will be provided with appropriate textbooks. We will also do our best to open schools and start the educational process. Children want to learn Russian, — said the minister.

One of the main tasks in preparation for the new academic year, according to Kravtsov, is the training of new teachers and the improvement of teachers' qualifications. “We have already trained and retrained several thousand teachers. Very close coordination is essential here. I thank everyone, they worked with the Ministry of Education, & mdash; said Kravtsov.

According to the minister, one of the training centers operates in Rostov, and the other — in Crimea.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education complained about the state of schools in the Donbass. in the DNR and LNR “distinctly speaks of the complete absence of any support in recent years from the Ukrainian regime.” And so that the education systems in the republics “can function”, it introduces “extensive programs for the training and advanced training of teachers”, and also helps to introduce “high-quality Russian standards” into the educational process.

The ministry said that “large-scale continuous work” is underway. to support education systems in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, as well as in other territories where there is an “urgent need”. In a conversation with RBC, representatives of the Ministry of Education said that it is also engaged in providing Donbass schools with textbooks.

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The Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of 100 military and mercenaries near Kharkov

Over 100 Ukrainian servicemen and foreign mercenaries have been killed by the Russian Aerospace Forces near Kharkov. This was announced by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov.

in Kharkov and one of the battalions of the 92nd motorized infantry brigade near the village of Pokotilovka, Kharkov region, more than 100 Ukrainian servicemen, foreign mercenaries, were destroyed, — said a military spokesman. According to him, up to 15 units of armored and automotive vehicles were also destroyed.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources.

He emphasized that the successful joint actions of the Russian troops, as well as units of the defense departments of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, inflict critical losses on the Armed Forces of Ukraine

On February 27, three days after the start of the Russian military operation, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced the creation of an international legion of territorial defense of Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Defense calls foreign volunteers mercenaries, the department has repeatedly reported on their destruction.

Of the 6956 who arrived, 3221 now remain in the country. The Ministry of Defense called part of the outflow of foreigners dead, part— left Ukraine. According to the agency, most of the mercenaries arrived in Ukraine from Poland— 1831, Canada— 601 & USA— 530.

Earlier, three foreign citizens were taken prisoner by the DPR forces: the British Sean Pinner, Aiden Aslin and the Moroccan Saadoun Brahim. They were sentenced to death for mercenarism. In Britain, they considered the verdict illegitimate and fictitious and said that they were working on the release of the convicts.

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Foreign Ministry bans two Swedish state organizations from working in Russia

The Swedish International Development Agency and the Swedish Institute were banned in Russia— two state organizations that promote the Swedish culture and language abroad, according to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In Russia, they implement the Swedish strategy to support democracy, human rights and the environment, which is funded by the state. However, at present, the projects of both organizations, including within the framework of this strategy, “do not meet the stated goals of promoting the development of bilateral humanitarian and environmental cooperation, but focus on the desire to destabilize Russian society,” the Foreign Ministry said. “The financing of such projects, despite repeated reminders from the Russian side of the need to make them transparent, was non-transparent,” — noted in the department.

The material is being supplemented.

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